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  1. Never having seen it - I was mystified. But fuck me sideways - it was Stewart and Mckellan. I would have sold my mother to get tickets.
  2. Red is Dead


    I realised that as I got to the final section. Goddamn I hated that towards the end. Wasnt intuitive at all.
  3. Red is Dead

    Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    Good way to finish off the weekend - get my first archery medal (>194 points at 20 yards over 3 dozen arrows) Best way to start a post WM Monday? Getting a call from the company who interviewed me to say I was head and shoulders above the other candidates and they want me to start as soon as I can. So ultimately this shit fest of a year is about to get a WHOLE lot better. Even if does mean commuting into the big smoke.
  4. Not as close as I thought it was going to be. Video packages were better, Taker match was better, main event was better, I'd even say the match involving a McMahon was better... Only thing X7 lacked? A sober Shawn Michaels having a match.
  5. Red is Dead


    Made all the better by Drake FLYING in afterwards...
  6. Red is Dead


    a step up springboard ssp as your first move? Jesus H christ on a pogo stick...how do you top that? By the beautiful velveteen dream taking that insane risk and hitting the picture perfect elbow drop. Cole was probably the least deserving guy out of the lot to get it. But with TuE now holding a fair bit of power...it made some retrospective sense. If Ember gets called up, she'll struggle. She doesn't (for me anyway) have that wrestler/audience member connection in the way that asuka, sasha, or bayley did. The match was fine, but I believe she'll struggle. The multi tag was a complete schmozz. It was a mess. No real cohesion to the vein of the match. But watching AoP utterly wreck the Usos on smackdown? Count me the fuck in. Yes please. Glad black won - put andrade and vega into the us title scene immediately. andrade vs rusev, or orton? that'll do. And Gargano vs Black vs tomato chomper for the title at the next takeover? That'd work.
  7. Red is Dead

    Кубок Mира 2018 (World Cup '18)

    or, for free, online...
  8. Red is Dead


    It's a deus ex game - there's always a non-lethal way of doing things. but the enemy AI is hawklike. you need to bone up on tech in order to be able to do it. I'm having too much fun being a murderbot with a shotgun. He may not have asked for any of this - but it's fun as fuck.
  9. Red is Dead

    Explain Your Profile Pic

    Jesus @Super Apethats a trip down memory lane. are gifs such as the one above allowed in profile pics any more? You've made me smile today Ape - needed that, man. Thanks. Really appreciate it.
  10. Red is Dead

    Explain Your Profile Pic

    i searched for image under 50k in size and found one that i kind of liked.
  11. Red is Dead


    Spoilered in case everything hasnt been released.
  12. Red is Dead

    Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    Thanks Technico. Appreciate it. They're re-doing contracts at the moment, all to do with changes in law and changes in holidays. mine has just been voided as my job title will change. unbeknownst to me. no consultation, nothing. On the plus side - phone interview went very well and I'm through to the final round next friday at 11am. The interviewer liked my confidence, knowledge, innovation, application and questions I had about the job. Fingers, toes, hairs, lymph nodes crossed, ladies and gents.
  13. Red is Dead


    yeah but it'll be delayed until 2030 at least, and will be a complete mishmash of styles, concepts and production values. And some people will like it.
  14. I think this one is not going to be as close as people think it might be. X7 all the way in this one. Even if colt did try and punch one of the NoD
  15. First ever WM I watched - opened with Hart vs Hart. That got me hooked - cant go against X