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  1. It is a decent warm up, but for someone who works out relatively little nowadays, it's a LOT of lower body/cardio stuff to fit into a half hour. A child's version of HIIT workout.
  2. Joe Wick's PE lessons on youtube can go and fuck themselves. Tried keeping up with my 7 year old daughter. I'll let you know if I regain feeling in my thighs. Right now they feel as if I've rubbed deep heat on them then let Negan go ten rounds on them with Lucille.
  3. I'm reading it to her - chapter or so a day. Seems to be enjoying it so far - wonders a lot about raistlin...so I'm sure she'll love his arc.
  4. The tanis is a bastard half elf side story - shes alrady worked that bad bit out. Was there also one with Laurana or Tika?
  5. What a fucking year. Glad to be back in the land of the internet enabled. And not consistently tired. So i left the high paying job in London after six months - got the job done but the office was fucking toxic. The boss wasn't a nice person but I left on decent terms with the rest of the team. I got a surprising message early last year to say that the boss was incredibly guilty about the whole situation and was being told by her boss to get shot of me as he didnt like me. Then she got the same treatment from him. Swings and roundabouts, eh. I got a job about five minutes from home as a supervisor to a wholesaler delivery dept. Fine - closer to home, able to spend more time with my wife and daughter. LOLOLOLOLOLFUCKNO. Turns out they would want unpaid overtime, extra hours, waiting alone in the depot while drivers (agency) would be out driving and taking the piss. Some weeks I worked 60 + hours while only being paid 42.5 So l left there in february and have been job hunting since - I've got enough in the bank to keep me until may, but after that I'm fucked unless i go stack shelves. Not helped by the corona shoite in the world atm, but needs must. Delivery driver for a takeaway or a shelf stocker sems the best ideas for now. As long as noone coughs on me. So, hows tricks with all of you lovely motherfuckers?
  6. Dont know if this is the right thread to be posting in - if it's not, please remove or delete as appropriate. Due to the corona shite, I'm homeschooling my daughter for the time being, until this all blows over (winchester, pint, dont stop me now from queen etc etc) She's 7; I'm thinking of introducing her to the dragonlance chronicles - from what I remember its relatively few swears, pretty easy to understand, and lets her use her imagination. There shouldn't be an issue with doing this, right?
  7. So the sole good thing about the recently quit job, is that i walk everywehre now. 10k steps plus a day. 31lbs down. 35 to go. and fuck the job.
  8. Would you add Ziggler to the list? or is his incapability of being a face more of a result of him being a dick?
  9. This is NOT a drill. Onimusha remastered for ps4/xb1/switch/pc for January 2019. Safe to say, all the hype.
  10. Why is there not a dislike option in the cheers/reactions?
  11. if you're looking for a favourable crowd reaction to a storyline, is new york the best possible place for it to happen?
  12. Not filling me full of hope for the game, lads. destitute man's gta?
  13. Oh god, now I'm trying very hard not to imagine pete in a peach silken dress, and 80's hair... TO THE MINDBLEACH
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