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  1. Southpaw Regional Wrestling

    The last ep reveal - HELL YES
  2. Southpaw Regional Wrestling

    How you could just hire one?!?
  3. Southpaw Regional Wrestling

    Doing it for Dewey tournament. Hayes got sent RIGHT up... =- and I DO DECLAYAH...Renee <3
  4. Smackdown is I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE 8/15

    Aw man, Corbin's sad stomach is going to be even more sad now...
  5. NJPW 2017 G1 Climax 27

    I'm finding Toru vs Omega more entertaining than I possibly should. Yes, it's not a classic by the standards of the G1, but I'm cackling like a loon at work...
  6. They're both insane for that, especially given what happened not 30 seconds earlier with the slip and Naito's near demise.
  7. The DAD Zone

    So...Mrs red and I both work - and as C has officially "graduated"* from nursery, she has also officially left nursery. Which means six weeks of us leaning on people to look after her while we work. So far, so good. My family have been incredible in looking after her. Even, to my surprise, my old man. It's his first turn today. He's 62, recently retired, 11 handicap golfer and professional alcohol drinker. AND he hasn't looked after a dependant since my sister and I left the family house back in 2004. And even then we were mid 20's. So at 0745 he rocked up, looking slightly nervous. C can be a handful; she's a 4 year old girl. For those who have never had the pleasure of entertaining a 4 year old girls, they CAN and WILL change their mind about anything at the drop of a hat. They can and will take the sturdies at anything. But also she's a four year old who has discovered sport. Swimming, gym, cricket (loved watching the women's world cup, ecstatic that england won) and, surprisingly, golf. So, imagine her surprise when daddy brought out a 7 iron and putter (in hot pink, no less) which were suitable for a 4 year old to wield. Imagine pop's surprise when he didnt know they were going to the driving range. I think they're going to be alright. He'll be knackered by 5pm and probably asleep in front of the ryder cup replays. She'll be terrorising his girlfriend. And I'll be the cool dad. Win win win. *now knows which end of the sandpit not to piss in.
  8. Fabulous Places On the Internet

    I do not recommend watching that last one first thing on a monday morning without any coffee inside you.

    so the kingdom hearts three toy story reveal was pretty sweet. Now holding out for an avengers/marvel level and a star wars level. And then I'll be done. It's looking really good though.
  10. The UpUpDownDown thread

    think he was saving up to buy new move packs, to allow top rope moves.
  11. The UpUpDownDown thread

    I'm loving Austin's descent into madness at how broken the story mode in WWE2K17 is. The salt floweth freely
  12. Really thought Jazzy would have gone through to at least the quarters. Ad act as a bruiser for someone else to just squeak by... And I'll try to go for final four. Sane, Yim, LeRae, Baszler.

    the cameraman losing it at the end of the first one makes the entire gif for me...

    Good luck to him. I don't mind his commentating, but can see why it irks some people.