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  1. So the sole good thing about the recently quit job, is that i walk everywehre now. 10k steps plus a day. 31lbs down. 35 to go. and fuck the job.
  2. Would you add Ziggler to the list? or is his incapability of being a face more of a result of him being a dick?
  3. This is NOT a drill. Onimusha remastered for ps4/xb1/switch/pc for January 2019. Safe to say, all the hype.
  4. Why is there not a dislike option in the cheers/reactions?
  5. if you're looking for a favourable crowd reaction to a storyline, is new york the best possible place for it to happen?
  6. Not filling me full of hope for the game, lads. destitute man's gta?
  7. Oh god, now I'm trying very hard not to imagine pete in a peach silken dress, and 80's hair... TO THE MINDBLEACH
  8. @pete if you hear someone sounding like they're talking ALL IN CAPS...blue glowing eyes, skeleton horse, hangs around with three mates... Could you please let us know, so we can prepare for the impending apocalypse?
  9. You wait until they work out they can answer you back. 5, going on 15, with the arms crossed answering back attitude.
  10. You can now add Aladdin to the list. Got bought tickets for the born day from Wifey. Anything that didnt have genie in it.....meh. Jasmine and al were overpowered by the music. Genie did the memory of RW proud. I lost my shit at the end of friend like me when they did the dance routine .Proper old style hoofin'
  11. oh absolutely the clothes thing is the best. from age 18 I've been a xx or xxx l size shirt / tee. I've always been and going to be barrel chested, but being able to buy and fit into a xl for the first time in 20 years brought a tear to a glass eye.
  12. Absolutely - because I look at myself every morning in the mirror, Ii don't see much of the change. Neither wifey, nor C see much of the change either. My mum however, when she was picking up C for a nana-granddaughter day looked at me and "wheres the fucking rest of you?" - so i assume she's noticed. either that or she's going blind.
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