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  1. @axb - it's snowing here.
  2. So the man who sits next to me at work loves working out, yet hates showers. Brought it up with the boss this morning; found out i've nothing to worry about as his contract is being renewed and he's off in six weeks.
  3. Usually a month or two beforehand.
  4. euroshop has buy one get one for a fiver on selected t-shirts for today. went with the royal blue UUDD shirt and samoa joe's right hand of destruction.
  5. He's been doing pre-tapes. And he was the mouthpiece for the mania hosting gig. While it's not TV per sé, it's still it were.
  6. I'll be 48 when she leaves high school. Speaking of....she's received her confirmation that she's got her first choice primary school in september. The Meads wont know what hit it...
  7. Took a completely weird left turn at the end of episode two and then just petered out. I dont quite get what they were trying to do. It was an interesting listen, nonetheless.
  8. Oh COME ON....the answer was right there. He was trying to make himself seen to her...
  9. They've opened a biltong shop near to where i work. Tried some of the chilli chutney biltong. I AM IN LOVE. *starts humming "heaven, I'm in heaven"*
  10. The smackdown title match. I could see what they were trying to go for, audio-visually...but it just didnt work. At all. Made Bray look like some sort of creepy Dr Doolittle.
  11. Watching the walk down the ramp and performance in the ring from last night - Matt Hardy has to be held together by parcel tape, chewing gum and drawing pins by now, right?
  12. They did the same thing last year as well. It was so much fun for them to go round and just be like kids in a sweetie shop. I've also just learned that HHH is a big softie, at heart. nice dusty story...
  13. MM17

    Could be because theres a greater "free-to-air" vision of Styles. He's on the main shows, and not the network exclusives.
  14. MM17

    Did not think this would be as big a blowout as it is...
  15. You're only as old as the one you're feeling.