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    That looks like the old IWAMS barn they shot in.
  2. Photo

    Brie lost the babyweight quickly...
  3. Playing lego star wars the force awakens with C. She now wants to watch the movies. Her journey begins...
  4. Essentially it's a roadtrip. 4 men on a road trip. with monsters.
  5. Get the game. It's a beautiful game, but fuck me sideways there are a ton of sidequests to complete.
  6. this is an important question. Do you like side-quests?
  7. £363 / £500 in two weeks? Insane. Thank you to everyone who donated.
  8. This is why we cant have nice things.
  9. To give you another chance at crash bandicoot?
  10. Rollins. There's a reason he's called the champ.
  11. Finally finished XV. Once you get to chapter 12 it's linear as all hell. It almost feels like they front loaded it with the side-quests and characters, only to leave the later levels with not a lot. Loved the music options though. dont get me wrong, it's a gorgeous game, with good intricate game play bits, but I just wished for more consistency throughout the game. Better than XIII, doesnt come close to X or XII
  12. R* get free passes, due to the quality of games they've put out. I got no problem in waiting. Would rather they are happy with the game and it's late, than them being forced to put out something they're unhappy with.
  13. How long will it be until there's a "swipe right on Jinder" sign at Smackdown?
  14. Hi all - Id love it if you could take a couple of minutes to click the link and read. Cheers. Mikey.