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  1. Not really comparable to Sasha and Naomi. They walked out on a match that wasn't previously advertised and nobody really cared about. Plus, hate to say it but they both "paid their dues" in WWE land and should have been treated with more respect for years... MJF and we'll see what happens if it's a work or not but he's been treated well, he's also just getting started and he's walking out on a 3-year build. Also really shitty for Wardlow and a PPV buying audience. He's contacted to 2024. If im Tony and MJF doesn't show, do I fire him? No, too easy. I put him on ice until 2024 and cool him off completely.
  2. That may explain their silence on the issue. Legal action could be on the horizon.
  3. Are you telling me that having 4 stadium shows in a matter of 5 months with only a few true stars and bad creative was a terrible idea?
  4. Pretty sure nothing will ever top Halloween Havoc presentations.. my favorite part of WrestleMania is the stage setup.. the Rollercoaster setup they did about 5 years ago was really cool.. But sometimes it's the simple things too.. MSGs setup when they come out of the hard camera entrance was TOUGH. The fans being right there on either side as they come through really awesome
  5. https://nypost.com/2022/05/24/wwes-sasha-banks-naomi-pettiness-only-feeds-real-problem/ WWE are so dumb..
  6. Triple H was handed the big gold but if my memory is right, he won a #1 contender match and then Brock Lesnar signed "exclusively" to Smackdown. So you could say that was retroactively a title match. I forget who he fought.
  7. WWE is creatively bankrupt. Asuka won a #1 contender match vs. Becky Lynch. Cool. Looks like we will have a Bianca vs. Asuka match at the PPV? Nope. Let's... for no reason at all.. give Becky ANOTHER opportunity to be in the match. So of course she wins a rematch vs. Asuka and now it's a triple threat. So heading into the match Becky and Asuka have both lost in consecutive weeks. Nobody looks good from this and I'm sure Asuka is just there to take the fall so they can do ANOTHER Bianca vs. Becky match at Money in the Bank. But no.. WWE doesn't have a creative problem right? It's the performers who are the problem right?
  8. You mean when he beat Sting for it? I don't believe that's a new world title reign as they just absorbed the title into the WCW title. Side note: that was the last real Clash of the Champions to me.. Hogan got started with all his buddies and nonsense and the old NWA/WCW was dead..
  9. Yeah - Pretty sure there's some tours w/ Race where they had belt changes also..
  10. I'm way into title histories as well.. Ric Flair's title history was always fascinating to me I never understood and still don't what exactly they count as the "16 world titles". He is close to 22 i think I used to know all of them by heart.. sure some were mostly unrecognized but I'd like to see what the actual 16 are that he means.
  11. I'm going to tread lightly because this could be misconstrued as an anti-AEW post and it really is my favorite promotion despite some concerns I have but.. I did think it was noteworthy how quiet Warner/Discovery were on AEW at upfront. Now this is a promotion that usually either wins Wednesday night for them or comes close to it week in and week out, you'd think they'd want to hype that more instead of it being a secret that they have tucked away in its own universe. I hope the new executives aren't "embarrassed" to have wrestling as one of their entertainment leaders. HBO and the like have built up their reputation on prestige. But then there's Discovery who have built their most recent model on the backs of reality show trash so you'd want to believe that aren't going to pretend to be above it all when it comes to wrestling. Just an odd thing, it did bother me that AEW didn't have much of a presence.
  12. Tony probably could have had Shaq be part of a panel or walkout with Jade Cargill (who looks like a star) and shown highlights from that match or something. That's the kind of thing advertisers gush over. On the Naomi front, I don't see her doing anything outside of WWE wrestling wise unless she got a nice deal from AEW. She's been around forever in WWE and married to Jimmy Uso, she's always going to have a connection there, I just don't see her doing an indy tour or signing to iMPACT or something of that nature.
  13. She can call the Meteora "The Hollywood Press" and call the Bank Statement "The Hollywood Ending"
  14. How does everyone like "Hollywood Banks" ? She can lead into a slightly new persona and play up that she's making Hollywood moves etc.. it'd be a heel character for sure but Sasha is always better at playing heel anyway, most people are.
  15. Can't they just call her 'Sasha'? But maybe she'd just want to go by Mercedes she already does on other platforms.
  16. Some people aren't going to like this especially you but Sasha and Naomi (or a few other WWE women) could walk into AEW and instantly be the most well rounded women's star in the entire company. This isn't an AEW vs. WWE thing as I much prefer most things AEW does but their women's division is still severely lacking in star power. Dr. Britt Baker has regressed. She had an awesome match against Thunder Rosa and then forgot how to work or maybe she's just the women's version of Edge and needs smoke and mirrors to have a great match. It also didn't help that they tried to put her with Adam Cole when she's gotten over on her own. All the momentum that Tay Conti had: gone. I don't care about her personal life and nobody else does either. Her and Sammy have been a horrible pairing. I am not even sure if Tay has had a match since she got put into the Dan Lambert shit that's stayed way past its expiration date. Jade Cargill and the baddies are a great act but why is most of it on Rampage and not the main show. They are still only doing 1 women's match a week on Dynamite most weeks. Thunder Rosa: an afterthought. This feud with Serena Deeb hasn't landed, it came out of nowhere and Deeb's promo on Dustin was cringworthy, she has got to improve her mic skills. Thunder Rosa also got put into a nothing feud with Nyla, very much reminiscent of whenever a champion would have their first feud with Kane. That always told you where the reign was headed. Owen Hart Cup: another miss. Probably Dr. Britt's to lose since Ruby Soho has exactly one victory on Dynamite and Statlander is only called up from YouTube randomly when they need to throw her in something. Not that WWE is doing "better" than AEW with their own women's division but they have 7-8 women that are at least recognized for their star power and that helps propel the division along even when creative is trash which it almost always is.
  17. They should be able to challenge it, if true. You can't suspend someone without pay forever. Unless they want to suspend them with pay which sounds like a good deal. Plenty of concerts this Summer.
  18. Oh by the way, WWE NOW pretending to care about the women's tag titles when this whole situation in part came about because they don't care about those titles is typical WWE. Lol at a tournament when they have two teams left.
  19. Cole's words were "suspended".. they were gonna release them then why not just release them? Probably want to hurt they bonus money w/ the merch stuff..
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