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  1. We can all talk about anecdotal evidence where this casual person liked this or that but why is WWE red hot right now? I think it's clearly because of the characters and stories and soap opera stuff they are putting out there.. We've all seen the "RAW had 10 minutes of actual wrestling" memes that are out there but apparently that's what these much discussed "casual" fans want to see. And I'm not saying AEW should be that.. but I do think AEW should present more of a balance, there's too many matches that are predictable and without stakes. Anyway, the reason why "ratings talk" is important or rather why how many ad dollars WBD can squeeze out of people... is because of this upcoming TV Rights deal. I think we can all agree that we WANT AEW to be doing very well financially because that will give us more AEW and it will give more wrestlers jobs that pay well and give us more options for nationally televised wrestling. We want AEW to do well.
  2. It's not just you, there are a lot of people who aren't into all the extra promo/backstage stuff in wrestling, the soap opera angles etc. I like a balance of soap opera and "bangers" for lack of a better word.. but this is the ratings thread and unfortunately I think most audiences are looking for a heavy dose of the soap opera.. In order for TK to keep the core audience satisfied and potentially bring back viewers they may have lost, he'd likely have to strike a balance.
  3. It still puts asses in seats too. I think I saw they are up over 8000 tickets sold for it now with a week to go. Might get close to 10
  4. I wouldn't say that. WWE still has some "bangers" mixed into the television product but all of the stories that people love such as the New Bloodline stuff with Solo and Heyman, the Liv and Dom romance, the Gable story with Otis/Maxine and the Punk/McIntyre feud is pretty much all promo/backstage segments or angles to further the story week to week. When someone in the Bloodline has a match it's not "bad" but it's your standard TV match before something happens... The WWE PLEs are where you get most of the quality in-ring action. Again, I'm not saying AEW should be this way because that's not the core audience, people don't want another WWE when they have WWE but I think AEW needs more of a balance and the matches that I would say are foregone conclusions are way too long.. You want to book an extended squash or even a somewhat competitive match where the winner is 100% known before the bell rings, that's fine but it doesn't need to go 15 minutes and I'd argue ten minutes might be too long for those types of matches as well.
  5. I'm wondering what's going to happen with the TV rights negotiations. Couple things: I was watching an interview with John Skipper the other day and he was saying that TV ratings never come up during TV rights negotiations and that it's funny how much media coverage TV ratings talk receives. Obviously, it's about the ad dollars and wrestling has never been near the top but that hasn't stopped WWE from securing the bag multiple times now from various networks and streamers because the truth is they have nothing else that people are watching beyond live TV programming. Zaslav appears to be dragging his feet during the exclusive window (which apparently ends up July) and Puck reported that AEW likely would find a partner elsewhere if WBD doesn't give Tony Khan a deal that's close to what he's expecting. WBD hasn't put a great number in front of Khan yet.
  6. I forgot about Gable and his crew. That's another big story going on where most of it is happening outside of the ring. AEW can do stuff like that but it would have to keep the "where the best wrestle" integrity.
  7. I agree with most of this but I feel like the roster is so deep on talent... they have 5 hours of television every week, they should be able to strike a balance between what they are building up to for the PPVs and also have interesting "TV feuds" where the outcomes aren't so predictable and for lack of a better term...boring. I don't think WWE is perfect. They are nailing presentation and story beats for their main feuds and a lot of it is being done outside of the ring which is not for everyone. I don't think diehard AEW fans want that. Everything that people are loving about Punk/McIntyre, The Bloodline Mafia Saga... the Liv Morgan and Dom 'romance' and now the Wyatt 6 angle, it's mostly done with exceptional camera work and people playing their roles on TV like trained actors. The Bloodline stuff of late has been way more Promo based to further the story than what they were doing with Roman and Sami. It helps that you have people like Paul Heyman literally carrying segments on his back to progress the story. They have some generational promo talent and a new TV director that is lightyears ahead of where Kevin Dunn was. AEW did put together some very intriguing stories like the Hangman is an alcoholic story and the MJF/Cole friendship but I think they've lost the balance on that kind of stuff as well. I think AEW fans (and I consider myself one of them) would be fine if they did some more heavy angle based stories if it hamper the in-ring product.
  8. There's dozens of wrestlers in AEW that I love to watch but they have to give me something more than a randomized list of feuds/matches with no stakes. I understand that the tagline is ""this is where the best wrestle" and when I watch an AEW PPV.. they prove that every single time. It's still where the best wrestling is. But the difference between the PPVs and TV is that we are seeing two guys or two women where the outcome isn't a foregone conclusion. There's a 50% chance it could either way. Or maybe it's just a 70-30 chance. But most matches these days on Dynamite or Collision are not that.
  9. Nobody will care is my point because nobody cares about "The Premier Athletes". You can't say "well they built this over two weeks so it's all good" when it's guys that were barely ever on TV prior to that. When was the last time Tony Nese was a featured act? That's another problem with AEW. People just disappear for months. Unfortunately some fans are the dog sitting in the burning house saying "this is fine" and don't want change.
  10. They opened Collision tonight with a trios match of Samoa Joe, Hook and Shibata vs. "The Premier Athletes". I don't have an issue with squash matches at all but how do you open the show with stuff like this, you are literally begging the viewer to turn it off, which I did because the Copa America and WNBA are more engaging to me than that. There was some good stuff on the show but now they are ending the show with Ospreay vs. Brian Cage. Another main event where I have to assume the top guy is going over. I just don't understand the logic behind some of that match making.
  11. Amazon Prime reported record viewership for "The Pop Out" with Kendrick Lamar & Friends. I wouldn't have missed that if WrestleMania or All In were on. It was a huge once in a lifetime concert. It also was streamed elsewhere on platforms like Twitch and other social media locations. Do I think it hurt AEW? Yes, I do. I think the holiday in general hurt it as well. It reminds me of when RAW would get obliterated on a holiday. I think Meltzer is wrong and the rating jumps back up next week. But they have had an overall decline this year as well. They've been doing between 650K-780K lately. That's down over 100K or more since last year. But 502K is by far the lowest and it's not particularly close so it's likely the holiday and other factors.
  12. I think a string of good shows does help ratings but that string has to be for more than a month or two. We just saw this with WWE. This whole "Bloodline Saga" had been going on for a couple of years before the massive spike in attendance. The people coming back to WWE are the much discussed "casual fans" that were always out there. But that's also the top promotion. WWE can afford to piss off the casuals because they have the name value to be able to get them back. It's harder for a secondary promotion to get people excited again.
  13. I don't think you can attribute it all to a 10-minute lead in. It's a two hour show. Having The Big Bang Theory as a lead in is nice but it's not adding 200k+ viewers to the overall rating each week. I really think it's a combination of things like it being a holiday and again the Kendrick Lamar concert was massive. That's what we were watching. It's one of those moments in history if you are a fan of music that you had to see.. Amazon is reporting record numbers for it. I do think a lot of people have Juneteenth off now. The beach was crazy packed for a Wednesday.
  14. Is this what booking for sickos looks like? In all seriousness, there are some things that could make it just an outlier. It was 6/19. It's a holiday for a lot of people now. There were cookouts, my family went to the beach, it's been super hot on the east coast all week. Also, the Kendrick Lamar concert was our primary viewing on that night. I'm guessing it did crazy numbers streaming. It was trending on social media for hours. If the number is just as bad next week then it's a real issue but right now I'm saying all of that factored in.
  15. 4.5 stars. Well deserved ladies. https://twitter.com/NBossTime/status/1796567655639601495
  16. Yeah, no that checks out. To hate someone you don't know and have absolutely no rhyme or reason for why you do.... that is very neckbeardy... no doubt. Welcome the man to the club.
  17. I wouldn't hold my breath. A lot of posters lived on the east coast and there's a 7/11 or gas station around every corner. They gone.
  18. I don't post on here a lot anymore but I do read the board. What happened to a lot of the regulars from over the past decade or so?
  19. You already showed who you are under the screen name.... multiple times now. These weak attempts at insults aren't going to change that.
  20. @Raziel Your post speaks volumes about who you are as a person. I don't know about "frothing at the mouth..." but her tweet was garbage. Something like "when the car is playin boom boom music you turn up that country louder!!!" Just a dumb tweet. The fact that you have an issue with me calling it a dumb tweet and apparently also have an issue with me pointing out the reaction to one of the reasons Mercedes/Naomi walked out... it says a lot. Enjoy the rest of your pathetic day I have no use for people like you
  21. They did more than criticize. They made light of a situation where Mecedes/Naomi were spoken to by a producer using racially charged/coded language etc.. and called them crybabies and completely overlooked that fact. That's something that I will NEVER forget.... Never.
  22. I've named plenty of names. Everyone knows Drew is the biggest hater followed by Curt and Razorback. My tagging isn't working so I can't tag people individually. If they can post ridiculous criticisms in every single thread then I can respond to it, no? Also, You can shit on me as much as you want. I'm not going through anything... have at it. Now if you'll excuse me Trump was just found guilty on all 34 counts. I have more important things to go laugh about hahahaha
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