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  1. The NXT 2.0 vs. NXT Old School War Games was a really good fun match.. tons of cool spots. Everyone came out of that as stars to me.. The rest of the show was pretty ehhhh BRONN should get the call up very very soon! The Man was awesome..
  2. SD! not a bad show but rarely see the show day of.. RAW just brutal though
  3. -Gausman to the Jays for 5 years/$110M -Jon Gray appears to be headed to the Rangers
  4. MJF and Punk was so great they really straddled that shoot line well. Cowboy and Bryan were awesome too.. Some decent matches. Tremendous all around show. Whenever the next PPV..... $$$$
  5. Actually a pretty good ep... here for New School vs. Old Guard.
  6. That women's match was something. Crowd craps on the match as they do the wave.. Then Sasha and Bianca get the place going crazy. Then they have the very strange count out of Sasha. Lots of sloppy timing issues. Finally Bianca wins but the match falls flat because everyone wanted the Sasha vs. Bianca one on one to close it out. Roman vs. Big E was a tremendous hoss battle. They leaned way into The Rock appearing and teased it heavy and then... he didn't. We have a whodunit about Vince's Golden Egg. Lol. So yeah.. about Full Gear...
  7. Sasha vs. Shotzi was a lot of fun.. Sonya can pick on a lot of the women but certainly not no fucks Banks.
  8. Jade vs. Red Velvet was another really fun match.. those two have great chemistry. Baffling that some folks don't see the potential these two have. Love when Jade uses all that power and Velvet pin balls around, great stuff..
  9. Again i just don't feel Excalibur can capture the big moments the way Tony can @Technico Support i'd rather have Gorilla Monsoon in the booth than a Mike Tenay.
  10. i wrote out a "safe list" a few weeks back. i guess nothing would shock me but i'd be very surprised by any of the following releases: Roman, The Four Horsewomen, Seth Rollins, Drew, The New Day, Lashley, Edge and Randy Orton.
  11. Johnny Dynamite or Johnny Rampage are right there. Also, Johnny Dark. i don't really wanna see him though.
  12. WWE's record profits may take a hit once the new contract negotiations are up, so maybe they are trying to clean house of anyone who makes more than $50k a year outside of the top talents. Maybe they really are selling. Or maybe they said hey we can probably do 1.4 million on RAW with jobbers. The Hit Row saga is sooo dumb. So much time invested, they debut and wham. Not even a chance. Wonder what Hunter thinks..
  13. Zac Stacy should never see sunlight again.
  14. To me Tony is closer to the total package. i'd rather listen to Gorilla than most any PBP announcer there's ever been. He wasn't huge on calling out moves and their origins really.. not that i recall. But he had a tremendous voice and captured the moments. That's what Excalibure doesn't do. He doesn't capture the moment.
  15. He has a few flubs but his commentary voice and cadence is the best they have.
  16. Crown Jewel was the only show on the Fall calendar they cared about.
  17. Sorry but there's no way Excalibur is a better PBP than Tony. Tony has a much better voice even if he doesn't have as much knowledge on the current gen.
  18. Oh and i was going to save this for the Rampage thread but how awesome was the video package for Jade and Red Velvet? i love their feud.. i would seriously consider Red Velvet upsetting Jade.
  19. Can't decide what i enjoyed more.. Bryan being an asshole and solidifying Hangman as the top face or Punk being an asshole and sparking a feud with MJF
  20. F9 and Bond are both above $700M now worldwide. Those numbers seem good?
  21. WM37 was pretty good but yeah... AEW has several shows that were better.
  22. What's the truth about the Jay Lethal situation? People are pretty pissed off.
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