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  1. The card looks interesting enough. I'm way out of the Impact loop but I'm looking for new wrestling to watch, this might be a good time to get into it.
  2. Watchmen 93% on RT. Premiere is Sunday night on HBO.
  3. Oh and anyone hoping for more from Gulak.... yeah don't bother. It's fine to job to Braun but the way he was introduced and quickly dispatched means they don't see much value in him.
  4. Shorty G, blech. Roman Reigns and Nakamura having to wrestle twice. Only 3 of the 6 women even got an entrance. That didn't telegraph the finish did it? Fucking idiots man.. Edit: Is Lacey Evans a heel or what? She teamed with Nattie last week against Asuka/Kairi and it sure seemed like a turn. Tonight she was looking like a heel again.
  5. Bruce: "You know Vince cut this promo once it had to be around 1999 during the height of the Stone Cold Steve Austin battles and he said 'life sucks and then you die'. Where can we use that tonight?" Writer: "I don't know Bayley is on Miz TV?" Bruce: "Genius."
  6. Jurassic World had the benefit of being a four quadrant movie, PG-13 and playing in places like China where I'm sure it racked up a ton. It also has the benefit of 90s nostalgia like The Lion King and all these awful remakes that are being made. It also had the benefit of a monster opening weekend of $200M in the middle of the summer and summer weekdays which are always higher than October. People can say what they want but the box office run is impressive and it's going to be a contender during awards season, it won at Venice and finished 5th at TIFF while Phillips finished 2nd for directing at TIFF. Obviously a ton of people think this project worked.
  7. AFC is going to be tough to watch. Chiefs were about the only team worth watching other than New England and now with Mahomes out for who knows how long.... ugh. Texans are fun I guess. Lamar can be fun. It's a struggle. NFC is great though.
  8. Sorry to clutter up your thread @The Natural Keep it coming with all the news, friend.
  9. That's a small sample done on the first Friday a movie opens and that's not how CS works anyway. How you view the score is dependent on what genre the movie is. Most horror movies for example even if they are good struggle to get an A or an A+. Us, as a example got rave reviews sure but it's CS was a B. Get Out is a classic but it's CS is still an A- Family movies will receive higher grades. So a movie like Joker with a hard R, not a family movie, receiving a B+ is good. and that's not the only indicator of word of mouth at all. There are people who do this kind of thing for a living.
  10. I don't know is it good that Eric is gone? Probably.. does it matter? No.. not really. That sums it up, no?
  11. You're saying Todd Phillips missed the mark and downplaying his achievement, alright. I already said it's understandable if you personally did not like it but no offense it doesn't make your opinion reside on a higher plane than anyone else. Like I said.. other than box office and adulation from other people in the field what else is there to look at? If you didn't state your opinions as fact we wouldn't be having this conversation. Edit: I don't state my opinions as fact. If I say something sucks I will say I thought this sucked. I will not go over the top saying ridiculous things.
  12. No, that's not what I'm saying. I said it's fine if people don't like it because yes film is subjective. Sure. But to ask why Warner Bros. thought it'd be a good idea to produce this film with Todd Phillips behind the camera suggests that they shouldn't have done so.. and my question is outside of box office what else do you think Warner Bros. is going to look at? This film has already won awards and it's probably going to win more. Other than box office success and adulation from your peers... what else is there?
  13. You know what the profit margin on a $64M budget is going to be? Do you understand what indicators of strong word of mouth are? If people thought the movie sucked it would have dropped over 50% actually close to 60% in its 2nd weekend here and overseas. This is also doing this without China. So that takes about another $100-$200M out of the equation. It's breaking records, it's not just simply "oh well it's Joker" .. What indicator do you have that people don't like it other than you sharing your opinion with a couple people on here? Show me..
  14. It doesn't need to be said but since you said it... I can find many quotes on here of people quoting me citing box office results as an indicator of quality. Also, what you said was "what was WB thinking?" What do you mean the only thing that can be looked at is box office.. the only thing WB cares about is if their movies make money, just like every studio. Film is subjective. What is it something like 89% on RT audience score right now? They changed the way they do it, you actually have to be verified to vote now. That's a pretty good number. The fact that it has had very strong holds not only in the U.S. but overseas is another indicator of strong word of mouth. Even critics as divided as it later became, it's had countless rave reviews to go along with some who didn't like it. It's fine if someone doesn't like it but to suggest that most don't like it is inaccurate and to suggest it's a failure is ridiculous.
  15. Is anyone saying that Eric was the problem? Yes. Eric wasn't the problem.. he is A problem.. sure. He's not THE problem. Everything is the problem.
  16. Industry people predicted far less. Far less. Even after opening weekend it was thought that $700M would be tops. And yes it can be fucked up. Anything can be fucked up. It's going to end up being the highest grossing R rated film of all time. You are wrong again. Take your L.
  17. That scene got a big laugh in the theater by the way. Well not the whole scene.. but that one part of it. I'm loving this thread. "I didn't like it so they fucked up" uh.. nah that's not how it works. Edit: I'm sorry it's already crossed $600 million.
  18. Because's it's already made nearly $600M on a $64M budget. Sounds like they got the right guy.
  19. Let's not pretend the show is going to be any better with Bruce. He sucks. He's essentially been running Smackdown and it's still garbage.
  20. Chinese government wanted Morey fired. Silver said not only is he not being fired, he will not be punished at all. Obviously he shouldn't be. Well, this is all going swimmingly.
  21. That smackdown card looks exactly like when they last split the rosters a few years back. Nothing has changed at all. Same people in the same roles they've always been in. Nobody beyond Shield guys and Brock have emerged as a fresh new star.
  22. Ehh not today..There will be plenty of time to discuss it during awards season. I love the Paul Dano choice this is shaping up to be a great cast.
  23. That's the problem with being an over-the-top smark at a wrestling show. If you are going to do smark chants then you should at least know your history. Rope breaks have always existed in a street fight dating back decades.
  24. Rope breaks shouldn't be an issue. Rope breaks have always existed in a street fight where the pin/submission needs to take place inside the ring. A street fight means weapons are legal and you can't be DQ'd but it doesn't mean there are no rules at all.
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