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  1. Personally i felt Smackdown was a pretty good show this week from MSG and while RAW was not 'good' ... the main event and main event angle/match were good.. So sure.. if AEW has lit a fire under WWE's ass then that's great but if not i'm enjoying AEW so much that i'm getting my wrestling fix regardless.
  2. i knew Grand Slam was gonna be a big show but tony k. was flexing like the Mega Powers when he revealed match after match after match ... and they are all bangers.. tony must have been watching LOX vs. Dipset before he made the card.
  3. Cody and Black brawled up through the crowd on the stairs......in suits.
  4. See for those who were on twitter all "guess the rankings don't mean much huh meltz!!" Well it's non-title... it's not about the title it's about who is the best in the world. That Jericho and Dan Lambert segment could have sucked but by god it was incredible.. both men on fire and the crowd singing to Judas was 100% organic.. i fucking love this promotion Lol. Also... get Paige Van Zant in the ring ASAP.
  5. OMEGA and DRAGON next week!! YES..... Awesome show tonight too. Crowd was electric all night.
  6. Mandy Rose!!! Love the new look and the aggression. i've been a fan for a while.. she's been improving, i hope she takes the next step here. Most of the developmental dudes seemed to have some potential whether it's Steiner's kid, Creed Brothers or Carmelo.. etc.. let's see where it goes... NXT could not compete with AEW on any level so they needed a change.
  7. Everything about it was perfect. Which always begs the question why does their booking suck 95% of the time. They CAN do it... Happy for Big E and Lashley looked great in defeat too.
  8. Well maybe not PPV quality but a great ending... A big ending if you will.
  9. @EivionSo you don't like the phrasing of "backs against the wall" but AEW is competition now and the trajectory for the RAW ratings were on a downward trend for years prior to this. Yes, they are still making money hand over fist but you are assuming that the TV deals will continue to increase. i'm not sure that happens if they don't hold up in the 18-49 demo. Dynamite actually beat RAW this week.
  10. That was a really great Smackdown. WWE always pulls out all stops at MSG. Shame that they need their backs against the wall to do it but i really hope they have a fire lit under their ass.. Crowd was awesome all night.
  11. Yeah over 200k buys is massive especially considering people have become so accustom to free or streaming at low costs.
  12. That would be good as Bryan's 1st match in AEW.. have him pin one of the other members of the Elite or something. Crowd would be hot for it.
  13. Are we sure it's Bryan/Omega for New York? it could be Cody/Black main eventing which just..... let's hope not
  14. Hunter hasn't been rumored for any WrestleMania comebacks the last couple years? i was there in New York for the Batista one. Not a great match but cool as fuck entrances and the crowd seemed to enjoy it enough..
  15. i see this a lot.. most of the younger talent have nothing but great things to say about Hunter. Get well soon, HHH.
  16. Maybe it was Alvarez who said Lucha Bros. vs. Young Bucks was the greatest cage match ever... obviously i loved the match but it got me thinking.. What's the greatest tag team cage match of all time? Not counting War Games but can count Hell in a Cell.. So for instance.. New Day vs. Usos is available.. that was great. Final Conflict (Slaughter/kernodle vs. Steamboat/Youngblood) ... i loved Money, inc vs. Steiners.. TNA had AMW vs. Triple X that was awesome
  17. it really felt like a home game for them too. They were regulars in AAW also. Crowd was electric for them and it carried through the whole match. Amazing stuff. @Jijii'd throw Dr. Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa "Lights Out" Match on your all-time AEW rankings list.
  18. For about 3 seconds i thought the dancers were Penta and Fenix and i said out loud "i didn't know they could move like that.."
  19. i don't really do star ratings but as i said many pages ago.. from the entrance all the way to the celebration when i was watching Lucha Bros vs. Young Bucks i felt like i was watching something special in real time. That's the highest praise i can give a match. And i completely disagree with anyone who says it was just a spot fest. there was some layered story telling and old school cage match brutality mixed in there.. it's one of my favorite matches of the year.
  20. They had at least 4-5 spots from the Bret/1-2-3 kid match. it was awesome.
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