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  1. Jungle Boy is pretty good at his age but he probably wouldn't make my top 10 of AEW guys with star potential. I have him below Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin, Fenix, MJF, Orange Cassidy and others..
  2. Fuck it, I think Smackdown was my favorite wrestling show I watched this week I have to be fair. Everything clicked, everyone was on their A-game. Normally I'd go with AEW but Jericho was awful in the main event and the only segment I truly loved was Tully/Arn.
  3. The best answer I have is "For now.." because he's in a trance. He's gone back to the old Braun Stroman who was a monster plain and simple. This is what The Fiend wanted I think..though Braun seems more focused now so maybe that will end up costing The Fiend in the end. Or maybe Braun fucked himself by not saving Alexa.
  4. There were a lot of really good promo segments tonight. Bayley and Sasha were great on the mic and at ringside during the battle royal. MANDY ROSE cut the promo of her life... Sonya cut another great promo for their feud. AJ Styles and Joseph Parks! were hilarious together during that little TNA reunion with Jeff. I'd say Alexa and Braun were really good too, I don't quite understand what's going on with The Fiend but it's interesting... I'm looking forward to Hair vs. Hair with Mandy and Sonya and Asuka challenging for both Sasha and Bayley at SummerSlam.. Retribution went and recruited their uncles tonight so that was nice.
  5. I don't see Spring football happening. I think it's all getting postponed until next August. Now, the SEC I could see attempting to play through this but even then I don't see them completing a season.
  6. I made a post about virtual fans several weeks back, not saying they are taking my idea or anything but I had wondered if it would work and now we will find out.
  7. What makes is worse is that WWE has either released? or at least sent Austin Theory away pending the outcome of whatever investigation they are doing and Dream appears to have been doing the same shit so they are saying it's okay so long as you are a star?
  8. I mentioned Patterson/Slaughter I believe that was '81. What are some more of the best WWF matches prior to the WrestleMania era? I also really love Slaughter vs. The Iron Sheik Boot Camp Match. Slaughter was such a great worker..
  9. Off-topic slightly, what are your Mount Rushmore of WWF/E tag team matches? A couple that come to mind... Hart Foundation vs. Brainbusters SummerSlam '89 and Rey Mysterio/Edge vs. Kurt Angle/Chris Benoit No Mercy 2002
  10. I kind of just wanted the Cardinals to finish 2-3.
  11. I just wish Dame had more talent around him. CJ is hurt right now but playing through it, Melo is running on the last little bit of gas he has left in the tank, Nurkic just came back though he looks good and that's about it right now. Whiteside, Collins, Trent, none of them excite me.
  12. Yeah the bloody brawl from Extreme Rules 2012 I believe.. I was actually at the Backlash match in 2003 Worcester, Mass lol
  13. Caris Levert should have drove to the hoop there he had them on the ropes. But great game and I'm happy Dame got in. Huge steal at the end there too.
  14. I can't possibly narrow it down to 4 matches though I like the choices so far. I think Sgt. Slaughter vs. Pat Patterson belongs on the list. Also, the first encounter between Brock Lesnar and John Cena.
  15. Oh I think if the SEC and ACC play there will be a title..
  16. A beach setting/outdoor setting for SummerSlam was what I was hoping for so of course WWE didn't deliver.
  17. In case you were wondering how some coaches are holding up during all this. If the image is difficult to read he said he lost his parents a few years ago but losing football is worse.
  18. I wasn't all too embarrassed by wrestling in the 90's because by then I had already watched Under Siege with my parents and all types of other stuff not suitable for children.
  19. I keep thinking Cody must be turning heel... he's got this huge ass boxing entourage with all his friends and family and the over-the-top entrance with fireworks and what not, it's kinda heelish I think.. Anyway, the new belt looks FANTASTIC. I love it.
  20. Tully was extra surly tonight the hatred for the rock n' rolls and Rhodes family still runs deep! Him and Arn were great out there... and speaking of finally this happened.
  21. Jericho has donated $5000 to help with the funeral costs for Kamala. He does these kinds of things all the time too, good on him.
  22. Aces and 8's look like killers next to this "Retribution". Actually, I'd say that whole thing was 10x more thought out than this appears to be..
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