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  1. was the old school 'Coal Miner's Glove' matches the first "____ on a Pole" match? Sting/Roberts was the first I had seen of it but then I would later learn there were others such Duggan vs. DiBiase in '85
  2. Sorry I worded that completely fucked up. I meant both years had Cinderella runs in them.
  3. I would but I watched it again not too long ago as part of my Survivor Series marathon. You could report what you thought back here though
  4. Oh by the way, I really need AEW to do a 20-man elimination tag team match with all the teams. So we're talking something like Young Bucks (Captains), Private Party, Jurassic Express, Best Friends and SCU vs FTR (Captains), Lucha Bros, Proud and Powerful, The Butcher and the Blade and Dark Order.
  5. Sticking to Survivor Series I went ahead and watched Survivor Series 1987 once again as I do every year, man those Young Stallions really are the 19-13 12th seed in March Madness that just continue to get hot at the right time. I forgot they went on a Cinderella run basically two years in a row. Andre's team is still probably my personal favorite Survivor Series team. Just a bunch of huge monsters and the best part is Hogan being an idiot and costing himself the match. Jumping Bomb Angels totally awesome as always. Gorilla and Jesse on commentary, hit it out of the par
  6. Survivor Series 1998 Deadly Game Tournament was peak Russo in that the story was well done and really effective and they barely used the ring to get there. He would go on to try to replicate this for several more years with several different angles and failed miserably each time.
  7. A lot of the same criticisms I've heard for Kenny Omega used to apply to AJ Styles way back in the day around the mid 2000s and those critics were wrong then and the people who criticize Kenny are wrong now. The cream always rises to the top. AJ Styles had a massive amount of potential in-ring and continued to get better and better.. Kenny is on that trajectory. People were concerned about AJ Styles being too "southern" and now you never hear about it. Over the years he became a wonderful character and got very good on the mic. Kenny is already a good character and has already shown to h
  8. This was a fun show. I'm a sucker for anything HALLOWEEN and obviously I was into bringing the name back and I thought they delivered. I felt the set delivered and the matches were all fun to very good. I don't know I liked both shows last night but I guess I slightly preferred Halloween Havoc.
  9. Orton can take the loss and be fine but I imagine it will be due to Fiend fuckery
  10. They've spent a lot of time on Britt Baker and for good reason. Her act is great and she is getting pretty good in the ring so I think maybe they make the switch sooner than later and get the title on her, build the division around her again.
  11. I like Wardlow a lot but the Finals of the tournament needs to be Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Page I would think.
  12. Lana is not passable. I mean what does "passable" mean in 2020? It used to be "they won't kill themselves" but the standard is MUCH higher now. Mandy and Dana are improving though. Nia Jax can have a decent match with the right opponent but she is reckless.
  13. I was going to say most of these guys are still on their rookie deals and it's not like Tony can't open up his wallet.
  14. Outside of The Hurt Business it's tough to care about anything else on RAW...
  15. Netflix missed on new subs estimates for Q3 so I'm guessing that has something to do with it. I'm not sure how much more they can grow from here far as new subs so they need to up the revenue in other ways.
  16. I been saying this for a while now about WWE missing on talent.... Wardlow is another one but they missed on MJF, Starks, Darby, Fenix, Jungle Boy, Sammy, etc... they are missing on every talent under 30.
  17. I'm tired of the WWE comparisons and I'll tell you why. When AEW does comedy there is THOUGHT put into it and often times it's funny as hell. WWE is almost never funny, it's like a fucking 3rd grader wrote the shit. Yes, comedy in general is subjective but I am of the opinion that the two companies are presenting comedy in different ways. AEW is like prime The Simpsons compared to WWE's modern Adam Sandler.
  18. If the brands were combined Roman Reigns would be the champion and all the other discussion would be surrounding the I.C. title. McIntyre had a solid run but him, Orton and The Miz are not really in The Big Dog's league right now. I think that's my issue. They are trying to tell me these people are world title material at a time when Roman is on the same event and it's night and day.
  19. Hate to say it but I think the plans for Otis were "HAR HAR wouldn't it be funny if he won it... fat guy lol" and there wasn't anything mapped out for him beyond that.
  20. This is what I was thinking too..probably most of us whenever they say "HEAD OF THE TABLE" because the obvious thought is what about The Rock? I would absolutely LOVE to see The Rock vs. Roman Reigns at some point
  21. Get some rest, Natty. A lot of PPVs this past year weren't worth staying up for but this one was pretty good.
  22. Remember how great The Miz and Maryse pairing was? Miz & Morrison right now is the opposite of that. Channel changing stuff. I'd say they are the worst act on WWE programming outside of Retribution. Yes, there are worse wrestlers but not anyone who eats up this much time.
  23. Aside from Bayley vs. Sasha being a highlight.. I really liked the storytelling with Roman vs. Jey Uso but I'm seeing others around the webs disliking that match. I thought Roman was brilliant and the Usos were good too. I loved both of those cell matches. McIntyre vs. Orton I was lukewarm on.
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