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  1. If baseball isn't going to strip the titles then it doesn't matter. Also, I still expect the Astros to do very well this season which means they will be the new Patriots which means eventually everyone will just conclude that they are good again.
  2. WATCHMEN was perfect. I don't think it needs a second season but they should have Lindelof working on something.
  3. One if those burner accounts that everyone has been posting is now saying Trout is on HGH and everyone knows it.
  4. Damn I was hoping for over a million because it was a special episode but it's very close... great numbers in the key demos again too. This is why they have an extention.
  5. Great show. Couple great matches, a great promo from Cody and a good segment with Inner Circle and Mox. I'm looking forward to Dynamite at sea. I can't believe I'm even saying Dynamite at sea. Also, they are doing a good job building to this cage match between Cody and Wardlow in Atlanta that's gonna be an old Omni throwback.
  6. Tony Khan wanted AEW to be profitable in I think 2-3 years he said but according to Meltzer with this new TV deal they are a profitable company in year one. Did anyone see that coming? This is great news.
  7. I think the most likely Lesnar opponent would be Drew now right? He seems to be getting a huge push at the right time. On the women side it's either Charlotte or Shayna with maybe Ronda. I'd be shocked if anyone else won it.
  8. That was quite obviously the only step the Red Sox could take.
  9. This is true, if people started caring then he'd have to change so he's actually in the best possible position. He makes tons of money, does what he wants and nobody cares.
  10. They could have said "from the studio that brought you Into the Spiderverse" which is the best Spider-Man movie ever made.
  11. I think a movie like Underwater would be better served without all of the CGI wouldn't you think? Surely they could have made it more frightening that way. I haven't seen it but the trailers make everything look too fake.
  12. How has WWE always flown under the radar? Is it because it's carny shit and nobody cares? Of course now they have friends in high places but imagine all the PR disasters from Vince's trial to the Benoit stuff to concussions to whatever.. there's always something, Saudi Arabia. They get called out from time to time but nothing ever really changes, only slightly. They still continue to treat their "independent contractors" like crash test dummies and provide no medical insurance.. it's amazing how Vince can just do whatever the hell he wants for 40 years. Nobody cares.
  13. I don't think that was offensive pass interference but even so Clemson doesn't look like they have it tonight. LSU found their groove and it's been pretty smooth sailing since then.
  14. Liv's promo was cool. I hope for lots more Liv on my TV she and Ruby were great in the Riot Squad.
  15. I think the best thing other than Owens was what I saw of the Asuka/Becky contract signing. Asuka and Kairi were awesome trolling and Becky sold the mist very well and then cut a good promo afterwards.
  16. Both teams making huge plays on both sides of the ball. This has been lots of fun.
  17. That could be the case. Disney wanted more profits off Spider-Man films. Sony probably countered with they can have more if their films are integrated.
  18. The rules to a Texas Deathmatch should be pin and then a count of ten begins... Odds of us getting color.. zero.
  19. Is the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe still going to be a thing? I seem to remember them being concerned after The Mummy
  20. If we get a movie with Leto as Morbius, Hardy as Venom, Keaton as Vulture, Woody as Carnage and Holland as Spider-Man then it will all be worth it. Plus, they could do a crossover with Ali as Blade..
  21. Let's put it this way, if it was another corporation I would think hey the COO could be pushed out for saying something like this but because it's WWE there's zero possibility.
  22. Hunter had a nice run but that "joke" is going to be a problem for him.
  23. The shot of him at the end looks pretty close to a comic version I've seen but we'll see... I'm guessing he has that look for probably less than half of the movie. I hope hope hope Keaton is in this for more than two seconds but probably not. Even so it would be awesome to get a Sinister Six out of this or a Blade crossover.
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