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  1. My 10 best 1 night only/1 storyline only/recurring/ tag teams Sting and Lex Luger Ric Flair and Arn Anderson Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko Cactus Jack and Raven Abdullah the Butcher and Killer Tim Brooks Abdullah the Butcher and The Sheik Giant and Jumbo Magnum TA and Mr Wrestling II The Super Destroyers I never watched The Rock n Sock Connection, which would be on most people’s ballots I think. Also I have 1 more good idea for a listmania but I’ll have to see before I try it. I thought this was a good idea until I ended up have to end the list with a picks that I haven’t exactly seen 100 matches from. I went ahead though because these teams didn’t have a 100 matches together in kayfabe.
  2. Here’s my shot at tag teams The Steiner Brothers The Rock n Roll Express The Midnight Express The Samoan Swat Team The Headhunters The Hart Foundation The British Bulldogs Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard The Fantastics Terry Funk and Dory Funk Jr I have another top 10 list but I won’t explain it yet.
  3. A little late but whose idea was the dang screwjob? I thought the WWE documentary clearly explained that it was HHH’s. Further thinking, even though that wasn’t necessary, would lead me to that conclusion also. HHH is the bigshot now and everything but back then he was just another rassler. Even if he was courting Stephanie back then that still doesn’t really mean jack. The boys had been bangin the promoter’s daughters since before HHH was being thought about. With all that said, Jim Cornette’s explanation sure made alot of sense. Vince Russo’s did not. What a dweeb. He’s laughing and smiling that he got to be on the doc. Nobody else was smiling lol! That basically proves Jim Cornette’s stories about Russo still dreaming of the day he’s going to be back. I’ve about heard all I want to hear from Scott Hall also. Between this, the first episode and his trash talking Sting’s return, he seems like a bigger moron sober than drunk. The best part was the final scene lol!
  4. I can’t even remember the last time I made a top 10 list, which was something I did weekly somewhere or another back in the day. Listmania 4 Life though so here goes. Mine also usually changes before I hit submit like a person above said. Sting Chris Benoit Ric Flair The Great Muta Bret Hart Eddie Guerrero Shawn Michaels Dynamite Kid Big Poppa Pump Booker T Wow it doesn’t even look right now between all of the personal things that have went on with wrestlers (some of which weren’t all their fault but still), my own maturity, and so many other things. But I still love those guys and many more. I’ll do my tag teams in a bit. I have to nail that one down a little better since there are fewer to choose from.
  5. I watched a whole hour of his infamous shoot video, that 2nd one he did, on YouTube yesterday. I can’t usually watch YouTube for more than a few minutes at the time but I watched this for a whole hour. I believe his story of being abused as a child, which clearly just plain messed him up for life. Unless he laughs or smiles somewhere after that whole hour, he doesn’t laugh or smile 1 time in that whole video. That sounds like a trivial thing to make a conclusion over right but think about it. There’s comedy relief moments in the craziest old rassler shoots/moments in real life. See BPP, Honky Tonk Man, and many others. Then there’s anxiety laughter, which is often a sign of a wrestler being just full of crap. See Ultimate Warrior and Hogan. They just AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAA midsentence if you never noticed. Well ole Billy Jack does neither. He doesn’t have anything to laugh about in his mind and he’s telling the truth with no shame in his mind. Now he may be a few bricks short of a load, I’m not denying that, but that’s thanks in part to the abuse he took IMO.
  6. Starrcade I was just watching Mike Graham vs Terry Taylor from WCW TV and it was above average. Not solid, not good TV, but better than all that (but not 5 stars lol). Just a great match with mat wrestling and not mat resting. Mike Graham was an automatic good TV match like Brain Pillman and Brad Armstrong. I have many memories of him, no different than the long time TV guys, since he happened to be a regular on TV for just the right amount of time while I was 100% dedicated to WCW as a child. Now...I just read about this try at a stabbing before Nitro that night lol! I never knew about any of that. I didn’t know that he had an Eric Wattsish reputation either. I know how it started and ended for the guy, and gosh knows he wasn’t the first of those cases, but I didn’t know that he wasn’t almost at all. I just assumed he retired from in ring work after his run in WCW and became a normal agent. I didn’t know he was every bit as nuts as some of the others who somehow worked in that circus. EDIT: upon further reading I apparently subconsciously lumped some of the stuff he said on the internet over the years with Superstar Billy, who of course has nothing to do with any of this but had the same nickname and the same obsession with raging on the internet in the 2000s. So I knew about that side of him but had it confused with Billy at first glance in a while.
  7. That funny Ultimate Warrior mash up that was really only a few minutes of shoot interview time is basically this lol!
  8. Sting and Kobashi by virtue of the fact that Sting not winning his most important match arguably killed that match’s company. While Goldberg ended up being the answer to that, the truth is he was irrelevant at the time of the match and his success didn’t outdo what the failure with Sting did. Not to mention Kobashi was killing it the whole time that nonsense was going on.
  9. And he’s still a no account liar jeeze. I just watched the first episode of Darkside of the Ring, which was my first choice out of everything on my new Hulu and that’s what I got out of TV.
  10. A rare happy postmatch Ric Flair promo. He did more mad postmatch promos like the one I’m looking for. The one I’m looking for he ran to the broadcast booth and ran the announcers off. Then he sat down and straightened out the papers on the desk and said with his veins bulging out of his red face...I’M THE HOST! Lol
  11. Well then there must have been something wrong with her fun box! Nothing will change my mind lol!
  12. Bischoff’s wife must have been ugly. That’s the only way they weren’t all sleeping with her because he would have let them if it meant that he got to pretend to be their friend. Not even joking because see Bubba the Love Sponge! I mean what a c*ck. That’s the only thing Eric didn’t let them get away with, which had to be because they didn’t try it. I truly think that after learning everything that they pulled on him as he still tries to justify and rationalize all of it to this day.
  13. If that’s what happened to Konnan then I respect that but that would make 2 having a baby excuses. That’s why Dean mailed it in but at least he wrestled. Then Bischoff says now that he had to make Dean wrestle to draw the line on people not working the show. That implies that even he knew what was going on. And what a move...drawing the line on copout number 76,469. Inflamed pancreas, heart attack...I just dunno if I buy all of that happening at once over my feeling even though I can’t prove it.
  14. It seems like there were 20 people on that show who either had a last minute emergency so that they couldn’t wrestle or a last minute something else so that they couldn’t do business but still wrestle. I maintain that it was because they were sick about Hogan. Midcarders talking about how they never cared about WCW is as big a load as Eric saying not letting Sting win was best for business. He still says that nonsense. Anyway Hogan refusing to do business just plain killed their spirits. The only exception to that is Nash, but he probably would have went ahead and did business had Hogan done so because he wouldn’t have had the guts to be the first to try a fast one.
  15. I read this today - “Hulk Hogan sleeps without covers because he doesn’t want covers going over him.” That’s like a reverse Chuck Norris joke. We should make a list of 1000 of them for Hogan and archive it.
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