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  1. If anybody wants to see another funny funeral I recommend the vampire funeral episode of The Night Gallery.
  2. I’m not the biggest Bobby Heenan fan but he was brilliant in that Rumble match. The work he put in there was up there with any dang broadway match that any wrestler was ever in. He was yelling a mile a minute the whole time. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or if he was that good of an actor but the way he lost his voice as soon as it was over was perfect. I’m all over the rest of this later. Tons of good stuff in here that I either haven’t seen or haven’t seen in forever. https://youtu.be/CyIJueQoGDI Here’s a pick from me from a period that had a ton of funny st
  3. Todd and Rip throwing strikes with no closed fists and not hitting the ropes until the finish. I found this looking for a match that I know happened. It was the last time I ever saw Todd IIRC but that part might be wrong. I know this match happened some time though and I never forgot it because it was the only time I ever saw somebody pinned with the headlock counter. 1 2 3. I want to saw it was on Worldwide in 94. EDIT: Well lookey there. A couple of interesting comments in the comments section lol! Anybody have any info on that?
  4. You are remembering correctly. I marked out huge at it, after seeing Golden Age of Wrestling for so many weeks (not that that wasn’t cool, but seeing Mid-South pop up out of nowhere was epic).
  5. Wow this so always happened and I don’t know why. Alot of dumb moves popped the crowd, but they atleast had a past. The Sleeper, the Claw, the Heart Punch, etc were always good for a pop because they were great once. The Abdominal Stretch was always good for it to and I don’t know why lol!
  6. I thought it was supposed to be not-finely-tuned similar to, say, Colonel Mustafa or Kane in later years for whatever heat or comedy it was worth. I’ve watched that whole thing several times over the last few days. That promo is right up there with the Warrior’s plane hijack promo, Savage Cream of the Crop, Flair in his underwear etc in the so seriously taken and sold, yet so silly it’s epic department.
  7. Warrior almost slips and says it, so Phil comes on out and says it. Then the greatest straight man in the business is standing right there managing the whole thing just like he did everything else.
  8. Holy Lord ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Larry Nelson said in depth like in depth so we would know it was going to be in depth. Then Colonel didn’t just refer to steroids, or make a joke about steroids, but he...in depth...discussed steroids. Anabolic STEROIDS! ROFL! Then Nelson did, then Scott Hall did, and by the time Colonel said “steroids can increase the size of your biceps but not your...”, I thought he was going to say the 1 thing they hadn’t said yet lol! They put in in the cattle feed! I can’t believe I’ve never seen this. This makes 2 very infamous promos Scott Hall was invol
  9. ROFL was that funny or what? And Curt Menefee was like wtf???
  10. What were the promos that mentioned steroids? I know of Michael PS Hayes calling Kerry Von Erich a steroid freak in WCCW and I read somewhere else that Dusty told the Road Warriors there were no steroids in his body, in response to them calling him fat lol! I ask this having just seen Terry Bradshaw say steroids on the NFL pregame 12-3-21, and it wasn’t a report on the substance abuse policy lol! Did anybody else see that???
  11. I was lucky to have went to some good and important shows in my lifetime even though I didn’t go to very many. The first 1 I went to was in Tallahassee, a WCW show that was 1 of the last done in the NWA house show style. Everybody wrestled and they went full speed. Some guys wrestled twice. Sting and Muta went nuts brawling. Flair and Funk bled buckets. Luger got really really mad and put his muscular finger in everybody at ringside’s faces every time Tommy Rich got a move in lol! Next I went to a Luger vs Flair headlined show that wasn’t as intense but still good. Next I went t
  12. Say what??? Is that available in trading circles? The curfew thing sounds like 1 of Jim Cornette’s little but phenomenal ideas.
  13. RAF I read your original post and will read the rest of these. Did you mean you also went to SS 94 but chose to talk about SB II? Between those 2 cards, and the ECW/AAA show, you went to some historically important shows if nothing else. Then I don’t know how historically important the MSG show was but Schultz in the main event makes it unique for sure. My father went to all the Florida shows all the time in his youth like I think we discussed. He talked about it the same way you did. Said it was just wild. Blood and violence and heat to go with it as part of that insane Dusty/Sullivan s
  14. RIP Mama Dave I just heard about Bob. I’m surprised there isn’t more about this. There might be in the sleaze thread for all I know but in any event we lost a trailblazer in a way. I just checked the filmography and couldn’t believe how many movies Zeus was actually in that I’ve seen and never noticed, and in period. I loved the guy. I don’t gaf about critics. They only like about 2% of the movies ever made. I marked out like crazy when he appeared in WCW. I wasn’t a fan of that entire turn of events but not because it wasn’t good to see him. I also loved Slamboree 97 (who re
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