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  1. I haven’t gotten around to watching this but it’s on my list of possible alltime favorite matches left to watch.
  2. Cactus Jack said this and more about the guy in his first book. About as good of a compliment a guy could get at the time, and it was made before comments were just shared and recycled snippets of people’s thoughts that weren’t their own.
  3. Did he blade and then take the punch to open it on up like Cactus Jack used to do? Or did he go down after the punch and just straight gig himself? And that shovel shot belongs on any alltime best chairshot ballot even though it wasn’t a chair tbh. That was a nuke to the head. If The Undertaker wouldn’t have asked if he was alright I would have thought it was a perfectly timed sound effect like WCW used to do. A best chairshot thread would be epic, but I’ll leave that up to bosses here. I understand chairshots aren’t people’s favorite things anymore and I don’t want to see them return but I don’t think they should be ignored throughout history similar to other issues in the world either because they were a big part of wrestling history.
  4. I was watching the Hack Sawyer match and was like yeah that’s alot of blood but to much? Compared to many other matches? Naw. But then I saw the closeup interview and that’s up there lol! I don’t know how he was yelling like that without aggravating the cut again. Buzz Sawyer went to Portland to avenge his brother in a cross promotion deal I think.
  5. Dr Death had IT to me as a youngun. Just something about when he walked out for a match upped the intensity similar to Luger at the time. Just so cool. Growing up though and looking up all of his stuff, he was a GOAT big man in Mid-South. But the cigarettes caught up with him early in hindsight. I doubt his knees got any younger. Not to long into WCW he was already slowing down. I respect him for getting in the ring for 3 shoots though. Nobody will admit it but a ton of those big tough redneck rasslers wouldn’t have done that at that age, and would have made up some other excuse.
  6. I don’t think the crowds were purposefully segregated. I think that’s just how everybody sat lol! If they had a rasslin show there today that’s how everybody would sit. That part of this state is the roughest part left, just barely outdoing Taylor and Lafayette counties that sit side by side just like the south side of Leon (Tallahassee), south side of Franklin and all of Wakulla sit. In between is where I live in Jefferson County and together, rednecks and all, this string of counties makes up the last of old Florida. If that toll road comes through that will be it. Might as well rename it Jefferson-Dade and buy a shitload of water filters.
  7. This was always how I felt. I grew up with MidAtlantic TV, Worldwide etc and WWF TV and I was like wtf at WWF even back then.
  8. I’m guessing you’re referring to Dusty’s return to FL just before it finally dried up. My old man grew up on FL and used to see it every time it came to the old place that’s not there anymore on Capital Circle at the Crawfordville Hwy I think. Might have been the Big Ben Jai-Halai place on Hwy 20 (lol!). Talked about it until his death and he didn’t talk about many things. I wish I could find Dusty Rhodes vs Pak Song which was his favorite match. We’re from Monticello. I recently found this that I thought w neat. We were pecan farmers, and by extension pecan buyers. Idk if you know what all that means but that means we know the names of all these little towns lol Newberry Fl...never would have guessed Dusty Rhodes wrestled in that town. https://sportsandwrestling.mywowbb.com/forum2/42917-11.html
  9. This match belongs in the “blood pouring out” subtopic earlier in this thread. Gash and splash for sure. I can’t believe I forgot it for the same reason as I pimped the IWA match. It even has 1 of the guys in it from the other famous IWA match. This was usually on whatever first blood comp tape people bought. Unfortunately it was edited. If psychology and work is your thing forget this. Busted open and throwing a headbutt lol! This was probably many 90s babies first blood pouring out match and barbed wire boards match. Weird match really. These guys had many good matches but aside from the gore and the crowd being legit scared of the big boys this wasn’t one. It looked like it was in a tiny gym with the retractable bleachers closed, and a small number of chairs at ringside.
  10. This was so sloppy it looked like a real fight. Tokyo Magnum’s knees at the end would agree. And I don’t know if they timed the clacking noise just right (probably that) or what but that sure looked like the worst chairshot ever on Nitro.
  11. I agree, and there are many more subtle ways besides this popular obvious way. Sometimes when somebody is bleeding in a ring they just look like a pig in a slaughterhouse and you don’t want to look, not because it’s to gross (in which case we still look lol), but because it’s to dumb. Other times when somebody is bleeding in a ring they look like a freaking hero.
  12. I haven’t seen The Last Battle of Atlanta yet but I assumed that belonged. I wonder what a 10 best Tommy Rich matches ever list would be. I haven’t seen much of his best work but I’m a huge fan of his as he was the Sunday afternoon main event match guy for all those years growing up. He would always get effed out of the win but then when I went to a Worldwide taping he wasn’t there all night...then finally he came out and low and behold he won a squash. On TV weeks later that was used to build him up for his heel turn which happened the next week or maybe even that week during that later main event. I want to say he did something to make somebody lose but it wasn’t a heel turn until he verified it by doing again or doing a promo or something.
  13. We love this stuff, but this is 1 of those we would never choose to try and make somebody a fan lol! The 3 fat guys could barely stomp and then Lawler comes in and falls off the stage, for which the guy he missed punching bladed lol ooooouuuuuf!!!!!!
  14. One of the best storyline driven matches ever, and they only built it for 30 minutes. This is better than some matches that were built up for a year. Best Ted Dibiase match? Best Ric Flair match in a regional promotion? I remember it not being ranked as the best Mid South match here but it was in the top 10 I think.
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