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  1. I just remembered...they were going to do some kind of not-black-or-white gangster feud with Samu and Konan. WCW hadn’t wussed out entirely by 1997 but by then trying to fit a gangster feud into their TV friendly product would have been tough lol!
  2. I thought it was 1997 SST vs Stars and Stripes. I didn’t look it up before posting or anything but I was sure that was it.
  3. I wish they would have given the SST another shot. They wrestled a dark match against Stars and Stripes in 1997. Heck them too lol fun times imagine Benoit and Malenko mowing over them on Nitro. And The Steiners to the SST just for the belly to belly suplexes. The Steiners belly to bellying giant fat men is the greatest visual in wrestling imo. A face turn or a tweener 1 off like the Faces of Fear had against The Outsiders would have been cool too.
  4. This, but I’ll say this much, that it was typical WWF fare that somehow just became acceptable because it was the WWF. Kind of like unclean finishes to end every good match WCW ever had (exaggerating...but not by much).
  5. I might have posted this before but this blew my mind when I first heard about it. This particular video is loaded with Jim Cornette fluff dialogue but he gets to the point. I think the video I posted before was a different one but this is the story anyway. I remember hearing stories about Meltzer calling the WCW Saturday Night match the greatest angle in years. I mean it was ok...greatest no way. Then I heard about what was really happening years later through Jim in 1 of his shoots. Not knowing it was soon to be axed, and that they weren’t going to get as violent as planned in the meantime, I would say Meltzer was right. That would have been an amazing story!
  6. Those guy came along a little to late. They could have been giant in the 80s. Then vs The Steiners is a dream match of mine.
  7. I guess this isn’t the Snapchat or Instagram crowd really but surely everybody has seen those things on there where you can give yourself dog ears or coon eyes or whatever. Well 1 of them is this lovely silver mask with the eyes cut out believe it or not.
  8. Who remembers Paul Heyman name dropping Thunder and Lightning in that unintentionally hilarious shoot style interview he did in (gasp) 1995 I think? The NWO Sting worked regularly from the time he debuted. NWO Japan was a huge thing over there and he was 1 of the big names. He had a good run in WCW for several weeks too, and was 1 of those guys who could be plugged in any time afterwards. I always thought Sting vs The NWO Sting would have been the closest thing to Sting vs The Undertaker had they done it right. Unfortunately that eliminates most ideas when applied to WCW. Pittman vs Cobra was gold cartoon era stuff. Unfortunately it came along to late. Pittman coming out dressed as black Rambo that 1 night looked legit scary I’ll dang sure give him that. EDIT: does anybody have a link to that time he came out dressed as Rambo? Or remember who Cobra was wrestling so that I could look it up? It might have been Cobra’s last match as I don’t remember anything happening again until Pittman started looking for managers. Cobra was wrestling and after the match Pittman appeared with a gun and a bullet bandolier, war paint, and just the whole get up. The announcers plugged that their feud obviously wasn’t over and they faded out from Pittman looking like a monster.
  9. How about that Superman (the first ever show in black and white with Richard Reeves) episode where Superman busts up a crooked rasslin show complete with insider references? That show was also infamous for another reason that I can’t remember but I know I read it. I want to say several famous wrestlers had cameos and that it’s all that’s left of them on tape. Then that Love Boat one with Hogan I can’t believe him and Vince were down with that. And David Schultz lol
  10. I’m not sure but anything is possible on this subject for sure. Sabu as Magnum lol wow!
  11. I liked the hot take idea above. Here are 10 of mine. 10 guys who weren’t always perfect, but always a pleasant surprise whenever they popped up. It stills applies when they appear every now and then on DVD or something. Raven The Headhunters }any of SST/New Wild Samoans } them Tracy Smothers Steve Strong Cactus Jack Abdullah the Butcher (forgetting his pathetic, controversial recent times) Kamala The Angel of Death David Schultz Wow when you try to do a list of dark horses it ends up heavy on the sports entertainment/gimmicky/crazy end. Doing straight working like this is hard because did, say, Tommy Rodgers have that fewer many good matches than, say, Chris Benoit? No...they’re just not all a click away.
  12. I don’t agree had the Giant been made a real heel, big man champion. Proof is actually in the NWO storyline as Luger’s win over him was it’s pinnacle. It was impossible with Hogan running things sure but that wasn’t the point. Meanwhile the NWO storyline, as great as it was, amounted to crap on payday. The NWO storyline was like going on the trip of a lifetime then crashing into an iceberg and dying. I’d have rather just not went lol!
  13. I don’t know who the best are or whatever but here are the 10 I like watching the most. Sting Chris Benoit Scott Steiner Ric Flair Bret Hart Ricky Morton Shawn Michaels Hayabusa RVD Muta And this changes often for no reason
  14. What if The Giant would have beat Hogan clean at Halloween Havoc? That’s like asking what if water wasn’t wet I know but the answer to that would have been...whatever WCW would have wanted. They would have had out of the giant man gimmick what everybody before tried to get out of it - a truly unbeatable Giant. He could have been champion for years and whoever beat him could have been the next Hogan.
  15. I recently stumbled across a Sid promo from his final days in WCW and he said his I Will Rule The World catchphrase that became famous in the WWF. I didn’t know it officially debuted in WCW! He was fun I don’t care what anybody says.
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