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  1. Man that’s a goodun! That promo could have been plugged in any time Arn Anderson was scheduled to do an interview for the rest of his life. It was his life as a Horsemen in a nutshell. And what a cool shirt. I wonder if there are any left anywhere.
  2. Next question how were so many Post Disco, P-Funk etc songs perfect for southern rasslin lol
  3. I don’t claim to remember this but I think I remember this music from somewhere. Any info on it would be appreciated. Literally any...name, production company, where else you heard it etc as I think this might be from another weekly wrestling show that I used to watch but can’t figure out the name of. It’s been 1 of the things I’ve been trying to figure out the most since growing up and trying to piece together these good memories.
  4. That. Was. Awesome. That was some of the last good Saturday night wrestling we ever saw. Good main event, good for TV but nothing wasted that should have been on ppv or whatever. Had a TV sized storyline to it and everything. Then they found a way to use the match to promote the ppv without sacrificing the match (something they were bad about doing later on). That was WW3 Sting came back right? I’d say that show delivered.
  5. On a different but related note about live action, the gig I worked last night was Styx singer Dennis DeYoung and considering his age and the nature of this show I wasn’t expecting much. It was moved to the nightclub because the park got rained out. Wrong again! He f****** rocked!!!!!! It sounded just like the old band, funny keyboard sounds and all. And he made a bunch of funny jokes in between songs
  6. I recently learned about the Clash of Champions opening riff being used for some video game in the 2000s. YouTube was still burning up with comments from angry fans who want it on a Clash DVD set. The Clashes used the main melody as the theme and it was perfect. Gave me goosebumps when I heard it years later. Perfect music for a rasslin show. So anyway in the meantime people were obsessed with all these themes for years and it turns out they were somewhere in perfect quality for pennies while we were ripping them from VHSs lol!
  7. The Blue Meanie thing holy crap I forgot that was on this show. Spawned 1 of the greatest shoots ever if nothing else (Smothers). It’s on my list of things to watch. I was lucky enough to see Awesome/Tanaka TNN match live at ringside. Mike Awesome’s finisher on a another giant was probably the coolest single thing I ever seen live. That was a hell of a show, and by main event time (this match) I thought O I’ve seen this before, it’ll be good but we might ought to go home and beat the mob. Wrong...they killed it on a show that had a Balls Mahoney match with fire, tacs, and the biggest chairsshot ever. Super Crazy almost killed himself on a table leg, Dusty Rhode’s return to Tallahassee, and a ton of other good matches.
  8. I recently listened to this and that was 1 of the few times Cornette didn’t make alot of sense lol! So we’ll probably never know the answer to this one.
  9. I’m looking for another theme out of this mold. It was an 80s sounding guitar driven theme that somehow got played all over the place in the 90s, not just WCW. The only thing I can name it being used for though was Mike Awesome’s first WCW theme. It was WCWSN jobber music before then and promo music a time or 2, and I heard it here and there out in the world. I’m positive it was Mike’s first WCW theme for a few weeks.
  10. I haven’t seen ECW ONS. I am aware that there are many fans of the show. Heat was off the charts for the whole thing. In spite of the forgettable matches, it basically delivered through the no BS promos alone the way I hear it. Did Eddie and Chris even wrestle in ECW? Dean would have been everybody’s pick for an Eddie match. Chris’s match might have a few wildcard picks but I would think everybody would have wanted Al Snow. If I were to make a dream WCW card that would be where Eddie and Chris happened. Those guys were WCW TV. They had more dang good WCW TV matches than Ric Flair had good headlining matches against Dusty, Barry and Ricky Morton combined lol! My favorite was the 1996 match with the armdrag sequence. Only Benoit could make an armdrag stiffer lol! And Eddie went through them like lightning.
  11. I liked how JR introduced/acknowledged Gary Capetta, just as serious and legit as he did a wrestler he believed in - The World’s Most DAAYNGEROUS Announcer Gary MICHAEL Capetta!
  12. I obviously understand Malenko but I always thought that had everybody else did business right that night, he would have to. You had Hogan up and quitting, Nash, and Raven. So Malenko said f*** it me to I’m ready to go home and see my youngun. None of those guys have ever admitted it but they were all in in WCW until that night.
  13. Yep lol Malenko wasn’t into it as his wife was in the hospital or something IIRC
  14. Luger was great. There definitely was something about that finger lol! I have a few positive minority opinions about the guy myself but I should probably quit while I’m ahead.
  15. Overshadowed by the single worst show, match and moment in wrestling history imo - Starrcade 97
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