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  1. Also as a personality during the Attitude Era, he was 1 of the guys who was never champion or even wrestling very much, who if you plucked away from the situation it would not have been the success that it was. One of the greats.
  2. Another thing that sounds dumb but is totally legit - it took 1 perfectly timed move to go from most hated to most loved dude in wrestling lol! Same for the other way around. And as for anybody who came along after the fact, like me during Ric Flair’s face run in 1989, well the bad stuff you heard about him just flat out never happened. Dammat. Lol!
  3. I ate a fresh pepper off of the bush 1 time, not knowing how hot they were. I just assumed they and everything they were in were processed to be hot similar to how many things are processed to be sweet. Wrong lol! That thing fired me up!
  4. That so incredibly, undeniably...awesome lol!I wonder if the bomb sauce is anything like the insanity sauce we used to have. I don’t know where this stuff came from or what but I was a youngun and some friends we know had it. A single dab on your tongue would give you cartoon heat in villain’s mouth effect. It was so hot that everybody in this small town I still live in still remembers that 1 bottle and still talks about it whenever we get together. I never tried it lol!
  5. Fritz was the same combination of washed up, in denial, paranoid, and just plain scared as Hogan was in WCW at the end. He’d come up with just anything to make something somebody else’s fault or something. A list of WCCW eff ups could be made that was as long and embarrassingly funny as that 1 made the rounds about WCW with the white tiger arriving on the circus truck that nobody knew anything about. It was Fritz’s empire of shit atleast. He could say he owned it and could do what he wanted unlike Hogan ultimately. Also Kerry Von Erich is in my top 10 list of best looking punches ever. He
  6. This was definitely it. Not sure about the counters on HBK because I didn’t watch WWF but it doesn’t sound right as he didn’t do to many counter moves against jobbers in old WCW.
  7. Was Hall who did the move in WCW/NWO Revenge by any chance? He did something like that but not what I’d call a chokeslam in all of his squash matches as The Diamond Studd, probably as Razor to but I never saw the WWF much. Fast forward to the unbelievably awesome match he had vs Luger at the 1st to last ever Clash and he did it again, that 1 time in WCW to Luger who obviously wasn’t light. That made the only time I ever saw him do it to anybody who wasn’t a tiny jobber. The announcers called it a chokeslam and noted that he’d never done one. As for WCW/NWO Revenge, I still say it’s
  8. I just discovered this...whoa https://youtu.be/SG50i1k_0Qc
  9. About heels doing certain moves this is so true all the way down to the molecular level. I remember watching Ric Flair vs Ric Rude from 1993 when Ric Flair did a springboard into a sunset flip and thinking how good Flair looked as a face and it was because he did that basic move that only faces do. Something about a guy flipping into the ring makes him like able, and when he does it while outsmarting a bad guy well it’s just fantastic.
  10. My second choice after Hogan probably. Remember after like a measly year he was going on all of those radio shows destroying the company he worked for? That booked him to be the greatest? And paid him alot of money to do it??? And his gripe was never that all he did was wrestle Jerry Flynn and Bobby Blaze. That streak wtf...who else wouldn’t have had a streak against those guys? I was never a fan from the start before I found out what a turd he was. They could have invested alot less in any number of guys young fans were desperate to see win and gotten bigger returns. “Goldberg” was the dumbes
  11. As for the nothing personal, channel changers because their actual work discussion that this morphed into, I could probably make a big list. Jeff Jarrett - just a boring, blond Johnny B Badd makeup wearing girly man. And his voice didn’t match his body wtf. And this was before TNA. Earnest Miller - kickjobber Nash - not for his whole career but definitely way before it was over in WCW Leroy Brown - what Vampiro
  12. Luger was really mad when he lost to Flair by countout, so I guess he was really glad that he beat Yoko by count out.
  13. I read the first page of this topic and I will read the rest after I post. I was shocked in a good way to see Hogan’s name come up so fast, and more than once. I was also mad to see everybody go straight to the R card and either not mention or gloss over everything else he’s done just to get to the R card. Now here we are at where I have stood with Hogan, my personal choice for this topic. Now first don’t get me wrong I have no use for a racist, and I have no hatred or judgement in any walk of life for anybody because of their race. What I meant by the above is how Hogan had done some hea
  14. Just a great guy like many have said. Really underrated wrestler to who missed some breaks during a time when that happened to certain guys. He’s 1 of those guys who everybody on Earth thought was good. He was from a small but untouchable class of guys like Brad and Steve Armstrong, Joey Maggs, and the Fultons. They were the glue that held the entire industry together at times. I saw where Bobby was also sick. I hope he’ll be ok. Does anybody have a link or something to 5MYN2SB Tracy Smothers? I’m behind on them myself and not many have been mentioned here.
  15. Jim Cornette just blocked me on Twitter lol! Should have known better than to explain to him that he’s ripping Republicans for 1 thing that Democrats do more of.
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