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  1. Jim Cornette said on a recent Podcast that Big Poppa Pump was 100% aware that he butchered promos, and that he just ran with it once it started. In other words, he would screw up accidentally, but then run with it and make it worse as if he was actually trying to damage control when he actually was not. I always wondered if Big Poppa Pump was just that crazy or just that genius. I still don’t really know. I just know what Jim said.
  2. Are we going back in time like we are now or like we were at the time? I’d go back in time to Florida with my father and we’d watch rasslin if I got to go like I am now. He got to watch the good stuff. Terry, Dusty, Army of Darkness, etc.
  3. I read some old negative reviews here about Monday Night War vol 2, pointing out the negative things we always point out. Revisionist history, bias before the point is even made, etc. But was that dvd set not even fun watching Eric Bischoff try to damage control and keep 20 year old lies straight?
  4. Lots of good points mentioned in this thread, perhaps all of them. I’ll add one more time when the US Champion just threw his hands up and reminded everybody he was first in line to get a shot at the World Champion. It all started in Luger’s GOAT interview ever that has been posted before if you remember. He was more just reminding everybody who was first in line at the time, then formally challenged Flair months later. We all know why that happened but I wonder what the actual plans were with Luger attempting to muck that all up even though he had the US belt. They probably didn’t know that all 3 of the other guys Sting, Funk, and Steamboat were fixing to be gone. So that would have been a bigger than usual World Title picture. Also RVD challenging Mike Awesome on TNN was the GOAT ECW moment ftw. It’s a shame it was all over days later. Yeah that happened and it was epic. But it was over so fast nobody remembers.
  5. A small but important part of why the cruiserweight division was such a hit was because everybody who showed up to wrestle a match was referred to as having showed up from somewhere else in the world, like another country kind of somewhere else, and that they did so to compete for this title. Then if they failed to compete seriously for it for a week or so they never came back. When every show started being the same cruiserweights, even though the action was still good, the mystique was lost because they were just wrestlers in WCW whether they were competing for the title or not, losing to heavyweight midcarders on Worldwide.
  6. This ECW was every bit as fun as the original. To say it was as good, or as innovative, or as wild as the original would be a joke but the fun part was there.
  7. Did any of these commercial promos ever actually work? I would say that’s one way not to cut a promo. There were probably some successful ones in the WWF that I never knew about but every one I ever seen should have just said this guy will be a jobber in a few months.
  8. I just came to pass along that my sister, who was a childhood fan who remembers the good times but pretty much hates wrestling because of how obsessed I was with it on through puberty and young adulthood, was pimping the Reelz docs big time to me today. She hasn’t sat down and watched anything wrestling since childhood and I’ve tried to show her some of the better WWE DVD releases, comps etc but she’s just plain left it all behind. Anyway she said she happened onto Reelz flipping channels and watched like 3 straight docs in a row and said they were amazing. My sister is somebody who isn’t easily reached like that, especially pertaining to childhood so they must be good.
  9. Billy Graham about to get him some from Kurt Von Hess’ daughter on FB now
  10. I just read most of the review of the Ric Flair roast and it sounded epic tbh. The ones I’ve previously checked out fell way flat. The sharpest mic skills rassler isn’t sharp enough to come up with some of the burns they do in a real live roast but they did so here. Also they probably agree beforehand to leave certain things out. That’s why a Hogan roast would suck, even though the material is there for the GOAT roast that I would pay $100 to watch right now.
  11. He’s also an obese, pale white, petrified red potato nose looking sewer rat. He’s got the look down. I liked the guy for a long time, especially when he took Eric Bischoff to task on certain things but I’ve had enough of him tbh.
  12. It was after so many years of the gimmick doing nothing but taking up space to. JJ Dillion, Bockwinkle, how about the mAtChMaKeR that was on every regional show back in the day. I don’t really know what my opinion on that actually is, just dumping it here lol!
  13. I’m a little late re-replying but points taken. I don’t doubt that it was really freaking bad, but real talk that hasn’t been a standard for an of us concerning our favorite wrestlers for years lol! As for the Grahams hey they can’t say NEVER DREW A DIME about Ric Flair lol! It’s sad that Flair is drinking hard liquor. I hate drinking more than smoking or drugs. But Flair is old man number 87,644 in my life that’s going to do it til he dies so it’s either live with it or not have him as person I like otherwise. Worded funny for the obvious reason...when talking about real live friends I have the line is something like live with it or lose a friend.
  14. I didn’t see it but I fell like I have through all of the FB posts that go from his biggest marks to Billy Graham. If Flair wants to get in the dang ring then I’m all for it. I hope he enjoyed it and I hope he made money. I’ve seen Vader wrestle against doctors orders just before he died, Giant Baba like mentioned, Fritz, Stu, Bullet Bob and many more. This really isn’t anything new IMO.
  15. This is GOAT level sports entertainment the way Vince and the old WWF intended it to be IMO. It’s so corny, yet so legit. And you can’t stop watching it.
  16. I asked what everybody thought about this recently in an old thread about Memphis or something and nobody answered. I’d never seen it until recently. I personally love it but I didn’t grow up with Memphis like many people did here, and I’m aware that the opinion is that the shoot killed it once and for all.
  17. I’m a lifelong WCW fan who watched it nonstop until late 1999, but still stayed on the dumb computer to much. So I thought I’d seen everything. This video has several things I’d never seen https://youtu.be/i3Rydw8Leas
  18. Have they said anything on WWE TV about Vince? I saw something about Brock getting emotional and leaving?
  19. I just heard. Like everything this huge...processing processing is all I have to say right now lol!
  20. William Shatner does the Jim Cornette can’t count to 4 on his fingers gag in the Medicare Healthcare Coverage commercial that comes on Me-TV. Those are some funny commercials lol! Comedy relief out of nowhere in otherwise serious commercials.
  21. Slappy Squirrel and Haystacks Calhoun name drops, among others nice.
  22. So what happened on CNN? I’lll look for it later obviously but I’m curious. And I won’t get to see Smackdown either.
  23. We’ve been through heavier stuff than this and the opening segment was always handled as well as possible under the circumstances, all of them considered IMO. Does that really change tonight?
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