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  1. The old standing ones? I know he still did the ones off the rope all the way until the end.
  2. When was the last old school Frankensteiner done by the man himself Scott Steiner? And when was the last old school Frankensteiner done that wasn’t a botch? I’ve seen 2 Steiners matches from 1996 recently where he did it but it was botched, although it wasn’t his fault. One was the GAB 96 match vs Norton and Ice Train that I think everybody remembers botching bad. The other was a surprise for a few reasons. It was vs Sting and Luger on Wolrdwide. He busted it out on Sting, Rey Mysterio Jr like. He was standing flat footed and just bam with no wind up and no jogging start by Sting so
  3. Freebirds and I hate it but the NWO for a year and a half. The Army of Darkness. And Sullivan’s Slaughterhouse ftw.
  4. He probably had to use the bathroom. See when you get older...
  5. Re WCW stuff Hogan had some moments in WCW before the NWO but he ultimately sucked. Add everything together and it was still pretty good. The cruiserweight matches, Savage, Sting, Pillman, Horsemen, and more. Some of it was resolved before BATB like Luger and Savage’s relationship (they made up when they were selected to represent WCW) and some of it was extended like the Sting and Luger tag team (they feuded with Hall and Nash). It wasn’t just dropped. That doesn’t mean there isn’t truth to the fact that it was better without Hogan. Look at the spring of 1999. He went down with the knee
  6. WCW was great...always. I mean dang we’re never not talking about it to this day. It’s a shame how it ended, and how as great as it was it never reached it’s potential most of the time. That’s what all the tweezer picked complaints we have about this match and that match and this decision and that decision boil down to.
  7. Most Nitros had anywhere from 9,000 to 15,400 employees in the building. There were enough dumbasses under the roof to die for WCW let alone fight and win tbh.
  8. I actually think WCW had the best bite on this. Obviously WCW was before social media the phenom but all that Yahoo, AOL, and dare I say the DVDVR was what blazed that trail. WCW would throw 1 hardball straight at the head of that snake every week then run the rest of their show as usual. Sometimes it hit and and sometimes it missed but it never made or broke anything.
  9. I said my hot take about Luger on page 1 and have since posted alot but only in response to stuff. Here’s 1 that will make you...well...I don’t know what it’ll make you think lol but here goes. WCW always had the ballsiest, most original, and best ideas. They also had the worst problem of abandoning them at the first sign of trouble or backlash. That was the difference between them and the WWF, never the original idea. Here’s a short list of things that they either did or considered, that went down as alltime Wrestlecrap, that could have went down as alltime great. The Ric Flair hear
  10. I think alot of people forget he had 2 short hair haircuts between his long hair and his last haircut in his 50s. The first haircut in 1991 was some toadstool looking nonsense. When it grew back and little that’s how he kept it and that was ok. They pulled it off for a long time, even with the TV title. Prince Iaukea vs Savage for the title was epic, not really for the match but for the heat. It didn’t get much hotter than that for the last 10 minutes of a Monday night at the time. This is the main reason I’m responding to this post. I just figured I’d respond to the rest of it
  11. He’d have joined them and it would have been a much bigger blow than him leaving as Hardcore Champion lol ugh
  12. Also 1 thing I left out about Dusty is that people rooted for him the way they rooted for SCSA. Sounds crazy now but it’s true. They had opposite looks but SCSA could have been the worst looking guy ever and people would have rooted for him because of his other qualities. Dusty is proof of that lol! The middle class working people loved SCSA and everything he did just like they did Dusty.
  13. I always thought a postprime Brett Favre sort of gimmick would have been great in wrestling. Obviously a Brett Favre gimmick could mean many things lol but in this case I mean something like you mentioned with Peyton. For the last 3 years of Favre’s career people thought he could die every time he got hit. And by 2010 it wasn’t just a meme. People really thought he was going to die lol! This was flirted with in Foley’s last days but they never ran with it.
  14. And what better way to do that than to book yourself to beat him lol! Then do the same to Luger and The Road Warriors. Maybe all 3 of those things combined should do the trick. No? Well then invent tournaments and name new titles and book yourself to win all of those. Those things all actually happened yes lol!
  15. He was what I’d call super great for a guy his size in Florida, and his face turn vs Pak Song was 1 of the all time great moments in rasslin. That led to 1 of the best feuds that ever was against Kevin Sullivan. It was very NWO in 1996 or SCSA in 1998 like, where everything going on somehow had a connection to that feud. That was the first time those people watching had ever seen something so advanced to go along with that good of wrestling and it really got inside of people. I’ve mentioned before that my old man always talked about it. I’ve watched all I could find of the stuff that was avail
  16. Re: Steve Austin stuff. I’m probably giving him to much credit and this is probably just a coincidence but his punches did suck, which is what made them great! He punched like a to drunk to fight redneck in a bar who was trying to act tough while also trying not to knock over his beer. Those short little punches with no shoulder thrown into them are just like a soused redneck who got mad about nothing and started swinging at nothing lol! The only inconsistency is that when the drunk redneck missed the first time in real life, even without putting his shoulder into it, it was enough to send him
  17. And he’s 1 of the nicest people who ever lived Now that is a hot take lol and I’m a huge Luger fan Now we’re burning lol
  18. Every HBK chop I’ve ever seen seemed Owen Hartish. Hear me out. He seemed like he was joking around while doing them, and occasionally doing all but exposing the entire business like Owen did even though he wasn’t being blatant lol! Then when the whooo chants started it’s a wonder Vince didn’t ban the move. I personally love chops but they really are dumb lol! Also the reason I refer to every chop “I’ve ever seen” is because I haven’t watched as many HBK matches as a lifelong NWA/WCW fan. One match I did see was the Hogan Summerslam match. Now that was blatant and that was AWESOME lol! I
  19. ROFL some good homemade YouTube stuff did come from TNA. The BPP math lesson is another example. There was so much crap that I guess it acted as fertilizer when the weather was right.
  20. Just to connect a few more dots on the TNA and WCW comparison is my intention here, but it could be taken as another entirely separate take. I’d mentioned that TNA was nothing but confusion and crap for 1 to a few hours a week, and that WCW only remains the clusterfuck champion because they were that for so many more hours a week. They were on TV every day for a long time counting the syndicated shows. In those additional hours you could find some good stuff and occasional greatness. In TNA the best I ever found was the occasional, unintentional entertaining train wreck. Everything e
  21. Yeah I agree. What I meant was that it was an even bigger mess than WCW, which people consider the very definition of a clusterfuck promotion. TNA squeezed as much confusion into 1 and 2 hours a week as WCW did 90 hours.
  22. TNA was a bigger mess than WCW ever was. It just didn’t have 90 hours of TV per week so it doesn’t seem like it.
  23. I agree that Jim Cornette and Vince Russo are working. Now, that’s not to suggest that there isn’t some truth to it. Michael Ps Hayes believed he was purely sexy, Ric Flair believed he was the man, and Jim Cornette believes Vince Russo is the devil. I second the love for that Super Crazy vs Tajiri match. Tajiri got a few more breaks than Super Crazy but that year long or so run that Super Crazy had was unreal at the time. He basically carried ECW through RVD’s injury and the temporary world title mess they had. That 3 way match with Tajiri and Lynn, on through through the TV title st
  24. And Eric has said that that was 1 of the coolest Sting moments lol! Eric is like Hogan minus the muscles really. Everything he says is something that justifies something dumb that he did a long time ago, and he’s careful not to expose some other lie in the process.
  25. I recently saw the Flair/Goldberg match from the main event of Nitro in 98 or 99. It was probably booked on the fly and what does Flair do but go yeah I can carry a dangerous, ungrateful sack of crap to a good main event match for the company that hates me but needs me to do this every week. That sequence where he took all those shoulder blocks then got up to do it again right after was stuff that many better workers probably couldn’t do. And how old was he by then? Jeeze.
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