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  1. Well then there must have been something wrong with her fun box! Nothing will change my mind lol!
  2. Bischoff’s wife must have been ugly. That’s the only way they weren’t all sleeping with her because he would have let them if it meant that he got to pretend to be their friend. Not even joking because see Bubba the Love Sponge! I mean what a c*ck. That’s the only thing Eric didn’t let them get away with, which had to be because they didn’t try it. I truly think that after learning everything that they pulled on him as he still tries to justify and rationalize all of it to this day.
  3. If that’s what happened to Konnan then I respect that but that would make 2 having a baby excuses. That’s why Dean mailed it in but at least he wrestled. Then Bischoff says now that he had to make Dean wrestle to draw the line on people not working the show. That implies that even he knew what was going on. And what a move...drawing the line on copout number 76,469. Inflamed pancreas, heart attack...I just dunno if I buy all of that happening at once over my feeling even though I can’t prove it.
  4. It seems like there were 20 people on that show who either had a last minute emergency so that they couldn’t wrestle or a last minute something else so that they couldn’t do business but still wrestle. I maintain that it was because they were sick about Hogan. Midcarders talking about how they never cared about WCW is as big a load as Eric saying not letting Sting win was best for business. He still says that nonsense. Anyway Hogan refusing to do business just plain killed their spirits. The only exception to that is Nash, but he probably would have went ahead and did business had Hogan done so because he wouldn’t have had the guts to be the first to try a fast one.
  5. I read this today - “Hulk Hogan sleeps without covers because he doesn’t want covers going over him.” That’s like a reverse Chuck Norris joke. We should make a list of 1000 of them for Hogan and archive it.
  6. That holding play against the Buccs where the he was pulling the guy’s head to far back that his helmet touched his back Cris goes I guuuueeeeesssss that’s a hooooolllld????? And this game is just plain not what Favre vs Rodgers was in 2009 or Young vs Montana in 1994. It wasn’t from the start and these 2 idiots are only sabotaging what it was worth.
  7. I’ve never posted in this folder and probably shouldn’t open this can of worms but I just had to come and vent to a group of people, wrestling fans, who know what good announcing is worth and how fatal bad announcing can be. This Pats/Buccs game is the worst announcing I’ve ever heard. I’d rather listen to the worst regional wrestling announcer, worst son of a promoter ever etc than this. We get it Cris Tom is missing throws by 8 feet because of the rain, the moderate rain that he’s selling like it was the rain from the 3-0 Buccs game vs the Chiefs in the 70s (Google it if you don’t know it heck of a story). Even when they’re actually calling the game instead of damage controlling for Brady they’re just terrible. They’re negative about everything but a good passing play. They would have called the Ice Bowl and said the Cowboys are struggling because of the snow. The Cowboys of course is to Al what Brady is to Cris.
  8. I couldn’t find it on YouTube and I know many forums don’t like linking to FB so if you want to see the greatest Hacksaw Jim Duggan promo ever, check out his latest FB post!
  9. 4 and 5 didn’t come along until the 90s IIRC. Might have even been direct to video. I passed because I hated watching the 80s embarrass itself in the 90s. There’s a new one with Bruce Willis that was panned, which usually means it’s great.
  10. Death Wish 3 is ridiculous I agree but somehow enjoyable. I haven’t seen the other sequels. The first 2 are great. MIA 1 and 2 are also great. The 3rd MIA is terrible and not even enjoyable in a ridiculous 80s movie way.
  11. Missing in Action and Death Wish were awesome
  12. I mean I was curious if anybody had the matches they had in the territories narrowed down. WCCW, Midsouth, etc, excluding Crockett even though they had just as many good matches there. I know they had them every night in territories for periods of time and that they were all good. It seems like every time 1 pops up on WWE DVD or something it’s some kind of gimmicky blowoff match that wasn’t as good as their others. The matches in just Crockett seem to be narrowed down pretty good though.
  13. Is there a comp of the 5 or 10 best Midnight Express vs Rock n Roll Express matches that happened regional territories? Or has Jim maybe ever answered that question on a Podcast?
  14. Agreed like it or not, but Lawler during a promo is annoying. He’s like an idiot who makes you sit down and watch a movie that he’s already seen and he doesn’t let you just watch it because he’s telling you what just happened or what’s about to happen.
  15. This is a good one from many different angles. The inside references, the basic plugs, the intensity yet the same Jake the Snake type quality that keeps it from being just another screaming promo...but I think my favorite part was how he ripped 1 guy for being old and wrinkled, then just so naturally and swiftly ripped the next guy for being to young and pretty. Terry was a FUNK and the FUNKS are are the perfect age lol!
  16. 5:42 This promo was on YouTube by itself for a long time with a million likes and comments but it disappeared. It’s hardly “how to cut a promo” by the book and it really has more in common with the first Iron Sheik freak out than an actual promo, but it does have the basic elements of a good promo. Mix everything else here together and it’s great.
  17. A ton of alltime great ECW stuff hasn’t even been mentioned! It kind of turned into a forgotten gems thread besides the listmanias in the first 2 posts and it delivered in that regard. So add that with everything ECW was known for and you see how great it was.
  18. I posted that bottom one in the promos thread recently I think. The 1 I was looking for is even funnier! It was The Sinister Minister hitting on Jasmine St Claire then The Blue Meanie enters and takes whatever double entrendre Minister was using to mean he wanted a 3 way and Minister’s reaction was like something out of a cartoon. He went from evil bad intentions to YIIIIIIPE! And almost shit himself lol! There was also the 1 where Francine was eating a giant sub that was similarly funny. Then Missy Hyatt’s return and “reunion” with Jack Victory. Might have all been the same skit somehow? But I think it was 2 separate skits/promos.
  19. I was in no way putting over the Road Warriors beyond that 1 match don’t worry. They were Road Warriors alright. They hit the road every time they had to do business. And if they had to take the road back and forth between continents they would do that. Just ask the Steiners.
  20. Has it been mentioned that the Road Warriors lost clean to the Midnight Express when they finished up in Memphis? So Bobby Eaton got to beat Arn for a belt that was his as much as the World Title was Flair’s, and Flair in the first fall on the 2/3 falls match, within a month. Beat the ROAD WARRIORS and could have beat Goldberg if you believe that ghost story. Might as well count it ftw.
  21. Good *gosh not good fish wtf. There are so many HOW CAN YOU TALK ABOUT ECW WITHOUT MENTIONING _________! possibilities because...well...how can you lol! There was just so much good stuff and it all mattered. It all contributed to the show. The Three Way Dance is my pick. Some of those matches don’t hold up to what they were but they’re still really good, and it doesn’t even have to be explained that they were amazing at the time for all the hooks and turns they took storylinewise. 1 that I also still like and can watch any time is the Super Crazy vs Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Jerry Lynn match. That can’t be left out either. That match was plugged and highlighted for all of ECW’s existence like Jerry Lynn vs RVD from HH 99 and some others.
  22. I remember some interview Mikey did between ECW and WCW and his answer to every question was “[rabble rabble rabble] like in WCW even though it sucked there.” He was trying so hard to remind everybody he was in WCW while also trying to make cool 90s passive aggressive digs at WCW. He seems kinda like Raven but anyway he was great in ECW, a perfect example of a fresh guy who was rough around the edges, who Paul could make look great. I don’t think Shane Douglas vs Pitbull 2 was a terrible match really. Calling it the worst match in history kind of became 1 of those things people repeated on the internet to sound smart. If you don’t like the match that’s 1 thing but people who discovered the internet all posted this within a week on the first forum they ever found: “Man Luger ran like a bitch from Brody. Man Brain Pillman carried Luger. Man Tom Zenk sucked. Man Shane/Pitbull is the worst match ever.” I thought it was a pretty normal Shane Douglas match, and his working the crowd and heeling it up was over and usually made up for the lack of moonsaults and crisp chain wrestling in his matches. Maybe people were expecting a little to much on the first ever ppv, and considering what they’d already seen on that show good fish there was just no way. So it ended up being the worst match on the show. I still thought it was ok. And I like Francine’s cleavage lol! Skinny minnies are usually my thing but she made it work.
  23. My favorite guys to talk about for no reason, when I’m just in the mood to talk about rasslin for no reason, are guys like Bobby, Tracey Smothers, the Armstrongs, etc. Those of course are those rare guys who would go anywhere on any card at any time like we have discussed before. I listened to the show today and obviously we had a reason to talk about Bobby Eaton today but I could have listen to that any day. Same goes for the Tracey Smothers show he did when he passed. I like how Jim Cornette still laughed about Bobby’s weak stomach. You could tell those guys were never not picking on each other, yet never not ready to beat anybody else’s ass who messed with 1 of them. I have that same weak stomach btw lol!
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