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  1. KC LB Willie Gay was arrested yesterday for a misdemeanor destruction of property charge. He got into an argument with his girlfriend and broke a vacuum cleaner apparently.
  2. Bruce Arians has been fined $50,000 for slapping Andrew Adams on the helmet last week. He said he would appeal.
  3. Bisaccia is interviewing with Mark Davis today about keeping the HC job in Vegas (it's expected that he will be shown the door). Also, Baker Mayfield underwent successful shoulder surgery and he should be ready for Spring camp.
  4. What's funnier to me is that everyone missed Natural posting this news on Monday. It's right there on the top of this page!
  5. Kiper's first mock is up (behind a paywall). Spoilered for size:
  6. He's going to announce he's entering the Royal Rumble.
  7. I thought they were chanting "Ivy" for a minute. It's good they weren't though, Marcel Barthel doesn't deserve to die.
  8. Well, of course, the Aussie Open coverage would begin with John McEnroe praising Djokovic for "going to any length necessary" to defend his crown and break the majors record. You know, except for...
  9. Oh goodie, one less thing to do on Super Bowl Sunday...
  10. THE CUPHEAD SHOW Premieres on Netflix, February 18.
  11. I mean, would you want to deal with Kyrie's insanity for 10 months out of the year? We probably only see 3% of the insane shit that he says/does.
  12. 1) Roman Polanski says "Hi." 2) The Avengers made over $1.5 Billion. What do you think.
  13. I'll probably watch, but I am disappointed they didn't use a cover of Van Morrison's "Moondance" in the trailer.
  14. We've secretly replaced the New England Patriots with the Washington Generals, let's see if anyone notices
  15. The Chicago Bears just interviewed Jeff Ireland for the GM job.
  16. Aaliyah also makes her singles debut tonight, facing Nattie
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