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  1. This is related to live music more than anything.
  2. Oh my god I'm gonna hate this so much, I cannot fucking wait.
  3. Or, on the flip side, imagine hating your life at home enough to be like.... Nah, I'd rather go get paralyzed in front of 65,000 drunk idiots rather than deal with this.
  4. Speaking of Fromm, the Dolphins worked him, Ben DiNucci, and Reid Sinnett out. (I'm assuming Tyler Thigpen's phone was disconnected.) They chose Sinnett. He'll be on the practice squad as pre-season terror Skylar Thompson is now the backup.
  5. Here comes the money.... Here comes the money...
  6. Watch Abbott Elementary it's so good.
  7. Last concert I saw before the pandemic (aside from some random hair band at the Viper Room), was Depeche Mode. Well, they just announced a 2023 Tour in support of an unreleased album (coming next March):
  8. The coal miner's daughter, Loretta Lynn, has died. She was 90.
  9. I'm much more concerned about the words "Mexican Week on [Great British] Bake Off" than I am by Twitter's choices. (The correct answer is burritos btw)
  10. White Rabbit site this week has coordinates in Philadelphia. Where Extreme Rules is gonna be.
  11. Marlins beat the Braves 4-0, so Atlanta's magic number is still 1. Amazin' is really the optimal word here.
  12. sigh... and next time that could be a tear gas cannister. Or worse.
  13. I'm an episode behind but, this tweet roughly summarizes my feelings so far.
  14. For what it's worth, all MRI's and X-Rays and other tests that have been done on Tagovailoa himself have all been okay. So it just looks like he's dealing with a concussion alone. I'm gonna guess he'll get tossed onto the IR today or tomorrow. But he's almost certainly not playing this week vs. the Jets.
  15. Inter Miami has announced that Higuain will retire at the end of the '22 season.
  16. Hey there's a PLE this Saturday! TONIGHT! Bianca/Bayley contract signing AJ & Rey vs. The Judgment Day Candice LaRae vs. Dakota Kai Daniel Cormier gets added to the Fight Pit!*** *** (As a referee!)
  17. ESPN has added Alex Rodriguez and Michael Kay to their postseason announce crews. Whatever the opposite ~! is probably the appropriate reaction.
  18. For the record, the Marlins' job is also 72 hours from being open as well.
  19. New BP2 trailer, so the thread begins: Wakanda Forever talk in that thread please.
  20. Let's get this it's own thread as well, since it's a couple of weeks away.
  21. Yeah, that trailer looks fantastic. Also, it's time for this to be it's own thread, since I'm sure the next month is going to be filled with tons of news and stuff. SPOILERS TAG UNTIL 11/11 Y'ALL.
  22. I honestly wondered how this was even possible but it is couched by "Division". Looking at Baseball Reference, I'm legitimately shocked that the Red Sox, who I always grew up with as loveable cursed losers, actually were, since the dawn of the division format, mainly mediocre during nearly the first 50 years of play. You only have two last place finishes before the 2010s and only 1 hundred loss season since the 60's. (Actually looking at those 1960's records... yikes, poor Yaz.)
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