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  1. DAY 127 John Cena, movie star, is back inexplicably once again as a babyface. But mostly because he said he will not wrestle at this year's WrestleMania. I still think he has one last heel Hollywood star run in him like Rock in 2003, but he has absolutely earned his right to do whatever he wants. As someone on the board pointed out, there is no one on the current roster who is even remotely in the mainstream zeitgeist, especially with John Cena being gone. But anyway, Cena's saying "I'm not wrestling" is Vince's way of him laying out a challenge. Well, Bray Wyatt and his n
  2. Oh boy. This has all kinds of potential (to go wrong)...
  3. Gronk wins the 24/7 Title after diving onto everyone on the roster without a match. Notably, Gronk really, REALLY didn't want to do the spot until Vince did it himself in rehearsals. As Rippa said at the time, I can't imagine why he wouldn't want to do a spot he's never been trained how to do. -- When I saw Bayley for the first time, I remember thinking, "She's connecting with the crowd and all, but not that impressive after that." It's really, really amazing how much better she's gotten over the years. Her heel turn in 2019 has made some inspired work from her. She works as an a
  4. The official runtime of the Snyder Cut of Justice League: 4 hours, 1 minute. Mamma mia...
  5. Look, there hasn't been a good god damned Superman movie in 40 years. I don't care if there are lens flares or whatever, I just want a good Superman story on the screen. Start with A Superman For All Seasons or For the Superman Who Has Everything and go from there.
  6. DAY 126 Alright, after "the greatest match in pro wrestling history", and boy are those quotes doing a lot of heavy lifting there, we need a filler match to bring the crowd back up. Well, we now have 4 guys making their WrestleMania debuts. Andrade "Cien" Almas had proven himself more than capable in NXT, briefly holding the NXT Championship. He would go through the Vince McMahon patented "I can't pronounce that shit" machine, so he just became Andrade. He was originally slated to defend his US Championship at this point against Rey Mysterio, who may or may not have had COVID, I d
  7. US Gymnastics coach John Geddert has committed suicide after being charged with 20 counts including human trafficking and sexual assault.
  8. So Deshaun clearly got his ERCOT bill:
  9. Bam also isn't an all star. It's okay. The South remembers.
  10. New Kiper mock (with trades!): See if you can spot where he gets bored with his own concept!
  11. When Edge returned at the Royal Rumble in 2020, people (outside of those of us plugged into the Wrestling Bubble) genuinely freaked out. Dude's neck was supposedly a column of ash and he was never, ever supposed to take a bump ever again. (This explained his sudden retirement with the title after a win at WrestleMania 27.) But, he found a new surgeon and his neck fully healed, so... Well, the cynic in me says, he needed more money and/or he has a death wish that will see him carried out of the ring and end up like his hero, Dynamite Kid. The optimist in me says he had more to give in
  12. I liked it better when you were asleep by 9. Also, I think Tennessee is due for a big fall as it's year 3 of the Derrick Express and that's usually when a RB has a major fall. But all those things you say make sense.
  13. This afternoon John Clayton said the JJ Watt sweepstakes was down to Green Bay, Tennessee (??), and Buffalo. With Las Vegas being a distant 4th. Because of course he was wrong.
  14. I know it can never, ever happen, but they really should make "Game 17" be a Flex week determined by your team's performance in the current season. So AFC East #1 team plays AFC Central #1 team, 2 plays 2, and so on, rotating divisions as the years roll on. Home team gets decided by record (and playoff tiebreakers). That would be awesome and guarantee quality matches for TV. Plus you get fun stuff like the Jags and Jets both actively avoiding winning a game.
  15. DAY 125 Bayley and Sasha are interviewed about the upcoming SmackDown Women's title match. Bayley seems confident. Sasha seems to be cool with Bayley winning. I've always said this storyline - even though they are both heels at this point - needed to have one or both of them whipping Corey Graves' ass, literally. For years both of them had been enduring Corey's taunts about how they were bound to turn on each other because... hmm... I believe the notes say "bitches be crazy." But them never turning on each other until they actually had a good reason to (losing the Women's Tag Titles), d
  16. Bobby Lashley should never ever be a babyface. The dude is a gigantic freak of muscle and raw aggression and he excels at making people look and feel small. He does lack a little something every now and again when it comes to promos, but so long as he's a heel, it's usually a very safe bet that he'll make you tons of money. However... He's paired up with Lana who's in kayfabe has divorced the babyface Rusev and joined with Lashley. Even though Bobby won their feud, Lana has been costing him matches left and right. She also got him into a match with Aleister Black, which was a proble
  17. Whichever moron is KFCBarstool is tweeting the Woods accident is a hoax.
  18. Manuel Soto (Charm City Kings) has been given the directing reins of Blue Beetle. It's billed as the first Latinx superhero, so I'm going to guess it's Jaime and not Ted.
  19. The release is official. Suitors are LAL, Brooklyn, Miami, Tampa, and pretty much anyone with a winning record.
  20. And to be totally fair, we have zero context aside from what we've seen. Walking away may not have been an option. But the little guys were clearly being provoked (in the video).
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