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  1. Rhea is dealing with a concussion she gave herself on this spot last week.
  2. Wiki says 8 episodes: June 26-August 14
  3. Well, of course Miami would be interested. Jimmy needs a second gun and ON PAPER Kyrie is a terrifying scorer and defender. And most importantly, Jimmy and Kyrie are good friends. HOWEVER... the Heat are an extremely well-run, disciplined unit. Riley & Spoelstra's word is law and no one challenges it. They were one of the first teams to be fully vaccinated. They run extremely rigorous, grueling practices and you don't get to opt out. Any hint of subversion is met with a visit to the end of the bench, where Haslem sits and talks to you like you're in Scared Straight. ON THE OTHER HAND... Kyrie is a generational talent. The Cavs probably don't win that ring without him. He's arguably a top 10 player in the league, who, by the most nefarious means possible, is definitely the most well-rested going into '22-'23. Oh, and yeah, he's batshit insane. So... here's the rub. Supposedly, from what I've read, the asking price for Irving is.... Herro and Lowry. And knowing ALL THAT above.... if it's just Kyle and Tyler... jfc. You really need to think that over.
  4. Not a surprise, but Brunette is apparently out as Panthers HC. They're in the process of hiring.... (no wait that can't be right)... Paul Maurice. Ugh.
  5. @Mark is clearly a member of GI Joe and thus hates @Cobra Commander
  6. Tell me he has no gay friends, without telling me he has no gay friends. JFC Auston, you're a public figure, know your god damned angles. Otherwise you look like ... well, that.
  7. From what I remember, his side had been trying to settle, but the attorney for the victims loudly said they wouldn't settle under any circumstances. So now, however much longer later, they probably up the offer now, decide they've excised their pound of flesh and this is no longer worth the hassle. Everyone leaves satisfied, but dissatisfied. That'd be my hunch.
  8. Lea Seydoux has been cast as Lady Margot in Dune: Part Two. It's nice she's in like, everything nowadays.
  9. Salguero is always great for those insane takes. jfc. Looking at this now, my cynical/conspiratorial mind says the NFL has told him what the punishment is going to be if he does or does not get rid of these cases, and his legal team is acting with extreme haste. I'm gonna guess the NFL Wheel o' Justice says 8 games, the arbitrator says 4. And we get a big "WELCOME BACK DESHAUN" puff piece in time for Cleveland to take on the Chargers. (Should be noted too, that the Brownies are quite potentially 4-0 at that point, regardless of who's QB.)
  10. Rhea was 'not medically cleared' to compete at MitB. Which is probably code for 'we wanted to do the switch in front of a bigger crowd.'
  11. Did what's up of season 4 this week. It's better than I thought it would be. Couple of things though... would, even in CompSci circles, what we know now as 'the internet' have been called 'the internet' in early 1986? And as soon as they said 001 was missing, I put 2 and 2 together. Was expecting someone among the principles to bite it, but looks like not. And even in the ~4 hours or so they have left, they have a LOT of loose ends to wrap up. Because this has been like watching three or four different series at the same time, just flipping the channel back and forth between them. Also, Sudden Badass Murray is just not working for me. I've been thinking he's clearly punching above his weight, but him suddenly being a martial arts master who's fluent in Russian (with no American accent!), is just a bit too far a stretch. Anyway, it's been good, just don't see where they're going with this. And I'm not going to be thrilled because I'm pretty sure it's just a cliffhanger ending for season 5 when it's 18 months later and suddenly the 'kids' from Hawkins are in their 20s.
  12. PJ Tucker opted out of Miami. May re-sign, but will definitely command more than the 7.4m he was making last year.
  13. In a move that's going to have really far reaching ripple effects, I'm afraid.... FINA, the international swimming board, has banned any trans-identifying female athlete from competition in their preferred gender identity, if they did not begin transitioning with hormone therapy before they entered puberty. So far, this will only affect non-Olympic international swim meets, but could be used as justification for banning trans-identifying athletes throughout the world of international sports. ... I just get the horrible, sinking feeling that 20-30 years from now, the vast majority people are going to look back on this decision with the same horror and revulsion that people have when they said unfathomably stupid things like black people are better athletes because of the extra bone in their ankle, etc. etc.
  14. They said "The University of Nebraska", and as far as I heard, never Lincoln. So take that for whatever it's worth.
  15. Gerrit Cole took got 7 1/3 innings of no hit ball. Of course, Michael Kay jinxed it because he's Michael Kay. The Yankees are the first team to 50 wins.
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