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  1. Oh right... And whoever produced this segment needs to be flayed. Because the angle of the shot made TVE (ugh) look like they were 5'9" at best. If they're shorter, then shoot that shit from an angle that doesn't make them look teeny tiny next to their opponents.
  2. You know the fundamental thing he doesn't get about heel commentary, is that you need to believe what you're saying is right, even though everyone knows you're wrong. You have to be able to say that the reason Dana isn't going to win is because she's dumb, NOT that she sucks. You need to be able to build sympathy for the face, while getting people to hate the heel (THE ONE IN THE RING, not yourself). Corey is also *extremely* guilty of this. You're not Jesse Ventura, you're not Bobby Heenan, you're not Michael PS Hayes - because they fucking got it. Is Dana Brooke going to light the world on fire all of the sudden? No, probably not. But she's certainly not going to do it by having one of the commentators say she's fucking terrible and sapping the viewer of any reason to want to watch. This is so goddamned easy. My lord is this frustrating.
  3. Oh god, they're going to do something horrifically stupid like trading their next 5 1's for Kyler. Please, please, please....
  4. That was quite a fine episode of NXT. Velveteen-Buddy was a very nice TV title match. Dream is going to be fucking hyper over when he gets time on the main roster, it's going to be terrifying. Gargano with the NXT Title is just weird. As Jack said on 30 Rock, "It's like seeing a dog wearing clothes." I mean, I know this is the big culmination of his years long quest(TM, Titan Sports)... but it's just so odd seeing him as champ. Fun of him to push all of Cole's buttons at once by challenging Roddy instead of him. Shayna's such an evil bitch, it's terrific. She needs to never, ever be a face. Although, when she loses this time, it should be to move up. And I don't think that should happen before the post-SummerSlam timeframe. Frankly, I'm glad Lacey got called up instead of her, let Lacey get crushed by Becky and leave Shayna down on NXT as the "dish best served cold."
  5. The Yankees have stopped playing Kate Smith's 1939 version of "God Bless America" during the 7th Inning stretch because they found some heretofore unknown songs she made back in the 30's, that were - even by the standards back then - horrifically racist. https://deadspin.com/yankees-stop-playing-kate-smiths-god-bless-america-re-1834148314
  6. Hell, even New England got New York, New York back to back. But they at least get the G-men in Foxboro. What an odd, odd way to schedule.
  7. Also, assuming she stays, I'm calling Sasha winning the MitB match, and kabonging Becky (heel) or Lacey (face) later in the evening as their "apology." This will of course lead to so, so many of you being banned.
  8. Because Vince is a crazy person and an angle that has been planned for months can get scrapped in a second if he sees a cloud that annoys him?
  9. Oliver Luck was on SiriusXM yesterday and basically said the XFL wouldn't sign Colin Kaepernick because his asking price was probably too high. (Emphasis mine.) And lord, the fucking worminess of that answer.... it sounds like they all sat around a conference table and asked how they could say no to a guy who would be a god in their league and not make it seem... well, you know.
  10. Overnight, a judge has enjoined the release of the video. So, at least one person is still sane down there.
  11. It is quite some bullshit that the Dolphins have to go TO New York in back to back weeks, and in December. However, hopefully I'll get to go to one of those two losses as they sandwich my birthday. #silverlinings
  12. The Bell Centre gave KO and Sami a nice little gift
  13. Sounds like he took a look at tonight's script and so did his.
  14. Teaser for THE LOUDEST VOICE Showtime mini-series bio on Roger Ailes. Starring Russel Crowe, Naomi Watts, Sienna Miller, and Seth McFarlane Premieres 6/30
  15. The Giants are so bad at bluffing.
  16. Paris is Burning has been restored and remastered and will be getting a theatrical re-release in June as part of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. (Warning, the volume is LOUD.)
  17. And until we find out what happens tonight, I'm still thinking Gargano's call up has been retconned and he'll come up later this year.
  18. To be fair, this crowd was reacting to a heel using CM Punk's exact catchphrase. So this one is kind of on WWE. That "What" chant during Andrade's Spanish language promo, however... that's the definition of pathetic.
  19. So long as when they put Andrade and Rey in a team together, their name is Peloton. LICENSE TO PRINT MONEY!
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