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  1. Plus both Xia and Viper were claimed by factions in Stardom’s recent draft. So they will definitely be around. I agree on Madison Eagles and Cheerleader Melissa. Either or both would be great. Too bad Ivelisse has burned so many bridges. I would like to see her in too.
  2. Yea even when they were at their worst, The Knockouts have remained a selling point, despite a stumble here or there.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. Sounds like they’re all solo.
  4. I agree that Toni and Jinny have had some better matches against one another. This one was decent enough but they were definitely holding back. Great debut from Piper. The women’s division is stacked.
  5. Yea it’s a fucked up business with strange rules of etiquette and all sorts of backstage shenanigans so I’m not surprised that it fucks up people’s minds. The cool thing is that there are career options available to wrestlers now that they didn’t have just a few years ago. So, good luck to Sasha. Whether she stays with the WWE or ventures off, she’ll shine.
  6. I know that Mickie has been referenced as a locker room leader during this era.
  7. She did make some very good points that went over the heads of many. I keep thinking WWE is going to be petty and put her and Jimmy on different brands though. Because this company.... I enjoyed Lacey Evans in NXT but there was nothing about her last months there that screamed “ready for the main roster” but I’m willing to give her a chance though. We’ll see how well this project goes. I’m here for the IIconics challenging more “undefeated” teams.
  8. My favorite moment of the night had to be the win for the IIconics. I’ve been a fan of Billie’s since her days in the Indies so it’s cool to see them finally get this moment to shine. Plus, it was probably one of the most unexpected outcomes of the night.
  9. I enjoyed Shimmer and Stardom’s shows. Stardom was worth it for Momo/Utami alone. While Shimmer had a good tag title match and Britt/Tessa.
  10. As soon as I heard “and is for the Smackdown Women’s Championship”, I said “oh fuck” lol because I knew what was coming. Nice match though. And i guess they’re going to throw everything and the kitchen sink in this Mania main event.
  11. It was great seeing Beth stand tall and get those “You’ve Still Got It” chants. I have a soft spot for those women from the Diva Era, who were thanklessly trying to spin sugar from shit with the 3-6 minutes they were given each week, only to be told they were meaningless when this “Evolution” rolled around. I don’t mind Nia and Tamina’s involvement in this either as I’m probably one of the few people that still sees promise in the team. And I agree that Sasha and Nattie looked good out there. The Riott Squad have been neutered beyond ridiculousness now. Why would anyone still consider them a threat? They were better on Smackdown when they were terrorizing Naomi, Becky, and Charlotte. At least they could pick up a win or two then.
  12. The women’s tag was a bit of a mess last night but I think Sasha has delivered enough that she can be forgiven for an off night. I do agree that Bayley has certainly stepped it up again. I really started to notice during those tag matches when Sasha was injured. With the WWE’s policy of throwing everyone on the roster onto Mania, I wonder if this four way elimination for Asuka’s contender just ends up a fatal five way lol
  13. While the women’s tag match wasn’t all that good, I dug the post match and am here for the return of the Divas of Doom. This is probably leading to a triple threat or four way tag at Mania. Charlotte is such a great heel that it’s even more amazing that they wasted her for months as a face. I’m one of the few that doesn’t mind a triple threat at Mania. I’m sure it will be fantastic.
  14. And the majority of wrestling/MMA fans probably don’t care anyway. This whole shoot thing only makes sense if the three of them actually fight in a legit shoot. Otherwise, what’s the point of having Ronda ridicule worked matches only to have her engage in one at Mania? Are they selling the illusion that she’s going to go off script? Which, the ugliness of some of her personal views aside, is pretty unlikely considering she’s proven herself a professional and would have broken Becky’s arm at Raw already, if she were inclined to do so.
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