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  1. Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 2/15/18

    I remember liking Hania in Chikara and WSU but she hasn’t really done it for me on Impact. I wasn’t impressed with her match against Amber and didn’t really like this match against Rosemary either. Maybe it was just an off set of tapings?
  2. [NXT] Feb 14, 2018 TV SHOW

    I agree especially after the Takeover Match. Good to see Kairi return. She looked great against Shayna.
  3. Smackdown Is I Prefer Waffles! 02/13/18

    Logan/Charlotte felt kind of awkward but I still liked it better than Charlotte/Liv from last week. And Logan took that Natural Selection like a champ. Glad to see that they didn't forget Becky and Naomi or their issues with the Riott Squad this week.
  4. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    Yea this was the weakest of the matches so far. Happy that Lana got a win. She seemed genuinely excited, but the match itself was kind of a mess.
  5. WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    Very happy to see Ivory get inducted. I’ve been a fan of hers for a while and feel the women during that whole era don’t get enough props for spinning sugar from shit. Lita and Trish usually get the majority of the props but enough can’t be said about Ivory, Jaqueline, Victoria, Molly, etc and what they were all able to accomplish during the “puppies” and “Miss Kitty” era.

    This. That feud with Bliss really did Bayley’s character no favors especially with the kendo stick match. She’s never fully recovered from looking so weak and ineffectual.
  7. Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 2/1/18

    WSU (King and Queen Tournament, vs Britt Baker, vs Su Yung and Veda Scott) and SHINE (vs Shotzi Blackheart, Vs Priscilla Kelly)
  8. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    This had to be my favorite match in the series yet. I love Jimmy/Naomi and I never knew I wanted RoseGold to actually be a thing until this tournament. You could tell they were all just having a ball out there. I now want Naomi/Jimmy vs Rusev/Lana but no way do the former make it past Braun/Alexa
  9. Raw Is One More Time, Braun - 2/5/2018

    Yes, heels will do what heels will do but this is tricky ground for them and something I doubt their writers can pull off. I liked that we got to see development from pretty much all of the women last night. I could go for more of Sonya/Mickie. That felt like a fight last night lol
  10. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    Man, to think of all of the women who would have been more successful sooner, instead of floundering for years before finally latching onto something, if present day NXT were around then. Alicia...Tamina...Naomi...
  11. Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 2/1/18

    She's a good addition for as long as Impact can keep her.
  12. Elimination Chamber VIII - 2/25/2018

    Pretty cool to get a women's EC although I think they should have done this when they had the Smackdown 6. I'm thinking we'll get Bliss vs Nia vs Mickie vs Sasha vs Bayley vs Sonya.
  13. WWE Mixed Match Challenge

    This has turned out to be more fun than I expected and I think last night's match may be my favorite yet.
  14. Raw - The Bank's Closed - 1/29/2018

    That dive was legit (no pun intended) scary. I'm talking Lita levels of face planting lol Other than that, the match was pretty good, especially the later portions. Asuka was just kicking her ass. Now, I want Alexa to lose the title at Elimination Chamber and we get Sasha/Asuka II at Mania instead.