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  1. I enjoyed the Bracketology too. I'm super excited to finally see these matches.
  2. SummerSlam XXX

    Yea I enjoyed both women's matches too and felt the same on the conclusions. I was shocked to see Nattie win but, as much as I enjoyed Naomi as champ, it's cool that Nattie gets another moment. I was expecting Carmella to pull the swerve and cash in on Sasha though. lol
  3. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    I also enjoyed Ember/Asuka. Best Ember match yet and I felt like this finally moved her to the next level much like Becky's loss to Sasha at Unstoppable did her. When (if?) Asuka finally drops the title, it's gonna be epic.
  4. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    I enjoyed Defenders. It wasn't great but it was decent enough. The MVP was definitely Jessica. I enjoyed all of her scenes/interactions most and the show made me eager to see the second season of her show. I also dug all of the moments with the various supporting casts. And while I didn't mind Elektra in DD season 2, I did find the writing for her here all over the place.
  5. I liked this Sasha/Nia match too. Their latest matches have been a vast improvement over the first time they feuded months ago. I'm assuming Emma is headed to Smackdown? lol

    I enjoyed the Orphan Black finale. It took me a second to really get into this season but I was all in by the 3rd episode. I'm glad the show went this route with the ending as I think the characters more than deserved it.

    I love the backstage pieces too. Hell, I'd be down for a special episode of just those.
  8. Homophobic? Oh man, now I gotta scratch Jimmy's off of the list smh lol
  9. SDL is TULLY THE HORSE 8/8/17

    I liked what we got of Carmella/Naomi. When one of the women finally beat the Hell out of Ellsworth, it's gonna be awesome.
  10. Raw Is Bayley Booed in Bizarroland - 8/7/2017

    I liked what we got of the two qualifying matches although I'm not here for Sasha/Nia next week. Wish they had mixed it up and gone with a Sasha/Emma or Sasha/Mickie final. Poor Bayley.
  11. Naomi would count as "diva period" too
  12. SDL is PROTECT YA NECK. 8/1/17

    Fashion Peaks was the best skit yet. The Usos are killing it. If they're not careful, they're going to be faces lol I dug the women's tag. Great to see Naomi get some ring time again and her transition of the Code of Silence into the Feel The Glow was pretty neat.
  13. In my mind, it's because she saw Nia coming up behind Alexa and knew it would be a double team.

    Granted this is her work from a few years ago. I was actually at this show.
  15. Raw Is Emma's Dating Habits - 7/24/2017

    Between the shade on commentary and Nia's destruction, it's obvious that this was all retaliation for Emma's mouthing off on Twitter. I swear, this is one petty ass company lol I enjoyed Sasha/Bayley as well but was bummed at the result. But I'm guessing we'll get continuation of Sasha/Alexa eventually anyway.