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  1. Jamal

    Raw Is Get These Hands Full Of Tights - 6/18/2018

    I liked the Alexa/Ronda/Kurt segment but I'm so ready to retire the "You deserve it" chant. I couldn't muster much excitement for Bayley/Sasha because this is like the 20th time they've had issues lol
  2. Jamal

    WOW IS RETURNING... again...

    They've been showing new "seasons" on their website (which are pretty much live shows that are broken down by match with added vignettes. I actually attended Season 3 back in 2013 during a Vegas trip but it didn't air on the site until 2016) for a while now. Glad to hear that they've finally secured the deal. Mclane had mentioned the possibility previously. There are a few more indy wrestlers there now, including Hudson Envy, Santana, and Barbi Hayden but still as camp as ever. I especially get a kick out of the vignettes.
  3. Jamal


    I liked the women's MITB match. Definitely think it was better than last year's match. Poor Asuka looked a fool out there, staring at the fake Asuka for what felt like an eternity. I enjoy Alexa Bliss but this is beginning to feel like overkill. I didn't want Ronda with the belt but I sure didn't want Bliss with it again so soon. Mania was just a few months ago. But I did like what Ronda and Nia were doing before the interruption. I didn't enjoy most of the build up so I wasn't looking forward to them fighting but this was a pleasant surprise and the strongest Nia has looked in a while.
  4. I agree that this was the best Rebel is looked ever. Glad to see her still at it. I really liked Kiera/Tessa. Nice fire (no pun intended) from Hogan.
  5. Jamal


    It was okay. Not sure how I feel about Antonio yet.
  6. Jamal

    SDL is Ruff Ruff Ref - 6/12/2018

    I enjoyed the main event too. Glad that they did't just go with another 4 way match and went with something different. I know Carmella is not the greatest in-ring wise but she's great with the other stuff. You just can't wait to see someone beat her. I really liked the chemistry with the her and the other heel team and would like to see them all working together more.
  7. Jamal

    Raw Is Baron Corbin's Barber - 6/11/2018

    I also enjoyed the women's 4 way. Nice to see them get some time and there was some cool counter stuff to their usual spots. I also liked Bayley/Ruby. I've been high on Ruby ever since NXT so I dig this push. I can't wait for this Nia/Ronda stuff to end. Everyone has looked badly, especially Nia. She was doing so good, leading into Mania, but has not really been connecting since winning the title. And this direction didn't help at all.
  8. Jamal

    Marvel Universe TV Thread

    I really enjoyed it. I know people didn’t like the pace but I like that they’re taking their time. And the leads are really appealing.
  9. Jamal

    [NXT] June 6, 2018 TV Show

    Another good Kairi/Lacey match. I liked the Shayna/Nikki segment and Shayna just being all "wtf" in how to deal with her.
  10. Jamal

    Raw is On Plan B - 6/4/2018

    I liked the women's tag but agree everyone looked like a fool. I'm guessing this sets up a rematch next week. I feel like I have no idea who Nia even is supposed to be anymore.
  11. Jamal

    Marvel Universe TV Thread

    I'm super excited for Cloak and Dagger. Early reviews have been good which is promising. I always thought this would be a perfect property for a tv show. Now, if only Netflix would pull the trigger on a proper Daughters of the Dragon series...
  12. Jamal


    Would love to see Madison Eagles in one of the "vet spots". She and Deonna had a good series of matches against one another in Shimmer.
  13. I enjoyed both Knockouts matches. Tessa looked really good against Madison and I look forward to this feud continuing. Allie/Su Yung was also really good. Glad to have this in front of a crowd that was actually vocal.
  14. Jamal

    [NXT] May 30, 2018 TV Show

    I couldn't tell but I felt like it veered heelish with her "I've always been better than everyone else and used to hold myself back" but the rest felt like a face. I also enjoyed Dakota/Shayna/Nikki. Just good all around from the match to the post match stuff.