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  1. As expected, good stuff from Shida, Rosa, Ivelisse and Diamanté. The division seems to have some sort of vision finally.
  2. So what was even the point of breaking up the IIconics? We lost the best WWE theme for them to still pretty much be working together anyway smh Poor Mia and Mercedes. I dig Zelina as a manager and mouth piece but nothing about her screams ready for Asuka. No shade.
  3. Good stuff from Thunder Rosa and Ivelisse and nice set up for Ivelisse and Diamante vs Shida and Rosa. Love that Shida is always willing to help a fellow face out. It’s so rare nowadays.
  4. Star-making turn for Shotzi tonight. She looked great in defeat. Good stuff with her and Io. Curious to see who the new number one contender will be.
  5. Gay and growing up on Wendi Richter and GLOW, it was She-ra and her ilk for me and my best friend lol we had the BEST women’s promotion in the galaxy
  6. Lol “She didn’t even talk to me.” I really enjoyed the steel cage match. Was hoping Mercedes would win but I understand this finally ending things with Rhea and the Robert Stone Brand. Liked the Io/Shotzi moment and build for next week. Should be a cool match.
  7. This is truly the biggest casualty of this split. RIP I’m already over Shayna and Nia’s act. Let the Riotts win already. Cool to see Mickie get some play but, did I miss something, or are they acting like she and Asuka didn’t already face one another in NXT?
  8. When they said Thunder Rosa’s opponent was going to be Serena, I knew it would be good and I wasn’t disappointed. Hopefully Deeb isn’t quite done with wrestling yet and sticks around for a minute. Really getting more and more excited for Shida/Rosa.
  9. Rebel needs to stick to make-up or the odd squash. It sucks that Penelope botched because she’s been doing so good especially after the Shida match. But I’m still enjoying Baker and her cronies against Swole. Glad to see Conti signed. Now the Dark Order have 99 and 100 lol and I liked the shot of Ivelisse and Diamonte checking them out. Could we see a rivalry? im so ready for Shida/Rosa. That should be awesome
  10. I’m hoping that Diamonte and Ivelisse are signed after this. Their match with The Nightmare Sisters was decent enough and they’ve already got the a bad ass vibe that is missing from the division. Thunder Rosa vs Shida should be great. Her presence was a welcome surprise.
  11. Yikes. Who did Mickie piss off? No music. Seth interruption. Count out loss. That was pretty sad.
  12. I enjoyed The Robert Stone Brand vs KC2. Nice action and good post match stuff too. I can get behind Mercedes vs Rhea. And KC2 make such good underdogs.
  13. lol “yasss Queen” Twitter is so here for her.
  14. Enjoyed this week’s matches a lot. Ivelisse and Diamanté made a nice little unit and I agree that Dasha looked decent out there. They need to keep Savoy around. Would love to see her take on Shida.
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