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  1. I'm so happy for Fire n Flava. Kiera and Tasha truly deserve this and a cool touch to have Gail and Madison out there. I've been so into this Knockouts tag tournament and the return of the titles. Speaking of Madison, she was always a favorite of mine and wishing her the best in her new career.
  2. Serena Deeb is a national treasure. Enjoyed the match against Conti.
  3. Really liked Kimber Lee vs Taya. Susan should be an interesting addition.
  4. Lacey should have just sat there and eaten her food.
  5. I like Abadon a lot but I'm hoping Shida retains. I would like to see her hold the title for a good little while before she drops it.
  6. Just finished WW84. I'll start off by saying that I'm a huge Wonder Woman fan. She's been my favorite super hero since I was a kid and I've followed her in comics and various media for years. So yeah, I'm slightly biased lol Having said that, I thought the movie was good. It runs a little long and it's a definite departure in tone from the first movie. But I think Gal's acting was better here and that it better captured the essence of Diana. And I definitely dug the Cheetah arc. It's fan servicey in parts but (surprise surprise) those were some of my favorite moments lol
  7. I always love seeing Toni and Rhea take each other on. Such good chemistry. And the Rise of Raquel continues which is a good thing. There's just something about Shotzi that I love. She's got to be my current NXT fave. Glad to see things continue with her and Candice.
  8. Good stuff with Serena/Swole/Diamonte/Ivelisse. I like that we're getting a direction with the heels aligning with Vickie and Nyla and the faces uniting with Velvet. Also, I definitely prefer the Clearwater Cloverleaf as a finisher over the inconsistent Dirty Dancing.
  9. Biggest win for Lana. I was sure she was gonna get squashed. You just never know with this company.
  10. I was one of those people that didn't see the need to repackage Carmella just yet since she and Truth still had a good thing going. But I'm all in on this new version now. I've enjoyed what's going on with her and Sasha and thought the match was good for what we got. Nice to see the Riott Squad pick up a win but this just highlights that they should be the ones challenging for the women's tag titles. And poor Billie and Nattie are just thrown together just because. Guess it beats catering.
  11. Really dug the Abadon/Tesha/Shida segment. Abadon is so creepy that it fits that Shida would be side-eying her. I'm glad that we are getting Swole and Serena vs Ivelisse and Diamonte next Dynamite. The backstage attacks are alright but I'm ready for them to start telling the story in the ring. And it looks like Vickie is amassing a nice little stable.
  12. I'm here for the ride of Raquel Gonzalez. Looking forward to her eventually mixing it up with Io.
  13. Good stuff from Taya/Rosemary/Kimber/Deonna. I kept half expecting Su to come into play. I have really enjoyed this little tournament.
  14. Really enjoyed the women's match. They all pretty much died for our sins tonight, especially Io. The build for Raquel continues and I can get behind her vs Io.
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