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  1. With women like Ember and Liv practically begging to be used, I’m surprised they went with this match and a Raw woman winning. I would have at least freshened it up with a Carmella win if this is the route that they just had to take.
  2. The crowd were not quite sure what to make of Lacey/Charlotte and it didn’t help that both looked like they were moving through quicksand. I’m assuming this is leading to a triple threat which...no. The partnership with R-Truth has done wonders for Carmella.
  3. I enjoyed Io/Shayna too but, as soon as I saw the positioning of that pin attempt, I knew what was up. lol But I dug the post-match antics and look forward to the rematch.
  4. She killed that. Im happy for Bayley. In one night, they have managed to breathe new life into her after nearly destroying her with moments like “I’m too nice to use a kendo stick”.
  5. At this point, I feel like creative are trolling us.
  6. I enjoyed the women’s 4 Way and thought they got some neat spots in. I’m wondering where this Alexa/Nikki friendship is going. Never thought I would want to see a Charlotte/Lacey Evans tag team until last night.
  7. When the 3 hour show could only muster one segment for them, I knew they were doomed on Smackdown. And yes, these are definitely Diva Division throwbacks.
  8. I love that they continue the tradition of Naomi being one of the few to consistently have Alexa’s number. I can’t believe that they didn’t put Ruby Riott in the Money in the Bank match. Despite the constant losses, commentary still tried to build her up as just being a win away from greatness. Weird to have her sit this one out. I enjoyed the Becky/Lacey brawl.
  9. I was rooting for Bayley. Hell I was rooting for the lady in the second row too. Anyone but Charlotte at this point. No offense and nothing against her but I’m over her right now, especially when you’ve got an influx of new faces to use. Whatever.
  10. It’s almost like 2 different wrestlers.
  11. Plus both Xia and Viper were claimed by factions in Stardom’s recent draft. So they will definitely be around. I agree on Madison Eagles and Cheerleader Melissa. Either or both would be great. Too bad Ivelisse has burned so many bridges. I would like to see her in too.
  12. Yea even when they were at their worst, The Knockouts have remained a selling point, despite a stumble here or there.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. Sounds like they’re all solo.
  14. I agree that Toni and Jinny have had some better matches against one another. This one was decent enough but they were definitely holding back. Great debut from Piper. The women’s division is stacked.
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