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  1. Really loved Sasha/Becky but I also wonder where Sasha goes from here. She’s been red hot and needed the win far more than Becky. Charlotte winning was a foregone conclusion. She’s definitely the woman Fox wants to spotlight. The match was decent enough and liked the glimpse we got of “why’s it always me” Bayley. I want to cheer the Kabuki Warriors even more now.
  2. Great stuff from Mia and Io as expected. Also enjoyed Shayna/Candice. Not sure where to go with Shayna now unless they go for the Rhea rematch.
  3. Star making night for Riho. She really managed to win the crowd over despite a so/so match.
  4. Thought Nikki/Sasha was a fun match and enjoyed Sasha looking dominant by taking out Bliss too. Watching Lacey Vs Ember made me wonder when they are going to finally pull the trigger on Ember. She’s great. Nattie shitting on Lacey’s sharpshooter was awesome especially after Cole and Corey we’re giving her props for it earlier. I give them crap for usually struggling to find stuff for women outside of the title picture so it’s cool that we are getting these little side feuds again.
  5. Really liked the women’s 4 way. Candice winning was a surprise but I think her character needed it most of all and gives us something fresh. Interesting to see if she eventually dethrones Shayna or not.
  6. Nice to see Dana Brooke return to tv. and a decent match between her and Lacey. Surprised that they are continuing this Nattie/Lacey feud after all. So with Dana’s return and Sarah Logan at the gender reveal, I think Naomi, Lana, and Alicia Fox are the only non-injured Raw woman still stuck in catering. The women’s tag match was pretty good. Heel Sasha is the best Sasha but who knew heel Bayley could be so much fun.
  7. WWE has been so cookie cutter that this Bayley turn was exactly what we needed. I’m scared of what comes after though because they are so going to mess this up.
  8. I agree that KLR/Toni felt a little rushed but I’ve felt that way about the feud as a whole. Should be interesting to see what happens with the new champ. The division has a few women ready to breakthrough.
  9. All of the Nattie/Sasha stuff was great and made me wish they were the ones heading into a feud and not Sasha/Becky. Nattie’s been bringing the aggression these last few matches.
  10. Yeah Charlotte more than deserved that. I was actually pleased to see that they are letting Bayley keep some of that spirit.
  11. Nattie and Becky were my favorite match. Some really brutal moments and it felt like they really hated one another. As a supporter of the older diva era women, I was behind Trish all of the way, despite knowing that a Charlotte win made the most sense. Good stuff from both and Trish makes me wonder how she and so many others would have gotten even better in today’s environment.
  12. Great to see Sasha return. Evil Boss was always fun and she and Becky should have some good matches. Poor Nattie. Girl can’t catch a break. Decent match with Kabuki Warriors and Alexa/Nikki too.
  13. I feel the same way. I like both Shayna and Mia but this was just not that good. And I agree that there was not one moment where I felt the reign was in danger. I dug Io/Candice. Evil Io is the best.
  14. That IIconics’ tantrum was perfect. The tag title match was ok in parts. Was rooting for either Mandy/Sonya or Kairi/Asuka. But storyline wise, I’m fine with Alexa/Nikki. Especially cool to see Nikki win her first championship.
  15. Alexa, Nikki, and Nattie are right. Becky’s being an asshole and a bully. #justiceforNattie
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