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    Yea, nice interview with Paige. She's always been really likeable to me on things like this. She's had to have had lived one of the craziest lives....

    That was my take away too. Just crazy Stuff smh

    Man, I love those two. And lol @ Jey’s reaction to his brother in Naomi’s gear.
  4. I liked Sasha/Paige although that sunset flip/power bomb spot was scary lol While the invasions are pretty much copying each other, I’m digging the infusion of new blood in both women’s divisions.
  5. Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 11/30/17

    Yes, "Killer Queen" is such an awesome theme. And I agree. I really liked the women's 3-way. I've always liked LVE's character stuff more than her in-ring stuff but I thought she came off well in this match. As much as I would have enjoyed Madison in WWE, it's cool to see her back again.
  6. As someone who dug heel Asuka, I could get with this.
  7. SDL is Ruby Ruby Ruby Soho - 11/21/2017

    I like both but I don't see Riot being head and shoulders above Paige. Anyway, can't two "alternative" female wrestlers co-exist without "but she's better!" comparisons?
  8. SDL is Ruby Ruby Ruby Soho - 11/21/2017

    Interesting choices with Morgan, Riot, and Logan. I felt like Ruby was on her way to challenging again for the NXT title while they had barely scratched the surface with Sarah. Either way, glad to see them move up because I’m a fan. I like that Naomi immediately stood up and knew what was what when they approached. My girl is no fool lol
  9. Turn The Paige - Raw - 11/20/2017

    Great to finally see Paige return and having both Sonya and Mandy join her is an added bonus. She was a judge during their season of Tough Enough so continuity...yay. I almost thought it would be AJ too but these two should do well on the main roster. Nice to see the Raw women get a little bit of a shake up. Hope they don’t forget the “B show” women in all of this lol

    Poor Lana got literally dragged by Bliss lol
  11. The Garbage Man Can! - Raw - 10/30/2017

    Hoping that Alexa Bliss punching people out doesn’t become a thing now
  12. Evil Emma was indeed awesome. Hell, her first NXT run was good too. I still can’t believe she was able to salvage herself after the first disasterous main roster run. Tht alone should have bought her an extra year or two lol
  13. Sorry to hear about both Emma and Summer. I knew it was only a matter of time with Emma after the whole Emmalina fiasco. You could tell the company just stopped even caring about her which sucks because I wanted an evil Aussie trio with her, Billie Kay, and Peyton Royce on the main roster. And Summer was always good with the character stuff. She and Rusev were the saving graces of that Rusev/Summer/Dolph/Lana mess.
  14. RAW IS #UnderSiege - 10/23/2017

    Team Captain Alicia Fox is going to be awesome. Glad it looks like Mickie and Alexa might not be done. That beatdown has me excited for Smackdown.
  15. I thought the women’s matches were all good. Glad that they are finally allowing Alicia to go full on with the crazy and they let Mickie acknowledge that there are people on the roster older than her. Hopefully the old lady jokes can now die.