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  1. Definitely thought this episode was stronger than last week. Aussie and Reina had a nice little match. And I like that we are going into storyline territory with Jessie and the tag tournament and progression with the Beast and Reina. I was impressed by both Glitch and Leia. Sucked that the Heavy Metal Sisters went out as I enjoyed them last season but tickled that the crowd was so firmly behind them and not Miami Sweet Heat.
  2. Women's Title match was good stuff and made me want to see more Toni vs Serena. Always liked Saraya so cool to see her again but they could have at least had her come out with a chair or something to chase off Britt and her crew because she was seriously outnumbered and outgunned. When Diamante kept teasing the original baddie, I didn't think she meant the real Baddest Bitch but here we are. Come through, Trina.
  3. God bless, McLane and his gimmicks lol BK was definitely cringle level. I would buy it if they were using her as a bad rapper who doesn't know she's bad lol
  4. The pageantry is still there, which is a plus, and the color. As is the cheese factor. We’re back, baby! Lol The Tonga Twins look like the team to beat so far in this tag tournament. They were pretty dominating. Wild that they would bring back Chantilly but not Fire and Adrenaline, the actual champs. Strange that WOW would make such jarring recasts for characters when they still have the OG versions on their YouTube channel. I mean, new Randi Rah Rah is quite different visually from OG Randi Rah Rah lol but I guess those are the things that make WOW WOW I liked the profile piece on Kandi Krush but felt it went a little long, especially since McLane again sells us on her background during the entrance. Liked Coach Campanelli focusing on Kandi’s hands but the match was kinda eh. There were definitely some weird moments like Kandi no selling the one pin attempt. BK makes me miss Faith the Lioness lol She’s giving natural heels teas. I liked Vivian Rivera and was pleased to see her pick up the win despite the heavy BK focus. Gambino was a pretty good seller. Surprised that she got as much in against The Beast as she did. Del Rio looks like much more of a challenge. All in all, decent "first" episode. Some nice returns and decent new faces. Hopefully, they can maintain the energy as WOW has always had potential that has never quite gotten to the next level.
  5. Enjoyed the match between Penelope and Willow. I'm a fan of both but Penelope really needed this win after the last few weeks. Plus, Willow still looked strong in defeat. This is about the second or third time Jade has had a title defense set-up with little to no fanfare. I like Diamonte but I know the crowd is probably gonna be crickets.
  6. Good stuff from Bayley and Raquel. So glad that they've turned Shotzi face again. I feel like she's such a natural face and was wasted as a heel.
  7. Love the new confidence that Killer Kelly has. Her and Tasha should have a nice little banger. As will Mickie/Giselle.
  8. Yeah, I read that they didn't ask them back. That sucks, especially since they were champs and I liked them. I enjoyed last season too and am happy to see some of those faces return.
  9. Looking forward to the return but the continuity geek in me hates how they recycle characters/names lol
  10. Penelope and Toni were great just beating the Hell out of each other. I like how Toni went from her initial "I'm just happy to be here" to "I'm the champ now, bitch" lol
  11. The women's tag was as good as expected. I'm excited to see Shida back in the mix. That ending sequence was great. Hayter is just incredibly tough.
  12. Great main with Masha and Deonna just beating the Hell out of each other. The build for Masha has just been great. Loved the promo from Mickie too. Lots of fire.
  13. Great tag opener with Jordyn and Mia vs VXT. I'm curious about Masha/Deonna, which should also be great.
  14. I must be one of the few people that thinks the women's division is far healthier now than when Britt was champion. Now, we have a number of over women who would make a viable champion. As pumped as I was to see Shida last night, I would love to see Toni take it.
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