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  1. That karaoke segment was straight Diva’s Division 2013.
  2. Sasha and Bayley continue to be an awesome heel team. You just root for anyone to finally shut them up lol I’m also enjoying Alexa Bliss far more as a face again.
  3. Love that they are letting Shida go total ass kicker. And this was a star making night for Penelope. Really good match. Probably my favorite title match since the Riho days.
  4. Heel Bayley is such an asshole lol I love it. My favorite line was her saying “they’re so heavy” as she carried both of her belts at the end of the show lol As cool as it will be when they implode, I’m enjoying Bayley and Sasha as a duo. I was really surprised that went over as I was sure that the IIconics were next in line. Sonya is on a roll and I’m glad that they haven’t forgotten Mandy in all of this. Looking forward to their feud continuing.
  5. Judging from their reactions to the initial Liv/Lana reveal, I think Sonya and Mandy we’re into something like this happening too. I’m glad it didn’t. This plays far better.
  6. I’m afraid that this is leading to a Naomi turn which would be all kinds of no. And I say that as someone who enjoyed Team BAD. She just works so well as a Babyface. It’s crazy how she got that huge Rumble reception only to end up where she is now months later. I agree on Sonya. She’s been killing it. The potential was always there but it’s great to see it all come together. I enjoy heel Bayley dragging Charlotte.
  7. Bayley/Tamina was pretty decent and they did a good job working around Tamina’s limitations. Probably the best Tamina has looked since she was wrestling Kaitlyn years ago. what a cool moment for Asuka. She’s just been killing it lately. Can’t wait to see who she decides to cash in on. I’m another that enjoyed the foolishness of the Money in the Bank matches.
  8. Dr Britt Baker is everything. Nice to see the Rebel cameo.
  9. Candice’s curb stomp looked brutal. Will be interesting to see how her heel persona goes as I liked the plucky babyface version. Mia/Charlotte was fine but I’m more interested in Charlotte/Io next week. I don’t think she stands anymore of a chance than Mia did but should be a great match.
  10. Really enjoyed the promo between Sonya and Mandy. Who knew this Otis/Mandy thing would end up being Smackdown’s best storyline? Sucks to lose Naomi at Money in the Bank because she excels at those sorts of matches. But congrats to Dana especially after being pulled from the Mania match.
  11. Sucks to lose Deonna and Sarah. I always dug the Riott Squad but it’s obvious that Sarah had been treading water since their split and creative wasn’t sure what to do with her. I’m more surprised about Deonna as she just seemed to be settling into things with a cool look and semblance of a persona. Luckily they’re both young and talented and should find a new home once we get back to some sort of normalcy.
  12. Yea he is truly a Geek’s geek and I love it.
  13. Really liked Liv/Asuka and cool to see Nia Jax return. Liv has come so far since her early NXT days. Cool to see Bianca officially on Raw and her husband’s reactions are priceless.
  14. I enjoyed both women’s title matches on night 2. Charlotte/Rhea definitely exceeded my expectations. Just hate-filled and brutal with an ending that I didn’t see coming. Hate to see Rhea cut down just 3 months after her big buildup but a lot can be done with Charlotte as NXT champ against the new breed of women there. It’s different and fresh so I will give it a chance. Glad to see Bayley return and the seeds sown for her vs Sasha. I think all of the women did fine but this had to be the best Lacey has looked since maybe facing Nattie. And a cool Team BAD shoutout. Speaking of Nattie, she and Liv had a decent little match although I’m still surprised that they didn’t go with a Riot Squad 3 way match,
  15. I dug the women’s tag and thought this was the best Alexa has looked in-ring wise in a while. As much as I’ve enjoyed Kairi and Asuka as champs, it was cool that Alexa and Nikki got a Mania moment. Was really shocked that they had Becky retain. I was sure her reign was done. Curious to see where they go with Shayna after this. Kinda makes her effortlessly killing the rest of the division really look pointless now.
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