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  1. Great stuff with Velvet and Statlander and then the post match shenanigans. I always liked pluckly underdog Velvet but I'm enjoying her in the Baddies too.
  2. Morale must truly be terrible for Naomi, a team player who has lived through the 3 minute match Diva era and all sorts of questionable booking choices, to finally say "naw. I'm out.". Especially since she was so excited about this new direction. I don't know what happens next but I feel like the statement from WWE pretty much burns that bridge.
  3. Very strange for them to broadcast the Sasha/Naomi situation as they did. Something definitely feels off, from Graves dragging them on the show to now this statement, pretty much insinuating that they have issues with how some of the other women work. Just needlessly messy. Despite it all, really enjoyed Becky/Asuka especially Asuka outsmarted Becky and pretty much putting a stop to her.
  4. I enjoyed Liv/Rhea but damn! Couldn't Finn and AJ at least bother to come out and support her during the match? Instead they storm out after she's already lost and gotten destroyed post-match. Booo Those two suck lol I assume we are about to say RIP to ASH. i dig unhinged Becky too. Lol
  5. Enjoyed both the opening tag and the Riho/Yuka match. Good chemistry between Ruby and Toni.
  6. The fans turning on it was my fear too. People familiar with their work would know that they are capable and would likely put on a good match. But to many fans it was two women just kinda thrown out there without a proper build. A video package or confrontation or two prior wouldn't have hurt. Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised by the match placement. Had to be a big moment for both.
  7. Cool moment for both Mercedes and Deonna to get the main event slot. The winner was never in doubt but nice match between the two of them. And cool to have Mercedes actually tap Deonna out.
  8. I knew Dakota wasn't long for WWE once the try-outs didn't pan out. Feels very much like a Jonah situation, where Vince likely didn't quite get her. Good that she could feel the shift too and decided "naw, I'm good". Very surprised about Persia and Dexter as I assumed they were happy about the couple's thing.
  9. There probably was some Chyna influence but Jackie was already doing that for years in USWA and Smokey Mountain before going mainstream. I believe that's how she caught the eye of WCW finally.
  10. Yea I will miss them too. I enjoyed their foolishness with the Influence. As Tenille's long time friends, I know they were all having a ball. At least they are leaving on their own terms and the door is always open.
  11. You can have Deeb and Shida have a water balloon fight with each other and I would probably still love it. Good match with the right woman winning. Shida doesn't need the win. She's long been solidified but this helps sell Deeb as the next threat to Thunder Rosa. Let's gooooooooo!
  12. When it comes to the better talent in the various women's divisions, it's all subjective. And while WWE certainly has more hours a week to showcase their division, there are still some struggles there with showcasing women that aren't involved with a title. Smackdown, I'm looking at you.
  13. Always liked Vanessa Bourne so it's cool to see that she's at it and doing well. She would be a good signing for AEW/ROH. Velvet and Kiera becoming Baddies was another thing I didn't know I needed.
  14. I agree that was Stratton's best match yet and Sarray was letting her have it lol I fear for the Warrior of the Sun though in new NXT Bitter vet Nattie is the best version of her yet. Hope to see her continue to bully the newcomers. Her Vs Nikitta should be fun. So happy for the former Rok-C. This was always her dream and I can definitely see her becoming a major player.
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