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  1. Great to see Kairi again. I love unhinged, evil Asuka. Wish they would go forward with “Asuka 2 belts” but no way is she winning at Rumble. I will say that Lana and Liv looked decent during the little time they had in the main event. Liv was showing steady improvement previously but Lana looked less awkward than usual.
  2. Really enjoyed Piper/Toni/KLR. Good stuff from all involved and I feel like this is the start of a Toni turn.
  3. I was wondering if Isla would speak out. Kinda sucks as I like all of the wrestlers involved. But this is a shitty business so I should be used to it lol
  4. Welp La Rosa Negra backed up Chelsea and Allysin on her twitter.
  5. Yea these stories have followed Tessa for years.
  6. She did a backstage piece where she stated she would be in Rusev’s corner during his match with Lashley. Cool to see Sarah Logan but not sure what to make of that Charlotte brawl, especially with Charlotte putting on her robe and strutting off like nothing ever happened.
  7. The New Mutants trailer still looks good. I’m biased as hell because they’re my favorite team but I’m so looking forward to this.
  8. I enjoyed the women’s four way. Glad to see Riho retain as she has become one of my favorites. And it looks like they’ve been listening and Britt is on her way to heeldom.
  9. That’s what I noticed too. One of the more realistic looking “cat fights” since Gail Kim and the Bellas were beating each other up over Daniel Bryan.
  10. Good stuff from Carmella/Mandy. I feel like they're leading to a four way match with Bayley/Sasha/Lacey/Carmella.
  11. Always enjoy seeing Sasha go full heel and Lacey’s daughter was not with the shits.
  12. Cool to see Kris doing so well. I saw her, for the first time, at SHIMMER against Allysin Kaye and could definitely see the potential. I’m torn on whether I want to see her actually defeat Riho or not since I’ve enjoyed her as champion. I do like Brandi’s unit thus far. Waiting for them to throw Melanie Cruise in the ring too.
  13. Great match from Shayna/Rhea. Loved that the fans were so into it and that Rhea finally dethroned her. Having said that, I’m not sure how well Shayna will do on the main roster. She is certainly ready but the booking there has been so trash. Also really liked the Io/Santana squash. I dig Evil Io so much.
  14. Asuka/Deonna was good. That’s about all I’ve got in me this week.
  15. The main started promising but just kinda lost its way. It’s a shame as the matches leading up were really good. I’m just glad that the Kabuki Warriors retained. I was afraid Vince couldn’t resist another history making moment for Charlotte. Hope Kairi is not seriously injured but you could tell that something was definitely wrong midway through. I thought she was legit out when Charlotte initially lifted her in the power bomb spot. And Lawler is so cringe.
  16. Man that table spot was scary as fuck. I’m glad to hear that Dakota’s okay at least. Hopefully they reign some of that stuff in because everyone got incredibly lucky last night.
  17. The commercial breaks were in full effect tonight. Can’t believe they had Nyla killing folks during commercial. Speaking of which, I can get behind a feud between her and Shanna. Very cool surprise for Kris to upset Shida. Thus definitely makes things more interesting in the division. I like Brandi and Kong but this segment was just strange. They were all heavy into recruiting Kris, the “fan” shows up and then they’re all “Kris who?”
  18. Great stuff from the women’s division as usual. Enjoyed the Mia/Dakota brawl and the aftermath with Rhea/Shayna/Horsewomen
  19. Really good stuff from Charlotte vs The Kabuki Warriors. If there is any woman that you could see the company letting win a handicap match against champions, it would be Charlotte so it was a pleasant surprise when she was defeated. The three of them have some good chemistry and I wouldn’t mind this program continuing.
  20. I dug the women's tag too. I like all of the women involved and am very excited for Statlander.
  21. Good stuff from Candice and Dakota as well as the whole Xia/Shayna/Horsewomen/Rhea deal. Ripley is so our next champion.
  22. Loved the women’s match. Rhea and Candice were great underdogs and they came up with a great way to make the win believable. They’ve been planting the seeds for Dakota’s turn for weeks but it still came off really good and made the crowd explode. Kai showed a lot of fire and I’m curious to see how heel Dakota plays out. Lots of intriguing stuff in the division right now.
  23. Good stuff from Becky/Rhea. But my favorite moment had to be the Kairi/Io “what happened to you!?!” staredown. I’m so stoked for the War Games match and actually looking forward to Survivor Series.
  24. Serpentine/Aussie was a good little match and probably Aussie’s best yet. Still curious about what’s going down with her and Siren/Holidead. Really cool spot with Havok catching Chella while holding Massy and then slamming them both. Crowd went suitably wild. Adrenaline and Fire should be able to garner some nice crowd heat, having to deal with the Monsters and Holidead/Siren. Tessa and Jungle Grrl had a fun match as to be expected. Tessa coming to WOW has been great for everyone.
  25. I’m all in on Brandi/Kong and their scalping of the women’s division. Poor Allie though. I agree that Nyla looked great. Crossing my fingers on those other two ladies signing because that would be very cool for the division.
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