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  1. Really enjoyed Mia/Madison. Nice competitive match. Killer Kelly is already killing it (no pun intended) upon her return.
  2. I'd be surprised if Iyo and Dakota don't take this all of the way to the end. Nice to see them get a little time with Dana and Tamina. I'm remaining cautiously optimistic about this tournament.
  3. Good stuff from Hayter and Rosa. Nice continuation of the tag match.
  4. I'm a Madison fan but the match with Leila did drag. The post-match stuff was great though from the trash talk to the Kiera sneak. Madison will be great as the vet fed to Jade and she can also be plugged in as a third with Athena and Stat to counter Leila/Velvet.
  5. Enjoyed the women's tag match too. Looking forward to Hayter/Rosa. Also excited for Madison Rayne. She can only be a benefit to the shows.
  6. Black Canary may as well hang it up. Sucks as I was looking forward to that and Batgirl.
  7. Jamal

    Feeling Poptimistic

    With Renaissance, Beyonce made the blackest, gayest dance album in years and I live.
  8. I'm always here for heel Ronda but weird that they would turn her when she has a legit gripe. And weird that they would have their babyface champ Liv look so weak and complicit. Maybe this all gets sorted out on Friday? I had a feeling Bayley would show up. But both Dakota and Iyo (I can't believe they're still doing that mess) were a nice surprise.
  9. Good stuff in the main from Ruby and Anna JAS. The eventual rematch should be great.
  10. Great seeing Killer Kelly back. She seems to have a new confidence and swagger and I'm here for it.
  11. Dug Rosa vs Yamashita. The start scared me a little as they seemed a little off initially but, once they settled into kicking each other in the head, it was all good. I'm ready for Ruby vs Anna JAS
  12. I enjoyed the women's tag. More Willow is always a good thing. Loved how Jermaine Dupree initially looked like he wanted to be anywhere but at the show but got sucked right in lol The eventual Athena vs Jade singles is going to be great. I liked the Anna Jay fake out. Always preferred her as a heel.
  13. Nattie and Liv had a decent little match. Not their best encounter but decent enough. I marked for Lacey bringing back "nasties" lol
  14. Yeah, she wasn't playing around lol nice little squash for her and Statlander. The build to the eventual clash with Jade and the Baddies has been good.
  15. Really enjoyed the Mickie vs Chelsea match. Definitely my match of the night.
  16. Poor Shayna. Talk about wasted opportunity
  17. Really good stuff from Mia and Deonna. I'm looking forward to Mia vs Jordynne. Great to see Killer Kelly! I figured she had bounced. She will be another good addition to the division.
  18. I was wondering if they were going to let Quincy be Quincy
  19. Awesome night for Liv Morgan. After back to back wins recently, I figured there was no way that she was winning Money in the Bank too. So, it was a pleasant surprise to see her win the briefcase and the Smackdown title. She has improved so much and has had so many stop/starts that this feels like a really much deserved moment. Other than that, the show was pretty...eh. I was looking forward to the women's ladder match the most and it felt sloppy. The chemistry was definitely off between all of them and I was literally shook anytime they went for the ladders. It's by the grace of God that Liv and Lacey didn't die off of that power bomb spot. Nattie/Ronda felt like it didn't really heat up until the middle. Liked the submission reversals finish. And I figured Ronda must have given Nattie carte blanche to call her as many bitches as she wanted. Bianca/Carmella was what it was but I'm hoping that they are not trying to prolong this. No one believes Bianca is in any kind of danger.
  20. Good stuff from Storm and Rose. They've just started aligning these last few weeks, but I can get behind the Rose/Shafir duo.
  21. It's time for Tony to make Willow Nightingale All Elite. She's such a good and appealing wrestler. Nice stuff with her and Jade and then the post match antics. Between Athena and Stat, I'm torn on who I want to see take Jade down.
  22. Good for Sasha if this is true. This whole suspension thing has been ridiculous.
  23. Good stuff from Toni and Britt. The Storm Zero always looks awesome. And I'm here for Toni vs Thunder Rosa.
  24. Always loved Red Velvet so glad to see the Baddies refresh getting some love. Great match with Stat. I remember seeing Stat live at a Shimmer show and being super into her. The last time a wrestler had impressed me that soon so fast was Madison Eagles. So I know the best is yet to come from young Kris.
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