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  1. They should just go full soap opera and do character building vignettes/backstage storylines if they’re going to keep this up. This empty arena stuff has not been the businessS
  2. The women’s tag was good. Glad to see Bea again and look forward to her vs Nyla.
  3. Well that main event was certainly a thing. There had to be better ways to show Shayna’s dominance and get her the win other than this.
  4. I agree. Thought the ending was pretty good and a very cool visual.
  5. I agree the women’s tag from Dark was really good and the crowd were clearly into it. I think the division will be fine as the pieces start to settle in. We are at least finally getting some distinct characters/personalities. And the right combination of wrestlers has yielded decent results.
  6. I knew Heel Kairi vs Heel Shayna would go over like a lead balloon. They’ve had great matches in the past but no way the crowd was going to root for either. But I certainly didn’t expect “this is boring” chants. Yikes! Becky’s character has been insufferable for a while now so it’s good to see them fully embracing it. If this leads to a heel turn, all the better. I liked the whole Riott Squad deal but it’s obvious that I’m only one of the 5 people that still care. I hate the team acting as if Beth Phoenix is some helpless poor thing as if she didn’t dominate the women’s division once upon a time and was just recently busted open and still holding her own in the Rumble. Like come on.
  7. I enjoyed Bayley/Naomi. Good chemistry between the two of them. Would definitely welcome more.
  8. They’ve wrestled a few times but I think those matches were helped by the fact that Carmella was clearly playing heel back then. I’m surprised commentary didn’t mention that they actually tagged together for a brief moment too. Glad to see Naomi pick up the win here as I was expecting Bayley shenanigans to lead to a 3 way at Super Showdown. Not sure what this means for Mania but a cool opportunity for Naomi.
  9. Nox/Kai was the kind of hate I like to see in a grudge match. That last table spot scared the Hell out of me too but looks like she’s okay. Raquel and Dakota have potential as a unit. I never once thought Bianca was winning but I still enjoyed the match against Rhea. Loved her gear and love the love that she, Naomi, and Ember give each other on social media. Fantastic to see.
  10. I’ve enjoyed Riho as champion so it sucks to see her lose. But it’s understandable, given her other duties, and they did a good job building Nyla up. Plus, the match was pretty good. Crowd was totally into it. Britt Baker has latched onto something here. I dig it.
  11. I enjoyed Birds of Prey. Just silly fun with some great fights. Black Mask steals the show and all of the women are great and represent well. Hope we get a sequel.
  12. I can get behind Britt Baker: Reading Machine. Cool stuff from Swole and Nyla too. I’m here for Riho/Nyla 2.
  13. I really like Shotzi. She’s got a really rough style that fits the character. Nice chemistry with Deonna too. Hopefully this is not the last of their issues with one another. Same with Tegan and Dakota. I think there’s a lot more that can be done with this feud. Dakota has got to get an equalizer to help her take out both Tegan and Candice. If this is the beginning of Chelsea’s slow descent into madness, I wouldn’t be upset.
  14. I’m super excited for Birds of Prey, especially now. I love Huntress and Canary and hear that they are both done justice.
  15. Charlotte/Asuka was pretty good. Looks like this is heading to her challenging for the tag titles at Mania, which makes no sense for her character, but I would still prefer to the alternatives. Liv/Lana was fine for what it was.
  16. Charlotte winning was pretty much a foregone conclusion. So I wasn’t surprised. I like her but I also have no interest in her facing either Becky or Bayley at Mania. Favorite moment of the Rumble was Naomi returning, natural hair and all. I live. Becky/Asuka was pretty good as expected. And Bayley/Lacey was a thing.
  17. The women’s division is so great right now. Almost everyone has some angle or storyline cooking.
  18. Great to see Kairi again. I love unhinged, evil Asuka. Wish they would go forward with “Asuka 2 belts” but no way is she winning at Rumble. I will say that Lana and Liv looked decent during the little time they had in the main event. Liv was showing steady improvement previously but Lana looked less awkward than usual.
  19. Really enjoyed Piper/Toni/KLR. Good stuff from all involved and I feel like this is the start of a Toni turn.
  20. I was wondering if Isla would speak out. Kinda sucks as I like all of the wrestlers involved. But this is a shitty business so I should be used to it lol
  21. Welp La Rosa Negra backed up Chelsea and Allysin on her twitter.
  22. Yea these stories have followed Tessa for years.
  23. She did a backstage piece where she stated she would be in Rusev’s corner during his match with Lashley. Cool to see Sarah Logan but not sure what to make of that Charlotte brawl, especially with Charlotte putting on her robe and strutting off like nothing ever happened.
  24. The New Mutants trailer still looks good. I’m biased as hell because they’re my favorite team but I’m so looking forward to this.
  25. I enjoyed the women’s four way. Glad to see Riho retain as she has become one of my favorites. And it looks like they’ve been listening and Britt is on her way to heeldom.
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