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  1. Man, how good would this be for an entrance theme for them or anyone else?
  2. They make Burberry colored duct tape (there's a roll at my job), have somebody wrap their gear in it
  3. Sydal/Danielson was a banger and we should end up doing a TV Match of the Year list with this close to the top. Jezus Boyz with Gangrel (damn, he always did have bow legs right? They look to be getting worse) was hilarious, Mr. Vampire Warrior covered missing the kick with another one and a KILLER Impaler too. Kris deserves a belt but her coming after Ruby and them having a war will be great. As far as the Owen Hart goes, I think they're gonna do Page and Ruby for a heel/face balance, plus Joe already has a belt and doesn't really need it. That's something I can see Tony doing book-wise anyway.
  4. The best part to me is "SPONSORED BY THE HIGH SCHOOL CLUB" "ADVANCE TICKETS ON SALE AT THE HIGH SCHOOL & MONTICELLO DRUG CO. ON THE SQUARE" Like small towns don't name their high schools -- or their squares -- anyway
  5. Here's Eddie vs. Broner. In a rare disagreement with Phil I don't think this is some kind of tremendous war, just looks like another good Eddie Kingston match. Something you might find on Dark or Elevation with a game opponent.
  6. Just saw an ad for these folks on local TV: https://www.dustinrhodesforgeworks.com/index.php
  7. I've never seen any Ray Dennis Steckler films but that trailer is a treat. Which ones should I see? Surely they're all public domain on Youtube.
  8. I had a long text convo with my best friend detailing every step of the process in this and it's not only scary because of me, it's scary because of them. Because I was honest about being an alcoholic they took the time to basically imprison me. The nurses were warders/jailers, the bed was a cell, the hospital shirt was hooked up with actual machinery back to actual machinery to make it a straight-jacket with open arms. Seriously, suction cups connected to thick wires connected to alarms. It would be shameful for me to take it to court, so they took advantage of the situation and decided to squeeze my insurance company (and probably my parents too) of whatever amount of money they could get for that short length of time. Even though I had a box cutter and a Swiss Army Knife on the keys in my pocket, I was a warden of the state, a state within a state, for medical reasons. They said "Well this guy's a danger to himself so let's put him up on the ninth floor (Ninth Ward?) and let him order ice chips and then maybe juice and then maybe soft food while we wait to -- haha! -- discharge him." This only lasted like two days total but what the fuck, man.
  9. I ended up burning my epiglottis from a brutal vomiting session after another extended drinking binge and ended up going from Convenient Care to the ER where they promptly decided to delay my release for two more days while giving me a CT scan and sticking a fucking camera down my nose, even though the CC steroid shot healed me within the night. While there I was given a "Fall Risk" qualification whereby they rig your bed and body with alarms so you can't do so much as get up to take a piss without someone following you. I was also treated to two separate fellow patients as roommates, one of whom was 56 or so and already on 14 blood pressure meds and countless others (number probably somewhere around his age I think). The nurse changing shifts gave a laundry list of his ailments and he was already suffering renal failure and due for dialysis. He did not return from that, so they put a guy who had some kind of "infection" or "bug" (another nurse's words) in my room who had to put on and re-put on, after he pissed through it several times, an external catheter before he had some sort of surgery involving sutures. The external catheter, to my imagination from what I heard through sound and conversation through the shutters, was something like a pair of pants he had to roll into and tuck in... but then I saw a glimpse of him through the side and it was a guy in what appeared to be a puffy black jacket which made me think it was FULL BODY. Never putting myself back in such a position. It's over. Hope I can make John proud.
  10. How the hell did I get on page 3 of this? I just liked posts about Melina from 2020.
  11. It's a hell of a splatter flick, and Newman from Seinfeld had his best (only?) non-asshole role in it. Jarring, really.
  12. Wow, Warwick Davis (and is that Phil Fondacaro? I thought he passed) barely looks like he's aged. EDIT: Yes he is alive, yes he also looks stuck in a time warp.
  13. I wasnt gonna mention Many Saints but those are indeed two perfect roles.
  14. Two words: flaming dildoes. Oh and speaking of dicks, I swore that one of the Jacksons told Matt "do it for XPW".
  15. I have posited that they frequently switch places, actually, and gotten some agreement on that based on reviews here. There are definitely some bummy, overlong Dynamites followed by some smoking Rampages.
  16. The second Punisher is on right now and it still rules. The third one was on the other day and the end of that one REALLY rules. So, question is, was the Dolph one really really bad?
  17. I'll just say The Last Temptation of Christ and walk away
  18. Fuck me. Had to ran and text my dad right away. Ray played Frank Sinatra AND Roy DiMeo. And his role in Cop Land I will love forever. RIP
  19. Good lord, they opened by trying to literally disembowel each other. That's nuts.
  20. That was jaw-dropper. The whole episode was, to me, honestly, especially because I didn't watch the last one.
  21. The goodness in that is either Serpentico is a sandbagger or they were going for the illusion of heft. Like Iron Sheik deadlifting a chair to hit Sgt. Slaughter like it was as heavy as a car.
  22. TBH I had no idea he was released, even though I've seen Miz without him on TV recently in the rare event that I look up from my laptop to see whatever WWE programming is on my screen (muted usually).
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