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  1. Oooo, hold on. We still have a GUNTHER vs. Sheamus match coming up, besides all the other months in the year. So there's a chance!
  2. It's not a candidate really. My pick would still be Wheeler vs. Thatcher, but it's the winner.
  3. Man, that one, out of all the craziness (because the match was fucking CRAZY, and also because that moment was simple and awesome) made so much sense. What a great match. And I was never on the Kenny bandwagon, but him playing under-acting, stiff-ass heel the entire match and then face getting jumped, was perfect work. Vikingo is absolutely MADE in North America now. No question. And he deserves it.
  4. Oooo, if this the exhibition match in the studio where they do all the amature stuff to start (I'm in a waiting room and cant watch), that's some of the best shit ever. It vanished offline for awhile too. If you ever had any doubts about the talent of Roddy Piper, watch THAT.
  5. [Free Match] Wheeler YUTA v Timothy Thatcher | Beyond Wrestling Americanrana (ROH Ring Of Honor AEW) - YouTube This is the best match of the year.
  6. Naw, but AEW NEEDS exoticos. I want Cassandro to be the mic for a whole troop.
  7. Since the karaoke seems to be in Hollywood, now I'm imagining Suzuki sitting at the Rainbow drinking at the bar. Maybe even playing the one-armed bandit in Lemmy's position, which everyone is too frightened to tell him he can't sit there.
  8. We were discussing LA Knight in the Discord last night and came to the conclusion he is about Elias level. This would be just below Corbin level, where you can slot him in to win and lose at will in pretty much any program.
  9. Okay now, somebody is gonna have to explain Mos Burger.
  10. They are definitely still Bellas on that TV commercial.
  11. I screwed up and didn't watch the matches on my day off so Satomura/Rok-C it is
  12. RIP Dix Denney from the Weirdos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p--ofeHvUts
  13. Botchamania 469 - YouTube New Botchamania. I have to post it because it has THE RETURN OF THE NORTHERN BOYS~! And yes it is almost as funny as the Vince one. Since there are multiple promotions/wrestlers, and because it is hilarious, you'll probably want to watch it more than once.
  14. JEEEEEEZUS! My DAD is 70. Well... she looks really, really good for her age, so there's that.
  15. Oh, c'mon. Eczema doesn't kill you.
  16. In the Forever Hardcore doc he said he was producing at the same time, so he'd call the office and tell them he was at the venue, call the venue and tell them he was at the office, and go back to sleep If he was (literally) sleepwalking through a production job I can only imagine what he was like on the mic then. As far as Wyatt goes, the dude no-showed Madison Square Garden. Think about that for a second. Methinks he ain't coming back.
  17. Moxley said in his big talk with Vince before he left that one of the major sticking points was he wanted to bleed and Vince said absolutely not. He's on the Mount Everest of this company. They are not getting rid of blood.
  18. Segunda Caida Booking Department GO~!
  19. Re: Sorvino: Oooo. They done fucked up bigtime.
  20. Now if we could only transition from one page to the next without opening a new tab (I know, just couldn't resist)
  21. I'm probably going Satomura/Perez (even with the gross injury angle) but got to catch the OC and Kingston matches first. Unfortunately I don't have Honor Club. I'm probably gonna have to get Honor Club, aren't I? Isn't is just $10 a month?
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