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  1. The guy screaming and running away as soon as Susie said 'hi' had me rolling
  2. That was a banger. Anjoh is such a little bitch in that and brings the heat to it. Salman comes off better than I've ever him, and then Zangiev does THAT FINISH. That is the coolest finish I've seen in awhile. The Russians were fuckin' beasts.
  3. Man how cool would a Kawada/Yamazaki team have been? Or even against each other.
  4. Miller is on the revised second list already Casey (Tromatagon): "YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK"
  5. Not just experience but "experiance"
  6. I loved The Duellists. How's Fingers?
  7. Dude, scroll up literally one post above Natural's
  8. Gotta love how Gus' first big new food innovation was curly fries That second one though...
  9. Los Thundercats vs Super Muñeco & Robocop & Gran Houdini That's right, Robocop. You gotta see that suit.
  10. There are a variety of lion names in lucha but we are forgetting the biggest of stars: LOS THUNDERCATS~!
  11. Then we need to put Stu Hart's Tiger on the Feline Wrestler List.
  12. Fingers looks super cool. Lookit that cast! Even got Tisa Farrow from Zombie in it! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fingers_(1978_film) So does this. Richard Gere's first film, too.
  13. And there was a Pantera Blanca in Mexico back in the '60s who got unmasked by Espanto I. AND well damn there are three more here http://www.luchawiki.com/index.php?title=Pantera_Blanca_Jr. AND AND there is both a Dark Panther in Mexico and a Dark Panther AKA El Pantera Negra in England
  14. We are idiots. EDIT: Plus Blue Panther Jr. and Black Panther, AKA The Panther
  15. I checked the WOW lineup and sure enough there is a Faith the Lioness.
  16. God, he first met her in '89 when she just turned 19 and he considered cheating on his wife with her Why am I not surprised
  17. Who was the Diva that went by the Cat? There was one, right? And there have to be more women wrestlers with cat gimmicks EDIT: Stacy "the Kat" Carter, Lawler's ex-wife.
  18. I don't think there were many of those in the ECW locker room. Taz, for example, was supposed to be the baddest motherfucker on the planet but got put in his place by one punch from RVD. (New Jack on Taz, btw: "Taz is a fuckin' gimmick, he's a teacher!"). Out of that whole locker room I bet if you asked who is really the shooter of the group they would probably point at Jack. Maybe he couldn't take your eye out with one well-placed grab but he could with whatever was in his pocket. EDIT: Maybe Perry Saturn when he was around would qualify? He was an Army Ranger.
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