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  1. Translation: "With Kenta Kobashi. The energy is amazing! Motivation increased. Not if you are overweight"
  2. Yeah I ain't watching that. The sample at the beginning of this is enough for me. "...an enormous door slamming in the depths of Hell." Still gets me.
  3. Comet has quite the lineup today. Creature is finishing up now followed by the immortal Squirm (which I've already DVR'd. WORMS~!), The Island of Dr. Moreau from '77 with Burt Lancaster and Michael York, Cellar Dweller, Witchboard, MOTEL HELL (fuck yes), Lemora: The Lady Dracula, and The Bat People. We'll see how much editing Motel Hell gets. It still ruled in the version I saw Joe Bob host on TNT as a kid. Lemora is supposed to be an art-house sleeper so I'm DVRing that too.
  4. Or he could have just called it The End.
  5. Watch Konnan turn it into an angle. They got perfect video of it, after all.
  6. I've seen those damn chip shops on TV but forgot all about them until now. NOW the question is, are there ads for anything similarly... damning.
  7. I've never heard them without Geoff Tate. That would be weird.
  8. So out of it he couldn't realize Sting wasn't letting him up. I love that little struggle at the last second though.
  9. Aside from the Starship Pain, Morrison looks slick as ever. Is Miz a heel again now? Speaking of mistakes, An Uso almost ate it bad on that last dive. Good tag though. The table that Sheamus flipped looked like they imported it from Japan. Good thing they didn't use it for the main. The Rocky Johnson video was classy and so was the crowd giving him the chant. The Hardees Cheddar Garlic Prime Rib Thickburger has to be the most ridiculous fast food monstrosity I've seen in a minute. (I would have to go for that Fried Egg and Prime Rib Biscuit though, they probably still do a bang-up breakfast.) Do any of you across the pond get commercials for similar shit in your own countries? Is there anything in Europe or wherever that compares to the grotesqueness of a large Meat Lover's from Pizza Hut?
  10. Sorry. I was confused with you saying "impact who implode in weeks" and Brian saying "the show is dead anyway" and thought Impact had lost their AXS deal while I wasn't looking. Just asking what was up, until I came back and re-read and realized he was talking about the New Japan show and you probably were just referencing the Tessa bullshit. Misunderstanding.
  11. I was watching Mississippi Burning and forgot Smackdown was on, so pretty much all I saw was the two table spots at the end -- but those were two really good table spots.
  12. Thank you for clearing that up, I guess I've never seen it. Sandman was probably just drunk as usual for Stairway to Hell and thus why it was okay. I had heard they did two matches and one was especially bad so I guess that's N2R... which I am gonna try and dig up ASAP. EDIT: And of course there's a total of less than two minutes of it from WWE.com floating around out there.
  13. A lost George Romero film has been found. I am gobsmacked. https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/the-amusement-park-2020
  14. AEW's been fine with introducing people cold as a dead fish so far. I'm sure somebody would start a "Shooter" chant.
  15. Them going into the crowd and the bumps they took would have been shat on from a great height. At the same time I honestly think it's a good match, even though it's a train wreck. The finish with the guy with the broken jaw getting cracked in the mouth works perfectly on a psychological level, and it seemed like nothing else was gonna bring down Sabu. The image of a destroyed Sandman standing there the picture of agony with barbed wire hanging around his head, the crowd starts to murmur and Joey just quietly goes "oh my God..." -- that is a hell of a moment. Why someone would wrestle on LSD is completely beyond me. But then, this is the same dude that had Raven fix him up with a megadose of Oxys in a gas station bathroom and then died twice from it.
  16. Just remembered Charlie Pride trying to break into Nashville. The behind-the-scenes people said "we got to get on top of this" and decided to introduce Pride to the most racist power player in the scene. They end up having a sing-off going back and forth between each other and it breaks the ice; he says that if anyone won't play with Charlie then he won't play with them either. Of course, the first time he plays the Opry the crowd goes dead silent after he walks out, then starts booing. Everyone who heard him on the radio just thought he was another white dude.
  17. We need Shooter as cannon fodder. Isn't he already on excursion?
  18. I'm not sure if this was from the Stairway to Hell match or not. I was just thinking about that the other day. It was Godzilla that Sander thought Sabu had turned into. The end of that match was one of only two times I ever saw the ECW crowd get disturbed by, the other one being Born to Be Wired.
  19. That French Catch is pretty awesome, trust me. Personally this board and Segunda are a boon for my watching. I pretty well trust the opinions of a lot of people on here and can bend my viewing according to what comes recommended. As for the TV wrestling the DVR has been better than sliced bread. My remote's fast forward is probably gonna crap out soon but hey, what can you do.
  20. I'm finally almost all the way caught up on the Country Music miniseries. There are some pretty unbelievable twists and occurrences in the lives of these artists. - Marty Stuart meets a singer at 11, swears he's gonna marry her someday, ends up doing it 25 years later. Talk about a May-December romance. - George Jones, on the outs with Tammy Wynette, gets tore up and drives in circles in his driveway over and over again. Not as good as the "going to the liquor store on his riding lawnmower" story but still quite an image. - A singer (can't remember her name) loses a son in Vietnam and then her other son shoots himself because of it. When faced with a request to come and protest the war because of what happened to her boys she says no and that if the guy ever shows up at her door again he'll be facing her .357 Magnum. Jesus... some people are just well and truly fucked. - Nixon invites Johnny Cash to play the White House. He accepts. Nixon requests a popular song disparaging people on welfare (!), Johnny plays "What Is Truth" instead. - George Strait goes to LA and ends up playing shows with the post-punk scene of the time and they name drop and show photos of the Blasters, Los Lobos, and the freakin' Gun Club! Sure didn't see that one coming. - Kris Kristofferson is a military brat who goes damn near full-bird in the Air Force along with being a big time high school athlete. He decides to be a songwriter instead and ends up a janitor at a record studio. His mother sends him a letter completely disowning him; he shows the letter to John Cash and his reply is "it's always nice to get a letter from home, isn't it?" - Willie Nelson's farm burns down. The only two things he manages to save are his guitar Trigger and a guitar case full of weed. There are a lot of moments in this that are super sad/emotional too. Vince Gill being unable to sing his eulogy song to George Jones and Reba's band of eight getting killed in a plane crash will wreck you. You've been forewarned.
  21. Yeah, I had it DVRd for awhile, but I never watched it so I just got rid of it. Lots of old matches and the talent pool didn't have anyone of note aside from Scorpio Sky. The first match I watched was charmingly inept.
  22. Sitting here with Futurama on Comedy Central in the background and a commercial for Awkwafina is Nora from Queens comes on. A commercial, mind you. Awkwafina's grandmother on the show says, uncensored, to a bank teller "Give me some of that crisp shit for my granddaughter, none of that wrinkly shit you pull out of your asshole." Boy, how times have changed. EDIT: I rather enjoyed Castlevania after it got rolling. The first episode did nothing for me but it picked up after that.
  23. MLW's ECW style presentation is probably more of interest to Showtime than NWA's old fashioned shit. They're a premium service, they can show all the blood they want.
  24. He talked about that in the infamous "Pick A Hand" shoot where he does the HBK eye imitation. Basically he said the backstage people thought he was a dumb stoner so the only things they ever gave him to say were "whatever" and "cool".
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