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  1. The ending to that match is perfect. If there's anything I want to be less in life it's either Ryo's leg and thigh and Chihiro's FACE after that legdrop into the apron.
  2. I mean beyond the tax scheme, which is extremely obvious. Like, do they have to make products non-existent for the tax scheme to work? If they don't then they probably figure they're gonna make money off the back end by withholding art and making it rarer and thus more profitable when they re-release it, like Disney keeping movies in their archives.
  3. Okay, if this is a secondary scheme to make stuff more profitable because it's rare, they need to stop immediately.
  4. She showed up as the matriarch of the whole clan in the US one. She was only in four episodes, but she showed up, died, and left them a fortune in buried methamphetamine EDIT: Oh! If I recall correctly, she was buried WITH THE METH and they had to exhume her corpse to get at it. Then there was a whole bunch of other shenanigans that of course resulted in nobody getting rich off it.
  5. Her showing up in Shameless was the shit. RIP
  6. Me and my neighbor across the street saw it when it came out and we HATED it. When you end up disappointing a pair of 14 year old kids with a video game movie then you got a problem on your hands. The only part I remember liking aside from the theme song was Scorpion's demise.
  7. RIP Gord, the one and only... Piledriver.
  8. The "gunshot to the eye" bladejob taken to its natural conclusion?
  9. WAIT. HOLD THE PHONE. This is a big deal, right?
  10. I really need to stop clicking on the fucking spoiler boxes you folks put up in these threads. If you have to spoil something maybe just don't spoil it?
  11. Note: I put a photo of Hardy Bronson there instead of Bronson Bronson because the latter said they were indistinguishable. Which says a lot.
  12. So you're telling me the guy that played this guy won a martial arts tournament? Color me unsurprised
  13. Yeah I thought she was gone for good. This is wrestling, but still. I don't see what she could bring to the table either aside from her name.
  14. That looks utterly awesome. The part where the two guys are firing .50 calibre machine guns at each other while one is in a helicopter was so fucking funny.
  15. Phew. I don't think I brought this up in here but we got hit by lightning at the house the other night during a hailstorm and it fried - a TV - Keurig coffeemaker - two Dish Network satellite hoppers - flipped the switch in the garage thus giving us a scare about the garage freezer - two lamps - and of course, drum roll please... my stereo receiver I got a new one for about $190 just now from Best Buy and despite a brief scare about the record player itself everything's working fine. The hoppers are coming to be installed today, too, so I can chop it up with all you goofballs on the Discord tonight during Grand Slam. It really makes you grateful for what you got, not just for what COULD have been nuked (our new fridge, for example? PC and laptop? My Fender combo? Front room TV?) but looking around the world at places like Puerto Rico and Pakistan, what could be running through your living room ruining everything. Sometimes it's good to get slapped down and take inventory, I suppose.
  16. Every Dethklok video counts.
  17. Should have no problem with my pick. It is an interesting one and will knock at least two notches into my list of "never seen before movie things".
  18. The Best of 1992 - The Movies That Made Me - Trailers From Hell I had a blast listening to this just now. Don't really do a lot of podcasts but this one hooked me with the film list.
  19. I was loving those Martel/Book matches. Rick getting hurt is one of the really awful career-enders that nobody ever talks about. Our boy was only 42 when that happened!
  20. Well shit, does that invalidate it for the TV poll then? In any case I'm surprised it hasn't been reviewed for SC... yet
  21. What a shitty time for Desus and Mero to have had a falling out.
  22. So they're gonna Jeopardy it until they decide. Gotcha
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