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  1. Oh WCW. You put the two worst options next to the one that actually happened on the poster. Bless your little hearts.
  2. I just turned on Huang's World on Vice and fucking Cassandro is right there on the screen. After I watched him vs. Sonny Kiss earlier today. Didn't know he lived in El Paso.
  3. Yeah I don't know what you were seeing in this one dude. We tend to really jive on our tastes but this was not one of them. For a film with such an artistic pedigree from its makers it didn't show any of that IMO; I didn't even notice that Tangerine Dream did the soundtrack. It just looked and came off like a slightly better than usual TV movie to me minus the blood (and part of that was watching it on the crappy Youtube version, I admit).
  4. So as not to clog up the Havoc thread any more
  5. Rakim would have DESTROYED those two assholes on the mic
  6. I'm in the middle of Tales of Terror right now. "Morella" was yet another Dead Body Reanimation story, dark and well done. "The Black Cat" (really "The Cask of Amontillado" as well) has Lorre and Price again doing their thing with Lorre as a drunk. This one has a reversal of the classic wine-tasting scene between Price and Basil Rathbone in Tower of London, with Price as the sober one this time. The faces Price makes during the tasting are, well, priceless. (Warning: the flashes in this gif are strobe-like)
  7. Well, if you're Dream, Theory, Riddle, or whoever else may have skeletons you at least know you have job security.
  8. Oh man, he's got to insert into his bodyguard moveset now. Just bops guys one.
  9. That's hilarious. Civilization would crumble way faster and way worse than that. ...Will? Meanwhile, how much of an asshole is this guy and his backers to not only try and make a bunch of cash by stoking people's fears while at the same time possibly exposing his cast and crew to a deadly virus?
  10. I still love both Jason X AND Freddy vs. Jason. I must've see the latter at least three times at the theater. Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter has been on Comet recently and I caught the swordfight finale. It was awesome. There is one more thing I could bring up but will have to wait...
  11. That's bullshit about Painkiller. The two albums BEFORE it (Turbo, Ram It Down) were trashed by the critics and their fanbase for being pop-oriented, and also for just generally being poor overall. Painkiller was considered a return-to-form and having more of a harder sound than they'd had in years. And then of course, Halford gave up the fight (heh) and walked from the band.
  12. That other Refn should have been a lock. You guys...
  13. In my household we had a running joke about "patted mash" after Price said that's all he could tolerate eating at the beginning of House of Usher. We laughed at that relentlessly. It's a great example of how he could take on multiple tones because you can be laughing at that and then in awe of how he makes the next line sound about how he can hear the rats scratching in the walls within the same little speech, within the same line even. What a maestro.
  14. Last thing I'm gonna say on this is: People (most, anyway) probably remember who Matt Sydal/Evan Bourne was. They're AEW fans. They're not new to this sport by any means. He doesn't have to be treated like Omega treated Sonny.
  15. Yeah Ebert definitely wasn't always right about everything... especially if he was talking about Hellbound. The big gag I remember from III was Pinhead in the column getting shot and spitting out the bullets. That's just pure Freddy shit there.
  16. Pit and House of Usher were two of the first films I ever got on VHS, so I have a great fondness for the Corman-Poe Cycle and Price films in general. My favorite has to be Masque but most all I've seen are about equal. Tomb of Ligeia tends to be the other critical favorite along with Masque but I'd have to put Pit and House above it for nostalgia value. The Raven might be better than all of them but it's a horror comedy so pretty different; Peter Lorre vamping the whole time and cracking up the cast is priceless. There's a couple I still need to see though: The Oblong Box, Premature Burial, T
  17. Bad News and Dick Murdoch teamed in Japan, if you can believe that.
  18. Especially when nobody ever kicks out of his finisher (as long as he's doing it at least)
  19. Yeah, they should go after Heather Monroe and her opponent on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood a week or two back. They're an NWA affiliate, it'd work out.
  20. He used the dreaded 'S' word. Vegas must sure be sensitive to naughty language for being a den of iniquity on parallel with Sodom and Gomorrah and all. Think of the children...
  21. I seem to remember Matt Sydal being in the business for fucking years already and also being pretty damn good.
  22. Really strong first two matches. The hoss fight was a blast. Just fuckin' great match. Sydal tightened up his stuff against Eddie and though we might've wanted more from Eddie it's nice he gave Sydal a lot. The Town Hall was decent after we got the chuckles out of the way. Eric B. from Wyoming was quite a ways from his home... What I watched of the women's match looked good. I don't give a shit about the tag feud. I didn't really care much about Cody/Orange either and pretty much ignored Omega/Penta, putting those two together in a ring is nothing I want to see. Mr. Jazz Hands
  23. Goddamn is "Teenage Riot" a stupid omission EDIT: I should have also brought up Transcendence in my metal list. The S/T might be better but I still love that album. Especially "Red Sharks".
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