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  1. I don't know what I was thinking about this band's other stuff being lackluster -- this one rips.
  2. Watch it be Orton, Edge, Christian, and Jeff Hardy. With Shane as the mouthpiece. I'm with Matt, Foley was my My Guy Win. I wasn't really watching when Benoyt and Eddie won theirs.
  3. These are some interesting looking finds from my search for the red red krovvy -- to no avail, even though Rusher's one of the participants. I'll leave 'em here instead.
  4. I posted some Sigh on the first page but here's their best album (IMO) in its entirety. They started off as a black/thrash band, primarily obsessed with Venom, but with a love for modern classical music, jazz, psychedelics, etc. evolved into one of the strangest and most intriguing bands on the planet. Every album is totally different and totally awesome.
  5. I could do an entire thread about how much I love Sabbat, and posted some of their stuff on page one, but I forgot about their ridiculously great NWOBHM side project, Metalucifer Seeing them live with a German guitar player who was the spitting image of Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap is one of the greatest musical memories I have. Singer Gezol stage-dove right on my head! Quite the experience for a 19 year old kid. I even got to talk to him in broken English and had a picture taken, which unfortunately isn't digitized, but I still have a copy of in a box somewhere. Apparently at their previous American show he was running around drunk and completely nude on the fairground the gig was at, haha. Not a surprise considering he typically wears just a thong and boots when Sabbat plays live. During our show he was wearing a denim vest completely, and I mean COMPLETELY, covered with patches -- there was not a single inch of fabric in between them.
  6. Since @ohtani's jacket got the basics pretty well covered I'll help fill in the more extreme side of Japanese metal that hasn't been covered already. There were two pretty killer thrash bands back in the '80s, Casbah and Jurassic Jade: As hardcore and metal tranformed into grindcore, one specific band became an international legend: SxOxB There are quite a few death metal bands that cropped up, starting with Necrophile and Transgressor, but my favorite of the lot are these guys who put out one killer album and some lackluster stuff after. Not metal, but I can't believe I've let this thread go this long without noting the legendary GAUZE~!!! One of my biggest musical regrets is giving away their Prank Records EP because I didn't "get" them back when I got involved in the local punk scene and picked it up at a show. GAVE IT AWAY FOR FREE. How fucking stupid can you get...
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerry_Brown It always amused me that their biggest song was them coming after an ostensibly liberal politician when Biafra had far larger fish to fry at the time -- but then reading the Wiki you see Brown could be almost as big of a piece of shit as the rest of them EDIT: And of course, lest I forget, they did change up the lyrics for good old Dutch
  8. Go-Gos was GREAT. God I love that band.
  9. Inhumanoids! And all of the MTV stuff that rules -- The Maxx, The Head, Aeon Flux, etc. That may be a little "adult" for what you're going with but still. EDIT: Crap, @JonnyLaw beat me to Inhumanoids, I just didn't see. If there's anything else I can add it has to be Voltron.
  10. Still haven't got the chance to watch this but apparently Vader bleeds hard. And the match rules too, as I remember from being a 12 year old watching it on a VHS tape rented from the gigantic selection of Broadway Video. EDIT: FUCK YES that match was soaked in Leon White's blood and it was also great for a four-way, despite the crappy rules. That's a corker. Thanks again @The Natural!
  11. I'm seeing Cage Germaning Darby into the cage too. And probably trying, and missing, a cage moonsault.
  12. This just made me think of the two of them in a cage. That would indeed be spectacular. MJF having the belt would be a great heel option.
  13. ^^^that's the spittoon-full they both polished off Bet the Briscos/North-South match was killer
  14. Talk about a heat killer. Fuck, they only had Hogan and Shieky Baby go THREE MINUTES? Guess who wanted the night off.
  15. http://dailygrindhouse.com/thewire/rip-robert-uncle-bob-martin-1948-2020/ This kinda sorta goes here. RIP EDIT: Nevermind -- he wrote the novelization of Brain Damage so he damn sure belongs here
  16. If they're making a Cassandro movie we need to know what other luchadores will be appearing.
  17. Damn. Mississippi Burning Midnight Express Angel Heart Pink Floyd - The Wall Those four alone are enough to grant you a memorial in the history books. RIP EDIT: I drank a bottle of cough syrup and put on The Wall for the first time when I was in high school. It kicked in right when this happened.
  18. Thanks! I'll see if I can find it on Dailymotion.
  19. Heyman "creative" so he got the boot. Shocking. Anywho, what was the match where Vader ended up covered in blood on that issue of Raw Magazine? Didn't Kane hit him in the face with a wrench or something? Was it even a match?
  20. Dammit, just put 'em in a spoiler tag I'll go ahead and do the Priest. They put out two albums in '78:
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