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  1. Still trying to catch up to everything this week -- it's been a rough one, and an awesome one somehow too -- but I have to say before I watch everything that Shane Taylor and Will Ospreay was, like, every single thing I love about Taylor and every single thing I hate about Ospreay. Shane tried and tried and tried but Ospreay was never not gonna kick out of HIS brutal piledriver finish and hit what until the Danielson match was HIS super-finisher. And the Kingdom geeks were out there too to watch. Man. Taylor, keep being awesome. Will... I'd say tone it down, but he can't and won't. I did catch the Edge/Brody match earlier though and that was great. Edge has completely turned the corner from his WWE days. Brody was a mess and it was glorious.
  2. In comparison to the usual horror of my personal life that I post in this thread, I have been hit up on Facebook by a woman who is not only a metalhead but worked as a wrestler (!!!) for the indie promotion CLAW, which I am totally unfamiliar with. Apparently I've met her before but due to my issues I don't recall her at all. I get the feeling this might be a good friendship, and god knows I need some support. Friendship, relationship, it doesn't matter. She seems wonderful. Wish me luck.
  3. I recall there not being a lot of Yamazaki on the '80s set. I believe I'd seen more UWFi matches of his on YouTube then, honestly. Need to go back and watch the corker he had with Fujiwara.
  4. Poor Nagata. He didn't get the memo that it's frickin' Greg Valentine and you gotta lay it in. Also: Sonny Oono (sic), inventor of the selfie!
  5. I forgot how great The Raven is. The interactions between Price, Karloff and especially Lorre are so good. Apparently he was half in the bag just riffing the whole time and everyone else had to try and keep up.
  6. Florida Man Allowed To Wield Gun In Florida
  7. That's Hat? Well, shit, everyone has a life offstage.
  8. Alright so I gotta say this here, I don't have anywhere else. I'm fuckin mad. My uncle (it's always an uncle, isn't it? If not a father? Or maybe worst of all, a mother?) is a fucking piece of shit. He went to jail for nine years for fraud. We had a private investigator call us out of the blue when they found out he was supposed to move in with us, because he sexually assaulted a 16 year old babysitter in his forties before he went to jail. I have no idea how this man had knowledge that this guy was moving in with us, but according to my parents he told us. BUT. My mom loves him. His SIX children -- three male, three female, both from different mothers, and both wives have divorced him -- will have nothing to do with him insofar as letting him live with them and support him. He is a beat to shit burning wreck of a human with non-existent hips and no teeth due to the system pulling them out instead of health care in prison. That would make me feel some sympathy (except for the fact that he's a child molester). But now this fuck, who I have told them many times "I do not want to live with this man", is harassing my mother with hang-up phone calls and text messages that I don't know what the contents of are. Her mood is shifting, to where she is talking shit about my therapist, saying said therapist hasn't done anything to help me when I know it's just her venting over her problems which she won't tell me about after I vetoed for the second time the uncle's acceptance into our household, and I have to hear about this from my father instead. So she is taking it out on me, which I told both of them, "this is gonna land on me because I won't let him in here". Jesus fucking Christ. AND. I have a Facebook friend who apparently I have seen in person but (and I haven't told her this) don't remember speaking to in person because I was fucking drunk for 20 years of social interaction coming over to look at my record collection and hang out on Thursday. The folks are going out of town on Thursday for a friend's birthday. Please let me just be able to encounter another human being sympathetic (because she's also recently going through a divorce after being beaten by her husband) with my situation. Please, Fate, or whatever. God doesn't exist, so just let something be nice to me, just this once. For. Fuck's. Sake.
  9. I looked it up and saw "deathcore" and said no thank you haha. Sorry.
  10. RIP JFA drummer Mike "Bam-Bam" Sversvold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB4ZxVBgi8U
  11. I'm not quite so sure. He managed to move into digital realms with all the CGI monster movies and stay just as cheap, sleazy, and lowest-common-denominator. If it had his name, it was an extension, and if someone is putting out 1000 Gigantic Killer Spidersharks or whatever then there is still a derivative of Roger Corman floating around out there. Hell, if there is EXPLOITATION as CINEMA there will always be Roger Corman. He is the Big Bang for all of it, alongside William Castle, and probably going back a little further the Poverty Row films. You can't bury his influence. I love Roger, so much. Not just the directorial successes, whether I've seen them or not, like The Intruders or The Trip which I've still never watched. All the Poe films, especially The Masque of the Red Death (Fall and Pit were two of the first VHS tapes I ever owned). The Wild Angels, which I own the vinyl of the soundtrack to. The St. Valentine's Day Massacre. And his productions? Death Race 2000. Humanoids from the Deep, which my parents took off my Xmas list and bought for me at the age of ten! Carnosaur, which I used my VHS copy of to allow a sampling of for a band's record one time. It's endless. He was the master.
  12. I was just coming in to post that. He had clearly lost some ability to interact but the mind was all there. By the way, the man's voice to me was always pure ASMR. I got the chills every time I heard him speak and wanted to hear him for hours. This, obviously not the same, but still.
  13. That's hilarious. "My dearest Abigail, I am returning from the front after months eating hard tack and cannot wait to sample your vittles. Alas, the War for the Georgian Territory was a lost cause, though history will record the depth of our struggle."
  14. I've actually never listened to his solo stuff, and I've even been to see Venom, Inc. live. Just one of those things I guess. Anyway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5jLEyiotec That is way more comprehensible than PAC
  15. I wonder how his "lack of confidence" period post-WCW figures into all of this.
  16. Remember the Christopher Lambert Beowulf with the giant straight-razor guillotine? That is... all I can remember about it.
  17. The Sex Before the Internet, Vice Network doc about Showgirls was real good if (or if not) that's the one you're talking about. I didn't know Glenn Plummer was in it (High-Top in Colors and the dad behind bars in Menace 2 Society).
  18. There was a 120 BPM techno version of "If You Wanna Be My Lover" by the Spice Girls on the radio at work yesterday and I thought "if I had to listen to this on a loop I would have a panic attack". It was literally making me nervous. I commented to a co-worker "I usually listen to fast music, but this?"
  19. Apropos of nothing but there was a DEAN~!!! match where someone tried an armdrag and it was just totally blocked. The guy kept trying it and the opponent just held on to the arm. Awesome, simple spot that I cant recall anyone ever doing.
  20. Awww c'mon. Abaddon is understandable. Mantas live, though...
  21. That reminds me of taking a date to see The Holy Mountain. Any other totally weird or bad choices y'all have taken dates to?
  22. In its own way... totally, haha! It definitely reminds me of the late '90s videos I'd find at Kroger in the big VHS department they fixed up in the center of the store.
  23. If he hadn't decided to take I Heard You Paint Houses as gospel and made The Irishman he could have done something based off of Russell Bufalino's life in full. I recently read The Life We Chose by his protege Billy D'Elia, which was written in response to Brandt's book and Scorcese's movie, and that would have been wildly better. Bufalino was the real "boss of bosses" behind the scenes who knew literally everyone in the US Cosa Nostra, it seems, and that would make the greatest story of all.
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