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  1. Jesus, Jazz AND Jackie were on the flight and didn't shut down any of this or even speak on it. Wrestlers are weird. EDIT: MOLLY HOLLY, NICEST PERSON IN THE WORLD was on the flight and didn't do anything? How many drinks did Hennig spike?
  2. After looking at the Insurrexion PPV card I have a big question: Undertaker was headlining with HHH on that show. So Undertaker, renowned locker room leader, wasn't called upon by JR to try and help calm down these motherfuckers? Or was he knee deep in it too?
  3. Kazarian could always start kidnapping Elite members. He should start with the Good Brothers, and send them back to Impact (or New Japan because I don't watch their new stuff) with amnesia.
  4. I meant more in Hayes doubling down on shitting on Waltman in the booking than any other punishment.
  5. I wonder if there was any repercussion from Waltman shaving off the ponytail... or if Hayes ever found out he did it then. I doubt the boys could keep their lips shut that long.
  6. You gotta take in mind Terri had just divorced Dustin, they were on the same flight, and Dustin was hammered. If they DIDN'T keep her up front then they'd be pretty much criminally negligent. She said Paul E. was up there and he probably saw to it if they didn't. Just to agree, boy did Tommy put his foot in his mouth. The flight attendant said some pretty poignant things more than once thus making him look even more tone-deaf. EDIT: Bucks being in the Kanyon episode is weird, I wonder what their connection to him is. And hey, we got Father James!
  7. Ric is probably out the CarShield commercials now, at least.
  8. I looked him up and BRAKKUS was in the Brawl for All where Savio beat him up so bad he retired from the injuries later on. Forgot all about that, even though I'm sure they talked about it on Dark Side of the Ring and I probably even watched it at the time.
  9. Hey, The Crash is back and had a show on Saturday. I bet Hijo del Vikingo vs. Black Taurus is awesome, if the first minute of it says anything.
  10. V/H/S/94 Premiering on Shudder October 6th
  11. Ha, I remember that promo but not ever seeing him show up.
  12. Really the only one that looked interesting to me is Rodrigo y Gabriela. They rule. This is gonna be a shocker but I have never heard the Black Album in full. Just never been interested.
  13. That really reminds me of Angelico doing this
  14. We're all forgetting about the legendary non-names of Stone Cold Steve Austin.
  15. Holy motherfucking fucking fuck. I just remembered (because it's on TV) that Norm was (is) Pigeon on Mike Tyson's Mysteries. And he probably was through his whole diagnosis. That is definitely food for thought. And laughs, thankfully.
  16. Which brings up Riddle and Murphy being terrible WWE names. "He's a breaker, he will take ya/destroying all around you..." - "Breaker", Accept
  17. Cassie looks pretty good for a 69 year old. She's probably held together with Silly Putty at this point.
  18. I dunno. Gene and Paul see that record then I have no doubt they'd be happy with their own Destroyer covers royalties album. This is the band that invented the Kiss Koffin, there are no depths they wouldn't plunge to. EDIT: Christ, I didn't know it was 54 tracks. That IS self-indulgent. None of the pop stars or whoever most of these people are surprise me except for OFF! I guess Keith Morris needs the money, if they get any off this. The whole thing is a fucking $50 download after all.
  19. One of them should have used "Train Kept A-Rollin". Any version.
  20. So they chose to let him have the IP of a good name and kept a bad one instead. Got it.
  21. Colbert said tonight that he wished he were as good as Norm MacDonald so he could make a joke about the death of Norm MacDonald. Can we get a consensus as how we are spelling his last name FFS? My OCD is killing me.
  22. That ESPYs intro is great just for the reaction shots alone. They pick these people that just look uncomfortable or pissed almost every time.
  23. I still have a killer pre-color hand-drawn copy of a Repo Man artwork done by Lou Rusconi on my wall. It has Harry Dean Stanton saying "Look at those assholes. Ordinary fucking people. I hate 'em." in a word bubble and Emilio Estevez pointing a pistol at his head, among other bits from the film. The print isn't online far as I can see but you can Google him and find plenty of his very NSFW artwork.
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