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  1. I dunno if I missed this last year or what, but it is indeed perfect, especially for here. https://www.cbr.com/seinfeld-raw-is-war-intro-perfect/
  2. Final Account (dir. Luke Holland) Get ready to be angry again
  3. I would have given him the Statlander Boop... and ran
  4. Obliquity is though. It is defined as "deviation from moral rectitude or sound thinking". A word for our times!
  5. Yeah. Meanwhile all I can think of is "I smashed your knee into oblidiocry"
  6. It is also not surprising that Maeda is directly aiming at the cameraman. (I think that's Maeda, anyway) So, here's the results for AAA Triplemania Regia and I'm putting them here because there's a bunch of gifs embedded after them. Watch a guy in a Mistico mask almost get hit by Dax because a fan behind him pushed him! Watch a man moonsault onto the ground onto his face! https://www.ewrestlingnews.com/results/aaa-triplemania-regia-2021-results-new-champion-crowned
  7. Natural or D.Z posted a Tweet about this elsewhere and it had a mighty clipfest, so I thought I'd watch the whole thing. Really they had a better match in them after Go came into his own a bit, but we were early here. Nevertheless Shibata and KENTA are a wrecking crew. Shibata does the Facelock and the Stretch Plum to Misawa and he keeps getting knocked off the mat; at one point he makes this sadface like "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed". He ups the stiff on the elbows and surprisingly it sounds like Shibata matches him. He also eats a world-beater of a highspot:
  8. Have to ask: Do any of you with kids that watch the comic movies also read comics? The kids, not the parents.
  9. Oooo I might have screwed up the Hayes line, was it JACK or DADDY?
  10. We talked about this in the Discord. I said he looked like either Jay White or Wade Barrett but with a regular looking nose. Everybody else said you watch him and he's so generic that memory fades from view, basically.
  11. This reminded me of Michael Hayes saying "When the cream comes off, the hair comes off, JACK!" Probably his best line ever.
  12. Impact is at its best when it goes for the goofy. They had an angle with Su Yung recently where she split personalities/characters and became both a hot businesswoman (Susan) and a hot innocent naive wrestler (Suzy) along with hot ghost/zombie/onryo/whatever. And don't get me started on the hilarity of Wrestle House and Swinger's Palace. Or WRESTLE COURT! Boy, having Dreamer judge a trial on Joey Ryan won't age well. EDIT: Okay, I'll just say it. Suzy was a little girl persona but it felt weird to write "hot little girl". Think Alexa Bliss in the overalls and ponytails and you'll get my drift.
  13. I'll harp on this again: how you don't sign a woman who had a match as good as the one with Meiko Satomura is beyond me.
  14. Just saw a VHS copy of this at work last night! It low-key might be my favorite Mel Brooks film, and that's standing in some pretty tall cotton. (Okay, it's no Young Frankenstein, but I love it. I also liked Dracula Dead and Loving It so I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer) Anyway, I want Miro to just come back and decimate Sammy. Then come for Danielson.
  15. I just got a vinyl copy (Die Hard Edition, two gold colored discs with a pin of a frog-samurai and a sticker and poster) of my favorite Sabbat record. Just incredible stuff. EDIT: Oh and the fourth side is an etching! So really deluxe.
  16. Boy I sure don't remember the Bunny or Luchasaurus in Impact. If I had seen Kevin Sullivan show up I would have marked out big time. And the FREDDY GLOVE~!
  17. Nese looks and wrestles like an ROH Create-A-Wrestler. Nice abs though. God that Tiger Driver looked better than any single one Misawa ever hit. The end of the match was great. Black's DT shaking hands, PAC blading the eye, Dax wearing the mask backward, all perfect.
  18. Friedkin Uncut was pretty good. I forgot he did Bug and Cruising, and even Killer Joe. If he had only done those three films it would have been an impressive enough career, I'd say. As far as the man himself lets say he doesn't mince words.
  19. That was just fantastic. I really hope @Phil Schneidergets the Dustin book off the ground, or at least some more podcasts. It's hard keeping up with these given my schedule and interests but something like that really makes life a treasure.
  20. Hey, Go is back! Let's go back to when he was a whipping post for the big boys. Tenryu decides, in lieu of doing like everybody nowadays and getting hardway chest blood or just ending up bruised to shit, he was gonna take the easy way out and blade his titty. There is an unspoken (until now) thread rule that if you get blood on someone else, it can go in this thread. So this goes here.
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