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  1. I think they made what they could out of the MJF/Regal angle - it was consistent with MJF's motivations and character, it set up three new programs and possibly wrote off Regal all together. They just shouldn't have put themselves in the position to begin with. I just didn't get why he kept trying to bait Regal with mentioning HHH, and fake wrestler Bryan Danielson seemingly to try and incite a reaction from him that went nowhere. Why did Regal look miserable and unhappy the whole segment.
  2. With that many head injuries, I'd be surprised if he wasn't.
  3. I think the question isn't quite accurate as Hogan left the AWA of his own accord because Verne fucked him on t-shirt money and the title run. If Hogan goes to Japan full time, or Crockett instead, it probably delays the inevitable arrival. If he stays with Verne - it probably just means that Vince continues to actively raid the AWA post the initial poaching of Heenan, Ventura, Okerlund and Hogan instead of just passively allowing him to rot/fucking him on the TV syndication markets instead. It's probably worth noting that Hogan wrestled his last AWA date on 14/11/83. He's working shows for Vince a month later, and is WWF champion barely two months later. New York worked around Hogan's availability and want to leave Verne, rather than Hogan being right place right time. The most likely outcome here is that the Sheik either gets a longer run with it, or he exchanges it back and forth with one of the other mentioned guys before Hogan eventually takes it maybe a year later?
  4. I'm going to assume it's Fed Square which is where I am right now. Dire need of coffee. Hopefully Poland can park the bus against Argentina and set up a more favourable round of 16
  5. Harry Souttar is getting paid after this World Cup. Been amazing.
  6. Resting the entire starting line up is the most French thing ever.
  7. A groin pull the likes you've never seen before in your life?
  8. I've absolutely Tony Khan'd this. I mean, I know I'm booking Lou Thesz over Ruckus after reversing a standing SSP into a Lou Thesz Press, meeting Nick Gage in the next round after he overcomes 25 minutes of stalling to finally hack into his forehead with a pizza cutter and the ref stopping for blood loss setting up a glorious second round of Lou Thesz becoming acquainted with light tubes. I don't really know where the second half of the bracket goes. I'm thinking Rey squashes Brody, but then from there, can Omega get Haystacks Calhoun up for the One Winged Angel?
  9. Lou Thesz vs Ruckus Nick Bockwinkel vs Nick Gage Bruiser Brody vs Rey Mysterio Haystacks Calhoun vs Kenny Omega
  10. Is this guy doing a Fake Sting/Bizarro Natural gimmick? Rather than re-share your tweets that literally no-one else reads, lean into the gimmick and post a really unstructured list about why you hate Bryan Danielson, and why Penta doesn't taunt enough.
  11. What is with the constant threads being filled up with what some guy on Twitter 3:16 has to say?
  12. I think we've spoken about having Survivor Series main event be for #30 in the Rumble before. Would a double chance in the Rumble stipulation work? Have a multi man match on the December PPV - winner gets entry #3 and #29. Have him use his first spot as a very cautious, conservative spot, looking to pick his spots, only to end up deciding to kamikaze a guy he didn't like out of the Rumble with a cactus clothesline or something. Gets beaten down on the ramp on the way out. Comes out in bad shape for 29 and is easy pickings. Sets up an easy feud for low card Mania.
  13. Why would Harry Kane do this to the Dark Order?
  14. Penta I dislike the presentation of - Abrahantes is awful - the stuff with Spooky Penta/Alex was dumb, the bouncing around from heel to face, losing clean in the same midcard match every couple weeks, the inability to put together a coherent match - the criticisms of Adam Page for this are much greater, yet Penta just seems to work taunts and pointless arm work around Fenix's high spots. They don't seem to grasp the concept of getting heat in a straight up tag match, as the tag rules are never adhered to, no-one sells and its just dives spammed in - which works great in scenarios like the cage match with the Bucks where you expect it, but in throwaway tag matches on TV every week it detracts from the spectacle. Also very tired of the same "oh no they took his mask off so he lost" finish happening multiple times a month (also a Preston Vance thing). Ethan Page there's just nothing particularly interesting about him. There's nothing offensive about him in-ring (although the constant super-finishes with the avalanche Ego's Edge probably needs some discussion), but he's just a bland character that they just put in angles/teams that he doesn't have a compelling enough personality to buy into. Men of the Year were a perfectly inoffensive lower card tag act, but seemed massively out of place in the ATT angle, and doesn't really seem the right fit for The Firm or that he's now possibly the top contender. Isn't charismatic enough to be a face, too many guys doing the same heel schtique, and I don't think the way he wrestles gets him enough heat to make him seem credible. I think I said poor Shawn Spears, but in hindsight, poor Bobby Roode is probably more realistic. I think there's potential for him with the right tag partner to find his niche in that division?
  15. Blind Customer Regal: "I want to return this parrot. It's clearly dead!" Shopkeeper MJF: "you know who else is dead? Brian Pillman, Owen Hart and Brodie Lee!" *cue reluctant forced applause from the 1998 ECW crowd*
  16. Yes, but the question was how you felt about your relationship with your mother.
  17. Would arguably make the most sense. That's not to say I don't want a 90 minute explanation of Regal assisting MJF with his Ancestry.com results and turns out he was the grandson of Big Daddy, which leads to a few months of Big Daddy Friedman rediscovering his British roots on top of the card doing World of Sport tag matches, and a response to critics of his promo style being given re-takes of The Young Ones or Monty Python sketches instead.
  18. I could get behind that concept. Dominant face champion like a Wardlow vs a low ranked guy in a best of 7 series. Wardlow wins the first 3 all in squash matches. Then next credible contender emerges and issues a challenge. Costs him match 4 by DQ and then 5 by countout. Heel then talks about how in two weeks time he's taking the belt in his home town. So Wardlow deliberately loses match 6 to ensure it goes to a 7th match and the other heel doesn't get the shot in his home town. Have a stip that any match 7 is held in a cage for definitive conclusions or whatever. Play up that he's getting that additional insurance too. Then squashes the other guy in match 7 because why not.
  19. My biggest issue with the main event finish is that it requires a huge suspension of disbelief: - MJF pulls the referee into Moxley's path and the ref is down. MJF has the Diamond Ring. - Regal forces him to take it off. - MJF throws down the ring, then flips off Regal. We have a second ref. Moxley with a sleeper and he accidentally knocks down the second ref. - Mox goes for the bulldog choke. MJF taps, but there is no referee. - Regal sells his soul to the devil and hands MJF the brass knuckles. It's a good thing that Mox hit the second ref by mistake. And that the ref didn't see or hear MJF tapping. Or that Regal only gave him the knuckles later on. This elaborate foolproof plan that goes on for months, and it goes to shit because they tried to be too cute about it.
  20. "...as performed by Kansas (the band which formed in 1973 and also performed the song Dust In The Wind, not to be confused with the Midwestern state of the same name which once hosted a Bobby Jaggers squash match, losing to Jim Neidhart at the Expocenter in October of 1989. Jim Neidhart was not in any incarnation of the band Kansas to be clear."
  21. Anywaaaaayyyyy... I'm more interested to see what route they take to get to Britt vs Jaymie. I was kinda hoping that after that finish, Jaymie curbstomps Britt into next week, you get the Britt face turn hinted at last week and an all time justified heel turn given Britts actions at Forbidden Door. Now, I just expect Britt to continue unnecessarily interfering in her matches and helping her win against inferior opposition like Sky Blue, Rocking Robin, Leilani Kai Junior or whatever until Jaymie has enough of it. I think Hayter should to be the heel here, justifiably or otherwise in character motivations as its something different after two consecutive dominant babyface title runs.
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