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  1. https://deadspin.com/cody-rhodes-needs-to-f-off-more-than-anyone-has-ever-1846840933?utm_campaign=Deadspin&utm_content=1620340205&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_source=facebook Amen brother.
  2. Scorpio Sky calling Sting "Steve" continues the go-away heat with me.
  3. Can we talk about that stupid Arn Anderson getting ejected spot? Was it deliberate to troll the online commentary around their refusal to ever DQ anyone or make the rules seem relevant?
  4. Yeah, I don't think Cody bleeding (nor the close ups after) was an accident. What a dick.
  5. You could say Hogan was a pioneering feminist.
  6. I suppose in that instance, they could have had Kane come out, do the double chokeslam spot on both guys (call back to Taker doing it to both guys), somehow winning the title amongst it all. Have Kane beat Taker at the Rumble, do the casket burning stuff, and build Austin up to take the title from the unbeatable monster, while you maybe do a DX split in the background, or have them feud with Owen longer than it did?
  7. Yeah agreed. My view of it was that Diesel was unsalvageable as a traditional face of the company champ and the best outcome was building him up to be knocked off by Shawn or Bret, and hopefully an even bigger run with the title once he turned heel, as was the case with Roman.
  8. I'd go Diesel vs Razor at the Rumble - champ vs champ. The only guy he didn't beat at Survivor Series. Diesel wins after Shawn goes to superkick him, misses again and hits Razor instead. Luger wins the Rumble after Razor returns the favour to Shawn. WM XI Razor/Shawn ladder rematch. Diesel/Luger. Luger turns in the build up to Mania, puts Bret on the shelf again after his return from Survivor Series injury. Shawn wins at Mania. Diesel beats Luger. Davey Boy turns on Diesel night after Mania. Feuds with the Allied Powers interchangeably thru the initial IYHs while Shawn accuses Diesel of ducking his challenges. Shawn wins KOTR and gets his shot at Summerslam. Diesel and Bam Bam beat Luger and Bulldog in the main. Bret has his first match since Survivor Series and beats Lawler/challenges Luger for Summerslam. Summerslam headlined by Shawn/Diesel, Bret/Luger. Diesel retains, Bret goes over Luger. Luger and Bulldog beat down Shawn afterwards for the face turn. Forfeits the IC title. If Luger jumps to WCW, you replace him with Sid or Mabel at this point. Otherwise, Diesel drops title to Bret as scheduled.
  9. I don't think it works as well for either party. A lot of the programming was counter-programming to what the other promotion was putting on at that very minute. The urgency to make every minute count, burn through your cache of dream matches/surprise returns/big announcements etc just isn't there, and you end up with squash matches, replays from syndicated TV, promotions for local house shows as normal.
  10. I dont understand the kayfabe reasoning or logic why a top babyface would go on the Kings Court or a similar heel hosted talk show. Or why the heel would want to have them as a guest rather than their friends, unless there's an obvious ambush. It still continues to this day and it bugs me.
  11. No Rock = Shawn comes back earlier than he does/people turn a blind eye to how fucked up he was at the time.
  12. Agreed. Backlund/Bret rematch at the Rumble signed. No sign of Bret leading up to the PPV. Uncertainty whether he can compete. Confirmed no good by doctors on the go home show. Mystery contender leading up to the show. Nash wins it from there despite the same fuckery interference attempts. As Nash has said. Title reign doomed having his first defence against Bret where its hardly 50/50 crowd and a fuck finish
  13. Correct weight on both of them. Instead of Undertaker vs Undertaker just have Yokozuna vs Luger. Cornette and Fuji try to pull similar trick of multiple guys coming out to run interference, stopped by a returning Undertaker. Luger gets the pin, sets up your return casket match at Survivor Series.
  14. The post Mania promos where Diesel is constantly referred to as The Big D, and Bret Hart is going to get it seem...odd in hindsight.
  15. Luger and Yokozuna's post Mania 10 programs both get screwed over as Hennig bails and Tenta goes to WCW. Not sure why they didn't give Lex his heat back by winning a nothing match at Summerslam, given Yokozuna didn't have a match and spent the summer in a nothing program with Typhoon instead.
  16. Still working my way through to KOTR 94. So many stop start programs. Luger and Perfect a throwback to Mania 9. Lawler and Hart on and off from KOTR 93. Earthquake and Yokozuna started at Rumble 93 and then randomly resumes after Wrestlemania. Earthquake wins definitively and then jumps to WCW? Tatanka and Doink vs Bigelow and Jarrett seem to be interchangeable and never ending with no real start or end. Throw in Razor and Shawn ongoing since mid 93, Bret and Owen since the Survivor Series, credit to them for at least showing uncharacteristic commitment to long term storytelling
  17. That's a really cool idea. Logical way to further his split from Team Taz too.
  18. "We want it ASAP" "No, not on Dark. Dynamite will do".
  19. I was just trawling through my inbox and I found this. I have no idea what the context was, but fuck it made me laugh.
  20. I think the interesting part here is that the original Survivor Series 92 main event stays as planned. Does Perfect still turn face? Does Flair stay? If Warrior stays, wasn't there talk that he'd put over Bret at the Rumble? Assuming he ends up bailing or doesn't do it, does that give Bret more cache to stick to his guns when Hogan tries doing the same later in the year? Is Savage still pushed to the backburner so quickly?
  21. I always used to pop big whenever every single subject, no matter how obscure, niche, acute it may have been, he always managed to bring it back to his younger days doing all sorts of coke and booze. It was an amazing talent and the stories were fucking wild. I'll absolutely miss it.
  22. Ah fuck. He was a character. A guy from a different time that went out of his way to try and better understand the views of different generations on here as much as he was tremendous at putting his hand up and admitting fault when he'd said something that upset someone. His stories will be missed.
  23. Enjoyable show. Page/Sky have go away heat with me. Not sure its who I would have had Sting give the rub to but hey we'll see where it goes I guess. Are they telegraphing the finish to Blood and Guts being a repeat of WW91 with Sammy as Pillman and Wardlow as Sid? Looking forward 5o it. Great promos all round. Dax's especially. Feel like the time is right to inject Cody into the Elite stuff. Think best way would be having him accidentally cost the Bucks the tag titles to Comoroto and Agogo....mostly because I want that tag team wrecking everyone, and I want the Elite stuff in one neat little fast forward package. Interested to see where the Cage and Page stuff goes next week. I hope it's Cage and Page vs Cage and Page.
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