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  1. Rovert is still around? I thought he got discredited numerous times a few years ago.
  2. It’s probably been said but- The Bucks and Kenny won the newest belts in the company (in a match that should’ve been placed as co-main) and weren’t part of the media scrum? Doesn’t make sense to me. EDIT; the only positive for Tony out of this is that on a weekend that WWE put on a great blockbuster of a show, everyone is talking AEW.
  3. Tony Khan is such a fucking dork sitting there watching Punk rip a good portion of his roster. Papa H or Vince would pulled the plug 30 seconds into that scrum. Of course this is all null and void if Punk comes out Wednesday and continues this as a character…..
  4. It was the perfect wrap up to a series that is an all-timer. I didn’t expect Bob Odenkirk shooting finger guns at a camera to have me crying but I'm so very glad it did. What a ride.
  5. I would normally trust the process given that Gilligan, Gould etc have given us some of the best episodes of tv we’ll ever see BUT there’s literally nothing to play with for the final two episodes, everything that has to be done is done. Whatever happens to Gene is irrelevant.
  6. Not 2022 TV but just finished bingeing Mr Inbetween and I can easily say it’s in my top 5 shows of all time. The characters stuck with me big time, the relationship between Ray and his daughter, the way the show lets you “fill in the gap” for certain storylines,Gaz,Dave!,these are just a few reasons but I could honestly go on and on about how I love this show. I really hope they decide to go back just for a once off feature episode. S1E6, S2E9 and S3E1 are up there with the best episodes of tv of all time for me.
  7. Great episode. Absolutely heartbreaking. To be honest that could’ve been the finale and I’d have no problems with it.
  8. The Bear was a great great season of tv. Won’t say I loved it from the get go, I was probably the same as @Greggulatorin that it took me most of the first episode to warm up to it but when I did I didn’t want to give it up. Man what an experience, I loved every single bit of it bar the reveal at the end but I accept it. Some tidbits; Richie is a jerk, but he’s your jerk. Every character is so well cast. The character/casting of Mikey is probably the one that stuck with me and he’s only on screen for 5(?) minutes. Episode 7 is great but Carms monologue the next episode is on par if not better. I get why people may not like the reveal at the end of the season but lesser shows get away with a lot more so it gets a pass from me. I’m torn between wanting more seasons of this and thinking that it should’ve been a perfect one and done season of television. Can they capture the magic for another season or two?
  9. I have spent all last week standing my ground saying I wasn’t buying this show but you fuckers have made me change my mind.
  10. I loved every second of the finale. I’m not a Star Wars expert and don’t know the lore and all that but what I know and what I could understand made every episode bar 4 very very enjoyable. Those who are experts and super-fans may have quibbles with it and that’s fine. The Vader/Obi Wan duel and everything around it is one of my favourite scenes from anything ever.
  11. Started this yesterday and really enjoying it even though some of the dialogue is god awful.
  12. “gladhanded nonsensical douchebag yes-men like John Laurinitis…….”
  13. Hopefully Jeff gets the help he needs. Chances he was under the influence for the Double or Nothing tag and they covered it up?
  14. Son of Ice Cube: “Under no circumstances will I help you. Absolutely not.” Obi-Wan: Son of Ice Cube: “You sonofabitch, I’m in!”
  15. Cody is tough as nails for doing it but it reeks of doing it for respect from “da boys in the back” which is remnants from a long gone era. I can only imagine Vince putting him on a pedestal “some people walk out on shows, Cody does this,pal”.
  16. I haven’t read most of the thread but of MJF wants to go then leave him go, there’s like 10-15 guys on the AEW roster that deserve a big time push instead of him.
  17. That was actually real?? I thought it was a meme on Twitter. Holy shit.
  18. Barry is super super dark this year. Tokyo Vice shit the bed half way through episode 7. Pity.
  19. I think Punk wins by some sort of shenanigans, not exactly a heel turn but something subtle that ends nice guy Punk for a while. Then have him and MJF avoid each other until Revolution and Max goes over. That or Kenta costs Punk.
  20. Give me Okada at Forbidden Door, give me full on Rainmaker entrance. Give me Okada just drop-kicking fools beautifully. Give me Okada telling someone like Fish or O Reilly they should be on 205 Live (like he did Scu*rl). Give me Okada at the end of the show with a big showdown with someone to set up his next appearance.
  21. Big fan of Tokyo Vice, watched the first 4 episodes and really enjoying it. Ya there’s a few nitpicks like Elgorts character, pacing and the waitress subplot but it looks SO good and feels like nothing I’ve seen before.
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