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  1. AEW Adam Cole > NXT Adam Cole
  2. I won’t lie, for some reason the room got a little dusty when the bell rang for Omega/Dragon, crowd goes insane before anything happens and Danielson had the biggest smile on his face. Pro f’n wrestling ladies and gents.
  3. Ya Chioda just came across and a guy who didn’t wanna grow up. Flair (in my opinion) has always been one of the biggest pieces of shit in the business so none of this really surprises me. Dreamers comments were a surprise to me but I guess I never cared too much about him to listen to him before.
  4. I can not wait for next week. Give me full on ROH style dickhead Bryan Danielson, give me fish hooks and spitting in peoples mouth, “I have til FIVE referee”, give me elbows to the head, surfboardin and cattle mutilatin’ Bryan Danielson.
  5. The tag match was fucking incredible. A bit over spotfesty for my liking at times but overall just a great match. The eruption from the crowd after it seemed sure the Bucks would win right up until the end was something else. Imagine a WWE tag title match these days feeling THAT important, they’ve probably done it in the past with the old NXT or The Shield or now that I think of it the Usos/New Day but no way they could achieve anything like that the way the shows are booked now.
  6. Random thoughts- Adam Cole looks re-energised. Danielson definitely teared up when he exited the tunnel. Was Suzuki’s appearance a legit surprise for Mox? Genuinely looked like he didn’t know. So many potential match ups. This reminds me of the Raw after WM30 when Bryan and The Shield closed out the show and felt like a huge breath of fresh air. Multipled by about 10. I will lose my shit if Okada shows up at some stage. Again, Rampage needs to get another hour. So much talent to use.
  7. I’ve skipped a lot of this thread due to all the Twitter links being posted so forgive me if it’s been said- Rampage has to go to 2hours soon right? Otherwise guys and gals on that roster are going to be pissed.
  8. Ordered on Fite app but probably won’t be able to watch until the morning (Irish time). Wild predictions- Punk/Darby goes first, Hangman costs the Bucks the title.
  9. I honestly don’t get what people see in Becky, she has the one of corniest gimmicks and promos in the company so last nights shenanigans doesn’t sit right with me one bit.
  10. Frank was next to him without makeup I think. If I recall correctly Lesnar douche is an investment banker with loads of cash or something?
  11. This is exactly how I feel- it may sound corny but Punk,his promos and him generally just being him got me through some dark times during 2011-2013. Seeing him happy and genuinely enthusiastic about wrestling again is great for all involved.
  12. Seeing that dork Brock Lesnar Guy or whatever his fucking name is and frank the clown almost ruined it for me. Almost. Great to see Punk back, he looks rejuvenated.
  13. Is there going to be a major announcement as well as Punk tonight? Kind of feels like there will be.
  14. AEW has such a stacked roster at the minute, then you add in Punk and Dragon. THEN you add in whoever’s coming from Impact and New Japan, can Bray, Cole or Flair add anything that’s not already there? I feel once Danielson is in they should shut the door for a while.
  15. It’s a great problem to have but I can imagine that Tony Khan and co. are having a hard time trying to figure how to fit 2 major debuts AND build towards a PPV in the space of a month. If only Punk and Cabana were still buds Colt could come out next week and say something like “my pal from Chicago says he’ll see you in the ring August 20th blah blah blah” but I have no idea how they can continue the wink-wink nudge-nudge game without name dropping him this Wednesday or the following. EDIT; I also think if they do announce Punk beforehand then we definitely get a surprise Danielson run-in at All Out
  16. Think I read somewhere that they are all 80 mins long.
  17. Roman + live crowds =$$$ Balor looked like he was dealing with a 2 day hangover
  18. For some reason Cena high fiving the cameraman gave me the feels. Great pop, great moment.
  19. Does anyone know of anywhere to watch The Kings documentary? We don’t have it over here yet
  20. Vince comes off as the ultimate scumbag asking the drugs question. Did Austin go to the funeral? I’m sure he did but the way Brian’s sister said not many wrestlers turned up had me wondering.
  21. Part 1 was excellent, can’t wait for part 2. Meltzer is talking about right?
  22. 1. Was the main event not supposed to be a cage match? 2. Is every thread just double posts and Twitter links these days?
  23. I loosely pay attention these days but i watched a good bit of the build up and some of Mania. Roman reminds me of Okada a few years ago when he was head and shoulders above anyone in wrestling, just leave him continue smash dudes and cut killer promos for at least another 6 months.
  24. Unhinged Daniel Bryan was great to see. If there was a crowd I’m sure the place would’ve went wild. I want 2005 Bryan Danielson hooking fools in the Cattle-Mutilation and spitting in their mouths.
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