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  1. I feel the same way about Brets first WWF title win. I get you want to have the fans think they have to attend the House shows but I think it hurts to have a person's first title win on an untelevised Event. Especially when they are new to the main event slot. Borga at the least wouldve gotten a top of the card feud with Taker. Bret would've had some good matches with him too. I remember really thinking Vladimir Koslov initial push was dope because it reminded me of Borga. It was cool to see a foreign monster heel come in and Squash people every week till they built him up for the champ. It was nice too see 80s style booking in 2008 WWE. If Jeff Hardy wasn't finally getting his championship run which it definitely was his till considering he was the most over guy at that time Koslov would have gotten an actual program with the Champion
  2. Wow , I didn't even know he still worked house shows. I know we got his schedule reduced with his new deal. I assumed he was on Brocks Schedule. That's so cool
  3. I've been listening to Regals podcast lately and I see why he was such a big part of WWEs developmental system. Just hearing him speak on his views of wrestling and just his experiences coming up in the UK. I don't have a ton of time to watch wrestling like I'd like but I've been searching youtube watching David Finlay, Clive Myers and Fuji Yamada matches. I love to hear him talk about British Wrestling, if you are a current wrestler ,his podcast is definitely a must listen. Just him being in that AEW locker room is worth him being on the payroll. I could just listen to his pre WWE days for the rest of the time he has this podcast lol.
  4. Well, if this is still the case Hunter is in charge of the Creative Direction as a whole so why wouldn't Hunter just front line the more experienced talent to the main roster anyway. It's not like they are competing directly with NXT anymore and it's not like he has to get these guys over with Vince anymore. If he has a guy that has already been killing it in say New Japan or Mexico or the indies why not just bring them to Raw or Smackdown anyway. Let NXT continue to be developmental. That was a problem, having guys like Cole and Gargano waste 5 years in NXT. Cole would still be around if he had been called up before he left, granted he probably wouldn't have gotten a proper push till Hunter took over but still. I saw people laughing at Bobby Fish on Twitter because supposedly he tried to get O'Reilly and Cole to go with him back to WWE. It makes sense for multiple reasons one because Hunter is a big advocate for Cole especially and two because I'm sure he knows they most likely wouldn't consider hiring him back without the other 2
  5. Is he in creative for NXT or Main Roster, I know Katz returned a week or so ago assigned to NXT.
  6. Me neither, but I still think it was a mistake to put the title on him, at least as soon as he did. I know as far as the injuries they were like freak accidents but regardless. Hangman should have headlined a few more PPVs as champ. I'm obviously happy for Mox, he's like the Bret Hart of AEW, you can't go wrong with him as Champion and even if he isn't your first choice , he goes out and reminds you why he should've been. Saraya has that presence that not the other Women have in AEW except Jade. Even if you never seen he before, you can tell she's a big deal.
  7. I'm watching MJF on Ariel Helwani's MMA hour and I watch his interview on the Rasslin podcast and MJF is at staying in character and keeping kayfabe with out coming across as lame. I definitely agree with you AEW goes too inside baseball when it comes to the inner workings of the company. MJF seems very happy with being in AEW , he put over a ton of other guys in the company even Tony Kahn. I know alot of critics have a problem with him burying the company on tv and alot of people question the idea of having your top heel burying you and your company but he seems to be very much a team player for now. A year and a half is a long time in Wrestling so it will be interesting to see if he stays. I like how he does not let people behind the curtain alot like Roddy Piper
  8. I remember watching when he came in in '86 he was massive but he wasn't as bloated as he got months later. I remember enjoying his Squash matches on those early WWF Challenge and Superstars episodes he was more mobile. Most of Dino Bravo I seen was his singles run after he was apart of the New Dream Team with Valentine. He and Valentine weren't a good team anyway. I remember thinking Bravo could have atleast had a good run against Hogan very early in his run in WWF before he got ridiculously roided up. I remember thinking about wanting to watch Bravos work in Montreal before he came in. He's got a reputation for being a terrible worker based off his WWF run
  9. I thought a Broadway was a Draw in General, never knew it was an hour
  10. I think TK rushed to turn Punk into giving CM Punk as the 94-96 Bret Hart of his company early this year. I figured TK would refrain from putting the World title before their first year mainly to avoid criticism of him being called money mark. I not saying it wouldn't have gotten the far if they kept the title on Hangman Page a little longer and put over someone else instead but I'm sure it didn't help things. Punk wanted to be what Terry Funk was to ECW but that responsibility also means being the locker room morale healthy as best as you can. As much of a "Man Crush" Vince McMahon had over Shawn Michaels in 96/97, I feel TK has the same level of reverence for CM Punk and the Elite. It's going to be interesting to me to see who goes because I don't see TK letting any of them go right now unless he is forced to legally. He sat next to Punk as he buried his own promotion and his feelings looked so hurt. I could see him moving Punk a ND his supporters to RIng of Honor and leave the Elite on AEW if he is able to get them on TV or he could make Rampage into and ROH show.
  11. If it's a work, then work me then. They are professional wrestlers let them have me question whether or not this is a shoot.
  12. I didn't see the PPV but it's a shame that show outside of the main event is going to be overshadowed by the backstage drama. Hearing Jericho speak about how he enjoyed the match and not going over the match beforehand and winging it out there makes me want to see that the most. Reading about Ace Steele in that backstage altercation right after I just watched a clip from Rene Duprees podcast with Masada , Paul London and Rene talking about how much of a politician CM Punk is and how he was really a coward when it came time confront people, it seems Punk is the common denominator most likely. I can see with Punk having legit MMA training now at this point in his life he probably believes he is a legit tough guy compared to most guys today who don't even bother to have that reputation and because Punk considers himself a student of the Old school Era because he got to be around Harley and work and share a locker room with Tracy Smothers and Terry Funk and people like that.
  13. If it is a big constructed work, I hope they make money. I don't see how it would draw in any new fans besides internet wrestling fans that aren't already watching AEW. It's crazy that WWE has what people would consider one of their biggest changes with Vince resigning and the negative press and the internal regime changes and their business hasn't declined. I don't think either company is doing anything that will bring in new fans, atleast right now. If anything with Hunter seemingly truly in charge of creative and bringing in talent, WWE would be way more appealing to most AEW talent if they feel unhappy. If it's all work, I don't think you want to create the perception of an unhappy locker room
  14. I know alot of people are going to say there's no real change based off McIntyre not ending the show as Champ but it's probably more of a case of what they have planned for Mania as far as who's going to Dethrone Reigns. It's not a case of having the Heel go over the hometown (Content) challenger for heat like Vince did. I would've liked if atleast Sheamus had went over but no real complaints. I really liked the 6 woman tag and Rollins vs Riddle too. It was good to see it start out with them trading blows because WWE has had alot of personal feuds where guys start out with a lockup or start out trading holds. It bugs me and to me I'm looking for Hunter moving away from some of Vinces tropes that even promotions outside of WWE have taken on in the past 20 years or so. Same thing I've looked for in AEW and they have. Get away from some of the same wrestling tropes that Vince and even all the way back to Russo that is tired
  15. Yeah, he's behind on his Dragons Gate viewing. I wonder who is his William Regal, his guy who keeps up with outside WWE talent on the indies and overseas
  16. It's kinda like the RK-Bro thing where you know they going to turn on him but you want them to draw it out longer so we can get more of these moments. Roman has been great in these back stage segments since being heel but I image he gets to even more himself without Vince back there. I wonder if Naomi would have had a better chance being aligned with the Uso's with Hunter running things. Because the story of Sasha and Naomi walking out is such a huge story that's way bigger than their history in the ring, if they do come back at the same time it's pretty much certainly they'll come in as a team but I think it would benefit Noami the most if she was in the Bloodline as the only female and it would put more steam behind her as a singles and she can move away from alot of her dancing offense and become more serious.
  17. I saw the clip on Loomis and Hartwell from NXT and that was a big piece of evidence of a new Regime. Actual closer to an angle from months and months ago. I hope Hunter is in favor of not bringing in Part timers. I'm sure they'll be exceptions like if Rock wanted to do another match. It would be hard to believe that if Hunter never had his heart incident that he wouldn't try to book himself in a match or 2 again with him being seemingly the head booker. They needed to move away from these Attitude Era guys getting paydays on these Mania shows and these Saudi show a long time ago.
  18. My first on WWF DVD was ECW Hardcore Revolution by Pioneer Entertainment. I was only exposed to ECW during the TNN Era so I finally got to earlier ECW , most of it was 95/96 , it was mostly like a before they were stars type DVD featuring Benoit, Malenko , Rey ,Juvi and showing Austin and Pillman promos too. For a non WWF DVD it was really well put together. To bad those other companies ECW had partnerships with wasn't as invested in ECW as Pioneer was because they did a good job.
  19. Some people see the Polka dots as a burial, others say it wasn't including Cody. People do seem to forget that he wore his regular tights towards the end of his run. I'm not sure if it's so much Jedi Mind trick or just most of guys being marks for the business or just intimidated by him being the boss.
  20. I liked the Hell's Gate, I wish he wasn't doing the Dragon Sleeper because Ultimo wasn't using it when he came in to WWE and I didn't realize until now that's the reason why.
  21. I'm a fan of Roman and I'm loving his heel run, Bell to Bell he brings it. I just didn't see the point of them giving him both top men's singles titles, especially with him not being on the road as much. I wonder if those titles are officially unified or is he holding 2 belts but yes I'd like for them to go all the way with Drew and get the WWE title back at the UK PPV. I hope WWE gets rid of guys losing in their hometown just because. Not saying notable wrestlers shouldn't every lose in their hometown but Vince did it to humble or humiliate a guy. It's something that went on all the way in the '80s
  22. I'd go with Drew, give him his Davey Boy SummerSlam 92 Moment and have him end the UK PPV with the WWE title. I'm sure they'll have a classic. Then like Drew continue as the top Champ of Raw
  23. I was kinda expecting some over produced stunt show shenanigans like gimmicked explosions you tend to get in Last Man Stand matches and stuff so I was fine with the tractor. It didn't get hoaky to where it took me out of it. You did see some blood hard way toward the end too. The match itself was good and told a great story. The Street Profits vs Usos was good too, I was expecting Profits to win tonight so I was shocked they lost but the way the commentators were hyping Tez Ford I expect him to turn heel on Dawkins or vice versa soon. Bianca vs Becky was fun too. Actually every match was fine tonight like the last PPV. The last 2 PPVs have been decent so I can't really judge Hunter as the head of creative till a few more weeks of TV which I don't watch anyway. They need to get one of the world titles off Roman so a Raw guy can have it main title though,it'll make it easier to build up Raw if they had one
  24. Vince not being in Guerrilla may be the only reason they don't go public with it if Brock didn't decide to work the show. I agree with you. But WWE can also play it off as some false Dirt Sheet internet wrestling rumor based off the fact that he decided to work the show. Honestly though, with all this negative attention and changes this scandal has bought to the company in the past month and a half, I wouldn't blame them if they didn't bring attention to it if Brock didn't return and didnt work Smackdown. He's in the Main Event of the 2nd or 3rd biggest PPV of the year. I'm sure Vince would have been more than angry enough to bury Brock that night publicly for possibly ruining his SummerSlam Main Event
  25. Pro Wrestling has always been looked at as the Black Market Sports or Entertainment entity to the media so alot of people through out history have been able to either get away with things or things get swept under the rug or things not get put under the microscope to where it's not an issue to the main stream media. Alot of how Vince has handled other scandals, let alone his own is based on how the business has been viewed even as a publicly traded company. Look at how long it took for Velveteen Dream to get released. Not to take heat of Vince but alot of his behavior and even some of his creative output is based off the fact that he knows how the business is looked at and knows he can get away with it or it'll be a non issue after the follow week. That Attitude Era and post Attitude Era of Vince was probably more close of a reflection of him in Real life.
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