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  1. WWE pretty much trained its audience not to expect Babyfaces to make a save during beatdowns. That's something that really stopped being a thing since the Attitude era ended. Do younger fans even ask themselves why isn't anyone coming to so and so's aid ? I guess its basic logic to ask that but ive learned not to expect it long time ago
  2. If they keep Shayna separate on Raw Underground from all the other top women for a while until they are ready to use her in a big program that would be good. Bianca BelAir is going to be a star, I wouldn't my seeing her and Zelina paired together longer till they are ready to give Bianca a push, They seem to have plans for Nia Jax not far down the road and you got Asuka vs Sasha and Bayley all going on right now. Motivated Orton is the best Orton. Drew finally has an interesting feud which I love. Kofi never really got that. Drew probably still has the worse end of the stick with no crowd, he's not bad on the mic either
  3. I don't know but I'm sure but Kamala is probably the gimmick he's most proud of because it ending out being the most famous of all the monsters he had programs with. Why wasn't he on WMIII? He seemed like someone I'd want to have on the card just for the aesthetics, the entrance the visual. It seemed like he had early Undertaker like vibes with the crowd the way the kids in the crowd would be scared of him. He was teaming with Sika around that time have them squash some guys.
  4. I remember going back and watching those early Wrestling Challenge and Superstars and Televised House Shows on WWE 24/7 and noticing how agile and Athletic Kamala was. I guess because of his gimmick is not something you want to bring light to but Bigelow and Bossman came around not long after and got put over for being able to move around like they did. That Kamala gimmick could have easily let him get away with the minimum in the ring. Imagine if he wasn't so handcuffed with the gimmick he probably would've shown out almost anybody in any locker room.
  5. I was listening to New Jack on Vlad TV interview, I was reading the comments on how bad of an interviewer Vlad is. As a huge hip hop fan its hard its funny to see wrestling fans who aren't familiar with him just shit on Vlad considering New Jack is probably the most entertaining guy in wrestling to interview. I could see him interesting Nash, I'm sure he's more familiar with Nash plus Nash is pretty familiar to the hip hop audience.
  6. Certain people say that stipulation was a way to get back at Rey for holding them up with contract renegotiations
  7. They tried to work it like it was a regular match at times. It was really good at parts. If they didn't have to work around that stipulation they would've put on a Match of the Year.
  8. I liked his last IC title run. He was on a nice streak of PPV matches, it didn't really translate into his Universal title run because he was forced to talk alot more plus he was booked like a geek on top of the exploiting the fact that he was dating Becky didn't help. They force him into being this vocal locker room leader.
  9. Before Nitro was a thing PPVs was only 5 times a year, not nearly as many PPV quality matchups on free tv. Only one brand a few title. Every moved slower. Today everyone can make a case for their favorite wrestler deserving a title because they are half way decent. Until the mid 90s you could be Hall of fame level and not hold a title. Today you could be 5 years on the main roster and had a top title 5 times already. I explain that to lapsed fans all the time because they get so shocked at how Edge or Orton are like 9 time or 11 time champs. It's hard for old fans to believe that a person can be world champion so many times when there is only one major promotion (until recently).
  10. Ember Moon mentioned on her twitch that she wasn't happy with the finish of Asuka vs Sasha and the fact that Bayley and Sasha have all the belts. I think fightful reported and alot of fans got heat with her because of it. I like Sasha and Bayley and I agree that WWE like run people into the ground with pushes, especially Charlotte and Becky more recently. I don't think Ember is a critical of them having all the belts so much as the was Asuka has been booked. Asuka and are Best friends if I recall correctly
  11. Before the shutdown fans were reacting very well to McIntyre's chase, and now there's no crowds to feed off of. It's crazy to think they have Dolph slotted in the same role as a year ago with Kofi. The booking has done either Champ any favors, especially if you want to establish your new champ. His first defense against Seth was one of my favorite Pandemic era matches so far and they give him Dolph? Sasha and Bayley are great heels, but like Meltzer says those finishes such. Even if they do generate hear,the audience aren't even sure if Asuka is going to get her revenge. Asuka is a great Babyface but I don't think people are waiting to so her finally go over.
  12. Hannibaltv says Edge and Daniel Bryan is on the Creative team, interesting
  13. You know how The Rock would really go out his way to show he could hang with Eddie Guerrero and Benoit when he worked against them. I feel that way about Sasha and Asuka, I feel like she steps it up big time against Asuka every time regardless of the shitty finishes. Last night match wasn't as good as the Extreme Rules match but it was different. More submission work here but that finish makes the Babyface come off so dumb and downplays the importance of the title. I understand the Kairi Sane story but they could've came up with a finish that doesn't make Asuka look dumb. Ever with her silliness, everyone knows she's the baddest woman on the roster so why go with that
  14. Right before the Pandemic, Noami was one of the only people you can point to that got really good reactions from the crowd. I like Bayley but it wasn't till after the Rumble they started teasing her vs Naomi at Mania it wasn't really till then Bayley started picking up steam at a heel champ. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets shoehorned into a feud with Bayley or Sasha soon, I just hope it makes sense. I'd even like her to mix it up with Asuka but knowing them they'll probably have Naomi take Kairi Sane's spot and team them which should be good. Vince likes Lacey and that character but I think he needs to cool her down right now. She's been put in a good position since she got to the main roster. Its not they like time right now for her to carry on that gimmick, especially if she wants to keep it up outside the ring. I'm all for the old school keeping kayfabe thing but with that gimmick right now its going to carry the wrong type of heat for her.
  15. Especially when you have women pushed ahead of her that's very clumsy and unsafe out there. Her Royal Rumble entry got one of biggest reactions and it was trending afterwards on it's own. I know Keke Palmer isnt a big enough star on WWEs radar but even she joined in. She's kind of like Kofi was, booked a certain way where people forget he can actually go in the ring. Or more like koko B Ware, super solid and athletic but always booked in that fun fan friendly mid card role where fans wasn't allowed to take him seriously. All the while in Memphis and MidSouth pre WWF he was one of the best in the world even apart of one of Cornettes favorite teams with Bobby Eaton but it isn't widely known. Booker with his input is only garner more sympathy for her.
  16. I liked that song , that whole Album was dope, I thought it was the best CD WWF/E did especially being a huge rap fan. I think Godfather said T was a prick, although I though Godfather introduced him to Coco? I could be wrong. Godfather said he actually wanted bring in Xzibit since they were friends
  17. I know JR was trying to bring in Dr Death Steve Williams to WWF in '95 to work against Diesel for the title. Do you think that program would've bombed even worse than his other programs and do you think Jean Pierre Lafite would have had the same intial push that he got because of their similar look.
  18. He's my favorite Wrestler too, Gabe's Era of Ring of Honor might be my favorite era of wrestling so guys like Danielson, Homicide , Joe and Ki are sentimental favorites of mine I loved the best of 5 He and Homicide did in 05. He used a Airplane spin in the Finish of a Cage match in 2005 and it was believable.
  19. If Rick Rude didn't have to retire in '94 , Would he had eventually worked against Hulk. I know Hogan and Flair was scared to work with him but coming in to WCW that's easily a PPV level program for Hogan. Do you think Rude would've went back to WWF because Flair and Hogan not willing to work him? I'm sure Savage would've been willing to work Rude when he came in.
  20. I'm surprised he didn't come in the first time around, he's much more of a workrate guy than Ryder , I expected him to have a better indy run than he did.
  21. It might help the ratings from going any lower than last week. I don't know if there's anything they can do for it to go up, they are going to be in trouble once NBA NFL and Baseball is back. The atmosphere for those are going to suck just like wrestling has but atleast they've gone away long enough for fans to miss it. I dont think and talent deserves blame for ratings but nobody will help them. Maybe Roman Reigns
  22. I didn't watch anything past Sasha vs Asuka, that was the best Womens Match on PPV this year so far despite the screwy finish. Atleast it plays along with what Bayley and Sasha been as heels. I hope we get a rematch and Boss n Hug vs Kabuki soon enough. Sasha works really good against the Joshi talent. I think Asuka is the best Womens wrestler on the Roster but Sasha really brings it when she's in there with someone who's work rate is at 100. I didn't she he matc with Io but I'll check it out soon. Rey was really bringing it tonight too but no way of getting around that type of finish
  23. It would definitely help. The reason this stuff is used is to get out of a clean finish, so that would mean WWE needs to stop booking themselves into a corner. Dont book the match in the first place if your not planning on giving a conclusive finish. Start booking 6mans 8man and 10 Men or Women tag main events every week to save themselves from booking PPV quality main events and keep doing squash matches too. Theyd have to commit to it long enough and fans would get on board. AEW is doing things like guys having more than one finishing move or just having actually tag teams main event shows week to week on the same level as the top singles. It's going to help AEW down the road because their audience will be move invested in their tag teams and WWE might even have to consider putting more value in tag teams and not just Makeshift teams. It's not difficult to reeducate your audience, its more so the Bookers committing themselves to having things make sense and not cheating the audience and getting rid of cheap booking habits that have not gone away in the past 25 years of mainstream wrestling. Everything you mentioned was things WCW was doing at the peek of Nitro because the top guys wanted to protect themselves individually from losing credibility with the audience. In WWE it's used because the booker decided the day of the show or the week of the show, he wants to book two top guys to pop a rating only to decide not long before bell time he doesn't want to give away a clean finish yet. For WWE to go way from that it would take for Vince to put more consideration more long term booking for a lot of guys.
  24. I dont believe it was a reason they chose Wednesday, NXT being running on the Network I dont consider AEW running against them seeing as it isn't on tv. I could be wrong but I believe it had more to do with not running against on nights NFL games are televised and NBA games on TNT. Going up against NXT I dont believe was something put in to consideration.
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