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  1. Nice! Think the last time I looked at JustWatch it was restricted to just the two (at the time) major services. That really helps - thanks!
  2. Being that I live in the UK and the majority here are probably based in North America, is there some simple way I can check to see if my pick is easily available there?
  3. Always in for this. It's my annual attempt to be active on the board in some way.
  4. Yeah, I was pretty sure it was Kikuchi or Ogawa. Glad I didn't imagine that whole Stone Cold Abby moment.
  5. Now and then I read that Abdullah the Butcher used something called the 'Python sleeper' as a finish back in the day. Now I'm familiar with the Sudanese Meat Cleaver and I could swear I even saw him use a stunner once in the early 90s in All Japan, but never have I seen him use a sleeperhold. Does anyone know, for example, if it was a basic old school sleeper or something like a cobra clutch or something else entirely?
  6. So sad about Rocco. I remember being a very young kid when World of Sport was a thing in the UK, and even at that tender age learning to discriminate between the terrible, obese bastards like Big Daddy and the glorious dick heels like Rocco and Finlay. Even while being incensed at their heeling you couldn't help but feel a far greater level of respect for them than for the fan-pandering main eventers. RIP, Rollerball.
  7. Finally watched 2014's CREEP. Being 'found footage' it will instantly rub a lot of people the wrong way and it does have its flaws, but overall I really liked it. The bare-bones cast (literally two people and a voice on the phone) do a stellar job, even when the protagonist's decisions strain credibility at times. You can see how it was originally a dark comedy, as opposed to balls-out horror, and a lot of that jet black humour is still present, without hurting the chill factor one bit. Any fans of this one on the board? And is the 2017 sequel worth a watch?
  8. Not to be unkind (possibly to both parties), but she looks like a post-op David Hyde Pierce.
  9. Hey, I was right! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063145/
  10. That looks like a Larry Buchanan beastie, if ever I've seen one.
  11. Yes - another convert to THE BURROWERS! I'll make this film find an audience yet. Really glad you liked my pick.
  12. Watched my pick last night. Just need to collect my thoughts into a cohesive written form, so you should have my review sometime this weekend.
  13. Loved Denton's book. Great stories and he seems like a really mellow, humble guy with a classy attitude. Definitely in the upper echelon of wrestling books for me, and I've read a bunch. Felt really let down by the Shinsuke 'book' but am looking forward to starting on Sabu's shortly.
  14. If it's not too late, I'll participate. Haven't been a part of HH since the first couple IIRC.
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