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  1. Finally watched 2014's CREEP. Being 'found footage' it will instantly rub a lot of people the wrong way and it does have its flaws, but overall I really liked it. The bare-bones cast (literally two people and a voice on the phone) do a stellar job, even when the protagonist's decisions strain credibility at times. You can see how it was originally a dark comedy, as opposed to balls-out horror, and a lot of that jet black humour is still present, without hurting the chill factor one bit. Any fans of this one on the board? And is the 2017 sequel worth a watch?
  2. Not to be unkind (possibly to both parties), but she looks like a post-op David Hyde Pierce.
  3. Hey, I was right! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063145/
  4. That looks like a Larry Buchanan beastie, if ever I've seen one.
  5. Yes - another convert to THE BURROWERS! I'll make this film find an audience yet. Really glad you liked my pick.
  6. Watched my pick last night. Just need to collect my thoughts into a cohesive written form, so you should have my review sometime this weekend.
  7. Loved Denton's book. Great stories and he seems like a really mellow, humble guy with a classy attitude. Definitely in the upper echelon of wrestling books for me, and I've read a bunch. Felt really let down by the Shinsuke 'book' but am looking forward to starting on Sabu's shortly.
  8. If it's not too late, I'll participate. Haven't been a part of HH since the first couple IIRC.
  9. That lights out / darkened crowd thing that happens in some Towers matches - is there a way to select that for a regular match, or even an entire show?
  10. Is there footage anywhere online of a WCW skit where Norman Smiley stole a belt from some backyarder kid? Just saw a reference to it and it sounds like gold.
  11. Saw him live twice, including at the New Orleans House of Blues, which was very cool. RIP
  12. Vince using Eddy's death to sell an angle made me want to punch everyone in that company right in the throat. I've barely watched since.
  13. What's this in relation to Robert? Also, RIP / DEP Silver King
  14. How good it would be if the dinosaur bones thing is foreshadowing a 'cowboys vs. dinosaurs' DLC mode? I can wish, at least.
  15. In tag bouts, does the NPC partner actually show an interest in making saves from submissions? Drove me insane last year that they'd try to break up pins but seemed oblivious to submissions even when you were absolutely ruined.
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