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  1. I went from being a dedicated, vocal and educated fan of UFC (and MMA in general) to never watching, nor wanting to watch, that shit, in a span of just a few years. There were minor issues for me (like Dana cosying up to Trump and Joe Rogan gradually getting douchier), but the main factor was their not severing ties with that POS Conor McGregor when word started to get around here in Ireland that he had, on at least two occasions, perpetrated serious and extremely violent sexual assaults on women (and bear in mind these alleged rapes took place years before the 2023 NBA bathroom incident). Promoters need to stop treating their drawing cards as teflon. They've done wrong? Fuck 'em. But, y'know, corporate greed and all...
  2. Ugh, clicked on this blind and it's The Young Bucks. Somehow they've found a way to look even more like goofy pussies than they did before.
  3. WWE might as well just release a 'rapists and other sex offenders' pack as DLC at this point.
  4. That moniker always made me think of a guy who was in the habit of gleefully encouraging acts of bestiality.
  5. I'd put money on Pritchard going. He seems the most likely of the three to have been complicit in some way.
  6. In hindsight, Vince selling the company then subsequently cashing out and retaining the rights to his life story seems - to me anyway - a lot like someone who knows there are storm clouds on the horizon and is trying to both secure himself financially and control his narrative (which is a phrase I generally hate as it's used almost exclusively by douchebags, though that makes it apt in this instance). I suspect he knew he was fucked back when he was subpoenaed.
  7. IIRC, they covered the initial filing as a 'breaking news' item while they were in the process of recording an episode, so it's perhaps a little more understandable when you're skimming the text while trying to comprehend the details and significance. That's not to entirely excuse any insensitivity or misunderstanding; they record live-to-tape (or whatever the vernacular is these days) rather than stream live, so they could have gone back and re-recorded after taking time to digest the information.
  8. Everyone's available, just not at the initial draft; they can be hired in subsequent weeks for varying contract periods. Granted, it's a bit weird but you do have access to everyone, just not all at once. You can also create a roster of nothing but CAW talent and/or have a CAW GM.
  9. I never have touched MyFaction. It looked like utter bullshit and tedium. Seriously, who comes up with this shit and thinks it'll be a selling point? I hope the GM mode returns; far and away the best element of the last iteration IMHO, and I'm likely to skip this year's game if it's not brought back with shiny new features.
  10. Harley also famously drove like a madman, on road and wave alike, culminating in running his cabin cruiser aground at high speed while he was sauced.
  11. Also, being shot dead in apparent self-defense when he went psycho on *IIRC) his only remaining friend.
  12. I thought Vice had gone bankrupt. Have the showrunners found a new home?
  13. Here's an intriguing little curio from March 4th, 1989; all three Laurinaitis brothers (Animal, Johnny Ace & The Terminator) VS. Tsuruta, Yatsu & Kabuki プロレス | ジャンボ鶴田 & 谷津嘉章 & ザ・グレート・カブキ 対 ロード・ウォリアー・アニマル & ジョニー・エース & ザ・ターミネーター (1989) (youtube.com)
  14. 2/3 Falls: Fujinami, Choshu, Hase, Kido & Iizuka VS. Tenryu, Hara, Ishikawa, Fuyuki & Kitahara https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1MrvJp5C-_RCNFo1ng9qrvqYpoQqKm4tF?usp=drive_link Hopefully this'll work. I've actually never been on this end of a Google Drive share.
  15. If it's the Feb 16th 1993 match I have it on a HDD, probably from one of the old Ditch sites. I'll try to upload it to YouTube and post the link here in the next day or two.
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