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  1. What's this in relation to Robert? Also, RIP / DEP Silver King
  2. How good it would be if the dinosaur bones thing is foreshadowing a 'cowboys vs. dinosaurs' DLC mode? I can wish, at least.
  3. In tag bouts, does the NPC partner actually show an interest in making saves from submissions? Drove me insane last year that they'd try to break up pins but seemed oblivious to submissions even when you were absolutely ruined.
  4. That's pretty indefensible and actually surprising. I bought the deluxe version on pre-order but haven't gotten around to playing it yet, but I had been musing on the idea of putting together a 90s joshi roster. Given the strides the company has apparently made with the women's division in the past few years it's pretty pathetic to underserve that part of the roster and assume that nobody gives a shit. I've been a very passive viewer for quite a while, only watching one or two big shows a year with a buddy and more often than not we've agreed that the women had the best - or damn near the best - matches on those shows.
  5. Looking for a pic (or pics) that I saw in an Apter mag around the early 1990s. It was the aftermath of a misjudged fireball spot between Abdullah the Butcher and Abudda Singh and showed a mass of skin scorched off Abby's chest. Oddly I can't find a single image on Google, so I'm hoping someone might have a scan or whatever... :/
  6. My first attempt at making a .GIF... Mil Mascaras & Pierroth JR., friends forever
  7. So, how would one go about getting a copy (in any form) of the Gary Hart book at present?
  8. Okay, I'll bite. Who's the greaser Jeff Hardy?
  9. Uhhhh... it's almost EXACTLY the same game YET AGAIN. Right down to the retarded 'my first coding job' cockup of both guys running and colliding with each other if they're close together that should have been fixed years ago. It's starting to look like 2K have decided 'well, Yukes and THQ showed the fans contempt for years and they still bought it, so why bother trying to make it any fucking good this year?'...
  10. Two hopeful requests: - the Fujinami-Hase 1993 G-1 final - the mid-2000s Noah 6-man main from that show in the extraordinary building with the giant stained-glass windows. Grazie~!
  11. Very cool. I'd love to read the whole thing if you ever get it fully translated and the 'Engrish' ironed out. Thanks so much for sharing this bit.
  12. About all I could suggest would be a natural rivalry with Punk (assuming he returns) over Punk appropriating the Go 2 Sleep.
  13. Does anyone have the old photo of Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy next to a payphone, apparently stoned out of their minds? Thanks in advance.
  14. RIP Dave Brockie, AKA Oderus Urungus. Anyone have a pic of the poster for that 'loser leaves the galaxy' match he had with Tracey Smothers a few years back?
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