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  1. It's the wacky disco theme from the opening titles to Friday the 13th Part III (in 3D)
  2. Jesus, I hated that one, and the model it seemingly popularised for Netflix horror fare; take a premise that is barely sufficient to sustain interest for a 90-minute feature and stretch it absurdly thin in order to fill up 10 hours of content. I haven't seen his King adaptations though. The word-of-mouth and general critical of reception to Doctor Sleep was almost uniformly lukewarm, IIRC.
  3. I'm that one asshole with the missing review but I'm watching the movie today and should have the review sent in by tomorrow at the latest.
  4. IIRC it was some sort of weird crossover with the producer (notorious chancer Dick Randall) getting double duty out of Bruce Le, the star of Randall's previous opus, Challenge of the Tiger. I'd hazard a guess that the two films were shooting more-or-less simultaneously, or maybe Le was in town for a production meeting (he has both co-director and co-writer credits on COTT). Both films were shot at least partially in Spain, and Challenge is every bit as amusingly shitty a Brucesploitation picture as Pieces is a great, shitty slasher.
  5. Sounds good, if the offer still stands. Do we still PM you the pick and reason?
  6. Missed this year's deadline but I'll be checking in regularly to read the reviews as part of my annual routine.
  7. I'm so confused. Is that Kawada? Is he...smiling?
  8. CTU were a fun stable. Literally nothing of them on YouTube the last I checked though.
  9. If the names weren't visible on that screen from WCW Superbrawl, I'd swear that was Simmons and Flair.
  10. I had no idea that Johnny B. Badd ever made it into a videogame. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if Marc Mero hadn't been in a game, now that I think of it.
  11. I have one match that I know of on an external HD, that I downloaded a while back from YouTube or Dailymotion. I guess I could upload it to YT temporarily and post the link here, if you like. EDIT: It's Barbed Wire Board Six Man Tag Team Street Fight Death: Kintaro Kanemura, Satoshi Kojima & Tetsuhiro Kuroda VS Shiro Koshinaka, Takashi Sasaki & Togi Makabe
  12. I pre-ordered a physical copy, so hopefully I'll have mine in the next day or two.
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