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  1. I'm so confused. Is that Kawada? Is he...smiling?
  2. CTU were a fun stable. Literally nothing of them on YouTube the last I checked though.
  3. If the names weren't visible on that screen from WCW Superbrawl, I'd swear that was Simmons and Flair.
  4. I had no idea that Johnny B. Badd ever made it into a videogame. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if Marc Mero hadn't been in a game, now that I think of it.
  5. I have one match that I know of on an external HD, that I downloaded a while back from YouTube or Dailymotion. I guess I could upload it to YT temporarily and post the link here, if you like. EDIT: It's Barbed Wire Board Six Man Tag Team Street Fight Death: Kintaro Kanemura, Satoshi Kojima & Tetsuhiro Kuroda VS Shiro Koshinaka, Takashi Sasaki & Togi Makabe
  6. That execution looks all kinds of unsafe. WTF, Norton?
  7. I pre-ordered a physical copy, so hopefully I'll have mine in the next day or two.
  8. That surprises me, because it feels like 'the product', ie: WWE and just wrestling in general, is really cold right now. Though maybe that's just me not giving a shit about the current scene.
  9. Well, the buzz about the new WWE game died quickly, didn't it?
  10. I have fond memories of a Pat Tanaka CAW being announced as 'Patch Tarantula'. They always made baffling choices over the years of what words to sample and what to omit.
  11. Oh man, I would love an English translation of this one. Probably never gonna happen sadly, though even excerpts would be good.
  12. Literally just finished mine and sending it now. Really sorry for the 11th hour deal. I get some work as an actor and this month I suddenly found myself reading for a very influential casting agent. Cue everything else going on the back burner while I alternated between preparing my lines and shitting myself in terror.
  13. I just watched Wrong Turn (2021). Kudos for not just doing another mutant cannibal slasher flick, but sadly that's all the praise I can give it. Assuming there were no major script revisions on-set, the writing (by the writer of the original Wrong Turn 20-some years ago) is so bad, like even compared to that film's direct-to-DVD sequels, that it's pretty astonishing that it survived preproduction. Fuck this film.
  14. What, and living in eternal fear of being stalked and humbled by The Iron Sheik doesn't count?
  15. I'm in. Is @Brian Fowler not doing these anymore?
  16. Gutterballs
  17. I miss Front Mission. That might be the only Japanese SRPG I've played. Love me some X-Com, and I couldn't even guess how many hours I sank into the Jagged Alliance series on the PC back in the 1990s...
  18. Yeah, it seemed a weirdly anachronistic way to sell books, here in the '20s, but I checked his email and his actual statement is 'I accept payment via U S. Postal Money Order or check', which I'm guessing isn't much easier for US customers and again totally precludes overseas buyers. Hopefully it'll see a more accessible print run, or even just a Kindle edition at some point.
  19. Any word on a wider availability reissue of Rock Rims' When It Was Big Time? The first run sold out quickly and when I contacted him (since it was only available direct from the author) he was only accepting US bank cheques, IIRC, which ruled me out as a denizen of the UK.
  20. That looks fucking awful, like a vinyl Giant Gonzales bodysuit.
  21. M'lady and I watched The Haunted Palace a couple of weeks ago. Neither of us had ever seen it and her tastes lean toward high-gothic with all the trappings. It leans more Lovecraft than Poe, for sure, but the style is very much the same in terms of production design, casting, etc. We both really, really liked it.
  22. I wish I had the balls to make the likes of Don't Go in the Woods (Alone) my pick.
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