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  1. So this weekend local indie wrestler Amber Rodrequiez is appearing as Sahara Spars. Was wondering why Amber disappeared from the local area months back. Then heard she got signed to WOW.
  2. Dropped Highspots over a year ago when I realized I rarely used it. Where as IWTV I use at least once a week. Highspots Roku app was bad. Lots of time it just wouldn't load.
  3. I loved that match. Thanks to this forum I learned Z Living aired CWFH and that DISH was carrying ZLiving back then.
  4. So just learned a nearby indie,Battlezone Championship Wrestling,has booked Silas Young for their August 20th show. Reserved us 3 front row seats. Also wow Silas is cheap to book. Which is good cause I doubt anyone that is at most BZ events has any clue who Silas is.
  5. Second time I met Dustin was a Hollywood Jimmy show at the casino in Lula MS. It was Dustin vs Derrick King,of course it was,and handcuffed at ringside was Maria Starr and Bill Dundee. Now Maria and Bill knew there was no cameras near them the match. But the entire match they were bickering and cracking me up. "Bill you are so old you bussed the tables at the last supper" "Maria you are such a slut if you wear a skirt and a floor vent comes on it sounds like a train is a coming" No clue how the match actually was cause I was standing there laughing hard at those two. But CWF memphis is great. I need to find which episode it is but on an old podcast we interviewed Dustin about 2 weeks before CWF Memphis started up and he was a blast.
  6. Talked to the owner of Gwandanaland and he does lots of research to make sure stuff is PD. I got a pile of the Skywald reprints from them. Sagas of the Victims is a great collection.
  7. Back what 2 decades ago when this forum had a Teddy Hart folder I got him confused with Gary Hart and wondering how old ass Gary was doing moonsaults.
  8. Figured some of yall might be interested in knowing this company now puts out Hardcovers along with their TPB. I got a pile of their Skywald reprints and love them. Plus a few collections of 60s Monster mags.
  9. What is the title of this collection?
  10. what ever happened to Beansfriedpork? Knew him from RSPW and he migrated over here. Then when I was barely online for most of 2007 Beans appeared to disappear from everyplace
  11. It depends. Sometimes the youtube versions are a bit longer and not as censored. The last battle riot on BeIN was very very clipped. I had no clue Blue Meanie showed up until I watched it on Youtube.
  12. Yea read it right after it came out. Ok book but nothing really new in it.
  13. MLW to me is what ECW was before it hit PPV. Airs on an obscure sports network,BeIN Sports instead of Sunshine Network,the roster changes often and it is a fun hour of wrestling most weeks.
  14. was a fun show. Seeing Holiday in Natchez MS in 2 weeks. Think he is facing local fave and AEW Dark talent Rey Fury.
  15. Seems CWF Atlanta & CWF Arizona are dead. They are gonna stick with just Hollywood and Memphis for a bit. I gotta catch up. Van Vicious is the current SWA jr heavyweight champ,SWA championship wrestling on FITE.
  16. Still shocked Impact didn't air the fan biting Cardona. As you can see in my footage of it they had their cameras right there filming. Oh well just happy I had my camera on and caught that moment. Cause I have seen some wild things at shows. See a elderly lady attack a heel stable with her walker. Seen a very drunk redneck take out his false teeth and challenge a heel to a fight "Outside if ya aint a yella chicken". But I had until Sunday night never seen a fan bit a wrestler.
  17. Was told that Saturday for the No Surrender PPV there was around 500 people there. And Sunday for the Impact Tv tapings it was between 300 and 350. Kaleb Konnely has been working a bunch lately for my local indie,BIW,and he told a few people that Impact was expecting a bigger turnout. But they people in charge of Impact didn't realize they booked both shows on the first weekend of Mardi Gras. Also heard that Impact is planning on coming back to Westwego. I do know that after they saw the attendence on Saturday entire rows of chairs were removed for Sunday. And they draped off bunches of the bleacher sections. For example the buddy that drove me to the show had bought 3rd row seats on the floor. There was no 3rd row,except on the two sides of the entrance ramp. He was told to go sit in any empty seat. So he spotted 4 seats front row that were empty. Him and the owner of BIW and his wife ,who had gotten bleacher seats,moved to the front row. They asked if I wanted the other seat. But I had great seats 2nd row by the ramp and didn't want to leave my father by himself over there.
  18. During the main event DOering did a move to the floor. Hit his head hard and they ended up bringing some EMTs over to check on him. He finally got up after the match and watched to the back.
  19. Just got home from these tapings. No clue if the cameras caught this but after Cardona's match he was heading to the back went to hug a little girl in the front row by the ramp and she BIT HIM!!
  20. Well that sucks. One of the reasons I got tickets to this weekends Impact tapings was to see Alexander.... Maybe they will make up for it by booking Funaki.
  21. I was just happy to see Gordy and Williams again. Had seen both a few times as a kid when UWF came to the area. Plus by the main event dad had a few beer in him and I was busy getting the keys and letting him know I would drive us home. Before the show started across the arena for us was a place set up for a bunch of fans from a local assisted living place. Saw Sting and a few of the other faces come out and talk to the people there. But the one that stood out was Ron Simmons he was there from whenever they opened the doors until a few minutes before the dark match started. I need to dig it out and scan it but got a blurry picture of Ron giving a little person a piggy back ride.
  22. I know I show up during the Sting/Cactus jack match. 5th row right next to the entrance ramp. Going to the show was a last minute gift from my parents before I shipped out for Army BCT.
  23. Last year my local indie was trying to find wooden tables for a tables match. They are hard to find and when you do they are 30 to 40 bucks each. Much easier to find and cheaper to use a couple of hollowcore doors across two chairs. Plus the doors will normally break. Seen many a table not want to break.
  24. Well the Battlezone match I mentioned got canceled. Seems Gresham and the promoter couldn't agree on something.
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