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  1. Figured I might be the only one to buy Lance Von Erich's book "Lance by Chance". Read a bit of it during lunch today. Wondering how much bullshit Lance is feeding the reader about his early days in WCCW and Portland.
  2. Still surprises me that AMC bothers showing cut to shreds packed with commercials movies. "You know I want to watch Halloween 4,but I want 5 minutes of ads every 10 minutes.That way the 1 hour 30 minute movie takes me 3 hours to watch." I will catch the new episodes of History of Horror when they hit Shudder.
  3. Night Killer is another sleazy classic. I can't remember it's Italian title. But under that name it is up on Youtube.
  4. Evil Toons,directed by Fred Olen Ray. Almost all the female cast was current or former pornstars. Plus you get DIck Miller in a small role.
  5. The Punky Brewster revival on Peacock is good. AP Bio is good. The revival of SBTB wasn't that great.
  6. Last night was a Bayou Independent Wrestling show in my town. For years I heard the old school DVDVR guys talk about Damien Wayne. Well last night he faced Vordell Walker. Before the doors opened I sat down and did a short interview with Mr Wayne.
  7. So BIW had Damien Wayne vs Vordell Walker tonight. Really fun match. I filmed it but no clue when i will get it uploaded. Also did a short interview with Damien. DVDVR got mentioned.
  8. I do wonder how much of the sales boost New 52 was cause of places like DCBS offering a great deal if you ordered every title. For at least the first 4 months they offered that discount.
  9. So this saturday BIW is having Vordell Walker vs Damien Wayne. Talked to Damien a bit ago and lined up a interview with him. I know some of the long time posters here were big fans of him. So do yall have any questions for Mr Wayne?
  10. Pretty sure that is part 2. 3 is the one with the street gang.
  11. Yea months back word got out Barber was dead. 35 or so years old. Never confirmed he killed himself. But reading between the lines .....
  12. Yea Jon Barber. He died earlier this year,appears to be suicide. He had the book finished but wanted to have it come out in 2024 on the 25th anniversary of the first XPW show. Pretty decent book.
  13. 9/11 was an odd day for me. My Aunt was in the hospital about to die from the cancer she had been fighting for 5 years. I slept in that day,had passed out in my recliner in the living room the night before. I woke up and the tv was on MTV. The sound was off and I thought "This is one odd music video". Took the dog out,had a cig out on the porch. Walked back in and the phone rang. Was my dad telling me my aunt was dead. It was hours later I found out what was going on.
  14. My local indie tried to book Fish for a show in December. But his price was a bit high. Well that and the crowd BIW draws would have no clue who Fish is.
  15. LOL and he is 25 or so. We interviewed him last year for the podcast.
  16. Limitless has a good roster. Becca(FKA Basic Becca),MSP(Danger Kid and Adian Aggro),Eric Johnson,Dirty Drifters(Doug Wyzer/Jacob Drifter) and LOVE DOUG are all worth watching.
  17. The Rick Vietch stuff from EpiC Illustrated is good. Heartburst IIRC was first printed in there.
  18. Yea those 3 and Chaotic use lots of the same talent. Limitless being based in Maine uses lots of people from all over the NE.
  19. Years ago Powerslam Productions held a show in a strip mall church in Picayune MS. This was right after Luke Hawx won the Extreme Rising title off Stevie Richards. So Hawx defended the title against one of the guys he was training down in NOLA at the Wildkat school. PRetty sure Luke still has the Extreme Rising belt.
  20. Limitless is great. When you got time got watch the three seasons of their weekly show. It was an hour or so each episode and really good.
  21. Next month Pro Wrestling 225 is coming back to Columbia MS. Looks like at least 5 of us are going to it.
  22. Yea it is a great title. Got in the other day a horror fiction book based on Indie wrestler Charlie Kruel. Cover is made to look like a late 80s Horror vhs you would find at the video store. Got it cause Charlie was booked for the Battlezone Southern Belle tournament that was gonna happen in Sept. But now it is cancelled.
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