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  1. Thursday, September 23 Carolina at Houston Sunday, September 26 Baltimore at Detroit Atlanta at NY Giants New Orleans at New England Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Indianapolis at Tennessee Washington at Buffalo LA Chargers at Kansas City Arizona at Jacksonville Chicago at Cleveland NY Jets at Denver Miami at Las Vegas Seattle at Minnesota Tampa Bay at LA Rams Green Bay at San Francisco Monday, September 27 Philadelphia at Dallas Tiebreaker #1: total points in TB/LAR Tiebreaker #2: Baker Mayfield passing yards vs Chicago Tiebreaker #3: Amari Cooper receiving yards vs Philadelphia
  2. I came here to encourage my fellow Canadians to head out and vote. My riding had 21 people running!
  3. Week 1 Results Tiebreaker for the win this week. Tiebreaker was Matthew Stafford passing yards, which was 321. 9 - Joel Martin (WINNER, 270 for tiebreaker), APO (259 for tiebreaker) 8 - elizium, Kuetsar, AaronMLuke, EdA, Dewar 7 - Hail Sabin, Sir Fozzie, FluffSnackwell 6 - dogwelder 5 - Gonzo
  4. NY Jets Jacksonville Miami Cleveland Chicago Philadelphia New Orleans LA Rams Pittsburgh Arizona Tampa Bay LA Chargers Seattle Kansas City Green Bay Tiebreaker #1: Russell Wilson passing yards vs Ten - 288 Tiebreaker #2: DeVonta Smith receiving yards vs SF - 79 Tiebreaker #3: total points in Dal/LAC - 58
  5. Caribbean Express (Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguel Perez Jr.) and Ninja Express (Kensuke Sasaki and Mr. Pogo) traded titles in WWC in the late 1980s.
  6. More conference relocation: Austin Peay is leaving the Ohio Valley Conference for the Atlantic Sun, effective July 1, 2022. This leaves the OVC with only six football programs.
  7. Hamilton Toronto Montreal Winnipeg Tiebreakers: 1. Total sacks for both Friday games - 8 2. Montreal passing yards - 288
  8. Thursday, September 16 NY Giants at Washington Sunday, September 19 New England at NY Jets Denver at Jacksonville Buffalo at Miami Houston at Cleveland Cincinnati at Chicago San Francisco at Philadelphia New Orleans at Carolina LA Rams at Indianapolis Las Vegas at Pittsburgh Minnesota at Arizona Atlanta at Tampa Bay Dallas at LA Chargers Tennessee at Seattle Kansas City at Baltimore Monday, September 20 Detroit at Green Bay Tiebreaker #1: Russell Wilson passing yards vs Ten Tiebreaker #2: DeVonta Smith receiving yards vs SF Tiebreaker #3: total points in Dal/LAC
  9. Rumors of Sun Belt Conference expansion on the horizon. Southern Miss, Marshall and Old Dominion coming from C-USA, and James Madison jumping up from FBS. Between this and the AAC looking at taking some C-USA members, there might not be much left.
  10. Conference USA should have punted UTEP a long time ago. If the WAC's new football conference ever makes the move up to FBS, send them there.
  11. Hamilton Winnipeg Calgary BC TB1: 278 TB2: 136
  12. Tampa Bay NY Jets Atlanta LA Chargers San Francisco Pittsburgh Seattle Minnesota Jacksonville Tennessee New England NY Giants Green Bay Kansas City LA Rams Las Vegas Tiebreaker #1: Matthew Stafford passing yards vs Chi - 228 Tiebreaker #2: Total points scored in GB-NO - 47 Tiebreaker #3: Longest field goal made in Bal-LV - 47
  13. Thursday, September 9 Dallas at Tampa Bay Sunday, September 12 NY Jets at Carolina Philadelphia at Atlanta LA Chargers at Washington San Francisco at Detroit Pittsburgh at Buffalo Seattle at Indianapolis Minnesota at Cincinnati Jacksonville at Houston Arizona at Tennessee Miami at New England Denver at NY Giants Green Bay at New Orleans Cleveland at Kansas City Chicago at LA Rams Monday, September 13 Baltimore at Las Vegas Tiebreaker #1: Matthew Stafford passing yards vs Chi Tiebreaker #2: Total points scored in GB-NO Tiebreaker #3: Longest field goal made in Bal-LV
  14. Dewar


    Fernandez-Kerber was very exciting today. Huge win for Fernandez!
  15. Holy Cross over UConn. Edsall version 2 at Connecticut isn't going so well.
  16. BC Montreal Winnipeg Saskatchewan Tiebreakers: 1. Zack Collaros passing yards vs Toronto - 279 2. Total sacks in Edmonton vs BC - 6
  17. Calgary Winnipeg Edmonton Saskabush TB 1 - 333 TB 2 - 53
  18. 1. Maggie Mac Neil winning a gold medal in the swimming pool and not knowing it because she can't read the scoreboard without her glasses on. 2. Damian Warner setting the Olympic record in the decathlon 3. Canada's women's soccer team beating the Americans, putting to rest the ghosts of 2012, then winning gold in a shootout. 4. Men's high jump tie. 5. Sifan Hassan getting knocked down in the women's 1500 meters going into the last lap, getting up and running past everyone to win the heat. Ended up winning bronze in the 1500, to go with golds in the 5k and 10k.
  19. Winnipeg Saskabush Calgary Edmonton Tiebreaker #1: zero (Harris is injured) Tiebreaker #2: 62
  20. Clemson and Florida State won't end up in the SEC because South Carolina and Florida would do everything they could to block it. I mean, I would dump South Carolina for Clemson in an instant, but they can probably get enough votes to block the Tigers from getting in.
  21. Kane is currently in the process of getting a divorce.
  22. Arn didn't text Ric after Reid died. Also sounds like Beth got custody of the Lunde's in the divorce.
  23. You don't need to match them up with anybody, and your idea to match them with CM Punk is terrible. As for Bray, hopefully he is doing okay mentally, and if he wants to keep wrestling, I hope he finds some place he enjoys.
  24. They also signed Tony DeAngelo.
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