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  1. Anyone think that this is episode 6 and the title of it being "The Prisoner" was coincidence? James
  2. I went to see char's Counterttack as well and had similiar issues. I mean, fuck there is so much white in the backgrounds when not in space, who thought that putting white subs was a good idea? Still the movie is a good watch, especially the chase inside AXIS. The aanimation is kicked up a few notches in that sequence. This was all hand drawn because man the stuff with the funnels would toitally be CGI in this day and age James
  3. If Original Recipe Law & Order comes back, this needs to be the DA and ADA shot James
  4. also, I wish Big Dave was coming back. His caracter could've survived that train stunt James
  5. Oh he had the scar. Fuck SPECTRE was basically Blofeld's Scar Seret Origins! James
  6. Catching up on Dawn of X and really the 2 books I'm enjoying the most are Marauders and New Mutants. They're the fun books of the line (though Captain Kate playing into the pirate thing, complete with alcoholism might be heavy handed). New Mutants especially is just Berto being Berto and saying "Fuck it, I'm recuing my my best friend from the Shi'ay. What can go wrong?" James
  7. If the Von Erich who Lawlor has signed to fight ends u being Kevin I will lose my shit! James
  8. Makio Inoue, the famed voice of Captain Harlock and Goemon from Lupin The 3rd has passed. May we all meet up in the seas of stars and honor him
  9. I'm with Matt Gourley in thinking "All Time High" from Octopussy is very underrated James
  10. So... does this "Marvel 2099 iss set in stone future of 616" thing for real? Because if it is, doesn't it make Dawn of X a moot point? James
  11. It makes me sd because Hazuki is really the best smack talking bitch heel they have imo James
  12. Patterns of Behanior... So Sandy is moving along nicely as she enters month 18 in a week I'm always in awe of her learning routines to form certain patterns of behavior. It started with her morning routine. She gets a pureed fruit pouch followed by her bottle then she gets a pancake for breakfast. The thing is if she sees me bringing the fruit pouch she makes a beeline for the sofa. She cclimbs on the sofa and has her hands ready for the pouch. She always finishes her pouchie and if she wanders off tyhe couch before her bottle the moment she sees the bottle she gets back in her spot of the sofa. The same applies to her pancake. In the afternoon she gets a snack (maple crunchies or Cheez-Its)and she knows to receive it on the blankie laid out on the floor. The new part of her routine is when dinner time comes I get her high chair out and unfold it in the living room. While I get her dinner she now crawls into the chair on her own (hasn't figured to strap herself into the chair yet but that is going to happen sooner rather than later). She has designated places to receive her meals and I didn't do much to encourage this. She determined these places on her own. She doesn't make much mess most times (at least not until she has her dinner pudding). I'm so in awe of her and feel like I'm not messing up as much I thought I would asa parent.
  13. She's only 22 to boot so either injury or she just lodt interest. She always comes across as private person in the Odeo Tai stuff James
  14. Oh dont mistake me... I adore G Gundam more than any non-UC Gundam James
  15. I've never thought of 00 as a departure from UC. More of an attempt to kinda redo W The real departure IS G Gundam (and still the most fun Gundam series overall). Its batshit insane because Imagawa loves batshit insane robot fights. James
  16. I think the most important question is... is Kanno doing the music? I mean with Origa's passing we won't be getting her awesome vocals for an opeming song James
  17. Fuck does Letterkenny just have a great selection of music but damn if Lisa Leblanc just rock my world James
  18. WTF? that's weird, giving how much it playedin te whole show. I do hope Baby Billy is still around for season 2 James
  19. In case you didn't hear already, the first 41 episodes of Saint Seiya from 1986 are up on Netflix with a new awful dub (not to worry, there are subs with Japanese language available). Hopefully enough people watch this so we can get the rest of Sanctuary completed and fuckit would miraculous to get Asgard and Poseidon subbed finally! James
  20. The finale of The Righteous Gemstones wrapped thngs up niccely. Of course there were certain things that became obvious were going to happen, not the least of which was calling what happened to Baby Billy once it started raining. I was totally wrong about Baby Billy being on the level anyway and I admit it. Eli Gemstone is boss of bosses just for his toally gangster line of "I forgive you but I won't forget" James
  21. What if this is a giant swerve and the X-Men Xavier are using are actually the hatched Brood X-Men that no one has done anything with since Claremont introduced and then totally forgot he even created James
  22. If they went back to that Wolfman/Gene Colan era Batman I'd be cool with that. I'd be down for sn updae for Nocturna and the Night-Slasher James
  23. On a separate note, While the baby naps I've taken the down time to start watching Black-ish and enjoy it quite a bit. Damn if that Prince tribute episode wasn't just the perfect thing t owatch this afternoon! I'm even more impressed how Anthony Anderson has mnaged to keep getting work given all the trouble he keeps getting in off camera James
  24. Gosh darn do I love Stumptown so far. i was wary of Cobie Smulders simply because she's not who I saw as Dex but damn if she isn't charming as heck in the role James
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