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  1. Tag titles have a tendency to get delayed or never aired switches. I mean there is also the Rougeaus winning the titles but never even mentioned on tv James
  2. How can you not appreciate FSB singing about how much they love Queen in the different styles of Queen? James
  3. Or Jungle Kyona os the HERO we have always deserved and she will have all shiny belts! James
  4. Prez punching Valchak is one of the most cathartic moments in The Wire and in The Wire, ya don't get a lot of those! James
  5. And that is really saying something because 95% of those characters are kinda terrible human beings
  6. Man do I miss the Space Jews on the Japanese indy scene James
  7. I think with how aggressive Giulia is being we are getting Tam winning the tourney in dramatic fashion. Or, it is entirely possible, I'm an idiot James
  8. Christ all these old names popping up... How have I lasted on this board since V1.0 and not got tired of you all?
  9. Mu favorite disappointing match remains the Mutoh/Chono "BLACK SUMMIT" match at the Tokyo Dome. First they announce tbe match like 2 months early when Mutoh is IWGP champ, I think Chono is getting a much deserved 3nd IWGO run. Tben Mutoh drops the belt to Tenryu to set a defense against Sasaki. Thus we get NBM Mutoh wrestling Chono to determine who leads NWO Japan. I really thought Mutoh and Chono would bring their A Games but instead they have the world's dullest 40 minute match... AT THE DOME! Fuck Chono tried but sometimes Mutoh just gonna Mutoh. The point of this is... I LOVE CHONO! James
  10. Huh... I really thought they'd have Kyone win the 5*GP first to give her the "Summer of Chono" win to set-up the title match. Weird... James
  11. Didn't Z1 already produce women's wrestling and it failed miserably?
  12. Isn't The Goon supposed to be coming back? James
  13. Juan Epstein avoided being busted by the feds. His mother wrote him a note.
  14. Kyona seems to be the pushable one in Hana's spot when she gets back. Or they can pull the trigger on a major Tam push (which is kind of happening as they are building her rivalry with Giulia) James
  15. Lita's moonsault was more in Mutoh's style i.e. she doesn't necessarily go for height but more like a whiplash effect that gets more distance than height James
  16. Holy christ! Low-Ki is the Principal Skinner of pro-wrestling, blaming the children for his inability to change!
  17. TokuSHOUTsu is seriously not fucking around!! I mean this, legit, is the Best Kamen Rider movie in a long time! And not just because [REDACTED] returns as [REDACTED] http://ukiyaseed.weebly.com/ukiyaseeds-other-blog/kamen-rider-heisei-generations-forever-film-coming-to-the-united-states-this-july James
  18. Sorry to see Perfect Harmony get cancelled as I tend to watch anything with Bradley Whitford. Maybe he can whisper in Sorkin's ear to get something (anything, not just WW) going James
  19. I mean she was sexy as hell in both and less adorable. I hope this talk of this Irma Vepp tv series is true James
  20. The Saint Seiya episode of Gintama is a top 5 all time anime episode for me and its not even the funniest episode! James
  21. See I'd be for this to Tito v. Heel Backlund down the road. Seriously though, I let Tito be the transitional champ to Bret. Tito would be a good champ milking his reign for nostalgia until Mania tjen have Bret win the Rumble and Mania tbus avoiding the Hogan conundrun4 James
  22. I pray she is alright. I don't care to know the why, just care that she is safe and not in danger presently.
  23. Austin/Hart is tbe kind of match you can build a documentary on. Just the Mania match... Narrated by Werner Herzog James
  24. I haven't watched They Call Me Bruce or They Still Call Me Bruce in ages. They used to pop on USA all the time in the 80s James
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