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  1. The best way to teach the meaning of the word "Moot" comes from the 80s James
  2. So the new Magnum PI got cancelled and to be honest? I totally forgot it was still on the air. James
  3. Hogan and Muraco in a match from my childhood! James
  4. So far Derry Girls Season 3 is just slaying me with laughter. I'm going to be so sad when its done James
  5. Star Trek Strange New Worlds episode 2 was so good! I love this show so far! No serialization, just week to week good old sci-fi. This is Star Trek! James
  6. Sooooooo... Kota Ibushi has lost his mind? Posting text mssages between him and NJ Execs on twitter... that's unexpected James
  7. Soul Patrol 100% beatthe SAmoans for the belts ending their third and final reign as tag champs. That is correct, but the switch was in 1983 so tht part is off James
  8. It all goes back to Summer Camp and Beulah... ah childhood! James
  9. I probably should have qualified that a bit better. Kirby, Barks and Tezuka are, imo, the 3 most important creators in the comic book driven medium visually. James
  10. I am trying not to cry. I am trying to keep it together. I loved George Perez and every piece of work he ever put put. He was also a guy who genuinely appreciated his fans. After Kirby, Barks and Tezuka, I honestly think Perez was the BEST atist Superhero comics has ever seen! James
  11. Or Fred Rogers... MARINE SNIPER! That one really was beyond the realm of sanity James
  12. I wish it was former Paramount studio head Robert Evans managing Keith Lee. A Robert Evans run wrestling promotion are the things coked out dreams are made of! James
  13. So do the Travellers, Watchers and Presevers all tie in to each other somehow? Because that would really be diving into Trek lore James
  14. I never realize I wanted Madds Mikkelsen to play William Regal until now! James
  15. Strange New Worlds flt like the most Star Trek that Star Trek has been in a long time. I loved every moment of it! James
  16. Man I hope they don't Flashback 2012 the Enterprise D crew in season 3 because my gut is leaning that way James
  17. No Chairman Kaga guarantees I will not watch any version of Iron Chef James
  18. I liked the surprises in the finale quite a bit and they almost salvaged the season. As always I get emotional for music cues and the big one was the TNG hints but I thought I heard some light "First Contact" bits as well. I'n not putting any spoilers here so let em say, despite a strong start and meandering middle, the Finale of Picard S2 was on point. James
  19. No. no, Mei Suruga is the best pure professional wrestler since Eddie Guerrero! James
  20. John was one of the good ones on this Board. My respect for him was vast. I wish I could've had more interaction with him the way some others did, but every book or piece of media he ever recommended here was always worth its weight in gold. James
  21. Barry is... I just don't have words... Hader and Winkler are just firing on all fuckin cylinders. This season is just 2 episodes in and so intense. James
  22. I look forward to tomorrow because it's gonna be... James
  23. Everything, Everywhere and All At Once was... weird, funny and utterly marvelous. It is a shame it came out first half of the year because I think it is strong enough for at least a few nominations for awards. Michelle Yeoh is damn treasure! James
  24. I liked but didn't love the end but it makes sense to end it there ONLY if there is a definite season 2. As far as The Offer goes... I'm enjoying it but all it does is make me want to watch The Godfather again. I like the portrayal of Robert Evans because they could've made him over the top insane but didn't yet still you get the that energy to a degree James
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