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  1. That wasn't the greatest wrestling match ever... .. it was just a tribute.
  2. Overall, I thought it was a great show. But then I try to look at it from both the jaded grump I am at times, and the part of me that still thinks wrestling is the greatest thing in the world. I can see other sides here. Making Shayna the female Brock is doing no one in the women's division any favors. At this point they're gonna have to import Rhea, Jazzy (once she's up and running) or sic the ladies in the crowd tonight on her to even convey she can be beaten. It sure as hell won't be Kairi or Io that does it. To be honest, my favorite part was seeing a friend of mine in the Raider's entrance, and yeah, seeing a guy that called into the podcast that J.H. and I used to be on a few times win the NXT strap was cool. I've seen Gargano come up through both Cleveland promotions and it's heartwarming as hell to see him succeed. So yeah, I'm a bit biased there. Tonight was the first time I've been able to see Walter, and all I could think was "Damn, that kid from Durmstrang got on the gas after that Trwizard tournament." That lame joke dropped, I'm looking forward to the rest of the weekend. Does anyone know how Harper did last night
  3. Why is it whenever the WWE gives us a feast, Vince has to be the guy to stick his dick in the mashed potatoes?
  4. In all honesty, this was possibly the equivalent of a sold house in the theater community. Some Saudi magnate that wipes his ass with 1000$ bills paid the Compay the equivalent of a PPV gate and was able to sell tickets for whatever price they wanted (probably given to friends and family and selected people of importance) and paid all travel, lodging, and logistics to get all the people and equipment there and it was done LONG in advance of any political happenings that occurred. So the company took the money and ran...ran what could’ve been a great show into the ground. Did they do this consciously as their own response to recent events? That can be debated, but we do know that guys have been known to stink up the place on purpose to show their displeasure about being made to work a card they don’t want to be on, or in a location they don’t wanna be. The trade off of doing it “live” is that once the show has started the production guys can’t do much except damage control on tr fly. Now to play devil’s advocate it’s probably not the case but it is food for thought. That said, I’m with the school of thought that the only logical reason the show was this bad was that the only thing that would’ve made this the Botchamania to end all Botchamanias was to have Paul Hryman do the intro.
  5. Guys, book it now and mark it down. I was at the show tonight and after seeing the dark main all I can say is that Miz-jitsu is gonna be a thing. Track down Jeff Hardy's sell work at being both confused and slightly "Is this shit for real? Better throwup some defense in case it isn't." Christ that was one of the best dark mains I've ever seen and Miz going old school Rick Rude is, and I hate to say it, must see TV.
  6. Really, Graves and Coach have turned to shit. When Smackdown rolls in on Tuesday and I can snag another post show pic with Byron, I'm gonna ask him who I have to pay off both of to potato both those clowns.
  7. I'll be the first to say that the ending to the main was horrible. Miss me with that DDT finish bullshit. That was hands down MOTY, and it gets fucked up in 10 seconds.
  8. Oh yeah...Ronda's filming in South America somewhere....
  9. Gamertag: Miolnjir, for anyone who wants to add me. I do play more than D2.
  10. Anyone on XBL have a Driver Clan going? I'd love to embarass some fuckers in the Crucible with ya'll, maybe hit the Nightfall raids once they strip the timer and finally see what shit like Trials of the Nine and the Leviathan raid are all about.
  11. Is it too much to hope for Black to be put in as a surprise entrant, since getting eliminated wouldn't technically count as a loss and would whet the main roster for him debuting at some point in 18, or do you think they pull him out as a surprise entrant for the Andre at Mania?
  12. I didn't realize Rousey is in Colombia, but Because she's shooting there right now doesn't mean there wasn't agreements for travel made. And let's face it, as far as debuts and taking bumps, a Rumble isn't a bad way to throw out that she's there, even if it's an in and out kinda deal if that's where she's gonna end up. Granted, from what you say, slim possibility. But we know they've done crazier shit for a rumble appearance.
  13. I reallllly liked Regal's book. It was an entertaining read and he makes no apologies about anything. It was really a good read. I have a small amazon gift card and want to get a good wrestling book for my kindle app, so I'm digging into what might be out there and cheap. I got the Regal book for 2.99 which as a total steal.
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