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  1. I think I need this Joey Ryan DDT Ironman "Champ is Here" t-shirt. http://www.prowrestlingtees.com/catalog/product/view/id/7750/s/champ-is-here-japanese/
  2. Hmm... I wonder if I can talk some of my friends into making this my bachelor party weekend excursion?
  3. Years ago , if you had told me some of the most entertaining matches I had seen in he last two years involved Ricky Banderas, I probably would have thought you had bumped your head. if anything Lucha Underground has turned him around in my eyes.
  4. Same here. Superior Spoctavius brought me back into reading Spiderman comics.
  5. I think I am the only UVA fan on the board other than RavenMack. @cwoy2j lives in "God's little slice of Heaven" of Cville. But I think there is more of a VCU and George Mason presence on the board.
  6. The IDW Humble Bundle looks fun. Mainly I am interested in the Locke & Key Collected Editions as well as The Maxx material. Everything else, not so much....
  7. NFL

    As a Saints fan that was a dagger to my heart. But expected that Cooks wanted out. Sorry AFC East, New England just got really scary!
  8. I bought in the hype of the Brian Lee vs. Tommy Dreamer scaffold match.
  9. Tales of The Masked Men which aired on PBS is on Netflix as well.
  10. That Extreme Warfare 2 VHS was one of the first VHS I ever tape traded for in my early college days.
  11. I had the WCCW theme as my ringtone for the longest time. I like the pomp and circumstance it brought to every telemarketer calling me
  12. Not sure if I will get the Mage single issues, I did for the Image series (but then found a Giant trade that collected them all). I like Mage the same way I like Grendel in big chunks of Omnibus sized stories.
  13. I saw this a fre days ago, I hope he prints or has some at Heroes Con (Wrestling) in June
  14. http://www.therobotsvoice.com/2012/03/8_times_comics_creators_became_comics_characters.php This article says Simpsons Comics #88 The story is Gail Simone
  15. I have been to the CWF Sportatorium for about 4 Chikara shows. PWX sometimes runs outside of Charlotte. Thanks guys Is George South mainly working out of AML since he is the trainer at their school now?