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    Honestly the meet and greet felt a lot like the fan convention in "The Wrestler" but more optimistic. Penta and Fenix are only going to be there on Friday night at the Friday wrestling event with a meet and greet, so not at the Saturday Fan Fest.
  2. Fantasy Football 2K17

    In what I am sure will be 1 of many (I should have started this guy instead of this guy ) posts. We are starting way early. Matt Stafford - Maybe he is living up to his "Big Buck$" contract. He was on point against what I thought was a food Cardinal defense. (35 points) Ravens D - Wow! They were stifling, hope they can keep this up. Might make me regret drafting the Broncos so high. (25 points)
  3. 2017 NFL: WEEK ONE

    Is the Baltiore D that good? Or are the Bengals that bad on offense?
  4. 2017 NFL: WEEK ONE

    Is Giorgio Tavecchio going to kick SeBas out of a job in Oakland?
  5. Fantasy Football 2K17

    That's what I was thinking. As a Saints fan , I am excited for the multi headed monster that is the Running game but Fantasy is another thing.
  6. Fantasy Football 2K17

    I am vexed by a trade request I had Players I have Christian McCaffrey Kelvin Benjamin I am being offered Mark Ingram TY Hilton
  7. 2017 NFL: WEEK ONE

    Heads Up! Dolphins-Buccaneers won't be played in Miami Sunday as Irma looms "ESPN's Jeff Darlington reports the game likely will be rescheduled for Nov. 19, when both teams have a bye week, according to league sources. The NFL has yet to announce an official decision." Might want to put any Bucs or Fins players on the Bench in any of your fantasy leagues.
  8. Fantasy Football 2K17

    Not as nearly groundbreaking as this, but I grabbed Eddie Lacy who was on waivers for John Ross. Better late than never, in an unprecedented 2nd League I joined (Draft on Wednesday August 30th). Drafting from the #1 spot QB - Kirk Cousins, Andy Dalton RB - David Johnson, Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey, LeGarrete Blount, Eddie Lacy (I grabbed off waivers) WR - Jarvis Landry, Kelvin Benjamin, Chris Hogan , Zay Jones TE - Eric Ebron, OJ Howard DST - Seahawks, Giants K- Mason Crosby
  9. DC Comics omnibus thread

    Thanks, I thought I was missing a few of them.
  10. DC Comics omnibus thread

    How many Specials did DC do for the Kirby 100? The only ones I can remember are: Sandman Manhunter Darkseid Am I missing any others?
  11. General Lucha Libre Comments

    I watched Twitch on Saturday night to see probably my favorite luchador of all time lose his mask. Dr. Wagner Jr. is definitely a charismatic tour de force from his mannerisms to his gravelly "Bien, Bien , Bien!!" I t was rough seeing Ultimo Guerrero lose his mask. This was even worse. Hopefully he went out on his own terms.
  12. Fantasy Football 2K17

    Drafted last night in my usual "League of Record". Currently I am a defending champion. Lucky for me , I drafted in the 12th spot out of 12. As a Saints fan , I felt dirty drafting Cam Newton (ugggh) QB - Cam Newton, Matt Stafford RB - Davonta Freeman, Ty Montgomery, Carlos Hyde, Terrence West WR - Michael Thomas, Golden Tate, Davante Adams, Devante Parker, Mike Wallace TE - Zach Ertz, Eric Ebron DEF - Broncos, Ravens K - Nick Novak
  13. NFL PRESEASON 2017

    There are still TONS of people who live here in Roanoke, VA (about 30 minutes from Blacksburg), who rock the #7 Atlanta jersey as well as some VT ones.
  14. NXT TAKEOVER - Brooklyn III

    Thought it was a trio or quartet ala Generation Next and such. Thanks for the heads up.