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  1. Reading Batman: The Long Halloween for the first time ever and this one struck me.
  2. I feel your pain on this one as well. My consolation prize for being the first team not to make playoffs is the #1 pick. I was leaning towards Derrick Henry but mpulled the trigger on McCaffrey as well. I have Chuba Hubbard, that sort of cushions the blow.
  3. Has anyone played Diablo 2 Ressurected on the console yet (in particular XBOX One)? How does it play? I love Diablo 3 , probably my favorite of the Diablo series is my go to timewaster.
  4. Has anyone been reading the IDW Mighty Morphin Power Rangers books? I am quite curious about picking some of them up in trades. I know I want to try the Kyle Higgins written books but I am also interested in the Lord Drakkon (Evil Tommy alternate universe take) . Where should I start?
  5. I'll read One Star Squadron, assuming creative is Mark Russell and Steve Lieber.
  6. Haven't read the aforementioned Image creator owned series, but I love BLACK HAMMER and the pretty much anything that Lemire has put out recently. Definitely keeping an eye out for this one.
  7. Anyone been reading Infinite Frontier?
  8. Totally debating getting it to add with the Love & Rockets trade collections I picked up over the past year.
  9. Has anyone seen or gotten the Queen of the Ring: Wrestling Drawings by Jaime Hernadez ? Seems to be his Professional Women's Wrestling art from Love & Rockets with development sketches and whatnot.
  10. That was Charlie Ramone, I think he is security for AEW . He features prominently on Sammy Guevara's V-log.
  11. I was impressed by the turnout as well. I was in 120 GG in the Nosebleed Section but it was pretty full.
  12. First Wrestling event for me since a February New Japan USA Show in Durham prior to the COVID shutdown , I will se what I can do about this.
  13. I have this digest somewhere in the house. I need to break it out and read it again.
  14. @Spontaneous all good man. Different strokes for different folks. You do what works for you.
  15. In the "Mileage May Vary Selection" , I myself have had a great time with Lexapro. I went on it in January about 2 years ago and I was an anxiety and rage riddled mess. It has greatly helped me and my home life. I don't think I need anything stronger than it, but it has helped me.
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