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  1. I went on a big Bagge run last march during the initial lockdown. I bought a ton of the trades for a decent price.
  2. DUNE is on my shortlist and since I am on a "staycation" that should definitely be doable.
  3. I thought these were meant to be mini series anyway.
  4. First thing I watched on the app was my all time favorite , Spiderman and his Amazing Friends episode "7 Little Superheroes". I love it just for the Namor scene alone.
  5. Cheesecake art is eternal just ask Adam Hughes, Terry Dodson and Mr. Cho himself. I wish I could get my hands on affordable University (Squared) and Liberty Meadows trades.
  6. I like Hickman and his work. I may have bottomed out a little with his Avengers opus. I am genuinely intrigued by HOX and POX. I will probably get the HC when it comes out. Until then I am listening to the Journey Into Misery episode that explains it all.
  7. He also wrote the All New Superman book right? The Chinese government sponsored Superman character. I have been reading that off and on on the DC Universe App.
  8. Kyle Allen is going to make things uncomfortable in the QB room at Charlotte if he keeps this up.
  9. This is one of those times when I am glad I have the NFL Redzone channel. Things are on and popping!
  10. "By Gawd, it's Antwoine Braun at Wide Receiver for the Houston Roughnecks! That man has a family!"
  11. So HOX and POX, I am a "more than a novice" fan of the X-Men at last until the mid to late 2000's continuity. Is it better to get the single floppies or just trade wait?
  12. So I read King's Mister Miracle over the weekend. It was pretty good. Not sure it was the be all end all of comic books. I look at it as a decently crafted Elseworlds take on the character.
  13. I drafted last night QB - Tom Brady, Kyler Murray RB - Todd Gurley, Chris Carson, Phillip Lindsay, Damian Williams, Derius Guice, Darrell Henderson WR - Amari Cooper, Mike Williams, Marquez Valdes-Scandling, DK Metcalf TE - Jared Cook D - Patriots, Browns K- Jason Myers
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