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  1. Justin877

    Non-Big Two Comics Omnibus Thread

    Kessel and Grummet had it 2 weekks ago at Baltimore. I had thought it came out earlier. I didn't pick one up mainly because I was bargain hunting in the various TPB bins. I wish DC would do an Omnibus edition of their Superboy series.
  2. Justin877

    2018 NFL - WEEK SIX

    I was actually rooting for the Evil Empire. But I didn't want my fantasy league victory to be squelched by the "Golden Leg of Gostkowski". That was quite the game.
  3. Justin877

    2018 NFL - WEEK SIX

    I need this game to end and for Gostkowski not to kick any more field goals!
  4. Justin877

    NFL Fantasy Football 2K18

    I was listening to that podcast as well. I am 0-4 in my league of record. Weeks I score 100+ , my opponent scores 30 more. Crazy times
  5. Justin877


    I guess the belt fanny packs took off. Weren't they originally part of the WWE WrestleCrate?
  6. Justin877

    Digital Comics Sales and Discussion Thread

    I do like the reader it is much smoother than the Marvel Unlimited one, I do wish they would add more content. In due time I reckon. I want more Silver and Bronze Age!! I mainly watch the TV and Movies through my ROKu which is linked to the DC Universe App. I am looking forward into rewatching Batman: Brave and The Bold
  7. Justin877

    2018 NFL - WEEK THREE

    Well I am glad to see Chris Carson is producing some rushing yards in Seattle! SeaHawks fans you can think me for dropping him from my Fantasy Team this morning. Now he may flourish!!
  8. Justin877

    Digital Comics Sales and Discussion Thread

    I am assuming since it has a digital component that discussion on the DC Universe App can go in here right? Has anyone downloaded it and is subscribed to it. I bit the bullet as an early adopter about a week ago and have been steadily using it over time. I mainly was interested in it with the Digital Comics library ( hoping it would be akin to the Marvel Unlimited App, that I love to pieces). The Comics section is sparse but I did binge read some Kamandi that I wanted to read before tackling the notion of getting the immense HC that just came out. I was incredibly surprised by the animated library. Anyone else have any experiences or thoughts?
  9. Justin877

    2018 NFL - WEEK THREE

    I have a feeling Saints vs. Falcons OT is going to be way more exciting than any of the afternoon games.
  10. Justin877

    2018-19 NCAAF: WEEK 4

    As a Virginia Cavaliers fan that lives right in the heart of Hokie Country (Roanoke, VA which is about 30 miles from Blacksburg) . This coupled with a UVA win over Louisville has made my weekend.
  11. Justin877


    Has anyone ever bought a Wrestling Championship Belt from https://www.championsbelts.com ? Just curious if they are legit, i am digging the 80's NWA Championships and such.
  12. Justin877


    You good sir, have pretty much encapsulated my thoughts and feelings when I saw Penta vs. Nick Gage at Joey Janela's Spring Break 2 in Louisiana this past April. The crowd was cheering Gage like he was a hero or something. I just wanted Penta to stiff the bajeezus out of him.
  13. Justin877

    NFL Fantasy Football 2K18

    Someone dropped Amari Cooper on waivers. Should I drop Chris Carson or Alshon Jeffrey (2 of my more expendable players)?
  14. Justin877


    Well... Surgically reattached leg or not Teddy Brigewater is an upgrade over Tom Savage. i was hoping that Taysom Hill might work his way into the QB rotation but he is a gamer on special teams.