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  1. Savage Dragon is one of the few comics I still try to regularly keep up with . I usually buy it in about 5 issue chunks at a time these days.
  2. That was the first PRIDE: Bushido show I ever saw on DVD
  3. I got married on June 24th. We entered to
  4. But I digress: Summer Shandy is amazing. But my favorite is Orange Shandy!
  5. This Fall is going to be a busy time for a Kirby-loving fan like myself. They are reprinting The Demon Omnibus as well
  6. I just want all of those and the Shang Chi ones. Just don't want to break the bank!
  7. Photo

    Hey! That looks familiar!!
  8. Mystique and Runaways were the clear leaders in that Tsunami line. I need to read the Sentinel book, it seemed to have a Gigantor meets Marvel Universe kind of vibe.
  9. Back in November 2016, he wrestled "Broken" Matt Hardy at Wrestlecade if that's worth anything.
  10. I have been eying it for a while, Alan Davis is coming to Heroes Convention this June. All of my single issues are at my parents in storage
  11. Don't get me wrong, I love Madman and I love the Kirby's Fourth World. I just hope it isn't going to be "oo cool for school" like the other Young Animal books. Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye, I am looking at you!
  12. I bought the Allred family produced Bug, Adventures of Forager #1 . Being that is of the Young Animal imprint, I hope it isn't too wild and wacky.
  13. Which collection builds the most context part in? Is your interview online?
  14. Is it wrong that I am finally taking the plunge into Los Bros Hernandez World of Love & Rockets just for the Whoa Nellie story?
  15. I thought for the longest time, I was the only person that thought that.