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  1. Non-Big Two Comics Omnibus Thread

    Liner note and such? I have seen that Dr. Demento album pop up in my facebook feed here recently.
  2. Non-Big Two Comics Omnibus Thread

    I love all of Evan Dorkin's work. Supposedly he is getting ready to put out a Dork Omnibus soon in hardcover format.
  3. WWE Champions

    Figured I would give it a second try on the game. I put in a request to join the DVDVR Faction. Under OsoMalHumor , I believe
  4. Pages, Panels, Pin-ups... Covers

    I agree with Helms but I would switch Kyle and John. John Stewart is clearly more of the Enforcer type.

    To paraphrase Metallica "For Whom Vonn Bell tolls, Saints Marching On!!" I'm a Saints fan, I wanted to wait til the end of the game to post anything.

    I like the Mets script work as a Mets fan but I am not rushing out to buy this shirt. Might be a a $5 or 10 shirt purchase.

    Thanks for the collection of Links for the Wrestlemania weekend. I got tix for my 40th Birthday and I am trying to set up some plans and such.

    I can't remember which documentary it was I watched a while ago. But it was about some of the NC indies and ended with George South cutting a promo. I think it was on the Highspots Network.
  9. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    I am a big fan of Hip Hop Family Tree. That's my story and I am sticking to it .
  10. Marvel Comics Omnibus thread

    I picked up the Ed Piskor X-Men book, can't wait to jump into it.
  11. Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana v2.0

    That's on my back log o ones to listen to. I plan on getting to it over break.
  12. Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana v2.0

    Did anyone hear the Old Death Valley Driver got a plug from Alex Shelley? I felt he spoke favorably. He even spoke of the old IRC Chat days when Punk, Joanne, Chris Hero and others would pop into the room.
  13. Fantasy Football 2K17

    Felt weird saying goodbye to Zuerlein just now. Of what was left on waivers Josh Lambo looked the most promising. Here is my championship lineup in Bold. As always, suggestions, comments, or well wishes are accepted. Good luck to everyone else fighting it out this weekend. QB: Newton (TB), Foles (Oak), Stafford (Cin) RB: Freeman (NO), Hyde (Jax), Gallman (Ari), Davis (DAL), Jones (MIn) WR: Thomas (Atl), Tate (Cin), Adams (MIn), Cole (SF), Funchess (TB) TE: Ertz (Oak) Flex: any suggestions? K: Lambo (SF) DST: Ravens (Ind)
  14. 2017 NFL: WEEK FIFTEEN

    I had no hope in that regards, as the guy I am playing in semis in my Championship league had Todd Gurley ($2 points... Geez!) Luckily I had Cam Newton channeling SuperCam today!