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  1. I know Gerry Conway most definitely. Currently it has me wanting to read more of the 70's era Spiderman. Man-Wolf is currently my favorite Spidey villain.
  2. I have currently been on a John Jameson - Man Wolf kick. Currently reading all the Man-Wolf appearances in order on Marvel Unlimited.
  3. Whenever you can read Maestro, I would highly reccomend it. Made me fall back into the PAD groove again.
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the Maestro (Prequel to The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect) by Peter David. I miss the good old days of Peter David on The Hulk. The art, IMHO was tremendous as well.
  5. Oh the OG X-Factor probably my favorite X title of all time! Walt and Weezie at their best.
  6. Not sure if it is your thing or not, but you can definitely catch up on a lot of these storylines and runs through Marvel Unlimited. I swear by it when reading big chunks of stories and such.
  7. I have the all black version of this with the logo. It is my impromptu go to wrestling shows hat. Man I miss going places.
  8. Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan is pretty good as well. A totally different kind of tale, less space opera more sci-fi but I recommend those as well.
  9. I went on a big Bagge run last march during the initial lockdown. I bought a ton of the trades for a decent price.
  10. DUNE is on my shortlist and since I am on a "staycation" that should definitely be doable.
  11. I thought these were meant to be mini series anyway.
  12. First thing I watched on the app was my all time favorite , Spiderman and his Amazing Friends episode "7 Little Superheroes". I love it just for the Namor scene alone.
  13. Cheesecake art is eternal just ask Adam Hughes, Terry Dodson and Mr. Cho himself. I wish I could get my hands on affordable University (Squared) and Liberty Meadows trades.
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