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  1. Don't get me wrong, I love Madman and I love the Kirby's Fourth World. I just hope it isn't going to be "oo cool for school" like the other Young Animal books. Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye, I am looking at you!
  2. I bought the Allred family produced Bug, Adventures of Forager #1 . Being that is of the Young Animal imprint, I hope it isn't too wild and wacky.
  3. Which collection builds the most context part in? Is your interview online?
  4. Is it wrong that I am finally taking the plunge into Los Bros Hernandez World of Love & Rockets just for the Whoa Nellie story?
  5. I thought for the longest time, I was the only person that thought that.
  6. Great soundtrack album as well.
  7. Titus could have that Bob Sapp appeal in Japan. He's charismatic, has a catchphrase, and is a somewhat lovable big man.
  8. I was underwhelmed this year, but then again I am sure I missed some hidden gems. I didn't realize the Street Fighter was a "Wresling Special" for FCBD. I should hve snaagged that one.
  9. Thanks for the heads up about ROH making it back to Concord, NC! I went to the last Concord TV Tapings and those were a blast.
  10. NFL

    As a Saints fan:
  11. Which DC Rebirth TPB's should I pick up? I read the first few issues of Wonder Woman (and really liked them). I am hearing great stuff about King's Batman series. What else should I sang while they are at the $10 price point on Amazon?
  12. T shirt sale @ WWE Shopzone Today (4/11) http://shop.wwe.com/t-shirt-sale/ WWE Shop really wants my $$. I didn't realize I really wanted to get The Vaude-Villains tee The Ascension tee
  13. We are getting 3 Finns from Funko this set Regular Finn Balor Demon King Finn Balor (w/o Dreadlock headpiece) (Chase) FYE Exclusive Demon King Finn Balor (w/ Dreadlock headpiece) If I can dredge up pics, I will later. Too early in the morning lol
  14. I am loving the Boom Studios WWE comic right now. The creative teams are taking it seriously but not too seriously
  15. I think you can get the Yano in a wig shirt on ProWrestlingTees.Com