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  1. Kyle Allen is going to make things uncomfortable in the QB room at Charlotte if he keeps this up.
  2. This is one of those times when I am glad I have the NFL Redzone channel. Things are on and popping!
  3. "By Gawd, it's Antwoine Braun at Wide Receiver for the Houston Roughnecks! That man has a family!"
  4. So HOX and POX, I am a "more than a novice" fan of the X-Men at last until the mid to late 2000's continuity. Is it better to get the single floppies or just trade wait?
  5. So I read King's Mister Miracle over the weekend. It was pretty good. Not sure it was the be all end all of comic books. I look at it as a decently crafted Elseworlds take on the character.
  6. I drafted last night QB - Tom Brady, Kyler Murray RB - Todd Gurley, Chris Carson, Phillip Lindsay, Damian Williams, Derius Guice, Darrell Henderson WR - Amari Cooper, Mike Williams, Marquez Valdes-Scandling, DK Metcalf TE - Jared Cook D - Patriots, Browns K- Jason Myers
  7. I didn't realize Jimmy Olsen was just a 12 issue mini. But I might have to get it sooner rather than waiting on the DC Universe App
  8. I didn't know I needed an Io Shirai mask WWE Replica mask til about 5 minutes ago.
  9. I like that Shiba Inu shirt. What stable is that?
  10. I think that was the moment "the light went on" and I became a fan of Penta.
  11. I bought the coffee table book an a few shirts. I wish I had gotten the Soccer scarf as well
  12. I love the randomness that is TubiTV on my Roku. I am going to check it out! You sir are a true scholar and a gentleman. Or ghoul and misanthrope whatever you prefer.
  13. Hope springs eternal!
  14. I watched the first 2 episodes on Friday until my Internet went out. I am a fan of The Boys comic mainly for Daerick Robertson's art. I also am a big fan of Astro City as well. I like dichotomy in my life.
  15. I'v seen this at Comic Cons , Tom Fleming I think.
  16. I was "fantasy booking" an ambush outside of PetSmart. You beat me to it.
  17. Cagematch says that Stu Grayson started in 2005. Ray Rowe debuted in 2003.
  18. My favorite track collaborations on it were De LaSoul & Teenage Fanclub Del Tha Funky Homosapien & Dinosaur Jr. Heck! I love the whole album.
  19. I just watched King Of Colosseum, wow I echo everything that has been said about Jacob Fatu. He is something else. Give him some time and he might be something special down the line. Youtube took me to Battle Riot II. I am having a BattlArts flashback with Minoru Tanaka.
  20. Yeah that NJPW-USA show in Charlotte had a lot of the Carolina indy guys with the LA Dojo trainees and most of the NJPW gaijins at the time (Archer, Cobb, Smith Jr. Finley, "Juice", Chuck & Trent?, etc...)
  21. Criminally underrated soundtrack album to a "meh" kind of movie. The soundtrack is a banger and gets played in Casa Del Justin quite a bit.
  22. Found this while looking at old Mad Magazine covers. This is amazing! On a side note, I am not sure how I feel about living in a world without Mad Magazine.
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