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  1. The reports of the bout being cancelled because JJ could not make weight were premature. She still looks like she's about to pass out in that picture, though. I'm sure she's looking forward to rehydration time. I guess we'll find out tomorrow night who has the bigger chip on their shoulder: Waterson and her quest to be mom champ or JJ returning to the division that she nearly cleaned out. Eryk Anders will either kill Gerald Meerschaert or die in the attempt. There will be no middle ground. For the sake of the fight, I sure hope he's been working on his cardio in the interim.
  2. I am happy that I am now at that point in the game where I can just hit up the Eridian writings in the same run as everything else. I think it took about two hours to go back and hit up all of the sites I had discovered when I was chasing down the Calypsos.
  3. Yeah. I'll probably end up making two runs since I can use the other BA weapon for infusion fodder or shred it for the schematics so that I can buy mods for newer weapons like the Seasonal guns or the two Ritual Weapons I have left to grind.. I'm trying to get a Rampage Spec for the Edgewise, but fucking Ada-1 keeps giving me Radar Boosters and Sprint Grips. The BA bounties are annoying but at least I'm earning additional Glimmer for them. I just discard the Modulus Reports, though. Only the two big Ballistics Report bounties matter to me.
  4. So that stuff about the Throne reminded me that they also tweaked the old Black Armory content in a similar manner. You can access a Forge encounter through the EDZ map playlist now rather than having to go planetside; even the Forges that are on Nessus. You can also complete a frame with any forge ignition.. The weapons are no longer encounter specific. I thought I was going to be able to finally say goodbye to Forges, but it is a guaranteed LL upgrade for Hammerhead that only costs Glimmer. I'll be making at least one Forge run per week until the Hammerhead is 960.
  5. WALTER / KUSHIDA was all kinds of great. I actually turned from AEW to watch it live and the AEW card was on fucking fire this past Wednesday.
  6. Fuck. I will only be about 930 when that shit rolls around and you know that big clans will already have 960 members that will stack six. In its infinite wisdom [sarcasm], Bungie took Roster preview away so you can't tell who you're up against in PvP until the fucking match starts. I will give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being since Matchmaking has done a fairly decent job of putting me against people at my own skill level. I've had some challenging Valor matches since launch, but my sweat has seen me through and I haven't gotten merked by cheaters or pro death squads yet. We'll see how that shakes out when the IB starts and Light matters a bit more than player skill. I am sure I will find this to be infuriating. There is like zero content this season that is simple to manage. Everything this season has taken the grind to a whole different level. God forbid we grind the IB and get to 960 before we're supposed to and naturally progress for some bounty or triumph in the IB will be tied to wearing their dumb armor, so we'll have to keep it for future events rather than use it as infusion fodder to upgrade the armor sets we wear regularly. Go fuck yourself, Bungie. The only intelligent adjustment I saw in that blurb of information, but that's what they get for tying a Heavy Weapon bonus % to a bounty. I am not surprised that they failed to identify this hitch before now since it seems like none of the developers communicate with each other at all.
  7. Release week coincided with the Strongest Curse week, so I was none the wiser. Nice to know that I don't have to wait for the Curse rotation anymore, so cobbling together a set of unpurified RD 2.0 armor for a Throne run can be done at my leisure.
  8. I am jealous that you've encountered helpful blueberries. I've been trying to grind out the 10 PE triumph now that I have a full set of ugly Dreambane armor and it seems like randos do there best to avoid participating in WARSAT drops or Vex Incursions. I think I will be in the neighborhood of 930 or so by the time the first IB rolls around.... if it isn't postponed. I also brainfarted on this week being the Strongest Curse week, so give me a shout if you want to chase down Throne lore over the weekend. That includes next Monday since I am off for European Invasion Day.... er…. Columbus Day.
  9. Soon you will have to change your board handle to Doctor Control. You are in my prayers, man.
  10. Yeah, that was my bum out news from Google this morning. The episode was really soul crushing which is a testament to the writing / production team and the cast. It showed a lot of love for Luke that they would kill Fred off rather than recast the role. I think that's the thing that really got to me. I totally mind farted that Fred Andrews was "away on business" while Luke was dealing with off screen health issues.
  11. Yeah, the office jokes here about burned bridges and the match having a Fire Extinguisher On A Pole gimmick wrote themselves. To borrow from that, there is an office pool going on who will NOT be cleared to wrestle by the MLW doctor on this card (i.e. he no showed). The front runners are unsurprisingly both in that Middleweight title match.
  12. Pillman Jr. clowned Richard Holliday en route to the pay windah on that mash-up episode with the Hammerstone vs. Shiozaki main event. I think it was Episode 74, but don't get me to lyin'. Some day he will win two matches in a row.
  13. If that's the case then I can see why Repulsion didn't make the list. It is kinda hard to talk about that movie. I'm still grappling with Under The Skin.
  14. It is somewhat disturbing to see what actors do to their bodies in prep for roles. I think Christian Bale still holds the record for DC Comics body transformation madness since he put on nearly sixty pounds of muscle for Batman Begins after wrapping up The Machinist. He only weighed 120 pounds during the principle shooting of The Machinist and then bulked up to a rock solid 185 while also undergoing extensive KFM training for the fight scenes.
  15. Remember that the Drifter's Public Service bounties for GP armor synths count towards his Weekly Bounty Challenge total. You can nab his WC reward without even setting foot in a Gambit or Gambit Prime match and you can just burn off the synths if you don't feel like braving the Reckoning to turn them into armor pieces. I got my ass in gear and haunted enough Vex Invasion events and helped put down enough Gate Lords to get the quest step where I actually get to participate in the Vex Invasion content. It also helped that randos would actually participate and help shoot things rather than fucking off and not helping. I've also got Symphony of Death to deal with now. Soooo much shit to do in this game.
  16. SWF is on the rotation for The Movie Channel this month. I have no idea why not since IMO Repulsion is by far the creepiest of his apartment building set piece movies. Rosemary's Baby is the best pure horror story and The Tenant is plain weird and surreal, but Repulsion was a proper study in madness and trauma before such things were a thing. Given today's heightened focus on the lack of social awareness of mental health issues, I think Repulsion is far more relevant today than it was when it was filmed. Repulsion definitely deserved to be on that list somewhere.
  17. Both the Revoker and the RTK only require you to accumulate Glory. You don't have to stress out about getting to Fabled rank. You're working on Luna's which DOES require you to get to Fabled so you may as well meet the Glory requirements for the Revoker and RTK while you're at it. You can always go back to Classic Mix or one of the Quickplay queues and get your sniper headshots / scout rifle kills in after you've checked the Glory points box.
  18. Almost forgot. Yup, it was the transmission. I am now the proud and slightly traumatized owner of a 2020 Corolla. Happy to be in a new set of wheels and learn that my recent relationship ugliness did not bomb my credit score. Not happy about having a car payment again. Now if you will excuse me, I have some servers to update and then I will have some dudes to shoot in the head when I get back to the crib. At least I've got a 3 day weekend coming up (Fuck Christopher Columbus..) and can probably slip outta here early on Friday.
  19. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (played Black Manta in Aquaman) has snagged the lead role in the upcoming Matrix joint. Talk about someone's stock going up. He's got Watchmen and an episode of Black Mirror under his belt in addition to Aquaman, and now he's got The Matrix and the Jordan Peele / Nia DaCosta Candyman reboot about to go down.
  20. How else are you going to condition the bones in your hands so that you don't break them ever time you throw dozens of punches at a time? My old sensei had a 2x4 wrapped in rope and stuck in the ground that he would punch repeatedly to toughen up his knuckles. I was never that hardcore. I always did my strike drills wearing C-Cup gloves.
  21. So, the transmission on my beloved electric blue Scion TC RS6 blew the other day and now I'm the proud new owner of a 2020 Toyota Corolla. I'm a little bummed because I've had that Scion since my daughter was six (she's sixteen now) and the car and I have been through a lot from weekend trips to NYC to ditching speeding tickets in North Carolina. I'm also not thrilled about having a car payment again. However I'm long overdue for a new whip and I was thrilled to death that the saga between me and my ex old lady didn't destroy my beacon score. I was a little apprehensive about filling out the credit application, but then good numbers came back and they couldn't wait to sell me a car. Now I have to iron out some DMV weirdness and I should be GTG.
  22. I hope you remembered to grab the Revoker and Randy's Throwing Knife quests. If you're going to grind Comp, you may as well start earning points to satisfy the Glory criterium for these quests and then you can get in your sniper and scout rifle murder in later on.
  23. I would watch the living shit out of that movie and three or four sequels.
  24. Despite my bank account smarting from purchasing a new car (well, the bank owns it right now), I will find cash in the budget to go see Joker sometime this weekend. I'll probably have ramen for dinner, though.
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