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  1. Fast Color Directed by Julia Hart Starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Lorraine Toussaint, Saniyya Sidney, Christopher Denham, and David Strathairn. Now out in what appears to be a limited release. I know it is in two theaters near B'More, but I don't think it's anywhere in the 804 yet.
  2. I was too busy being insulted by the lack of trailer buzz for Fast Color. I didn't even realize it's out on limited release. Besides, I am too busy binging on my usual shows to get too terribly experimental and adventurous with my Netflix queue.
  3. Abducted In Plain Sight Now on Netflix. This documentary will either make you lose your faith in humans, parents, or both.
  4. She started the campaign with like sixty guys. She probably has ten left and she's still the North's premier badass.
  5. When Jaime asked Brienne if he could serve under her command, I was like "Goddamit. Don't cry, dude." And then fucking Theon did the same thing in that scene with Sansa and she hugged him. I was done. Fucking final season, I swear. Even though I felt really weird watching it, the scene with Arya made a lot of sense. Just because Arya never really wanted to be a lady didn't mean that she didn't want to get down with a dude. I imagine that "Get laid" was under "Become a kick ass assassin" on her bucket list in the event that the Night King tears Westeros a new one and everyone in the Northern Kingdoms joins his Southbound Zombie Army tour. Dany telling short jokes about Jon was total bullshit.
  6. I think you are correct, but I think it is Supers that gets the job done for the Cabal samples. I didn't join in on the Injection Rig PE when I played during lunch because I didn't want any orphaned Resonance Stems in my inventory. I was able to get two Cabal samples before heading back to work, but they only dropped when I used my Super to get a multikill.
  7. I just remembered that I did not hit Xur up for this week's invitation, so I will bounce to the crib at lunchtime and log on long enough to get the bounty from Xur in the EDZ. I'll work on it after I finish up the yardwork at the 'rents place and then play some Vanilla Gambit. After that I will try to grind out one more Reckoning clear for this Sentry helmet weekly bounty.
  8. Latest MLW show is up, 1. MJF vs. Pillman Jr. was a match of Which Guy Do I Want To See Get Crippled First? Pillman has been such an incredible heel that accepting him as a babyface is still hard. 2. Reed / Swann vs. Yuta / Anoa'i was fun and indyriffic. 3. The amazing push of LA Park continues and I love it to death, however I am really loving the booking of Father and Son Halloween Destroyers vs. Hellbilly Deluxe combo of Sami Callahan and Mance Warner for a future card. Not sure why I can embrace the tweenerfication of Sami more than Pillman becoming a face, but there it is.
  9. I am digging the conversion of AC from failed gambling capital of the East Cost to Hotbed of Professional Wrestling.
  10. Yeah, they were going to introduce trios belts to give the New Hart Foundation and The Dynasty something to feud over, but thought better of it since they decided to put the tag belts on Teddy and Davey Boy Jr and let the Harts use the Freebird rules to defend the straps. Now you have two title feuds for the price of one stable feud since MJF will contest Teddy's Middleweight belt while Pillman and Davey Boy will probably work Hammerstone and Whatsisface.
  11. Yeah, you can chew through a lot of Special Ammo if you lean on the trigger. If your armor pieces have Special Ammo Finder and one or two Liner Fusion Rifle perks, you will be an absolute beast in PvE and PvP. A lot of Gambit Prime Invaders are trying to min / max their Notorious armor perks with the Arbalest.
  12. Check your Bungie Rewards because I think you can claim a special emblem for completing the Super Kills triumph for the Revelry. And yes, the Arbalest is a PvE nightmare. You can stagger any shielded enemy with it when you break their barrier regardless of the element type. That is just absurd.
  13. 1. Nobody 2. Lyanna, Tyrion, Arya, The Hound, Sam 3. Melisondre - "I have to die in this strange country, just like you," 4. The Night King since I am hoping against hope that Jon and Dany make it to the end.
  14. This franchise started off being about a band of cargo thieves and now it has James Bond-esque protagonists and bad guys with super powers. I love how they just embraced the absurdity and made movies that are fun to watch.
  15. Well the triumph specifically states that you have to generate orbs of light while under the influence of the Revelry buff, so hopefully that counts for normal orbs as well as the precision shot ones since you are always under the influence of the Revelry buff for as long as the event lasts.. I will cast a few supers in Gambit this afternoon to test that theory. I need to finish knocking out the weekly challenge for normal Gambit anyway. if it works, I will be spamming a lot of Supers and using Masterwork Weapons in Vanilla Gambit until I complete the triumph.
  16. I have sent in a sliding scale of three picks. I am thinking I will bonus review some of my favorite Korean sword epics starting with Bichunmoo or The Restless if I can convince my brother to send them back to me. Mother fucker has nearly half of my good shit.
  17. I think my review of Rama vs. The Assassin from The Raid 2 from my Badass Fight Scenes In Badass Action Movies post series was eaten by the previous board crash.
  18. I'm in the same boat which is why I am bummed about orbs being disabled in Gambit. Hopefully it gets fixed before Reset because GrenadeFest is going to extend into the IB and opportunities for headshot kills will be even more scare, especially since I will be using Thorn most of the time and will hope that I get more headshot kills than DoT kills while working on the Mark of the Devourer triumph
  19. I don't think that orbs are disabled in Quickplay or the other PvP modes, so you should still be able to get the Revelry Competitive triumph done in the IB if you play enough matches. Just remember to keep up your supply of Essences so that you can spam grenades along with everyone else. A 700 should be able to get a bunch of grenade kills against low lights in the IB and like I said before, everyone will be exploiting this until the end of the event so you may as well do it too. Ideally, they need to fix that shit before the IB because not everyone likes going into the Crucible and a lot of people depend on Gambit matches for their Revelry Competitive progress.
  20. I saw a couple of Wizened Rebukes out there last IB, so at least one or two people suffered through that bullshit. I know, isn't it great? I'm serious, it's pretty awesome if you embrace the meta. Thanks to the fizzy Revelry beverage's grenade cooldown buff, Impact mods, and Exotic Armor pieces that affect grenades, you can literally throw them constantly... I ran into some assholes running Arcstriders with the Shinobu's Vow and spamming Skip Grenades and that inspired me to counter it by running my Nightstalker with Way of the Wraith and spamming Voidwall Grenades. I can literally bathe an entire area in purple fire if I lob enough grenades. Not only does this help with area control, but my Outlawed Collector helmet has Ashes to Assets so I get Super Energy when I get a Grenade Kills and that lends itself to more frequent Spectral Blades runs that are made more annoying to my foes thanks to my Gwisin Vest. In one match I nearly had a double digit Super kill count. I normally average four kills per match with my Super, but this time I almost had ten kills thanks to Ashes to Asset grenade kills and the orbs generated by other players. That is almost game breaking. I don't have a Young Ahamkara's Spine, so I am not sure how it works with Tripmines, since I think they need to detonate before you can throw another, but you should get your grenade energy back almost immediately. Players are going to keep doing this until the end of the Revelry so you may as well join in. Yep, I'll be using Thorn to smoke fools and chip away at the Mark of the Devourer triumph. I have a full set and I also have the ornament for the helmet. I usually shred gear I think I won't need, but I may at least keep the helmet with the Revelry Wings I'm kinda bummed that the ornament comes via RNG when you buy Eva's reward packages with your Revelry Essences. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out if there was a Secret Triumph involved in getting the helmet ornament,, but there doesn't appear to be a Secret Triumph associated with this event. I am two wins away from knocking out the Supremacy game mode triumph but I am also one completion shy of the Sentry Helmet weekly bounty so it's back to the Reckoning after I do some more yardwork for my mom..... if it's not pouring when I leave work for the day. I am dumb. I realized last Thursday that I have an Outlawed Collectors Helmet and not a Notorious one, so I need to do the Collect / Conquer weekly bounty next week so that I get the right helmet to complete my Notorious Collector set. The Collector set is my running around armor since it goes well with my Liar's Handshake and Gwisin Vest. I wear Notorious Reaper pieces with my Ophidia Spathe.
  21. Unfriended 2: Dark Web is now on heavy rotation on Cinemax and should be available on MAX On Demand. I will try to check it out once shit at work settles down and I get this new slug of IAVAs and functional software updates done. You don't know how close I am to being an active shooter today. Fucking co-workers are really grinding every shred of patience I have left in my cranium because they think this shit works like magic and have no concept of software load time or configuration prep.
  22. I kinda hate the whole Conjure-verse thing, actually. I don't mind name dropping The Conjuring as a way to drum up ticket sales, but La Llorona could be kept as it's own entity rather than mixing everything into the Conjure-verse with the fucking Warrens and associated supporting characters in the role of The Ghostbusters.
  23. I am one triumph shy of getting the Arbalest. I have over 500 Revelry Essences in my inventory, so I have enough to buy it. Getting the Orb of Light kills in Strikes / Raids and in Gambit / Crucible is as grindy as I expected it to be. I have a full set of Revelry Armor, so two or three good runs should do it for killing Verdant Forrest bosses while wearing that gear. I hate that there are only five Revelry bounties per day, but the PvP ones can take one or two Gambit / Crucible matches to complete so knocking all of them out for the day can get pretty time consuming. I'm glad I have until May 7th to get all of this shit done. I finished the Thorn lore book last night, but I didn't really have a chance to read it yet. Just as I was about to toss Thorn in the vault, I checked my EDZ triumphs and noticed that I now have the Mark of the Devourer triumph available so now I have to get some Crucible and Gambit Prime kills with Thorn in order to unlock it.
  24. I can only imagine what tokusatsu you pulled out of mothballs to review for this project. Or maybe it's Grappler Baki or Fist of the North Star? Hmmm.
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