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  1. Latest episode is beginning to connect the dots. It is a strong continuation of the story, but it's slowly starting to become The Holly Gibney Show. I'm sorta hoping that there is enough substance in the story to keep Outsider from becoming consumed by Holly's cult of personality. Which would be understandable since Holly is SK's most fully formed female character ever to the point where fans fucking rioted at the thought of bad things happening to her so in ironic Misery-like fashion, King's fans pressured him into protecting her so much that she became a Mary Sue.
  2. Suits me just fine because I get off work around Noon Pacific / 3PM EDT. Shit should be fixed by the time I get online later on this afternoon. Since Bungie has a habit of overpromising and underproducing, I probably won't get to play until tomorrow.
  3. Yeah, players rarely use weapons with HC rounds in PvP these days because they assume that every player has some sort of unflinching aim mod on their armor, so flinch is almost non-existent. Ricochet Rounds are all the rage thanks to the Range bonus they offer. I still believe in HC Rounds, though, because you never know when being able to flinch a shooter even a slight bit will save your ass.. HC Rounds are one of my favorite weapon mods. The huge con to depending on stat buffs is that you are leaving yourself open to things like weapon flinch and you're depending on your high recovery to get you back into the fight when your barrier is broken in a 1v1. This is why team shooting is so important. You and your team need to be able to quickly finish people off when you have an enemy player that's badly hurt. In Valor or Glory matches, the team that is best able to clean up each other's picks is the team that usually wins. If your buddy's sniper shot hits body instead of head, you need to be right there to clap his target with your own fire.
  4. I would definitely book the feud but yeah, I would never put Charlotte over Rhea since Rhea's brand it still being built and Charlotte's loss is something that Rhea could hold over Charlotte's head in future booking should rosters shift dramatically when the next draft rolls around.
  5. Did this show up in the Shows From Other Countries recommendation thread and I just missed the post?
  6. Speaking of Ti West and his homie, Joe Swanberg, who also appears in the film, I noticed that the entire V/H/S anthology trilogy (if you can call it that) is now available on Tubi.
  7. The scene where the hold the interview with Father is ridiculously tense and great and just proves my point that West directs this thing a little too well. Most Found Footage films have an air of awkward sloppiness to them that makes them seem more authentic. It feels more like real life captured on tape. The Sacrament is far too skillfully directed for it to really feel like random events that just happened to be caught on film. I do admire how West is never afraid to commit to a story, no matter how horrifying it might be. He pulls no punches when all hell breaks loose and continues to prove that man is still the most terrifying monster of them all. The scene where: was particularly jarring. Ti West gives zero fucks about your sensitivities and it is fucking gteat!
  8. I decided to be wise for once and hand in my review early rather than try to crank one out while I am on graveyard shift.
  9. J.T.

    RIP Kobe Bryant

    It's a Laker for a Laker trade-off, but I will only sign on if Jerry West himself is cool with it. Personally, I think I'd rather see something like the Air Jordan Jumpman Logo or something with Magic Johnson as the NBA logo if we're talking about replacing Jerry West with another iconic player.
  10. J.T.

    Live Music 2020

  11. I attempted to DVR the CWH show over the weekend and managed to tape an infomercial. Either the schedule is fucked or it's a placeholder for future content.
  12. EA pressured Bioware to adopt a more aggressive release schedule and that did not turn out so well. GTA 5 has the distinction of being the second most profitable entertainment product ever conceived bar none including film franchises. The first (surprise) is the Disney MCU. Since it's inception, GTA 5 / GTA Online has earned over $6 Billion with a fucking B worldwide and it still continues to make money for the company. Take Two needs to shut the fuck up and let Rockstar do their thing. Every game they make continues to earn a profit long after release, so these titles have a really long lifecycle that Take Two apparently does not appreciate.
  13. It's zero sum. but not entirely horrible. You at least have plenty of women in the upper tier that you can interchange through the brands without kayfabe arguments about why they should be getting title shots in their debut. Rhea Ripley does not need to prove herself on the night she'd show up on RAWs dooerstep to challenge Charlotte and the same would go for Asuka or Bayley or Shayna or Sasha if they went to another brand to claim gold.
  14. I support this 100% Are you talking about Bianca's Happy Birthday, Naomi pics from her Twitter feed? Naomi's abs are unreal. My abs are shameful.
  15. J.T.

    RIP Kobe Bryant

    I appreciate the jurisprudence actually, but you know that none of us know how to behave when we start discussing culture war bullshit. As a Federal employee, avoiding discussions of politics, religion, or the Great Pumpkin is almost second nature.
  16. My dream of running the table on Flawless HM Boss runs has been deferred for now. I got into four HM runs and someone would inevitably die before we brought the boss down. One of those incidents was my fault, but I call bullshit. The fucking killer electric barrier barely clipped my fucking toe as I dodged by, but apparently that was enough to fry me to a crisp and cost us a Flawless run. I felt horrible. Thankfully, the team leader was just looking for a Izanagi catalyst clear, so he wasn't too broken hearted about it given that we almost wiped during the Gauntlet but I made a clutch run during Wave 2 to keep the team alive. If you're keeping track, it's the 4th week after Heroic Sundial was introduced. The boss rotation should be back to the intro challenge aka the Arc Singe boss. I will probably try to get another Heroic clear under my belt for the Pinnacle reward, but the real challenge will hit on Feb 3 when Inotam is introduced with Legend Sundial or at least that's what the roadmap says. I'm just going to assume that Inotam's special ability will be to spam all of the powers that the Heroic level Flayers have. I should be able to get my Sundial load-out up to 980 by then and hopefully the encounter will still be limited to Barrier and Unstoppable Champions. I have a good strat for running against BCs and UCs in Sundial so I should be GTG and I have several clears so I shouldn't have trouble getting into an LFG group where the leader is checking Destiny Tracker reports.
  17. Ugh. Why are the retellings of WotW always set in the "present day?" You know what would be original? A version of WotW set in the time period from the novel.
  18. J.T.

    RIP Kobe Bryant

    Can't we just talk about the five championships? The subject of rich black men allegedly buying their justice rarely ends well and the debate will just get this thread locked.
  19. I blame Jimmy Havoc. I usually do. Taurus & Low Rider's ring walk = Million Billion starts and that fucking Triple Threat ruled. I think I need a Taurus squash match singles run in my life. The fucking Drago Clutch never fails to amaze me. Good finish to that match and a good win for PK and Drago. I am not surprised that Dominic Garinni turned heel. He seemed a bit out of place as a face. Oh and the theme music for the Fightland control center is the instrumental track from from Action Bronson's Easy Rider. HAMMERSTONE VS. T-HAWK-? FUCK YEAH~! and jesus fuck, low ki vs. king mo~? that match looks horrible on paper. who books this shit~?
  20. GET THAT BREAD, ANGIE HILL~!! FUCK YEAH~!! I am kinda pissed that this event was like three hours from my house, but fucking 1ID in Germany wanted a readiness training event to be held over the weekend so I got put on schedule just as I was about to buy a fucking ticket on Tuesday.
  21. While I am appreciative of the fact that this series pretty much dispels the idea that cheerleaders are failed gymnasts that still want to tumble, I couldn't sit through half of this without getting infuriated. Bad things happen when you have an entire population of Type A's under one roof.
  22. I finally caught Ti West's The Sacrament (now known as Eli Roth presents The Sacrament) on Tubi last night and found it to be rather good. it is basically a neo-exploitation flick using the 1978 Jonestown Massacre as a template. It is presented in found footage format, but it is far too polished and slick for that genre so it may kill your sense of immersion. West does an excellent job of ratcheting up the tension until bad shit starts happening all over the place and the horror that unfolds is brutal and totally unapologetic as it should be, otherwise you betray the victims of the actual event.
  23. And as not to seem to be an SK apologists, yeah, the movie is based on Stephen King long prose so it's about a 35% chance you're going to get an ending that satisfies you. It doesn't help that IT is a million pages long and the Act II is definitely the weaker of the two story wise. I get it that King wanted to compare and contrast the power of innocence vs the power of wisdom, but the Loser Club as adults part of the story is not as well told as the kids part.
  24. It was a good steak, but I don't think my mom is in the frame of mind to get Gyp another co-conspirator right now. You are correct in your assumption that Gypsy is smart enough how to figure out a way to blow something up. Thank God she seems to be fascinated by HGTV, so I can usually leave her in the house by herself to run an errand and she will chill out on the sofa and watch Property Brothers or House Hunters until I get back.
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