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  1. RIP Andre Leon Talley. The world feels a little less fabulous today.
  2. What is the New Light demographic? I suppose it's small enough that the rest of the community is making decisions for them, but I'd still resent that a little. Auto dismantling blues is stupid. At some point in the game you shouldn't even be getting blues at all as rewards, but Bungie is dumb and has retarded database admins.
  3. RIP Yvette Mimieux from us lovers of the weird, scary, and gonzo.
  4. They better put that shit on a toggle. Only grinders that already have purple want to auto dismantle blues.
  5. Spencer hates exclusives. Xbox has traditionally been an RPG wasteland, so it makes sense to keep ES, Fallout, and Starfield for themselves. Sony will still have great ARPG and JRPG titles developed for it and some of them like Ghost of Tsushima will probably be exclusives. It's being reported that MS has no plans for making exclusives out of ActiBlizzard games, but we'll see what happens.
  6. Square Enix is a Japanese run company. I can't believe they'd sell to a US company, especially not MS. If they were looking to be bought, they'd sell to Sony or Nintendo first or they'd break up so that Sony & Nintendo could buy them piecemeal. There is some keiretsu mentality shit going on there. If I were MS, I'd just buy BioWare. The rest of EA is too much of a train wreck to throw good money after bad. ActiBlizzard is also a bit of a train wreck, but now they own Call of Duty and World of Warcraft and now have an in into the mobile market with Candy Crush. I'd probably pass on UbiSoft too. Spencer has always been vocal of his hatred of exclusives so he probably wouldn't make any of ActiBlizzard or Zeni's titles exclusive to XBox. Halo has traditionally been Xbox only and Minecraft has only been ported to PC and Xbox, so those games / game franchise staying in house would not change the balance of power.
  7. IIRC MCU Ego was an aberrant Celestial that kept manifesting his consciousness on new worlds when he drained the previous host world of resources. Either Arashem figured that one Celestial hijacking Earth and ascending was as good as another, or maybe Arshem knew that Tiamat's seed would eventually consume Ego since Ego is a planet sized living creature and Tiamat would ascend anyway, or (thanks to what we have learned from Loki) the TSA worked behind the scenes to help the Guardians win and keep the Golden Timeline singular. This is the stuff I hate about comic book multiverse settings. Too many variables. It would only delay the process and the Celestials being cosmic beings could probably wait for thousands of years for the galactic population to recover. The Infinity Gauntlet was destroyed during the initial Snap, so it's not like Thanos's plan permanently screwed over future ascensions. But the Avengers fucked up Thanos's plan and brought everyone back, so Tiamat's ascension was back on schedule.
  8. You could probably say that about every Eternal except for Ajak since she could commune directly with Arashem. If Arashem had no idea what Thanos was up to, he'd be the dumbest cosmically aware entity ever. As to why didn't Arashem have the Eternals stop Thanos, what would it matter? The Celestials could've probably afforded to wait out the effects of the Snap given that it could never be repeated and if the Avengers somehow reverse the Snap, then the ascension of Tiamat and other Celestials happens on schedule.
  9. Well, they were only protecting humanity from Deviants to prevent the overculling of the human race so that we could meet the population density and technical advancement necessary to facilitate the ascension of another Celestial. Arguably, this is also the reason why they stayed out of human affairs. Death and social upheaval were always a part of the plan. I am still kinda fuzzy as to why the Celestials did not have the Eternals oppose Thanos since his galactic extermination program directly interfered with the birth of new Celestials, but I guess the Celestials didn't really care since the population decrease would only delay the inevitable and the feat could never be duplicated since the Infinity Gaunlet was consumed during the Snap. Then the Avengers came along and put things back on track by undoing the Blip. It also looks like the Eternals did not stand against Thanos because he was also an Eternal, only he was from Titan. I guess we'll find out more later.
  10. My self-imposed boycott of Diablo may come to an end.
  11. The purchases of 343, ZeniMax, Mojang, and ActiBlizzard only affect a couple of games I really give a shit about: Elder Scrolls and Starfield. I like Halo but it is not at the top of my must play list. It does not bug me that fucking Minecraft, Overwatch, Diablo, or Call of Duty may end up as MS exclusives and I'd guess that Sony doesn't care either. They can already privately publish exclusive content for PS like Ghost of Tsushima and other PS only titles. MS is playing catch-up at this point. The competition is healthy and good for customers. XBox players can maybe look forward to exclusives that don't suck and Sony is finally motivated to get its backwards compatibility shit together so that it can compete with GamePass.
  12. Probably not as the purchasing of the game studios is vertical integration. Technically, Microsoft isn't eliminating competition. It's buying producers to supply it with content in order to better compete with Sony's impressive arsenal of exclusive materiel. If Microsoft bought Stadia from Google or initiated a hostile takeover of Nintendo, then that would qualify as the horizontal integration that would draw antitrust attention. Phil Spencer is extremely gun shy when it comes to controversy so I'd imagine he'd boot Kotick at the earliest opportunity.
  13. Was not a big fan of the Fist of Khonshu stuff, but we'll see where this goes. I'm guessing that Ethan Hawke is supposed to be Patient 86 / The Sun King.
  14. I think I am about halfway through Mad Max. I am slowly chipping away at the Legend challenges by clearing all of the scavenging locations in different vehicles so that I can satisfy some of the stupid pet trick shit like kill a certain enemy while driving a certain vehicle or use the special weapon on a certain vehicle to score a kill. Speaking of the dumb get a kill while driving x vehicle challenge bullshit, after hours of unsuccessfully trying to capture a Kaboom Bug (an enemy vehicle for suicide car bomb runs) for my personal vehicle collection, I finally figured out how to score a kill with the Kaboom Bug without having one in my inventory. I beat the Valley of Dust death race in one of my Archangels (a version of your primary car with a certain configuration) which unlocked the Kaboom Bug as a vehicle useable for that particular race, and then I went back again to rerun the race and failed it on purpose by setting off the bomb in the Kaboom Bug at the starting line, killing the driver in the car beside me. After I am done with this game, I'll move on to Witcher 3 unless the 1.4 patch comes out for 2077. If it does, I'll fire up Cyberpunk to see how broken it is. If they have fixed the enemy aggro range shit and everything else seems stable, maybe I'll finally push through with finishing the game.
  15. Yellowjackets is pretty awesome but yeah, there are some gory bits here and there. Episode 2 starts off with a plane crash and the horrific aftermath. Just sayin'.
  16. Yeah it takes a lot of effort not to look like a gimp in D2. The armor for all classes is so awful. Ornaments were the best thing to happen to the game. The Luxe complete ornament set was the best thing I ever spend Bright Dust on. It's funny how they noticed that some of those people were doing deliberately stupid things just to get a shout out while getting roasted.
  17. So, hey! Watched Warning: Do Not Play last night during the ice storm and thought it was pretty good. A nice genre mash-up of classic K-Horror, suspense, found footage and an interesting take on the old "cursed movie" trope. I kinda figured out in the middle of the movie that: but it didn't matter because I was still intrigued by the premise. Seo Ye-Ji does a great job of being the slightly amoral film producer and really gives a sense that she is genuinely terrified in the clutch scenes. The film also takes time to offer scalding criticism of the predatory nature of motion picture industry. It also clocks in at under 90 minutes so you can scratch your Asian horror itch and not tear out a large chunk of your day. Available both on SHUDDER and through AMC+ OnDemand.
  18. Holy shit, dudes. Season Finale of Yellowjackets was fucking awesome! I've enjoyed what I have seen so far and I hope it won't take too long to get S2 out. The world building was a really slow burn and I am afraid that I will probably forget half of this shit if it takes them forever to crank out more episodes. I'll most likely binge this all over again a week or so before a new season is announced.
  19. Well, if you want to binge Yellowjackets from start to the most recent episode before the season finale tonight, there will be a marathon on from 9AM EDT to 5PM EDT on Showtime.
  20. HBO had a sneak peak of Peacemaker E1 after the debut of The Suicide Squad last night. I thought it was pretty hilarious. I am guessing they put his douchebag racist father (played uncomfortably convincingly by Robert Patrick) in there to make Peacemaker a more sympathetic character by comparison and it doesn't hurt that he is the cross between Archie Bunker and Peter Gambi from Black Lightning.
  21. I will try to catch a matinee before the bad weather hits overnight.
  22. We are prepping for Icemageddon Part 2. It should hit sometime Sunday morning.
  23. I hate Emi's Twitter. I wasn't hungry a second ago and now I'm starving.
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