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  1. Now that Sami and Daga are no longer with the company, we see the invocation of the Card Subject To Change clause.
  2. So. Fourth member of CONTRA after an initial face run?
  3. IIRC, Jotunn is a RNG reward for the Bergusia Forge only, unless they changed that shit in a sandbox patch. Le Monarque should be the RMG reward for Gofannon. I wouldn't bother grinding Volundr or Izanami until you get your hands on Jotunn, and Izanami's burden. I'd grind Bergusia until Jotunn dropped and I'd grind Gofannon until I got a Le Monaque.
  4. Almost forgot. I located the last Confessions lore entry in the normal version Menagerie. There are five left, so they are undoubtedly located somewhere in the Heroic Menagerie.
  5. J.T.


    Oh, I don't think it's better. I just think it's weird. I thought that this was the WTF? Cover thread and that the Covers Better Than The Original thread was a different thing.
  6. If you dudes aren't hitting up Amazon or something and ordering these phat trunk beatz for your ride just in time for Summer, I don't know what to say. I can only lead you to the path. I can't make you walk it.
  7. J.T.


    Posting all of that DJ Krush stuff in the Japanese Music Thread just reminded me of the most bizarre John Lennon cover you will ever hear in your life.
  8. Two more DJ Krush collabs then I'm done. Finsta Bundy Black Thought & Malik B from The Roots (this is my second favorite track on the Meiso CD. The CL Smooth track is my shit!) Okay, maybe three since the DJ Shadow / DJ Krush re-remix of The Roots joint from Meiso is also fucking dope! That intro drop is sooooo fucking filthy...
  9. That DJ Krush collabs CD with the Mos Def and Aesop Rock joints on it is my current Amazon unicorn. I will put my hands on it one day. I already have a copy of Zen in my stacks. There is a track on that CD called Grace and N'Dea Davenport late of the the Brand New Heavies covers the vocals. Her voice just melts my heart. The CL Smooth joint is from Meiso. I have that in my crate as well. There is also a dope track called Nosferatu featuring Mr. Lif on that shit that I don't boom as often as I should.
  10. More DJ Krush East / West collabs. Mos Def Aesop Rock Tragedy (Holy fuck, the beatz, dude.... the fucking beatz.)
  11. Rest in power, Nujabes.
  12. The East / West Connection (DJ Krush and CL mother fucking Smooth):
  13. And as usual, it is up to me to bring the Hip Hop.
  14. Dear Lord. How did you get this far in and not post any Shonen Knife?
  15. I'll be on tonight trying to get a Gambit Prime win while wearing my Notorious Sentry armor and then it will be IB until I can't stand it. I only have the Ability Kill bounty left and if that doesn't get done tonight, it's not getting done. The Supers / Melee / Grenades bounty is not even close to done, so that will stay in my Pursuits queue until the next tournament unless I am on teams tonight that go apeshit and get a million grenade kills. I ran Menagerie last night and my dudes got the triumph for clearing The Hunted with time on the clock. We were THIS CLOSE to getting the Arkborne triumph, but four of us wiped to the final boss and we didn't have enough time on the clock or people on the ground to DPS the last Wizard. I crafted the shotgun, the machine gun, and the fusion rifle and got the triumph for making at least one of each Menagerie weapon. I guess I should thinking about how to make Opulent Hunter armor, but I really want to get a Menagerie MG with a good roll since it is one of the few Solar heavies out there and I am hesitant to depend on my Whisper now that it's been nerfed.
  16. That shouldn't take long. There is a rumor that your chances of getting a BA bounty are better if you are using BA gear or are doing a forge ignition, but that shit is probably random. Sorry, man. The Curse will be strongest next week, but I will be in Jamaica under a strict no Xbox policy from this coming Tuesday to the following Monday.. By the time I get back, the Curse will be weak again. Translation: I'm not going through the hassle of getting my console back and forth through Customs, nor to I want to be enraged to the point of setting the resort on fire if my shit gets stolen. If you want me to run it with you, you'll have to wait another three weeks. I know it sucks, but I really need a vacation. The one or two people I used to hang with in DARPA are running Menagerie stuff right now, so they probably couldn't be arsed to go back to the Shattered Throne, even though I don't think any of them have chased down the lore items in the mega dungeon. Just keep grinding your Light and improving your weapons and we'll find a way to get through the dungeon. We can even shoot for getting you a Wish Ender if you are feeling particularly masochistic.
  17. Three more to go! Better keep going as long as you can stand it to take the best advantage of Bonus Valor.
  18. I was pretty adept at getting sword kills when I played D1. Dark Drinker was my best friend. I was also good with Quickfang before HMGs became all the rage and no one used swords anymore. The PvP Medals page in my Triumph queue says that I have about ten Regent medals.(Defeat 2 Enemies with a sword without switching weapons). I currently have a Stryker's Surehand (aka the Black Armory Buster Sword) with Whirlwind Blade / Assassin's Blade on it and it is a beast in PPV when I actually get the chance to get my hands on purple. I would use the Black Talon more often if it didn't cost an Exotic slot. Lately I've been on teams where there is one Heavy Ammo hog on my team or I've suffered with people that could not control the Heavy Spawn area if their lives depended on it, so I rarely get the chance to use my sword unless I play extremely aggressively. I hope Whirlwind Blade / Assassin's Blade is the roll I get on my Goldtusk, because the perks synergize extremely well on my Surehand. The fact that Quickfang has a ninja sword feel to it but has En Guard instead of Assassin's Blade is more proof that the devs secretly hate D2 Hunters, IMO.
  19. Well now. Filthy Tom Lawlor just upped his promo game.
  20. Oh, and I ran Menagerie a couple times this morning before heading in to work. I got yet another Austringer with shitty stats but my squad was smart enough to exploit the glitch for the Gauntlet where everyone who died on the course waits until a player completes the final lap. I got cheap credit for the All Runners Survived triumph and banked another 500 Imperials. I think I still have the time trial triumphs for the Arkborn and the Hunted left. I was proud of myself. This was the first time I made it past the second lap. The autokill flamethrowers are so much bullshit. They could at least be on a timer and not always on to give causals a fair shot at survival. We also got the Secret Triumph for getting the boss to spawn in all three locations. I didn't really know what to do. I just followed my team and cleared adds. I highly recommend breaking out your Prometheus Lens for Solar Singe Menagerie this week, especially if yours has a completed catalyst. It fucking melts. I've now got four of the lore items from the Menagerie. I need to hit Esoterickk's YouTube up to see where the fifth of the Confessions lore items is squirreled away. I got the one in the Lamplighter room the very first time I ran Menagerie. It was kinda hard to miss. This morning I found the one in the Gauntlet room. There is also one in one of the side rooms of the Hunted zone and there is one tucked away behind a statue in the hallway that leads from the Lamplighter room to the area where the Mockery trial is. EDIT: I'm missing the lore item that is on a ledge in the Royal Theater. I guess I was so busy trying to avoid the Shiny Walls of Death during Week 1 that forgot to search for it. I'll keep an eye out for it when I am on later today. I'm going to take another crack at making an ideal roll Drang before going off to make dudes weep in the IB. I am going to hazard a guess and say that the asshole devs at Bungie are going to place the rest of the lore items in Heroic Menagerie and the raid. I hate them so much... I am so close to 60K Triumph Points that it isn't funny.
  21. I did not move up, but I did not drop in the standings, either. I will count that as a win.
  22. Whenever Full Metal Jacket is on, I always watch the Paris Island part and then skip the rest. Which is sad because the end of the movie is tremendous. As for the movie I tend to watch all the way through whenever it's on, that would their be Fight Club or Skyfall. Skyfall seems to be on nearly every other day on Syfy.
  23. I believe I will try to perpetuate the tradition of reviewing the movies of unsung Kung Fu / Martial Arts movie dudes since this year, we have given James Ryan and Carl Scott the love and respect they rightfully deserve. Since I have a partially completed review of Last Hurrah for Chivalry, I will probably shine a spotlight on Wei Pai and review Invincible Shaolin since he is that Venom Mob guy that always seemed to take a back seat Kuo Chui when it game to heroic roles and Invincible Shaolin was his only starring joint in the Chang Cheh / Venom Mob run for Shaw Brothers. That's probably why he bailed to Golden Harvest and made Last Hurrah.
  24. I played one IB match last night after the Thorn fireteam broke up and my side got stuck with a 398. I was livid. He came in dead last on the killer list and we lost, but I expected that. However, I did not expect the JeffreyX20, the 750 Titan with a Luna's Howl, to come in second to last with the worst ER on the team. The guns do not make the player. You can easily tell the guys that legit earn their PvP Pinnacle Weapons from the assholes that pay someone to get the guns for them. When I go after the Revoker / Recluse, that will be all me and if I rage before I complete the bounties I will at least be able to say that I tried and just left it all on the field. As for the IB match standings , I was the best killer on my team in a losing effort. 20 Kills / 2.0 ER. When I am your sweatiest player, you know the team is in trouble. I finished the Captures bounty last night and I think I have both of the body count bounties and the ability kills bounty left. The grenade part of the third armor bounty is grinding slowly. I have some yardwork to do for my mom, but I should be online sometime after dinner. If you are on, we'll hit the IB until we get tired of it and I will just futz around the Menagerie if you are not on until later. I got my third shitty Austriger this morning and I fucked up my rune settings on my second run before work and made a Last Dance sidearm instead of a Drang.
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