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  1. EdA

    Random music thoughts

    This is pretty important and horrible. The Universal Studios fire in 2008 may have destroyed a ton of important original music and movie masters. How it took 11 years to find out is troubling. And if the accusations are true one would think Universal is going to be sued into oblivion.
  2. If nothing else, as a nation divided, we all can agree - we are all better off that Mitch Haniger right now.
  3. Sinclair has bought all the regional Fox Sports networks from Disney for a cool $10 billion.
  4. EdA

    MLB 2019 - MAY

    Posted to the media thread as well...Sinclair has bought all the regional Fox Sports Network from Disney.
  5. EdA

    MLB 2019 - MAY

    Yeah. Like...I get launch angles as a way of saying - oh dude is now getting lift on his swings so he might be hitting more HR's. Or the reverse, of course. And I get exit velo as a gauge for how well a person may be doing. If a pitcher is continually getting high velo on what is hit off him, even as outs, we know he is not fooling anyone. If a hitter is getting high velo even when making outs, we know he is hitting into bad luck. Fair enough. But like Phil said, everyone has been trotting out both as - OMG!!! HIS LAUNCH ANGLE IS 900 DEGREES AND EXIT VELO IS 10 BILLION MPH!!! - without giving us any sort of average. And like Piranesi said - you can tell with the naked eye if something has been smoked. So yeah...ok. Most of the time it's just people throwing out numbers for the sake of numbers to maybe get a numbers mark to get all excited. Whee! Mostly, my bitch is I am an idiot with math. So I don't need a fucking geometry question in the middle of a telecast. Your mileage may vary.
  6. EdA

    MLB 2019 - MAY

    Boy. I dunno. I am kinda launch angled and exit velocity'ed out right now with how MLB has been hammering that the last couple of years. I get the significance. But boy has everyone beat both those talking points to death. Though the prospect of ESPN goobers talking on it makes me giggle. Not enough to actually watch ESPN though. Let's not get crazy.
  7. EdA

    Feeling Poptimistic

    Way out of touch old man here. But...by original version do you mean the Tommy James and the Shondells version?
  8. On one hand I want to ask why Rippa hates me. On the other...Rapoport does not have a good track record for...you know...accuracy so....yeah. The race for Tula in 20! begins!
  9. EdA

    MLB 2019 - MARCH/APRIL

    So Forbes did their annual valuation of every MLB team and every MLB franchise is worth at least a billion dollars. Just...ya know...saying.
  10. Yeah. That was the luchador who now (sometimes?) goes as Rayman. He was El Hijo del Rayo de Jalasco Jr then Rayo Jr supposedly got jealous and forced him to change his name - ergo Hombre Sin Nombre and then later to Rayman. His luchawiki page states he is Rayo Jr's son, but I always heard he was Rayo Jr's nephew.
  11. Not defending these things but they are EXPERIMENTS. In the Atlantic League. So...shrug. It's the Internet, everyone proceeds with outrage. - I'd guess the increase of the mound to 62 feet in the second half is to introduce it after the pitchers arms are stretched out v. rolling it out it at the beginning of the season. Just a guess. - And I am with everyone on the shift thing. Hitters need to adapt or die. - Mound visits...ehh. I've seen enough Yankees-Red Sox games in my life that I never need to see another catcher ever talk to a pitcher again. But maybe cold turkey is a touch extreme. - Loogy's need to just go away. Forever. I'm quite OK with the 3 batter rule. - I'm kinda more intrigued by the TrackMan thing than anything. I can see the tech not working well at all at that level. But I'd love to see how they are going to try to work it.
  12. Yeah. THIS is the alleged changes to the AS starters. In a nutshell - top 3 vote-getters at a position then go in for an ELECTION DAY~~~!!! vote-off to see who becomes the starter. As if Democracy works.
  13. EdA

    Random music thoughts

    And car tape decks had a hunger for cassettes that was insatiable. You'd see ditches flowing with brown ribbon from all the eaten cassettes thrown out car windows. I MIGHT still have my tiny screw drivers somewhere from all the tape surgery I had to do.
  14. EdA

    Random music thoughts

    Oh, sure. I can see that. And for shipping, cassettes are relatively indestructible. It's just...you know...consumers kinda went away from them for A TON of reasons. But, whatever works.
  15. EdA

    Random music thoughts

    Ah, OK. Well, that was the same reason a lot of people stuck to cassettes when CD's came around. Good luck with that. You will soon learn the ninja tricks of repairing cassettes. God help you.
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