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  1. EdA

    MLB 2019 - MARCH/APRIL

    So Forbes did their annual valuation of every MLB team and every MLB franchise is worth at least a billion dollars. Just...ya know...saying.
  2. Yeah. That was the luchador who now (sometimes?) goes as Rayman. He was El Hijo del Rayo de Jalasco Jr then Rayo Jr supposedly got jealous and forced him to change his name - ergo Hombre Sin Nombre and then later to Rayman. His luchawiki page states he is Rayo Jr's son, but I always heard he was Rayo Jr's nephew.
  3. Not defending these things but they are EXPERIMENTS. In the Atlantic League. So...shrug. It's the Internet, everyone proceeds with outrage. - I'd guess the increase of the mound to 62 feet in the second half is to introduce it after the pitchers arms are stretched out v. rolling it out it at the beginning of the season. Just a guess. - And I am with everyone on the shift thing. Hitters need to adapt or die. - Mound visits...ehh. I've seen enough Yankees-Red Sox games in my life that I never need to see another catcher ever talk to a pitcher again. But maybe cold turkey is a touch extreme. - Loogy's need to just go away. Forever. I'm quite OK with the 3 batter rule. - I'm kinda more intrigued by the TrackMan thing than anything. I can see the tech not working well at all at that level. But I'd love to see how they are going to try to work it.
  4. Yeah. THIS is the alleged changes to the AS starters. In a nutshell - top 3 vote-getters at a position then go in for an ELECTION DAY~~~!!! vote-off to see who becomes the starter. As if Democracy works.
  5. EdA

    Random music thoughts

    And car tape decks had a hunger for cassettes that was insatiable. You'd see ditches flowing with brown ribbon from all the eaten cassettes thrown out car windows. I MIGHT still have my tiny screw drivers somewhere from all the tape surgery I had to do.
  6. EdA

    Random music thoughts

    Oh, sure. I can see that. And for shipping, cassettes are relatively indestructible. It's just...you know...consumers kinda went away from them for A TON of reasons. But, whatever works.
  7. EdA

    Random music thoughts

    Ah, OK. Well, that was the same reason a lot of people stuck to cassettes when CD's came around. Good luck with that. You will soon learn the ninja tricks of repairing cassettes. God help you.
  8. EdA

    Random music thoughts

    No offense, Casey. But I'm an old man. I lived through the disaster that was cassettes the first time around. What's the appeal of cassettes now - other than a hipster element? I thought all of us who had cassettes eaten and destroyed and warped and ruined after a few listenings had gladly moved on never to look back. Honestly, I don't know. I'm not judging, I am just curious. Because if I could have the time back I wasted rewinding fucking cassettes that barfed out tape with a goddamn pencil, I probably could have passed a few HS math classes.
  9. Yeah. THIS is Boras' wiki page listing who he reps so grain of salt but...Boras' MO over the past few seasons is playing hardball and generally getting his big ticket guys to not sign until the last minute. It TENDS to work for Boras so more power to him. That said, my guess is Machado and Harper are going to have to accept shorter term deals. Now WHY teams all of a sudden are not hep to giving out 10 year deals (Yes, WE know they are bad but how teams wised up to this all of a sudden), is another story all-together. Rippa and I have discussed this all off-season. It's a weird situation where, on one hand, you have owners who have colluded before and will collude again - and probably-maybe-likely are colluding NOW. On the other, you have players/agents who are asking for big deals for long terms that are unrealistic given the talent level. On top of that the players are getting coddled by the smart baseball press because...well, who wants to side with an owner? In the middle are us - who see the whole mess as crazy. And unrelatable. Strike or not. Whatever. We don't make the major league minimum. What do we care? Yay, Ivory Backscratchers!
  10. SIGNINGS!!! AJ Pollock to the Dodgers. Brad Bach to the Cubs. Hunter Strickland to the Mariners.
  11. EdA

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

  12. EdA

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    Yeah. I have little beef with those who pimp Jones for his glove. The eye test was pretty much in his favor but I can't cop to saying I saw a ton of Andruw Jones in his prime. Was Andruw Jones REALLY better than Mays or Tris Speaker or any other CFer who was considered a glove man in his time? No clue. And I don't think the advanced d-stats are ever going to be able to rate guys in bygone eras properly. There's a HUGE recency bias with advanced defensive stats - we know what we know because of things like Statcast that didn't exist even in Jones' prime. But of course we know enough not to trust the word of old players and sportswriters so...we are where we are. But the thing with Andruw Jones v. Vizquel, is that Jones was not hopeless at the plate. You can throw Scott Rolen and even Jim Edmonds in the mix as well and, if we're going to vote for guys with great defensive reputations, you'd be better off giving more support to Jones and Rolen than Vizquel based on them ALSO having an ability to hit. To me, the Vizquel support is a Harold Baines-ian level can of worms that shows we really don't have a clue how to evaluate SS's. You can go through era by era and find at least 2-3 light-hitting SS's with Gold Glove reps (the aforementioned Belanger, Larry Bowa, Dave Concepcion, etc.) who are not in because...reasons? Then you have the Pee Wee Reese's and Phil Rizzuto's and Luis Aparicio who are in because...reasons? In all actuality, Vizquel picked up a reputation for being a glove man early (mostly through flash - the probably unnecessary barehanded plays, especially) and hung around far longer than he probably should have because front offices and people in the media assume defense has to still be there if the guy was a poor hitter. He kept chugging away to collect some eye-wash stats which...you know...really aren't that good for a guy who played as long as he did. Along the way the general populace - and media - sort of picked up that he was a defensive wizard because it had been repeated ad nauseam and with that then the talk that he was a sure-fire HOFer. I'm not saying Vizquel would be the worst choice for the HOF (no Harold Baines joke here, I promise), I'm just saying there are multiple Omar Vizquel's out there who are not in. Throwing a vote his way while Scott Rolen and Andruw Jones are rotting on the vine and Jim Edmonds is already off seems criminal to me. As far as Jeter - the laughable Gold Gloves aside - I don't recall anyone of any worth REALLY considering him a glove man. Yeah, the ESPN's of the world are dopes and fell for THE FLIP! and THE DIVE! and that jump throw thingie. But he always was considered a liability with the glove - especially since even Yankee pitchers hated that he could not go to his left. If not for his bat we would have long ago forgotten all about Captain Dreamboat. But hey, that was a pretty good bat.
  13. EdA

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    Yeah...this is B-Ref's Career Leaders & Records for Defensive WAR. Vizquel is the 7th SS listed and #9 overall. Andruw Jones is the top rated OFer at 21 overall. For reference, Mark Belanger is 2nd overall and wasn't even really considered for the HOF. Belanger's bat was not THAT much worse that Vizquel's - especially accounting for the wildly different offensive eras. I think Vizquel is actually the reverse of Jeter - made flashy plays and had no bat so sportswriters actually thought he was better than what he was. The question is - why the Vizquel love and Belanger was a one and done? Then again, I really am not on board with the SABR defensive stats so...ymmv.
  14. EdA

    MLB HOF 2019 Ballot

    Yep and yep. Same with MLB and the guy who replaced the guy who replaced the guy who...etc. For baseball it's generally best to gauge reputation on the major award vote placement rather than GG or AS appearance - but then, we know award vote results are dicey as all get out too.
  15. Shhhhh. That will just lead to me having to point out that IF one WERE going to pick a guy who actually contributed to the BRM, then George Foster has Parker on WAR - 44.2 to 40.1. Grain of salt with WAR of course.
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