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  1. Sigh. Seven more fucking years. God I hate football. And my choices in life.
  2. Roberto Osuna is going for a 2nd opinion on if he needs TJ surgery. Mmmmm, cosmic justice.
  3. Right. The HOF added Clause E to the Eligible Candidates Rules after Rose. Manfred could merely take him off the ineligible list but he doesn't have any say on what the HOF would do with that. That said, Manfred already has refused Rose's request for reinstatement. And in 2015 Manfred refused to even reopen the Jackson case. So odds were slim some ghost of Joe Jackson was going to trot out of a cornfield like the Undertaker and get nominated for the HOF. Please don't turn this into a HOF thread. Please don't turn this into a HOF thread. Please don't turn this into a HOF thread.
  4. Please don't turn this into a HOF thread. Please don't turn this into a HOF thread. Please don't turn this into a HOF thread. I have no recollection of any of this. But the HOF is not even Manfred's jurisdiction. So no idea. I know Manfred has already turned down Pete Rose's request for reinstatement. And I know he no-sold supporters of Jackson who wanted his name cleared. So no idea why this would have been different. But hey, I've never even seen Field of Dreams so my interest in any of this is minimal. Please don't turn this into a HOF thread. Please don't turn this into a HOF thread. Please don't turn this into a HOF thread.
  5. Former Red Sox (among other teams) Manager John McNamara dead at 88. Yet again he is far too late with Dave Stapleton as a replacement.
  6. Braves will designate Mike Foltynewicz for assignment Because Braves fans deserve it...Phil and I discuss: Me: the Braves DFA'ing that Mike Foltensdfksfsd;f guy IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME HE SUCKED IN is glorious Rippa HA! Rippa : I didnt realize it was in the middle of the game Me: I didn't either Me: the Primer comments state he was released after getting pulled Rippa: I think they meant "he was pulled from the game. THEN the team released him" Rippa: meaning after the game Me: nope Me: the Primer comments were clear it was in game Rippa: hehehehe Rippa: yup Rippa: I see it now Rippa: Braves assistant general manager Perry Minasian delivered the news to Foltynewicz in the clubhouse just before the end of Monday’s game. Me: HAH Me: god that is great Rippa: I mean it was probably done so he could bail before the team got back I guess Me: god knows many GM's have wanted to do that Me: that makes sense Me: the Braves are all about white flight Me: you put that on a motherfucking tee for me
  7. So Fox is going to have VIRTUAL FANS!!!! on their broadcasts. Yep. I would not make a joke to annoy Dolfan that virtual fans will still no-show Marlin games. Nope.
  8. JUST A MILD COLD!!!!! Too soon?
  9. Be careful what you wish for. It's an ESPN game. We might get Sutcliffe and wish for Covid.
  10. The Mookie deal is now supposedly 12 years, $350M.
  11. Greedy-greedy Mookie! Best owners in baseball! There. I beat Foz to it.
  12. It saddens me no one has reminisced about DVDR IRC. So much time killed at work hanging out in chat - no wonder that job from the late 90's no longer exists.
  13. And in fairness to Namath, he played in an era where WR's were allowed to be crime victims going downfield. So...yeah. QB stats are...not something to compare across eras.
  14. I was going to say that was the first time George Blanda was confused with Tom Dempsey. Then I googled "George Blanda club foot" and sadly all old white straight ahead kickers apparently are the same. Blanda was just born old, not with a clubfoot.
  15. So uh...Rangers fans are not pleased with their new stadium. It's uh...wow.
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