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  1. That totally wasted Rippa and my mornings. Thanks!
  2. As things stand now, wanna guess who would be the highest paid player in baseball?? If you guessed anyone but Prince Fielder, you could be very wrong. Caveat: everything depends on how the owners try to screw the players and how public shaming goes, of course.
  3. Damnit! Florian Schneider, co-founder of Kraftwerk dead at 73.
  4. EdA

    Best Baseball Books

    Boy. I only read Hornbaker's Cobb book, not his Joe Jackson book. And I thought it was brutally written. The NWA book was worse, no question. But boy, was that Cobb book torture for me to get through. It really was as if he had never read a book before. I'd also say in both Leershan AND Hornbaker's cases, one huge drawback was their need to attack Al Stump's fiction repeatedly. We get it - Stump made the Cobb stuff up. I didn't need them both going at it over and over. I think there probably is a good Cobb book for someone to write. I don't know if anyone has got to it yet. The Koufax book suffered from Koufax not being very interesting. He's just not a colorful person. All Lou Gerhrig bio's have the same problem. I thought Leavey did fine with what she could do with Koufax. The Mantle book was certainly livelier at least.
  5. EdA

    Best Baseball Books

    Why do you doubt the genius of LaRussa, Phil? Why? Do you want to make Harold Baines cry?
  6. EdA

    Best Baseball Books

    Because recommending Pearlman is like recommending Covid?
  7. EdA

    Best Baseball Books

    Yeah. Summer of Beer and Whiskey was excellent. I thought that was a Peter Morris book but I was wrong. Also, ANY books on Satchel Paige are worth it. Satchel: The Life and Times of an American Legend is wonderful. Satch, Dizzy & Rapid Robert : the wild saga of interracial baseball before Jackie Robinson is great. And there's some random one about his time spent playing for a white team in the like North Dakota that is fantastic. Also pretty much any bio on Dizzy Dean is worth your time.
  8. EdA

    Best Baseball Books

    Mays was also accused by many (including Yankee ownership) of throwing games in the 21 and 22 World Series. Plus he was a headcase who'd bail on teams pretty quickly - he bitched himself out of Boston and bailed on the Yankees more than once. Killing Chapman is a convenient excuse to keep him out but there were other mitigating factors. Minus the killing and the throwing game accusations, Mays was basically Kevin Brown with David Cone's numbers pitching primarily in the dead ball era. That's not something that gets you into a HOF.
  9. EdA

    Best Baseball Books

    Hmm. Off the top of my head - Crazy 08 is fantastic. Like legit literature fantastic. I'll also second 59 in 84. You cannot get enough Old Hoss Radburn in your life. Leavy's bio's on Mantle and Koufax are fine. I haven't got around to reading her Ruth bio yet. I was a sucker for Up, Up and Away since I was an Expo mark. But the book seemed to kind of fall flat for me in the second half. Jonah ending up being a pud has not made things any better. I know Tabe is friends with Hornbaker but boy...I read the Cobb bio (and his NWA book). Hornbaker suffers from Meltzer syndrome in seemingly have never read a book before in his life. Just brutal prose that needed an editor with the patience of Job to clean up - spoiler, he did not have that. Leershen's Cobb bio is better (by virtue of being readable). The Charles Alexander Cobb bio was fine. The Al Stump ones are worth a look for the pure lunacy - and to know why Leershan and Hornbaker were so adamant his stuff is garbage. ANYTHING by Peter Morris is a must read. Game of Inches (vol. 1 and 2 tho I think it's fairly easy to find them in one volume) is a must have just to see how the rules of play developed. ANYTHING by Ed Linn is a must read. His book with Bill Veeck (Veeck as in Wreck) is a gold standard for baseball memoirs. Linn's book on Steinbrenner is also amazingly fun. The Bob Uecker books are still fun. It's been ages since I read the Luciano books, but those were a joy as a kid. Any sort of Roger Angell smokes anything by any other baseball writer ever.
  10. Vote Ken the Box. Vote often.
  11. Plus, ya know, we needed people for the brackets. I mean, fuck. Ken the Box is right there. Rules-shmules.
  12. Yep. Rippa is banning everyone who didn't mention Blue Panther earlier.
  13. Yep. I have far too many ideas apparently that are inspired by Terry Gordy matches. Rippa was proud of TEAM DICK~~!!! far too much. But my Ken team is motherfucking inspired!
  14. Hey! Remember how the Mets were the tire fire? Well, the Red Sox laugh at the Metsyness and are hiring Ron Reonicke as the INTERIM manager. Clearly the Sox had no choice. Greedy-greedy Mookie, something.
  15. Well, that was quick. One stage of grief down in less than 24 hours. Next comes Pain and Guilt. The bargaining stage gets ugly though.
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