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  1. Dallas at Chicago - Missed it NY Jets Atlanta Buffalo Cleveland Green Bay Houston Minnesota San Francisco Indianapolis Jacksonville Pittsburgh New England Tennessee Seattle Philadelphia Tiebreaker #1: Total points in KC/NE - 57 Tiebreaker #2: Aaron Rodgers passing yards vs Wash - 355 Tiebreaker #3: Winning margin in Den/Hou - 6
  2. Somewhere in there, Rippa is egging me on to go all - JIM PLUNKETT FOR THE HOF!!!!! But I got the questionable decision to put Snake Stabler in the Hall during my lifetime. I will refrain.
  3. Chicago Dallas New Orleans Cincinnati Carolina Indianapolis Baltimore Jacksonville Philadelphia Green Bay Cleveland Arizona Kansas City LA Chargers New England Seattle Tiebreaker #1: Kirk Cousins passing yards vs Seattle - 252 Tiebreaker #2: Winning margin in NE/Houston - 17 Tiebreaker #3: Longest field goal kicked in Chargers/Denver - 57
  4. Houston NY Jets Atlanta Buffalo Chicago Pittsburgh Cleveland New Orleans Detroit Seattle Tennessee New England Green Bay Baltimore Tiebreaker #1: Aaron Rodgers passing yards vs SF - 325 Tiebreaker #2: total points in Bal/Rams - 37 Tiebreaker #3: interceptions thown in Pit/Cin - 7
  5. Pittsburgh Washington Baltimore Carolina Dallas Indianapolis Buffalo Minnesota New Orleans San Francisco Oakland New England LA Rams Kansas City Tiebreaker #1: total points in KC-Chargers - 52 Tiebreaker #2: Deshaun Watson rushing yards vs Baltimore - 77 Tiebreaker #3: winning margin in Den/Min - 16
  6. EdA

    Highway to Ham Week #9

    San Francisco Houston Miami Buffalo Carolina Kansas City Philadelphia Indianapolis Detroit Seattle Cleveland Green Bay Baltimore Dallas Tiebreaker #1: Lamar Jackson passing yards vs NE -175 Tiebreaker #2: Winning margin in Dal/NYG - 14 Tiebreaker #3: Nick Chubb rushing yards vs Den - 125
  7. EdA

    Highway to Ham Week #8

    Minnesota Jacksonville LA Rams New Orleans Tennessee Indianapolis Seattle Buffalo Chicago Detroit San Francisco New England Houston Green Bay Pittsburgh Tiebreaker #1: Aaron Rodgers passing yards vs KC - 375 Tiebreaker #2: Baker Mayfield interceptions thrown vs NE - 5 Tiebreaker #3: Winning margin in Sea/Atl - 17
  8. EdA

    Highway to Ham Week #7

    Kansas City LA Rams Buffalo Cincinnati Minnesota Green Bay Houston NY Giants San Francisco LA Chargers Chicago Seattle Dallas New England Tiebreaker #1: Teddy Bridgewater passing yards - 195 Tiebreaker #2: Zeke Elliott rushing yards - 125 Tiebreaker #3: Winning margin in NE/NYJ - 37
  9. EdA

    Highway to Ham Week #6

    New England Carolina Baltimore Seattle New Orleans Kansas City Miami Philadelphia Arizona LA Rams Dallas Tennessee LA Chargers Green Bay Tiebreaker #1: Total touchdowns scored in Washington/Miami - 3 Tiebreaker #2: Matthew Stafford passing yards - 225 Tiebreaker #3: winning margin in SF/Rams - 2
  10. EdA

    Highway to Ham Week #5

    Seattle Philadelphia Jacksonville Arizona Houston New Orleans NY Giants Chicago Baltimore Tennessee New England LA Chargers Dallas Kansas City Cleveland Tiebreaker #1: Baker Mayfield rushing yards - 55 Tiebreaker #2: quarterback sacks by the NY Giants vs Minnesota - 5 Tiebreaker #3: winning margin in Indy/KC - 25
  11. EdA

    Highway to Ham Week #4

    Green Bay Atlanta Baltimore New England Kansas City Houston Indianapolis LA Chargers NY Giants Seattle LA Rams Chicago Jacksonville Dallas Pittsburgh Tiebreaker #1: Total points in Dal/NO - 49 Tiebreaker #2: Mahomes passing yards vs Det - 325 Tiebreaker #3: Winning margin in NE/Buf - 4
  12. EdA

    Highway to Ham Week #3

    Tennessee New England Buffalo Dallas Green Bay Atlanta Kansas City Minnesota Philadelphia Arizona Tampa Bay LA Chargers San Francisco Seattle LA Rams Chicago Tiebreaker #1: More passing yards, Goff or Mayfield - Goff Tiebreaker #2: total points in Bal/KC - 72 Tiebreaker #3: NY Jets yards passing vs NE - 105
  13. EdA

    Highway to Ham Week #2

    Carolina Baltimore Cincinnati LA Chargers Minnesota Houston New England Buffalo Seattle Tennessee Dallas Kansas City Chicago LA Rams Philadelphia Cleveland Tiebreaker #1: New England points at Miami - 47 Tiebreaker #2: Drew Brees passing yards - 228 Tiebreaker #3: Interceptions thrown in Buf/NYG - 4
  14. EdA

    Highway to Ham Week #1

    Chicago Buffalo LA Rams Cleveland Kansas City Baltimore Minnesota Philadelphia LA Chargers Seattle Detroit Dallas Tampa Bay New England New Orleans Denver Tiebreaker #1: Antonio Brown receiving yards - 0 Tiebreaker #2: Miami Dolphins points scored - 0 Tiebreaker #3: distance of longest field goal made in Pit/NE - 47 yards
  15. I hate football so much.
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