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  1. EdA

    Highway to Ham Week #7

    Kansas City LA Rams Buffalo Cincinnati Minnesota Green Bay Houston NY Giants San Francisco LA Chargers Chicago Seattle Dallas New England Tiebreaker #1: Teddy Bridgewater passing yards - 195 Tiebreaker #2: Zeke Elliott rushing yards - 125 Tiebreaker #3: Winning margin in NE/NYJ - 37
  2. EdA

    Highway to Ham Week #6

    New England Carolina Baltimore Seattle New Orleans Kansas City Miami Philadelphia Arizona LA Rams Dallas Tennessee LA Chargers Green Bay Tiebreaker #1: Total touchdowns scored in Washington/Miami - 3 Tiebreaker #2: Matthew Stafford passing yards - 225 Tiebreaker #3: winning margin in SF/Rams - 2
  3. EdA

    Highway to Ham Week #5

    Seattle Philadelphia Jacksonville Arizona Houston New Orleans NY Giants Chicago Baltimore Tennessee New England LA Chargers Dallas Kansas City Cleveland Tiebreaker #1: Baker Mayfield rushing yards - 55 Tiebreaker #2: quarterback sacks by the NY Giants vs Minnesota - 5 Tiebreaker #3: winning margin in Indy/KC - 25
  4. EdA

    Highway to Ham Week #4

    Green Bay Atlanta Baltimore New England Kansas City Houston Indianapolis LA Chargers NY Giants Seattle LA Rams Chicago Jacksonville Dallas Pittsburgh Tiebreaker #1: Total points in Dal/NO - 49 Tiebreaker #2: Mahomes passing yards vs Det - 325 Tiebreaker #3: Winning margin in NE/Buf - 4
  5. EdA

    Highway to Ham Week #3

    Tennessee New England Buffalo Dallas Green Bay Atlanta Kansas City Minnesota Philadelphia Arizona Tampa Bay LA Chargers San Francisco Seattle LA Rams Chicago Tiebreaker #1: More passing yards, Goff or Mayfield - Goff Tiebreaker #2: total points in Bal/KC - 72 Tiebreaker #3: NY Jets yards passing vs NE - 105
  6. EdA

    Highway to Ham Week #2

    Carolina Baltimore Cincinnati LA Chargers Minnesota Houston New England Buffalo Seattle Tennessee Dallas Kansas City Chicago LA Rams Philadelphia Cleveland Tiebreaker #1: New England points at Miami - 47 Tiebreaker #2: Drew Brees passing yards - 228 Tiebreaker #3: Interceptions thrown in Buf/NYG - 4
  7. EdA

    Highway to Ham Week #1

    Chicago Buffalo LA Rams Cleveland Kansas City Baltimore Minnesota Philadelphia LA Chargers Seattle Detroit Dallas Tampa Bay New England New Orleans Denver Tiebreaker #1: Antonio Brown receiving yards - 0 Tiebreaker #2: Miami Dolphins points scored - 0 Tiebreaker #3: distance of longest field goal made in Pit/NE - 47 yards
  8. I hate football so much.
  9. The great thing is James still trying to get over WIN SHAREZ!~~~!!!! Poor-poor crazy and out-of-date old man. When this fails maybe James can go back to defending Paterno.
  10. EdA

    Random music thoughts

    This is pretty important and horrible. The Universal Studios fire in 2008 may have destroyed a ton of important original music and movie masters. How it took 11 years to find out is troubling. And if the accusations are true one would think Universal is going to be sued into oblivion.
  11. If nothing else, as a nation divided, we all can agree - we are all better off that Mitch Haniger right now.
  12. Sinclair has bought all the regional Fox Sports networks from Disney for a cool $10 billion.
  13. EdA

    MLB 2019 - MAY

    Posted to the media thread as well...Sinclair has bought all the regional Fox Sports Network from Disney.
  14. EdA

    MLB 2019 - MAY

    Yeah. Like...I get launch angles as a way of saying - oh dude is now getting lift on his swings so he might be hitting more HR's. Or the reverse, of course. And I get exit velo as a gauge for how well a person may be doing. If a pitcher is continually getting high velo on what is hit off him, even as outs, we know he is not fooling anyone. If a hitter is getting high velo even when making outs, we know he is hitting into bad luck. Fair enough. But like Phil said, everyone has been trotting out both as - OMG!!! HIS LAUNCH ANGLE IS 900 DEGREES AND EXIT VELO IS 10 BILLION MPH!!! - without giving us any sort of average. And like Piranesi said - you can tell with the naked eye if something has been smoked. So yeah...ok. Most of the time it's just people throwing out numbers for the sake of numbers to maybe get a numbers mark to get all excited. Whee! Mostly, my bitch is I am an idiot with math. So I don't need a fucking geometry question in the middle of a telecast. Your mileage may vary.
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