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  1. Miami Minnesota Pittsburgh LA Chargers Chicago Detroit Philadelphia Cleveland Tennessee Dallas Buffalo Carolina Denver Green Bay Kansas City LA Rams Tiebreaker #1: Cooper Kupp catches vs SF 14 Tiebreaker #2: Total points scored in Buf/Bal 39 Tiebreaker #3: winning margin in Sea/Det 1
  2. Pittsburgh Cincinnati Detroit Baltimore Carolina Chicago Kansas City Philadelphia Miami Tennessee LA Chargers Atlanta Arizona Tampa Bay San Francisco Dallas Tiebreaker #1: more passing yards, Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady Brady Tiebreaker #2: Tyreek Hill receiving yards vs Buffalo 75 Tiebreaker #3: total interceptions thrown in Cincy/NYJ 5
  3. Kansas City Cleveland NY Giants Pittsburgh Tampa Bay Baltimore Washington Indianapolis LA Rams San Francisco Denver Arizona Cincinnati Chicago Buffalo Tiebreaker #1: Justin Fields rushing yards vs GB 57 Tiebreaker #2: Winning margin in Sea/SF 5 Tiebreaker #3: Ryan Tannehill passing yards vs Buf 105
  4. EdA


    On one hand I don't think it's possible to be more condescending that Collinsworth. On the other hand, it's Brady. So yeah.
  5. EdA

    MLB 2022 - 1st Half

    In fairness, the Reds aren't asking for a new park (YET...but give it time). They ARE asking for renovations...for reasons, of course. The issue you're probably remembering was the owner's son/CEO going on the radio and losing his cool about Reds fans calling the Castellini family cheap. His statement was to the effect that "IF we sold the team, what guarantee would you have that a new owner group would not move the team?" Which was vague extortion and idiocy since the Reds would be one of maybe 5-6 teams MLB would never allow to move. Li'l Castellini has since backtracked and apologized. That said, doing a fire sale in a pique after a labor situation AND starting off as poorly the Reds are is going to table all that. For now.
  6. Yeah. I am no lawyer but...from that the verbiage seems vague enough to give room to fail for a coach taking over a bad team. Which is what the Browns were. Which is also what any head coach would want with the tire fire that the Browns were at that point. No penalties for losing (yes, no incentives for winning but...who was going to win with that Browns team?) and incentives for playing younger players. That seems like a smart move. How you interpret the whole no incentives for winning (until year 3) and basically being incentivized for playing guys who probably shouldn't be playing as much as they did is up to you. But if there is one thing we know, courts don't generally do you any favors if they are asked to interpret motives that are not clear cut. But then I also remember Hue talking the Raiders into trading a first round pick for the corpse of Carson Palmer. So I may be a smidge bitter towards Hue.
  7. EdA


    Ehh. I liked Jacobs and all. But "great" is a stretch. He is fine. It's the "when healthy" PLUS the price tag part that made not picking up the option a no-brainer, actually.
  8. Speaking of...Forbes just released their list of team values for this year. Just you know, look and remember the "owners make no money" line.
  9. AND 9:20am: Suzuki’s contract is worth $85MM over five years, according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, who also notes the inclusion of a full no-trade clause. That makes for a $14.625MM posting fee, bringing the Cubs’ total expenditure to $99.625MM. Only Suzuki’s $17MM AAV will count toward the luxury tax. Full no-trade? OK. Sure.
  10. 99 days for that? The Cards sure know how to party.
  11. So first off, the mainstream articles have sort of confused things with this. Here's the breakdown of the PROPOSED offer from over the weekend per MLB Trade Rumors. So the players potentially agreed to - "give the league the authority to make on-field changes within a 45-day window of initial proposal, in regards to three specific rules — a pitch clock, restrictions on the use of defensive shifts, and the size of the bases. " and "Any of the proposed rule changes would be explored via a committee that would have player representation. The three proposed rule changes would begin in the 2023 season." So restrictions on the shift is not the same as banning. And since no one is at the stage for the league and players to discuss the details of either scenario, let's not get the cart before the horse on ANY of this. Plus, you know, there still is not an agreement yet so...with no games, none of those issues are a priority. All three of those things are mostly cosmetic (I guess the argument for larger bases is for safety and to up the chances of stolen bases which...shrug). I dunno. Had they just let the umps enforce the pace of play rules already in place - and had the league actually backed the umps when they tried - there were be no need for a clock. I'm all in favor of speeding up the game. Batters stepping out all the time and doing their song and dance while pitchers take their sweet time throwing the ball is infuriating. But if they didn't already enforce quicker play (when it was already in the books) all we will end up with are clocks in stadiums no one minds. And shifts are the end results of hitters being dumb. I don't have a solitary issue with shifts if the hitters are not smart enough to adjust. To me it would be the same as if the NFL banned double-team coverage of receivers because QBs are too dumb to throw to a check-down receiver. I have no issue with people hating on the shift. Your taste is your taste. To me it would be a simple enough thing that would die on its own if hitters were smarter and went to the opposite field more. Alas. I've not seen any real results from increasing the size of the bases in the minors so I am totally indifferent to that.
  12. EdA


    Someone with mad photoshop skills already has put Daniel Jones' head on a cockroach body by now, right?
  13. EdA


    Everyone is basically rooting for Kafka, right? Nothing would better represent Rippa's existential angst as a Giants fan than having Kafka at the helm, yes? And I say this as someone whose team swallowed the Pats poison pill for GM and coach.
  14. EdA


    God do I hate football.
  15. No one wants to see kickers decide playoff games in that manner. And the networks damned sure do not want to see Mahomes or Rodgers or Brady or whoever sitting on the sideline while imitation football players decide playoff games. I am one of the only people in the world that likes the college OT rules but Fowler is right, that game would have gone on for 7 hours with the way the defenses couldn't stop anyone by the end.
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