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  1. Nah, he was the best, and honestly, I don't think it's all that close. Beautiful Bobby was in so many great tag teams that we don't even talk about half of them--if there was more footage online from his team with Koko, we'd all be raving constantly about how awesome they were together, because what we have shows how ahead of their time they were. And he was in a tag team with the second best tag wrestler ever, Arn Anderson, and it's still only like the fourth best tag team on his resume. He was in a tag team with Randy Orton! But what made Bobby so great was that he always made sure to adjust his style to complement his partner--he didn't wrestle the same way with Koko that he did with Sweet Stan, or Double A, or Sir Steven, or Dennis Condrey.
  2. Outside of Angle, Truth, Christian, and maybe Tomko, TNA was signing WWE castoffs who were easily on the downside of their careers. They were never going to get much out of guys like Hall and Nash outside of name recognition. But someone like Buddy Murphy, who's got all of the talent in the world, but was never given a chance to really show how good he can be? That's different. And if Kenny has a problem with him, you tell him to put on his big boy britches and deal with it like a professional.
  3. If I was Jaxson Ryker, I probably wouldn't answer my phone tomorrow.
  4. I don't think so. His site isn't around anymore, and I haven't heard anything about him starting a new one.
  5. Yeah, you should really just go ahead and delete that.
  6. Maybe? There were so many people named, it was hard to keep track.
  7. Danny Cage has outed Rudy Boy Gonzalez as a sexual predator. I put the tweet thread with the details in spoilers, because it is potentially triggering.
  8. Indie wrestlers GPA and Laynie Luck just got engaged in the most adorable fashion.
  9. Their champion is Rich Swann, for fuck's sake. They're still giving Tommy Dreamer pushes. They can definitely squeeze in some more people on the roster.
  10. Stone Cold Steve Austin was just 1989 Eric Embry crossed with 1995 Sandman. Talk amongst yourselves.
  11. On the bright side, that might actually be an improvement.
  12. Nah, he still looks too anatomically correct to be Liefeld. He's definitely an Ed McGuinness drawing, though.
  13. I could definitely see Jericho doing that, but not the other two. Based on his appearance on Renee's podcast, Wight absolutely has some sore feelings over how he was treated by the WWE. And Christian kept bolting every chance he got to sign somewhere he thought would give him a better opportunity, so I doubt he's as loyal as you think.
  14. Oh God, I fell behind on reading the monthly thread, and I'm only on page 50 so far. Please tell me there isn't 9 more pages of that shit.
  15. Holy shit I just watched that same match a few days ago. Weird.
  16. The next generation will definitely have it easier. This country has become less conservative over time, not more, and the people who are railing against the trans community are becoming less relevant with each passing day. Just look at the results from the past 8 general elections. Thirty years ago they complained about homosexuals, and they can't do that anymore so they have to turn their ire on someone. Eventually they'll turn their attention towards someone else once they've figured out they've lost the fight, but there will be even less of them by that point.
  17. I hope no one shows him early 2000s OVW. He's going to be very shocked at how this woman named Synn dressed.
  18. I saw someone on Twitter describe the Cornette sycophants as "internet hall monitors" and I can't stop laughing.
  19. Yeah, but Tucker actually isn't bad, and Gable deserves better.
  20. Remember when the WWE split up Heavy Machinery by turning Tucker Knight heel; then they did nothing at all with Tucker while they tried pushing Otis as a singles guy; only to realize that Otis kind of sucks as a single guy, so they ended up turning Otis heel... and putting him in a tag team...
  21. That's what I'm doing since I cancelled my Network sub last year. I have a huge collection of tapes I inherited that I've been converting to DVD, but there are a few glaring holes that I would love to get filled. (If anyone knows a good source for 80s territory comps, slide into my DMs. Also, if anyone has a VCR and wants some tapes, hit me up.) Uh, I dunno if Mike fucking Tyson punching anyone could be considered a "lucky shot." It's especially ridiculous considering he isn't working any major programs, and they don't need him to draw crowds due to the pandemic. There's literally no legitimate reason he needs to be wrestling.
  22. No, Hurricane was a mild-mannered reporter. Oh shit, I think I just gave away his secret identity. Forget you read that!
  23. Look, you can't just casually drop that in there without giving us more details. I think we all need to know the Anvil's philosophy for making sweet love to the ladies. Was he big on foreplay? Did he focus on oral? What were his thoughts on butt stuff?
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