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  1. The problem though is, even with this plummeting, it's still doing far better than it had any right doing. Wrestling is niche, but niche is mainstream right now. Wrestling's just not going to give you the ratings of real sports...it's just not. However, right now the demographic shifts are very good for WWE as it is- WWE has all the sexy demographics networks want for Smackdown. Yes, CBS's procedurals are kicking their ass. They're also doing so with people over 50+ watching them, which the networks don't want at all. This is the first time the ivory tower's on WWE's side- they'd rather have 2-3 million people of desirable demographics than 7 million old people.
  2. I had Sling and lost all of the Fox channels, and Dish's issues said it was all of the Fox family.
  3. It'll be interesting on the settling in number, since there wasn't just the drop from last week for the draft, but also the fact that Fox and Dish/Sling came to an agreement, so Fox also got all the fans who had Dish Network and Sling back this week (which everyone said boded poorly for the premiere's ratings last week.)
  4. The problem with Hogan in 1993 is that WWE's traditional failing is that they rarely knew when the right time to pull the trigger on turning their top babyface heel was for massive damage. Through all the WWE's problems- even up to today, WWE never quite got the right time when people were sick of the top hero and knew "this is the time to turn them"- with only Bret Hart in 1997 turning heel right when the fans were ready to boo them. This was the case with Hogan- you could see them being ready in 1991-92 for Hogan to turn heel, but by 1993 it was pretty much set in stone- Hulk Hogan had no place in 1993 WWF as a hero anymore. You had to be willing to pull the trigger on a Hogan heel turn in order to use him past 1993 (and that'd have changed things dramatically in the future- the "holy shit, Hulk Hogan is a bad guy now???" was the catalyst to make the NWO angle explode for WCW. If WWF turned Hogan, then it wouldn't have mattered as much in WCW 1996.)
  5. This was indefensible. There's a problem when you have a good match that instantly fails solely because the wrong guy won it. It's not even just one indefensible move, but how every move of the fall culminated in being booked into a corner. If The Fiend challenges for the title at HIAC, then either you have to have The Fiend win and Rollins lose. If Rollins had to not lose to The Fiend, then Strowman should have beaten him- but then you turned Strowman heel, and the heel/heel match also is booking into a corner where Strowman can't lose either. This isn't just normal "The Wrong Guy Won", but a vast tapestry of utter shit that leads to the most booked into a corner match in wrestling history and proof "if they're both booked into a corner, DON'T BOOK THE MATCH". It's almost beautiful how badly WWE fucked themselves over with this match.
  6. Somehow, I don't think that the difference between A and R changes that it's not cool to say that word. "Friendliness" has nothing to do with it.
  7. Just wanted to drop an extra line to thank @S.K.o.S. double. Got the replacement disk in the mail yesterday.
  8. It still needs a bit of work. By that logic, I could argue that any fight in a movie about boxing or MMA could be considered a wrestling match- they have worked punches, a predetermined finish, and are presented as a sport vaguely.
  9. The Lashley/Lana angle would have worked a little bit better if this wasn't the THIRD STORYLINE right now built around "ha ha, he's married to this woman, but she's browbeating, henpecking him, and it's hinted or expressed she might be cuckolding him!
  10. Going back to the "performance art" question with Jordynne Grace...the weird thing is, even as wrestling changes to that viewpoint, we haven't seen a promotion completely steer into the skid there. Give every person who goes to the show a voting card, and then run the matches similarly to pairs figure skating: The two/four workers are seen as a team working their match. The matches are ranked by the crowd vote, and at the end of the show the winning "match" is announced and given the win. This seems absurd- but it's the natural end of a "performance art"-based wrestling. If it's not able to go that far, it's inherently saying "the role you play does matter and being able to make people believe in your role matters."
  11. Honestly, even if WWE is more of a factory...that shows a different issue with how WWE is presented...the Kardashians and reality TV aren't the right comparison for WWE. Yes, WWE is a factory churning out inoffensive, pleasant people who don't get you excited. They show up, are big. Maybe some of them cross over like John Cena or The Rock, a few can be lesser stars, and then they're forgotten about. How's that any different than Disney or Nickelodeon's star factories' right now? Same token, you have people who are basically loyal to their home company, only work in those, are super-famous to their fans and virtually unknown outside of the bubble...but Disney and Nickelodeon have managed to cross over and have people become genuine stars people would know about on average, and WWE do the same thing. If anything, WWE needs to be willing to let some wrestlers play against type like Disney/Nick stars will do in order to grow their image and become Rousey-type stars instead.
  12. It boils down to what you said earlier about it, the demographic problem. The demographic for the Kardashians is a more desirable demographic than the ad agencies' ivory tower stereotype of wrestling fans (the unintelligent blue-collar redneck who thinks it's real because they're stupid, otherwise why'd they watch RASSLIN?), and even if WWE has changed the fans' image to "Pro wrestling is the unofficial pro sport of nerd culture"...well, the Kardashian image is still more desirable (and even the 2010s proof with shows proving nerds are really, really good money-wise hasn't changed how desirable the culture is.) Ultimately, that's what it boils down to: Desirable demographics will admit they watch the Kardashians as a guilty pleasure. Desirable demographics will watch pro wrestling...but the hell they're going to ADMIT IT.
  13. Wow, I didn't know that Vince McMahon had thousands of secret Twitter accounts and decided to give Rollins a really bad day as one of his ribs!
  14. Honestly, this is more a Triple H/Vince thing more than anything. It is pretty obvious The Shield and 4HW, respectively, gave way to the NXT era and destroyed the FCW/DSW/OVW developmental era as nothing. It's no different than any other business saying "nope, I have my guys/my girls. I don't want the holdovers." It has also been interesting that Naomi was one of the few women in that era who was in the worst era of it: She's just good enough so they never gave her a short run in NXT to really see if she could hold her own with this new era, but she's never been pushed enough to get the rewards of that either.
  15. Question: I just got my prize in the mail, but the copy of "Border" was Region 2. What DVD players would play the disk? (Have a XBox, XBO, PS2, and PS4 for DVD players set up.)
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