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  1. "Meet Joe Black" was filmed partially around my hometown, but in the type of area that altogether would just make me seem much more high-class than the area actually is. Even with other stuff, it's... nope, "Providence" had a lot of good scenery, but ultimately wasn't really a great representation- a lot of it looked different on camera than perfect...aww fuck, is "Family Guy" really the best example of living in Rhode Island that we can get?
  2. I thought I heard the working theory was that they hired EC3, but once they hired him to the main roster they remembered "oh, it's Derrick Bateman? I hated that dude. Job him out."
  3. It's also more interesting when you consider how fucked the Lakers are in the Lebron situation by this trade: Lebron has said about his late-career plans that his ultimate goal is that he wants to play one year alongside his son, then retire. Assuming there is no change to the high schooler situation in the next CBA, Lebron James Jr. can be projected to enter the 2024 Draft...which the Lakers just traded their pick outright for. (If there is a change, then he'd be projected to enter the 2023 Draft, and even then the Pelicans can swap picks with the Lakers...and looking at both teams, it seems likely the Pelicans will be better in 2023.)
  4. You like how it looks? This is the first time since the magical 2013 season that I may stand a chance at a REAL victory, not the booby prize! That 2013 season was so out of nowhere that the board had to rebuild itself and destroy any proof I had a chance!
  5. Honestly, I would still put Omega/Moxley in the main event for an entirely different reason, and the CM Punk questions kind of ties into it. If AEW is going to succeed long-term, they can't just throw really good indie matches out there, and will need some top-tier storylines. Likewise, if AEW is going to succeed, you can't just keep booking it around "oh, the Elite are just a bunch of close friends who are just trying to put on the best show for all the REAL wrestling fans out there". Eventually for AEW to get big, something has to give there, and since the TV show starts this fall, ideally All Out should be the final night of The Elite as we know it and kickstart the big storylines that will build AEW longterm. With those in mind, AEW could do a lot worse than an endgame: Jericho/Page is lower in the card. Page wins the big one and is first AEW champion. The Young Bucks have a tag match, Cody has his match, and finally Omega/Moxley main events. Omega wins, and the Elite celebrate together as All Out ends and they celebrate another good show finished. ...and then Hangman Page clocks Omega, clocks Cody, saying "You put your matches before mine! This was supposed to be even! I'm the AEW World Champion and I'm supposed to be in the midcard for you guys?"- and suddenly you have a top heel for the company and kickstart a storyline to bring you to the TNT show...in short, making the "CM Punk is WWE Champion, but the Being John Cena Title main evented in 2012" thing up to his heel turn eventually lead to Punk as a heel.
  6. I just assumed that WWE and the Golden State Warriors share a medical team. ...too soon?
  7. That's the whole problem, though. Call a performer up too early, and it's guaranteeing they'll flail- a lot of the least popular NXT callups seem to have the same point of "they were called up too soon and couldn't get a crowd reaction." Call them up too late, and you'll get their whole story arc written in one place and there'll be nowhere new to go with them (Bayley's a good example- they just told so much of the Bayley character and explored the room so much it became impossible to do anything with her on the main roster that wouldn't be a retread, and guaranteed she'd flail.) And it's very rare they found the EXACT sweet spot of times to call someone up where there was a case of "leave them wanting more". Really, Enzo and Cass might be one of the only examples of the right time- they explored the room with them and told most of the story- but the fans still had that nagging "we want to see them finally WIN THE BIG ONE" so that there was a place to go with them. (Actually, say what you will about Enzo, but WWE always had the right sense of the moment with him: Call up Enzo and Cass right before they won the big one in NXT so that fans would have something to hope for. When the Hardyz came back and slammed their window shut, break them up just as the fans would be devastated, but it would still mean something. And then finally, turn Enzo heel the second that it became clear the fans were getting sick of him.)
  8. In defense there, WCW did let Disco Inferno join the writing team. However, also in defense, Disco Inferno had some insane ideas and good, bad, or otherwise you could see Disco Inferno was a creative guy. By contrast, NXT is an amazing show, but NXT kind of lost the creative spark it had when Dusty Rhodes died (and there's reason to believe Dusty was behind all of the "characters" in NXT...with the all HHH era seeming to be "hire another indy darling and that'll let us coast for a taping spree or two."
  9. Even beyond that, it's still a bit different because WWE hasn't even gone there. Even beyond whether they get pushed or not, for Darren Young's run it was a plot point, and WWE themselves made it a plot point, that Fred Rosser was openly gay, but the character "Darren Young" was not. It says something that today's WWE.com article about Deville being out and using her name was also a step forward, as it's the first inclination in any way, shape, or form that the character "Sonya Deville" is a lesbian as well. Even beyond a push for an openly LGBT+ performer would be a second step away, the baby step of "an openly LGBT+ performer is allowed to play a character that shares the identity the performer has."
  10. Ultimately, though, the title run just was a microcosm about Sid's blessing and curse. Sid has always been that guy where "if he's in the upper card scene, he can have a benefit to the show...but if he's your World Champion, you've got some serious problems." It shows a problem for WWE programming that somehow they turned Braun Strowman into a Sid type there for a modern equivalent. The Murphy problem was weird since...he probably would have been super over if they gave him some face time. Murphy could have been a big deal, but he's almost the face of everything that made the Drake Maverick era suck and the "screw character or gimmicks, let's just have everyone be 'I'm a good wrestler here to wrestle good'. Like, Murphy had been on 205 Live for a year, as one of the top guys...and I don't think he has even a gimmick, let alone a character. There's just nothing there. All Murphy's been is "he's Australian (but not over-the-top "You cannot ignore how Australian I am" like, say, the IIconics) and is good at the wrestling." I suppose he's a bad guy, but he doesn't do anything particularly bad in the ring and isn't particularly a dick outside of it except maybe 'I am very good and I know I'm good', and I want to show you how good I am'. Even the heel thing is dodgy, since Murphy may be the only pushed heel on a show where you can't point to even one bad thing he did that tells you "This person is not a very nice person". For lack of a better term, Buddy Murphy is a bad guy because the announcers tell you he's a bad person.
  11. A lot of the Sid hate from that time period seemed to be more in the in-ring style of the time. One of DVDVR's best qualities that always kept me coming back is: DVDVR seems to be the one wrestling community in the IWC that truly gets that "too much of a good thing makes it bad", and subsequently the corollary of "wait a minute. If we used to get too much of this one good thing, and now it's slowed to a trickle in favor of a more trendy style...then that probably says that the guys still doing this style are probably really good and deserve a second look." Most places, it was usually "aww fuck, ANOTHER hoss? Give us some more X-Division type guys!", and it never quite became "aww hell, ANOTHER Johnny Kickpads guy? Give us a good power wrestler or two!"
  12. Well, on the plus side we can no longer mock Sasha Banks- this picture is living proof of Boo-Boo Face In Action.
  13. Even then. Let's say WWE is paying for social media likes/views to do this. Which is REALLY more likely for WWE to pay for social media likes/views for: "WWE pays for social media likes/views for a really big storyline that's flailing so that it looks like it's capturing fans' attention and looks better", or "WWE pays for social media likes/views for some random jobber, so that WWE could turn around and justify giving that jobber a huge push even though the jobber's relatively unpopular...even though maybe 0.0001% of the IWC would even notice how big those social media likes/views are for the jobber, and even THEY won't be convinced it's worthy of them getting a World Title push?" If WWE was really paying for social media likes and views, they wouldn't be paying for them to benefit Jinder Mahal. They'd pay for the views to make Roman Reigns look like he's a mega-star on Youtube.
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