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    Again, in both cases, these are entirely different arguments. I'm not saying that Vince McMahon masterminded the YES Movement and the plan was always "Daniel Bryan in the main event"- that is simply not the case. I'm saying...just watch the shows from January up to the Royal Rumble (where everything went haywire for WWE's plans). As of January 2014, it was OBVIOUS that Daniel Bryan was going to fight Kane at Wrestlemania. Kane was Daniel Bryan's first feud as champion, which adds to the "this is what was going to be his Mania feud, so we'll do it now that we've ended that storyline as his post-Mania feud." Even with the "Vince told him it'd be Sheamus"- again. We know that one of Vince's favorite pranks to play on a worker-slash-ways to keep the worker humble is to pretend he's giving him something small, only to spring the "you're getting the World Title" thing on him later. Even if Daniel Bryan said he did- again, Bryan seems like the type of person who would take Vince at face value when he said something (so he would assume "oh, I'm fighting Sheamus. Okay..." as normal), and reporting "it'll be Sheamus/Bryan" would make fans furious, so the dirt sheets would report it. If it comes up year after year, I could say it here: I don't care if Daniel Bryan says it. I don't care if Sheamus says it. I don't care if Vince McMahon says it. I don't care WHO says it. There is nothing in this world or any other that can convince me that Daniel Bryan vs. Kane wasn't the original plan for Wrestlemania and Daniel Bryan/Sheamus was just a red herring match.
  2. SorceressKnight


    Even with the "everyone has said it was Bryan/Sheamus", I have never bought the claim. As of January 2014 before we're supposed to believe the storyline had been napalmed, we had: Team Hell No had started as a big team and a unit. Kane had been brainwashed by the Wyatt Family and joined The Authority. Daniel Bryan was fighting The Authority and wanted a rise- but had fallen victim to Bray Wyatt himself. Kane, however, had given Bryan a chance to get into the cage, where Bryan turned on Wyatt. Meanwhile, Kane had some problems and was dominant with CM Punk, taking him out at the Rumble (presumably on the build to Wrestlemania and Punk/HHH before that got destroyed.) Oh, and Daniel Bryan's feud after Wrestlemania was with Kane. Even if there was the claim, I've always been steadfast: If WWE kept to their story, it would have been Daniel Bryan vs. Kane at Wrestlemania 30. It was a match that would be big at the beginning of 2013 for Team Hell No exploding. It'd be a match that would have been in the making since spring 2012 for Kane and Daniel Bryan to FINALLY blow off their feud, so it'd be a big deal match. It was how the storylines in January 2014 before things went south seemed to build to, and, since it would have had "Well, Daniel Bryan didn't beat Triple H or Randy Orton for the title and destroy The Authority, but he did beat AN AUTHORITY MEMBER, so I GUESS they listened to us...", it would be fair enough. By contrast, the Sheamus/Daniel Bryan thing always seemed like a mixture of "This NEWZ story would angry up the blood of smarks who are unhappy about the Bryan push", but it also reeks of "From everything we've heard in retrospect from guys/girls and their conversations with Vince just before they were about to reach the top of the mountain, Bryan vs. Sheamus is EXACTLY the type of joke Vince McMahon loves to play on people just before he tells them "We're giving you the World Title'". " (We heard from Jericho's second book that for weeks prior to Armageddon 2001, Pat Patterson had told Jericho 'we're giving you the World Title at this event', but Vince had said similar things to him, not officially telling him he was getting the World Title until the night of Armageddon 2001, and Bret Hart had said on the night he won the title, Vince had said a number of things with how they tried everything with him but it didn't work and made Bret believe he was being fired, before telling him "And that's why we're giving you the World Title.' at the end.)
  3. SorceressKnight


    I think she was, but in the last few weeks Naomi and Melina both showed interest in that match happening at Evolution. So, it's gone from "impossible" to "implausible", at the very least.
  4. SorceressKnight


    But that also ties to another big difference between Renee and Coach/Booker as well: For better or worse, it seems like Graves treats Renee with kid gloves on commentary. With the male commentators, Graves just teed off on them relentlessly like a heel commentator, but with Renee it just feels like Graves is walking on eggshells when he's commentating with her and is trying hard not to go too far as the heel commentator. It's a little weirder, because Renee just has just enough comic timing where you know that she'd be able to match wits with Graves pretty well on commentary, and then that'd help them REALLY click well.
  5. SorceressKnight

    Best Mediocre Wrestlers

    I don't know, I think the look actually solidifies Hercules as a good answer. For the power guys in the '80s level, when you looked at most of the WWF's crop of good power guys- you did have guys like Barbarian and Warlord, who looked like monsters and were solid...and then you had Hercules, who was a solid worker, decent power guy...but looked like someone's dad got drunk, put a chain around his neck, and headed to the ring and threw some people around.
  6. SorceressKnight


    Yeah, that'd basically be similar for it. The big question isn't "do they have a manager?" or "do they have common ground", but rather: "Pick any two people in the group, no matter how different they are. If they were booked in a tag team match against someone, would you instantly buy them as a TAG TEAM , or would you see them as just two people thrown together?" If you'd buy them as a tag team, then it's a faction. If they'd still be two people thrown together, it's a stable. ...of course, that opens up the question "What needs to be in place before you consider two wrestlers a true tag team?", but that's besides the point.
  7. SorceressKnight

    2018 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    I just have to know how the hell at the beginning of the contest, you and I apparently had the most similar ratings, and you're going to finish in the top 6 winners, and I'm dead last yet again. Seriously, now I'm starting to think it's down to "voodoo curse."
  8. SorceressKnight

    2018 NWA THREAD (the Billy Corgan one)

    Honestly, right now it's probably the best thing that NWA could have done with the belt. Even before this, Cody as NWA Champ was the right decision- you have the legacy of the belt, but more specifically you have someone who promotions would love to book anyway, and not just "you're really booking the belt" like a lot of NWA's champs have been in the past. If nothing else, this is probably the best way to rebuild the NWA: Rather than booking actual shows all the time, instead get a bunch of indy talents that'd be desirable to indy promotions under the NWA banner, book them out throughout the world with NWA-affiliated big matches. If you see some good talent on one of those indy cards, get them under the NWA banner as well, and slowly turn the indy scene into the new NWA territories while trying to build up enough talent to run your own NWA shows.
  9. SorceressKnight

    ALL IN - 9/1/2018 - Post-Show Thread

    Even beyond the "whether the dick druids worked in kayfabe", the bigger thing that seemed to fail on it ties on All In's fatal flaw of "All In's fatal flaw was how shoddily it was blocked out". We saw the big problem with Okada/Scurll (a good match on paper, but if it destroyed the main event, it was a net negative), but then the problem with the show's blocking went further: The show was built around "there's multiple main event-caliber matches on this show, virtually every match on the card would main event any indy in the world"...and thus, the higher on the card it was, the bigger the match it was. The NWA Title match went on just before the dick druids match. Therefore, by All in's selling point and logic, Cody winning the NWA World Championship and, in the process, becoming part of the first ever father/son duo in history to both win the same World Championship (and only the second father/son duo in history after Fritz/Kerry Von Erich to both win ANY World Title)...is less important than dick druids.
  10. SorceressKnight

    Heels That Are Incapable Of Being Babyfaces

    But that ties into the modern paradox that is doing more to kill pro wrestling than anything else: If you are a heel, and you can't get the crowd to boo you, you're a TERRIBLE HEEL. If you're a heel wrestler who is talented at their job of being the bad guy, eventually the fans will cheer you- and in the process, make you bad at your job. As such, the only heels who can be built around and pushed as top stars because they're heels are the one group of people fans will boo: People who are inept at their job and can't perform well.
  11. SorceressKnight

    Babyfaces who are incapable of being heels

    Yeah, but even with that, the dynamic of the Becky/Charlotte feud has been just unprecedented in pro wrestling, even with this modern dynamic. There's been heels who were popular before. There's been faces who were unpopular before. There's been popular heels feuding with unpopular faces before. There's been alternate character interpretation, where a fan of the heel decided to jump through hoops to decide "this person is the real hero", even if it was grasping at straws. There's been faces who were so unpopular the fans basically decided "we hate this guy so much we'll even cheer THIS ASSHOLE over him. TAKE THE HINT!" There's been heel turns where the faces were so unpopular the company decided to end the experiment immediately on the face side over the reasction. But I'm pretty sure there's never been an instance until Becky/Charlotte where a heel turn happened, and the crowd universally decided the heel was the face and the face was the heel.
  12. SorceressKnight

    Your Wrestlers RIP Thread

    I thought it was Chip Minton who was the Olympic bobsledder, not Doc Dean.
  13. SorceressKnight


    Even that IS absurd, because it shines a light on the similar bias Meltzer has. Even if he awarded Manami Toyota the most five star matches ever, there's still a pretty big issue of "Meltzer is so busy holding women's wrestling to the standard of 1990s joshi that he is completely blinded to the fact that North American women's wrestling has changed from the piss break and become a major part of the promotion." ...and, well, you know, the "Meltzer doxxed an abuse shelter because one of the people there was soooooo mean to a holy New Japan worker." That too.
  14. SorceressKnight


    Didn't Layla get forced to retire by WWE for the same reason Christian/Corey Graves had to retire (the "they cannot physically take a bump without getting a concussion anymore" thing?)
  15. SorceressKnight


    Honestly, if you're going to use a "Loser leaves NXT" stipulation, and NXT is supposed to be the second brand, I think that the better option would be to use it for storyline purposes: Regal goes to NXT and announces "there's no way to stop this war, so he has to separate the two completely. He opened negotiations, and made it clear: One of Ciampa/Gargano's contract has been sold to Raw, the other one has had their contract sold to Smackdown. They have one more match at a Takeover- likely a big stipulation- and after that they'll be on separate shows and will not cross paths again.