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    The most infuriating way to end it is the one way WWE doesn't have the guts to do, though (Hawkins's first win is Asuka's first loss), so how can they trump that? And if so, would it get Hawkins into the draw?

    I was one of the few people at the Kingston show (surprising it was sold out this time last April and was virtually empty for this show- hoping this doesn't kick Kingston off the loop.) Only differences from the card were: McIntyre/Itami was the main with Strong/Almas, and Icons/Kairi and Dakota with Sonya/Liv.
  3. Rest of 2017 Wrestling Merch Thread

    And people wonder if 205 Live is a "main eventer"-caliber show or not. If you're getting shirts THAT bad, you're a main eventer.

    Take it for what you will, but: WWE usually puts the champions as the last three people in the NXT opening. For this update to the opening, the final three were McIntyre, Sanity...and the Iconic Duo.
  5. Wrestling What Ifs

    For the Pillman move...I think the bigger what if wouldn't have been seen from WCW, but rather the WWF at the time. A Pillman main event run would have been normal in WCW (and likely either upped cruiserweight wrestling to the forefront or destroyed junior heavyweights from making it in America), but more specifically- if Pillman succeeded, then Shawn Michaels would have inevitably been seen as a Pillman ripoff in his singles run (and lost a little of his buzz)...which changes things since Shawn wouldn't have the hype to work the Kliq, and that potentially changes a lot of history right there. And it's similar to the "What if Terry Taylor wasn't the Red Rooster?" thing- even if the rumor of "Curt Hennig and Terry Taylor had the Mr. Perfect and Red Rooster gimmicks on the table at the same time" thing was or wasn't true- it was true that both guys couldn't really coexist as top guys. Either they end up teaming or one is a star and the other isn't....and Hennig was better than Taylor, so inevitably Hennig would swim and Taylor would sink.

    There is a national taping this weekend in the Northeast, so it could be likely they actually tape TV the next few weeks from those.
  7. WWE 2K18

    Given the people who are missing, it seems like DLC packs will probably be: IN AS MANAGERS: James Ellsworth, Lana, The Singh Brothers FUTURE STARS: Elias, Aleister Black, Andrade Almas, Drew McIntyre, Liv Morgan OR Ruby Riot 205 LIVE PACK: Ariya Daivari, Drew Gulak, Lince Dorado, Mustafa Ali, Tony Nese LEGENDS PACK: The Hardy Boyz, Beth Phoenix, the Rock and Roll Express Everyone else on the list debuted too late to likely make the cut (usually around May at the latest.)

    But if the Performance Center is basically a wrestling school, then wouldn't they technically be "students" instead of employees?

    Jeff's WON HOF candidacy is pretty straightforward, but the similar question: The Hardy Boyz are likely WON HOFers themselves- but is both Jeff AND Matt worth the WON HOF as singles? Matt also popularized the TLC style of match. Matt was never the bigger star compared to Jeff, but he was also a draw for TNA and the indies, and he was far more able to reinvent himself over and over again successfully, and many of those reinventions were either important for the business (the Brokenverse basically saving TNA's existence until Anthem could remake them) or could be seen as incredibly influential to the business (for better or worse, the aftermath of the Matt/Lita/Edge storyline and how it was used was pretty much the first ever "Reality Era" storyline).
  10. 2017 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

  11. PWI 500 - 2017 EDITION

    From what I saw, he's a basic "generic egghead heel" with a progressive tint to it. Even Sunny does the act better. Doesn't change he's about the most "Number 500" wrestler to hit number 500 in a while.
  12. PWI 500 - 2017 EDITION

    I don't know- "The Progressive Liberal" Daniel Richards just seems like the most platonic ideal "Number 500" guy you can get in 2017.

    Depends. I think a combined New Japan/ROH show on US soil could have a chance at 10k, but again: 1- You'd need to do it in a smark haven (New York/Philly or Chicago), 2- You'd have to do whatever it takes to get New Japan to let ROH run Okada vs. Omega on that card. Do those two things, and you could at least stand a chance of filling a 10k arena.
  14. 2017 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    I know on the battle for Xanadu: Both me and Ace picked The Dark Tower to finish 6th in RTs. He picked it 8th on box office (so he has a chance to pick up some ground), I left it off my box office. ...meaning, sorry Ace, I probably mathematically clinched Xanadu.
  15. Smackdown is I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE 8/15

    Not sure how much if it's heat or anything, but to add to it: I went to the show last night, and in addition to the failed cash-in, they took Corbin out of the post-show dark match main event (and announced it during 205 Live, about 10-15 minutes after selling Corbin in the post-show dark match before the taping.) So...something here doesn't pass the smell test to me.