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  1. To claim "did NXT make difference makers?" is a hard road to claim as well. To say "no, NXT didn't have anything to do with making this star" is to say "the star could have been signed, the day after their signing plopped on the main roster in an immediate main event angle, and absolutely nothing would have changed." Of the NXT wrestlers the only wrestlers who could have done that were Drew McIntyre and Shinsuke Nakamura- and as I said, in McIntyre's case some reps as a main eventer needed to happen to make it possible to see him as a main event player and not a failed experiment. Even then, though, if the people NXT made don't count as difference makers, it just shows another problem: If just making top names doesn't make a difference maker, then you have to accept that being a true difference maker is effectively random. NO ONE can make a difference maker, because ultimately the only people who'll make a difference are people who attract the attention of non-fans (not even a smark vs. casual debate, but who makes someone who has no interest in wrestling say "I want to see what this person's about.') Looking at the people who did that- there's no common thread except their own success. There was blue-chip prospects like Rock and journeymen like Austin, there were wrestlers who could be considered one of the best on the planet like Daniel Bryan and wrestlers who didn't know a wristlock from a wristwatch like Hogan, wrestlers who were rising stars taken over the top like Punk and people at the tail end of their career like Cena...there is no one formula to determine who will change the game.
  2. Even with the charity match postponement, it's shocking sports channels aren't trying that during the current climate. Just get four awesome people and pay for them to play 18 holes and videotape it. Simple, gives product, and keeps sports and social distancing.
  3. I don't know about that. When McIntyre was rehired, his WWE main roster run had been basically boiled to a viewpoint "McIntyre's good as a midcarder, but his uppercard run in 2010 was a failed experiment". Even if his indy run changed minds, McIntyre was good...but never GREAT on the indies. At least NXT made it clear that "yeah, McIntyre could absolutely be an main event player on WWE television, and might be able to merit another chance as an uppercarder on the main roster." It's very little, but it's the difference between succeeding or ending up a Jinder Mahal as champion.
  4. In addition to that, NXT would be safe even if it's getting weak ratings. Businesses would know the value of NXT, because businesses know the concept of having a fighting brand (Company A has a popular product. Company B follows the leader and comes out with a rival product. Company A, not wanting to risk their popular product's reputation, brings out a similar product that has the main goal of competing with this new product, to keep the popular product out of the fight.) Describe NXT as "it's the fighting brand to AEW so that AEW doesn't put WWE at risk", and it'll survive much longer.
  5. Even that's hard with it, because HHH is still has a few levels left to go of the wrestler in decline: LEVEL ONE: "I'm no longer at the top of my game, but between muscle memory and how well-respected I am, no one but me will notice." (Think: Benoit in 2007- had lost a step, but still had people on DVDVR going "I'll cut my balls off if Benoit jobs to the Miz!".) LEVEL TWO: "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was." (Triple H has usually been able to stay in this level.) LEVEL THREE: "I am perfectly aware that I have one great match left in me and that's it." (Think: Vampiro at Ultimo Lucha I vs. Pentagon Jr., or Kurt Angle in his WWE run.) LEVEL FOUR: "I don't have any good matches left in me, but I can still give you a perfectly fun "show up, do all my signature spots, never leave my feet except to do my finisher, and let everyone go home happy' match." (Think: Most of the legends still running around smaller indies.) LEVEL FIVE: "I have nothing left." (The time when legends retire.)
  6. The worse part is that...even on an in-ring scale (especially in the modern era), WWE isn't that bad. It isn't good, but the WWE/F roster is just too GOOD to be truly BAD. There's just too many talented wrestlers on the show to make the show bad. WWE's not bad...it's BLAND. It's a bland piece of pablum that doesn't inspire any thoughts- good, bad, whatever. Even if WWE is trying to make "moments" instead of good story, by and large most of those moments are so formulaic even they don't really seem like great moments...in large part because there's no story leading to it and just moment for the sake of moment. Heck, the fact WWE is so bland may indeed make WWE WORSE than bad. At least with truly bad stuff: UWF shows, WCW in 2000, etc....at least then you can watch the show to laugh at it and have a great time. You can't even mock how bad the WWE is, because it's at least "this is a perfectly competent wrestling show. This is an acceptable show. This is a good way to waste seven hours a week of my life I will never get back."
  7. Even with that example, that would also be even worse when you consider the "technically, every free agent's contract expires in July 1" on the other side of "prevent the reserve clause from coming back or offseason problems." With the July 1 start of the season- using Portland for example, if the Blazers or Grizzlies clinch Memphis's playoff spot, what would be stopping someone like, say, Carmelo Anthony saying "wait a second. My contract expired July 1. Why am I going back to Portland? I'm signing with the Lakers now and going from playing out the string for four games to having a chance at getting a ring." Technically given the contracts, there would be nothing stopping him (or another upcoming free agent for a non-playoff team) from just abandoning their current team for the last few games and jumping to a playoff team.
  8. Honestly, if they pulled a "you had 2-4 months off, you don't need an offseason" move, then that is guaranteed to not end well for the players. Shit, even just restarting the season in July alone could potentialy be a big problem, since technically on July 1, every outgoing free agent's contract will be null and void (and a "I know your contract has been paid off and you're technically a free agent right now, but we're making you play for free for the duration of the season/playoffs" alone is the type of thing the players would be right to strike over...and no offseason (and thus, no chance to negotiate with a new team) would potentially bring the reserve clause back for one year and definitely be worthy of striking over.
  9. I agree with what you said, and honestly, this is why I'm disgusted with what @MapRef41N93W implied there. To even think that I'm considering this on the same level as "the person I liked didn't get to win" makes me as furious as anything else.
  10. Fandom has its assholes in every group. To say that "well, THOSE fans are assholes, but not us!" is cheap bullshit. I'm sure the fans of Terrace House are saying "well, it couldn't possibly be us too, it was probably those sick 'rasslin fans who did it!" and saying they're innocent of this too. If there's some people who are fuckheads pulling this shit and crossing the line into flat-out bullying, then all of them need to be called out on it...and that includes the fans on this side.
  11. EDIT: Maybe it's harsh, but this time it is hard not to when the fans cyberbullied a wrestler into death. <Tried to delete>.
  12. I agree that there's a vocal minority and a silent majority of good people. But at the same time, the only way evil exists is for good people to do nothing.
  13. If you wonder why I blame the fans...unfortunately, this will go down as Exhibit A. There is no excuse- no "but it was REALLY the big mean promoters who did it", no "but the customer is always right!", nothing around it.
  14. Wow...it's surprising. It took me 17 years of playing EWR to finally find out today it's a broken piece of shit that openly cheats at the war system. Playing a 2013-styled UWF/AWF/WXO styled "built around castoffs" to try and rebuild it to a modern promotion slowly but surely. I get up to National...yay! And I'm immediately in a war with AAA, CMLL, and ROH...boo. Not a problem- I knew I'd get glommed in War because I had so many legends with weak stats vs. wrestlers who could work. My first War week I get hit hard. I go through for a rebuild, and I get to War level again...I lose to CMLL in talent [beat them in draw], and lose to ROH in draw/talent. The problem there: In between that, I cheated myself, using Arsenic to turn five Non-Wrestlers who'd never wrestle again to have straight 100's in their stats (so that when the algorithm to determine "draw value" and "talent" came into play", I wouldn't lose)...and yet somehow, I still did. It wasn't even Non-Wrestler vs. Wrestler, because ROH's top five had two Non-Wrestlers too.
  15. Having the "but the Western Conference has problems- get rid of the divisions to take the Eastern Conference's advantage away!" thing may have some claims, but at the same time...as if the end result of a division-free NHL wouldn't just be 'okay, if divisions are gone, then the Western Conference as a whole is also gone." Maybe Nashville, Chicago, Dallas, and Minnesota would all survive in their cities (being close enough to the Eastern Conference teams), but that's still 12 teams likely moved to Eastern cities.
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