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  1. But that issue would still be covered in this theory: If the Cardinals are wiped out for the season at 5 games played overall, that's 55 games they don't play (so they'd be 27.5 games back.) The Pirates lose seven games, they're 3.5 games back of their record, with the Cubs/Reds/Brewers 5 games back of their record (and likewise for teams intended to play the Cardinals.) For NL Central purposes, however: since all five teams are missing out of games, it becomes "if every team missed these games, then no one missed any games". Since every NL Central team missed at least seven games, the Pirates are treated as if they missed no games. The Cubs/Reds/Brewers are only ticked for 1.5 games since they only missed three games less than their opponents, and the Cardinals are treated as if they only missed 48 games and only get ticked for 24 games back. Complicated? Yes, but that happens in a season this completely and utterly messed up.
  2. Wasn't Damon one of the high profile players since the Red Sox/Yankees feud went to DEFCON 1 to switch teams? Of course that's the guy who wants Fenway to reopen to fans...
  3. Shouldn't that be covered by the half-game back rule in standings, so like "Team A has more wins than Team B, but played 2 less games so far, so Team B gets one game higher in the standings than they should be?" That'd seem to cover it for the Cardinals, so like "oh, you played 15 less games than the rest of the teams, so we're tacking 7.5 games onto the standings to accommodate it" would make sense.
  4. Honestly, it's make more sense to go that far if they just change the tampering rule to "The fine isn't paid to the NBA- the money is taken off the team's cap room and added to the salary cap of the team who's player is being tampered with." Do that, and I think you'll see the tampering go lower, quicker.
  5. Somehow, I think "Happy go lucky trucker" is a bit better for a top star than "Member of Color Me Badd".
  6. Honestly, it wasn't even just how it was presented on TV there: I thought the Field of Dreams game was going to be important this year due to how over the winter, Manfred had claimed he was willing to define a lifetime ban from baseball as a lifetime ban from baseball and that upon their death, banned players would become eligible for a Hall of Fame induction. It was a little questionable when the news hit that time, but considering 2020 is a pre-1945 voting year, it seemed a lot like the reason they didn't formally announce it this winter was because MLB planned on the Field of Dreams game to formally announce "Shoeless Joe is eligible for Veterans' Committee consideration."
  7. Even Clippers, or Rockets, or well...any team in this is a dream world for the League. It was said before and will keep going: The NBA is successful because it is a narrative-driven league and they know the narrative they want...and this whole return is an example of the narrative driving everything. Make no mistake, the NBA has decided the narrative they want for the title this year, and it's "Lebron and the Lakers win the title for Kobe." They would not have even reopened the season if not for that.
  8. Honestly, this is more the problem with wrestlers' being "stale". WCW taught people that there's two different ages that matter: "real age" and "TV age." The names who were seen as "stale" vs. "young talent" is the best example: Chronologically, Randy Orton and Shayna Baszler both turn 40 this year, but "2020 Main Roster Rookie Shayna Baszler" is far, far fresher than "18 year main roster veteran Randy Orton." If this is an example of any problem with WWE, it's an example where WWE getting the best athletes is starting to bite them in the ass. Traditionally in wrestling, wrestlers seemed to peak in their mid-late '30s, make it to the top at that time period, and after a few years of stardom they take a shorter schedule and wind things down. Now, since WWE can get top-tier athletes and prospects when they're younger, you're seeing a bumper crop of wrestlers who are still in the prime of their career, still doing a lot of great wrestling and haven't even come close to losing a step, much less being ready to wind things down...but they've been on WWE TV for so long they've gone past stale and gone to petrified, and it's impossible to care anymore since we've basically seen them do everything possible. Using the example @L_W_P used: Austin's WWE career was 7 years long. The Rock's career was only about 8 years long. ...by contrast, Dolph Ziggler has played "The Showoff"- not even Ziggler's career as a 15 year main roster veteran, but merely playing the "The Showoff" character- for 9 years. Even if you have @Yo-Yo's Roomie using Bret as a 7 year veteran and Shawn as an 8 year veteran before winning the World Title, at least then you have the "I love this midcarder and I'd really like to see him win the big one" factor to it. You don't even have that for Ziggler since his character is "he's a good midcarder who never wins the World Title except for that time he totally did, oh- and I guess we can count that other time he totally did on a technicality." The WWE's biggest problem is that they need someone who's willing to give the roster an enema and say "We're done. You've gone as far as you can go. The audience just doesn't care anymore. You want out? Fine. Leave the company. Go to AEW, New Japan or Impact- go be their problem now. We're better off without you because we'll remain fresh"...but it's not even like the washed-up WCW main eventers because most of the WWE main eventers are still very, very good in the ring.
  9. Somehow, trying for the hard cam to place people is one of those things guaranteed to not end well. It's almost shocking that we haven't seen some promoter try to pull the "well, we can only have 25% attendance? Put everyone sitting together in the hard cam quarter of the arena so it looks like we're sold out- we still only did 25% attendance so you can't get mad at us" yet.
  10. Well, I'm just going with the alleged claim on the IF with what people argue on the claim for this theory. (Personally, the simpler reason is why I take stock in the simplest scenario: Slim Jim was one of WWF's biggest advertisers, and when Savage went to WCW, he took the Slim Jim sponsorship with him. It makes more sense, and doubles with how WWE was willing to work with Savage again for figures, video games, DVDs, etc. in 2010...which just so happened to be when Slim Jim started sponsoring WWE programming again.)
  11. I thought, if the Stephanie/Savage thing wasn't just something we made up, the story was "supposed to be" that Savage was on the prowl to go after Stephanie, and he had it planned as far back as the 1980s (with the alleged claim Savage banging Stephanie was his revenge on Vince for Vince refusing to book Angelo Poffo in some throwaway legends' battle royal in 1987.) Likewise, Vince apparently didn't find out until 1996, when Vince was in talks to bring Savage back to WWF and Stephanie would have disclosed it at that time.
  12. Honestly, the bigger question there would go to: If a team declares an intentional walk for the first batter, then the next guy hits into a triple play on the first pitch to have an entire inning with one recorded pitch thrown, would that turn of events mean that the team doing that followed the "3 batter minimum" rule?
  13. Hogan didn't have a chance to do much more than he did. Having better hair wouldn't have changed that he wasn't a good enough actor to truly cross over and be a BIG action star, and by the time he was a big enough star to have a chance at crossing over, he had the aura of being too kid-friendly to get into the '80s action movie explosions over talent group of action stars. It seems inevitable Hogan would devolve into "B-level family film actor", "cameos in family movies or for nyuk-nyuk value", and "the closest thing that our world would have to Krusty the Clown".
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