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  1. It's a new year. There's also the booby prize to fight for. It's a new era, better to bottom out than to be in the middle! TRUST THE PROCESS!
  2. Ric Flair seems to be the most undisputable of them there.
  3. Depends, is it the attitude that after 20 years now, people can look at the people who did it for the art and realize Hogan is still alive, in about as good shape as you can be in after wrestling for 40 years, and financially secure enough to do what he wants with his life instead of show up in front of those same armories for $8?
  4. Even beyond it, doesn't Corgan already own a lot of the Chicago-area tape libraries? He has something to air on On Demand as well even if he loses Houston footage.
  5. Even that would be too much for Owens. Owens is more the "disagreeable neckbeard living in his parents' basement who gets bullied and then takes it out by playing some FPS, poorly, and screaming curse words into it at whatever 12 year old actually manages to kill him- often" than even a schoolyard bully-type. ...and now you see why Owens has such a following.
  6. Yeah, this is why I went with Captain Underpants as my tiebreaker one: The first week or so should clobber it, but since it's a kids' movie in the summer, this should be there all summer long and do pretty well for itself (though maybe not in the first 28 days with bigger fish, especially with a big superhero movie against it.)
  7. I thought that it kind of had a correlation when his contract expired and when the opinions changed on Ziggler. Before that, Ziggler had been on the verge of being a big star and had seemed to be on the verge of becoming a breakout player. Even when Rusev/Ziggler was terrible and nearly killed off Rusev, there was still a feeling "If Dolph Ziggler just jumped to another company- New Japan, ROH, Lucha Underground, TNA...he'd be the biggest star in the company and THEY'D make him a big name!" After he resigned with WWE, that basically was as close to a wrestler saying outright they had the same viewpoint as Barry Windham from earlier in this of "as long as he has a hot girl on his arm, five grand in his pocket and a sports car to drive, he's happy"...but this time it was enough to say "Okay, we can respect Ziggler's choice. We'll give up on you as a potential mega-star now."
  8. Just requoting since the addition of a last place finish award, so that the spirit of the suggestion continues. And I expect this to bite me in the ass.
  9. But that also ties to the same problem that was mentioned- the IWC believing they're the tastemakers. Kevin Owens could pivot, because he was basically the same shit-talking heel, whether or not it was a prizefighter or not, so it worked...but he was also not on NXT for particularly long before he was a star, so there was no connection based on NXT (there was a connection to Kevin Steen, but Owens didn't go against Steen on the indies either.) By contrast, the NXT workers are in a worse place, since not enough people have a connection to make them mega-stars to the indy scene, but the ones who DO have so much of a connection they WON'T LET YOU pivot on them. Bayley's just the worst example of it, because there's two distinct Bayleys, which were both beloved ("Bayley, the starstruck fangirl who hugs everyone" and "Bayley, the badass women's wrestler who came into her own and can take out anyone in the division"),- and right now, they're trying to show both of those sides of Bayley together, without seeing the second worked because of the first...but they can't do the first again because of the second making it a step back.
  10. This probably hurts the NXT callups more than anything does. The former watches the gimmick develop, the NXT worker gets a connection with them, they become stars there...but there's too few NXT viewers compared to casual WWE fanbases and it means that the "you liked them on NXT, right? Well, here they are!" doesn't lead to the same connection on the main roster they could have. By contrast, they can't exactly recreate the magic for the main roster either, because people would have seen it and it loses the magic the second time around.
  11. Still, that's a plus for Corgan as NWA owner. If nothing else, he will book names that mean something- and getting the belt on someone who's in demand for indy promotions will help the show work better. ...though knowing Corgan's booking- watch as Aiden O'Shea becomes NWA Champion and his touring guy.
  12. Are you sure Crews pops deserve it and not the "Perkins Pop?" At least with Crews you could see one or two people clapping in the crowd. With Perkins the last two weeks, you could hear a pin drop.
  13. It seemed like everyone was too worried to go first here, and it didn't say to PM things...someone has to go first, so okay. BOX OFFICE: 1- Spider-Man: Homecoming 2- Wonder Woman 3- Despicable Me 3 4- Cars 3 5- Transformers: The Last Knight 6- Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 7- Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 8- War for the Planet of the Apes 9- Alien: Covenant 10- All Eyez On Me 11- Captain Underpants- $55 million 12- Baywatch 13- King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 14- The Emoji Movie 15- Baby Driver ROTTEN TOMATOES: 1- All Eyez On Me 2- Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 3- Cars 3 4- Dunkirk 5- Spider-Man: Homecoming 6- The Dark Tower 7- Despicable Me 3 8- Baywatch 9- Alien: Covenant 10- Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 11- War for the Planet of the Apes 12- Wonder Woman 13- Baby Driver 14- King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 15- The Emoji Movie
  14. In, even though I'm so usually near the bottom that there should eventually just be a memorial booby prize named for me for last place finisher, receiving a really, really bad movie. That they have to watch and report on to DVDVR. least then I'd finish next to last.