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  1. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    They didn't even need to- the Brooklyn match was total annihilation to Ember Moon as a threat. If Ember won in Brooklyn? She's a worthy champion and good choice. If Ember lost dirty like in Orlando? She's the uncrowned REAL champion, and this is just righting a wrong. If Ember lost clean, but DIDN'T HIT THE ECLIPSE in the match? Even THEN she's a worthwhile champion, because the whole story of the match was "Asuka knows Ember Moon's Eclipse is the deadliest move in NXT, and if Ember hits the Eclipse we have a new NXT Women's Champ and the streak is over." Ember lost. Clean. And hit the Eclipse. And it was kicked out of. That was total annihilation, and puts one of the biggest asterisks in wrestling history on this title reign of "Yeah, you won- but you didn't go through Asuka to do it." (By contrast, even the other two established women wouldn't have that problem: Nikki Cross took Asuka to the limit with Asuka only barely getting up at 9 and dropping at 11 in the Last Woman Standing match, and if Peyton Royce won, "Yeah, but you didn't go through Asuka" would be a FEATURE, not a bug.)

    Apparently, January's show is because it's the second day of the school year, and the February tapings coincide with Full Sail's graduation (and that takes place in Full Sail Live.)
  3. The problem with a homegrown guy as the NWA Champion is that building around homegrown guys was the whole reason the NWA fell into disarray under Bruce Tharpe, solely because he DID try to build around "his homegrown guys" and no one gave a shit about any of them, because no one had heard of any of them. A WWE castoff is a necessary evil right now, because they're just the only people who most people have heard of enough to get their foot in the door right now while they start scouting for homegrown guys to be that nucleus to build around when they are firmly on their feet.
  4. Honestly, if Corgan wants to prove he means business, he'd probably have to go for the WWE castoffs to show he's willing to compete with WWE and TNA. Wrestling's a star system- you need big stars to get people to care, and WWE castoffs are the biggest STARS he could get.
  5. Honestly, this just exacerbated that Corgan may be able to bring the NWA back, just because the match sucked. If Corgan and Lagana could get people this excited for a match that was pretty bad, then imagine what they can do with some TALENT.
  6. PWI 500 - 2017 EDITION

    The PWI's cutoff dates probably included Charlotte's winning the main event of HIAC and the second half of her title reign (with all the biggest things that happened in Sasha/Charlotte)..

    I think it's just rumors that had been swirling around. For comparison, claims going on are that these weren't the first cuts and if they're not on the European tour (with the obvious exception of Roman), they are potentially on the chopping block. Karl Anderson said he and Gallows are on the European tour.

    I haven't heard anything about Lana- but I heard differing whispers. I don't buy the whispers, because if people are going, it'd likely be: Neville, Bob Backlund (since his "part" just ended with Young's release), and one other IF THERE ARE more.

    But those tie into the original point: Albert was a very good big man (and arguably the first guy who was truly destroyed by the IWC since it actually became a thing- since A-Train was a perfectly solid big man who was more than capable in the role...but he couldn't shake the hatred of 2002 smarks who couldn't stop whining that they wanted Matt Hardy V1 in his spot)...but he wasn't one of the greatest monsters of all time, with only his run in Japan being a particularly truly acclaimed monster run. But that is the whole point- in all likeliness, Albert's career trajectory in the US and Japan means he should KNOW how to teach someone to be a great monster heel (because he managed to be a great monster heel while still being the type of person who had to LEARN how to be a great monster heel)...so he should have been able to teach Nia Jax how to be a great monster...and she just hasn't been.

    So, correction- the Head Coach in the Performance Center (and thus someone who'd likely teach men and women) is Giant Bernard and he couldn't teach Nia how to work like a monster?
  11. But even that ties to the problem- once you bring talent into the mix for "But they CAN'T LOSE to her, they're BENEATH HER!"- then even cheating or being cowardly heels would not maintain that aura. Just the loss itself would destroy her aura dead because she'd have lost to someone she couldn't possibly come back from. Right now, the "aura" of Asuka's at the point where fighting a woman, no matter HOW it happens- would be beyond "a fair loss", beyond "it's going to kill her aura", and into "It's a fucking comedy segment. See, it's FUNNY because Asuka LOST TO this person- and that's funny because she'd NEVER lose to them in a million years!"...and when that happens, Asuka's aura of a badass would be dead. Forever...and it would happen in large part because of reactions like this, and demanding the first loss has to be someone on her level...while saying "no woman on earth is on her level. And honestly, no MAN on earth is on her level either. So, make first contact so Asuka can fight an alien or let Asuka go undefeated forever and squash the whole roster like a bug until the earth has been as salted as the NXT women are now."...and that won't work because eventually she WILL lose, she will lose to someone beneath her- and when it happens that aura dissipates. Keeping this opinion of "But, she can't lose, it's BENEATH HER!" is going to be what kills Asuka on the main roster- and this time it won't be the evil Vince McBoogeyman doing it, it'll be your own damn fault.
  12. And this is why Asuka's doomed to fail on the main roster in a nutshell. The whole problem with "She can't lose to this person, they're BENEATH HER!" is what's going to make sure that when Asuka loses, that first loss is going to destroy her aura and she'll just be ruined by it.
  13. Even then, matches like tonight will keep Asuka valid for far longer than squashes. It cannot be stressed enough: One day, Asuka WILL LOSE. And since the women are seen as "you're not ready" and WWE isn't doing intergender? Asuka's going to lose to someone that you consider BENEATH HER. And right now, because of "You are not ready?" Even Asuka losing to Nia Jax, the biggest monstress in the division, by Nia Jax cheating, and every woman on Raw, Smackdown, and NXT jumping her before the match- that match would STILL be seen as the equivalent of Brock Lesnar losing to James Ellsworth clean- a match where you just CANNOT COME BACK FROM with your aura intact. The only way to stop that from happening and keep Asuka over for the future when she DOES lose, is to make matches like this so that eventually the other women are seen as in her league- and when one day, she does lose, it won't nuke her aura.

    Again, it's more than just the way the rower in Rhode Island gets paid compared to the basketball team at Kentucky, and more that again, Title IX comes into play and if you pay that basketball player at Kentucky millions to play there, you have to pay some random female athlete an equal amount, even though the women's sport isn't nearly the cash cow the basketball team is. If they were willing to fix that somehow for TItle IX purposes (like, say- you can pay the PF at Kentucky six figures, but you have to institute four-five full scholarships to some female students to make it work for Title IX), then things get a little more clearer for how to do it.
  15. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    It's not even just that there's predatory women looking for something to use or outright just lying, as much as the fact even beyond the fact Weinstein OBVIOUSLY DID IT, it can't just be said as "just don't do anything." It is the fact that all the sex crimes- sexual harassment, assault, paternity suits- they're all no-win situations for men. It's not just that it's not innocent until proven guilty, or even just "if you have it, you're guilty until proven innocent", or even "guilty until proven completely exonerated", but that it is at "If you have these crimes, it's guilty until proven completely exonerated...and EVEN IF you're completely exonerated, the court of public opinion will just claim you're the bastard who did it and got off on a technicality." That has to be kept in mind with these rules.