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  1. Can we also add to this the "...they renamed War Machine literally a year ago in NXT, and people whined about them becoming War Raiders too, even though WWE had two incredibly good reasons to change their name [if the Marvel character didn't do it, the MMA asshole would]. It's not like this is some time-honored name that WWE ruined- it's not even the name on the indies." I've only given up on WWE a couple times (around 1995 for reasons I'm really not sure why until 1998), and then 2001-03 because I didn't have cable at college) , but if I did it'd be in large part for the "the fans got everything they could possibly want at Wrestlemania, and they're such cartoonishly unbelievable ingrates that the name of a lowercard tag team is enough to wipe all of that to 'what've you done for me lately?' bullshit and does nothing more than prove the smarks will only truly be happy when they have something they can complain about."
  2. Honestly, Ruby's post also adds to it and saying "all three of us are on separate brands". Given the Logan/Rowe factor and the questions of whether Alexander Wolfe went to NXT or not, that sure comes across as "Ruby Riott has been sent to NXT'.
  3. Honestly, that criteria is a question mark, since it'd also help winnow down the possible "most irrelevant champs ever". For instance- from the examples- Kane and Rey Mysterio had irrelevant WWE Title reigns, but they had perfectly acceptable reigns with the Big Gold Belt, so calling them an irrelevant World Champion isn't totally accurate. As far as most irrelevant champion, I'd still go with The Great Khali. Even if he just held the Big Gold Belt, the stat that'd put him over the top for most irrelevant is damning: The Great Khali is the only man to win a World Title during a year of the WWE, then go on to wrestle in the preshow battle royal at the next Wrestlemania. No injuries keeping them off the card, no ECW handling a question mark- no excuses except "you were World Champion this year, and you still somehow weren't good enough to make the cut for the Wrestlemania main card." (If you need it to be WWE title, then Dean Ambrose would get the honor due to being the only other person to go from World Title reign to the preshow at Wrestlemania- but at least Ambrose had a regular match with Baron Corbin, and Ambrose at least 'should have' been on the Wrestlemania card if not for people complaining the SD women didn't make the cut.)
  4. In defense, though, if that was the case entirely, then there shouldn't "be" a Superstar Shakeup in the first place, since Raw and Smackdown are run by the same group, so they could presumably say, for example, "hey, Ember Moon's not doing anything on Raw. I think she'd be good on Smackdown- can we have her?" "Done, we'll send her over Tuesday." The fact that Stephanie and Shane were the only ones to show up on Raw to start the Shakeup made it pretty clear- ostensibly, Stephanie still is in charge of Raw, Shane still is in charge of Smackdown. The biggest difference from the four of them running it as a group is that there's no ONE transfer window for the NXT roster anymore, and NXT talent has the chance to be transferred from NXT to the main roster at any time throughout the year (as opposed to the traditional kayfabe-ized "After Wrestlemania, there's a two week transfer window for NXT superstars to negotiate with Raw or Smackdown. For the rest of the year, NXT superstars could potentially be called up, but NXT has the right to protect certain stars a la an expansion draft and Raw/Smackdown has to pick from the superstars left unprotected.")
  5. Trying to kayfabe up the Shakeup to make it make sense: First off, you had free agency hit with the free agent signings agreeing to terms. Smackdown makes its FA signings: Lars Sullivan, Heavy Machinery, and Kevin Owens. Raw makes its FA signings: Ricochet, Aleister Black, EC3, Lacey Evans, and Sami Zayn. Due to all the recent promotions making it hard to have a full draft, there was a modified NXT/205 Live draft, where both brands got to draft one person or team from the NXT and 205 Live roster. SD drafted Kairi Sane and Buddy Murphy. Raw drafted The Viking Experience and Cedric Alexander. The TRADES (made as fairest trade possible is the kayfabe trade): Big one: Smackdown trades AJ Styles to Raw for Roman Reigns. After Shane McMahon's hatred of him, he wanted The Miz off SD ASAP, and took a slightly smaller trade than he could have gotten in the form of Mickie James and Elias when Stephanie lowballed him. Raw traded IC Champion Finn Balor, but it cost Smackdown big- Rey Mysterio, Andrade, and Zelina Vega were the big cost for this move. Smackdown screwed over Raw in turn when they asked for The Usos, as Smackdown demanded a huge cost- Bayley, Liv Morgan, and Chad Gable- in the process splitting up three of Raw's tag teams. And in two smaller moves, Smackdown traded Naomi for Ember Moon, then Raw traded Apollo Crews for Eric Young.
  6. Everyone here doesn't realize the beauty of the new name. Raw makes everyone fall asleep. Sleep is where I'm a Viking. Raw is The Viking Experience.
  7. Honestly, rehabbing Bayley's character wouldn't work for an NXT return. If you're bringing Bayley back down to NXT, it'd have to be done similarly to Emma's NXT return of the "we're pulling the trigger on a heel turn, and we think it'll click more if you go back down to NXT as the disillusioned hero who realized their dream was a nightmare and is bitter at the whole process".
  8. Honestly, I think this is probably the overarching issue with all of the "the people on top hold the younger talent back". Heck, it's even the same with social media- you see a lot of times when a new star gets a big push and so many people are excited for them making it to the top, even if it's not them. That didn't seem to happen in the old era of wrestling in the least.
  9. I don't think so, since he got married and started a family in between "Chasing Amy" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", and after that one, most of the next few movies were... still very solid romantic comedies/family films. After "Seth and Miri Make a Porno" (when he did work with Rogen and found that out), that's when he really fell off a cliff.
  10. I think most of the claims had basically boiled down to: Kevin Smith made movies for the stoner crowd but didn't enjoy partaking in marijuana, believing it would kill his creativity. Then, he worked on a movie with Seth Rogen and found out how creative he was while using marijuana, and thought "wow. Maybe I CAN do both at the same time." So he did. And it killed his creativity and his movies took a nosedive.
  11. Considering that the other name for "booboo face" was usually "Carlito Syndrome", I don't think it's just Sasha they latch on to about this. (And as said for these: From Bulldog claim: "Booboo Face": The look of sadness/anguish/misery certain wrestlers get when they're about to job.)
  12. Not even just at Mania- enough people wear white and gold motifs that it's even its own wardrobe version of the "Booboo Face": If the challenger comes to the ring wearing gold, THEY ARE WINNING THE TITLE TONIGHT. Likewise, If the champion comes to the ring wearing gold, THEY ARE LOSING THE TITLE.
  13. This but unironically. Just look at Bayley and Sasha's eyes in the picture- their eye makeup was visibly ruined and they have huge bags under them, as if they were crying before the picture was taken. Shit, Billie and Peyton were seen on camera crying in the ring as they held aloft the Women's Tag Titles, and if you looked at that picture and were told "two of those women were on camera crying after their match"...you would not pick the IIconics as the two of them just by their eyes in the picture.
  14. This wasn't the Matt Hardy gaining weight and eating grapes- this was post-Lita/Edge/Matt love triangle Matt Hardy where he was being an emo kid and planning gimmicks based on it.
  15. Again, the same points. Rhyno's was cut and dry, but you had other arguments there as well. The Chilly Willy thing was not a blip in the universe, but "fire the war veteran for having a flashback" is shitty on WWE's side. Even the "Rhyno didn't make bigger waves" thing wasn't a big thing, since Matt Hardy also got fired the same weekend for his bullshit that time, and it's arguable to say 2005 Matt Hardy's waves on the open market would be pretty comparable to the wave Sasha and Bayley would make on the open market in 2019. (Not even mentioning that in Bayley's case, AEW may not even want her since they locked up Kylie Rae, who's being positioned as AEW's answer to Bayley and, if the rumor is true, may be easier to EXIST with.)
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