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  1. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    But that's part of the problem. Right now, the way it's gone- #MeToo has made it clear men and boys don't GET TO be part of it, even if they were abused. They pretend to as lip service, but they don't see me as one of them. And if they say they do, they're liars. They'd be more likely to say they'd rather have held me down as it happened than see my problems as one of them. And this goes with the problem with the Aziz issue- where again, right now it seems like "awkwardness" is not good enough as a problem. It's the whole issue. Enthusiastic consent is one thing- but in real life, no one except a six foot tall man with a six-figure income who looks like a male model and has a penis the size of a porn star's would get enthusiastic consent, from anyone...and so that makes 99% of all men rapists by virtue of not being perfect and women not settling for less than perfection. And that hurts men as much as women. Dammit, I've already accepted I will die alone and unloved, with the only time I know the touch of another human being having been when people molested me. I've accepted that. That's my life, it's written in the stars in the sky and I can't change it. And I know that won't be good enough, and I'll just be seen as someone else's #MeToo if I even swipe on them on a dating app just because I'm ugly and worthless and awkward (and don't say I'm not- if I wasn't ugly and worthless and awkward someone- anyone- would love me), let alone actually get to a date that'd inevitably be awkward and be just as bad as raping them, so that's not even enough for it. And that's why this is just going to be bad. You deserve a chance to be heard. So do I. But they don't give a fuck about my abuse and they never will.
  2. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    Here's the other thing for this on your side. For all this problem, it also has to be said that there are more people right now who truly believe that "all white men are automatically rapists by virtue of white male privilege meaning they cannot possibly get consent from a partner" then there are people who will accept "it is possible for a man to be sexually assaulted", and that has changed this from #MeToo. Both of you have been abused? Great. So was I as a kid, multiple times. I've even been told, flat-out, by a therapist, "you deserved it when you were molested". But you know in your heart that you would say I deserved it for being a white man- if I didn't actually rape the people who molested me by being a straight white man molested by people who were clearly gay, so my straight white male privilege means even if I got sex forced on me by them, I REALLY raped them by my difference in privilege., But please, keep going with how all of the men in the board couldn't possibly be victims, if it amuses you. You'd be the same as everyone else in #MeToo and #TimesUp.
  3. Rest of 2017 Wrestling Merch Thread

    From October's Kingston show: They only have NXT shirts available. Mostly the most recent NXT shirt releases, but a couple of times they'll bring shirts for a few really big NXT legends like Finn Balor/etc. If you're getting NXT merchandise, though, the real target shouldn't be the shirt: They usually sell a limited amount of posters autographed by much of the roster for somewhere between $50-75, and that should be the real target. You may have to leave super early for intermission (right around the end of the third-fourth match on the card is when they make it to the merchandise table), but it's such a nice piece of merchandise it's absolutely worth it even more than a shirt would be, and only about $15 more. (For a example from the specific Kingston show in October, it was autographed by Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe of Sanity, Johnny Gargano, Roderick Strong, Drew McIntyre, the three Undisputed Era members, and both members of the Iconic Duo.)
  4. What is on your Xmas viewing list?

    From my current one: Probably the weirdest one of anyone for a Christmas viewing list, but for some reason if I had anything on the viewing list, it's watching the whole series of"Love Hina" for some reason. It started as just the Christmas special with others, but then it became "watch the whole series before the Christmas special", but somewhere it just became "watch the series on Christmas" for some unknown reason. I don't know why I do it, but it's just a weird quirk I have.
  5. Rest of 2017 Wrestling Merch Thread

    On the plus side, it does give a whole new meaning to what the Elite are saying when they say #FTR...
  6. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    Honestly, even then, the response to Spurlock is the example that says why none of these men are coming forward- because honestly, right now the way it's gone, people secretly don't WANT the men who did it to come forward. Between the results for Spurlock, and in the wrestling bubble what happened to Adam from WhatCulture when he came forward- the reaction when a man comes forward and admits they're part of the problem almost tends to be "Oh no. You don't GET TO come forward and admit it yourself. You MUST be exposed for the evil pervert you are." It's the same problem with the Court of Public Opinion right now and how it's actually gotten closer to the real issue- if you're trying to weed out all the evil people doing this, demanding they MUST be exposed by someone is inherently saying "I don't even care about justice or the truth come to light- I'd rather see an evil person continue to be evil if it means I can get Internet famous for being the one to expose them."

    But that also leads to the one difference for the NFL landscape now, and how it's a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, contractually the NFL is in a very different landscape from the XFL's days. Before, the XFL had to compete with players the NFL didn't want, and they still have that- but on the opposite side, if the new XFL were willing to offer guaranteed contracts, the fact that the NFL's are all one year deals, no matter how long they say they are COULD conceivably lead to NFL players choosing the XFL instead. However, the big problrem will be the TV landscape, which is worse for the XFL right now. The landscape has more channels, but it's almost a catch-22: Any channel with any interest in the XFL would have enough hope to get the NFL, and so they'd never dream of putting on the XFL. There may be more options, but at the same time: NBC has the NFL. CBS has the NFL. Fox has the NFL. ABC has ESPN, and ESPN has the NFL. The only potential landing spot with some legs to it would be TNT/TBS/TruTV with their sports coverage...and at last check, hell has not frozen over yet, so Vince McMahon wouldn't give Turner networks the product. Go to the Internet, and it's the same problem. Yahoo has the NFL. Facebook hasn't proven if it'd have the legs to sustain football for WWE , and we'd likely know by the views of Mixed Match Challenge. Jinder Mahal's push being a bomb has proven to WWE that strong Youtube views can't really be monetized to equal a big-money star, so Youtube would be a bad choice. And if the XFL on the WWE Network had any chance of success, there'd be XFL games from 2001 on the WWE Network.

    I'm also hearing swirls that it's likely more "Vince wants partial ownership of a pro sports TEAM" than "the XFL is back."

    The problem there would be more that WWE does know the future of face/heel dynamics, but they explained it the right way as "Team Edward vs. Team Jacob" (when Rock/Cena I happened), and wrestling fans rioted saying "EEW! TWILIGHT!" as the visceral response to it. This despite Team Edward vs. Team Jacob IS the way to get past the traditional heel/face dynamic, because it boils down to "This is wrestler X. This is wrestler Y. This is wrestler X's motivation and why he hates Wrestler Y. This is wrestler Y's motivation and why he hates Wrestler X. ...so who's side are YOU ON?"

    But that ties to the other problem- fans right now are just too smart for that type of heat. The fans right now love whoever is good at their job- face or heel, because of how good at their job they are. Because of that, the first classic heel heat doesn't work- because if a heel is good enough at their job to get good heel heat, inevitably fans will say "he's too good at his job" and start cheering them because they're talented. With that in mind, there's a problem since, if wrestling fans are going to cheer true heels for being good heels, then by definition the only heels you can build around and know the fans will hate them are B & B heat workers, solely because the fans will boo someone inept at their job more than someone good at their job. (And there's even a case now where a lot of fans will even cheer THEM just to be ironic.) With that in mind, how can you make a good show if the most compelling villains end up becoming heroic by being compelling villains, and the most inept villains become the most hated because they suck?

    Yeah- I always likened the rise of wrestling styles as similar to the rise of anime and manga in the US: The first thing to remember for all of it is Sturgeon's Law is in place: 90% of everything is crap. As it started, not a lot of anime and manga was released in the US- so what did get released was, by and large, the best of the best. So anime and manga got popular. As a result, people brought over more anime and manga. There was still enough of a backlog that there was still a lot of good stuff- but as it got popular, a little trickle of crap started to get through and come to the US. It was still a small amount, so it remained popular. As it was popular, and there was so much good stuff coming over, then it got popular enough they'd bring virtually everything over....and then, slowly but surely, more and more crap got released in the US. As this happened, things started to come to a head. Eventually, we got to a point everything is released here...but EVERYTHING is released here. We get all the anime and manga we'd want, but we also get a steady stream of crap just as much as the good stuff, and it's lost a lot of its popularity as a result. The same thing happened with wrestling styles. Cruiserweights, indy wrestling, puro style- we got so little of it that it became popular, and as it became popular more and more crappy cruiserweights, or crappy indy workers, or crappy puro-style workers got through the door- and now, hosses have gone into style because we get so few of them, so the hosses we get are the best of the best. (And @odessasteps , I am a guy btw- the "SorceressKnight" comes from Final Fantasy VIII- hence my avatar.)

    It always seemed like the first moment that DVDVR really diverged was 2006 when DVDVR were really early Mark Henry adopters. That was not just early on "getting into Mark Henry before he became known as being awesome", but more specifically the first time any boards really went all in on one of the "hosses", the group of wrestlers that was anathema to any IWC fan for most of the early 2000s due to that IWC influence. And now, in this time hosses have become some of the best thing about wrestling to the point a lot of people would be over the moon if WWE's next tournament miniseries was a hoss tournament, so it's clear DVDVR won.

    And that's the problem with Finn as well: On the one hand, Finn is vanilla ice cream. On the other hand- when your kids are saying "I want chocolate!" "I want strawberry!" "Strawberry sucks and I won't eat it and you can't make me!" "Chocolate sucks and I won't eat it and you can't make me!" - you see the joy of vanilla ice cream. Finn's whole benefit is not that he's the most over- but rather that the fans are all most invested in their favorite, and only their favorite, right now, and nothing short of them getting their own platonic ideal as the top star in the company will make them happy. That is even worse, because right now (and arguably since the Cena era), there's an image that whoever is the number one star in the company is inherently holding YOUR platonic ideal BACK and keeping them from being the top star. With that in mind, the next wave for top stars in the business will not be "Who the fans universally love", but rather "who the most fans can LIVE WITH as the top star." Finn isn't a good choice as far as "he's undeniably the best", but he ticks just enough boxes that the most different fans, different demographics, and different fanbases will say "Yeah, he's not my FAVORITE, but I guess I'm okay with seeing him at the top.".

    Fans about Survivor Series: "The mean age of the main event if over 40! Give us younger talent!" ALSO the fans about Survivor Series: "Jason Jordan sucks! We don't want the Jason Angle storyline anymore! We're not cheering him and YOU CAN'T MAKE US! ...wait, he's the only person in the Survivor Series match under the age of 30? Who cares, depush Jason Jordan now and give us anyone but him!" The big problem with claiming it's an age problem is that: There's "Real age" and "TV age". Yes, Randy Orton is chronologically the same age as Finn Balor or Shinsuke Nakamura, or John Cena is chronologically the same age as Bobby Roode- but claiming Balor, Nakamura, or Roode is part of the same problem as Orton or Cena is patently absurd. This is an important part of the Survivor Series storyline- since even if a lot of people are older in their "Real age", you have to also look at the TV Age and realize that half of the match was VERY young TV wise. Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Samoa Joe are all members of the 2017 WWE rookie class, Finn Balor was in the 2016 WWE rookie class, and Braun Strowman was a 2015 rookie who started getting pushed seriously this year. 5/10 being people who debuted in the last three years and starting to get big pushes in the last two years is VERY GOOD for a promotion pushing new talent. The fact that "but indy wrestling is the hottest it's been in over a decade!" only serves to make it more of a reason to go against chronological order- because indy talents get older than they are when they started on the independent circuit. Time marches on, people get older, and capitalizing on the indy scene by and large means- unless you only bring in UK talents who started when they were 13-ish, by the time someone's an indy veteran and top indy star ready for the jump to WWE, you're probably going to be getting performers in their late-20s/early-30s anyway. And that's not an issue- traditionally it WAS in performers early to mid-30s when they start to PEAK and can wrestle into their forties and fifties, but somewhere along the line people decided to judge pro wrestling like they judge "real" sports, where people in their 20s are at their peak and people in their 30s are getting close to retirement age. What year they debuted in their promotion in, and what year they started main eventing in that promotion, is a FAR, FAR, FAR more important metric to judge "how old the roster is" than "how old are they".
  15. SDL is Ruby Ruby Ruby Soho - 11/21/2017

    That's the whole question though. It's clear that the Iconic Duo will be the lynchpin heels of the NXT Women and are doing the same job- likely alongside Ember and Nikki Cross as a new ":Four Horsewomen" for NXT to build around. The only problem, though, is it's Full Sail. We already saw it over the few weeks before Takeover when it was already a weird match- three faces in the match and one heel in Peyton Royce...but all the signs before that seemed to make it clear that Peyton had the fans' sympathy and people wanted her to win the big one to reward the Iconic Duo for being the most unsung heroes of NXT last year. Now, with the callups of the last two days, it's arguable that in 96 hours, even though the Iconic Duo are the biggest heels on NXT, they may have just become the two most sympathetic figures on NXT at this moment by the title loss (with it being close to "she had her if not for a botch by Sane" there) and being passed over for two roles that'd fit them like a glove. Full Sail is so savvy and smart to these things, I'd gather there's a non-zero chance Full Sail turns them face on the 11/29 tapings.