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  1. Is this the most useless "run" anyone has ever had? Dude comes in for a two minute tapout and never seen again. I know he was hurt and all but WOW
  2. Could someone send me in the direction of that video? Just because I'm curious how that would even work?
  3. Batman Forever did give us the all time great real life Tommy Lee Jones quote that he "Could not sanction your buffoonery" to Carrey. I can't stop laughing just thinking of that conversation
  4. I loved the hell out of that Wardlow squash. Dude just mauled that poor bastard from the word go and looked like a damn beast the entire time. He's another Hager esque dude that doesn't need to be wrestling 30 minutes a shot. Just kill fuckers dead for 3-5 minutes and we all win
  5. So, the Viking Raiders thing......What the hell was the point? Are we supposed to laugh at these goofs driving around with a huge leg of meat and helmets? Did they reach into the box of gimmicks and get the comedy gimmick Revival was going to be saddled with? I'm not saying they have to be badasses and win every match. But I just can't fathom how that was filmed, everyone involved looked back at what they shot and said "yep, this is gold. Put this on television ASAP!" Such good shit, indeed
  6. (1)so do we know the legit reason Finn missed the show? (2)The whole Drake thing is weird. I get using real life situation into a story when dude has sympathy and all, but is there really a point unless he ends up winning? I know we are talking about a company who loves to kick people while they are down, but "Yeah, you're fired. But you still get to compete in this tournament. What? You lost again? Fuck, that blows, brah. Best of luck in your future endevors!" is some bad story telling
  7. All I have to say after watching these videos is that this woman is a treasure that must be protected at all costs
  8. So, as a Kentucky boy and a long time USWA mark it pains me to say this, but never put Lawler on commentary ever again. He’s not funny, he adds nothing and it’s just not a good look for the old white guy to be making jokes like “Raman noodle moonsault”. He shouldn’t be traveling right now anyway but we got to use him, talking head on network or something.
  9. I think the biggest crime of the Netflix shows going by the way side is the loss of Daredevil, specifically D'Onofrio and Cox. They were both so, so good and it sucks that two such amazing portrayals aren't going to interact with all the other characters established in the MCU. I can understand that you can't bring everyone back, but if there is a way to work those two into a future project, PLEASE make it happen, Mr. Mouse
  10. So...is Gronk still champ or what?
  11. See, the thing with Edge and his "people just want to complain" is that almost everyone who has talked about this show is universally praising the effort of the wrestlers involved given these weird ass circumstances we are in. Let's be honest, would anyone REALLY fault them if they wanted to dial it down a notch or 3 when there is no crowd? I sure wouldn't. But everyone involved did the best they could. And everything Randy and Edge did leading up to the match was off the charts great. I am bored to tears by Orton but I will admit this has been some of the best work he's ever done. All that being said, there was a really good 12-15 match contained within this just ok 35 minute match. When there is no crowd and a lot of dead space to fill, less is more. Now if you take this exact same match, put it in a stadium setting with people losing their shit for it, I guarantee it comes off better. As it was in this environment, it was too long.
  12. (1)I love your list, @The Natural and just want to add to 24. Antonio Cesaro vs. William Regal. NXT TV, 25th December 2013 , is the incredible interview Regal gives to hype the match where he basically admits he's fucked. Cesaro is too good, Regal has too many miles on him and he knows how this is about to go. But because Regal is a FUCKING MAN, he's still going to walk straight into battle and even if he goes down, he's still going to go out a god damn warrior. One of my favorite things Regal ever did and I wish we could have seen more of him wrestling in NXT. (2)Those DIY vs Revival tag team matches are just modern tag team perfection and I can only hope Revival find a way to hit those highs again wherever they go. (3)While my brain knows the Sasha/Bayley 30 minute match is technically the better match, the shameless Bayley mark in me will always prefer the match where she won the belt for the sheer emotion where she finally won the big one. Such a fucking amazing match and I know Sasha and Bayley both are chasing the dragon of trying to repeat this feud, but I don't think it can be done. (4)Shield vs Wyatts at Elimination Chamber would be my personal #1 but there is nothing wrong with your list. Just beautiful chaos from start to finish and one of the great simple builds to a match that I've ever seen. Tremendous work by all six. Were this a DVD, I would so throw all the money at you, Mr. Natural. Great list.
  13. Malcolm/Stokely is a national treasure and must be protected at all costs
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