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  1. This drives me nuts. Why? Why turn him? You want Otis to be a single? Is there a reason he can’t have a friend? One of the best things about heavy machinery is that these guys feel like good friends who have each other’s backs. The world doesn’t need Otis vs Tucker. Let’s be honest, the window of Vince giving a shit about Otis is probably closing. Cesaro and Nakamura going to need to challengers soon! Damn “creative” drives me insane sometimes
  2. Happy....dancing.....Abdullah. I think this just broke my brain
  3. So that's clearly Mia Yim, Merceds Martinez, Dijakovic, Mojo, and tall guy #5. I like all these people. Especially tall guy #5. Big star, that guy. But seriously so the fuck what? Why are they so mad? When were they discarded or whatever? And it was bad enough when this group of dangerous outsider renegades got their own video packages highlighting the "invasion" but now they have their own logo? I mean, this angle gets dumber by the week
  4. Is it current Al Snow owned OVW or Danny Davis/Jim Cornette run?
  5. It makes me sad how much I hate this show
  6. I was honestly stunned at a random house show at the Yum Center a few years ago how much people just HATED Aiden English. He was with Rusev but we hadn't started really appreciating Rusev Day yet. Literally any time Aiden moved the crowd lost their shit and were screaming all kinds of obscenities at him. Dude is really underrated and honestly I would sign him over Miro at this point
  7. So, at this point, is there ANY payoff that can come to the retribution story that makes this worthwhile? I've seen names thrown around like Dijakovic, Mia Yim, Chelsea Green, Dio Madden and can't help but think....so? I like all those people but if they are under the hoods then who the hell even cares? When one of them speared a guy during an attack a few weeks ago, had the thought that Roman in charge of them could be interesting but that is clearly out the window. Sami Zayn continuing his "Liberator" shtick with a group of goons to do his bidding to right the wrongs he sees in WWE coul
  8. That kid in the Simmons video might be my favorite fan reaction ever. He is ready to explode he is so god damn happy. Our weird current era aside, that’s one of the biggest things missing from the modern era. Moments that just make you so fucking happy that “my guy” finally won, or that fucking prick that I absolutely hate got his ass kicked. They still happen. I felt it when I was there live when Bryan won at mania 30. But I’d be hard pressed to think of another since then. We need more moments like that kid and less “this is awesome”
  9. As much as I would have wanted to see that, I loved his call of "RUMBLE YOUNG MAN, RUMBLE" while the kid was going apeshit. Maybe he has at some point, but I almost feel like Joe needs to address why he's commentating now and why he's not involved. Since when the never ending Monday Night Messiah angle started, he got involved physically and stood up to Seth. Then he disappears and comes back to commentating. At least throw something out like "the powers that be said I can't touch anybody. My job is to talk now." Something.
  10. That is a name I never got. I assume you want to pay homage to his uncle? NAME THE KID BARRY. No wonder the dude is such a weirdo
  11. I would rather watch three hours of this then literally anything that happened on Raw this week
  12. who the fuck is griff garrison might be brodie's greatest contribution to wrestling.
  13. I miss PG13. Pure Memphis trash goodness
  14. I hope the Shane vs Scorpio match on Matter of Respect is as good as I remember it. Which show was it where Cactus shows up to fight Shane and has had too much to drink at a wedding and is in "no condition to perform" and Shane kicks his ass anyway?
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