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  1. oh my god, i didn't realize how much I needed a live action Phantasm in the reevesverse until right now. It would be so easy to do and WHY AM I NOT WATCHING THIS RIGHT NOW
  2. I need to know what Terry's shirt says in full, cause we all know it's awesome
  3. That shirt is incredible
  4. God I love that scene too. Especially Alfred's reaction. Everything about this is just PERFECT. God, i need to go watch this again
  5. Mask of the Phantasm is arguably the best Batman movie, animation or otherwise. My god, the scene where Bruce is at his parents grave begging them to tell him its ok to stop being Batman is so heart wrenching. Best work Kevin Conroy has ever done.
  6. Hats off to FTR for the Hall inspired vests. These dudes kill it without fail in their legends inspired gear
  7. The whole thing just screams a work to me. As was mentioned, the interview with Helwani(and let;s just be honest, everything we seem of MJF)is in kayfabe. He always mentions how he wants more money and knows he can get it. Since we never see the "real" MJF, why not leak a story or two that he "really" wants more money and is pissed he's not getting it.Yes this brings up the question of why work fans in the first place, but it's 445 a.m. as I'm typing this, so clearly they can get people talking. Mission accomplished?
  8. Im just glad they finally acknowledged Bron is Rick's kid. I accept we are never going to get a name change, but thank god they at least pointed it out
  9. Just started to watch Death on the Nile on HBOMAX, and Poirot's moustache has an origin story. Five billion stars just for that
  10. I feel bad I can't bring myself to care about this show. I'll admit 2.0 is getting better then the dumpster fire it started as, but it still ain't any great shakes. Feels like this will be the last hurrah for Ciampa and Grimes. LA vs Gunther should be solid.
  11. Much like Jim Cornette said, he was the guy who worked with the guy who drew the money. And there's nothing wrong with that
  12. Is it me, or does Mr Cage look like John Travolta in those pictures
  14. I just want to add infinite likes to JJ's real name being Jim Morrison. Never knew it and that's AWESOME
  15. Forgive my ignorance, but what is this about?
  16. That line was unnecessary and gross, but if you're going to have them act like this, wouldn't it work better if they were heels? Sammy still has a slappable face, and you want to slap him even more if he's constantly reminding you that he's fucking the smoking hot girl and you're not?
  17. Say what you will about Kenny Omega, but that is one tough son of a bitch to be wrestling the schedule he has with the high quality of matches he consistently puts out with such a shit ton of injuries. Take you a well earned rest, Mr. Omega
  18. Oddly enough, when I played, Adam Pierce's Smackdown had Kyle O'Reilly beat Brock for the title in a tables match. Clearly Brock should not want to be on Smackdown. P.S., that gif is amazing
  19. You know, watching this episode of NXT makes me think how much they missed a golden opportunity to do this entire story with Dolph as NXT champion during the black and gold era of NXT. When there was actual loyalty to the NXT name, having Dolph come in and steal the belt could have had peak Ciampa level heat. Hell, can you imagine Miz TV with Dolph in that era of NXT? The fans would be ready to burn the place down. Instead we have the 2.0 crowd chanting for Miz and cheering Dolph. Maybe this is my old man yelling at clouds moment, but just seems like this could have been so much better. And I will give credit where it's due, the show on the whole is a lot better. LA Knight is a suprisingly good babyface. Everything with Bron is great. Escobar qualifying for the ladder match was solid. but if we don't get him vs Mysterio somehow it ain't ok. Grimes needs to move on after this, even if I shudder to think what he will end up as on the main roster.
  20. Watching the Resurection of Jake the Snake made me appreciate Dallas Page so much more. Were it not for DDP, who knows how the Scott Hall story would have ended. As it was, Dallas helped put him on the path where we all are remembering everything he gave us, everything he gave to wrestling. Scott Hall was one of the coolest sumbitches ever to grace pro wrestling, and as much as it hurts he's gone, it's heartwarming to know his friends and his family got to enjoy the last few years where he was sober and in good spirits. And as one of the many young punk kids who tried(and failed)to look as cool as him with a toothpick in my mouth, who had that one strand of hair down in my face like him, and said "hey yo" to start way too many conversations, thanks for everything, Scott. May God grant you lie still
  21. I would watch the hell out of anything @dean was in charge of
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