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  1. just realized that Jimmy Valiant could wear Liger's mask there and have enough room for his beard to stick out.
  2. still time to get an Ice T appearance in the WWE, it seems..
  3. This week's Between the Sheets was split into 2 parts and part 1 was 2 1/2 hours of July 2002 WWC/IWA talk with ElBoricuaPWO (who posts on PWO and Twitter but I don't know if he posts on here) So yeah, the off-screen situation also involved the puppet exposing the business and Colon being unhappy about that.
  4. Carlos Colon faces a puppeteer and holy lord, Kobbo took his aspirin that morning. The origins of the feud were mentioned in part one of this week's Between the Sheets.
  5. The 1997 Between the Sheets mentioning a Ricky Steamboat/WWF rumor around the time that Del Wilkes was going into the WWF makes me think of an alternate universe where they figure out that Wilkes was lying about his tricep before giving him the run and they end up having a short Bret Hart/Ricky Steamboat program for part of 1997 instead of Hart/Patriot. Leaving aside the obvious health/ability issues with Steamboat 3 years post-injury... the idea of Steamboat/Hart matches in Canada where Steamboat is the de facto heel would be weird too
  6. Funk faced Angelo and Lanny but not Randy. Dory Funk Jr worked on the same card as Savage for one of Savage's 3 SMW shows. Dory never faced Randy Savage either.
  7. I've always thought that Load/Reload would have been received a lot more warmly if they weren't done by Metallica.
  8. does the presence of Bobby Lashley mean that Bobby Fish couldn't become Robby Fish? But considering the current situation... it's pretty much a no-win spot for anybody moving up this year
  9. and the next time they went to Houston, it was May 1991 when they got 1200 in the Sam Houston Coliseum for a card with El Gigante/Ric Flair, and a main event of JYD/Ron Simmons vs Butch Reed/One Man Gang in a cage. A few days later back in 1990, they drew 580 at Dorton in Raleigh for a main event of Lex Luger/Sid. Another late 1990 crowd was 925 in Roanoke in October 1990 for a main event of Doom vs. Flair/Arn, which turned into Ron Simmons/Lex Luger vs Flair/Arn. Also... JYD getting doublebooked and picking an indy show over WCW... which improves the WCW card as a result.
  10. 1990 NWA substitutions, some of the ones that stick out.
  11. Cody Dustysson would be a good name if AEW was aiming to win the Icelandic market
  12. 1998 DX getting people to send tweets of them flashing.. ECW trending constantly in 1997 despite not having an audience in most of the nation.
  13. I won't blame Terry Funk if he didn't want to be on Twitter.. but Jerry Brisco's twitter might be one of the better old man wrestler twitters out there.
  14. The username of the guy who uploaded it includes Joao. So Ataks would be phonetic for Ataques or some sort of combination of English and Portuguese
  15. Mayor Jacobs has his reasons for opposing masks in public.
  16. Oh okay, the story was that Jimmy Yang showed up at Backlash 2006 to hangout, then Vince McMahon asked where Yang had been, only to be reminded about the firing. And shortly after that, Jimmy Yang was back in the WWE, where he lasted until 2010
  17. Debbie Harry was born before Andre the Giant. Also..
  18. and the next year, we got Tito Santana pushed as the top babyface for WWF shows in Spain, leading to a match where Tito Santana beat the Undertaker. Then they repackaged Tito Santana and killed him in Spain too.
  19. I forget if that whole "Vince loves Jimmy Yang" story was true or just something made up that we all thought sounded true. But yeah, Jimmy Yang as the Colonel Parker (pick one) for a K-Pop team.
  20. unless i'm forgetting something obvious... you'd think a Korean wrestler would at least get some sort of niche audience. If you get 3 of them, you can rip off the 3 count gimmick and have them be a K-Pop trio. edit: oh yeah, Jimmy Wang Yang
  21. Ric Flair brings his children David and Megan out to join Bob Orton Jr and Roddy Piper. Shortly afterwards, Bob Orton Jr turned heel on Flair in an attempt to collect Harley Race's bounty.
  22. the Cornette YouTube art team is enjoying themselves these days
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