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  1. Not sure how many MeTV viewers are actually on here, but whenever I see the human host of their new classic Cartoon show, I think "Shawn Michaels is hosting a cartoon show now?"
  2. Time for Nikita Koloff to make his long awaited WWE debut
  3. some heel should just charge ridiculous fees for his Cameo as a gimmick. Also, I was reading Wikipedia, and this is an amazing paragraph for many reasons. I'm sure it has been mentioned before in some way but.
  4. I suspect NHB is fun in the sense that you'd rent it with a few other movies from Blockbuster a few years later? back when Blockbuster was a thing
  5. how much does one get paid per year if they're in year 6 of developmental? living year-round in Orlando is probably pretty good in the scheme of things. Imagine how much the people who had to live in Louisville for developmental wanted to get out of there 15 years ago
  6. I'm guessing Hogan and pretty much nobody in WCW power in 1996, realized that they could have made Zeus slightly more relevant if they had him portraying Deebo from Friday teaming up with the Dungeon of Doom, Luger, Flair/Arn, and the Ultimate (not Final) Solution in the cage match. You could have had a Nitro send with Deebo showing up to take Hogan's motorcycle, and then the Uncensored match would end with Hogan knocking out Deebo and retaking his motorcycle. Those wrist strikes to Abdullah's head sure were something. To Zeus' credit, he wasn't throwing illegal closed fist shots when he
  7. wonder how much of the perennial "we need these guys to lose weight" Ross Report chatter in the 90s/2000s was actually Vince and not JR. I think the short list of guys who were in the WWF Fat Camp (post-Yokozuna) were Vader, Mark Henry, Big Show. The last two coincidentally being guys who were signed for long periods of time who would randomly get sent into developmental to lose some weight.
  8. It’s possible I should stop smoking peyote because one of my dreams last night involved Marc Mero, under the name Johnny B. Badd, being elected to represent me in Congress.
  9. spend some time with Ric Flair, Mr. Perfect, and several thousand fans in Reno, Nevada
  10. Jerry really did enjoy being a heel much more than being a face, didn't he?
  11. In the eyes of internet conspiracy people, Bix is Paul Jones going after Drake Wuertz's Jimmy Valiant. The Boogieman's street people are actually the kids he rescued from the traffickers daddy. Handsome Jimmy will bring out JFK Jr to be his tag team partner at Boogiejam 2020. You might think QAnon Jimmy Valiant would ruin your memories of Jimmy Valiant, but the WWE Network's awful overdub of "Boy from New York City" already ruined the memories
  12. WWE is waiting for the right time to make Lars Sullivan into a Covid-denier who uses the Iron Claw as a finisher.
  13. would it be leaning into the scandal if they introduce a Lars Yoga gimmick?
  14. gonna check to see how long until the Rock could cut a promo using the phrase "Covid-beating, Pie-eating"
  15. watching a YouTube version of a Music City show from November 1998.. wondering if MCW is the wrestling show with the highest percentage of phone sex hotline commercials.
  16. you can easily guess where Kamala was from based off his accent
  17. "in response to complaints, we have changed this match stipulation to a 'Coronavirus antibodies on a pole' match" (match ends with the heel losing and breaking the vial of antibodies)
  18. it was either happening in Sturgis or on the Chris Jericho cruise ship. Exploding Ring Barb Wire Coronavirus on a Pole match
  19. Loser gets the Coronavirus: Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy
  20. just realized that Jimmy Valiant could wear Liger's mask there and have enough room for his beard to stick out.
  21. still time to get an Ice T appearance in the WWE, it seems..
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