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  1. Anybody photoshop a “SAMMY GUEVARA ADDRESSES HIS ENEMIES” graphic yet?
  2. *security dude wanding a fan whose belt buckle set off the metal detector shrugs* I guess a "Right To Rescue" animal rights guy getting a smoke canister into the stadium isn't gonna help me get a fanny pack into a baseball game in 2023
  3. This year's Texas/OU being the first unranked Red River Showdown since 1998 makes me realize that maybe I shouldn't have been so impressed by K-State beating Texas back in 1998 on my way to deciding to bandwagon Kansas State around that time. Also K-State entered 1998 in the top 10. They literally crawled from 6 to 2 from the start of the season to the Big 12 title game. Maybe late 90s Texas was more impressive than late 90s OU, at least until Stoops left K-State for OU. As for not taking your entire buyout.. it's not like he made a bunch of nepotism hires that he's trying to protect because "don't pay me the full buyout and keep my hires through the rest of the year" isn't exactly a great tradeoff. Unless I missed something somewhere, at least the Universities are smart enough to not try converting buyouts into annuities ala the Mets, right?
  4. Zapp Wilson would be a good nickname if we still swapped out pro athletes first names for nicknames. Like it would be easier for fans and fantasy players if the less prominent Steve Smiths had to take on nicknames. Or when there were two different Adrian Peterson's in the NFL.
  5. Zapp's potato chips (a division of Utz Quality Foods) will make sure that they'll get the money from any Zappe's Chips
  6. not sure how that compares to the baseball teams that have official hot sauces (which is Louisiana Hot Sauce for a few teams)
  7. Oh yeah. The Marlins. That might be behind the Rangers if the Rangers don’t keep their interim. Just thinking that the path to get the White Sox into the playoffs in this AL Central requires maybe a new player or two and less injuries, while the path to get the Angels to the playoffs in the AL West requires getting some players who can play aside from Ohtani/Trout. The White Sox had more of a manager problem in 2021/22, the Angels have had more of an Owner/GM problem for years Also the Angels are for sale and who knows if that’ll be resolved by opening day.
  8. Having the MLB regular season end with 15 games on a Wednesday afternoon is kinda dumb if there was anything on the line, and the Brewers and Mets are doing their best to remove drama. On the other hand, it's kinda on-brand to just wrap up the year with weekday day games (yes I know this is because of the Lockout) But yeah, the entire Tony return was a big mistake. It should have ended with his managing his last game in the 2012 All-Star Game in the city where he started his pro career (Kansas City). I look forward to the Sox somehow screwing up the process of finding a new manager. I'd think the power rankings for the current open managerial jobs is.. Angels, White Sox, Rangers. I'd be shocked if the Phillies and Blue Jays don't retain their interim managers. While the White Sox are closer to success, the Angels job might have lower expectations to be deemed successful?
  9. Glen Mason almost went to Georgia after going 34-23 from 1991-1995 at Kansas (he changed his mind and the job went to Jim Donnan). Then after a 4-7 season, he left to coach Minnesota. So the concept of Kansas FB coaches looking for a way out is nothing new. Bill Snyder got the K-State job when he was almost 50 and probably never felt like leaving. Mark Mangino is Mark Mangino. So it's possible to have success as a head coach in the state of Kansas and not immediately leave. But right now, either Leipold is in another job soon or he's staying for awhile.
  10. fun sequence of a blown 4th down catch, followed by Tom Brady getting thrown to the ground and fumbling, followed by a trick play touchdown to make it 28-10
  11. might be a risky move for the Chiefs to go up 28-3 tonight
  12. It probably would have been better for Kurt Angle's health if he was able to pivot more into comedy
  13. certainly nothing bad has ever happened with a Sunday night Chiefs game in this specific stadium so..
  14. also i'm quite pleased that I discovered there's a way to create an arrow character on this board. But yeah, there were some coaches that probably would have gotten fired in 2020 if not for the obvious abnormality of the 2020 season, and there's a backlog that programs are clearing through?
  15. Source: Wikipedia College Football Midseason firings/resignations/etc after August 1st 2022: 5 2021: 21 (6 before November 1st, 15 after) 2020: 6 (1 before 11/1) - not counting Southern Miss's interim getting hired by Austin Peay midseason 2019: 7 (1 before 11/1) 2018: 9 (2 before 11/1) 2017: 6 (4 before 11/1) So 2022 might be sort of the continuation of 2021? or there's an accounting trick with regards to when some guys jumped their jobs. Last year the pre-Halloween firings/resignations were.. Edsall/UConn, Helton/USC, Lunsford/Georgia Southern, Rolovich/WashSt, Wells/TX Tech, Patterson/TCU then the following teams either fired or lost their coaches last November: Akron, UMass, Washington, Virginia Tech, Florida, Troy, SMU lost their coach to TCU, Oklahoma lost their coach to USC, LSU, Notre Dame lost their coach to LSU, Fresno State lost their coach to Washington Then over 2 days in December, you had a Louisiana-Lafayette=>Florida jump, Nevada=>Colorado State jump, Oregon=>Miami jump before Miami fired their incumbent coach. So it's possible that the ranks of teams thinking about firing their HCs will be a little thinner in 2022 than 2021?
  16. I will point out that there's a coach of a 5-0 P5 team who is from Wisconsin. He was even a grad assistant under Barry Alvarez.
  17. not sure if anybody keeps track of this but it feels like we've already had more mid-season firings/resignations/etc than most other years
  18. only for Hogan to do the leg drop with the other leg despite the curse logically implying that he couldn't use it as a plant leg in the spirit of how some people don't know which leg to work with the Figure Four I'd guess that "Papa Shango makes Hulk Hogan lose his hearing in an attempt to foil the hulkup, only for Hogan to hulk up after feeling the stomps of the fans" would be a little too much for 1992 WWF.
  19. random: so if they had a Hulk Hogan vs Papa Shango match/confrontation in 1992 (aside from the late run-in at WM8), does Shango place a voodoo curse on Hogan's pointing arm so he's unable to successfully Hulk Up?
  20. The Great Antonio being in Croatia during World War 2 makes me think a certain amount of the eccentric stories about him might be sorta connected to the mental impact of being in one of the war crime-iest parts of the world as a teen (not to diminish any non-Ustase areas during WW2). Yeah I know not everybody who was around that ended up thinking that fucking around with Antonio Inoki was a good idea but.
  21. I'm sure one of these entities with a streaming service could at least cluster their "content we can air but we can't stream" to fill out some of the schedules. Or they'll start contracting some of their channels and either putting 'new' stuff on other channels or giving up the channel like NBC did with NBC Sports. Maybe the whole concept of bingewatching has made TV scheduling worse.
  22. Looking at the program listings on Comedy Central and holy hell did they go in hard on the "just air long blocks of the same shows" programming philosophy. Guess that anything that could have landed on CC in the past is just directly dropped on Paramount+/etc instead. The only original shows they have are Daily Show, things trying to sponge off of the Daily Show, and South Park reruns. They kinda have to find someone to replace Trevor Noah more if they want to have anything on the network. Which maybe they'd prefer airing 15 year old episodes of South Park instead. As for Noah, i'm sure that there's a lot of solid pre-Covid criticism, but the empty studio talk show stuff for like 2 years was just death as a format and the commercials i'd see for it didn't help.
  23. the one takeaway I've had from watching USC vs Arizona State is that Taco Bell's Grilled Cheese Burrito commercial makes that thing look massive (I doubt it is)
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