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  1. two mask pull spots in the first 2 matches... did CMLL secretly book Fusion 97? (still time for a fake low blow in this episode)
  2. if only Ted knew an IRS agent who can hinder the Mississippi state investigation. Looking around Twitter and somebody posted a snippet of the Clarion-Ledger article that mentioned the possibility that Dibiase funded the "Price of Fame" documentary using money that may have been embezzled. The IMDB description of "Price of Fame": "Ted DiBiase Jr. takes a journey through pro-wrestlings past to tell the faith-based story of his father's rise, fall and redemption" Which would be one way to fund your documentary about being redeemed from a life of sin.
  3. Dibiase will have somebody undergo plastic surgery to steal the identity of Mississippi State Auditor Shad White. Then the fake auditor will drop all the charges. Foolproof plan. For the record, the Mississippi press release called this the "Largest Public Embezzlement Case in State History"
  4. yeah, I didn't pass the bar or anything, but I suspect that you don't just get $2M from the state without having some concept that this isn't normal. Also sorta concerning that $4.15M worth of embezzlement (for the entire case that Brett Dibiase and friends is caught up in) is only *one* of the biggest embezzlement cases in state history as opposed to the biggest. It seems like it should be difficult to steal $4M from Mississippi multiple times.
  5. Even in one of Mid-South's primary markets, they use the WWF nickname. No respect for Watts. Also, good luck getting 12 jurors in Mississippi who didn't watch pro wrestling any time between the early 80s and mid 90s. Assuming that you'll be disqualified from the Dibiase jury if you mention how much you wanna throw Ted in jail for what he did to the JYD in 82
  6. actual headline from the Jackson Clarion-Ledger (behind their paywall): "Mississippi gave Ted Dibiase $2M in welfare money" (it involves the Brett Dibiase indicted for embezzlement story and Ted's ministry) We may have found a wrestling family crime story as good as the Windham family counterfeiting ring story.
  7. you'd think that heels would want to wear tassels so they could choke opponents with those things
  8. Steven Bauer was born in Havana and raised in Miami. So I'd imagine he was one of the best Spanish speakers on that show. But with complaints from people who notice the difference between Cubans and Mexicans speaking Spanish. I think Garrini is the second most prominent Between the Sheets guest (because IIRC, Janela was on there like a year or two ago). The new BTS episode has Garrini on there for a "non-WWF/WCW/ECW" episode.
  9. was more of a thing about how Giancarlo Esposito's Spanish always sucked while on Breaking Bad and how actual Chileans sniffed out that quick
  10. is Zenshi a Chilean in the Gus Fring sense? i've typed this before but Garrini looks like Storage Wars Dave Hester.
  11. We almost made it through an episode without having Injustice show up.. but they did in the end. Evil Tom Lawlor still good. MJF better than usual. Not sure if Fatu needs up from the dork squad to flatten Pillmanito.
  12. Why the fuck would you start the card with that? so, is there a reason why the Fightland card has no real connection to the stuff they’ve been kinda building on TV in the last few weeks?
  13. nice of them to accumulate Priscilla B-Roll in case they need to cut away from what Jimmy Havoc is doing
  14. Tom Lawlor's blinking cowboy hat is amazing, he's on a roll where he makes Dave Hester-looking Dominic Garrini seem interesting by osmosis Also, I've probably typed this already, Jimmy Havoc & Priscilla look like a couple who met on MySpace.
  15. I'm excited that CMLL manages to avoid accidentally having their videos blocked by YouTube due to playing copyrighted music. So, will they have a ladder match where Perico Zacarias is in a box waiting to be claimed by the winner?
  16. Konnan and Injustice in the same segment.. very concise to put the two least valuable players in the fed on the screen at the same time. Injustice is talented in the ring, they just get too much TV time and the gimmick sucks. Meanwhile, Konnan is a babyface whose revenge porn-centered storyline a few months ago also ended up being pointless. Also when they announced Injustice at 317lbs, I was unsure if that was for 2 of them or all 3 of them.
  17. I guess they would prefer not having racism scandals in back to back taping splurges
  18. not sure if I would have bleeped "White Trash" without bleeping "punkasses"... but Steiner certainly hasn't changed much
  19. Mr. Wrestling II was invited to the White House, and it turns out he was convicted of a felony in Hawaii that means he's on the sex offender registry. I'm not kidding. (Of course Wrestling 2 refused to go because he wouldn't unmask, which, true or not, is a pretty stellar story) Maybe I should have used the "John Wayne Gacy and the First Lady at Polish Constitution Day" example here but.
  20. I don't think this fits for Matches from the Past or Images... so here's the Steiners having their way with Double Trouble from a handheld. They probably should have put this on TV in 1993 because the Steiners were pretty good at mauling random fat guys in 1990 too (I think they did the Doomsday DDT on Death Row 3260 too)
  21. IIRC, the Snowman Memphis run started with him making comments in the Memphis media accusing the promotion of racism, so they got him aboard for a worked shoot based off of that. Then he won the title and bolted the promotion.
  22. "Perico Zacarias, I know you're taking the death of Mr. Niebla hard, have this car"
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