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  1. Looks like they finally found a way to make RDR online interesting.
  2. I pretty much swore em off years ago, but I bet the average college football message board is fun this week.
  3. Lawrence probably has the least to gain of anybody here. Assuming they cancel the season, the next NFL draft will start with "With the first pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots select Trevor Lawrence, Quarterback, Clemson." And you just know el Presidente just saw the "We want to play" headline, and doesn't understand the significance of the players organizing, or that they are asking for more than the season to start.
  4. It took a whole 15 minutes for the Texas and A&M are going to totally play this year!!! bullshit to start. CFB media just cannot stop with that shit. 2 months after world war 3: "Well Dave, nuclear winter has set in. The remainder of society will be living in bunkers for the next 50 years. Will this be what finally restarts the Texas/A&M series?"
  5. Insert overused Dodgeball gif here.
  6. I think the NCAA and the schools are absolutely more worried about the players organizing than they are about COVID. That said, I don't think cancelling the season helps them much in that regard. The players will have fewer distractions without full practice/game schedules, so I expect they'll have a better chance to get organized. Not playing this year also will require the NCAA to actually be flexible on eligibility requirements for once. They'll have to figure out how to handle this year's seniors, junior eligible guys in next year's draft and the incoming recruiting class. Presumably they'll also have to increase scholarship numbers for next year. Also, this kinda works like a lockout where the players still get "paid", at least at the big schools. SEC schools aren't gonna cut back their football budgets - they're too afraid of losing recruits, so the players aren't looking at losing much they're already receiving, outside of exposure. The schools, however, are going to be losing huge amounts of money this year with the football and basketball cash cows gone. Somebody that resides in Washington DC, and has a vacation place in Florida?
  7. Seeing how badly baseball is playing out, even with much smaller rosters and more controlled environments, I don't see any way CFB makes it long, if it starts at all. The level of lunacy is sometimes almost comical. It's hard to know whether some of these schools are fooling themselves, or they know they're screwed and are just trying to make things sound good. Texas, like a lot of other schools, is still planning for half full stadiums. Meanwhile, they've told the students that parties, whether on campus or off, are banned. I kind of assume that they realize there will be at least a thousand violations of that before school even starts, but I dunno. This is the same bunch that list me as having an engineering Bachelor of Arts degree on my official transcript, so maybe they actually believe the students are gonna comply. Also, I assume what's going on in the Pac-10, Idaho, Colorado State, etc is just about the NCAA's worst nightmare. The players are waking up and realizing that they might actually be able to change the system. No idea how it will play out, but this feels different from the past where the all powerful NCAA held all the cards.
  8. Was grilling steaks last night and got this stuck in my head. My five year old thought it was great and tried to sing along with me. For some reason, my wife didn't enjoy it as much as we did.
  9. Needs a 5000 word Barnwell analysis for each one. Tell him to get on it.
  10. That's the basic truth that everybody involved seems to be working as hard as possible to ignore. Texas still thinks they're going to play with 50% crowd capacity here, where the cases are 10x what they were before we started reopening.
  11. Well, Moscow is a long way away, so you're probably right there.
  12. I don’t think announcers are actually capable of shutting up. They’ve tried it a few times in Australian Rules Football this year with the empty stadiums, and inevitably they’ll start talking again within 10 seconds. I just don’t think they know how to be quiet.
  13. Probably. They actually had a showing for the neighborhood after everybody freaked out about it. Didn't go, though. Yeah, Austin is pretty much mini Dallas at this point, with a "weird" theme park around South Congress. The market around us isn't really insane. My parents house in north Austin is probably worth 12-13 times what they paid for it. The area they lived where I was born is even crazier. My dad used to shoot rats in the garage during commercial breaks. Now there are multi million dollar houses on that street.
  14. It might be out there somewhere in the ether. I think Foywonder actually had a review of it on his site way back when.
  15. I was going to ask where the hell you lived till you mentioned rural Illinois, and then all became clear. Spent 3 weeks there (southwest of Joliet). Never was sure if it's legally required there to include n***** in every sentence, or just strongly recommended I don't need next door to tell me about my neighbors. I have the news. I've probably posted some of this before. I live on what looks like a relatively normal residential street. Maybe 30 houses total. All these folks have lived on on our street - Charity director who stole a shit ton of cash, then fled to Venezuela https://www.statesman.com/article/20130514/NEWS/305149652 (always wondered why these folks needed 5 Lexuses, BMWs, Mercedes all at the same time) - guy who somehow managed to owe the federal government $100 million https://www.bizjournals.com/austin/stories/2002/07/22/story1.html - University of Texas coach fired for having an affair with one of her athletes https://www.cnn.com/2013/01/06/sport/texas-track-coach-resigns/index.html (side note, she was clearly right that she wouldn't have been fired if she wasn't African American and female, no matter what the university legal person in the article, who happens to be a cousin of mine, says) - ABC helpfully made a reality show focused on showing how intolerant my neighbors are. Filmed it six or seven houses down from us. Apparently they were too vile even for reality TV, and the show never got aired. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welcome_to_the_Neighborhood_(TV_series)
  16. I want to say it's just a game folks - storyline and gameplay conflicting really shouldn't matter. Then I remember my reaction to the end of GTA4, where I was immensely annoyed at the sudden moral conflict over whether to shoot one guy after shooting 73457345234788 to get to him, and that blows my argument all to hell. Anyway, I'm only a couple hours into Last of Us 2. So far my only complaint is that I HAAAAAAATE the controlls.
  17. Thing is, that describes, or maybe defines, every conspiracy theory worth its salt.
  18. My wife's boss is has been pushing to get her back into the office, even though she maybe came in once a month before shit hit the fan, she doesn't work with anybody in our time zone, much less at our site (her boss is two time zones away), and she was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. Fortunately the need to keep the folks that do the actual work on site means top level management isn't messing around and has hardcore rules on who can and cannot go in. She's not setting foot in in the place this year.
  19. I enjoyed the guys that showed up at Gettysburg to prevent the imaginary Antifa flag burning, particularly the ones that showed up waving the Confederate flag. Some folks are irony deficient.
  20. My son has a favorite stuffed rabbit. Because he's inherited an inability to name things from both of his parents, the rabbit's name is Bunny. Anyway, he's decided that July 8 is Bunny's birthday. Over the last week this has somehow become a bigger and bigger deal. A few days ago my wife and I looked at each other and said "we're going to have to take the day off, aren't we". So we are. I felt kind of silly at first, but at this point fuck it. He's had a crappy year like most kids. He's an only kid of two only kids, and he's been stuck at home with only his two parents that still somehow have to do their full time jobs. He's barely seen any of his friends since March. He probably won't go back to daycare, and will likely not ever see most of the kids he's been in class with for four years again. In normal circumstances I would never take a vacation day for this. But this thing is making him happier than he's been in months, so hell yes I'm going to take the day off for the rabbit's birthday.
  21. Sometimes you get weirdly good food experiences. Our cafeteria at work is decent in general, but the make AMAZING fried chicken. The patient/family hotel attached to the MD Anderson hospital in Houston has really good fried chicken as well. Actually, their room service in general is good, which is weird because the hotel restaurant is putrid.
  22. We don't have Krogers here for some reason. East Texas has them, though. My main memory of them that doesn't involve cheap alcohol is the grey meat.
  23. Did they have slime in the ice machine?
  24. So apparently there's a push to get out governor to resign over the exploding covid count. You'd think anybody trying that would google "Texas Lieutenant Governor" beforehand, and then think again.
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