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  1. This is the Jets we're talking about. There's no reason they can't pick first in 2021 AND 2022.
  2. For just a second there I mistook him for George C. Scott.
  3. Jerry Jeff Walker died today. I finally got to see him live at his annual birthday show in 2019. There isn’t a better country album than Viva Terlingua. Kiss my ass 2020.
  4. I'm torn on this. On one hand, I recognize that there are serious issues here related to both historic and present day racism, and I fully respect the players and others for standing up to all of that. On the other hand, watching Texas tearing themselves apart is the highlight of my week.
  5. I figure if you play games 100 yours a week, then loading times might actually be the most important thing in your life.
  6. How much stuff do you throw at the infected teams before they start to hide positive tests? Or is that out of the teams' control?
  7. I'm pretty sure this video was the most important thing that happened the whole of 6th grade at CD Fulkes Middle School.
  8. Not gonna lie, I figured somebody was was doing an OSJ style apology for upsetting folks when I first saw that. Also, I have actually told kids to get off my lawn in the past, so I'm confirmed to be roughly a billion years old.
  9. Biden and Harris tested negative. Not definitive of course, but good news nonetheless.
  10. Looks like we're probably negative. My son and I have both tested negative. My wife doesn't have her test back. More significantly, the kid my son was around who tested positive has now tested negative, along with his whole family. So looks like a probable false alarm. It hasn't helped that everybody in my family has been sick all week. I wasn't really worried about us being sick, as it happened too soon after the supposed exposure, but it hasn't helped. I dunno how the folks that have been doing distance learning this whole time have done it. This has been our first week of doing
  11. There probably isn't a yes or no answer here. I work on the hardware side, not software, but I'm guessing my experience is somewhat similar. It depends on the nature of the delay. If it's a global thing, where the schedule was screwed from the start, or things just went wrong in general, then it's probably just gonna prolong everybody's pain. If it's a situation where something specific wasn't planned or executed correctly, then the pain is usually gonna be limited to the folks working on that specific part of the project. Things tend to calm down for lower level folks that aren
  12. Damnit. I was just thinking about him the other idea, randomly. Fortunately Temporary Insanity and Over the Edge somehow survived my parents throwing out damn near everything from my childhood.
  13. Neighbors across the street put their Halloween decorations up 3 weeks ago. Thought that was silly till I noticed the folks down the street have their Christmas tree up.
  14. Hopper was a face in Riders of the Storm. He managed to save the country from electing a terrible president without even resorting to the fried chicken themed snuff film.
  15. Tate Martel has opted out, so Miami is down a backup quarterback. Feels like he’s been around for about 17 years now without doing anything of consequence.
  16. I didn’t used to mind Buck in baseball when he was paired with McCarver. Because if Buck was talking it at least meant that McCarver wasn’t. Now I just want him to go away.
  17. It ain't happening this year. Very little experienced skill position talent on offense. Mond is a serviceable QB, but he's not a difference maker. Most of the RBs transferred, and there's very little talent and/or depth there. With Ausbon opting out, the top 3 WRs from last year are gone (the other two left early, went undrafted and didn't make NFL rosters). Wydermyer is a very good TE, but Cupp, who was expected to be a a major contributor, if not a star, is out for the year. The OL was a sieve last year. It ought to be better this year, but probably not by leaps and bounds
  18. Working from home is a challenge if your internet is dead the entire day
  19. This, I'll get one of the xbox versions, hopefully close to launch. Dunno which one, though. This might be the first time I don't get a Playstation since PS1. I've barely turned my PS4 on in the last year or two.
  20. Texas Roadhouse is one of two restaurants where I've walked out without paying my bill. This was forever ago, and I don't remember what the problem was, but I do remember they didn't even bother to try charging me.
  21. Culver’s is deeply weird to me. There’s one about five miles from my house. I’ve had their food a few times and liked it. Thing is, I’ve never seen another one anywhere. It’s like the thing went through a wormhole and wound up on south Austin
  22. Tethering unconscious patients' arms is standard medical practice. Folks in that situation tend to move their extremities about more than you'd think, and not at all in a controlled manner. Since they also tend to be surrounded by a lot of wires, tubes, etc that don't do well when pulled on, the tethers turn out to be the lesser of two evils. I watched my unconscious father pull a feeding tube two days after emergency brain surgery, when he was briefly untethered. Doesn't mean that they shouldn't move you around for four days. And really, really doesn't mean that gunshot victims need
  23. Not much there. Basically it's "Hey! Remember Dragon Age? We're making another one. And we're using technology to do it. Also, we have beards now."
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