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  1. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    That guy's gotta learn how to take a bump, or his career is toast. Got on just long enough last night to buy some new shit. Bought the bunker, the bigass VTOL aircraft, and some Ford Bronco looking thing. Spent about 12 million for that. Since I never learned how to fly the Hydra, I immediately crashed the plane thing - accidentally jumped out of it trying to figure out how to get the engines to rotate. Still got about 30 million left, plus maybe 85 in bonds, so I'm good for a bit.
  2. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    So apparently the game now has an orbital weapon in it. At this point they might as well put in a fucking Death Star.
  3. Thing is, most of that stuff blows up nicely. We ran into a group that kept grabbing vehicles every chance they had. They used half a dozen tanks. They all got blown up. Same with their APCs. Managed to get one guy to accidentally blow up his own APC, so I didn't get charged for it. Buzzards and Hunters got shot down. Only thing that really gave us trouble was the mobile command center. The fuckers in the Lazers, on the other hand, just got met with passive. Then they set whiny texts. I'm always tempted to text em back with the lyrics to Jet Boy Jet Girl.
  4. We made a brief foray back into freemode. The dots have more toys, but they haven't got any brighter. There were a whole lot of blown up military vehicles when we got done. I do want to know which idiot thought purchasable Lazers was a good idea, though.
  5. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    It's a good thing Stout and I have many ill gotten GTA dollars. The amount of new, high end hardware they're introducing looks huge.
  6. They also seemingly haven't updated the store the last 2 weeks. Would be nice to at least have something to spend mission funds on.
  7. This Weather Sucks

    We've had a tiny bit here and there at my house since that one, but I live out on the southwestern edge of Mopac. Nothing like this, though. First snow of any sort my son has ever seen, and he'll be 3 next month.
  8. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Wrong kind of Vulcan
  9. This Weather Sucks

    Snowing pretty hard here in Austin. If this stuff starts to stick, we'll get the hilarity of watching Texans trying to drive on ice. Maybe we can top the record of over a thousand accidents in a single day we set in an ice storm back in the late 80s.
  10. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Almost looks like a Vulcan at 0:28. I need a Vulcan.
  11. I feel like there's a never mind that shit, here comes Mongo joke to make here, I just don't have the wit to make it.
  12. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Oh dear. Attention Night Shift, we got shit to do.
  13. We played it safe, stuck with The Show. Stout does a much better Slick Rick than I do.
  14. It was a night for near run things. I have no clue how we got through that platinum strike team last night. By the end of wave 4 nobody but Stout had any consumables left, and he was down to 2 revives. We somehow got through the 11 wave gold despite all 3 of us crashing at different times. Then we did a regular gold and found out that melraz doesn't know the Get Fresh Crew. We tried to help him out there.
  15. We only managed one more match after you left. The night shift was more like an evening shift yesterday. Ran two bronzes for the daily today. First one had a guy with an Apex rating of 0. The second had the number 5 overall guy.
  16. Fantasy Football 2K17

    I'll go 2-0 this week assuming AJ Green scores more than negative 3 points. Of course it helped that both of my opponents had guys in their lineup that are on IR. Gotta love folks that have given up and still have Andrew Luck on their roster. One team has first place locked up, unless I lose next week and get outscored by the second place team by 150 points. Other team is tied for best record in the league, but is over 200 points behind the first place team. Been scraping by on low scoring opponents all season there. The commissioner in one of my leagues is 0-12 for the year. He actually did pretty well this week, but his opponent is gonna outscore everybody else this week by at least 20 points. Don't think I've ever seen somebody go winless for the year before, but he's got a shot to do it next week.
  17. I'm down for that. Might be on tonight, assuming I don't spend all night telling a 2 year old to go back to sleep.
  18. Sadly I think Andromeda is dead enough now that everybody still reading the thread got the joke.

    About damn time. I was getting tired of reading reports on Fisher's trash and flight plans between Tallahassee and College Station
  20. It wasn't in an alley. It was on the roof of a building across the street from the Los Santos mall
  21. Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    I feel a little shitty about it, but I'm taking advantage of my uncle being essentially immobile at avoid the usual awful conversations at family gatherings. Chasing a 2 year old around provides an easy excuse for that. I'm lucky that my wife is estranged from the shittier parts of her family. About the nicest thing I could call em is a bunch of thieving bastards. As an example, I had to step in as a pallbearer at her grandfather's funeral because one of her cousins was on the run from the police over a murder the day before. Lovely bunch of people.

    This. Malzahn's seat was as hot as Sumlin's halfway through the season, with a ranked, one loss team. There's every chance that he could be back there again next year if he doesn't win it all this year. Would be awfully surprised if this happens, which means it probably will. I think Sumlin can win, but I dunno if Tennessee is the place for that to happen. He seems like a better fit in the PAC 12 or Big 12 than for another SEC run. Someplace where giving up 40 points a game isn't that big a deal since you can score 50. Meanwhile, it's a long way from a done deal, but it's looking like Fisher to A&M could happen as early as this afternoon. Things are getting a bit ugly in Tallahassee. I don't see him staying there long term. Of course, whether he wants to be in College Station is a different matter.
  23. The DAD Zone

    I'd forgotten about diaper change pee fountains. My son thought those were hilarious. Always had to have a washrag to cover him as soon as the diaper came off. Otherwise I'd end up scrubbing half the room.
  24. So Stout gets invites to the Illuminati. Melraz gets hate mail in GTA. I get this, from somebody called crazyeggpanda82: Part 1 - "Just for the record playing with Grumblers Hartford. Tired out. I can't even sing. I honestly thought it. But this is the hardest game I don't want anymore. Wanna chill? This is not for the faint of heart and there's no way you can get past all the levels. Your f****** supermodel." Part 2 - "I give you a week before you quit I give you a weeks time before you quit. I gave you a whole month or ull week before you quit the game and never come back. I can't you all week before you put the game." Part 3 - "The hardest game in the world plays in Drumitar. In a gromada gramada the hardest game in old with the plan is it from there is not a way in hell that. You gonna be able to every beat the game in less you some in Jesus Christ and off. You are."
  25. Imagine how dead it would be if the geniuses at EA hadn't been in charge. I'm curious who RIppa hates more at this point, EA or Ben McAdoo.