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  1. So what's the weirdest thing you've seen as roadkill or running across the road? My personal weirdest is a monkey. Outside of Dilley, Texas at about 6 in the morning.
  2. Yes to both. Or at least he wants em to.
  3. I’m enjoying my time as a pre k teacher. The small class size is nice. I can send my student to his room and I only have one concerned mom questioning my classroom skills. Getting paid a senior engineers salary for it is a plus.
  4. There’s a whole buncha major corporations sending me emails telling me how concerned they are about racism - this week. For some reason they were all quiet about it last week. Guess they were just shy or something
  5. Saint's Row remaster is definitely much more unstable than the original release. I've had it crash at least half a dozen times. Still a fun game, though. I'm just running around finding collectibles and doing side jobs. Found out you can beat Pierce to death during a mission last night. That was fun to do.
  6. We had a ground snake in our pantry last week. Cats and dogs got chastised for that one. Usually I can count on em to kill things like scorpions, but that one got past em. I'm guessing it's because we lost our cat and dog that had spent time out on the streets. The rest of em are rescues, but we got all of them as pups/kittens so they've never had to hunt to survive. Caught a checkered garter in the back yard this week that was about to be a spiny lizard's lunch. As for cats taking on stuff that's too big for em, I got to watch one of ours try to take on a peahen once. That was fun to watch.
  7. Damn forgot that. I actually bought that collection but only to have the dlc. Only ever played 2 on it though
  8. Actually, you've got 3 Borderlands games, though the less said about the pre-sequel the better.
  9. My memory is muddled by time, age and beer, so I'm going to go with yes, and all of it.
  10. The sailor kissing his girlfriend near the end has to be the least passionate thing ever put on film. I figure your average tax preparation how to video would be more exciting. Sizzler will always have a soft spot in my heart for reminding me of my grandmother, who always wanted to take me and my wife there when we'd go visit her. I'm not sure if I've ever eaten Golden Corral sober. There weren't exactly a lot of choices in College Station in the late 80s/early 90s, so we'd end up there occasionally. I vaguely remember once being too drunk to order, and a buddy of mine having to order the buffet for me.
  11. Guessing that's a pretty common problem. My favorite instance is the tank stopping volleyball net in GTA5.
  12. I cannot imagine trying to do racing at this point. I was burned out on it by, i dunno, 2014. Hoping I'm past that by 2022, or whenever the next game comes out. Whenever the next game does finally come out, it's gonna be interesting to see how the folks that are still playing this hardcore handle it - going from owning potentially over a hundred high end vehicles and half the map in businesses/clubs/houses/etc to maybe having a crappy apartment and a mur mur for their best gun. Also, if you believe Wikipedia, Rockstar has managed to have the best selling game on the xbox one, despite not bothering to develop a game for the system in the first place
  13. I forgot how much I hate the first couple missions of SR3.
  14. Figure I'll get it. Probably spend the first week or so doing tank rampages, or whatever they're called, with Eek A Mouse on infinite loop.
  15. I think Stout is mostly hanging out in Andromeda. He’s barely been in Los Santos. Maybe they’re people we randomly kicked the crap out of one night who decided to join up. Got a lotta friend requests that way dunno who woulda let em in though
  16. Apparently today is the day all the robocallers went back to work. I miss the quiet.
  17. It's funny, but that's literally the only thing I can remember about the song. Blame Goodfellas, where I've seen that one scene a bunch of times, even if I'm not sure I've ever seen the whole movie. Amen to that. Glad I'm not the only one.
  18. Five year old did mine. He had a good time with it. My wife did the cleanup and almost immediately shouted oops. It actually looks pretty good all things considered. Looks like my wife and I won’t be back in the office this year. We can do everything from home anyway. Her boss wants her in the office, which makes no sense since she never works with anybody in our time zone. Corporate says hell no to that - if you’re not essential you can expect to be questioned on why the hell youre there. Good thing we have separate offices at home, or we’d be at each other’s throats after 9 months in the same room together all day.
  19. I found a quarter, a nickel and a dime that were covered in something when I was cleaning out my truck yesterday. Wonder if he'll get a better offer than that.
  20. You could always buy one on Ebay. Cost you about 4 bucks in actual dollars. Factory new. Plus, free shipping!
  21. I've got 3 or 4 so far. The one I'm suing right now isn't the best apparently, and it's underleveled, but it will reliably kill just about anything quickly. Stuff that took 10 minutes to kill with my best guns dies in 2-3 shots. I die a bunch, half the time from killing myself accidentally, but the guns are worth it.
  22. Current strategy: 1.) Get a Yellowcake. 2.) One shot everything 3.) Repeat They're gonna nerf it soon, but it sure is fun to one-shot multiple Anointeds at a time at Mayhem 10
  23. There's a whole lotta mall ninjas in those pics from Michigan.
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