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  1. Randoms were having a contest to see who was the dumbest yesterday. I had a hard time picking a winner between the following nominees: #1: Celebration match. The other three seemingly don't bother with the objectives. They die a bunch, on a bronze, and nobody ever pops (though they do occasionally revive each other). That means I'm soloing a bunch, as I sure as hell ain't reviving em on challenge waves. One goes AFK around wave nine. He parks himself in that T junction on the ground between the two buildings - basically where every damn enemy is gonna show up, especially on extraction. He dies a whole bunch. I revive him twice, and the other randoms do a few as well. He never does get back to controller. Final time he died was just before the extraction timer ran out. However, he isn't the dumbass nominee. The actual nominee is the guy that ran out of extraction with seven seconds left to revive the guy that was AFK, meaning neither of them extracted. #2: Normal match on Icebreaker. We get upload for wave six. I run to the one in the snowfield. The other three randomly wander around, occasionally shooting a Kett or something. Eventually one finally figures out we're doing an upload. And joins me, instead of going to either of the other two open uploads. Then the third figures it out. And joins me as well. I leave em to it and run over to the second upload, which is overrun with Kett for some reason. They eventually clear the first one. And join me again. I abandon em, and run to the final upload. The other two clear the second and join me again, followed by the fourth who has finally clued in. The rest of the match is uneventful
  2. Grand Theft Auto V Talk.

    Don't forget the utility vehicle races. Dunno which was more fun, the one where I ran over RUKered's moped with a tractor, or the one half of us couldn't make it up a hill. We'd better be able to kick each other during horse racing. I'm gonna be sad otherwise.

    Not a single mention of Skin. Ron Silver's voice still haunts my nightmares nearly 15 years later.
  4. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 8

    ESPN came out with their midseason bowl projections, which is notable only for the return of the annual A&M and Texas bowl matchup garbage that they are legally required to write whenever both are bowl eligible.
  5. New weekly Apex is an 11 wave bronze. Nets you an Apex pack too, which is nice. It's insanely easy. I guess I picked a good time to be a dumbass and accidentally reset my Kroguard to level 1. Super easy weekly, plus 5 level 4 experience boosters from said weekly equals quick return to 20
  6. I can only imagine how ugly that was. It's kinda a shame you didn't make it to wave 6 or 7, with the Blaze Hydras and herds of Ascendants. Guns just don't do enough damage to try that approach. Gotta spread the bad guys out if you don't use the Kroguard smash.
  7. I figured I'd revive him if it was convenient, but that was about it. I honestly don't remember if that awful hack was carrot or the other guy.
  8. Melraz did have to coordinate himself with that awful guy so he could revive his dead ass every 20 seconds. It kinda reminded me of following a dog around picking up turds.

    I actually changed my pick from Houston to Denver Sunday morning, so I'm definitely blaming him. I take back all those times I apologized during GTA races.
  10. The Kroguard platinum approach is hilarious to play. Last couple waves do get a little dicey when the Ascendants and Blaze Hydras start joining the dozens of regular Hydras, and the herds of Krogan. Legit platinums weren't bad with everybody being able to go invisible and kind of knowing what they were doing. Stout's idea of the invisble relay race on wave 7 was fun. Only real problem we had was the one teammate that died 98735462436 times every wave despite having an apex rating of over 40K. At least he got us all gold revive medals.

    This is all your fault Rippa (assuming it ends like this).
  12. 2017 NFL: WEEK SIX

    I'm outraged over that one but only because I have Seferian-Jenkins in fantasy today.
  13. 2017 The Stuff About Sports Media Thread

    Still watch ESPN for college football games and MNF. I think they show other things, but I have no idea what those things are.
  14. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 7

    Watching Pororo The Little Penguin with the 2 year old over the second half of A&M/Florida. It's a lateral move, at worst.
  15. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 7

    I'd like to think they lost a bet and were forced to wear those.
  16. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 7

    Whoever is programming the commercials in this A&M/Florida game should be forced to spend eternity locked in a room with drunk Red Sox fans bellowing Sweet Caroline.
  17. That Pet Photos thread

    Right person, wrong dog. That was Gypsy from earlier in the thread.
  18. That Pet Photos thread

    This is Scout doing what he loved best, taken about a year before he died (he's been gone four years now). He was a joy to be around. He just had so much fun, no matter what, that it couldn't help but rub off. He was also incredibly tough - not in an aggressive way, but in the way he'd just shrug off whatever shit life threw at him and keep wagging as fast as he could. We got him at four days old, after his mother died giving birth. We were just supposed to foster him till he was old enough to be adopted, but between bottle feeding him, and the way our two older dogs adopted him as their own, he was never gonna leave. My favorite picture of him is old enough that we only have it on film, but this one comes a close second. His spleen had been removed due to a highly aggressive tumor two weeks before this was taken. He'd also been totally blind for three years by this point. We soaked his dummy in lavender oil, and he could track the scent on the surface of the water. I have no clue how he figured that out but it worked wonders. Only problem was that he sometimes couldn't find the shore on his way back, which he did by following my voice, and I'd have to go in after him. Not fun in January. He didn't mind a bit, he'd just keep swimming till I caught up with him.
  19. 2017 NFL: WEEK SIX

    Well crap. I guess that makes figuring out my receivers easier this week in fantasy.

    This week is the opposite problem from last. I'd throw Houston on the safe picks list. I've still got all 3 open, and I'm gonna second guess myself till Sunday.
  21. Fuck Remnant. I played 2 matches for the dailies yesterday. Both were ugly. First one had people that clearly were in over their heads on gold. My game plan was this - I'm gonna run around, do all the objectives and kill everything more menacing than an assembler. Y'all stay huddled up, die a bunch, and revive each other. If all three of you die at once, y'all better pop. I ain't coming up there to save your asses. I know there were at least two occasions when all three were down simultaneously. Second match I had slightly better teammates, so I did revive em, including all three back to back on wave four or five. Somehow I only got a silver revive medal. I know I'm not great at this game, so it's always weird to me when I totally outclass everybody else in the match.
  22. Melraz and I went through a slew of crappy teammates last night, including John to the B, various Killers, guy who wanted to run Gold at level 1, guy who refused to extract on any match ever, etc. I think we went 6 consecutive matches without getting a full extraction. Pretty sure my VI outscored a few of our teammates. Melraz died once cause Vince Gill sucks. Dunno what our teammates excuse was. Bought one of the new 500K packs, which was a waste of 500K. One drop of the new character, an N7 sniper rifle I don't want, and a bunch of rare guns I'll never use. A 500K super reserve pack might be worth it, but the 500K premium can kiss my ass.

    I saved myself from picking the this week by doing it week one. So instead I got to enjoy having Fournette and the Jags D on one of my fantasy teams.
  24. 2017 NCAAF: WEEK 6

    I'm gonna assume 3--0 is the high point for A&M today. I will also pretend I didn't see the Aggie receiver's blatant hold on that first play.

    Mike Judge making a show about Billy Joe Shaver, presumably about shooting that guy in the face, is gonna make me wish I had Cinemax.