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  1. Got shot two yesterday. I'm right at what is supposed to be the worst point for side effects now. Wiped out tired, muscles are weak and got a headache - which is about what actual Covid was for me since I only had a mild case. I'm assuming the muscle weakness won't go on for months like it did with the actual disease. Glad to have it done, and ready to ease up a little bit on our family Covid protocols, though we'll still be careful.
  2. I went online last weekend to buy a new pocketknife. I already knew what to expect, but still got annoyed about instantly because every damn knife has to be called “tactical” or the mall ninjas won’t buy it. Anyway, my six year old heard me grumbling and came over to check out what I was doing. Then he wanted to what made something tactical. I told him that mainly it’s just gotta be black. Unfortunately, he and I have the same sense of humor, so he spent the next thirty minutes running around pointing at things and shouting “tactical television!” “Tactical mud!” “Tactical cat!” His
  3. I'm assuming that inventory thing pretty much applies to ME1 only. Even there I never had much trouble, at least once I had the money for Spectre gear. My simple (possibly incorrect) rules - every gun you pick up is trash. - every omni-tool and/or amp that doesn't say "Savant" on it is trash. - Every armor that doesn't say "Predator" (except for one Krogan one that I can't remember the name of) is trash. - The system breaks down a bit with mods, or course, but even there I only went with a couple things and and chucked the rest.
  4. Could be. Confession time here. I'm a design engineer for a large chipmaker. Worked in a number of divisions over the years including, briefly, the IoT group. Since refrigerators were nearly impossible to find last year, it looked for a while like we'd have to get one with that crap. I told my wife that was fine as long as we let our five year old disable it with a hammer.
  5. In ten years you’ll probably struggle to find a fridge that doesn’t have that. I’m a paranoid Luddite, and I had to go out of my way to get one that didn’t have that tech last year.
  6. I was able to get an XSX through them back in December. Missed one drop as I didn’t have an account with the credit card set up but got it on the next drop or the one after. Nice thing was they said it would arrive sometime in January, but I got it before Christmas now if I just had time to use it
  7. We got our first (Pfizer) shots yesterday. All I got was a sore arm. My wife is having a rougher go of it. Don't know if the side effects are worse if you've had the virus before, but she's feeling a lot of the same symptoms from when we had our fairly mild cases back in December.
  8. Looking at how full the average strip mall parking lot is around here, I don’t figure baseball even moves the needle on the Texas stupidity meter
  9. As far as KU goes does it really matter who they hire?
  10. Unsurprisingly, Texas has decided that all is well, and that they can go back to playing that hideous tune every time they get positive yardage on offense or don't give up a first down on defense. Also, racism was a terrible thing, but they're all better now and they're glad to announce it's been consigned to the history books. I might actually read the next alumni fundraising letter I get from them instead of chucking it in the shredder, just to see how they spin this shit.
  11. Does hating turned based RPGs work like the fountain of youth? The arthritis in my right foot is flaring up something awful (turns out breaking every bone in there at least once is bad - who knew?), and I could use that fountain right about now. I already hate most of em, and I guess I could train myself to hate KOTOR.
  12. On the rare occasion we use that, we'll get a couple minutes at best. But they're a blissful couple minutes.
  13. Oh Lord, this. If they're anything like my son, they don't care about the answers. He won't even wait for the answer to end before asking the next question. Sometimes we have to have a question moratorium just to keep the parents sane.
  14. (Warning before reading - my memory is pretty hazy on a lot of this, so it's quite possible I've got some of it wrong. Mostly it was a very long time ago. I'm old and didn't spend as much of the time period I'm describing sober as I probably should've) As far as seeing a full Wrestlemania match - not that I know of. It's possible, but I certainly don't remember it. The only time I watched WWF, as it was at the time, on a regular basis was roughly 1990-1992. Before that I doubt I'd seen a dozen hours of their programming total, mostly due to lack of opportunity (parents didn't have ca
  15. Want to know one thing masks don't protect kids against? Ringworm.
  16. Dolfan, I wanted to add my thanks for this. Best I can remember, I've never seen any full match from any Wrestlemania, and I've never seen a bunch of the WWF/E folks from the last 20 years wrestle at all (I know I've never seen a Cena match, and I don't think I've ever seen a full Rock match, for example). Despite that I read and enjoyed the whole thing. A lot of it got read in my son's room at night while trying to get him to go to sleep, and helped me to stay awake till he was out. Good stuff.
  17. There's at least one 500 page thread in the gaming folder. I'm responsible for an embarrassing amount of it.
  18. I can’t sneak or scan for shit. And I probably have a low cool stat, but I really don’t know. I don’t need those things. I have ammunition. I really don’t get having trouble with the game unless you’re maybe playing on higher difficulty or just damned and determined to do missions a certain way. I’m far from good as a gamer and I barely felt challenged by this. I died occasionally, but the only mission I couldn’t beat by running headlong into danger and blasting everything in sight was the one you start buck naked and unarmed.
  19. The single player only part sounds good. The starting over twice part not so much.
  20. Understand these things take time. I'm hoping they use the extra time to introduce as many new bugs as possible and really break shit once and for all.
  21. So who's behind that, some sort of Rosicrucian/plumbers union cabal? It's funny, but when I first heard Stuart by the Dead Milkmen back in 1988, the conspiracy theory sounded ridiculous. I'm not sure that's true any longer. On the positive side, we've actually got running water, and it's apparently drinkable, though it looks like watered down milk.
  22. Thats right there with the make sure the short guy Isn’t in the UFC lesson Rashad Bobino learned.
  23. If you smell an unpleasant body odor wherever you are, don’t panic - it’s probably just me. City announced we’ll be one of the last areas to get water back. Ugh. At least my parents got it back this morning. There were lines at car washes yesterday because people are stupid assholes.
  24. Supposed to be 7-10 days before water comes back. Woohoo. Nearly two weeks without a shower.
  25. That's why you put a 2-4 hour battery backup in place, so you have an instant bridge supply available until the generator comes online. And you do a test run on the generator every week, even in summer. Our little (by tech company standards) site has had that in place forever, even when we were in a leased building. Scale might be an issue I suppose, since data centers eat huge amounts of power. Update for today: We've got power (mostly) and water (barely). Still have our houseguests. Kid's having a great time with somebody to play with, so taking them in has been a Godsend. Pa
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