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  1. Oklahoma was lousy in the 90s. They were mediocre at best till Stoops came around. Good game in the mid to late 80s, though. No surprise there. I'm curious how good Thompson actually is. Still remember Garrett Gilbert having a good game vs. Alabama in his first real action, then turning back into Garrett Gilbert for the rest of his career.
  2. Really glad I wasn’t able to watch the A&M game. Figure I would’ve been throwing stuff by halftime. Least they won.
  3. You are most definitely not the only one. Give me a game with Tina, and Torgue on the lute, and I'm definitely in. Probably the only new game I care about on the horizon. Everything else (KOTOR again, Vice City again, Skyrim again again, GTA Online again again) is all just remasters/remakes
  4. As a public service reminder, ignore Rippa when he says the Giants are absolutely 100% without fail going to lose a game. Not that I'm still bitter or anything. Now if I can just remember my Yahoo login before tomorrow.
  5. I feel your pain there. Went through exactly that last fall in Kinder. It's a half hour drive to my son's school. That was a fun drive over.
  6. I still have a dynasty going on 2012 (I think that's the year at least). My strong safety typically wins the Heisman, and most years my fullback is the runner up. All of Texas' players are like 5'3'', 135 pounds, except for their kicker and punter, who are about 7', 450 pounds. It's the only reason my PS2 is still hooked up after the PS3 & PS4 have been left in a box in the closet.
  7. Yeah, I had that post in mind. I was really happy to be completely wrong about both RB and OL last year. Partly I'm maybe hoping it works the same. And partly I've been rooting for this team for nearly forty years, and I've seen things go south quickly too many times. They could turn out to be really good, but I'm not counting on it.
  8. Defense will be nasty, I think, but lots of question marks on the offensive side, along with some really talented individual players. RB turned out miles better than I though it would last year, and I figure it will be even better this year. Wydermyer is a potential all American at TE, and Cupp may finally be healthy there as well. Those are the only really solid things on offense. Everybody's excited because of King at QB, probably because they equate white, athletic QB with Manziel by default. We'll see how that goes. There's talent at WR, but I don't think there is a single guy there that's not a major question mark. OL was really good last year, but four of the five starters are gone. Granted, the one that is left is the best of the five and is a likely all American, but again, lots of question marks. It may all come together, but that's a lot of pieces that need to fall into place.
  9. Manziel wouldn’t made more than Fisher just off my fellow Ags.
  10. I know everybody out there was worried about Jimbo Fisher's financial future with only seven years at $7.5 million left on his contract. Well, worry no more. Reupping for three more years at $9 million per year. Presumably all guaranteed. Ags presumably bidding against themselves there. Guess I can look forward to more letters from the university asking for money. It feels like Texas has sent me more with their latest coaching change and buyout - too bad I'm rooting for their total, perpetual failure.
  11. Large sections of Tennessee's team seems to have left/transferred/been arrested so playing with what's left may not give him much opportunity to shine.
  12. Crap. Forgot that was coming out. Wonder if progress will carry over.
  13. Not football related, but ties in with how gross kids sports have become. Found out tonight that one of the players from the team I coached this spring got scouted/recruited to be part of a select team. It was a T-ball team. He's five.
  14. I resisted the call for months, but Skyrim being on Game Pass has finally suckered me back in. I'm sure I haven't touched it since before my son was born, and he just started first grade, so I've had plenty of time to forget stuff. I remember next to nothing, which is making things interesting. Things boil down into three categories so far 1 - things I run into, get surprised by, and then say "oh yeah, I kinda remember this" 2 - things I run into, get surprised by, but then they seem vaguely familiar so I'm assuming I've seen them before 3 - things I run into, get surprised by, and then I ask what the hell was that? I'm guessing that last group is DLC stuff I've never seen, since I only ever played the base game So far I'm ignoring all quests. I've done the introductory shit it's a dragon, run away! main quest, but that's it. The lack of dragons flying around annoying me is nice. Mostly I'm running around finding things on the map, while picking flowers, whacking rocks with a pickaxe, and setting the local wildlife on fire.
  15. Damn game about made me throw things last night. I finally managed to get an empty room, so it was time to sell the contents of my nightclub warehouse, which was 90% full. Seemingly easy mission. Drive to three spots. Deal with minimal opposition. Drop off merchandise, all $1.5 million worth. Easy, right? Problem 1: It's raining Problem 2: The second dropoff forces me to drive clear across the map, on winding roads through hilly terrain Problem 3: The truck I'm driving is the worst handling vehicle I've ever seen in a video game. That damn truck barely made it up moderately steep hills in the wet, tires screaming for grip the entire time. Then it got stuck in the second dropoff point. On perfectly flat ground. I had to call in my Dubsta 6x6 to ram it a couple of times so I could get it moving. Then it did the same thing 30 feet away, forcing me to grab the Dubsta again. Then it got stuck under a low bridge. I barely managed to get it out from under the bridge, then made my way to the dropoff without any further issues.
  16. Dang, that one hurts. I'll play "I Love" for my son till he gets annoyed at his dad for being a giant old sap. Then I'll keep playing it anyway.
  17. I remember there was a little bridge by the police station a little ways down from the start line. I always grabbed a stock car and parked it down by that bridge, drove the crap car Hillary wants you to use over and swapped cars there. I've beaten it legit, but REALLY don't want to have to do it again.
  18. I just hope they don't disable the trick you could use to beat Hillary in The Driver. Parking a fast car down the street from the race start before beginning made that one very manageable. I remember there being a mission in Vice City Stories where I desperately wanted the ability to do that.
  19. I used not to mind Buck when McCarver was around, because I figured if Buck was talking then McCarver wasn't. Then McCarver retired. I had a clear view of Buck from above him where I was sitting during the World Series game I went to in 2019. 17 year old me could've probably hit him with a throw from where I was sitting. 48 year old noodle armed me was sorely tempted to give it a shot.
  20. At this point, I want em to set up a system like European football. The big 12 can be the equivalent whatever is below League Two now in England
  21. I can't hate on San Andreas. KJAH alone puts it above GTA4. My personal GTA rankings, best to worst. Never played GTA1 or GTA2. Rankings 3-5 would probably change based on the phase of the moon. 1 GTA5 Online 2 Vice City 3 San Andreas 4 GTA3 5 GTA5 Single Player 6 Vice City Stories 7 Liberty City Stories 8 everything else in the universe 9 GTA4
  22. Melraz and I have been hanging out in crew only rooms. No dots. Just doing the new tuner stuff, which can be done outside of public rooms, promoting clubs and stealing Sentinels, Sandkings and Dubsta 2's. It's like that weird time after the CEO org stuff came out when we just did that for six months, except there's no horrible missions to get the cars off. Doesn't pay as well, but sill make a bunch of cash. It's oddly chill.
  23. I'm not looking forward to those awful ambulance missions in 3 and Vice City. Hope they change those. Meanwhile I'm playing the heck out of 5 again, and haven't shot a dot in weeks. Spending all my time stealing cars and making money. Weird.
  24. Now I can buy GTA3 for the fourth time, I guess. Just do GTA6 already, damnit.
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