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  1. And Chris Kreider fractured his foot blocking a shot Well that pretty much negates all the good from the last month
  2. So they announced a Chamber match for the SDL Tag Titles So we are officially at three and that isn't counting the possibility of the Women's SDL Title (though I feel like that one was dropped) Still we are at 3 Chamber matches
  3. Quinton Flowers has left the Vipers Marc Trestman says it was for "personal reasons" and his status is day to day Flowers had expressed frustration with the way he was being used (Depending on who is reporting - Flowers might have also asked for his release)
  4. The NXT Ticket website is listing that the NXT show after Mania will be taped on Tuesday, April 7 (at Full Sail) Who knows if they are going to air it a day early, permanently start airing on Tuesday or just air this episode on a delay LET THE WILD SPECULATION BEGIN~!
  5. Hawaii Five-0 will end with the conclusion of this season. A 2 hour series finale will air on Friday, April 3 It has run for 10 seasons (Jesus... 10 seasons!)
  6. RIPPA

    Feeling Poptimistic

    Taylor Swift - The Man
  7. Per Deadline - SyFy has picked up a 10 episode Day of the Dead Series Based on the blurb - it appears that the series will be slightly like 24 in that it will focus on 6 people trying to survive the first 24 hours of an "undead invasion"
  8. Cursed Films @J.T. @Curt McGirt
  9. The Cardinals announced that they will be hosting a home game in Mexico City this season. It was one of the conditions to them being awarded Super Bowl LVII
  10. Killer Tim Brooks has also entered hospice care
  11. So work and life have been kicking my ass so I apologize for the lack of bonus reviews. I still have 2 more reviews to post (God Bless 29 days this year) I also am still missing a review. I had originally thought I might review it myself but the movie itself is nowhere to be found and at the moment paying for it was not my friend. I will figure something out for that one.
  12. NEW JACK CITY (Mario Van Pebbles, 1991) IMDB : ROTTEN TOMATOES (77%/80%) Selected by @J.H. Reviewed by @odessasteps New Jack City (1991) Director: Mario Van Peebles “Life is weighed on the scale of a triple beam” I am so old that i am pretty sure i reviewed this in 1991 when i was one of the film critics at the IU student newspaper. Due to circumstances, i was not able to track it down. I think i can it a good review, but likely in the snarky way too smart for their own good college kids often write. This film is now an interesting relic of early 90s gangsta culture, from the music to the style. Having gone through 30 years of hip hop, The Wire, and more, there is almost a nostalgia to watching it. Nico Brown (Wesley Snipes) is the #1 crime lord in NYC, thanks to being at the forefront of the crack revolution. Opposing him are a bunch of “dont play by the book” cops, lead by Scotty Appleton (Ice T) and Nick Peretti (Judd Nelson). There are a number of familar faces also in the cast, including Bill Nunn, “the other” Vanessa Williams and Chris Rock as Pookie, the junkie who turns snitch. Plus cameos from a bunch of music folks, including Keith Sweat, Flava Flav and Fab Five Freddie. Watching this in 2020, you wonder at how many things in the movie end up as tropes, like the references to Scarface, the shootouts and the fate of Nico Brown. You can probably also include Ice-T playing a cop, given his decades on the various Law and Order shows. Both Ice-T and Snipes are great in the picture, as is young Chris Rock. It came up on the board recently about his acting and i thinkthis is the one performance people mention as to his dramatic ability. The film certainly holds up 30 years later.
  13. SLAUGHTER (Jack Starrett, 1972) IMDB : ROTTEN TOMATOES (NA/45%) Selected By: @odessasteps When the Jim Brown talk surfaced in the pre Super Bowl thread, I had to stop from saying “Hey, my movie pick for Ernie Ladd Month stars Jim Brown.” So as not to give it away. Well, you have Jim Brown, as an ex Green Beret seeking Vengeance and young Rip Torn as a racist mobster who killed Jim’s dad. what more do you need to know? Yes, there is also the great Billy Preston theme, perhaps known to modern audiences from its use as the Hugo Stiglitz stinger in Inglorious Basterds. And, in case the reviewer dies not dig up this trivia, director Jack Starrett played Gabby Johnson in Blazing Saddles. Since i couldnt pick a double feature, also check outthe sequel, Slaughter’s Big Rip Off, where the big bad is mobster Ed McMahon. Yes, Ed McMahon. Reviewed By @JLSigman I got Slaughter, a 1972 blaxploitation film starring former football star Jim Brown. As a film of that genre, it hits every bullet point: the Whites are either evil or mostly incompetent, the Black man is hyper competent and nearly indestructible, and everyone gets their just desserts in the end. This entry, unfortunately, delves into some misogynoir - the only Black woman is constantly belittled by both White men and Slaughter, despite her being one of the good guys. The music was quite good, a great mix of early 70's funk with Latin flourishes. I can't say I enjoyed it, but I'm not the target audience. I spent a lot of time either rolling my eyes are the awfully cheesy dialog or cringing at the blatant sexism. The version I watched on YouTube also had some occasional video glitches that had me looking for the tracking control on the VCR. -jls
  14. God fuck you Bungie for nerfing Shoulder Charge I have to actually hit someone for it to work not fucking chuck and pray like fucking Warlocks and their stupid Handheld Supernova
  15. Yeah - I am not thrilled how all changes are being focused around Trials I am strongly thinking I will finally start working on my backlog
  16. Take 5 minutes to help me complete this quest step and then I can run the throne with you and get my WishEnder at the same time
  17. To go back to the "who was more bothered to be there" - my vote is for these two
  18. KO says that he will donate all profits that he receives from the Just Keep Fighting shirt will be donate to 2 mental health charities (one in Canada and one in the US)
  19. Considering the check Brock gets compared to everyone else (sans like Goldberg and Taker) and the fact that he gets his own private flight - I don't think he is bothered at all
  20. By my count And that is what I remember without watching it again
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