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  1. There is a chance that it is part of whatever this new gimmick he is doing is He tweeted this back in Nov Which was a promo that got edited off of SDL I mean the NEWZ~! is reporting it as a shoot but who knows
  2. Baylor becomes the first AP #1 ever to lose two home games in the same week
  3. By all accounts it is Brian Flores
  4. A Williams is indeed following Lincoln Riley to USC... Mario Williams
  5. Yes yes - clearly all the GM interviews the Giants are doing are just window dressing
  6. This clip is 14 minutes is Young Boy Tom talking about the decision to join, how the first night was, what he is excited about, etc... Full episode can be found below https://youtu.be/q_gfbnkn6V8
  7. Todd Graham has resigned as Hawaii's head coach after allegations of abuse/mistreatment of players The University was standing behind him being all "Nothing to See Here!" so the players said fuck that and started entering the portal en masse. (I know at least 17 had entered in one day)
  8. Iowa and Kirk Ferentz have agreed to an extension Will run through 2029 - 7 million a year He will be 75 when the deal ends
  9. Do you not have Monday off with it being a holiday and all?
  10. Netflix is raising its prices... again For the US and Canada https://variety.com/2022/digital/news/netflix-hikes-prices-us-canada-1235154777/
  11. They are the official testing ground of MLB so yes
  12. The Atlantic League will no longer be testing robo-umps or the extended pitcher's mound Apparently they aren't gonna do robo-umps anymore because it is expected that MLB will expand testing it in lower levels of the minors so there is no reason for the Atlantic League to do so. They will continue to keep using the bigger base (17 inches as opposed to the standard 15 inches), anti-shift rules and even more extreme rules to speed up extra innings (runners start at 1st and 2nd in the 10th, all other extra innings would start with bases loaded)
  13. Another for the Rippa was right file (probably) Reports are that Moon Knight will be starting on March 30
  14. Full trailer for All of Us Are Dead Referencing Train to Busan sure is a choice
  15. I thought it was a Battle Royale at first but the official description is
  16. I already discovered that I won't be able to watch Mythic Quest when my wife is around because just watching the trailer - she instantly hated Rob McElhenney
  17. NBC has officially greenlit the Quantum Leap "sequel" pilot Scott Bakula may or may not be involved Original series creator Don Bellisario will be executive producer
  18. To @bobholly138question - possibly? It doesn't ensure that it will be taped and aired but it could be (or possibly highlights shown) To @Technico Support question - it seems more likely that, with ROH's blessing, they are building to Gresham vs. Bandido for Supercard of Honor Remember - Gresham is the one behind Terminus so it being done on that show makes sense
  19. Meanwhile - Sony's official response to the PS5 shortage is to make more PS4s https://kotaku.com/sony-to-produce-more-ps4s-in-response-to-ps5-shortage-1848345590
  20. Okada got 92% which was the third highest in history Of your list - the rest in order of their vote totals Ibushi - 54% (18 votes short) Taue - 46% Ishii - 38% (Got one more vote than Naito) Naito - 38% And just because I am sure you will ask - CM Punk - 33% One note - Taue is being removed as a singles performer for next year and will be on the ballot with Kawada as a tag team due to the weird way Dave feels about guys being on the ballot twice at the same time (and Dave also doesn't like folks going in twice)
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