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  1. With Italy beating China - if the Netherlands beat Japan today the Quarterfinals will literally be the US vs. Europe
  2. But can he dodge a wrench?
  3. He wasn't He was on a Sports Illustrated podcast BR just recapped what was said - they just were the first ones to do it
  4. That was pre 24/7 rule The 24/7 rule was announced when Crash Holly was champ and his 22 reigns. And Raven's 27 reigns. And Stevie Richards 21 reigns.
  5. More fun with the Mets The front office has made in-game decisions https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27048818/mets-front-office-making-game-moves
  6. You do realize that umps do far more than balls and strikes right? Robots will able to make zero of the on field calls. Not to mention the game management piece like substitutions, pitching changes, etc...
  7. Brooks Orpik has announced his retirement
  8. Well this isn't remotely close to Misawa tribute anymore plus it had been dormant for like a week and a half. Y'all can decry the downfall of society in all the other threads it is happening in.
  9. For a frame of reference - when the WWE first instituted the 24/7 policy on the Hardcore title (Feb 22) to the Mania Hardcore Battle Royal (April 2) - there were THREE title reigns
  10. Updated Title History Titus O'Neil Bobby Roode R-Truth Elias R-Truth (2) Jinder Mahal R-Truth (3) Elias (2) R-Truth (4) Jinder Mahal (2) R-Truth (5) Drake Maverick R-Truth (6) Heath Slater R-Truth (7) Cedric Alexander EC3 R-Truth (8) Random notes - 18 title reigns in a little more than a month. R-Truth and Drake Maverick are the only people to hold the title longer than a day. - Titus O'Neil and Cedric Alexander are the only people to not lose the title to R-Truth
  11. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood has "dropped" to 92% That will still be good for second place in this poll (Toy Story 4 is clearly going to be #1) And it has several weeks before release date That being said - I will giggle if it somehow ends up lower than John Wick 3 on the RT list
  12. The dimensions for the field in London will be 330 down the lines, 385 to dead center (with a 16 foot high wall). Foul territory will be "Oakland like" They are going to score 41815252 runs
  13. Announced for the Bash at the Brewery show on July 5 (which will air live on Twitch) (Not to be confused with the regular Friday show) Brian Cage vs. Moose Rosemary vs. Su Yung Michael Elgin vs. Eddie Edwards
  14. Cody was acting like it was a new announcement But he has also taken several shots to the head
  15. Pro Athlete speaks in cliche Internet: Athletes are so boring Pro Athlete speaks plainly and how they feel Internet: OUTRAGE! HOW DARE YOU EXPRESS AN OPINION! STICK WITH SPORTS!
  16. Seth Rollins has blocked Bryan Alvarez on Twitter At a minimum that makes him smarter than my dumb ass
  17. Full Watch Along show Cathy Kelly instead of Pat McAfee makes this immediately better
  18. Marta out here cutting better wrestling promos from anything this weekend
  19. Le Monarque comes from Bergusia or Izanami
  20. Spud remains one their top 3 signings of the last 5 years
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