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  1. I was guessing Ali was gonna be in the MITB match. KO has to be turning on New Day tonight so that’s Kofi’s challenger. While not announced - you would think Roman vs Elias and Finn vs Andrade (for IC title) are locks
  2. I am here to crush your dreams https://impactwrestling.com/desi-hit-squad/ All from Impact under the guidance of Gama Singh
  3. Today in Ethan Page causing internet drama Apparently AAW is telling wrestlers that if they work for AAW - they can't work for the other local promotions (specifically naming Black Label, Freelance and Warrior)
  4. Yeah I have to do the Reckoning since I am half way through upgrading my synthesizer again and I only have like 2 days left before that bounty resets
  5. I don't know why you would skip it since Titan is one of the places you can legit finish in 15 minutes
  6. Santana Garrett is Sienna's opponent for the women's title
  7. But what about Ang Lee movies?
  8. I have better hand cannons for PvP thus I don't ever see myself using Trust then Heck right now I am gonna have sex with the rotation I have of Ace of Spades and Breakneck in my Kinetic slot and my masterworked Vestian Dynasty with Firefly in my Energy slot
  9. I have 3 versions of Trust right now - just because I haven't moved stuff to my Warlock and I wanted to see which one is best. My favorite version (which is the one that is masterworked) has Genesis/Explosive Payload. I have no complaints
  10. I mentioned this in the Joshi thead - but the WWE has some sort of working agreement with Stardom now so expect... someone... to be in it
  11. In news most folks were anticipating - Jonathan Stewart is signing a one day contract so he can retire a Panther
  12. Gemini Man Director: Ang Lee Starring 2 Will Smiths (I am assuming this is being shown in front of End Game)
  13. I am running into Bows more period I forgot to mention that I finally got a Bug-Out Bag to drop for me so I am slowly completing my collection I also got a 700 level Trust so I really really need to log in to my Warlock and move a lot of this used weapons over to her
  14. RIPPA

    Feeling Poptimistic

    Companion video Radio Disney was playing that version a bunch a couple of weeks ago during my drive to NY Apparently the original version was on Umbrella Academy and that is why everyone is now striking while the iron is hot
  15. I got Equinox twice and both times were Clash. Boo.... I got Convergence earlier in the week
  16. Final Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer Usual "It sure seems like the entire movie is in the trailer" trailer
  17. HA! I almost picked Stuber as the random movie but I also had ran out of spots (since I was including End Game) Oh and I am good for prizes - including booby prize. I will get with you once I decide what they will be.
  18. The Yanks/Angels had one of those "Yup - this is baseball" games - the Yanks scored the winning run in the Top of the 14th despite striking out FOUR times. - the Angels had to bat a pitcher in extras because their DH broke his face sliding into a bag - Oh and because LAA was out of position players Which basically amounted to "I guess I played there once in High School"
  19. Guess which maps I was getting last night?
  20. I also realized that part of my problem is I am trying to complete the quest that requires precision pulse rifle kills at the same time - and obviously some maps are not build for that. We shall see how IB goes.
  21. Couple of notes from Meltzer on the radio show this morning - As folks probably could have guessed - the word "belts" is no longer forbidden. It could be that just the women are allowed to use it. It is also possible it will for only be as long as Becky has both belts. - The plan right now is for Becky to have two matches on the PPV. Defending each belt in a separate match. Lacey saying she was going to take both titles was a fuck up... unless, they are somehow going to insert her into the SDL match after losing the RAW match.
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