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  1. I should note that I am also trying to get kills with Witherhoard so that is affecting my killing ability
  2. Per Schefter - its total value is over $400 million
  3. Microsoft will be hosting another Next Gen Showcase on July 23 This one is focused on 1st party titles so expect a lot of Halo Infinite and.... umm... Halo Infinite
  4. https://www.vulture.com/2020/07/is-anyone-watching-quibi.html Another story on the fiasco that is Quibi As the story notes - one thing that is going to be interesting. Most of the 90 day free trials that started when the service started, expire this month It could be real ugly (well more than it already is) Oh and a whole lotta this
  5. If anyone wants the black wrestling outfit, let me know I bought one the other day so of course, one fell out of a tree yesterday
  6. If any one is interested in participating in a quick survey about wrestling habits
  7. Apparently the testers didn’t even show up to give the Angels their tests so the players just did them themselves (I’m sure those were sanitary)
  8. And Mike Rizzo flat out called out MLB for the lag in testing I am assuming MLB will use the excuse of a Holiday weekend but this isn't the first time that it has taken a club forever to get their results
  9. I had no idea that is why the bird was there. I thought it was just Harv being creepy Learn something new
  10. I legit never check my bulletin board. Heck I have written messages for people that I am convinced they have never seen
  11. I think every match I played had two guys in the high 30s and multiple guys at 6 or less Now I was I also playing IB where you had folks near/at max LL vs people like me who are at 1045 I will play regular crucible today and see if I notice a difference
  12. Per my residents - Fishing Tournament on Saturday
  13. Why yes - I am enjoying this week
  14. Royals long time coach (and all time great name) Rusty Kuntz is another coach who is opting out of the season
  15. For the second straight week - mine were 108 I really starting to loathe turnips
  16. With the way he has pitched the last few seasons, he is doing Atlanta a favor
  17. The MLS restart is going swell I refer you to the above post and, oh, the fact that Toronto was supposed to fly to Orlando this morning. However, one of the players started experiencing symptoms so the entire team has to be tested again and can not leave until the results come back
  18. We have our new "biggest name opting out" (passing Ryan Zimmerman) David Price is opting out of the season
  19. My Nook Cranny had a Cello today and I was like "Oooh I will add it to my music collection on the beach!" It was fucking 130K
  20. Remember that Gonzo is in the Southern Hemisphere so be prepared for snow
  21. And Giancarlo Stanton just drilled Masahiro Tanaka in the head with a line drive. Can we cancel the fucking season already?
  22. Most pro sports teams are getting an exemption to travel hence why Toronto is allowed to play their games in Canada despite the mandatory quarantine if coming from the US
  23. Mine should be over 100. Checking now
  24. Okay this is a start Per the folks who know - Saharah, Kicks and Lief are no longer guaranteed each week Basically M-F you will get a random character and it should mean that you will see each character at least once every two weeks Edit - and Wisp will only appear on the weekends now And the usual certain conditions apply for some characters
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