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  1. Luis Severino is going to the Mets on a one year deal because he clearly didn’t want to have to move
  2. I kinda get Datto's reason (since he talked about enemy density and how it really isn't a challenge) but yeah - it's like how content creator's don't like Gambit either. But yeah - in that first run, we were out of revives (I had joined really really late so the two guys I joined were already way at the final boss and only had like 3 revives left to start with). But Datto wasn't kidding - when I joined them, they were an hour into their run. I had to bail after the first section of my 2nd attempt because I had to go to a work meeting. I am not really sad about it since the two guys I was with clearly didn't know about break pots. Nor did they seem to know how the mechanics of the encounter worked. I need to make a new Solar Titan build. Strand is working fine for me but as I unlock more of the Artifact perks, clearly I need to switch to Solar
  3. Aaron Rodgers isn't fun to talk about ever
  4. I think folks knew another movie was happening but I think this was the first tease of any sorts
  5. What will be interesting for fans of the video games is that the TV series will be canon
  6. While not official - hosts of some of the upcoming Winter Olympics were decided today The IOC announced that France is the "preferred" host for 2030, Salt Lake City is the "preferred" host for 2034 and Sweden was basically told they would get 2038 or 2042 if they choose to resubmit Technically - these decisions can change but since each place is the only candidate for each year - unless the countries change their minds, they are getting it And not to be morbid but typing 2042 was the first time I ever went "Shit... I'm probably not gonna be around for that"
  7. It appears that Joe Flacco will be starting for the Browns this weekend
  8. And Johnson announced he is going to UNC
  9. It really isn't that much of a story The Jets kinda have to open the window now otherwise it really is pointless to bring him back (I mean it IS pointless but you know what I mean). They aren't waiting another two weeks, then open it and he basically returns for the meaningless Week 18 game against the Pats. He isn't a FA at season's end who needs to prove he is healthy. Just because the window opens doesn't mean a) he will be ready and b) they will activate him
  10. I saw someone say that it is because Beyond Good & Evil is about to hit its 20th Anniversary and Ubisoft is doing.... something about it Okay - in looking around - apparently Ubisoft accidentally leaked its own game early and people were able to play it. So now they are trying to put the genie back in the bottle But then they announced it anyway https://x.com/bgegame/status/1729872094627090483?s=20
  11. HA! Nevermind - the game kicked me for being "inactive" I mean I guess that is another way of saying dead
  12. Glad I watched Datto's video first before doing the Coil for the first time Hoo Boy is that a grind I am currently sitting dead a hour in as our one alive teammate chips away at the final boss
  13. Yup that would have been the Texans I think the backlash when it leaked out was the only reason it didn't happen
  14. Since it’s an A24 title it will be on Showtime via Paramount+ (A24 has a deal with them) The speculation is it will hit in Feb or March
  15. DeSean Jackson will officially retire as an Eagle on Friday
  16. BTW - there is a new Veil Containment available
  17. So glad I never deleted my Blind Well charges
  18. So many QBs in the portal now (besides Leavitt) Tyler Van Dyke - Miami (Graduate) Athan Kaliakmanis - Minnesota Max Brosmer - New Hampshire (FCS passing yards leader) Mitch Griffis - Wake Forest Santino Marucci - Wake Forest Will Howard - Kansas State (Graduate) - this one might have been mentioned already Blake Shapen - Baylor Will Rogers - Mississippi State Brendan Sorsby - Indiana Katin Houser - Michigan State Max Johnson - Texas A&M (Graduate) Nate Johnson - Utah Tyler Shough - Texas Tech (I think Graduate but not positive)
  19. Robert Eggers Nosferatu will release on Christmas Day 2024
  20. Syracuse is hiring Georgia DB coach Fran Brown as HC
  21. Yup - I officially love the Panthers mess Nothing says drunk with power like getting an interim title and immediately firing all your coworkers
  22. Patrick Kane is signing with the Red Wings
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