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  1. Only 3 people left as one person picked Dallas and one person didn’t make a pick
  2. And Mariotta has been benched
  3. Wednesday is going to be interesting as it is supposed to rain all day along the East Coast so you are potentially looking at both games getting washed out. (I am working under the assumption the Nats wont sweep - that could be quite foolish of me)
  4. Jared Goff is currently giving me negative points The game is in the third quarter
  5. The Dolphins are insisting that Josh Rosen is still their starter
  6. They weren't great last year but a lot of folks hand waved it away due to all the injuries they had Now why they have some injuries this year too but they remain not very good
  8. There is a chance all my laundry is going out off the balcony
  9. Miami goes for surprise onside recovers but committed like 8 penalties so nevermind
  10. Fitz Magic leads the Fins to a TD Thats the first points Miami scored in the 2nd half THIS SEASON
  11. Miami announced that Josh Rosen was their QB for the rest of the year He just got benched
  12. at least it is moving along at a nice pace
  13. If you are gonna bust out a fake punt do it against Washington
  14. Dolittle Someone is so gonna recut that trailer so it is a Horror movie
  15. The Skins finally put Jordan Reed on IR His career is probably over
  16. I found a high quality super legal super free version so there is no worries regarding accessibility Let's see where we are at on Monday
  17. The draft picks were going in the exact order of the draft pool (which explains why the list wasn't in alphabetical order) People started noticing after the 2nd wave of picks and were talking about it online so I am assuming someone scrambled to edit the website
  18. Funnily enough... in this case you can't
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