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  1. I also discovered that you can acquire the legacy IB gear if you don't have it (It just costs more - 4 engrams instead of 1) My confusion stemmed from Bungie's wording when they first announced it since they were all "You must have acquired it already" That is nice because I was missing the helmet for my Warlock on one set And didn't have any pieces from the other
  2. Microsoft is finally killing the $1 for the first month of Gamepass deal
  3. I keep forgetting Ada sells shaders now - stumbled by today for reasons I don't remember and she had an old Dead Orbit shader that I had never gotten
  4. Lamar Jackson confirms that he requested a trade on March 2
  5. Duke's Tyrese Proctor has announced that he will return for his Sophomore year He also announced he will not play for Australia in this Fall's FIBA World Cup
  6. I can't remember where we originally talked about it so I will drop this here Netflix has reached an agreement to stream all 5 seasons of Arrested Development I guess technically that should say "remain the streaming home" No official date of when the first three seasons will leave Hulu
  7. Knicks Twitter yesterday was basically nothing but TRADE THE WORLD FOR LUKA!
  8. So I decided last night to fire up my Warlock to do IB Played 3 matches only to realize that they weren't counting towards the pinnacle So I had to do the Lightfall opening campaign then they started counting Did three more matches and the two pinnacles (the weekly crucible and the first IB one) were worthless weapons (All my weapons are at 1800 - I need the drops to be armor) Not sure if I am going to bother grinding the rest of the IB pinnacles since I also don't have Strand available to me
  9. It is mostly their own footage since - being the generation they are - the dude was filming basically everything (especially after they got stranded) Despite TABE's skepticism - they are/were an actual couple and it actually happened This is from People from when it happened https://people.com/human-interest/couple-met-hinge-third-date-costa-rica-stuck-coronavirus/ The article from below is from 2021 (Since they are from NY - the Post was obsessed with them) https://nypost.com/2021/02/10/couple-stranded-in-costa-rica-for-months-have-1st-anniversary/ I feel like @Dolfan in NYC would have thoughts based solely on the usage of Hinge
  10. Jordan Walker has broken camp with the Cards and Anthony Volpe has broken camp with the Yankees
  11. From the reporting I have found so far - the only rule change that looks like it is going to pass is moving a touchback on a punt to the 25 yard line (it also seems that part of the proposal is if you fair catch a kickoff inside the 20, that too will go to the 25 yard line) Usual citation of "safety measures" here
  12. Also discovered yesterday that I am probably never gonna get to rank 8 since it requires raid completions
  13. First day it was frustrating Wed and yesterday weren't too bad I am scared what tonight will be like
  14. Today I learned that Hough was the last player born in the 40s to play in MLB If anyone is curious Julio Franco last person from the 50s Mariano Rivera last person from the 60s Ichiro/Fernando Rodney where the last two from the 70s (they both retired after the 2019 season) There are roughly 20 players left from the 80s and that number is going down quick (BR hasn't updated the list so it still includes recently retired people like Pujols, Molina, Sergio Romo and Jed Lowrie)
  15. Not sure if anyone watches it here but You will be ending after its upcoming 5th season
  16. The Nats trotting out Patrick Corbin as their opening day starter will never not be funny
  17. The optimistic reports are him returning basically around Memorial Day More likely it will be early-mid June
  18. Longest Third Date Two people meet on Hinge. Hit it off. Go to Costa Rica and get stuck for at least 3 months there due to the pandemic
  19. The owners will be taking a vote on bringing flex scheduling to Thursday night games So there will be flex scheduling for Thursday night games
  20. I was poking around trying to see who AU might be looking at when I discovered that the Patriot League has four vacancies (AU, Bucknell, Army and Holy Cross) Bucknell hired John Griffin III after Nathan Davis "left to pursue other opportunities" aka quit before got fired
  21. I put the trailer in the TV thread since it is actually a limited series
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