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  1. The Halo series has been cancelled
  2. Utah State has officially fired Blake Anderson They had informed him two weeks ago of their intent to terminate which finally happened.
  3. It is so liberating not buying turnips anymore
  4. The 2025 season will begin with the Dodgers and Cubs playing in Tokyo on March 18 and 19 Then all 30 teams will play on March 27 for the earliest Opening Day ever (excluding international games) There were supposed to be games in Paris and Puerto Rico next year. Neither will happen. The Paris games are off because MLB couldn't find a sponsor for the games
  5. Following up on that - Russ is going to be waived and the expectation is that he will then sign with the Nuggets
  6. One of the things about playing right at reset is that for both Battlegrounds I was dropped in with two mans who clearly are gamer gamers as they were nuking bosses in 2 seconds I definitely missed things that were going on since they were storming through the mission
  7. The Deliverance Lee Daniels directing a Horror movie was not on my bingo card Andra Day, Glenn Close, Mo'Nique
  8. Fresno State's Jeff Tedford is stepping down as HC... again Same reason as last - health concerns
  9. James Sikking - best known for Hill Street Blues and Doogie Howser MD - passed away at the age of 90 His publicist said Sikking passed away from complications with dementia https://variety.com/2024/tv/news/james-sikking-dead-hill-street-blues-1236071928/
  10. Getting really fucking tired of people not knowing how to label their LFG groups Still haven't done the Legendary campaign version of Ascent Multiple times I have joined a posting only to find out (either at the Fireteam screen or worse being dropped mid-mission) that its actually the Saga version Even stupider is that clearly most of the folks making the listing don't realize their is a difference because in the mission they run around not realizing there are mechanics and can't figure out why they are still dying. Side note - also been finding that a lot of my completions are coming in two mans because inevitably someone drops from the group mid-mission
  11. I haven't gone back and looked because I am lazy but I feel like that is the most points I have seen someone in the lead have
  12. Jacoby Jones has passed away at the age of 40
  13. Jimmy Lozano is out as Mexico's coach. He is being replaced by Javier Aguirre
  14. We Live In Time Directed by John Crowley (Brooklyn, Boy A) Andrew Garfield, Florence Pugh Grief porn and Oscar bait all wrapped up in one movie
  15. Bungie had to clarify this on Twitter because apparently the dev misspoke The change of story beats will start with EPISODE II not ACT II
  16. From today's live stream (which was a shit show for awhile because no one at Bungie thought to turn off on screen celebrations so the stream looked like a screen saver from 1993. They finally figured it out about 15 minutes in) All the story beats for Act II will be dropped at once. (This normally they would have been spread over 3 weeks). They made sure to emphasis this was an experiment. The activity for Act II is 3 new Battlegrounds All three will take place on Nessus. The location of the first one is basically redoing the final mission of Act I. The other two are new spaces on Nessus. First two launch week 1. The last one launches week 2. They are nerfing reserve swapping which is probably gonna be what the streams bitch about most Solstice will indeed take place during Act II Prismatic Hunters will be getting a nerf in PvP (specifically skip grenades and threaded specter)
  17. Time Bandits Apple + series that is an adaptation of the movie It is created and produced by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement (they also have roles in the show). Waititi is also directing
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