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  1. Really really REALLY well laid-out match from start to finish.
  2. RE: Curb: Early lock for my 2020 Fantasy Football team name: The Jets Killed Carl.
  3. If no one was willing to save Ricky Steamboat from any of the times he was almost murdered in 1985-86, then no one's character is going to be saved, period.
  4. WWF kicked off an angle that was arguably their best long-term storytelling and as a bonus spat $1000 bills from 1987-89 based on this premise.
  5. And while I don't think the Vachon wedding is necessarily better, it has a level of anarchy that will never ever be seen again on WWE TV. It's like a Muppets segment.
  6. The clip of Braun marching around the corner is equal parts hilarious and terrifying. THAT is a Level 5 "I question my life choices" moment.
  7. Literally my first thought was Rey Mysterio as #30 and how he got booed out the building and thinking, "They've killed Ali dead as a babyface by putting him in this spot". But to his credit, he got the crowd back after they got over Kofi not being there. To someone else's point there's not a lot of guys who COULD have done that.
  8. The moral and what will ultimately be the climax of the Shield story is simple: Family is fucking complicated. And when you think it in those terms, none of it is implausible.
  9. Josh Mann


    I did NOT agree to have feels at the end!
  10. Josh Mann


    Tommy Dreamer as Chunk murdered me.
  11. Hi. Remember me? So... I've been away from the board for a good while. For the last year I've been working in Paducah, KY...which just this week I parlayed into a job offer in Chicago. ...where I haven't actually been in years. Looking for general eecommendations, etc. Also, if there's any groups from here that go to Indy shows in the Chicagoland area (AEW, etc), I'd love to be a tagalong, my schedule permitting. But that aside, what is stuff that I should know about (stores, food, etc)?
  12. Ah, but you're looking for logic in a mind (character wise) where it doesn't exist. That's the point. Even if Ambrose turning on Rollins isn't justified, in his mind it is.
  13. Basically, he's Bullseye. And I know it's questionable judgment at best to look at this with a wide lens from a story standpoint, BUT... it's fair to say Roman was the glue of Shield 2.0, and the combination of his bestie announcing he was possibly deathly ill combined with now being stuck with the one he privately can't stand snapped his already-fragile psyche. Ill-timed is a rightfully debatable point. Illogical, less so.
  14. The ending at least made a modicum of storytelling sense, in that Taker was ultimately pissed that he wanted to settle the last round of this fight with zero bullshit and HHH took the cheap way out. It just took forever and a day to get there.
  15. WWEN just dropped World Class's 1981 Star Wars, which is worth the watch for no other reason than to see that Harley Race was doing the missed diving head butt table spot (re: vs. Hogan in 88) as early as 1981. Insane.
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