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  1. Bless her heart, she's trying to make the best out of a series of bad ideas, but I feel we can just skip to the "I've got 3 words: 'Die Rocky Die' " part of this arc.
  2. This was the first time I'd been to a show at Rosemont, and it IS as loud as I'd always been told it was, so by the time whatever noise got to me in section 212, it was a total cacophony.
  3. I can tell you the crowd was about 90/10 for Charlotte until the finish. There was also a fun little match after 11 between Lashley/MVP and New Day.
  4. I was there but I can't confirm that. WE WANT WYATT: 1, possibly 2 CM PUNK: 9, unofficially. WHOOOO!: Too many times to even think about counting. It was all night.
  5. It's certainly not saying current creative is any better. This is their Attack of the Clones/Rise of the Silver Surfer era.
  6. Unlike when Lucas or Marvel cashed their checks to Disney, there really isn't an entity out there that can be considered a worthy successor to being a brand gatekeeper/creator, and that's what's concerning.
  7. I feel like they were in a little bit of a box with him if they didn't feel they could go all the way with him but he didn't quite fit into the Kane spot either, that they likely felt their best option was to punt and hit the reset button down the road.
  8. I don't recall if I said Top 10 or Top 5, but the point still stands. I probably MEANT to say Top 10 and misspoke when I said it to K. Which, also to be fair, was a little bit of a cheat as well since Tony Gonzalez was drafted at #11. But it's still a long line of *air quotes* generational tight end prospects that bit the dust. That's closer to the point at heart.
  9. The Nikita Koloff rule ("Stay on your feet or bye bye push") was definitely in effect with Omos. Observation, not complaint.
  10. WWE's answer to the Exploding Barbed Wire match might be them using it as a deterrent for anyone who makes an acceptance speech longer than 7 minutes.
  11. I think it was Jericho's podcast where Pat told the story about how one day early in his tenure in California that Roy Shire confronted him about his sexuality and Patterson confirmed it and said he wouldn't do anything to have it be an issue, punctuated by "...and I worked there for another 15 years." And this was pre-Stonewall, let alone what a pro wrestling locker room had to be on that front at the time.
  12. Really really REALLY well laid-out match from start to finish.
  13. RE: Curb: Early lock for my 2020 Fantasy Football team name: The Jets Killed Carl. ??
  14. If no one was willing to save Ricky Steamboat from any of the times he was almost murdered in 1985-86, then no one's character is going to be saved, period.
  15. WWF kicked off an angle that was arguably their best long-term storytelling and as a bonus spat $1000 bills from 1987-89 based on this premise.
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