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  1. Another episode done. This match happened in February and was one of the better matches so far this year in the Okanagan. An interesting mix of styles that I hope you enjoy.
  2. Having upload issues so this one took a bit. It is dark and a little blurry because it was the main of an outdoor show last August: OSOYOOS STREET FIGHT FOR THE THRASH WRESTLING TITLE: "Northern Nightmare" Camaro Cope (c) vs. "Top Drawer" Michael More (w/Ryan Orion)
  3. A match of mine from last summer, battling one of my most long-standing rivals, "That Guy" Danni Deeds...
  4. Had to acquiesce and cancel my pending March 28 show in Summerland; no choice at this point.
  5. Our show in Kelowna went on last night. We ditched the "Time Warp" theatrical time-travel 90s tribute gimmick because we kept everyone off the card who even had a sniffle (which isn't even a coronavirus symptom but again...peace of mind). Only two customers asked for refunds (as they too had a head cold and were respecting our requests), and we had a nice crowd of just under 100, thankful for a distraction in this wild time. Anyway, here's Danny Knightmare vs. Slave from Dec. 7 in Summerland, B.C.
  6. Thoroughly lackluster show. Who decided to give almost all their top stars the night off? Roman, Brock, Goldberg, Cena, Fiend, Orton, Edge, Corbin, Bayley, Sasha...nowhere to be found. Taker, Becky and KO only for brief spots. A thoroughly obvious Main Event finish. Tons of botches by wrestlers, refs, announcers and film crew. This wasn't even good enough to be called a B-Show. That tag chamber was a nightmare. Bryan/Gulak was excellent and Styles/Black should've been the main for the Undertaker angle alone.
  7. WOW 5.05 is up, featuring more of "Bomber" Braydon Goss and Adam Ryder: this time from Vancouver on Feb. 29; quick episode as there's only one show this coming weekend in B.C.
  8. I put together this online poll for Wild Okanagan Wrestling's "Match Of The Month" just to see if it would garner enough interest. Three matches and a quick vote, if you haven't watched the links I've added already.
  9. From February 9 in Summerland, it's a Ladder Match for the Big West Television Title: "All Attitude" Ace Redmann, Jr. (c) vs. "Bomber" Braydon Goss
  10. Newest episode of Wild Okanagan Wrestling previews all three B.C. promotions hosting shows on an elusive "Leap Day" Saturday, as well as promos from Adam "Mustache" Ryder and "Bomber" Braydon Goss. Also a look back at the first-ever "Cope's Cabin" talk segment, and a "Christmas Chaos" match between Jade and Scarlett Black from Summerland last December 7!
  11. Main Event from February 15, 2020 in Abbotsford for Pacific Pro Wrestling's "The Show Must Go On," featuring Adam "Mustache" Ryder talking smack to hometown-hero, Todd Quality, before an emotionally-charged battle. https://youtu.be/Ke7OJAkfih4
  12. Main Event from Saturday, Feb. 22 in Penticton: was supposed to be simply Danny Duggan vs. Jayce D'Arcy for the Thrash Wrestling Title, but turned into a four-way with Camaro Cope and Collin Cutler. A fan took this footage from ringside...
  13. This week's episode looks at Thrash Wrestling's upcoming shows this weekend: RUNNING ROUGHSHOD in West Kelowna today (Friday, Feb. 21) and FIGHT NIGHT in Penticton on Feb. 22. Runs down the listed matches, has promos from Vance Nevada and Jayce D'Arcy (aka Taylor King if he ever figures out what name he wants to fucking use), and also features a Thrash Wrestling Title match from last November between Jayce and Danny Duggan...
  14. Here's another match: from January 2019 featuring yours truly defending the Thrash Wrestling Title against Chucky Lee Ray. The two of us would fight a sheet of plywood that just didn't want to do fucking business...
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