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  1. Marty Sugar


    While Wild Okanagan Wrestling is still struggling to get through 2018 (and earlier), I figured I'd try to keep everyone updated of 2019 at the same time... THE REMATCH YOU NEED: Braydon "Blonde Bomber" Goss vs. "Top Young Gun" Sean Gaston (January 4, 2019 from Lake City Bowling in Kelowna, BC) PINFALLS ANYWHERE FOR THE BIG WEST TELEVISION TITLE: Scarlett Black (c) vs. Jade (w/Slave) (Sept. 21, 2018 ... voted the Big West 2018 Match Of The Year)
  2. Fair enough. WWE can have some knee-jerk reactions to much of this stuff.
  3. Could this have something to do with Ripley's rather ignorant comments towards Toni's social media woes?
  4. Marty Sugar

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 1/11/19

    I have so many questions: are MLW guys working with TNA, or is that why Fenix and Penta were basically murdered this winter by Low-Ki's group? Is Bram out of ICW in Scotland because of the WWE insolvent there, and now back with TNA for the foreseeable future? Is the NWA working with both TNA *and* ROH, or is Corgan just trying to get his name everywhere?
  5. Thumb is for the Samoan Spike and the other two fingers are for the Mandible Claw.
  6. No, those are from Old Navy. The ones below are Sweetlegs...
  7. I don't know why the ref is on my case... Or the fans...
  8. Beefcake is in pretty decent shape for a crippled old former steroid abuser...
  9. If you're a major executive for a major company, and have issues with your teeth...it's probably super easy to get them fixed.
  10. Marty Sugar

    IMPACT is still around in 2019...

    Robbie E is a fucking weirdo. Like, he pesters promoters on Facebook to the point they never want to talk to him again, and most of his promos for indies are him in his bed...and not in a sexy way, or like it's staged well. It's just his lazy ass, half asleep, lying in bed mumbling about an upcoming show. And when he does work shows, he doesn't want to do anything. He spends most of his time on the mic, fucking around.
  11. Marty Sugar

    2019 NWA Thread

    My middle school Honours English teacher was a jacked AF rugby player and coach. Jocks can teach more than just PE, you guys...
  12. Marty Sugar


    First show of the New Year, took forever to load though as my internet has been dragging the past 2-3 days... WOW 4.04 ... ORIGINAL AIRDATE: January 3, 2019 ** BIG WEST TELEVISION TITLE: Michael More (c) vs. Camaro Cope (March 16, 2018) ** SIX-WAY ELIMINATION: Dragon vs. Deeds vs. Hellion vs. D'Arcy vs. XStatic vs. More (June 16, 2017) ** THRASH TAG TITLES: Cougar Meat (c) vs. Top Quality (March 9, 2018)
  13. Marty Sugar

    2019 NWA Thread

    Jocephus has that match coming up with David Arquette...
  14. Marty Sugar


    They've still got Flamita, Rey Horus, B-Boy, El Phantasmo (local boy but now he's England's problem, j/k), and Nicole Savoy. Still a lot of indie names...
  15. Marty Sugar


    2018 Okanagan Match Of The Year: Cougar Meat vs. The Millennials in a Vernon Street Fight from Invasion Championship Wrestling's EXTREME DREAM event on October 27, 2018...