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  1. Nick Wayne first started wrestling at 12, which he never should've been allowed to do. His old man started too early and was dead at 50, so like...I dunno...maybe wait a little?
  2. The Funches thing is awful, and if it's a GCW angle of all things...that's even worse.
  3. Tonight is another WRESTLING WEDNESDAY and we pay tribute to Jimmy Rave, plus we look into the Hannibal debacle, Jeff Hardy's release, Kevin Owens re-signing, Anthony Ogogo sounding stupid about Jonathan Gresham and both Jordynne Grace and Dylan Postl clapping back...and more! 10pm-midnight, Mountain Time (9-11, Pacific) on the Cabin Radio NWT app or online at www.CabinRadio.ca
  4. For a guy who won a fat court case claiming Abby gave him Hep C...you'd think he'd have nothing to do with blood, and nobody would ever wanna work blood angles with him. The fact Kevin Sullivan is also involved makes the whole thing questionable AF.
  5. Tonight is another WRESTLING WEDNESDAY, where I talk about Tony Khan, Matt Hardy, and Tessa Blanchard. Fun topics! 10pm-Midnight, Mountain Time (9-11, Pacific), via the Cabin Radio app or online.
  6. Tonight at 10pm-Midnight, Mountain Time (9-11, Pacific) on Cabin Radio NWT, it is WRESTLING WEDNESDAY! I'm talking the life and times of Angelo "King Kong" Mosca, as well as the recent Beyond Wrestling "Reverse The Curse" Event from last weekend. Get the Cabin Radio app or go online to www.CabinRadio.ca
  7. Too many multi-person matches for my taste, but the Women's and World Title matches were both super enjoyable. El Phantasmo looked great in that three-way for the X-Division Title; would like to see him and Trey go on-on-one someday. The ending of the show with Moose standing over Josh and his family was a good visual, and it's actually cool to see Impact booking two of their own on top, for the first time in a long time. EDIT: Iinspiration debuting and winning the tag belts is shit booking IMO; and that match was not good...everyone seemed to be stumbling all over each other and themselves. Really poor way to open a PPV. Rhino looks like he can barely move out there, which was kinda sad to see.
  8. This match was so ho-hum and then the finishing stretch (including this schtick) was aces. I like that they gave every match time and the PPV was very strong until the WTF finish of a really, really good Main Event.
  9. So did Suzuki get a work VISA to stay here for several months, or did he move to the US?
  10. MSP! Yes, I saw them vs. SeaStars and it was great. Although "Danger Kid" looks older than me. lol
  11. I'm all for Cardona doing the "Sports Entertainer" gimmick, but cosplaying Cena? I dunno...
  12. I've glanced at a few. Got turned onto SeaStars (not that way), thanks to them.
  13. I echo the sentiments: Colby vs. Steve was, IMHO, beyond a MOTY candidate.
  14. Do Limitless, Beyond and WWR+ just heavily use all the same talent (including refs and announcers), so they all look so similar?
  15. I just sat down and watched Limitless Wrestling's UNDENIABLE from July 31. Opening match between Kevin Blackwood and JD Drake was amazing, and Ace Romero vs. Eddie Edwards was, IMO, a serious MOTY contender. I got sidelined by a heavy-duty convo so I missed some of the other matches, but this was a really good show.
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