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  1. This match was so ho-hum and then the finishing stretch (including this schtick) was aces. I like that they gave every match time and the PPV was very strong until the WTF finish of a really, really good Main Event.
  2. So did Suzuki get a work VISA to stay here for several months, or did he move to the US?
  3. MSP! Yes, I saw them vs. SeaStars and it was great. Although "Danger Kid" looks older than me. lol
  4. I'm all for Cardona doing the "Sports Entertainer" gimmick, but cosplaying Cena? I dunno...
  5. I've glanced at a few. Got turned onto SeaStars (not that way), thanks to them.
  6. I echo the sentiments: Colby vs. Steve was, IMHO, beyond a MOTY candidate.
  7. Do Limitless, Beyond and WWR+ just heavily use all the same talent (including refs and announcers), so they all look so similar?
  8. I just sat down and watched Limitless Wrestling's UNDENIABLE from July 31. Opening match between Kevin Blackwood and JD Drake was amazing, and Ace Romero vs. Eddie Edwards was, IMO, a serious MOTY contender. I got sidelined by a heavy-duty convo so I missed some of the other matches, but this was a really good show.
  9. Season One Finale of Saturday Night SKODEN features the first-ever "Winner Leaves Town" Match, as Jarred Kalifornia has inexplicably been allowed the right to battle an injured Marty Sugar (re: watch SNS Ep. 5), for a flight out of Inuvik! DISCLAIMER: Jarred is green as green can be. We did our best. I think the angle and the finish was solid, storyline-wise.
  10. Good question! I'm not editing this one, so I'm unsure. We have to reshoot the finish because we filmed these Saturday Night SKODEN episodes out of sequence and in the Season Finale (episode six), it makes several references to something we didn't shoot the other day (for episode five). Hopefully that'll be taken care of tonight or tomorrow. One plus of living above the Arctic Circle is that "Midnight Sun" gives you A LOT of daylight to shoot shit from May to September.
  11. About two hours. It's being edited this week and should be up on Saturday. I'll post a link, here. It felt like it's gonna be good.
  12. I filmed my first "theatrical" style wrestling match last night, in an actual scrapyard. It's where the Totally Arctic Wrestling ring is housed and the company (Northwind) is a major sponsor up here in Inuvik, Northwest Territories. I haven't been this banged up since I worked three hardcore matches in one night to win Super Evil in 2017 in Enderby. Where's my stunt doubles?
  13. Napped through my "(Just Another) Mad Dog Monday" show--work is grinding me down right now--so attempted my first "Tuesdays With Marty" live show, discussing GCW Homecoming: Night One. https://fb.watch/v/voCXQHrr/
  14. Episode 2 of "Saturday Night SKODEN," featuring two of my trainees: This is Nolerbear's second "offical" match (his first being a hardcore thing before I started training him), and this is Jarred Kalifornia's sixth match. It's rough in patches, but has some good stuff. *and don't even get me started on Blu Wilder wearing fucking board shorts to ref: I wasn't there so I didn't have time to go full Bill Watts*
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