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  1. Main Event of "Tougher Than Leather" on November 14 in Summerland, BC ... plus a controversial K5 cash-in (our version of MITB), and post-show reactions of what went down. Plus my old ass takes to the sky!
  2. From "Tougher Than Leather" on November 14 in Summerland, BC, Ace Redmann, Jr. battles Justin Cider, and Chucky Lee Ray tangles with the returning Michael More. Including never before seen pre-match promos. Skye and Colton Gee are the refs, and Zilla brings the commentary alongside Handsome Pete.
  3. Delayed due to work and lack of donations. This one is the Punk/Cena match from MITB 2011. It can be found on DailyMotion. Don’t forget to send your donation and match suggestion to [email protected] Total #movember2020 money raised so far: $60.00 Also, on the Big West Wrestling Facebook page, our Ninth Anniversary Show (Tougher Than Leather), will air tonight (Saturday, November 13) at 7:00pm, Pacific Standard Time. It's a Facebook feed, so we'll do the best we can. Pre-Show is slated to start at 6:30 with some interviews, etc. Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/BigW
  4. Tuesday Night TalkDown returns after a two-week hiatus, with a build to Big West's Ninth Anniversary, a look back at matches from 2012, and lots of birthday wishes and some fun out-takes after the credits.
  5. This is like when people say "Real Wrestlers Wear Proper Gear!" and then people ask, "What about John Cena?" It's an exception to the rule, that in itself reinforces said rule. Mick Foley came along at the right place at the right time and found a special niche within the wrestling community. I'm not remotely suggesting that Eddie cannot do the same in this day and age, but on a national scale I don't feel he has...yet. I hope he does, though: he fucking deserves it.
  6. I love Eddie Kingston, and this story was perfect...but it's ending was, too. Sometimes you can dedicate your life to reaching the peak, but what if you fail? I'm intrigued by where Eddie goes from here: the story has so much potential this way, in his picking himself up to succeed or fall further. And I hate to say it, but Moxley totally outclassed Eddie as an athlete: Mox looks like the part of a world champion, and Eddie looked the part of a guy toiling on the indies for 18 years and got his lucky break...and that's as far as the dream goes.
  7. I missed Omega/Page and most of Orange/Silver. The only two matches I liked were Cody/Darby (although the lack of heel turn by Cody at the end was...counter-productive, maybe?), and Mox/Kingston. I felt Jericho/MJF was clunky, as heel-heel matches often are, and Shida/Nyla was downright bad: hopefully this tantrum by Vickie means Nyla can become a face, because as a heel she cannot carry a match whatsoever. Bucks/FTR was overdone and mostly ridiculous, which is sad but to be expected. Matt/Sammy was fun for what it was, and while not the best of these backyard matches Matt has had, it told a
  8. I look at the Rock/Mankind "I Quit" Match...
  9. ORIGINAL AIRDATE: November 5, 2020 We continue to build to TOUGHER THAN LEATHER in Summerland on November 14, 2020; the Ninth Anniversary Show for Big West Wrestling. On this episode, we hear from Camaro Cope, Danni Deeds, Elliot Tyler, Eli Surge, Justin Cider, Haviko, Malik Melo, Miles Deville and Slave. Marty Sugar talks briefly about #movember2020 and the importance of cutting promos at all; and we have news on Davey Deals and briefly take a look at The Compound. All this, plus an exciting match between Chucky Lee Ray and Elliot Tyler from SUNDAY STUNDAY on October 25, as
  10. I'm doing a Movember 2020 fundraiser where I review a "Match A Day" (M.A.D. Dog), and the matches are chosen by those who donate. Initially I suggested $10 but in this day and age, I dropped to "almost" any donation. I had three matches thus far, but no more donations so...if you wanna toss a couple bucks at a fundraiser and get put in a draw for some indie wrestling swag: [email protected] is the place to e-transer donations and match suggestions. 1. Nikita vs. Magnum, Best of 3 Falls from Sept. 13, 1986 2. John Tenta & Rick Davis domin
  11. ORIGINAL AIRDATE: October 29, 2020 We look back on SUNDAY STUNDAY from October 25, while looking ahead to TOUGHER THAN LEATHER on November 14. It's our Ninth Anniversary show, and it will be a hard-hitting, thrilling affair. On this episode of ThrowDown, we hear from Ace Redmann Jr, Danni Deeds, Haviko, Jordie Taylor, Justin Cider, Malik Melo and Miles Deville, along with an easter egg from Camaro Cope. Plus we see the Melo/Deville showdown from October 25. Don't forget it's up to YOU to decide the rankings in the four-person mini-tournament to crown the "f
  12. These promotions that have been playing so lax with the rules...it's a disaster waiting to happen. We have been strict here in the Okanagan and we are holding on.
  14. Tony Deppen tweeted that he tested positive after The Collective but somehow none of his driving buddies did?
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