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  1. On Pay-Per-View, especially. Live indie wrestling thrives on them; I've booked so many, and also been booked in so many, and every one has been a hit.
  2. You make good points. Personally, I felt the Bludgeon Brothers outfits exposed Harper as being less a "monster" and more just a tall and skinny dude...who was getting skinnier and skinnier every month. His "Big Rig" gear worked more to his build and added to the mystique of this kinda ratty, disheveled big man that could fucking move. Could he have had a Cactus Jack type of run...the grimy nut that instilled fear more for his persona than his build? Probably. Ultimately his injuries held him back. Rowan has that look the WWE likes in their heels. He's big, he's burly. He's got a weird face/beard combo. If he wrestled 40 years ago he'd have made a fortune working MSG against Bruno and he'd be in the HOF and we'd trundle his matches out as THIS IS WHAT A HOSS LOOKS LIKE! Although Harper would've been the Killer Kowalski type and made just as much money in a similar era, so...yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just my two cents.
  3. Owen wrestled his own brother on TV, but his brother pretended to be someone else? Amazing. EDIT: And he played a fucking STARK? In 1991, about the same time a certain guy started publishing a series of novels he'll never finish?!?! Interesting.
  4. Apples and oranges. The big bully bruiser dude is not supposed to give you a MOTY match. It's like the convo in the Sasha bullshit thread about how "not everyone is supposed to be a star." Harper is a great worker but he was only ever a monster as Brodie Lee against all the tiny ROH and Chikara guys. Harper is tallish and a good hand, but skinny as a rail. It's like when Rhyno was a monster in ECW, then walked into the WWE and looked 5 feet tall. Harper had a good few years of traveling the world and making some solid money. Now he can leave, pad his indie paydays because of his run in the WWE. Two years from now they hire him back. Such a hard life.
  5. Seriously? Aside from the time he played the violin and was a sommelier (or whatever the fuck they had him doing), he's played the big bad bruiser to a tee. He's a spectacular thug underling for any star.
  6. I can respect that. Plus it shows how this whole "WWE books it's stories a year in advance" bullshit that Stephanie talked about recently is just that: bullshit. You had a chance to have Sarah Logan win the Women's Battle Royale at Mania and build a little hype, but instead she gets duped by Carmella AND THEN you break up her little trio? FFS, give her the win, draft her to Smackdown, and send her there with some damn hype behind her.
  7. And his bookings blew up like a mofo in less than 24 hours. Booked up solid until the fall, it seems.
  8. Great Twitter thread, but in the Lumberjack Match with Sid...who the fuck is ripping their shirt off and distracting Sid? Was that Glen Kulka?
  9. Not surprised this thread broke down into "Some other women get pushed more because of looks and of course they must be fucking around." This board sometimes....
  10. Jimmy Lloyd EDIT: Of course my response is on a different page. Lloyd was TOS4 Entrant #1
  11. So I took a glance at GCW Bloodsport for the first time, and...are they shoots, worked-shoots, or what?
  12. I feel that all of us complaining about "what this board is turning into" fits very much with the "grumpy old men of wrestling" gimmick this board fosters. WE DID IT!
  13. With Rob Gronkowski announcing his retirement this week, he has to be a shoo-in to actually compete in the Andre Battle Royale this year, right?
  14. There's that, too. "Best" is such an abstract concept when discussing...anything, really.
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