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  1. 10 minutes in and I'm in love. Totally stealing this idea next year with Big West.
  2. That WCW one wouldn't have been so bad if it didn't revolve around everyone eating a slapjack and lying there for an hour. Or...you know...if even half the guys booked even gave a shit at that point.
  3. Thanks for summarizing that miles-long tirade, @RIPPA
  4. Two straight matches ending on DQ because someone touched a ref is just bad agenting. Sigh.
  5. This thread took a weird fucking turn.
  6. Thought this board would love to know: Davey Richards showed up at a Prestige event last weekend in Portland, OR, and attacked Prestige Champion, Tom Lawlor, after Lawlor defeated Chris Dickinson in the Main Event. Richards has been out of action for 2 years now and is...back, it seems.
  7. Fun movie. Monsters kinda looked like shit, though. Otherwise, the characters and story were strong.
  8. I shit the bed again and forgot. If anything didn't get reviewed, let me know and I'll pick up the slack.
  9. Pretty annoyed to find that my Honor Club membership didn't include Death Before Dishonor...but if I drop an astronomical amount on "HONOR CLUB VIP" I can get it, and subsequently go fuck myself, apparently.
  10. Could you imagine if Dusty had played Edna Turnblad in Hairspray?!?
  11. I finally saw the clip of Callihan smashing the bottle into Melissa's face and...fuck, learn camera angles. That could've been so well done and instead it was just weak. It's the stupid glass table nonsense with Christian all over again. Do the angle right or don't fucking do it...there's enough other things to do. I liked that it played off the Edwards thing, that Callihan pushes shit too far and even he knows it and maybe feels bad about it...but fuck. So weak.
  12. In any area of the business world, all motives are ulterior ones.
  13. It's really hard to be a bartender and bouncer at a dive bar when "the next thing" is the last thing. You can't deal with and/or discipline rowdy drunks and cokeheads if any interaction could get you fired if some loser bitches to your owner or some troublesome chick bats her eyes at him. So that stress is gone. In all honesty, the one owner needs to just retire and fuck off.
  14. Follow-up to the last thread about my work situation....where my one owner wanted me fired over (male customer flipping out on me than whining to the owner over Text Message), had a third party involved. Last week she showed up and in front of my girlfriend, apologized for the guy that tried to get me fired being out of control and a total fucking embarrassment. I wrote a very professional letter (which took several re-writes because I was mad AF), demanding that my written warning be removed from my permanent record and the other owner (not the one with the hard-on to fire me), thanked me for my professionalism, apologized for the stress I've been put under, and removed the issue from my record. So now I'm untouchable! Or something. Maybe I'm less stressed, at least.
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