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  1. Jim Cornette's homophobic/sexist/transphobic AEW rant was a lot of noise, but he did say Janela was bush league...and shit comments like this on Twitter definitely help the argument.
  2. Two ladder matches and a cage match? Which efed is this?
  3. I do run Big West Wrestling: Thrash Wrestling is the company that brought in Silas. They basically run all around me in the Okanagan, while I'm down in King's Landing...erm, I mean, Kelowna, all by myself.
  4. They should've named them Vikael Jorrrdann and Vick Van Vike, produced shirts that said BE LIKE VIKE and HOW DO YOU VIKE ME NOW? and become millionaires.
  5. I wouldn't have booked Silas for those venues. He's talented and I'm sure it will be fun to share a locker room with him, but ROH isn't something the fans in the Okanagan really flock to see. Vancouver is a different story: the fans there are big into the "Theoretical No. 2" scene and will show up to support a guy like Silas or Cabana or Flamita. Plus the two venues he's working this weekend fill up without names (and have strict capacity limits) so there's no room to spend that money and get a bigger audience and thusly, more profit from ticket sales. I've been the main in Vernon and Penticton and we've had capacity crowds and I'd make at least 20-30% more than the nights a guy like Chris Masters or Silas Young is booked, because my "extra" for busting my ass in the main is going to pay for these guys' flights and hotels. And lord knows I drew more on top than Beefcake or Psicosis did.
  6. Here's the thing, I'm no peach, either. I blew a gasket at the last May long weekend for guys misbehaving at a county fair show THEY WERE WORKING FOR FREE. I yelled so much backstage I upset a church group. I've manhandled a rookie in training who was dicking around too much. I got stiffed by a female greenhorn and then turned around stiffed her so bad she had to roll out of the ring and she nearly quit. There's an "old school" of this and a "new school" of this and I came up straddling them both; I got the shit treatment and don't want to be like those guys but some fucking times these kids nowadays are ignorant shits and you think, "Hey, there was a reason guys treated rookies like shit." I digress, but promoters are all assholes in some way or another. I see this Danny Daniels Von Danielson (or however many Danny's are in his name) in that he feels maybe he "made" some stars and then they walked across the street (quite literally) and worked somewhere else; it especially sucks if it feels these guys are more excited and appreciative of the company that books them once or twice than they are the guy who books them every damn show. ANNNNNND, for every guy or girl that whines about how some promoter is awful, there's probably 3-10 others saying how great that same promoter is. It's an industry full of fragile fucking people, some of whom will put up with damn near anything to enjoy being part of the club.
  7. At this point I'll gladly just share them. I'm not too worried about the repercussions of speaking my mind after doing my time for 17 years.
  8. I absolutely agree, which is why I find it funny when people sit through 3 hours of RAW or 22 hours of WrestleMania and then go I HATED EVERY SECOND OF IT! Watch literally anything else.
  9. My favorite part of this is the bullshit wrestling "news" sources stated he left NXT to go back to TNA. No, dude, he got fucking cut. I didn't "leave" the vitamin manufacturer I used to work for to become a bouncer and casino employee: security marched me the fuck out with a severance check in my hand and I was told never to return. That's GOT FIRED not CHOSE TO LEAVE.
  10. This is standard indie wrestling politics. We joke that wrestlers are belt marks but promoters are, too. If I put my belt on you and then you work for some rival promotion and get jobbed out, you've theoretically made my belt look like shit. It happened back in the territory days, too: when the AWA was expanding into Canada, there was a local indie hero in Quebec named Mad Dog Pelonquin: the AWA put him on TV and called him Puppy Dog Pelonquin to attempt to bury him...they had Mad Dog Vachon and clearly Vachon was the superior Quebecois named "Mad Dog," of course. But if backfired, because Puppy Dog Pelonquin ran with that gimmick like a motherfucker and became an even bigger star on the Quebec non-territory scene. We've got an issue in the Okanagan with the CWE coming from Manitoba and attempting this cross-Canada twice-yearly tour bullshit. Big controversy last fall because Brutus Beefcake abandoned the tour on Day 29 of 36 (or 37, I don't really care, TBH). Turned into a social media mess with the CWE promoter dissing both Beefcake and his wife, Beefcake and his wife dissing back, Kelly Klein getting involved (she was booked a year or two ago on this CWE tour and quit early because the boys were being pervy pigs to her and her husband, BJ Whitmer, was about to fly up and kill everyone), and everyone looked stupid. What makes it worse is that CWE has a great working relationship with Thrash Wrestling (who runs successfully all around the Okanagan but stays out of "my" town of Kelowna out of respect), but the CWE very blatantly disrespected and disregarded myself and the other promoters that run the highly successful twice-yearly charity shows in Kelowna. I didn't tell anyone to not work for the CWE, but I listened to the kids bitch about how they got underpaid and disrespected last fall...jobbed out and made to look like garbage in the ring...chopped to shit and stiffed both in the ring and in their PO envelopes. At first I was supportive, and even went to the Penticton show last fall because I was asked on the DL to come support the kids who were feeling a little overwhelmed that they were being treated so shitty....also I went to rub it in the promoter's face that I had to drive down to feed Beefcake because he'd been left to starve all day despite being given meal guarantees. But then, after all the crying and whining about being talked to like shit and not being paid (one guy got paid $10 despite working with a torn bicep after being injured on the tour the night before), THEY ALL WENT CRAWLING THE FUCK BACK. So my sympathy went in the shitter real quick. And again, the locals got routinely jobbed the fuck out. The ones that really bore the brunt this time were the Thrash Wrestling Tag Team Champions (despite the Thrash promoter being on tour and getting put over like a beast), who got beaten every night on tour and ended up taking the fall in every match...which was very blatantly put down in the results, every show. I would be annoyed but they drew less than a third of what I draw in Kelowna, so it's not like anyone really SAW my kids get jobbed out. My current champion was only used as the ring announcer, but if that was an attempt at an insult it also backfired as he just posted on social media that CWE wrestlers were too scared to fight the Big West Champion and we got the rub that way. What's even funnier is that the CWE refused to acknowledge Big West and just kept saying "the local promotion," which actually made me laugh...and also backfired because the local media sought me out and gave me a big article the week after the tour limped through here. And I say "limped" quite literally, as their ring truck broke down and they almost didn't have a Kelowna show. They had to get the Thrash ring from Enderby despite mine being 20 minutes from the venue and loaded on my trailer and on the property of one of the local kids they were booking every night...
  11. Ultimately I don't think any of us know shit about wrestling. We like to think so, but we gripe about the WWE and it's a billion-dollar company. I hate the Bucks and they just set a TV record in Mexico. Many people on here don't like Cody and he and the Bucks have they hands in a billionaire's wallet. So, yeah...we are clueless but passionate, I guess?
  12. On Pay-Per-View, especially. Live indie wrestling thrives on them; I've booked so many, and also been booked in so many, and every one has been a hit.
  13. You make good points. Personally, I felt the Bludgeon Brothers outfits exposed Harper as being less a "monster" and more just a tall and skinny dude...who was getting skinnier and skinnier every month. His "Big Rig" gear worked more to his build and added to the mystique of this kinda ratty, disheveled big man that could fucking move. Could he have had a Cactus Jack type of run...the grimy nut that instilled fear more for his persona than his build? Probably. Ultimately his injuries held him back. Rowan has that look the WWE likes in their heels. He's big, he's burly. He's got a weird face/beard combo. If he wrestled 40 years ago he'd have made a fortune working MSG against Bruno and he'd be in the HOF and we'd trundle his matches out as THIS IS WHAT A HOSS LOOKS LIKE! Although Harper would've been the Killer Kowalski type and made just as much money in a similar era, so...yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just my two cents.
  14. Owen wrestled his own brother on TV, but his brother pretended to be someone else? Amazing. EDIT: And he played a fucking STARK? In 1991, about the same time a certain guy started publishing a series of novels he'll never finish?!?! Interesting.
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