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  1. TalkDown 2.10 ORIGINAL AIRDATE: September 22, 2020 Lots of wrestler comments heading into the "Live, Laugh, LARIAT" event on September 26 in Summerland, as well as six promo battles. Remember to post your COMPLETE ballots (picking a winner or a draw for every battle), by Wednesday, September 23 at 9pm, Pacific. HAVE YOUR SAY! MATCH ONE: Skye The Advocate
  2. TalkDown 2.09 ORIGINAL AIRDATE: September 15, 2020 Six promo battles, plus we hear from Ace Redmann, Jr., Camaro Cope, Chucky Lee Ray and Haviko in regards to their matches on 9/26 in Summerland. Deadline for votes is Wednesday, September 16 at 9:00pm Pacific. Ballots must be complete for them to count! ONE: Lance Skullz // Red Denero // DRAW TWO: Sleazy Steve // Johnny Dean // DRAW THREE: Deztro The Eskimofo // Mr. Money Mark // DRAW MATCH FOUR: Zilla // Dylan Murphy // DRAW FIVE: Jordie Taylor // Skye // DRAW FOR THE INTERNET TI
  3. Thursday night's all right for a ThrowDown: This episode had some of the closest battles yet, plus Beef Boy replies to Mercury's challenge for 9/26 in Summerland, and Zilla demands a reply from yours truly...but will he get it?
  4. Hey @RIPPA, can we rename this thread "Marty Sugar and other indie guys try to make a buck" ?
  5. TalkDown 2.08 ORIGINAL AIRDATE: September 8, 2020 Jordie Taylor and Camaro Cope discuss their upcoming Television Title Match in Summerland, plus X big promo battles. Deadline for votes is Wednesday, September 9 at 9:00pm Pacific. Ballots must be complete for them to count! ONE: Skye // Lance Skullz // DRAW TWO: Devil's Advocate // Mr. Money Mark // DRAW THREE: Johnny Dean // Mean Machine, Sr. // DRAW FOUR: Casey Peake // Zilla // DRAW FIVE: Jordie Taylor // Deztro the Eskimofo // DRAW FOR THE INTERNET TITLE: S
  6. Associates of mine make a show called Bad Creative in order to put more content into the world; so I spoofed them with this...
  7. Meant to post this last night; it has six promo battles plus a short compilation video from the August 15 show and announces all 5 matches for our upcoming September 26 show in Summerland...
  8. Forgot to post this on Thursday over here...
  9. Tuesday Night TalkDown 2.05 https://youtu.be/zzY_U6X2MgM COMPLETED BALLOTS ONLY. Deadline to submit is Wednesday, August 19 at 9:00pm Pacific. TO VOTE: make a selection for EVERY match. You can reply in the comments right here; just tag me MATCH ONE: Casey Peake Deztro The Eskimofo Jordie Taylor Justin Cider MATCH TWO: Johnny Dean Mr. Money Mark DRAW MATCH THREE: Devil's Advocate Dylan Murphy DRAW MATCH FOUR: Mean Machine, Sr. Zilla DRAW INTERNET TITLE MATCH
  10. Primer for our show on Saturday, August 15 in Summerland...
  11. Companion piece to Tuesday Night TalkDown is Thursday Night ThrowDown...where things get, weird.
  12. It's Tuesday... New characters this week and everyone is trying to steal the show from me...one way or another.
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