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  1. As a promoter myself, I've been conned into putting "the name" over when I didn't want to...but at the end of the day, it doesn't help an indie to have someone come in from far away and beat your top guy. But DEFY is also 100x more successful than me so WTF do I know?
  2. It's neat that KENTA beat Nick Wayne for the DEFY Title...but, like, why? It's not like he's gonna suddenly start working there every 2-3 weeks. I dunno: I've known Nick since he was 13, and I guess he's probably almost ready to head to AEW...but still. Makes no sense to me.
  3. We look ahead to April 16 and our return to Powell River, BC! https://youtu.be/l5jMhhBqxXg
  4. Last season's TalkDown finale was delayed many months due to an injury to a key player; it didn't make sense to release a cliffhanger that couldn't be resolved in a decent amount of time. But now it's here...
  5. Music video from most-recent Kelowna, BC show... Internet Title match from February...
  6. TalkDown 5.02 includes highlights from RISE ABOVE on Feb. 3 and a glimpse at TIME WARP '89 from Feb. 4
  7. Thursday Night ThrowDown 5.01 is short and sweet and to the point!
  8. TalkDown 5.01 (New Year, Who Dis?) premiered tonight...
  9. Isn't PRIMOS in Winnipeg, too? They seem to be busy again. CWE owner, Danny Duggan, was super anti-vax and got in trouble out west for being in several protests while on tour. He even moved to North Dakota for a while.
  10. 99% positive nobody in the Manitoba (or Alberta) wrestling scene ever believed Covid was real.
  11. Penultimate Episode of Talkdown Season 4.0...almost caught up: SAD be damned.
  12. Still playing catch-up on Season 4 of Tuesday Night TalkDown...
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