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  1. Forgot to post this Tuesday night... Also, re: shows coming back. Alberta and Saskatchewan are having shows in the next two weekends, with limits of 100 in the crowd. I'm not sure what the "Phase 2" reopening rules are in those provinces, as it's not my circus. I'm keeping my July 4 date in Summerland with the cap being 50 people (staff/workers included), in total, as per B.C. regulations. It's more a show to get my kids back in the groove as they are dying to wrestle again, even if only in from of 30 people. Baby steps.
  2. Had to re-render this video a half-dozen times before the second-half audio finally showed up. Madness. https://youtu.be/RqJrKnYUcQs Really fun promos this time, and a tight Main Event. Enjoy.
  3. It's Wednesday...I had the energy to edit some matches! https://youtu.be/l_R_gEYfQoU From Feb. 29 in Merritt, BC at Thrash Wrestling's FROSTFITE: Jade (c) vs. Scarlett Black for the B.C. Interior Title; and Collin Cutler (c) vs. Camaro Cope for the Thrash Championship.
  4. Last night was another TalkDown. It's been a lot of fun as we head to the Season Finale on June 2.... https://youtu.be/WNmAEWMSKYQ
  5. Yesterday was Tuesday... https://youtu.be/cw_YqSss3Nk
  6. And of course, why wouldn't we have a show that talks about the show about talking? It includes a bonus match from last May, too: Sean Gaston vs. Sebastian Wolfe. https://youtu.be/w87gyspq22I
  7. And I finally got off my ass and edited some wrestling, too: from British Columbia's last pre-pandemic event, hosted by Big West Wrestling in Kelowna on March 13, 2020. Includes Jayce D'Arcy (w/Sleazy Steve) vs. "Mad Dog" Marty Sugar; and Camaro Cope vs. Draven Andrews (w/Sleazy Steve) in a Bullrope Match!
  8. Forgot to stop by last night: Cinco de Mayo was lit in my house...
  9. It's Tuesday. You know what that means...
  10. Tuesday Night TalkDown rolls on, with a special fill-in guest while The Candyman is out with injuries sustained on Thursday. Plus a video feature on Jack Pride... https://youtu.be/U3ZzGRu75iE
  11. Here's the special "One Night Only" Thursday Talkdown to decide the other semifinal bracket, plus two more promo battles and a vintage match from 2011 featuring me vs. one of my best rivals, KC Andrews... https://youtu.be/e7b-uTVkF-8
  12. Doing something a little different while all the local workers and staff are home stir-crazy: introducing a new weekly series for Big West...Tuesday Night TalkDown! Fans can log in to the Big West Facebook page or on the YouTube comments to choose a winner for each promo battle. Plus it has a bonus "vintage" match from 2013 that never aired before. Voting goes until Wednesday, April 15 at 9:00pm, Pacific. (24 hours from when the show went "off the air" after it's premiere on YouTube). TalkDown is currently signed to an eight-week debut season with an option to renew...
  13. Thanks for the input! Baroni and I have personal issues that go way beyond wrestling (long story), but the guy is good. It's why I put him on my show.
  14. Episode 5.08 ... features an Abbotsford match from February 2019, and a match from Kelowna from January 2020. Both are pretty fun and featuring some younger, greener dudes. https://youtu.be/Z-K923Tnj30
  15. Al not only took over, he's turned into a full college-type training facility. I've heard you can live there, learn production, the works. He's really invested everything into it.
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