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    It's matches like these, and wrestlers like the MCMGs especially, that make me dislike ROH. If every match is some wannabe-epic with a million bits of dumb shit...ugh.
  2. So, How's It Going?

    Dec. 2 was the four-year anniversary of the first date with the woman I had spent the past four years with. That first date, and the ensuing first year together, was an amazing time in my life. Magical, too be honest. Dec. 3, I finished packing up the last of her stuff that was in my house (some final Christmas ornaments), and dropped it off at her work. After begging her for six months to move in with me (we'd lived together in 2014-15 before our first breakup due to the stress of my mom dying and her daughter being a POS), we broke up on September 9...and less than six weeks later she had a new boyfriend that she was living with. In the final stuff I found of hers, was the last Christmas card my mother wrote to me in 2014...to both of us, saying how happy she was to see me finally happy (after my ugly divorce), and how much my happiness with this new love was so important to her. I had to throw the card out. I couldn't keep it, to be reminded of the dreadful lows that made up too much of the past four years of my life with this toxic woman. A toxicity I don't believe--right now, even after three months apart--I can get out from under.
  3. I haven't trained with Lance, but I know he definitely doesn't train rookies how to set up or tear down a ring... EDIT: I'm being snide but in reality, Lance has churned out so many trainees that you can't expect them all to be professional, exceptional, or better than anywhere else. It's a major school with monster classes. Chelsea (Laurel) got pushed very quickly at a young age and she, IMHO, has a superstar attitude because of it. It happens. It's unavoidable in this business.

    Elgin's private texts to the accuser of his student were pretty amazing, too. This fucking guy needs to smash his phone and never touch social media again. At least he should end up a cautionary tale for young wrestlers, everywhere. I know my trainees are going to be getting a talk from me about this nonsense.
  5. Laurel Van Ness, earlier in her career, was pretty bad for not communicating with promotions. I had her work for me once, and then repeatedly got "I'll let you know next week if I'm available for that next show," only to chase her down for weeks until I gave up after the third or fourth time of "oh yeah, I'm not available...I should've told you" type of BS. Doesn't surprise me she'd do that still.
  6. Brodus Clay had an issue a few years back where he ripped off a Canadian promotion by no-showing and keeping the deposit, and TNA had to step in and help with that, too. Say what you will about TNA, but at least they help bail out their idiot employees when they rip off indie promotions.
  7. He's either unprofessional or dumb as shit...or both. I hope he doesn't screw over Defy here in Washington State like this.
  8. Yes, but they earned that "LOLTNA" attitude from the wrestling world. It's been a comedy of errors since Day One. We can say "yeah, but look how long they lasted," but still...not a shit-show from Day OneISH, but from the exact moment they started.
  9. Yes! I knew I was forgetting something important.
  10. The WWE will sign Laurel, have her show up as Zack Ryder's GF (which she is in real life), and knowing the WWE and their love affair with Ryder...immediately have her kick him in the nuts and begin a relationship with Mojo Rawley.

    Yeah, the apparent change from tapings to social media announcement is very confusing. Normally the WWE likes a new champ to have a "first match" with a guy that they know will bring out the best in their new champion...and Gargano proved that in spades.
  12. "My name is Jocephus and I don't wait for any man...but I will sit here for 45 minutes." I jest. Fun promo.