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  1. The Photos What We Took of Us

    10 years ago, I didn't think the man to my left, Scotty Mac, and I would ever do business again...especially after we shared some unpleasant words six years ago. But sometimes wrestling brings people back together...even if it's just to punch each other in the face a few times.
  2. Should've listened to @RIPPA in the first place. New topic. Did we skip Hulk Hogan's birthday last week? I always remember it's August 11 because it's also my Baba's birthday (not the Giant version who also never broke kayfabe on his height, but my Ukranian grandmother). Although it might be easier these days to get Hogan to accept "Happy Birthday" phone calls from me.
  3. You can't compare what pro wrestling is doing with movies and TV. That's ridiculous. Wrestling has ALWAYS been this way, in some form. Come on, now. You do realize I have spent the last 15 years of my life working in the wrestling industry, right? To make piddling comments like this, dismissing wrestling as stupid because BRYAN FUCKING CRANSTON doesn't act like Walter White is an insult.
  4. What's funny is I was thinking that as I typed it, and left it in anyway. What a weirdo.
  5. Smackdown is I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE 8/15

    It's a pretty good analogy. I feel Corbin has needed to be in a tag team for a while, as he's never really seemed to be totally comfortable as a singles star.
  6. @Technico Support ... John Cena lying about his height (if he's ever done such a thing), isn't affecting ticket sales...so why should Cass burying the "7 feet tall" gimmick affect tickets? First off, John Cena's height has never been a part of his gimmick. Ever. He's never had a catchphrase that mentioned his height. Ever. Big Cass literally had only one thing going for him when he debuted: "He's seven feet tall, and you Cant. Teach. That." We've seen the dude wrestle, and it isn't workrate that's getting him over. LITERALLY the only fucking thing and the first thing the not-so-big--as-advertised dummy does when he gets to sit down with Stone Cold? He marks the fuck out because he's being interviewed by a legend and shyly buries THE ONE FUCKING THING THAT THEY ARE USING TO GET HIM OVER. When Big Show used to be asked how tall he really was, do you know his standard response? "Once you're over seven feet tall, does it really matter if you're 7-1 or 7-3?" I'm sure it never crossed Andre The Giant's mind to say "Hey, I'm actually only 6-9 but the giantism is kinda creating this optical illusion type of thing and thus since I'm so monstrously big all over you'll easily buy that I'm 7-5...and I'm sure one day Hulk Hogan will even over-exaggerate that to the point of the absurdity." This is a company that insisted that Eugene behave "like Eugene" when in public, and he got fired when he got drunk and acted like your standard drunk asshole and not the special fella that Eugene was portrayed to be. It is the company that insisted The Boogeyman wear a half-mask in public so as not to ruin the gimmick. The same company that fired "straight-edge" Serena when she got drunk on the road in public. It might be 2017 and Vince McMahon might not call it wrestling, but he expects his sports entertainers to still protect their gimmicks.
  7. SummerSlam XXX

    Good point! Didn't think of that.
  8. SummerSlam XXX

    Being on the pre-show isn't so bad: you're still getting the PPV payday AND you aren't as restricted by time. The best example is Aries/Neville at WrestleMania: would they have been given nearly 15 minutes on the main show? Of course not.
  9. I don't know what it will look like, but it will be fun when we stop having trolls on this board.
  10. Cass killed his gimmick long before being called up, as the dummy went on the Stone Cold podcast and said "Yeah, I'm only 6-8..." Fucker should've been fired for that shit.
  11. Smackdown is I'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE 8/15

    "Who just entered the Impact Zone? It's Duke Carbine!"
  12. I would assume that he didn't appreciate being called out by Kidman so he fired off a retort. As quickly as their argument started it ended, because I'm guessing they both realized how stupid they were. While Kidman is right to lament that WCW commentary was pretty shitty during "lesser" matches, is it worth bringing it up all these years later? No...but that's never stopped any wrestler from dredging up the past. Fuck, I still do it and I both know better AND hate myself as I'm doing it.
  13. Then Kidman mocked Schiavone for not being able to get a job in WWE again, and Schiavone said "if you thought I was a fatass then..." and said Kidman's matches were ignored because he wasn't good enough...then they TwitKissed and TwitMadeUp like dorks.
  14. Raw Is THEY'RE ALL GONNA LAUGH AT YOU FINN - 8/14/2017

    The best kind?
  15. I love how Kidman tweeting that match turned into a little TwitWar with Tony Schiavone.