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  1. TalkDown 3.04 ORIGINAL AIRDATE: February 25, 2021 Results from TalkDown 3.03, as well as a look at at the updated TalkDown rankings and what episode 3.04 will bring. BONUS MATCH: 2018 Okanagan Cup Semifinal Braydon Goss & Mike Freska vs. Jayce D'Arcy & Sean Gaston (July 13, 2018: Lake City Bowling. Kelowna, BC, Canada)
  2. Watching the Ohio Wrestling Alliance "Good Trouble" show from last month, and it's got a really enjoyable AC Mack vs. PB Smooth match. Devantes vs Lexus Montez had some really good stuff, too...Devantes has a great look. Turned it off at the Eli Isom vs. Tre Lamar match, but will get back to it later tonight.
  3. Thursday Night Throwdown, Ep. 3.03 ORIGINAL AIRDATE: February 18, 2021 Results from TalkDown 3.02, along with updated power rankings and next week's matchups. BONUS MATCH: Danni Deeds & Jayce D'Arcy vs. Braydon Goss & Vance Nevada Friday, January 24, 2020 @ Rutland Centennial Hall (Big West presents PROJECT MAYHEM)
  4. TalkDown 3.02 ... "TIME WARP: 1988!" ORIGINAL AIRDATE: February 16, 2021 The TalkDown roster travels back to 1988, and keep the promos coming. Who can rise to the occasion, and who will get bogged down in the mysteries of time travel? Please pick a winner or a draw for ALL EIGHT of our matches this week, as well as both a Promo and Match Of The Week, for your ballot to be counted. You have until Wednesday, February 17 at 6pm Pacific Standard Time to get your COMPLETED ballots to us: simply reply in the comments of wherever you are watching this video. OPENING
  5. Thursday Night ThrowDown 3.02 ORIGINAL AIRDATE: February 11, 2021 Results from TalkDown 3.1 (Just Begin Again), plus we look at the upcoming matches for TalkDown 3.02 on February 16, which is our first of several "themed" weeks this season. We also have a match from January 2019 between Camaro Cope and Danny Knightmare, from the ol' Lake City Bowling & Billiards!
  6. TalkDown 3.01 ... Just Begin Again ORIGINAL AIRDATE: February 9, 2021 We have eight Week One matches on the docket, and you help control our competitors' fates! Please choose a winner or a draw for EVERY match on the card, plus a "Promo Of The Week" and "Match Of The Week" for your ballot to count: simply reply in the comments of wherever you're watching this video! BONUS MATCH: G√ľnnar & Rylee vs. Danni Deeds & Todd Quality from East Kelowna Hall (August 2019) **DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2021 at 6:00pm PACIFIC** OPENING MATCH: Rick Jules Jeff Christi
  7. Sorry I've been offline... Results from the fan-only preseason show, giving us our initial rankings heading into Season Three of Talkdown. Plus, two vintage matches of "Raunchy" Rick Jules from the 54th Annual Rutland May Days in Kelowna, B.C.
  8. Season 3 features a 15-week, round robin format, as 14 men, one woman, and one machine vie to make the six-person playoffs at season's end. Featuring an interesting mix of new faces and old, as well as several actual wrestlers in the hunt this season. GET YOUR VOTING MUSCLES WARMED UP! Please reply in the comments WHEREVER you are watching this episode, with your Five Favourite Promos IN ORDER. You have until Wednesday, February 3 at 6pm, Pacific Standard Time. The competitors are: The Advocate Blu Wilder Casey Peake Chucky Lee Ray Dark Princess Deztro The Eskimofo Dyl
  9. He called your tweet out on the live feed? That's wild. When was it? I found the sound so annoying I watched it on mute. No denying people pounced on you...fucking twitter, right?
  10. That was you? Your opinion kinda turned into doubling-down and being a jerk about it. I saw the tweets. P.S. Gertner was 110% about getting himself over first.
  11. IT'S A BIG WESTERFUL LIFE! (part one) WARNING: violence, language, blood, use/mention of beer and marijuana ORIGINAL AIRDATE: January 24, 2021 ...so maybe December 26, 2020 just wasn't meant to be. This "holiday" wrestling special, where "Mad Dog" Marty Sugar has lost the Spirit Of Wrestling and is visited by friends and foes alike as he sleeps the holidays away, has been on the back burner for over a month due to mental health. Do yourself a favor and don't put your mental health on the back burner. It doesn't help you or the ones you care about the most. Resources are availa
  12. I know most of you don't mean it the way it reads, but Marty Scurll fucked up. Badly. He doesn't "deserve" to go anywhere to rebuild his career for while.
  13. I've been catching up on ROH and I've really enjoyed the Pure Title tournament so far; I watched the first three episodes as of note.
  14. Al had caught a lot of flak during and after the "Speaking Out" movement, too, in regards to his verbal mistreatment of female talent.
  15. Lawlor has a pretty ugly feud with "Hidden Contents" on the indies: he's attempted to murder him twice. ALSO: Haven't watched Impact in forever. This was a fun show with some good wrestling and some AMAZING promo packages; the stuff with EY and Deaner, especially. BUT!!~!!1!! Every. Match. Had. Interference. Can't anyone win clean around here?
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