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  1. Marty Sugar

    2018 NWA THREAD (the Billy Corgan one)

    We had a discussion with our local rookies here in the Okanagan, and I went on a bit of an old-man tirade about the "American Indie Style" and how it's just basically spots for the sake of spots to end up as a GIF on Twitter that maybe Jim Cornette will bitch about so you can go viral, with no psychology and little-to-zero selling. But it sells out arenas and the top guys are making six-figure incomes without needing the WWE, so what the fuck do I know?
  2. Marty Sugar

    2018 NWA THREAD (the Billy Corgan one)

    So I love Cody Rhodes: great look, solid promos, excellent presentation, balls of steel for working with the Bucks to put on All In... ...and then he hits the ring and MEH. That match with Willie Mack was not a strong first title defense. Some of it was the fact that Mack was sloppy AF at the beginning, but that match took a long time to get decent, and some of the psychology was straight dogshit. Two stunners at the end that mean almost nothing? Fuck you.
  3. Marty Sugar

    2018 NWA THREAD (the Billy Corgan one)

    I like how they changed the "all titles vacant" line of thinking when they realized they'd have to ask JAZZ to hand over the title...
  4. Marty Sugar


    Two movies in this month, already: The Visit and Hush. Enjoyed them both, but could've done without the adult diaper subplot in the former.
  5. Marty Sugar

    Halloween Havoc : Season of the Witch pre-thread

    I'm in. Worried I missed it.
  6. Marty Sugar

    My Brain on Pro Wrestling - The End of My Career

    Sorry to hear, Mike. Take care of yourself.
  7. Marty Sugar


    RJ City. Talented indy worker with a solid twitter following. He and Arquette went from feuding to now tentative allies against James Ellsworth and some clown...possibly the clown Noelle Foley is dating?
  8. Marty Sugar


    Update: Chris Masters was a pretty cool guy this past weekend. Friendly backstage, joking around. I can be pretty mean with my jokes and he took them all in stride and we had some laughs. Plus he worked well with our guys and gave good advice and feedback. But I'm the reason Penticton is a big draw now, so I'm not sure why he's getting the big money I should be getting...
  9. Marty Sugar


    So Chris Masters is coming to the Okanagan this weekend. I'm concerned because he was a total douchebag to me at the end of June...for no reason, as far as I can tell. I was down in Cloverdale at an All-Star show and introduced myself; I wasn't working the show but came down to support Tim Flowers (who was getting a HOF induction) and see my then-girlfriend, but I gave the standard info you give...where I'm from, that I'm a promoter in Kelowna, etc. He was polite enough AT the venue...however, there were rumblings that the Main Event had to be changed because he refused to work Tom Lawlor, one-on-one. Take that FWIW, as I wasn't eavesdropping on the booking side of things as it wasn't my show. Regardless, we got to the after-party venue. I showed up very late, because despite not being booked I stayed until the very end to make sure the ring was packed, venue tidy, etc. Not bragging, it's just what needs to be done. When I got to the after-party, I was tired...and then Masters shouldered by me at one point, like your stereotypical meathead at any bar. To make matters worse, outside where the workers were smoking weed, he shook hands with everyone before he left...EXCEPT me. Like, WTF? Anyway, here's a promo where I jokingly got my frustration out. I'll keep you posted if he's a cock this weekend...
  10. Marty Sugar


    I watched The Happytime Murders this past weekend with my new girlfriend. It had some funny moments, but was super crass in parts. I'm surprised any member of the Henson family had a hand in this.
  11. Marty Sugar


    Quit standing around and get those fucking chairs set up!
  12. Marty Sugar

    The newest PWI 500 is out

    To be honest: the people in Western Canada that have the ability to get me stuff like rankings in the PWI 500 or articles promoting my company on Slam! Canada, are people that I have cut out of my life for being scummy towards me and the wrestling business...so I'll gladly never get ranked and maintain a tiny shred of integrity...such as you can in professional wrestling.
  13. Marty Sugar

    The newest PWI 500 is out

    Forgot to send in my shit. My bad.
  14. Marty Sugar


    I enjoyed The Meg for the most part. I liked the repeated tributes to Finding Nemo, if anything. My oldest daughter (14) is mad I went without her, so I told her there was too much boring stuff in between the shark stuff.