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  1. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs IX

    Another guy I feel would be healthier to work a TLC over Kurt Angle. I'd choose Daniel Bryan, Hulk Hogan, Edge, Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Linda fucking McMahon...before I would choose Kurt Angle.
  2. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs IX

    Sister AJigail. It better happen. We paid to see the Demon King fight a dude dressed as a woman, dammit! ALSO: nobody on either roster was available so the guy whose neck is held together by bubblegum and toothpicks didn't have to work a goddamn TLC? Matt Hardy is right there...
  3. Solid video...but...the...extended...narr...rator...pauses...at...the...end... Bit much.

    Unless he was fed a steady diet of white-meat babyfaces...
  5. I love how Global's food choices get more discussion than their angles.

    They get it, they just want to bitch about it.
  7. Russo is probably the only wrestling heel where his real-life personality is turned DOWN to be palatable for TV.
  8. Every time I see OVE (which has just been a few glances here and there at work if I have the Fight Network on in the back of the bar), I always think the one kid is Rockstar Spud with his snappy getup.
  9. Halloween Havoc pre-thread

    If any films didn't get done, shoot me a PM and I can watch it and have a review in within a 2-3 days...

    I've never been a big Bucks fan, but kudos to Matt Jackson for his passionate "Fuck Vince" speech the other day. Not that he said "Fuck Vince" (because that's ridiculous) but the rest of it had excellent energy and meaning that I appreciated.

    Good thing I haven't eaten yet today...
  12. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    THE NORLISS TAPES (1973) puts me at the halfway mark (16 films) as of October 13. Motoring along! P.S. Super-fun TV Pilot...such a shame it never got picked up as a show. Sure, the monster was hokey as fuck, but Roy Thinnes' narrative throughout was amazing.
  13. I think Fight Network had the newest episode of XPlosion and most of it was an old match for the TNA World Title between Magnus and Eric Young...instead of people that actually work there or whatever. Then the "Unfinished Business" program (which for those of you unaware is old TNA highlights that usually focus on a feud/angle/random TNA garbage posing as angles), and it had a 5-way ladder match for the X-Division Title with Sabin, Joe, Suicide, Jeff Hardy and Aries. Sounds good on paper, but the match had some horrendously sloppy botches by Jeff (who just wasn't able to keep up with the rest of the guys), so guys like Sabin just started roughly botching the simplest of moves and grossly dumping Jeff on his head. It was gnarly...and who RE-airs this shit on TV? I have lots of local footage that when it comes time to air, I take one look and say NOPE...and it's got way less botches then Jeff on one of his bad days.
  14. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    I hold no grudges, Mr. Fowler. You do good work over there.
  15. The All Things HORROR thread~!

    I got assigned Tokyo Gore Police one year, and then another year the one where Willem Dafoe's wife is a witch or something uses a pair of scissors to cut up her own vagina. Shit like that. There was another gross one I'm totally blocking out, IIRC.