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  1. Are you talking Cyberfights that was filmed in Vancouver? Seth Rollins did it, Davey Richards, Christopher Daniels...lots of guys. I had friends in the business who filmed some: all the buff young guys, I found it insulting because I felt my bear-like physique could've made me some cash...
  2. I think the bigger picture is this shit is EVERYWHERE, and not just in wrestling. This fetish with underage girls, across the board, needs to stop. It's gross.
  3. Heavy Metal Wrestling has already pulled Tess from a show on January 24... https://www.bodyslam.net/2020/01/12/tessa-blanchard-removed-from-scheduled-booking She's slated to debut in Vancouver for Rickshaw Wrestling on January 31...we will see what happens.
  4. Wrestling twitter is a non-stop dumpster fire. Tessa's ego got out of control because she was about to become a "world" (lol) champion, and so her tweet just fucking begged for everything to come out. She earned that. So many wrestlers let their little egos get the better of them and they make these "high horse" tweets and forget they're assholes, too. My twitter is basically retweeting RJ City and telling stories about how bouncing annoys/entertains me. Safe stuff to tweet about.
  5. I like the mix of people on this roster. Aldis is a solid heel champion, leading a group of thugs. Glad to see Murdoch and ODB in action. I've soured on Anderson for a long time, and was never a Drake fan...but their rivalry is super intense and well done so far; also, Anderson looks like Dick Murdoch now, so that's a plus.. Women's division is showing sparks; they need another heel that can wrestle, though, as Melina is manager material. I enjoy the wackiness of guys like Question Mark and Zicky Dice, and Tim Storm is their promo king right now. Fun show.
  6. Because they allowed themselves to be used by New Japan. They brought NJPW stars over, jobbed nearly every top ROH guy to a NJPW guy, and gave NJPW the foothold to realize they could just run their own shows without ROH. They fucked themselves.
  7. Moving on from Corny, I'm on Ep. 5 and Aron Stevens' nude tights are...distracting.
  8. My girlfriend suggested it was a Happy Hour reference but still: weak AF
  9. One thing I noticed in MLW is that Cornette is grossly misogynistic. He slut shamed Arya Blake incessantly. It was gross and turned me off the show for a while. It's why I avoided Powerrrrrrr for as long as I did. Which is a shame because the show has a lot of strong points...but Cornett was not one of them.
  10. I'm about 5 episodes in, and even if Cornette hadn't made the stupid Ethiopian comment, he had to go because the rest of his tidbits just fucking sucked. Saying that Thunder Rosa is so ugly her picture is used in prisons to cure sex offenders? What the fuck is that? And to say a wrestler is stiffer than 4pm? That doesn't even make sense, you senile dipshit.
  11. Fair points, but you can also get the idea across that running a wrestling company is hard so it's effecting their focus.
  12. I knew what she meant immediately. Canadian shows just have that look.
  13. My girlfriend watched the most-recent episode of Powerrr, which was her first look at the program. First, she wanted to know what year it was from, and then said "it looks like a Canadian version of an American show," (as in, the low-budget look). She also got a kick out of Ricky Morton's hair.
  14. I only watch AEW Dark on YouTube and I've been enjoying it. The show isn't perfect by any means, but I like their commitment to using top guys to try and establish young dudes. This easily could've been self-masturbatory with The Bucks and Cody or Omega holding the belts and they resisted the urge. Good on them. I like where Spears is at with Tully, hating all the hardcore and gimmicky dudes. If he recruits someone like a heel Adam Page to take a run at the tag titles, it could be fun. MJF has potential, and both Cody and Jericho are killing it on the mic.
  15. 10 minutes in and I'm in love. Totally stealing this idea next year with Big West.
  16. That WCW one wouldn't have been so bad if it didn't revolve around everyone eating a slapjack and lying there for an hour. Or...you know...if even half the guys booked even gave a shit at that point.
  17. Thanks for summarizing that miles-long tirade, @RIPPA
  18. Two straight matches ending on DQ because someone touched a ref is just bad agenting. Sigh.
  19. This thread took a weird fucking turn.
  20. Thought this board would love to know: Davey Richards showed up at a Prestige event last weekend in Portland, OR, and attacked Prestige Champion, Tom Lawlor, after Lawlor defeated Chris Dickinson in the Main Event. Richards has been out of action for 2 years now and is...back, it seems.
  21. Fun movie. Monsters kinda looked like shit, though. Otherwise, the characters and story were strong.
  22. I shit the bed again and forgot. If anything didn't get reviewed, let me know and I'll pick up the slack.
  23. Pretty annoyed to find that my Honor Club membership didn't include Death Before Dishonor...but if I drop an astronomical amount on "HONOR CLUB VIP" I can get it, and subsequently go fuck myself, apparently.
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