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  1. WTF with the babyfaces this week. Colt coming out to pretend to be James Storm, to play along with something for Jocephus? and Galli being all “everyone told me not to be a jerk so I totally won’t” ... AND THEN....
  2. I love that they drafted in basically the exact order from the website; just throwing some names at the end.
  3. How did they ruin it? Just looks like the draft pools to me. Those are the people that can be picked tonight or Monday
  4. Rich and Tony going on and on about the timekeeper not ringing the bell, when he actually did, was infuriating. Also, the continuation of the Hammerstone/Savio story is still funny.
  5. They did put a table. Just not far enough away that he hit it.
  6. Or his parents could’ve started him a year later and he was always the oldest kid in class.
  7. Forget Hogan/Rock. The Konnan/Salina feud is already based on attempted murder on TV.
  8. Konnan threatened to show whatever’s on the phone to the cops when she brought that up this week.
  9. “You can see he tried to break Savio’s legs with it!” Uh I dunno guys...
  10. I don’t know how Savio agreed to take that.
  11. Yet Mick had the best match of the night and got a bonus from the Cowboy for it.
  12. So, does DBS Jr actually do the chicken wing, or did he confuse it with the crippler crossface?
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