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  1. MLW with the greatest wrestling/sports crossover in history tonight. Uh. Maze. Zing.
  2. Just have people do multiple matches? there’s been at least a couple places in WA/BC doing shows from 24-72 hours without huge rosters.
  3. And this week Salina mentioned a call from Boyle Heights. Maybe she found Dario!?!
  4. We’re hating on Janela getting in the tournament, but ignoring Jungle Boy (2-3 in singles and way more tag matches) and Penta (0 singles matches this year)?
  5. So next you do a double DQ in a no countout match, then probably work in a double pin and maybe a time limit draw. Then we gotta start upping the difficulty! Cage match where they hit the floor together... Chain match where they hit the last buckle together...
  6. There ARE multiple layers to the challenge...
  7. Otis shows up on RAW, and gets title from Drew after a punt or something for a super short run. then Miz and Morrison have been outsmarted again by Otis.
  8. Yes it is. 4/24/2007. it was just that she pinned Victoria to win title, but Melina was champ. https://imgur.com/a/VB92BQF
  9. Plus Reba and Ford can do a bunch of the match too.
  10. Also, they mentioned the Tooth and Nail Match is at Britt’s office. Cinematic match? Combination dentistry/nail salon?
  11. It’s like the Royal Rumble. We don’t know the order.
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