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  1. And they thought Ciampa was only worth $20k, so it’s almost a compliment!
  2. Looking at the taping results, I don’t really see anything missing besides the three way. Maybe they just paced out the amount of time they needed to get to the PPV?
  3. Some people heard Yanni, some heard guacamole. can we talk more about who ? is???
  4. Whoa whoa whoa. That’s a pretty big accusation to make. The man is wearing a mask!
  5. Nick Aldis as the puppet master making sure nobody wants/gets a title shot is fantastic.
  6. WTF with the babyfaces this week. Colt coming out to pretend to be James Storm, to play along with something for Jocephus? and Galli being all “everyone told me not to be a jerk so I totally won’t” ... AND THEN....
  7. I love that they drafted in basically the exact order from the website; just throwing some names at the end.
  8. How did they ruin it? Just looks like the draft pools to me. Those are the people that can be picked tonight or Monday
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