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  1. She said his family had been in the sport for 100 years
  2. Didn’t they tape a few shows in Mexico last week?
  3. Has Kenny hit Page by accident yet? I assume all of the instances of Page hitting Kenny leads to Kenny screwing up once against Page, probably against the Bucks, and Page being all “HOW DARRRRREEE YOU!!”
  4. Roman’s good for a save once a month or two. and Rey and Riccochet saved Randy a month or two ago. After their theme hit.
  5. Still need him for Him vs Rey mask vs title at Mania?
  6. And they thought Ciampa was only worth $20k, so it’s almost a compliment!
  7. Looking at the taping results, I don’t really see anything missing besides the three way. Maybe they just paced out the amount of time they needed to get to the PPV?
  8. Some people heard Yanni, some heard guacamole. can we talk more about who ? is???
  9. Whoa whoa whoa. That’s a pretty big accusation to make. The man is wearing a mask!
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