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  1. Or when Beautiful Bruce went head first over the top to the floor... or Johnny and Juggernaut and the flames...
  2. Dario has had lots of ref issues over the last few weeks. I can only assume he's gonna call Hijo de Tirantes.
  3. After Moose showed up, I assumed Chuck Taylor would be showing up right behind him.
  4. nWo was drafted as a group; and Billy and Chuck (w/ Rico) were drafted as a group due to having the tag titles.
  5. I'm assuming that Matt loses in the first round, and then when Brother Nero or Jeff DELETED comes out, Matt takes his spot due to owning all things Hardy.
  6. I almost wish I hadn't seen that preview of the match, so I could go in to viewing it not knowing the awesomeness that would abound. I like to imagine every day at Matt's house the last month was spent trying to get the baby to walk and hit Uncle Jeff with a kendo stick on demand.
  7. Considering that Heenan apparently didn't know what was coming, and how he talked shit about Hogan for two decades, you're all being a bit harsh with the "why did he spoil it!?!" thing.
  8. Random lucha story: I had a dinner meeting for work with a few people from a Mexican based company earlier this week, that's based out of Monterrey. As people were making small talk, someone asked what sports are popular in Mexico, and one of them mentioned "Mexican wrestling... but you've probably never heard of it". They said they'd take me to a show if/when we go down to visit their offices, since they've done it for other customers... and one of them talked about how they used to get dragged to shows all over Mexico every weekend by their father. Alas, when they asked if I had any masks, and I said I had Averno's, it was met with a "Who's that??"
  9. I like that even though it was pretaped, they couldn't be bothered to reshoot Matt being unable to get out of the ring.
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