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  1. when it's all said and done it was a giant clusterf*ck of personalities, ego and money. you can make the argument that bret, shawn and vince all acted unprofessionally.
  2. I think the most interesting period for the biopic is 91-98. He road a boom period to impossible heights. Made tons and tons of money. Now, the wrestling fad is over. His replacement for Hogan is a basket case and floundering as a draw. His ambition killed the territory system and there is no longer a feeder system for talent. The business is tarnished with all of the steroid talk. The feds are after him. He is losing money and the business is going under. His top level stars have left for a deep pocket rival promotion and he is getting behind C-level players from the boom era and WCW castoffs with no history of being draws. Even when he can turn this chicken shit into chicken salad, WCW is just picking off anyone worth a damn. All of this leads up to the screwjob where he needs to screw over his own champion to ensure his company does not suffer the ultimate humiliation of having his champion show up on someone elses tv. And from that, against all odds, McMahon and the WWF are reborn. Two years later Vince is a billionaire.
  3. Could Hugh Jackman pull it off? Imagine the actor being in character on the set and someone sneezes.
  4. So... the Vince biopic. I'm curious what a 90 minute movie made for non-wrestling audiences would look like. And who can play big and over the top enough to be a convincing Vince without resorting to caricature?
  5. Typically, I would not fault a guy for pursuing his interests or even a great financial opportunity. When that person is perhaps the most self-righteous person to ever lace up wrestling boots, criticism is fair game.
  6. I actually think the Kings mascot has a future. That's one hell of a garvin stomp.
  7. All of this is the reason why Punk is such an entertaining figure. On one hand, he wants to be a private person and just left alone. On the other hand he's getting into twitter feuds with NHL mascots.
  8. I don't have anything against Kalisto. He's suffered from start/stop pushes and being shoved into Reys spot. You can't just put him in Rey's spot. Rey occurred in a different time period and he was a once in a generation talent.
  9. You just know Miz has a top-5 all time promo about all of this and the shame is we will never get to hear it.
  10. With Vader what is the likelihood that he can't afford to turn down a payday?
  11. Someone went back and put Bryan in the Mania 30 main event. Now we're all paying the price. The 3mb dynasty is upon us.
  12. Jinders a world title contender? Lanas a dancin fool? Rollins and Sunny? It should be obvious to everyone we've entered an alternate timeline. What's next?
  13. By my calculation at the end of 2014 Quarter 3 there were 730,000 subscribers. Probably a big chunk of whom signed up for the free trial for the Cena v. Lesnar Summerslam match. I would guess there are maybe 500k early domestic subscribers who have had the network uninterrupted since August of 14. This would be a 1 in 14,750 chance of an all expenses paid trip to Mania. Not bad.
  14. Austin always tells the "what's so stunning about stunning Steve" story. With guys like Ambrose and Ziggler they both have gimmicks (Ambrose being nuts, Ziggs being a show stealer) which don't deliver. Add in the fact that during a time period when C-Show matches are at least average each need to be in the ring w a miracle worker to have a match above three stars and it's no surprise they're each in wrestling purgatory.
  15. The big question is whether Sin Cara is still in his fave 5 now that he's on smackdown.