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  1. Wouldn't it actually be closer to putting the title on Aldo Montoya?
  2. Right. WWE no longer needs to produce a hot program seeking out ppv buys. They can count on a certain amount of network revenue coming in every month. You would think this would give them freedom to creative. And in a way it has. The freedom to push Roman and Seth with little effect on the bottom line.
  3. There was definitely a period where dolph was making everyone's stuff look so good that he was worth more as a jtts vs a pushed talent.
  4. I thought Dolph worked hard in the mitb match. He's just a guy who is stale and hit his ceiling. He also slowed down a bit. He's 36 now and can't take nutty bumps to the outside for our amusement anymore. That being said, his hair is awesome. I've give up a kidney to be that follicly gifted.
  5. Was there anything in the sheets around mania 12 about warrior-hhh? In the hhh story warrior changed the finish last second and was unprofessional. As warriors rep was so lousy it sounds totally believable. But at the time trips was just a featured midcarder and this was warrior returning after 4 years. Arguably his return was the biggest match on the show. There was no build up to the match and no one would have expected the match to be anything but a squash. So I don't necessarily buy the idea that the match was going to be much different than what we saw.
  6. Isn't the hhh just worked so hard and caught Vince's eye narrative contradicted by his affiliation with the Kliq? I mean, wasn't hhh involved with the booking committee cause Shawn was?
  7. Outside of Shawn (and maybe 90s Jake?), I can't recall hearing any active performers sitting in on booking meetings. It would be a really good question for Pritchard.
  8. What if the Kliq didn't need a sober driver? In that alternative world, trips shows up in Russo-era WCW for a short lived stint as XXX. A lot of luck came his way. I've still never heard a full account of how trips ends up on the 1997 booking committee.
  9. What the hell just happened? Anywayz... Sony Pictures Networks India and WWE just announced a new weekly 2-hour hindi show.®-Announce
  10. You just know she's getting paired up with Goldust. Which is pretty damn close to my fan fiction. We all are.
  11. NXT

    With nxt you had a year and a half where no one touched the main event cept nak, joe, balor and roode. That's practcally a generation in nxt years. During that time who was on the rise behind them? No way jose? They've done a great job of restocking the system but noone is going to draw overnight.
  12. he meant the wcw portion.
  13. Corbin isn't the kind of person who is going to shine in a mitb match. He's not going to take some ridiculous 15 foot drop. When you have all these guys killing themselves out there you can't give it to the guy who just walks up and takes it. That's how you get a flat finish. And at least with Carmella, you have a face champ and controversy. this feels like one of those situations where corbin is going to hang onto the briefcase forever until you forget he has it.
  14. i understand the crowd doesn't always get to go home happy. that's wrestling. but at some point the "always leave them wanting more mentality" morphed into "always leave them swearing off the product."
  15. What are some 96 mero matches we should be looking at? If I recall he spent most of the year fighting hhh in average matches.