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  1. Luger seems like one of those guys who made far more enemies than friends. He managed to piss off Vince, Bischoff, Flair and Dusty. Without any vocal supporters he became a punching bag. Work-wise he just feels like a product of his time. Size and muscularity was king and he excelled. Yes, he coasted through the last decade of his career. I don't see how that makes him all that different than the rest of the late-90s wcw main event scene.
  2. He should have played along to find out what the partnership opportunity would be. I haven't heard a deal from GFW that wasn't "i'm walking away from the table never to return bad." "So, we'll plug your restaurant on our highly-rated tv show and in exchange, all your dinner bookings will be run through our nashville office. We'll take 15% of the gross receipts for our efforts, and own all of your restaurants intellectual property."
  3. i recently discovered that mr. tito is still writing. blew my mind.
  4. I wonder where it originated. I want to blame the q&as from cbs sports wresttleline or 411. of course, when in doubt the answer is always scott keith.
  5. it made me happy. david crosby is trolling wrestling fans in defense of a computer game. what a time to be alive!
  6. Is it my imagination or has Bo aged thirty years in the last three? Over a handful of years he went from fresh faced idealistic babyface.. to.. married, middle aged singlet Bo.. to..misunderstood, social outcast Bo... to.. trump supporter Bo... to..lizard people have all the power Bo.
  7. Same. My downfall was discovering Between the Sheets. It single-handedly knocked almost all of my other podcasts out of rotation. A great podcast needs to have engaging personalities and be interesting. It's a balancing act. With Pritchard, the balance is off. Pritchard is not super engaging but he gives you tons of info you're just not getting anywhere else. I listened to the rise of cena episode recently. Where else am i learning about cenas relationship with wwe pre-developmental or what vince really thought about him?
  8. I remember is blew my mind a couple years back to learn Foxxy was only 31. Shes younger than Charlotte and six months older than Becky. She got in really young.
  9. It's interesting that JBL made the comparison between the Miz and Enzo. They are each grating, irritating personalities that more or less live the gimmick. They are both excellent on tv but you could totally see how they annoy the hell out of everyone simply by existing. I picture Enzo as the real life version of the Richmeister from snl.
  10. Is the "hot summer angle" breaking up tag teams which hid each others weaknesses to cause all of this intrigue about "what the hell do you do with these people now?"
  11. convenience. it's 10 bucks. almost nothing. i just paid the same amount for my lunch.
  12. I thought the Cena and Punk episodes were really solid. It really depends on the topic. For some topics there just isn't enough to talk about for 3 hours and the act starts getting thin. I also fast forward through all of the intros and advertisements.
  13. wwe has a major problem. due to overexposure, adding content doesn't lead to subscriber growth. casual fans are not clamoring for more than the 5 hours of original content they already get on cable. they can cut costs to boost the bottom line but risk alienating current subscribers.
  14. Austin is diplomatic when discussing his relationship with WWE. Maybe he's too busy or the money isn't good enough for him to bounce around to wherever Raw is. But there's no reason the interviews need to be live. Park him in Stamford for a week let him bang out a bunch.