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  1. It's almost as if someone over at WWE got annoyed by all of the mainstream press AEW was getting from the Jeff Hardy story.
  2. I'm very curious what the company is going to look like in 3 or 4 years. Step one was to clean house. I have no idea what step two is.
  3. MJF was squashed and stretchered out of the arena on Sunday night. Three days later he cuts a promo and he's a big a deal as anyone in the company. Regardless of where this goes, that is how it's done.
  4. It sounds like the situation was created because he wants it both ways; an improved contract without a commitment to stay with the company. The leverage AEW has is he is hot now and still has time left on his deal. Why would they give up that leverage?
  5. If the talent had any balls, they would all just walk out in solidarity. It may be Sasha or Naomi's time today, but it could be your time tomorrow. Let them suspend the entire roster without pay. Let it become a national news story that two performers disagreed over creative and WWE thought the appropriate response was to financially ruin them.
  6. Do what I say and if you don't like it you can't leave. Instead, we will use strong-arm, possibly illegal tactics to put you in your place, screw you financially and make anyone else think twice about getting out of line. I just hate these tactics. Even if WWE believes Sasha/Naomi are in the wrong, if they value them enough to hold them onto them, sit down and work it out.
  7. What I can never wrap my finger around is why a company which is supposedly having record levels of success seems to be in a constant state of turmoil.
  8. All the bs aside, Sasha and Naomi are two performers that could so use a change of scenery.
  9. Not to get all philosophical, but if a wrestling promotion is around and none of the tastemakers care and it has little fan investment, does it truly exist? This was always the missing ingredient. People need to care for a promotion to matter.
  10. With respect to Reigns, it seems like one of the flaws in WWEs model is you have this billion dollar company built around less than a handful of stars. The stars make a few million a year. In relation to the companys investment in them, they are underpaid. Over time the WWE machine gives the stars so much exposure that they can transition into far easier ways to make the same or more money. On the other side, developmental/low level talents arent making much. With morale low, more and more talents are choosing not to resign. What's left is the middle.
  11. Not only did I stick around but my mind was blown by everything WCW. I know what I'm supposed to say is the luchadores are what drew me in, but let's be real. WCW was like waking up from a coma after a decade. Hulk Hogan was now a villain. Sting thought he was the crow. Bret Hart was in the middle of it. Razor/Diesel were now going by their real names and in the cool kids club.
  12. I think the US vs. Canada feud holds up really well which is why it is talked about in such high esteem. Anecdotally, it was friends ordering Starrcade 97 that brought back my wrestling fandom. I had long stopped following wrestling up until that point and I don't think I even knew the screwjob happened until around the time Wrestling with Shadows was coming out. I think in retrospect it is very easy to simplify Stone Colds rise and the wrestling boom. Yes the screw job and the rise of Mr. McMahon were factors, but so were a bunch of random things. It was the NWO that made wrestling cool again. It was the WCW/NWO World Tour game being fun. It was Tyson bringing publicity. It was Celebrity Deathmatch plastering wrestling and Stone Cold all over the coolest tv channel.
  13. The fade was caused by WCW poaching two main eventers and catching lightning in a bottle with the NWO. I don't know how you can blame Shawn/Bret for that.
  14. If anything, people understate the importance of Bret/Shawn. It's more than just numbers. Over a short period of time, WWF loses three of its top stars in Hogan, Warrior, and Savage. And we all know how WWE books its top stars. No one else was presented on their level. Luger flops and WWF is running their promotion around two former tag guys (Bret/Shawn) and two WCW misfits (Hall/Nash). The crazy thing is that it worked at all. Bret/Shawn are the bridge between Hogan and Austin. If they didn't keep the lights on there is a decent chance there's no more national wrestling.
  15. What's interesting to think about is there is an alternative timeline (which honestly makes a whole lot more sense) where Shawn goes down to WCW to be with his buddies and Bret sticks around.
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