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    Is it that fans are too smart or that fans have moved on from the traditional heel/face dynamic and the WWE refuses to acknowledge it? There are exceptions, but most of the time I have a hard time understanding the difference in motivations for a WWE face or heel.

    I look at the late 90s writers as my introduction to wrestling criticism. Before then I knew what I did and didn't like but never put any extra thought into it. A lot of the stuff doesn't hold up, but what wrestling writer really does from that era? Criticism is always evolving. What I find amusing is how in many ways everything comes full circle. How people went from loving a Hogan or a Goldberg or a Cena to spending a decade reviling them to turning the corner and learning to appreciate them all over again. In a lot of ways finding themselves exactly where they started.

    More or less. When I heard about the story I went down a Angel Amoroso rabbit hole . She was in an adult world at a very young age. Doing apartment wrestling in lingerie while just a kid. Flashing the ecw crowd in a match at 18. Not that it's a defense but she did look old for her age and why in the world would some 14 year old be on the road. Don't know if the allegations against Foley are true but it's hard to look at the facts and not conclude that she was used and abused by the boys. What a sad sad tale.

    I got two texts about this from my casual wrestling fan friends before 8 am. That's all you need to know.

    The Schiavone comeback has been pretty damn remarkable.
  6. And lets be honest. It's not like he committed a serious crime against wrestling. He was doing something silly in front of a few hundred people. I've spent the last decade watching Nattie have no idea how to setup the sharpshooter.
  7. This thread has devolved into a conversation about pizza toppings. Let that one sink in.
  8. Twitter has its pro/cons. The major con is when some kind of story breaks there are 1000 hot takes. Every important person with a strong social media presence feels obligated to join the pile on. Inevitably the time outweighs the crime. I always crack up when some nothing player in the controversy has a dumb hot take in reference to the initial dumb take and the pile on moves over to them.
  9. I look at nxt like a premium tv series. Ratings don't matter. Advertising doesnt matter. What matters is people continue to subscribe to the premium channel. It puts much less pressure on the staff. They can give themselves more time for angles and characters to develop. The main roster is a $150 million dollar comic-book blockbuster put on twice a week (three if there's a ppv and several times more if you count house shows). An Emma or Tyler Breeze would never headline a movie so they're just a moving part in the machine. The audience knows they're just the background noise. The A-list performers star in the movie several times a month. Everyone has seen that movie. So you end up with a lot of boring at the top and indifference towards everything else.
  10. Much like what we were talking about w/ Nia there are a lot of super talented women and a handful of featured positions. On top of that there's more talent in the pipeline. Being talented isn't enough. Emma seems like someone who never really had the backing of the office. Those types are disposable.
  11. Emma when allowed to shine is in the top tier of wwe performers. She's always worth watching. I'll let myself out.
  12. I think Braun and Tenta are the two obvious choices.
  13. it seems like with heavyweights the learning curve is steep. it takes a long time to get really good. what are examples of heavyweights who were good really fast?
  14. Since they can't effectively book multiple women's programs at the same time, performers positions on the card swing wildly. One week you're competing for the title. Two weeks later you're an afterthought taking a clean pin to the next challenger. It's musical chairs. You can take the top 10 women on the roster (out of what 15?) and outside of Bliss (who has had some protection) and Asuka (protected by nxt) all the parts are completely interchangeable.
  15. I don't know it its performance art or what but at some point he became the King Neville character.