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  1. WALTER vs Keith Lee is a match that I never knew I wanted but damn that would get all the monies from me.
  2. The DLC is what the main game should have been. The quest named The Plan (I think) is one of Borderlands best quests ever. The drop rates for legendaries feels rewarding to the point where it's worth it to farm for the specific annointed item that you want. I hope the rest of the dlc will be of this quality.
  3. I haven't seen MJF's act other than the AEW shows so I am looking forward to him on Wednesday. I really have taken to the Lucha Bros and enjoyed their matches so I hope they get to show more soon. I agree with everyone else though that the music is subpar but it will get better.
  4. I have been more of a regular watcher of WWE since Heyman and Bishoff were brought on. I like that there is more wrestling on each show. I love the Fiend like everyone else. I like that guys I hadn't really seen since I didn't watch 205 Live are getting pushed. I would like to see more of Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander. It also made me want to watch other shows like NXT UK's Takeover and that was awesome. Tyler Bate vs WALTER was amazing. I have been entertained and Raw and Smackdown have not felt like work to get through. Keep improving and you will bring people like me back.
  5. I really hope they don't mess up Bray. They have something great on their hands with The Fiend presentation. He's interesting enough that I would tune in to watch and that's what WWE has sorely lacked.
  6. Farmed the first major boss for a good while this evening and no Electric Chair. I just want to be Thor already. I did get Antifection and I have been setting the world on fire every since. Also you should learn about the VIP program that Borderlands 3 has here: https://borderlands.com/en-US/vip/ You will need to link your SHIFT to the VIP and then you're good to go. If you have ad blockers you should disable them for that site or you won't see the links to add codes. Here is a reddit link to a running list of codes: https://www.reddit.com/r/borderlands3/comments/bxgq5p/borderlands_vip_program_codes/ I have been able to snag close to 6k points from the list. For the creator codes you'll need to hurry as they expire pretty quick after events like E3 hint hint. Points are useful for getting legendary guns randomly from a short list of 9 guns for 4,000 points. They also have a seasonal goal of getting 8 legendary guns during season 1 you'll get a free legendary when you start B3. It's not too bad. If you pre-order you get a free gun and there is a randomizer wheel that you can spin to get a free legendary every month. So you just need 6 more from there. Lastly here is some information on ECHOcast, B3's new twitch extension for people who enjoy watching Borderlands like I do: https://youtu.be/EdA6SqsZTHE
  7. I don't watch NXT often maybe once or twice a year when I remember a Takeover is on, but I will have to change that. This was my first time seeing Dream perform and he has off the charts it factor. I feel like he needs to stay in NXT for maybe one more year to continue to polish his wrestling. Let him learn to carry NXT and then call him up. If they don't rush him, they have a license to print money. The women's match looked like both women had much more to show than what they did. The champ looked like she didn't need any help at all really but I guess they were trying to advance the storyline. The match with Black was really really good to me. Are they always that good? I appreciate Johnny dying for my entertainment at the finish. I watched last years Wargames match on YouTube before this years match and they were both fun but pinfalls in the match are stupid. You're in wargames because you hate each other. Make them quit ffs.
  8. This makes me very sad but I understand the reasoning behind the move. http://amp.newsobserver.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/luke-decock/article214456059.html After 39 years, Chuck Kaiton was officially out Tuesday as the Carolina Hurricanes’ radio play-by-play announcer after the Hall of Fame broadcaster was unable to agree on a new contract with the team. The Hurricanes plan to use a simulcast of the FS Carolinas television broadcast on their radio network this season instead.
  9. This is the only thing I'm looking forward to after the Golden State Invitational...
  10. I think the greatest thing I can say about this show is that I have not watched NXT since the four horsewomen left and even then it was sporadic and now I want all the NXT I can get.
  11. Shadow

    NFL 2017 - WEEK 17

    As GMs go he's one of the better ones. Top 10 easily. Just don't expect to spend much in free agency. Ever.
  12. If I never have to hear Ronde Barber speak again it'll be too soon.
  13. I hope this sale doesn't drag on nearly as much as the sale of the Hurricanes did. I hope that an investment group can be found that, while moving is extremely unlikely, is committed to keeping the team in the Carolinas.
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