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  1. Is there something wrong with the AEW ropes? PAC looks more unsteady on the top here than I ever saw in WWE.
  2. Hangman + Silver = instant clicks
  3. Finally a candidate that represents my values
  4. Now this is how you do a heel turn. Well done Pharaoh!
  5. I really like the Hangman story they've been telling. I also like how Trent has gone from not wanting the BTE belt to slowly really wanting to get it back.
  6. I will go one further and say that at the moment there's nothing that is going to make me boo the Lucha Brothers. I find them incredible and they have talent rarely seen in wrestling. Do they sometimes do too much flippy bullshit in big matches? Sure. But if I could do what they can do I probably would flip around a lot too. Along the same lines I don't want to boo Will Hobbs. I think we needed a big man babyface and they lost the plot on this one.
  7. AEW has a unique opportunity to tell a major story about mental health issues with both Hangman and Kingston. I don't think that's where they will go but I trust their storytelling if they did. If this was real life I would be terribly afraid for Hangman, like stop whatever I am doing to make sure he's okay type nervous. Hangman may also be the best pure actor in AEW so it's sold just that much better. Kingston "nearly died" to be the champ and had to quit. What will that do to his psyche? Will he factor that he may never get another shot at the big belt in the story? He's already on
  8. I heard Lance tested positive so there is going to be a title match tonight of Mox vs Kingston. Not a bad way to make a quick adjustment due to a bad situation.
  9. The Kingston family has a lot of potential but they need some direction. I could listen to Eddie talk all day though. Will Hobbs has a presence about him that didn't look out of place when he was with Mox. I hope he does well. Street fight 10/10. Well done to both teams.
  10. I don't know any more about Kingston than what I've seen on Dynamite but he looks like the most charismatic scumbag in history. Moar plz. The NWA women's champion looks pretty hot. Thank you Cody for dying for our entertainment.
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