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  1. I'm rooting for you to get to 100 soon!
  2. NFL

    I have been very confused since Thomas Davis started saying he wanted an extension. He's said before that this contract was going to be his last. Besides Shaq Thompson has been behind him for the last two years so I'm guessing everybody thought he'd step in and start when TD retired. That may be what happened with Gettleman but it seems like more than just that.
  3. NFL

    What the fucking fuck Carolina?
  4. This makes me so happy!
  5. Carey Price 8 years 84 million. Wow!
  6. I am very pleased so far with what GM Ron Francis is doing in Carolina. He had three goals this off season: 1. Fix the goaltending situation: In Scott Darling, Out Eddie Lack. RIP Lacko Tacos 2. Get a third paring defense man since it was beyond horrid last year: Out Ron Hainsey, In Trevor van Riemsdyk. Congrats Ron on the Cup! 3. Acquire a top 6 level forward: Welcome back Justin Williams. Carolina went without a captain last year and he'd be a perfect choice before it's time to give it to Jaccob Slavin. Why? He's already won a cup here in Raleigh and from twitter: Justin Williams on signing with the Hurricanes: "Carolina hasn't made the playoffs since 2009. That's a long time. We're done losing." The only thing left that is a definite need is #1 center. I wouldn't be against it being Matt Duchene from the Avs, but I don't think we're a trade match and I don't think he's the guy who puts you over the top. There is talk that it might be Sebastian Aho down the line but currently he's not up for the job just yet. With the defense set of Slavin, Pesce, Faulk, Hanifin, Fleury, and van Riemsdyk, the blue line is set for awhile. I, and the few Canes fans left, desperately wanted playoffs last year. Barring significant injury this year, there is no reason why Carolina can not earn a wild card spot this year.
  7. If Cleveland choked the 13 point lead here early in the fourth after scoring 86 in the first half, would this qualify as the most Cleveland thing ever?
  8. Tampa ugh maybe Njoku in the 2nd then
  9. Panthers come back in the first and get OJ Howard plz
  10. Myles Garrett no matter what
  11. The league would be a much more interesting place if we could get this Lance Stephenson more often. I also really wish Milwaukee could get on national TV more often so I could see more Giannis. I slept on the Bucks hard apparently.
  12. Ovi hurt in Washington as Kadri hit him with a low bridge
  13. Nevermind the choke job, why are Lance Stephenson's waves sideways? That's the real question.
  14. NFL

    That's about as good as you can ask for especially having the only west coast game in week one and three home games in the final month. There's no reason Carolina shouldn't be back to the playoffs this year.
  15. Can't wait to see who Paul George blames if they manage to choke the huge halftime lead away. My money is on the refs.