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  1. I heard Lance tested positive so there is going to be a title match tonight of Mox vs Kingston. Not a bad way to make a quick adjustment due to a bad situation.
  2. The Kingston family has a lot of potential but they need some direction. I could listen to Eddie talk all day though. Will Hobbs has a presence about him that didn't look out of place when he was with Mox. I hope he does well. Street fight 10/10. Well done to both teams.
  3. I don't know any more about Kingston than what I've seen on Dynamite but he looks like the most charismatic scumbag in history. Moar plz. The NWA women's champion looks pretty hot. Thank you Cody for dying for our entertainment.
  4. What is the proper pronoun to address Sonny? Commentary was very inconsistent with what they used. I liked what I saw of Sonny and I would like to see more. I thought the entrance with the cheerleaders was interesting and with their kick based offense and flexibility, you truly have someone who stands out in a good way. I think Cody is doing a good job of showcasing a lot of wrestlers who wouldn't get the spotlight. Arn losing his shit and Cody steadily heading heel is also good storytelling. I love the Lucha Bros. I love their pace, how interesting their moves are, and the energy they br
  5. MJF's can you do anything right to Wardlow is just another seed being planted. I hope this slow burn continues for a while yet. I am about 2 steps away from being Shadownetico about Shida. Cody good wrestler. Hager decent wrestler. Match zzzzzzzzzzz. Orange Catsidy getting under Jericho's skin by doing nothing...chef kiss. Discount Street Profits deadass have potential. Matt will be a great mentor for them. Is this the beginning of the end for the Inner Circle? Clearly FTR doesn't watch BTE or Stadium Stampede. Subtle dick move offering them beer. Overall really good f
  6. I want to see that Shida every week. Wow! I don't think I've this this sustained good tag team wrestling since maybe the Steiner Brother days. Maybe the Hardys/E&C/Dudleys. I didn't get to see FTR's run in NXT so I think they are great. Lucha Bros were the biggest reason I stuck with AEW to begin with because the Bucks are dicks. I enjoyed the Joey/Kiss match. Kiss had some very cool offense. They keep making me care about the new tag teams. Great job AEW! I miss Darby. They are hell bent on turning this Dark Order storyline around and I give them credit, it's been well done
  7. This was a tweet from AEW: We wish Jimmy Havoc all the best as he receives treatment and counseling in an effort to overcome the mental health and substance abuse challenges in his life. We are aware of various reports related to Jimmy. We are evaluating his status with our company and will address it when he has successfully completed his rehabilitation.
  8. I very much look forward to the reaction of the Young Bucks when they are confronted by both Page/Omega and FTR. Page and Omega have a legit reason to be upset with them story wise because the Bucks keep calling themselves the best tag team in the world when they aren't the best tag team in their company as Page/Omega hold up their belts. Then FTR could chime in that forget best in the world, they aren't even the best team in their own faction. Then you cut to footage of the match at Revolution highlighting when Matt got pinned. FTR could go on to say that the Bucks haven't held the belts ever
  9. I was able to catch up with last weeks Dynamite and I think I had the most favorable reaction to the tag match between SCU and Havoc/Sabian. I thought that H/S did a great job of controlling SCU and I thought they wrestled a smart match. I was surprised they won but they deserved it. Good job to two guys I don't really pay attention to. I thought Wardlow was bigger than that. (That's what she said.) I feel like AEW has done a good job of mixing vets with guys who have a ton of potential. Lastly, still can't stand the TNT title. I can't wait until they fix it.
  10. Private Party should get all the Oscars, Tonys, Emmys, Grammys. I guess Hangman Pussypants Page can get one as well.
  11. MJF and Brandi play so well off each other!
  12. Frankie could retire the Do Ya segment right now because I promise it will never be better than that one. Also big ups to Private Party for the San Andrea's reference! Not an Inner Circle jerk but an actual circle? We'll see where it goes
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