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  1. Grabbed my copy of Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier off the shelf. I haven't read this in 15 years, probably. It's a retelling of the seven swans fable, and the first in what ended up being 5 or 6 books. I remember loving this one, but becoming less into the series as it went on.
  2. If you're in Florida, be careful! Ian's not fucking around.
  3. That was EXCELLENT. Only thing I didn't like was Hellions, and that's because I do not get this weird new Mister Sinister personality. Everything else was amazing. I may have to get a physical copy of that someday, because some of those panels/pages are incredible. I'm out of Hoopla borrows until Oct 1, so I'll have to see what my physical Pile of Shame looks like.
  4. Slowly making my way through X of Swords. This is good writing! I hate how Magneto treats Polaris (now the vilification of Scarlet Witch makes more sense). Knew there was going to be a betrayal, was not expecting that first one. Xavier and Magneto rubbing that in Apocalypses' face will surely never backfire, no, it's not like he has ever held a grudge for thousands of years....
  5. I got mine last week, along with the flu shot. I had a minor fever for a day and a sore arm for two, and that was about it.
  6. The bankruptcy disaster for the Panthers owner just keeps getting better. Demands like, "We gave you 80 million dollars in tax payer money and we kinda need more than maybe 1/4th of that back".
  7. And now I'm seeing info that 40+ minutes of Diablo 4 playtesting has leaked. Still looking for a reputable source....
  8. Marauders vol 2 - boy the art got shitty with issue #12. And that was the biggest non-explanation of why the resurrection wasn't working that made everyone involved look like complete fucking idiots. And Kate is absolutely the Whitest White girl to get very stupid knuckle tatts. Encyclopaedia Eorzea vol 2 was amazing, but the print is kinda small, and my bifocals are old, and I spent half a day barely able to see.
  9. Ugh my library is annoying. Available through Hoopla are also the collections of the individual series, but the numbering is weird. Volume 1 is 1 - 6, volume 2 is 7 - 11, then volume three starts with 16. A little more digging and the missing issues are in a big X of Sword omnibus, which OK fine whatever. So I'll probably get the Mauraders and XMen ones, then X of Swords, then try to see what else I like from there. For my birthday I got myself the Encyclopaedia Eorzea vol 2, and it is making my nerd lore brain very, very happy.
  10. Got my flu shot and the COVID shot yesterday. Am a bit sore and a touch feverish today, but nothing a couple Advil haven't knocked down to my normal levels.
  11. Just finished Dawn of X #9, and not knowing who Broo was really made the ending not make any sense. It also seems to be the last collection the library has available through Hoopla. I'll have to dig around and see how else it's collected.
  12. Elden Ring's soundtrack is now available across all streaming platforms. Here's a link to the Spotify one.
  13. Holy shit they actually got someone who LOOKS LIKE EZRA. (brb flailing screaming hyperventilating etc.)
  14. Dawn of X #8 done, and this one was just kinda there. Why does Wolverine need his own series when that story could've been told in the other two series he's already in? And when, exactly, does the Emma/Jean thing take place, because Storm was fine a minute ago. I know these should've been read in a specific order (I've seen the posts), but they really could've put these collections together better. I'm also reading Hiroshima, one of the few things I have that my mother's father owned (he wrote his name in the front cover). It's heartbreaking.
  15. Good luck. You can do this. It's a long journey, and not always in a straight forward line, but you can do this.
  16. I probably first saw his name when I was in my Stephen King phase in early high school, and The Talisman is one of the few books of King's I own. RIP
  17. I'm guessing this is not really Xavier, somehow. That "Cerebro" has become it's own entity and is riding the meat suit. Also, there's something off about resurrection, to explain the way a few characters are acting (to me) out of character. I think it's going to come down to finding out why Kate Pryde can't use the gates.
  18. Read Dawn of X #7, which was wildly uneven, and finished by absolutely punching me in the face with the whole Crucible thing. There are certainly a lot of Choices being made here, and I don't think I like all of them, but they are incredible for storytelling purposes.
  19. I was at home between college semesters, deeply ill with colitis, and remember turning to Mom and saying, "Those poor boys of her's." Just a terrible, unnecessary tragedy.
  20. Gotten through vol 6. RIP Fallen Angels, WTF was that? Excalibur continues to be ignored. I love Mauraders. X-Force is a bit uneven, but snarky Jean Grey is always Good. X-Men is setting us up for something that is going to make me be on Mystique's side, isn't it?
  21. If you loved FF IV, you will love FF XIV 6.2. Holy cow.
  22. More on the HBO Max debacle And yeah, "middle America" is the dog whistle you think it is.
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