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  1. The best story my Mom tells about her late persian Johnny Red is that somehow, despite his flat face and complete lack of brains, he managed to catch a lizard in his mouth. We think the lizard had a death wish and just jumped into his mouth. Anyway, he looks at Mom like, "What am I supposed to do with this?!?!?" and she instinctively said, "DROP IT" (4 kids, 6 grandkids voice). He did, looking (again, according to Mom) grateful for the assist. She let the poor lizard outside to warn his friends about the weird demon in the big box.
  2. FF Crystal Chronicles, originally out in 2003 for Nintendo(? I think, not their usual system for the time) has been remade and is being released in late August for PS4 https://blog.us.playstation.com/2020/05/28/final-fantasy-crystal-chronicles-remastered-edition-hits-ps4-august-27-with-new-features/
  3. There is going to be some ridiculously great stuff in those episodes. Jacey North shows up, I'm in the front row for a while, just amazing.
  4. Do pictures of my arthritic hands count?
  5. No, not really. I'm a few chapters in (my hands have been giving me hell the last couple weeks, can't hold a controller for any length of time) and they are introducing the characters the same way they did in the original. You will be just as confused/intrigued as those of us who first played the old version without spoilers.
  6. I used to have the whole concert on a tape and wore that fucker out. So many amazing gems in the earlier parts.
  7. Florida's flat because the governor told the coroner's not to list the deaths. GA has had another 1000+ new cases day.
  8. Him and Lando did not work for me at all in Rebels.
  9. Basically, Disney has seen the writing on the wall when it comes to movie theaters, checked the totals for what the Troll World Tour movie pulled in, and said, "Oh, Alexander Hamilton (Alexander Hamilton) / When America sings for you / Will they know what you overcame? / Will they know you rewrote the game? / The world will never be the same, oh"
  10. For the record, the genes for make-up and hair stuff completely skipped me. My sisters got them. Which is a significant portion of the reason why my hair frequently ends up long enough for me to sit on before I do anything about it. Mom asked me to cut her hair, and I nearly had a panic attack. But I took a deep breath (or 10), took the good hair cutting scissors, and gave her a good trim. She asked for it at her earlobes, and I managed it mostly, except around the back of her head where things grow a little oddly around her neck surgery scar. Not gonna mess with mine, tho.
  11. I suspect, from the fact that Anakin is on Coruscant, that this was supposed to be set sometime early season 6 timeline, and not barrelling towards RoTS timeline.
  12. Oh my god Sacred. The most awful voice acting, bland music, and non-existant plot but with the best mechanics. I hate that I keep wanting to get the first game again so I can run across the map with an insta-kill helmet and watch things die.
  13. If the last four Clone Wars episodes were made into a movie, holy shit it would be winning Oscars. Absolutely incredible.
  14. I know I got here late, but my personal favorite I didn't see mentioned was FF X. Yuna is the lead, it's a great heroic tragedy of a story, and it's still turn based.
  15. I'm already seeing still and clips from today's Clone Wars episode, and apparently they mashed up RoTS audio into it. And then the heart breaking begins.
  16. To be honest, in South Carolina it is still a crime for Black folks.
  17. That got more wacky as it went on. They absolutely nailed the Joker, tho.
  18. If you go online you can find the episode order to watch the Clone Wars in chronological instead of release order (through season 6, anyways), but it's not necessary for a first time viewing.
  19. Both of the .hack game series did this, and yeah, you just start with the baseline "What's the level of the last boss of the previous game and start there" and just have folks realize that if you massively overpowered yourself at the previous game, you'll be overleveled but potentially undergeared for the beginning of the next one. I have no problems with this.
  20. IMO, the first arc could've been three episodes and lost nothing, and the Ahsoka arc definitely was originally planned for sometime in the sixth season and could've been shorter. While I logically understand why they chose to show it, since when it was originally conceived they didn't know they were getting canned, and needed now to reintroduce a couple of the main players, it's just not was us fans are wanting now.
  21. I've seen people say they can pin exactly where in Revenge of the Sith this fight takes place, because apparently you hear a Sidious scream right at the beginning of the fight. So by the end of the episode, we are like 5 minutes from Order 66.
  22. Starting the second book (in paperback, and lolsob my glasses are 4 years old and focusing is FUN let me tell you). Changed my short review on Goodreads for the first one to switch the Games of Thrones reference (because boy has that not aged well) to a Memory, Sorry, and Thorn by Tad Williams reference.
  23. Square Enix is talking about FF XIV patch 5.3, where they are going to finish up the Shadowbringer storyline, and I have CONCERNS about the fate of my poor Crystal Exarch. Also incoming (altho I haven't seen a date yet) are the next Nier tie-in raid, Sapphire (I'm guessing) Weapon makes an appearance, a new beast tribe quest (starring the dwarves), and the next part of the "Save the Queen" weapon storyline, as well as tons of clean up and looks like we're getting flying mounts in the ARR lands.
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