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  1. Not gonna lie, I watched the hell out of some Rollergames and Roller Jam when they were on.
  2. Yeah, I have to keep telling myself that this is not a button mashing game.
  3. Picked up Ghosts of Tsushima the other day. I went to the local GameStop and they didn't have it so I said to hell with it and just downloaded it. I think the only other digital games I have are the games from the Borderlands Handsome Collection that I got when they were on sale a few years ago. Anyway, I seriously get my ass kicked a lot in this game. When you get swarmed by 4 or 5 Mongols it's pretty damn hard to keep everything together.
  4. Time to watch for his next retirement announcement, I guess.
  5. I stopped by because Turnip Prophet said that I'm not getting above 128 this week. Your commission is by the airport.
  6. Man, I have a ton of Eridium sitting around. I could get some serious firepower if I wanted to blow all of it, I suppose.
  7. The Seahawks just paid quarterback price to acquire a safety.
  8. Redd is at my island today, but he only had one legit painting (the Mona Lisa) and I bought it. He had fakes of the quaint painting, the wistful painting, and the graceful painting. Is there any benefit to buying fakes? I wouldn't think there would be but I figured I'd ask.
  9. I managed to sneak over before I had to leave for work (thank goodness for me being three hours behind you in real-world time) and left a commission near the airport.
  10. For those of you that are into that kind of thing, an Expanded Version of The Art of the Mass Effect Trilogy is coming out in February. It says it includes stuff from the DLCs, specifically mentioning Citadel and Lair of the Shadow Broker.
  11. Turnips starting at 92 at my place this morning. I’ll open up if anyone wants to buy.
  12. Turnips at 129 this morning. Will have the gate open in case anyone has bottomed out. I’m on Pacific time so you’ve got a couple of hours before the price changes.
  13. Also, you can find the full story, sans paywall, right here.
  14. There's enough shows there where the concept could, at the very least, be given its own Pluto TV channel.
  15. When does the Washington FC Dumpster Fire thread commence?
  16. At this rate they're going to end up calling them the DC Comics.
  17. If this involves Tim Curry dressed as a Girl Scout. . .
  18. Yeah, this sounds. . .not great, Bob. Got a feeling that whatever goodwill there might have been about the name change is about to completely disappear.
  19. Nope, no big jump today as my turnips were at 71 this afternoon and I am now 100% in "fluctuating" week territory and not projected to get above 154. Damn.
  20. It appears that I might be in for a big turnip spike tomorrow in the PM time frame. I hate going off of incomplete data. . .missed the AM prices because the shop wasn't open before I went to work and this afternoon they were at 138 (after I bought for 110). If it does shoot up, I'll be sure to put it out here.
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