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  1. Conversely, the first company to actually electrocute Drew Brees will have my unending consumer loyalty.
  2. Am I about to spend 35 american dollars to pre-order Andre the Giant in a teal sportscoat? You bet your ass.
  3. Oof, do not like the looks of that Adam Warlock one bit. Otherwise I'm extremely in for counter-earth and animal person weirdness.
  4. The last line of the article literally says they're waiting on confirmation. I am on my knees begging and pleading for people to show the slightest shred of credulity to unsourced stories from outlets that all reported Malakai Black had been released from his contract like three months ago.
  5. Gamestop's management killed Gamestop, with a helpful assist from Amazon. They really only exist today through a combination of inertia and internet weirdos running an Iraqi Dinar scam with their stock. Gaming-wise, I am back on my bullshit, by which I mean starting another new game of Dragon Quest Builders 2 instead of any of the games on my backlog.
  6. The collective gasp from the crowd when he turned his back on Danielson was a thing of beauty.
  7. I thought the MJF thing would have been fine if it was like six minutes shorter. Come out, talk about the e-mail from Regal, run down Ricky Starks, unveil the belt, attack Regal, bing bang boom. The biggest sin (aside from the length) is that the new belt looks like shit. The colors on the strap are too muddy and dark to read as Burberry on TV. I think the turn makes sense for both characters; MJF having a chip on his shoulder about needing Regal's help to finally win a big match, Regal being a little soo self-satisfied with his own intelligence to realize that MJF would obviously turn on him. The real chad booking after a too-long promo about how he'll be the longest-reigning champion and only defend on PPVs is to have him lose to Starks at Winter is Coming and then start a blood feud with Danielson over killing his fake dad, but that ain't gonna happen. Speaking of Danielson goddamn did I enjoy that match with Dax. The opening sequence made total sense in that a tapehead like Dax would have Danielson's stuff scouted and counters planned out. Dax also did a bunch of great little stuff, like pushing on the back of Danielson's head to keep him from slipping out of the headscissors. The upkick from Danielson activating Angry Dax could have been a cheesy NXT-ish spot but they made it work. Doing the super-nasty suplex over the barricades onto concrete during the commercial was a bit of a head-scratcher, but goddamn that was a good bump. And for a guy with his injury history Danielson has a real commitment to landing on his neck at weird angles. My only real criticism is that some of the I-reverse-now-you-reverse sequences went on a little long, but fuck that was a good match. Loved the opening brawl, too. Mox falling off the ramp was one of those serendipitous accidents that made it feel even more chaotic. They should have kept cutting back to Mox and Hanger fighting in different locations: in the back, on the street, at a McDonalds, &c, &c.
  8. He also had one vs Jeff Cobb E: Gotta get up pretty early to beat ol' Matty D
  9. For a tag specialist Dax is having quite the banner year for singles matches.
  10. I got Monster Train in the Steam sale. Only played two runs but it seems like a totally acceptable Slay The Spire knockoff. Other than that mostly just playing Rogue Legacy 2. Only one more class to unlock and then like a thousand different traits and relics.
  11. Albert Pyun, director of Sword and the Sorcerer, Cyborg, the 1990 Captain America, and like a million straight to video action movies, has reportedly passed away. Thank you for making a bunch of the garbage I watched as a kid. RIP.
  12. He bladed his chest when he was down in the corner. My wife was the one to notice; I'm so proud.
  13. They did and it was awesome. Unfortunately it was the 2nd match taped so the crowd wasn't filled in but Chicago loves Maki Itoh. Full Elevation/Dark match list. No idea what's on which show
  14. Feeling blessed that I'll get to watch my beloved Badgers get tooled up by my beloved Jayhawks on Thanksgiving.
  15. Full report later but I'll say this: Live wrestling stays fun as fuck.
  16. He was a big time real estate guy in Atlanta and being a rich weirdo is enough to get you a reality show.
  17. Damn, I bet Claudio vs Tank was fun as hell. Also curious how they got Tiger Mask IV to work a random-ass show in Indiana.
  18. I've been dying for more Eddie vs Monster matches since the Lance Archer mini-feud. He's so goddamned good at selling and working from underneath.
  19. The Women's title scene has kinda moved on while Kris has been out, and she's like the only top-level woman that Cargill hasn't beaten yet so it makes sense.
  20. https://twitter.com/ShiningPolaris/status/1594200690368331776?s=20&t=jjcbLsupguIYZR57ZKaCaQ Nice little piece of post-show business with the BCC explaining what the hell happened to Mox.
  21. It's Nash. The picture is mirrored; Goldberg's tattoo is on actually his left arm.
  22. Holy shit, y'all, I'm going to see Tomohiro Ishii wrestle live.
  23. The main event was great with MJF as your territorial babyface absorbing an ass-beating from your cocky touring champion. Having a double ref bump and a manger turn was about as Dusty-ass a finish as you can get without actually doing a Dusty finish. Also a nice callback to the end of the dog-collar match, but with MJF coming out on top. For a show I wasn't too stoked for going in that was pretty damned great and didn't feel quite as exhaustively long as some other PPVs. (Looking at you, All Out)
  24. 5:58, I think that's a record for me. Not having a lot of joshi names that I have to guess or look up helped. Thanks man, love these.
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