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  1. The answer, as always, is simple. Thatcher.
  2. Pretty sure it’s a play on the famous “Crazy Girls” revue in Vegas where they have a bronze statue of the performers with their backs to you.
  3. He also bled like a motherfucker against the Murderhawk. My favorite TV worker of the year.
  4. Promo, montage, whatever, this shit is the GOODS.
  5. 300 pound Flair is still something I can never get used to.
  6. Like to think if it weren't for him, I wouldn't be a stats guy today.
  7. Falcons forgetting the reason you draft a good WR is because you need a competent QB throwing to him and then realizing Mariota is their QB and drafting London anyways. Maybe they DO trade for Jimmy G.
  8. Congrats to Rippa on the competence.
  9. Tony doesn’t still post here right?
  10. Deebo is now saying the reporters are lying so this is some top flight trolling and/or leveraging going on.
  11. That dude had just gotten a damn brain tumor removed like weeks before that match and his first thought was, “I need to show this punk who the real king is.” Absolute legend.
  12. I’ve gotten people speculating this has to do with Jimmy G and his status being up in the air with the team but this has to be aligned with the Adams/Hill trades due to extensions not working out, Deebo asking for an extension in turn, and the 49ers not pouncing. So Deebo took it as disrespect and he’s done.
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