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  1. The Evangelion rebuilds were mentioned a few pages back and 2.0 and 3.0+1.0 were the standouts. At the time, I think I still had EOE over all of them, even though EOE starts with a truly reprehensible scene that I took as the biggest middle finger to fan service ever. Didn’t know about how Anno treated his staff; the tortured genius narrative around him is earned but also, don’t do that shit to others. Such a weird series: He knew how to get 3/4 the way through the story but went through a half dozen ways to end it and none of them really took. The ambition alone is noteworthy, I guess, but I don’t know if I came out of the Rebuilds necessarily thinking better of the series as a whole.
  2. There were times where the action slowed down to cue Takeshita interacting, and the sequencing was a bit out of whack, but the actual execution was pretty damn good. I wish they could have simplified a few things, and I think they have a better match in them. Still a good match, though.
  3. Soup needs an AEW-produced YouTube show where he visits all the fast food joints. It would rule. Mance Warner will punch a motherfucker right in the face. Swerve tried to kill a man with a toolbox. A good hour of professional wrestling.
  4. There was a Battlebots commercial tonight, congrats to TK on getting the TNN deal.
  5. The look on Jesse’s face doesn’t make it look like it tastes great.
  6. I love that website for its ability for me to host roughly 160 recordings of the podcast my brothers and I did AND for professional wrestling. Incredible.
  7. EDIT: I can’t figure out how to upload photos. Because I’m old.
  8. NJPW guys showed up. This show was insane and haphazardly booked but also worked and somehow showed a template for how these cards could be optimized. Even the commentary was great given it was a 4-man booth. Hell, we even got an actual DEAN~! review out of it. A great night in the history of our sport.
  9. Also, Boston was hyped up due to talent, but the lack of cohesion was covered up by that talent. They never faced a team truly cohesive in the playoffs before the finals. They faced talented teams, but not a single one had an identity that was worth a damn. Not even the vaunted “Heat Culture,” which was so scattershot by the time they faced off it didn’t matter anymore. I’d be more worried about the Grizzlies than the Celtics next year.
  10. Basketball is very, very good.
  11. Heenan as a lost Blackjack with a heart punch for a finish. Everything I didn’t know I needed in life.
  12. Don’t think he’s really that hurt. It would open the show.
  13. The answer, as always, is simple. Thatcher.
  14. Pretty sure it’s a play on the famous “Crazy Girls” revue in Vegas where they have a bronze statue of the performers with their backs to you.
  15. He also bled like a motherfucker against the Murderhawk. My favorite TV worker of the year.
  16. Promo, montage, whatever, this shit is the GOODS.
  17. 300 pound Flair is still something I can never get used to.
  18. Like to think if it weren't for him, I wouldn't be a stats guy today.
  19. Falcons forgetting the reason you draft a good WR is because you need a competent QB throwing to him and then realizing Mariota is their QB and drafting London anyways. Maybe they DO trade for Jimmy G.
  20. Congrats to Rippa on the competence.
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