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  1. Depending on how pragmatic he is his old man probably wants him nowhere near Man Utd either. Bad blood, and all that. PSG's gameplan still appears to be "give it to the famous boys and let them do something". Whether or not they can ever be corralled into an actual team remains to be seen, would be an absurd waste of talent if not.
  3. I am 99% sure he did not. He was going for one of his other ultra-death subs just at the end (Hurrah...etcetc) but couldn't lock it. So yeah, they still have that card to play down the line. Smart booking, as you'd expect.
  4. Well this apparently was a lie because ESPN is now saying Perry Fewell is getting canned Mike Smith and...yes really...Spags being linked. As a Saints fan who was actually excited with the Spags hire however many years ago it was I would have to admit to mild outrage if he repeats his previous success.
  5. Re: Marrone - his agent is Jimmy Sexton. Rex's agent is also Jimmy Sexton. There was a story the other week that Rex had gotten wind of the Jets asking one of Jimmy's other clients if he would have interest in the HC job. No smoke without fire, etc... Does this mean a glorious return to the head coaching ranks for Jim Schwartz?
  6. Soo, Mike Pouncey got served a subpoena at Foxboro after the game relating to Hernandez and a possible inter-state gun running operation. This is going to get messy.
  7. Bradford 1-2 Wolves. Big time result that. (sorry Natural)
  8. Well, i haven't broken anything yet, so that's good. Loss is 100% on Payton and his shitty, shitty playcalling. Refused to keep running the ball consistently. Had at LEAST 3 seperate chances to put the game away and couldn't pick up a 1st down. Threw the ball when the Pats were trying desperately to conserve clock. Just utterly retarded all the way around. Thank god the bye is next week.
  9. Yeah this is why I didn't pick the Bengals this week
  10. Much as I find Schiano's incompetence hilarious I'm also sad as it's going to mean the Bucs might end up with someone competent next year, and probably one of the better QBs in the next draft. Oh well
  11. All of my vomit. Seriously thinking about picking the Bengals in my survivor pool this week. But it would be the most Bengals thing ever for them to kick the shit out of the Patriots and then go and lose to Jeff Tuel in Buffalo, so I am wary.
  12. Big time road win for the Saints. All 3 facets of the game showed up. Vaccaro got burnt badly by Jeffrey which led to the late TD but otherwise the D was mostly solid (though they're kinda weak against the run...it took forever for the Bears to figure this out for some reason) Even the offensive line held up reasonably well. Would've been a very different story with Melton in there though. Pats-Saints next week is going to be verrrrry interesting.
  13. Henne time making things far more interesting than I'd like
  14. I was 50/50 to play Tate or Shorts this week...I chose the wrong one. Yeesh. I'm actually kind of weirdly uncomfortable with the Saints' D playing this well. It's not natural.
  15. The Eagles D is on pace to give up more yards than the Saints D did last year. Which, if anyone needs reminding, was the worst of ALL TIME. So yeah, not good. Steeelers trading for Levi Brown is uh...curious. Mike Adams is not doing well but he's still in his 2nd year. Levi Brown hasn't done well his entire career. Ravens, on the other hand, pick up a pretty solid tackle who doesn't have significant weight issues for basically peanuts. Early signs indicate Ozzie has worked his magic again (we'll ignore the whole Michael Huff thing for now)
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