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  1. I just read Stranglehold by Larry Nelson, an AWA announcer. I cannot recommend this book at all. It has nothing of interest in it. Some thoughts: - He is a bad storyteller. Stories that could potentially be somewhat interesting or funny are ruined by his complete inability to string an entertaining sentence together. - The vast majority of stories he tells are insipid and boring, like that one drunk you always see at the bar and tries to be popular by making a big deal out of telling a story that’s just... completely unremarkable. ‘Two women shared a room and one of them paid for it. While she was gone, the other raided the room refrigerator. She drank all the wine and her roommate had to pay! Hahaha!’ - He tries to put himself over so much in terms of what a manly man he is. ‘Very few people drank as much as I did,’ and ‘Every tour I found a groupie to sleep with.’ - He mentions a few angles, but none of them are described in a captivating way. Once he has to mention how he put over a big angle by saying on commentary, ‘Who could possibly win this thing?!’ Brilliant, Larry. Brilliant. - The most offensive thing is how he describes women: either in uncomfortably and disgustingly lecherous detail (both random women and wrestlers like Sherri Martel) or in insults about how fat and/or ugly they are. And he does this constantly. - He takes credit for bringing Eric Bischoff into the wrestling business because he chickened out of coming in for a day of doing interviews so the producers had to use Eric Bischoff. (The AWA was in dire straits and Larry Nelson had decided to leave the state and start over elsewhere without telling the AWA about it.) The book was written in 1999. - There was one very disturbing (but mercifully short) story about Road Warrior Hawk sexually assaulting a minor in Winnipeg. Larry Nelson was mainly worried about how this would get him in trouble. (To be clear: he had no part in the action; Hawk just told him what had happened the night before.) - They have sections where they go over the history of professional wrestling, and it borders on level of cringe with how inaccurate and amateurish it is. There are frequent mistakes of names (and spelling, which is another matter) like calling Harley Race ‘Harvey.’ All in all, don’t get this. It’s boring, bland and occasionally infuriating.
  2. I loved that match. You knew there was no way in hell Fujita would lose, but it was going to be a lot of fun to see not only how much punishment Shibata could take, but also how many times he could kick Fujita really hard and annoy/mildly hinder him. If I remember correctly, the match sagged in the middle, but the beginning and the end were intense.
  3. I'd pay good money for a segment where Roman Reigns, the Usos and Heyman are talking to each other and Brock barges in for a one-on-one conversation with Roman and says, 'Bitches, leave.'
  4. Anything you can do, I can do better: Part I Anything you can do, I can do better: Part II
  5. This was the first time in many, many years I watched (i.e. skipped through) Raw, but... my God, I pretty much gave up during the McIntyre/Big E tag match. When did they start doing the insanely quick ADHD cuts between cameras? It was giving me a headache.
  6. AWA promo with Nick Bockwinkel and Bobby Heenan. Heenan nearly succeeds several times in making Bockwinkel crack and it's glorious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bA9QVTEUDdQ
  7. Nick Bockwinkel sure could talk... and he makes some interesting points about the evolution of pro-wrestling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO0SMRoIiNg
  8. This is what we need today: Brock Lesnar VS Roman Reigns beating the piss out of each other for two hours on an uninhabited island.
  9. In my continued dive into WCW, I am reminded that the main event of Starrcade 1994 was Hulk Hogan VS The Butcher, aka Brutus Beefcake. Sweet heavens above.
  10. One thing that also stands out for me was a Thunder when Ric Flair came out while Russo was standing in the ring and cut a promo about his accomplishments and the accomplishments of Sting, Lex Luger etc. It was great, and it ended with Flair saying that if he were to win the match at the next Pay-Per-View (I believe it was Slamboree), he'd get five minutes alone with Russo. All in all, great promo. And then Russo ruined it by saying, 'This is the part of the show where I act like a chickenshit heel.' Fuck you, Russo. Just... God dammit, now I'm sad again.
  11. I just looked it up. It was indeed in 1999: on the December 23rd episode of Thunder.
  12. I wonder what would have happened if Benoit had stayed. The title match with Sid had the foundation of overturning the decision: at some point, Sid Chokeslams Benoit and goes for the cover. Arn Anderson (the referee) breaks it up because Benoit's foot is underneath the ropes. Later when Benoit has Sid in the Crossface, Sid has his foot underneath the ropes, but Arn doesn't see it and Sid taps. The next night on Nitro, Arn confesses he didn't see it and that he messed up. So to cynical old me, it sounds like they desperately tried to keep Benoit with the company by promising him the title, only for them to screw him over after he signed the new contract or whatever. After Benoit and the others left, there was little fresh talent to be excited for. Plus Goldberg just got injured after he cut himself open by smashing a car window and Hart had to retire... And, on top of that, you got the usual creative control clause issues that didn't exactly help with the process of building new stars. Scott Steiner would go on to be a solid heel, but he wasn't exactly young anymore. Booker T was great (although he still had to wade through the raw sewage of Misfits in Action and losing the 'T' of his name to Ahmed Johnson). Vampiro had potential and had a good gimmick until they tried to turn him into a stupid Undertaker-esque horror character. Billy Kidman could have been a pretty good 'small babyface who fights against the odds', but that went out of the window with the New Blood. But, on a brighter note, we got this:
  13. I watched the Sid Vicious/Scott Hall/Jeff Jarrett match from SuperBrawl 2000 other day. The ending had Jarrett hitting Hall with his guitar, then Sid Chokeslamming Jarrett, and then Sid Powerbombing Hall and pinning him. When Sid Powerbombed Hall, Hall's face was a grimace of pure agony. You could tell something was up. I looked it up and apparently he later said that he felt something was wrong when he got hit with the guitar. Then he told Sid to 'go easy' with the Powerbomb (which I think you can kinda hear), but Sid didn't listen to him or perhaps didn't hear it. After the show ended, Hall was still lying down in the ring for twenty minutes before he was stretchered off. That was also his last WCW appearance (February 2000). His next appearance was in ECW in November. No real reason to share this tidbit, I suppose. It's just that his face when he got Powerbombed got an immediate, 'Oh, shit. Something's wrong,' reaction out of me. On a related note, I've been reading the detailled reports of WCW shows from 2000 and 2001, and just reading all of that is exhausting and infuriating. I can't imagine what it was like to actually watch those shows in real time. Those reports were written back when the shows aired as well, so the reviewers saying things like, 'I liked this show! Things are looking up for WCW again!' feels pretty weird.
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