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  1. Speaking as a Polish man: shut up, Curt. Let me have my dreams.
  2. That's perfect heeling because if someone did that to me, even if it's the missus, I'd have trouble to keep myself from nutting them.
  3. I hated Jurassic World and this looks a million times worse. My poor, poor beloved Jurassic Park.
  4. For no reason whatsoever, a Patton Oswalt line came to mind: 'The human rectum is almost nightmarishly elastic.'
  5. A couple The Room / The Disaster Artist scene comparisons:
  6. I've heard that, once you reach a certain age, that kind of thing tends to trail off.
  7. Johnny Cash before performing at Folsom in 1968:
  8. That story is FANTASTIC! 'Hey, do those chops. The people of BARNESVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA are crazy for Giant Baba,' and Okada doesn't blink and says, 'Okay!' It takes a very wonderful person to accept that proposition without a massive inkcloud of mistrust.
  9. 'From now on, I choose to live as a straight man.'
  10. If Scripture is a solid legal defence, then you better hide your children: 'Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.' -Psalm 137:9
  11. The worst thing is that I now have 'wet slapping sounds' in my YouTube search history -- and I'm sure I'll get recommendations based on that.
  12. Pirlo retires. A real pity, that. He was a veritable artist.
  13. And then he gets shanked on the way to the back and people will say, 'He was just being a heel!'
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