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  1. Evil Otto

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    Very sad, unsettling news on Morishima. Making a return to pro wrestling is the least of his worries, I'm afraid.
  2. Evil Otto

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    Well, on that note, you've got Goto and Ishii, the superteam everyone's on board with, but never goes anywhere. ...and yeah, I realize New Japan pays well and that's why they'll likely stay. Thank you, "reality booker" Ryan.
  3. Evil Otto

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    I've always thought Goto would be perfect for AJPW. He ticks all their boxes. You have to wonder, being Tomohiro Ishii, that all the times fans, critics and even announcers praise you as being one of the truly best in the world, the company you work for still sees it a bit differently, so it's not unreasonable to mull over the idea that there may be better scenarios for you out there.
  4. Evil Otto

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    Nakajima has been in NOAH for a long time now, and in my opinion he was becoming a bit stale, as talented as he was. Then, he recently turned heel and now he has fully embraced the inner sadistic prick which was always looming underneath the surface. Complete with cheesy moustache, no less. I'm intrigued again. Kudos to Shingo Takagi for finally making the move out of Dragon Gate. Long overdue. I'm also really hoping he's bound for All Japan, perhaps some Big Japan, and other like-minded promotions.
  5. Evil Otto

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    The best news about that graphic is on the very left, seeing that Kengo Mashimo is finally returning.
  6. Evil Otto

    NJPW G1 Climax 28, LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN! 7/14-8/12

    While it is true that Makabe is a minor TV celebrity, my gut feeling tells me this is more like him being on his final G1 legs, if not this year then next year. So perhaps that's a story waiting to be told (maybe the booking is telegraphing it a bit as well), as he goes out with a bang with some main events along the way.
  7. Evil Otto

    NJPW Best of the Super Junior 2018

    In addition to the two previously mentioned, I also really enjoyed Marty's match with Sho. In fact, Sho and Yoh's matches were the highlights of the block finals night for me. Regarding Ishimori, I couldn't help but think, with a wide grin, while watching last night's match with Hiromu, "in case there was still any doubt, THAT'S why they hired Ishimori!" After so many years of watching him in NOAH, one thing I can say for sure is that Ishimori is so physically gifted he actually has to tone things down, so to speak, in mid-card matches. When he's in a semi-main or main event and can go all out, it's always been off the charts. Hiromu is a guy willing to do anything, and Taiji is a guy capable of doing anything. As I had hoped, it turned out completely insane.
  8. Evil Otto

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    Well, Dylan is a tag champ with Sai, so not including him would, you know, kinda be a bit awkward. I really like the group overall, though. Two legit future stars in Lee and Iwamoto, a truly creative veteran in Sai, and the muscle/wild card in James. I'm interested to see where it goes. Knowing All Japan and the way they are frugal with their budget (and often for good reason), I'm not surprised to not see Hino or Takagi on the cards following the Carnival. However, I think they will return eventually. It's obvious that they would be very welcome.
  9. Evil Otto

    Your 2018 INTERNET MATCHES Thread

    Props to WWC for finally providing their shows in HD. Is Mighty Ursus the closest we have to early 90's Vader in the current wrestling landscape? He sells, but also knows when not to sell. He literally comes across as HEAVY at all times. Really solid wrestler. The other match is Rey Gonzalez vs. Eddie "Primo" Colon. Eddie Colon in a long match is a real treat.
  10. Evil Otto

    2018 Champion Carnival

    Yes, it's her.
  11. Evil Otto

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    Not watching it live, but I'm certainly curious how the streaming goes for everyone who's signed up so far. I think I'll probably dive in next month once the Carnival starts rolling along. I'm pretty excited about Josh Bodom, too. I think All Japan could really use a few more foreigners, even if only for big cards such as this one. I'm cool with them being selective about it, though. Iwamoto is one of my personal favorites, so I'm really hoping Iwamoto-Bodom turns out to be a pleasant surprise here. I'll be honest, I've never been too impressed with James/Raideen. Power wrestler, pretty clunky. However, I have been completely won over by Ryoji Sai as of late, so maybe he'll be a good influence. As I mentioned, All Japan needs a few more foreigners to round out their crew, so here's hoping James can prove me wrong. It's not an amazing card, but it's all kinds of funky. It should at least be a lot of fun to watch.
  12. Evil Otto

    New Japan Cup 2018 (March 9th through March 21st)

    Well, it wasn't the result I was expecting, but it was the one I actually really wanted. Wow.
  13. Evil Otto

    New Japan Cup 2018 (March 9th through March 21st)

    It's a national holiday in Japan.
  14. Evil Otto

    New Japan Cup 2018 (March 9th through March 21st)

    Don't sweat it! I just mean that it wouldn't really make any sense at this particular moment.
  15. Evil Otto

    New Japan Cup 2018 (March 9th through March 21st)

    Oh, don't get me wrong. I think Tana most likely takes the cup in the end. That's the best and most logical story of course, whether he goes after Okada or Suzuki. I think the only thing I would consider to be a letdown would be Sanada making it to the finals. Tana, Juice, Zack, all really intriguing stories going forward.