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  1. I implore you to watch Lawlor vs Rosser as soon as you can. It was beautiful pro wrestling. The ART of wrestling on full display. Believable, intensely physical, emotional.
  2. Wow, good call, Tom Lawlor is actually a perfect choice for the role of a guy who can hang with ZSJ and get, shall we say, "Filthy", in Blood and Guts. I'm still leaning towards Cesaro, but after that, it's now Lawlor in second place, and a chasm between those two and the rest.
  3. Hmmm, I guess this is where I mention that the Ishii-Connors qualifying match from New Japan's last Korakuen show is one of my sleeper matches of the year. I strongly encourage you to watch it if you can. I will now slink away quietly.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by brutal, but I think D Block should produce the most consistently good matches out of all of them. Yujiro is a night off, and as much as I generally despise that kind of booking strategy, I get why they do it. B Block is actually the least interesting to me. El P hinted at the G1 as he exited the ring at times during the BOSJ, and I think even the announcers (at least the Japanese ones) mentioned how El P seemed more like a heavyweight at times, but it was rather subtle, as I think New Japan still wanted that surprise pop when they announced him being in. I also can sense they may have even bigger plans for him down the line, but we shall see. It will be fun to see Juice and Finlay square off in the G1, and I can certainly praise Finlay for the fact that he always put forth the effort in every match. I just don't know where he goes from here, as he has solid in-ring work, his look is sharper than before, and he has fairly good charisma to boot, but a few key intangibles still don't appear to be there yet for him.
  5. I love the fact that Tony Schiavone loves Kyle O'Reilly. He sounds like he's in genuine awe of KOR's abilities. So am I, Tony. All you KOR-haters are harshing my mellow, man. The Aussie Open-FTR six-man has the potential to be amazing and likely wince-inducing. Hopefully leaning far more towards amazing.
  6. Yeah, that was absolutely wild. I love how the crowd started out with polite, borderline tepid applause when the match graphic came up, but were collectively losing their minds (sans yelling) by the end. I always listen to the Japanese commentators, so it was amusing to catch Charlton's frantic, bellowing voice wafting through the air near the end. Hey, I get it, though.
  7. Mistico vs. Titan vs. Templario, Universal tournament final from April 29. Starts from 52:50-ish. Titan completely delivers in an Arena Mexico main event once again.
  8. Pretty much in full agreement with you on nights 1 and 2. I'll have to dig a little deeper to find out if Despy/Titan have ever wrestled each other before, but I'd love to see them do it again. They are tremendous together. B Block seems likely to produce some really wild match-ups. There's an immense amount of talent in that group. After watching Strong for so long now, Clark Connors' theme song sounds so great on a bigger stage and on a more professional sound system, and what makes it even better is that it doesn't seem to match his overall character at all. It's completely fucking absurd and awesome.
  9. I was in the 2nd or 3rd row at MSG on that night. If I'm being perfectly honest, this match was a bit of a blur to me, as I had already watched Randy Savage debut earlier that evening and my mind was completely blown.
  10. Titan vs Niebla Roja from CMLL, April 22, 2022. Hopefully, it's all synced up for you, if not go to 1:01:32-ish. Crowd is going bananas for this one. As great as Titan is here, Niebla Roja is taking everything Titan can give him and heeling it up something fierce, so equal amount of props to him as well. They really are perfect opponents.
  11. Jay shouts out ELP and Chris Bey as they're all walking out, which was cool and subtle to ensure they were included. Bey was the one person who I was a bit surprised wasn't in BOSJ, but then I felt it may be Bullet Club overkill, so perhaps it's better to bring him in further down the line. There's a Hikuleo-Jay angle brewing on Strong (will Hikuleo join his GOD brothers, etc;), and of course, what HoT means in all of this, likely a split but I wonder how it plays out, now that it CAN, actually, play out. Granted, not everyone involved is a top-tier worker, but it's a really complicated storyline, especially when you add in Cole, The Elite, and all that past history and such over in AEW. For now, it seems fresh, and a shot in the arm for New Japan in general. I enjoyed the card overall, but I have to say, watching the BOSJ announcement live was very cathartic for me and thus the highlight, as it was a definitive signal that things are changing dramatically very soon. Finally.
  12. Hmmm, TJP seems to be growing his hair out a bit. Given the shenanigans post-match, if this is leading to a mask vs. hair match with Mascara Dorada down the line, I'm fully on board with that idea! Even if it doesn't go that far, Dorada needs an angle like this to get people more invested in him, so I'm happy to see that, at least.
  13. I'm really happy that this is where he ended up. He can be slotted in right away with CMLL's current top tier guys, no doubt. CMLL desperately needs someone of his caliber right now, and his style should mesh well with the likes of Titan, Hechicero, Templario, Cavernario, Soberano Jr., even Mistico. The reasons for it all happening notwithstanding, they're all finally getting the opportunities they've long deserved, and he belongs right up there with them. That all being said, this is still CMLL, so let's just say I'm cautiously optimistic.
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