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  1. If there's anyone who's long overdue for being a full-on heel, it would be Go Shiozaki. I'm sure it really suits him well. I admire Kaito for taking his lumps from two of the most sadistic wrestlers in the industry.
  2. Charisma is not a problem in his case, he's got plenty of that. The rest is a bit suspect, although it seems that he's fundamentally pretty solid. If you've never seen him, he's worth a look because he's such a goof. A good goof or a bad goof, that's up to the viewer.
  3. Indeed! Hey there, gordi! He may be semi-retired, but man, he can still go!
  4. TMDK worked really hard in NOAH, and by the end of their time there, were one of the highlights of the promotion at that point in time. I have no idea what happened in NXT, I expected a lot more...it wasn't only the injuries, they also somehow just couldn't connect. I'm assuming Nicholls was still tight with Rocky Romero, as he and Shane Haste/Thorne often appeared on Talk'n Shop, despite working for a different promotion. Thus, here we are. Honestly, TMDK always seemed far more suited for New Japan's style to me, but I certainly can't blame them for wanting to give it a go in the WWE. Mikey's always struck me as far better as a tag partner than a single, but we shall see. At the very least, it's a fresh start.
  5. When it comes to those All Japan Junior block rankings, they actually are quite accurate in terms of ranking the overall quality of the wrestlers involved. 1st and 2nd place in Block A, 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Block B, all great workers...AND THE REST. However, Okada is really promising and just starting to look comfortable in the ring; Maruyama is fun to watch and looks to be getting more focused and in shape in recent months. He's a reliable hand that they can slot anywhere on the card. For the record, I consider Atsushi Aoki to be one of the truly underrated wrestlers of the last 10 years. At times, he can be a god damn wizard in the ring. Sato is also a guy who could blow your mind if you come across the right match. He's also a bit of a loon, in a good way. Those two have been holding down the fort in All Japan as far as juniors go for years until Iwamoto came along.
  6. Nah, I think Taka and Kanemaru will likely be picking up the slack from now on. I actually think Taichi may be more protected going forward.
  7. You know, I have zero interest in that match, but the concept of Takao Omori possibly being a "life consultant" baffles yet intrigues me.
  8. I would have no problem with that. I guess it would really depend on how much Hino wants to commit to AJPW going forward. At the very least, he's already a legit Triple Crown challenger.
  9. Well, Kengo Mashimo deserves to beat Kento more than anyone else on the current roster. Aoyogi has gotten a lot better, but I'm perfectly fine with him steadily improving as a truly great tag team partner along with Nomura for now. I don't know, guys like Jake Lee, Aoyogi, Nomura, and even Dylan James have lots of potential, but still move clunkily and look awkward and unsure to me. One or two years away, maybe a bit earlier, I could see that, sure. I'll stop now to avoid sounding too much like an old curmudgeon.
  10. Very sad, unsettling news on Morishima. Making a return to pro wrestling is the least of his worries, I'm afraid.
  11. Well, on that note, you've got Goto and Ishii, the superteam everyone's on board with, but never goes anywhere. ...and yeah, I realize New Japan pays well and that's why they'll likely stay. Thank you, "reality booker" Ryan.
  12. I've always thought Goto would be perfect for AJPW. He ticks all their boxes. You have to wonder, being Tomohiro Ishii, that all the times fans, critics and even announcers praise you as being one of the truly best in the world, the company you work for still sees it a bit differently, so it's not unreasonable to mull over the idea that there may be better scenarios for you out there.
  13. Nakajima has been in NOAH for a long time now, and in my opinion he was becoming a bit stale, as talented as he was. Then, he recently turned heel and now he has fully embraced the inner sadistic prick which was always looming underneath the surface. Complete with cheesy moustache, no less. I'm intrigued again. Kudos to Shingo Takagi for finally making the move out of Dragon Gate. Long overdue. I'm also really hoping he's bound for All Japan, perhaps some Big Japan, and other like-minded promotions.
  14. The best news about that graphic is on the very left, seeing that Kengo Mashimo is finally returning.
  15. While it is true that Makabe is a minor TV celebrity, my gut feeling tells me this is more like him being on his final G1 legs, if not this year then next year. So perhaps that's a story waiting to be told (maybe the booking is telegraphing it a bit as well), as he goes out with a bang with some main events along the way.
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