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  1. For anyone who's interested in keeping up with NJPW Strong, I'd suggest watching matches spanning the last three weeks: Fred Rosser vs. Filthy Tom Lawlor, then Rocky Romero vs. Rust Taylor, and wrapping it up with the most recent 8-man tag of Team Filthy vs. Rocky's crew. Good stuff all around. In particular, the Rosser-Lawlor match surprised the hell out of me, and has really turned me back around to Rosser as a guy who can still go. He seemed a bit out of place the first few times I'd seen him on Strong, a little unsure and clunky, but it was if Lawlor pushed his buttons and woke h
  2. I just heard Zellner and Naylor talking about that on their podcast (shout-out to Cover 2 Cover) and came over here to check the same thing. As far as I can tell, he passed away back in April, but nothing has been mentioned until now.
  3. Yes, that match completely overdelivered. They essentially gave Douki and Yoshi-Hashi the main event, with the four other pros more or less providing back-up if something went awry. But it never did, and Douki and Yoshi-Hashi both came through with a tremendous, main event level performance. The match was chock full of fun moments. Very enjoyable and easy to watch.
  4. Basically you can drink on the street (or the train), but of course some places, like parks with entry fees or shrines and the like, can enforce their own rules. I'm not much of a drinker myself, but I must admit, strolling down the street with a beer or sitting in a park with one and not having to worry about it is a really nice feeling.
  5. There have been lots of interesting comments so far, so I'll keep it brief: -I'm glad Ibushi won. They should go all the way with him. Not saying they will, but I can't think of any reason not to at this point. -In the end, sad to say, I'm just completely indifferent to Sanada. That's not a good thing. Some guys in wrestling just never reach that next gear. I keep waiting for Sanada to get there. Let me put it another way: a guy with such a weakly applied finisher who still hasn't realized he should just try something else at this stage doesn't quite fill me with confidenc
  6. The first night of Lions Break Crown was a very enjoyable watch. In particular, the Danny Limelight vs. Barrett Brown match is definitely worth making time to watch. I also was quite impressed with The DKC, Clark Connors, and Blake Christian in their respective matches. It's exciting to ponder as to who eventually ends up being a legit superstar, Connors or Fredericks. It's a toss-up at this point for me. Generally speaking, this show has really turned out to be very entertaining. It hardly ever drags and is almost always engaging, given the huge potential of a lot of these workers.
  7. This match was tremendous. A pretty much flawless use of ten minutes. Yes, check, Barry Windham is still one of the greatest. He's so delightfully evil and nasty, and Pillman is more than willing to take the punishment. Given the taped fist stipulation, I thought the amount of blood was just about right. Just great stuff all around.
  8. Eleven, twelve or twenty times worse due to Bobby Jaggers on commentary. Ugh, that constant cartoonish laugh is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me. I know Hugo is trying, but I'm always so much happier when these videos have the original Spanish commentary, but hey, we take what we can get. This may be the first Trinidad and Tobago-based match I've seen, at least that I'm aware of. I wonder how many more are floating around out there?
  9. I can verify the tag title match was indeed killer. I'm also going to guess that it was the swan song for the Briscos, so they went long and extra crazy. It's absolutely worth your time to seek it out. Yeah, historically speaking, this card was nuts. The Stossel incident, a junior heavy match years ahead of its time (at least to American fans), super heated tag matches, Inoki, and Bellomo gets a victory! On top of all that, if you can find the JYD-Paul Kelly squash, you'll lose your mind after seeing Kelly's bump from JYD's clothesline. BRUTAL. And, well, let's be honest...
  10. It's interesting, I was just going to post almost the exact same thing word for word: 1984 was my first year as a fan, also watching the MSG network over in New Jersey, etc; although slightly different in a way, as it was Adonis/Murdoch defeating the Soul Patrol for the tag belts and how tragically unfair I thought it was (kudos to Adonis & Murdoch for making me feel that way) that probably locked me into wrestling permanently. But this match (and the tag match you mentioned) capped off that year wonderfully, as it felt like it was from another planet. I watched it over and over, and sp
  11. Since we're all talking about David Schultz: -I always thought Schultz's second turnbuckle flying elbow drop was excellent. Such sharp, pointed execution. I swear I haven't seen other wrestlers copy the move, or do it quite the way he did. Am I wrong? -Dr. D will always be one of the greatest "what if?" wrestlers in history to me. His bloody matches with Hogan were wild battles of attrition, really setting up Hogan as a legit champion in his early days, even though as a teenager I still always wanted Hogan to lose. I really wonder what would have happened to Schultz if this in
  12. Hechicero is awesome. He rules in 6-mans in CMLL, basically ensuring they are good to great matches through his own sheer will. I can't bring myself to watch everything in CMLL these days, but an Hechicero match is always worth a watch.
  13. Wow, I'd say that Utamaro is now in a very fortunate position. There's lots of wrestling knowledge to be learned from the other three. A strange but interesting crew.
  14. I just got back from the All Japan 1/3 show. Some rambling notes, spoilerized just in case:
  15. Yeah, I legitimately worry about the guy. That's all I'll say.
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