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  1. This match was tremendous. A pretty much flawless use of ten minutes. Yes, check, Barry Windham is still one of the greatest. He's so delightfully evil and nasty, and Pillman is more than willing to take the punishment. Given the taped fist stipulation, I thought the amount of blood was just about right. Just great stuff all around.
  2. Eleven, twelve or twenty times worse due to Bobby Jaggers on commentary. Ugh, that constant cartoonish laugh is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me. I know Hugo is trying, but I'm always so much happier when these videos have the original Spanish commentary, but hey, we take what we can get. This may be the first Trinidad and Tobago-based match I've seen, at least that I'm aware of. I wonder how many more are floating around out there?
  3. I can verify the tag title match was indeed killer. I'm also going to guess that it was the swan song for the Briscos, so they went long and extra crazy. It's absolutely worth your time to seek it out. Yeah, historically speaking, this card was nuts. The Stossel incident, a junior heavy match years ahead of its time (at least to American fans), super heated tag matches, Inoki, and Bellomo gets a victory! On top of all that, if you can find the JYD-Paul Kelly squash, you'll lose your mind after seeing Kelly's bump from JYD's clothesline. BRUTAL. And, well, let's be honest...
  4. It's interesting, I was just going to post almost the exact same thing word for word: 1984 was my first year as a fan, also watching the MSG network over in New Jersey, etc; although slightly different in a way, as it was Adonis/Murdoch defeating the Soul Patrol for the tag belts and how tragically unfair I thought it was (kudos to Adonis & Murdoch for making me feel that way) that probably locked me into wrestling permanently. But this match (and the tag match you mentioned) capped off that year wonderfully, as it felt like it was from another planet. I watched it over and over, and sp
  5. Since we're all talking about David Schultz: -I always thought Schultz's second turnbuckle flying elbow drop was excellent. Such sharp, pointed execution. I swear I haven't seen other wrestlers copy the move, or do it quite the way he did. Am I wrong? -Dr. D will always be one of the greatest "what if?" wrestlers in history to me. His bloody matches with Hogan were wild battles of attrition, really setting up Hogan as a legit champion in his early days, even though as a teenager I still always wanted Hogan to lose. I really wonder what would have happened to Schultz if this in
  6. Hechicero is awesome. He rules in 6-mans in CMLL, basically ensuring they are good to great matches through his own sheer will. I can't bring myself to watch everything in CMLL these days, but an Hechicero match is always worth a watch.
  7. Wow, I'd say that Utamaro is now in a very fortunate position. There's lots of wrestling knowledge to be learned from the other three. A strange but interesting crew.
  8. I just got back from the All Japan 1/3 show. Some rambling notes, spoilerized just in case:
  9. Yeah, I legitimately worry about the guy. That's all I'll say.
  10. Okay, I had to check. It's a close call, but it's ブンブン on his singlet, which is technically correct, but when's he moving, it definitely looks more like ブツブツ (boots boots). However, if he wants 100% "boom boom" accuracy, he should make it ブーンブーン, with the extended vowel, or even ブームブーム, which would appear to be the most accurate of all. Also, something tells me if it were phonetically wrong and said "boots boots", Yano would have told him, or at the very least they would make a in-ring bit out of it, and hilarity would have ensued. I'm going to give all the parties concerned a pass
  11. The third match and the main event are both great examples of how fucking fabulous CMLL can be if the stars magically align and they manage to book matches with none of the typical slackers and/or dead weight in them. 4 almost perfect trios, if you ask me. Neither were matches of the year, but both extremely satisfying to watch.
  12. Yeah, that match was fabulous. It's pretty obvious that Kawato-san and Flyer are nowhere near the level of the other four, but somehow that made the match even more enjoyable, because it veered close into going off the rails a few times, but never did. A wild ride, and a few minutes here and there of some simply incredible stuff.
  13. Oh man, so sad to hear this.
  14. Well, I must say, I'm happy to be very wrong in this case! Wild, man, wild.
  15. As far as PCO goes, I'm holding out hope that somehow, some way, Villain Enterprises (Scuril/Brody/PCO) have a 6-man match at Dominion, and they go full-bore on the PCO entrance and schtick, and the Osaka crowd goes bonkers. It doesn't matter if the ROH 6-man titles are on the line or not (but that would be a reason to have a match), they just need 3 willing opponents who will go crazy with them. Regarding Knife Pervert II, I'm assuming at this point it's Oka coming back from his UK excursion. The British flag and the broken Asahi bottle are either perfectly logical or total ruses. S
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