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  1. TMDK stands for The Mighty Don't Kneel. So presumably nobody in the group is allowed to do Backbreakers. Before I checked, I assumed it was a Nick Gage reference.
  2. I can see them adding a Cage match at some point, so you can do Cody vs Wardlow style. I don't think the Wardlow/ Hager MMA cage will be showing up though.
  3. Switchblade Jay White, Juice Robinson, Jim Ross and Josh Barnett, all in the same place at the same time? That's a recipe for magic!
  4. Shida vs Soho, not only the main event of Rampage, but also the longest match on Rampage. Having a big American promotion that responds to criticism (in this case, the criticism that Women's matches are always placed in the death spot on the show, and given less time) by actually taking it on board and changing course is a very unfamiliar feeling.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Owh2c_8yq8 Did you know Tictac gives you two hours of fresh breath in only two calories? Great huh?
  6. I think the thing is, if you do one day of extra work ever, that's your career done. If you ever get cast in a featured role and get any kind of a following, the studio has your likeness (and the right to do whatever they want with it) forever.
  7. They're making a reboot of The Crow after the strike ends. Bill Skarsgard is playing Eric Draven. FKA Twigs is Shelley.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIaMPS1WMbM Lucha Libre & Laughs 10 Year Anniversary Special! Lilith Grimm vs Masha Slamovich Effy vs Austin Reddick Abadon vs Dark Sheik Royce Isaacs vs Brian Keith The Howletts vs Filter & Lypto WARHORSE vs Heidi Howitzer
  9. Is Rampage pre-empted this week? They didn’t announce anything for it, did they?
  10. Before he left, CM Ponk was feuding with Ricky Starks, and had a loose alliance with FTR. Since he returned, Bryan Danielson has been feuding with Ricky Starks, and is now teaming with FTR. Does kind of feel like they just took the booking plans Word document, and did a Find/Change in the edit bar.
  11. Apparently every match and every segment on the show (other than Willow vs Julia) featured at least one person who was a former or current member of the Bullet Club.
  12. Not all of their hair. They say "One of us is putting their hair on the line", and then when they lose they reveal it was Sonjay's hair.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-45NPIwX-L4 Playing Starship Troopers in Starfield.
  14. I could see the ring entrances. In the Stadium, the giant screens only showed the Tron videos and there wasn’t a ramp, so you could see nothing until they were actually in the ring. Oh, you meant the PPV version. There were zero differences. Whole show, in full.
  15. Can confirm. It’s in the Radio Times.
  16. Years from now, we'll find out that Drew and his Little Friend are actually just one person running two accounts.
  17. "Sorry guys, the card is full" gets said to them in real life all of the time. Cody vs Dustin happened at Double or Nothing because Vince thought it wasn't Mania worthy. But having some authority figure go on TV and say "Cody Rhodes and Goldust, you're not Mania worthy", that only makes sense if you're actually booking the match but you want them to triumph over adversity to get it. Acknowledging on TV that some of them aren't big enough stars to be on the biggest show of the year, that goes against the "These are all Superstars" idea.
  18. Apparently the reason why Serena Deeb hasn't been on TV for over a year is, she brought her husband (Marty Scurll) to the show, and was then sent home and told to stay away.
  19. Kim Justice is a she/they, not a he/him. I didn't know she used to post here. I'm not surprised to hear it, though.
  20. And the worst thing is, they stayed in that victory lap mentality for like 20 years. A bad case of "I'm number one, why try harder?". If Dixie Carter had been anything other than an idiot, wrestling as a whole would have been so much better for so much of our lives.
  21. A few wrestlers who were on both sides of the Monday Night War have claimed that, backstage at Nitro there were always two monitors - one showing Nitro, one showing Raw. Backstage at Raw, there was only one monitor, and it was showing Raw. It was a point of pride for the WWF that they didn't watch the competition, because they didn't acknowledge them as competition.
  22. It’s funny, because before Vinny Marseglia was doing the swamp Jesus gimmick, he was mostly mentioned as the punchline of the “Mum, can we have Jeff Hardy?” “We have Jeff Hardy at home” meme.
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