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  1. AEW merch aimed squarely at people who buy shirts at Hot Topic and don't necessarily watch Wrestling.
  2. No, not a tournament. A single vote, where the options are: DC Comics movies Marvel Comics movies
  3. There's a city in Wales called Swansea. Or Abertawe, if you speak Welsh. I used to live there. It's rubbish. My Great Great et cetera Grandfather was going to emigrate to America, but he slept in and was late to the docks, and the boat sailed without him. He was really disappointed for a few days.
  4. I'm seriously tempted to create a Poll in the forum where everyone can vote for DC or Marvel. But it would be one of those things where someone acts like they're trying to settle things down, when actually they're taking glee in stirring them up. And really, they're stirred enough. And everyone likes both anyway.
  5. Apparently the grapes that A Little Bit of the Bubbly are made from are actually Californian, not Nepalese. The winery that grows them is co-owned by this little known TV actor called Stephen Amell.
  6. Shouldn't the Triple H figure be the one pointing at the guy next to him?
  7. Well, if they decide you need to be taught a lesson, you could just scream "That's not what I want! Give me what I want!" until they change their minds. Should only take a few minutes.
  8. The major battle in Endgame took place in upstate New York.
  9. Narrow passages are the new door animations - the things they put in games to eat time so you don't have to watch a loading screen.
  10. Show is up on YouTube already. And posted in the 2019 matches thread.
  11. Two weeks ago, I was there! And am in the video! Card:
  12. Kris Statlander beating Shida might make things interesting in the rankings. Although Riho hasn't been on for a few weeks, is she touring in Japan? Please split up the Lucha Brothers as a tag team so they can have individual entrance musics. Daniels' Arabian Press miss looked nasty as hell, but he seemed OK after. Penta did a really good job of giving him recovery time without making it look like he was stalling. The main event was sort of predictable, but if Mox vs Jericho is the title match at the unnamed unscheduled next PPV, they need to keep both guys strong. I'll take a wild guess, it's in Cincinatti the Saturday after the Cleveland Dynamite.
  13. Sounds fine live on Fite. And then fine again, two days later on ITV4. TNT problem?
  14. What is it with Craig era Bond movies and disfigured villains?
  15. Cousin Jake (of the Deaners, in Impact) wrestling under his other gimmick: Jake Something. Versus your favourite Wrestler's favourite Wrestler, obviously.
  16. Worked pretty well for Vinnie Vegas and the Diamond Studd, that. And Hogan, if you go back far enough.
  17. JBL got away with looking like a bag of shit in the ring for years. Only shaped up once Ron Simmons was fired and he had to singles. Anyone else think it's funny that loads of AEW wrestlers are in visually better shape than they were a year ago, but Full Gear Challenge Adam Page seems to have the same physique he always did? Should have hired Iestyn Rees.
  18. Is that AEW's commercial, or TNT's? Because I can see how the TV network might not be in on Tony and Cody's whole We're Not Competing concept. Also, every mention of NXT is a quotation from a review, so it's not like they're slagging off Papa H's baby boys & girls directly. They're just acknowledging that other people have compared the two and declared AEW winners. Not that different from a tv spot for a movie boasting of it's five star reviews.
  19. I disagree about putting Spears over Sonny Kiss. I think Spears' best chance to be any kind of draw has passed him by already, and he should really be the number two guy in Tully's stable, behind... someone else. Whereas Sonny could potentially be a big deal down the line, because he can do spectacular things on offence, and get a lot of sympathy while selling. A modernised Ricky Morton type, basically. I can see Brandon Cutler joining the Dark Order down the line. Guy actually has some skills in the ring, but between losing all the time and having a geeky gimmick (and being too tall to have that Underdog you can root for factor), he needs to change up somehow.
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