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  1. From Spain: Jack Lafita & Toni Tornado (a plush doll) vs Albert Ambou & Pinyahiko (a Pineapple)
  2. Kalvin Phillips to Man City for £42 million plus add-ons. So £50,000,000. Shame to see him leave Leeds though.
  3. Sorry for bumping the old thread, but I reckon it's pretty unlikely Matt Taven is still Champion of everything. Is there an up to date version @Swift?
  4. He wasn't injured when he wrestled Takeshita in Prestige Wrestling last weekend. And he's way better that "that good".
  5. Jim Duggan had one of those “Wrestling match turns into real fight” deals with Matt Borne, when they were both pushing 60. It’s very embarrassing to watch.
  6. They did put him in main events for the top title. Hangman beat him.
  7. Random wrestling fact: Children under 10 love any wrestler who wears a mask or has facepaint. It's bizarre and unusual.
  8. SRS is reporting that former referee Tim White has also passed away.
  9. None of the above. I have never preferred the WWF/WWE. There’s always been at least one promotion I liked more.
  10. At the Cassandro Cup last night, Allie Kat(ch) debuted a third character. Al Katch! Entrance music is You & I by Lady Gaga, obviously.
  11. When that one lad showed up, I was all "Taylor Rust? Isn't there a Tyler Rust in NXT? ....Wait, is that him? It is him!". Turn out he used to be Rust Taylor on the indies, became Tyler Rust in NXT, and is now Taylor Rust outside of it.
  12. https://twitter.com/TheGraboid/status/1536802943197925377 He was a Sk8er Boi, she said see ya later boy...
  13. Max and Heidi are 2/3 of the Wasteland War Party:
  14. Isn't Dwayne The Rock Johnson's ex-Wife (and manager) called Dany Garcia?
  15. $280 USD, to watch a sad old man die, live on the internet.
  16. Ospreay vs Ricochet, in a match where the top rope breaks early.
  17. Just get him to commentate the 60 minute Broadway he did with Robbie Brookside at the Power Plant. That's a hell of a show right there (and the match itself is free on YouTube, so no copyright issues). Has he talked about that time Kendo Nagasaki hypnotised Brookside? He totally should.
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