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  1. Barthes thought that all of Wrestling could be simplified into a struggle not between heels and faces, but between the masculine impulse (which is embodied by the wrestler with a no-nonsense tough guy character) and the feminine impulse (which is embodied by the wrestler who is colourful and ostentatious). So he would have preferred AJ vs Taker.
  2. Matches on BTE now? Do these count in the records? Also, this: That was quick
  3. Eric Shorey (AKA DJ Accident Report) did an article on the 20 Best Wrestling Podcasts here: https://www.one37pm.com/strength/sports/best-wrestling-postcasts
  4. Rewatching Revolution. Bucks vs Omega/ Page is still really good, but i still can't tell where Kenny broke his hand, if anything it looks like he hurt it taking a Superkick (which seems unlikely). Kris Stat being ill really hurt the Women's title match, you can tell she wasn't able to go full speed. You can tell JR doesn't know where the line of Political Correctness is, because he says innocuous things like Nyla has a size advantage, and then apologises in case that was offensive. Cody vs MJF felt too long and lacked the level of intensity that the build warranted, and MJF getting bust wide open by Cody's sock seems a bit wrong. Pac vs Cassidy was perfect wrestling. And I didn't rewatch Jericho vs Moxley yet.
  5. That gif is a pretty good explanation for why the Brians deserved to lose. Also, comparing Fowler to Macho Man is pretty complimentary for what I'm assuming is supposed to be an insult. And if there was a Team Hiro, they'd have walked the first round (Hiro Hase, Masahiro Chono, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Hiro Matsuda and Hiro Saito is a killer crew).
  6. I protest the lack of Team Alex. Alexander Hammerstone, Lex Luger, Alexander Otsuka, Rusev and Alex Shelley is a hell of a unit.
  7. Yeah, but knowing something is not the same as being told something, is it? Think of the Kawada vs Misawa matches. If you just watch the Ganso Bomb/ Arm Break one first without seeing what lead to it, much of what happens will be meaningless to you. And yet with context almost everything that happened in it was deeply meaningful. I'm not saying Cody vs Darby is on that level (and they've only had two matches anyway). But it's something to consider.
  8. He got the name name because short haired and facially groomed he looks just like Jason Lee.
  9. That's the rematch from January, isn't it? Might make sense to watch the first one from Fyter Fest as well. For context, like.
  10. So, I didn't watch Mania, I was watching IWTV. Mike Quackenbush beat Tiger Mask 4 and took the NWA Junior Heavyweight title, and then cut the original "Do I have your attention now?" promo. Then they showed Timebomb Pro Wrestling's Timebomb 3 show, from Fargo. No-ring Deathmatches. One of which became one of those Deathmatches that could have ended in an actual Death. The "I need tape, RIGHT NOW!" spot. Also had the first annual Effy Twink Gauntlet match.
  11. Judging by Twitter, there is one obnoxious, attention grabbing fan in attendance. Only it's the Ceiling Fan.
  12. Was Baron Corbin in the ring on WWE Network at the exact same time as 2008 Darin Corbin was in the ring on IWTV? I bet the match I was watching was better
  13. I'm fairly sure I won't be doing a full play by play, move for move review of my match. But I'm not saying what it is yet.
  14. No, Trish Adora. Inaugural Champion, and she's still got it (it's Intergender):
  15. Looks like Vince got on for both the WWE and XFL, being as he was the only one listed twice. Is it in any way possible Trump is, in the most literal sense, a Mark?
  16. Why buy one, when you can just make your own?
  17. Fun fact: the most viewed video on Beyond Wrestling's YouTube page is a Chris Dickinson match. It has 168 MILLION views. There is only one video on WWE's YouTube page that has more views than that. ...There's a very good chance a lot of the people who watched it weren't actual wrestling fans though.
  18. Hogan was a shoot 6'4" (worked height anywhere between 6'6" and 6'8") before his spine crumbled to powder. He's much shorter now.
  19. He said 200 Million people 'could' watch Wrestlemania. He didn't say it was likely.
  20. That sounds awesome (Clap clap clapclapclap)!
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