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  1. Roderick Strong just re-opened his PWTees store. Which I thought WWE signed wrestlers weren't allowed to do.
  2. Cody said he's never challenge for the World Title while in AEW. His contract expired and he is currently NOT an AEW wrestler. Hmmm....
  3. I bought a Calendar, of Frank Frazetta Art. Butit has no holes for hanging it up with, and the public holidays it lists aren't the British ones (it has mostly American ones, but also Canada day and German reunification day and stuff). And it randomly runs from Jan 2022 to June 2023. Like, why?
  4. Black Machismo uses the Savage Elbow as a finish. Regular normal human person Jay Lethal's version is nowhere near as powerful.
  5. Mickie Knuckles on WWE's hypocritical condemnation of the AEW Streetfight:
  6. Those are scarves, not towels. Towels are Moustache Mountain's gimmick.
  7. Markus Crane Tribute match: Jimmy Lloyd vs Alex Colon vs Spyder Nate Webb (not SHLAK)
  8. The last officially allowed WWE bladejob was Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho. All of the ones after that were against Vince's rules. But after Batista's big fine, that probably put a lot of people off from going into business for themselves.
  9. Shame they waited until after Dean Stockwell passed away, really.
  10. Hoodfoot Mo Atlas, and a lot of crushed glass.
  11. Perhaps he's in shape not for cosmetic reasons, but for "filming this movie is going to be physically demanding, so I'd better get myself in shape for it" reasons. Either that, or he was the one guy not in shape on the Infinity War/ Endgame sets and got jealous, or felt like he didn't fit in.
  12. Didn't Too Cold Scorpio use it when he was Flash Funk?
  13. Spears was lowkey burying Wardlow in that promo too.
  14. How many different wrestlers used Call You Momma in WWF/WWE? Because it's a lot.
  15. Andrew Everett introducing himself to AEW fans:
  16. See, it all comes down to their training, doesn't it? After all, Daniel Garcia was trained for Pro Wrestling by former DVDVR Message Board poster Brandon Thurston, whilst Brian Pillman was trained by noted DVDVR500 hater Lonce 'Lance' Storm. So obviously Garcia is going to be vastly better.
  17. November 18th of last year. Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory s3 ep 7.
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