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  1. Announced for Bloodsport (Oct 22 in Los Angeles): Marina Shafir, Killer Kelly, Calvin Tankman... and Minoru Suzuki.
  2. Ben Carter (Nathan Frazier in NXT UK) vs BIG BEEF Gnarls Garvin.
  3. I only see 2 Women, where are the other 203? Is it some sort of a Gauntlet Match?
  4. More than likely, Hero is getting spammed by idiotic Ospreay fans who think it's going to be him, and that's why he's so pissed off about it. It's probably just going to be Marty Scurll though. He said Hero, so clearly that means The Villain.
  5. Is there a worse look in wrestling than having a top heel in the ring, cutting his top heel promo, going for crowd interaction and then repeatedly saying "Don't be shy"? They should have given him an ear piece with a can of crowd feed, so he could have heard the loud response that we could hear on TV, rather than the obvious silence in the building.
  6. So when Dreamer said that Flair could helicopter his dick just by moving his hips, and that reason he could do that was because he had a big one... is it just me who thought "But surely everyone can do that"?
  7. Ricky Morton and Marty Jannetty teamed up as the Rock 'n' Rockers.
  8. Eddie Kingston vs Heidi Lovelace (Ruby Soho) in Indiana, in 2013.
  9. Is there a Tag Team called The Midnight Connection, or is that more of an airport and train station thing?
  10. Dan Lambert doing his best to give a shoot opinion without torpedoing his own gimmick.
  11. Alex Shelley. He was exactly like Alex Shelley.
  12. The idea that they're doing an Aja Kong vs a young Rookie progression angle with Miro and Fuego, and in a year or two Fuego will actually be able to beat him? That's a good lucha thing. I think having the entire heel control segment take place during the PinP must be hurting the tag match, because I watched it on Fite and thought the match as a whole was really good.
  13. Do any of the matches on this Extreme Rules PPV have any kind of stipulations, at all? Any kind of No DQ, Streetfight, anything like that?
  14. He's apologising for using Travis Banks on a show.
  15. Yes. He was Curt Axel for the first week, but then they remembered that Kurt Angle existed.
  16. Fightful reporting Dreamer won't be at this weekend's tapings, if it's not loaded yet. So that's something, at least.
  17. So back in the day, was Kurt not good enough to live up to the legacy of Larry Henning, and that's why he was first name Mister, last name Perfect?
  18. When you go for a beard trim, does the Barber randomly tell you that hearing that Bad Bunny is in WWE really makes him want to watch?
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