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  1. I love how the Ultraman shows have so much wrestling baked into them. Also Red King is the GOAT.
  2. Yeah I think everyone in the game making process deserves more then they're getting, especially with the crunch and toxic environments Dev's have to deal with while their bosses rake it in. And I definitely agree that Jennifer Hale got unfairly dragged into this. She merely took a job that was available, but there are people on the internet that would have you believe she was part of some conspiracy to rob people of their jobs.
  3. With all the talk about the Bayonetta 3 and pay I wanted to do a little digging to figure out what was the industry standard. So I pulled up the SAG/AFTRA rate sheet for Interactive Media (which video games seem to fall under) and the union standard is $956.75/ 4 hour day for one performer doing up to 3 voices and $1914.25 for a 6 hour day with an actor doing 6-10 voices. I'm assuming (and if anyone can edify me on this I'd love that because I'm really trying to understand the situation) that "Voices" refers to different versions of a characters voice (like excited or angry, since they would put different stresses on the vocal chords). So it would be likely that Ms. Taylor was doing the latter. Then there's additional compensation for multiple sessions, which for the 3-4 that were offered would be an extra $375-$550 and it should be noted nowhere on the rate sheet are residuals mentioned, while on other paysheets they are broken down. So by bog-standard SAG/AFTRA standards (as near as I can tell) a "fair" wage is $6117.75 - $8207 dollars with no residuals. That feels like a lot of money, but that's sort of the distraction isn't it? Platinum Games sold approximately 1.284 million copies of the game on the Switch and WiiU and knowing how Nintendo is loathe to cut prices some quick math comes to a (49.99 X 1.284 million)= 61.187 million dollars Gross; which makes her salary seem downright insignificant. Plus they can release the game for other platforms or remaster it and get more money without cutting the voice actors in on it. I guess at what I'm rambling at here is that when you look at the numbers she is underpaid in relation to her importance in selling the character of Bayonetta and thus the game. But the way she handled it buries the lead entirely and will make it harder for other voice actors to get fair compensation. Which I think we all kind of knew that, but putting numbers down helps me see it clearer. Sorry for the ramblings.
  4. Silent Hill F being written by Ryukishi07 is pretty exciting, I hope at least somewhere there's a shoutout to his "art" from Higurashi and Umineko. This is Konami so they'll ruin all of the good will though, you'll probably need to buy NFTs to progress the story or something.
  5. Ahh I didn't know they were having rights issues; that does make sense.
  6. The fact that this is made by the people who made the Friday the 13th Asymmetrical Horror game just feels really cynical. Like instead of making another game that's going to take a L to Dead By Daylight, why not reinvest the devtime and resources into making F13 better? There's been enough games that have basically 2.0ed themselves and gotten out to the right streamers that it would be a more feasible approach then trying again with an even lesser known (to the masses) IP then your other game.
  7. That's weird, as the Target near me finally restocked after months. They had some of the Unrivaled 6 figures, so I snagged the Penta. They had the Shida as well, but hopefully it'll still be there next week. That was the first restock since they had Unmatched series 1 figures.
  8. I got around to watching the Nintendo Direct, between Fire Emblem, Octopath Traveler 2, The Front Mission Remakes and Master Detective Archives I think there's a lot on my plate for the future. I feel like MDA will probably be on everything a la Danganronpa so that will probably end up on my Steam Deck though. Sega announcing a smorgasbord of Yakuza and P5R on Steam were the real winners for me though.
  9. I was going to make a joke about Cleveland being the perfect fit for that guy, but reality beat me to the punch!
  10. Big West announces the US release of Macross II, Frontier, Delta and....MACROSS PLUS!! There is only one gif for this:
  11. Yeah I think nothing would be better then watching him fail miserably in the pre-season, get suspended so Browns fans spend the whole year lying about how good Watson will be and then getting the full disaster next year at full price.
  12. I am one of the few, the proud, the 3 people who voted for Mei. She can be a pure underdog face, a shit stirrer and a flat out heel with ease and she uses her size as a weapon in very unique ways. Just the news of her working with Stardom got me to subscribe to their streaming service and no one else on the ballot got me to do that.
  13. I feel like while Jade didn't show much new in her match, what she did felt a lot more confident. Ana still has some hesitation in her stuff but I think she'll keep growing. Glad to see Athena here and here's hoping darkside Stat gets some more to do. Everything else was E for entertaining, I just wish I liked Punk more.
  14. Okay I did the homework in advance this time and still ZSJ the choice for me. I will say that Maclin's improvement from his Forgotten Sons days is super awesome and that Ibuki Hoshi is someone new to me I'll have to keep an eye on, but @John E. Dynamitesums my feelings up perfectly.
  15. Having checked them out, I definitely was off base on Saya. That being said I'm still sticking with Ishii, but Saya is right there with Hangman in the 1b slot for this group.
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