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  1. I miss subbed Kamen Rider and Sentai, but at least it looks like the Zero-One physical copies will be coming soon. On the Ultraman front I started watching Trigger and its okay. It's got some strong Kamen Rider vibes in it(which makes sense since Sakamoto's directing it), but the occasional CGI fights just are jarring. Also I miss my boy Sevenger.
  2. Happy 20th Birthday to the Golden Sun franchise, may we someday get another game in the series.
  3. I'd go through a site like HLJ, They've got it up for pre-order worldwide, but you'll have to pay international shipping. https://www.hlj.com/16d-collection-018-hulk-hogan-legend-masters-16d00441
  4. Yeah count me among the people happy with what I have, I can live without the SwOLED.
  5. I watched the Wakusaver video and thats some spot on Sentai right there. The off-brand Sentai stuff has always interested me because it seems like such a labor of love. I think that's why Akibaranger was so cool, because to me it felt like Toei was acknowledging them and parodying them at the same time.
  6. Bloody Disgusting did an editorial about it, the film definitely sounds wild. https://bloody-disgusting.com/editorials/3642826/skinned-deep-one-completely-bonkers-horror-films-2000s-aughta-know/
  7. I would love this to be Silent Hills/ a Kojima Horror Game. It'll be another Gilson B. Pontes garbage fire.
  8. Between SMT V, Advance Wars and the Japanese direct confirming Super Robot Wars 30 (with English translation) the direct definitely was a hit for me.
  9. I didn't see it anywhere, but Death by Rollup seems to have a drop planned for the 4th. https://twitter.com/DBRUSUX/status/1398167045712191489?s=20
  10. If I'm being optimistic it means they're gearing up for more US BluRay releases of the shows, in which case I'm okayish with it. I've watched a ton of KR and Sentai via fansubs so I'm cool with paying up for it. But on the other hand if I wouldn't have even known about most KR shows without fansubs (TV-N in particular) and Toei's rollout of subbed shows on youtube has been...interesting to say the least. I'm just saying @J.H.better watch out, they might CnD him on his signature
  11. I know we're supposed to be focused on O-Kahn and Naito, but Shingo sitting with Osprey and seemingly consoling him cracks me up.
  12. As Akki has pointed out, the Pencil Army is a threat to all. But in all seriousness both Lulu and Chie's quests for respect have been fun; Chocopro is such a wonderfully odd promotion to watch.
  13. Well thanks to TTWO I got to watch ZO, J and the first two episodes of Black. As much as I didn't like parts of Shin, it felt like they were tightening things up with the follow-up movies and I found myself really digging J. Black was super cool, I really hope that it'll be a show that gets a physical release here. I will say this about the Amemiya run of Kamen Rider shows, the monster design is so good. It's like he uses the uncanny valley to his advantage, where there's just enough humanity to his designs that you brain just screams "THIS ISNT RIGHT!".
  14. I watched GvK today and felt like it was the best of Legendary's run. The fights were super enjoyable and they did a good job of making Kong the Thinking Man's Titan vs Godzilla the Force of Nature. I really do hope we get another Kong movie though, he looked so good in this film it'd be a shame to write him off now. Re: Mechagodzilla-
  15. Ryuki's not a top choice for me, but I guess with Dragon Knight airing here they think it'll have the most recognition? If they price it like Mill Creek does the Ultraman box-sets then I'll probably get both.
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