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  1. I found it to be entertaining, but a total bait and switch. You think you're getting a horror movie with three of the all time greats, but you get a very different movie with some brief appearances.
  2. Archer's response https://twitter.com/LanceHoyt/status/1321103606226034693?s=20
  3. https://www.goodsmileus.com/product/16d-collection-015-minoru-suzuki-2244 In case you actually want to order it.
  4. I believe the Cat is a reference to GoodBadFlick's production company, Angry Orange Cat
  5. I'm biased because Battle Tendency was the first JoJo's I read, so Joseph is always THE Jostar for me. So I'd go 1) Battle Tendency 2) Stardust Crusaders 3) Diamond is Unbreakable 4) Vento Aureo 5) Phantom Blood
  6. I feel like a lot of the ragging has more to do with the goofy outfit and that his strabismus was super obvious in the match card photo then whatever went on in Mexico. One perfectly fine match where he was probably nervous as hell since it was his big debut is a little premature to slap the Captain New Japan label on him. Working through Suzuki-gun and having some vets around will probably help a lot and a new look is easy enough.
  7. No problem, so once you've downloaded the zip file, have it extract into your EWR directory. It'll overwrite whatever you might already have for data, so you might want to make a backup copy of your data. After that just launch the game and you should be good.
  8. https://homeofprowrestling.com/other-games/wrestling-booker/ewr/ewrrwupdates.html has rosters from 2003 to 2019. Plus I think in another section they have historical rosters.
  9. It was nice of Vince to commission Jim Lee to do that portrait of him.
  10. So for giggles I downloaded EWR 4.2 and a roster update, since I haven't played it in forever. I've had such a blast as I forgot how gloriously random rosters can be. Right now I've got Big R Shimizu feuding with The Proletariat Boar over the heavyweight title and the Maine State Posse fueding with Yujiro and Chase Owens. I also forgot how weird the development system was in terms of raising people's stats. For grins I signed Mars from the great WWE developmental culling at the start of the game, figuring he wouldn't amount to much. He spent like a year and half in developmental, longe
  11. So I started watching Gintama over the weekend with my lady, since it's one of her favorite shows. I'm enjoying it so far, the show does a great job of balancing narrative and wackiness. And good lord is the voice acting talent loaded; like every time a new character shows up and says something I'm like "Wait isnt that?" Will this show hold up over 300+ episodes? Here's hoping!
  12. Man between this and the Tenryu match, Wataru Sakata got murdered in Hustle.
  13. Okay, after 10,000 hours in Windows Movie Maker, I give you Ray Traylor vs Scott Norton: https://streamable.com/qvil44
  14. @gordi The crowd is super hot for Norton, that must have been such a thrill for him. Cagematch says Norton worked a series of 4-6ish minute matches against Ray Traylor in '97, I'm trying to see if I can find those online. *Edit* along my hunt I came across this Ray Traylor vs Scott Steiner match, it might be DQed for the Frankensteiner, but it was way better than I expected.
  15. Originally I was going to post a Don Frye vs Norton match; but there was too much laying about in leg locks to make it a true clubbering match. I think I'll take this opportunity to go on a Scott Norton learning excursion though.
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