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  1. Man between this and the Tenryu match, Wataru Sakata got murdered in Hustle.
  2. Okay, after 10,000 hours in Windows Movie Maker, I give you Ray Traylor vs Scott Norton: https://streamable.com/qvil44
  3. @gordi The crowd is super hot for Norton, that must have been such a thrill for him. Cagematch says Norton worked a series of 4-6ish minute matches against Ray Traylor in '97, I'm trying to see if I can find those online. *Edit* along my hunt I came across this Ray Traylor vs Scott Steiner match, it might be DQed for the Frankensteiner, but it was way better than I expected.
  4. Originally I was going to post a Don Frye vs Norton match; but there was too much laying about in leg locks to make it a true clubbering match. I think I'll take this opportunity to go on a Scott Norton learning excursion though.
  5. Scott Norton vs the Giant is some clubbering Bonus Scott Norton vs OMG, its too short to qualify:
  6. I don't know why but in my head the Boston Crab was just one of those things that was made up for Pro Wrestling; so to see it legit end a fight is crazy.
  7. They ship direct using SAL, EMS, Fedex or DHL, depending on what service you prefer to use. EMS tends to be what I use, it takes about 5 business days to ship to Maine.
  8. https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/?lang=en Mandarake is the best site out there for Japanese collectables. And don't be alarmed if something is listed as damaged; they deal with the sort of people who need Gem Mint stuff, so it probably means the corner's got a ding in it. Can't recommend them enough.
  9. Fortunately my work has a super chill dress-code so I rock t-shirts every day, but the only wrestling ones I wear are: - Ciampa's Blackheart shirt, since everyone just thinks it's a band shirt. - Desperado's Hecho in Mexico shirt - Minoru Suzuki's The King shirt and the new SPLX SZK-GN shirt.
  10. Some might say its a bit of a gamble on the NFL's part.
  11. Well considering I learned about it from Suzuki's Instagram, either he's okay with it or I'm extra dead.
  12. I didn't see this posted, but I just snagged this MiSuzuki Hoodie: https://beyondgorilla.bigcartel.com/product/suzuki-x-beyond-hoodie
  13. Wait, who's selling the Despy and Kamaitachi masks?
  14. I imagine Dolfan is hyped for the upcoming Marvin Lewis experience. Miami Marvin has a nice ring to it.
  15. Man when Cubs said brick in his write up I was expecting something smaller then a cinder block!
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