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  1. I could be wrong, but I think the Rider Kick is a Kamen Rider reference. The OG Kamen Rider did the Flip -> Kick version, whereas later Riders did the dive kick that Sasuke does. Sooo TLDR: I know too much about Kamen Rider and they are both techincally Rider Kicks.
  2. I haven't watch a ton of old Ultraman, but Ultra Q has been tons of fun; plus I think giant Kaiju fights never get old. If you're enjoying Kamen Rider, Toei Tokusatsu's Youtube page has been uploading the first 2 eps of various shows. They just put V3 and Kuuga out this week, so it looks like they're gonna keep on doing it. There's a ton of full shows to watch there too and if you've got a VPN they've got all the old Sentai shows subbed as well. Hope that helps!
  3. Okay I'm casting some necromancy here and mods I apologize if I'm resurrecting something too old, but man there is just too much to talk about right now. Officially English subbed Toku is at an all-time high: Both Tsuburaya and Toei have Youtube channels with English subbed Toku. Tsubaraya's is more limited in that its whatever is currently airing plus random vintage episodes and they cull episodes from time to time; but you combine that with Millcreek's awesome job at getting Ultraman out in a physical format and freaking Marvel putting out Ultraman comics and it's a great time to be a
  4. How is Yano not doing a Y-T-R shrug into this as his finish?
  5. I was actually wondering what Murakami was up to these days. Glad to see he still looks like one of Majima's subordinates.
  6. Comics and Wrestling collide! Some friends surprised me with this Lance Archer sketch by Daniel Warren Johnson for an X-mas gift.
  7. I know Scream Factory had said they had reached out to some producers in Europe who claimed to have the footage; maybe its finally all coming together?
  8. I'm getting caught up on gaming news, but Yakuza 3-6 and Persona 5 Strikers being on PC makes me very, very happy.
  9. I found it to be entertaining, but a total bait and switch. You think you're getting a horror movie with three of the all time greats, but you get a very different movie with some brief appearances.
  10. Archer's response https://twitter.com/LanceHoyt/status/1321103606226034693?s=20
  11. https://www.goodsmileus.com/product/16d-collection-015-minoru-suzuki-2244 In case you actually want to order it.
  12. I believe the Cat is a reference to GoodBadFlick's production company, Angry Orange Cat
  13. I'm biased because Battle Tendency was the first JoJo's I read, so Joseph is always THE Jostar for me. So I'd go 1) Battle Tendency 2) Stardust Crusaders 3) Diamond is Unbreakable 4) Vento Aureo 5) Phantom Blood
  14. I feel like a lot of the ragging has more to do with the goofy outfit and that his strabismus was super obvious in the match card photo then whatever went on in Mexico. One perfectly fine match where he was probably nervous as hell since it was his big debut is a little premature to slap the Captain New Japan label on him. Working through Suzuki-gun and having some vets around will probably help a lot and a new look is easy enough.
  15. No problem, so once you've downloaded the zip file, have it extract into your EWR directory. It'll overwrite whatever you might already have for data, so you might want to make a backup copy of your data. After that just launch the game and you should be good.
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