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  1. Having checked them out, I definitely was off base on Saya. That being said I'm still sticking with Ishii, but Saya is right there with Hangman in the 1b slot for this group.
  2. I voted for the Stone Pitbull; it was tough call between him and Hangman for me. I'm really curious to hear from the people who voted for Saya. I haven't watched a ton of Stardom, but she strikes me as someone who's a good wrestler and kind of mechanical when it comes to her character.
  3. I voted for Starlight Kid. I think all of the AEW candidates have a good argument and I don't watch the WWE; but right now SLK is must watch for me.
  4. Maki has been on a diet of Moxley and Kingston matches I see.
  5. Honestly I've been wondering who the mystery camera man was since I noticed him and that makes a lot of sense. Originally I thought it was Biggest Tony sneaking out to get the feel of the crowd during segments, but that photo shows the camera man is much larger.
  6. This will be a great match, just a shame Rampage is on so early this week. Maybe Biggest Tony will put the show up on Youtube after it airs?
  7. I wonder if Dalton would be willing to do the Dustin/QT route, help train folk and wrestle a match every once in a while. That would probably give him time to heal up some more while still being relevant. Bummer that Scorp lost the title, I was kind of hoping he'd hold on to it for a bit and face a few more people before dropping it to Wardlow; but I suspect smarmy Sammy will be an even better opponent. Men of The Year should probably move on to the tag scene now, Grumpy Uncle Dan cutting cornette-esque promos about Wrestling Dinosaurs and Flippy lucha things would be entertaining. Satnam looked way better here, here's hoping he keeps it up. Nyla is the best.
  8. I am definitely looking forward to Jade vs Marina, but its kind of wild to think that in 2022 I'd be excited for Marina Shaffir. My only experience for her was being "Rhonda's friend" and her kind of forgettable NXT run; but here we are leading up to a match that feels like Freddy vs Jason. AEW's women division is stocked with "Monster" characters, but they're all different. Nyla is a force of nature, Jade is pure power, Serena is a torturer and Marina is the emotionless killer. So to see two of them go head to head is rad as hell. I just think its a neat little thing AEW has going on, but I'm psyched for the match and happy that Marina's getting her chance to shine.
  9. It was awesome because it took a match that could have been amusing in a "Watch Jaime yeet Skye" way and made it much more compelling. Dark/Elevation have that fun feeling of not knowing where anyone is going to end up, but rooting for everyone to be awesome. I think what AEW does best is that its the Buffet of wrestling. There might be a segment/match you don't care for, but next up will probably be something you like. You never really end up lingering on what didn't work for you.
  10. My Guys: Wardlow, Team Taz(z), The Acclaimed, Yuta, Riho, Butcher/Blade/Bunny, It's Stiiiiiiiiiing, Dork Order, Lee Moriarty, Nyla, Ethan Page, Lance Archer, Tony Schiavone Not My Guys: CM Punk, Keith Lee as he is right now, Jericho, Matt Hardy Honorable Mention: All the womens division down on Dark/Elevation, they're getting better by the show.
  11. Ive bought a couple of Semi-pro masks from Mr Maskman and for the 30 bucks you pay for them they're really nice.
  12. I've started watching Kamen Rider Zero-One with my girlfriend, since she wanted to see what all the fuss I made out it being out was about. We're 8 episodes in and thoroughly entertained by Aruto and Is' shenanigans.
  13. The Idea of Hobbs and Keith Lee tearing through the low end of the roster like they're jet fighters in a Kaiju movie leading up to a knockdown, dragout brawl would be the best. Also if Jade keeps on improving like she is, Her vs Hayter is going to be money.
  14. That was a great PPV, I don't think there was a bad match at all. I'm in the minority here and the Punk/MJF match didn't really do it for me. You really could have cut a few minutes out of it and it would have been much better. It's The Batman of wrestling matches I guess. Happy to see Wardlow's finally getting the trigger pulled on him. It'll be cool to see how it all plays out for him. Tay/Jade was my surprise match, they continue to up their game and it showed there. The tornado trio had no right being that fun either. Everything else was fun to great for me, AEW continues to kill it.
  15. I thought the title of the film was an answer to the "What's a bad miracle, do they have an answer for that?" line. But the Acronym totally makes sense.
  16. I'm a pepperoni/Banana Peppers or Bacon/Pineapple guy. Though to be fair there's only 2 local places I'd get pineapple from because they actucally grill the pineapple before putting it on the pizza, which makes it less watery. Oh right wrestling....uhhhh Watching AEW Dark and Elevation has become sort of a watch party for my old college wrestling buddies. It's been cool to reconnect with old friends over wrasslin.
  17. For the first time in about 15 years I'll be DMing a campaign, doing a DnD 5e rendition of Dragonlance, but more of a fractured fairytales sort of way. My friends and big Acquisitions Inc fans so I'm setting it up as their characters get a shot at joining AI, go through a test house, only to be told that there are no more opportunities in the Forgotten Realms, but they've been selected for a bold new expansion opportunity. Zip-zap they're teleported to Krynn, which causes all sorts of Chaos to ensue hopefully. It'll be interesting because A) its my first time using Roll20 as a DM, so I'm sure even with all the reading up I've done there'll be a learning curve and B) My DM style is very RP and skill check-heavy with a dusting of combat and I'll have to make sure I'm satiating everyone's bloodlust in between. Either way it should be entertaining.
  18. The best Indy match I saw live was the Aerostar/Drago/Phoenix vs AJ/The Bucks match at Chikara's King of Trios. Just a fantastic blend of insane spots, comedy bits (AJ vs the ring ropes) and they had the crowd frothing at the mouth by the end. It was even better because I had brought some friends who were old WWE fans but knew nothing of the Indies and the entire weekend was just mind-blowing for them. Best WWE match is a weird one but probably one of the Dudleys tag matches from the house shows they did in Portland, Maine in the early to mid 2000s. I don't know why they always did it, but every time they got the main event and out-worked the rest of the roster by like 200%. I'll always respect them for that.
  19. I feel like acknowledging Lio took time off to mourn the loss of family/Acclaimed trash-talking that/Team Taz trying to scoop Dante will be considered the catalyst of Lio's face turn. Part of me thinks in the long run this will played off as Lio "investing" in Dante by doing things his way; with a tag title run being the payoff on that investment. All I know is that I want to see Dante/Lio vs everyone.
  20. Daniel Warren Johnson is pretty awesome. His run of Beta Ray Bill has some great wrestling easter eggs, including Bill hitting the Rainmaker of some poor schlub. I also have his Lance Archer piece he did last Wrestletober, so I might be a little biased.
  21. Its kind of amusing to me that the Dragon Quest MMO goes turn-based, while the latest game goes Action combat. That being said 10 will be a surefire pickup.
  22. The fact that Mr. Perfect basically goes for a schoolboy there BEFORE hitting the perfect-plex is nuts!
  23. I miss subbed Kamen Rider and Sentai, but at least it looks like the Zero-One physical copies will be coming soon. On the Ultraman front I started watching Trigger and its okay. It's got some strong Kamen Rider vibes in it(which makes sense since Sakamoto's directing it), but the occasional CGI fights just are jarring. Also I miss my boy Sevenger.
  24. Happy 20th Birthday to the Golden Sun franchise, may we someday get another game in the series.
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