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  1. Fortunately my work has a super chill dress-code so I rock t-shirts every day, but the only wrestling ones I wear are: - Ciampa's Blackheart shirt, since everyone just thinks it's a band shirt. - Desperado's Hecho in Mexico shirt - Minoru Suzuki's The King shirt and the new SPLX SZK-GN shirt.
  2. Some might say its a bit of a gamble on the NFL's part.
  3. Well considering I learned about it from Suzuki's Instagram, either he's okay with it or I'm extra dead.
  4. I didn't see this posted, but I just snagged this MiSuzuki Hoodie: https://beyondgorilla.bigcartel.com/product/suzuki-x-beyond-hoodie
  5. Wait, who's selling the Despy and Kamaitachi masks?
  6. I imagine Dolfan is hyped for the upcoming Marvin Lewis experience. Miami Marvin has a nice ring to it.
  7. Man when Cubs said brick in his write up I was expecting something smaller then a cinder block!
  8. I just found out my friend got me tickets to the Lewiston, Maine Global Wars show. I never thought I'd get the chance to see some of the New Japan guys live; let alone in freaking Maine. I know they've announced the RoH talent for the tour, so now its just a wait to see who else is going to be there. Sorry I know I'm not adding much to the conversation, but man I'm just super excited,
  9. I was cleaning out my clothes and found this, shame it doesn't fit anymore. 
  10. Good god that trailer is amazing!
  11. Well I finally got this framed, time to hang it up in the Movie/gaming room!
  12. Why does Seth Rollins have Dennis Miller's face on his figure?
  13. Here's hoping Puma is able to make a name for himself in all the hot indy spots like Petna and Fenix. Plus Puma in Lucha Underground would be sweet.
  14. So apparently it didn't post my thoughts the first time, so let's try this again! I'm enjoying playing FIFA on the Switch, I find the game plays well both in hand-held and docked mode, so technically its fine. I think my only complaint has to do more with my own skill level at this point, I've gotten too good for the lower difficulty settings but not good enough for the higher ones yet. I've got to sit down and tinker with the settings and see if I can set up my own difficulty setting.
  15. Stupid double post. But on another note, someone should do a run of Takayama's Everst German Suplex shirt with the proceeds going to Takayama. I loved the two I bought here and would gladly buy them again.
  16. I hate to correct a Mod, but the term is "Proud SquaredCircle Warrior".
  17. Looks like Miyu Yamashita, Yuka Sakazaki and Shoko Nakajima of Tokyo Joshi Pro will be at Chikara's King of Trios this year.
  18. I am all about that Bloodthirsty Trilogy set when it comes out here in the US.
  19. Honestly the Oscutter doesn't bother me that much, I mean its just a dude leaping back into a cutter; at the very worst the taker of the move has to stumble around a bit so the move is set up; but to each their own, Now a great finisher is the Frog Splash. Eddie, D-Lo, Dash Chisako, Tanahashi, the list goes on.
  20. Thanks! On the plus side now I've got a permanently loaded ankle, my stomps will be twice as deadly
  21. It's rather hard to take a photo of your own leg, but while my ankle recovers I got some sweet Suzuki-gun shirts.
  22. Man if I didn't already own The Beast Must Die that collection would be an instant buy. Here's hoping they put the other films out individually.
  23. Oh man that would be outstanding.
  24. So I'm definitely hoping the Chikara/Lucha Memes collaboration leads to some teams showing up at King of Trios.
  25. So "Proud SquaredCircle Warrior" is another term for Incel right?
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