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  1. I think he left immediately after the Nakamura match. Which probably was for the better as if he stayed and saw that, he might have either killed himself of someone else.
  2. It will be even more: of that $144 million a sizable amount had go their current streaming service provider they will save money in accounting or whatever (probably much less relevant then the point above) they will mostly freeze and investments on their back- and frontend (i.e. we international users are getting fucked twofold, we will pay more to get a worse product)
  3. Wikipedia lists a Brit called Joe D'Orazio (real name Giuseppe <4 middle names> scala) as oldest living wrestler, a guy being born in 1922 (Cardinal was born in 1927).
  4. Misawa's post-2000 run was somewhat tragic besides his death: he always was trying to push himself away from the spotlight but business necessity brought him back again and again. Another angle to tackle Japan would be to look at the brutality of the dojos. You have three deaths (Hiromitsu Gompei in NJPW 95, the fallout (or lack therefore) lead to Hiroshi Hase leaving NJPW, Giant Ochai in WJPW 03 and apparently there was a death in one of the UWF promotions as well) to start with, along with lots and lots of horrible stories.
  5. At least it's not 1995 episodes, when it was 99% squash matches (and I know what I am talking about, in 95 there were two WWF shows on German TV: Superstars and Challenge - until Challenge got replaced by Action Zone, I think; once WWF switched TV station in early 96, we finally got Raw). What was the WWF TV show hierarchy in 86? I realize that in the long run Superstars was the A show and Challenge the B show (while PTW stood a bit outside the hierarchy due to the different focus), but in 86, the line ups at least look to be pretty comparable.
  6. That reminds of when we got a letter for my grandfather, who died in the late 1960s, in (approx.) 1990 (he would have been about 90 back then, so even if the sender did not know that he died more than 20 years earlier, there were good chances that he was dead by that point).
  7. We are having a snowmageddon here: in the last 24 hours (well, rather between yesterday noon and today noon CET) we got something like 21 inches of snow. The last time that so much snow fell within a day was in 1952 and the last time we had so much snow in total was in 1981. According to the weather report, tomorrow will be sunny and cold (well below the freezing point) and on Sunday we will get another 12 inches. I spent 4 h today and 2 h yesterday shoveling snow and have a vague idea how I will spend my Sunday. In the higher located towns around here, it started to snow a day earlier (when i
  8. After some positive comments here I got the first Trails of Cold Steel game in a PS Store sale and basically spent my Christmas vacation beating it. I thought the game dropped of a bit in the last third or so (the big reveal close to the end was Russo-ish in coming out of nowhere) and the difficulty level was a bit inconsistent (I was playing on normal and besides three battles, it was rather straight-forward, but in those three battles I was using items left and right, there was one boss in particular, where I spent one item after another to be able to hit one S-Break after another), but apar
  9. More than when getting other vaccines? As I think this is a very common reaction for any kind of vaccination in the arm. At least I always had these issues when getting vaccinated against TBE.
  10. Fair enough. Though the Watch books (besides the first one Guards! Guards!) in general (as some - not all - of Pratchett's later Discworld books) are more serious in tone than his other, especially earlier, writing. Especially the book Night Watch is much more drama than satire (there are parallels to Les Misérables in plotlines and setting, but not really in a satirical way).
  11. Which Kanemura scandal? The sexual harassment stuff was long after FMW closed down. Was he involved with another scandal? The same is true for Onita's sex scandal (though at least Onita is so central to the history of FMW that it would fit into an episode about the promotion).
  12. Due to you not liking Pratchett's books or their adaptations? In case of the latter: the live-action adaptions of the Discworld stuff have been subpar so far anyway. The Hogfather completely missed the tone of Pratchett's writing, The Colour of Magic is a book that is not particularly well adaptable and Going Postal was fine, but nothing special. The Watch stuff should in theory translate pretty well to the screen (except maybe the first book).
  13. Has anyone here checked out the Pratchett adaptation The Watch? The reviews I have seen were less than enthusiastic (to put is mildly) and made me afraid of watching the show, especially considering that the Watch was my favorite story setting of the Discworld books.
  14. Vince recently watched Good Will Hunting for the first time and went for another Ben Affleck movie immediately afterwards.
  15. 46, not 36 (Fuchi was born in 1954; I had to look that up as I thought that there is no way that Fuchi was only 36 in 2000).
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