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  1. The only way to have third parties enter parliaments in somewhat significant numbers in those extreme winner-takes-it-all / first-past-the-post voting systems is if you have districts where national minorities build up the majority, like in the UK, where of the 83 non-Tory and non-Labour members (of 650 members in total), 48 are representing the Scottish National Party, 8 DUP (representing the Protestant part for Northern Ireland), 7 Sinn Féin (the political arm of the IRA, to make it simple), 3 Plaid Cymru (apparently a Welsh nationalist party) and 1 another Northern Ireland party.
  2. Fair enough, anything that happened this year might either be reality or a nightmare.
  3. Don't you read the reviews on Segunda Caida done by other people? Eric R reviewed a couple of AJPW Battle Royals this year.
  4. I had that same experience. I expected lots of squashes (as this is what I grew up on when I started watching WWF TV in 93) and PTW had almost none of those. What seems strange to 2020 eyes is that sometimes they put in 1-2 year old matches and pretend that they are new (I remember a Desiree Peterson vs. Judy Martin match from mid 1985 that they aired in 87, for example). One of the weirder shows had three straight matches with Sika, Sivi Afi and the Islanders.
  5. 12 was the first FF game I got that I did not finish. I tried to play it again a year ago and it did not get better in those 15 (or whatever) years. The gameplay (grinding) is very boring. You just run around with Gambit's active and do barely anything. It gets even worse when you try to chain enemy types to get better loot, as then you run in small circles. The story is all over the place. I could barely tell you what is going on and who of main party is there for what reasons. I am sure that the game tries to tell you, but I could not have been bothered to remember. On the positive side you
  6. Did they announce a date? I did not see anything besides the "console exclusive (*) ... (*) also available on PC" note.
  7. Wasn't the story behind the double change between the Quebecers and Men on a Mission on the UK tour in 94 that Mabel fell on Pierre and Pierre could not kick out legitimately, or is that just an urban legend from the usenet days?
  8. This got even into the headlines over here. The headline only said "Onset of Winter in Colorado" and I was puzzled why they considered this as headline worthy until I read the text and saw the predicted drop of 100° F (37° C) to 34° F (1° C) within a day, which to me seems crazy.
  9. Didn't have the Great Antonio some serious mental health issues? I have seen clips of that "match" in the past and find it pretty disturbing, especially considering the issues the Great Antonio apparently had.
  10. Cagematch has him work a Spectrum show in 1974, losing to Johnny Valiant in 6 minutes and participating in a battle royal.
  11. As far as I remember the story was, that they came up with the gimmick and more or less pulled a random black guy up from development to fill the role. When MVP had his first matches on the main roster they found at that he was actually quite decent in the ring. Kane was not as bad as he became later, but it still needed a good in right talent to get a good match out of him, which MVP managed to do more than once. To be honest I don't know how correct that story (or memory) is, as looking at his in-ring results, he was using the MVP name for half a year in Deep South before showing up on Smack
  12. I always thought that it was a general problem in Japan, that almost each generation was not on the same level as the previous generation (at least when looking at the Strong Style and King's Road : Inoki and Baba were big, but not as big as Rikidozan was Jumbo and Tenryu were definitely not on the level of Baba, Choshu and Fujinami (you can also add Fujinami to that list, if you want) were not nearly on Inoki level. The second generation might have been on a similar level as the previous generation (Hashimoto and Mutoh vs. Choshu and Fujinami, Misawa, Kawada and Kobashi vs. Jum
  13. Photograph is that kind of song that when it was on radio when my radio alarm went off, I was wide awake within a couple of seconds and very pissed (it's literally the only Nickelback song I know and if all of their music is like that, then they are even worse than they are made out to be). There was a Phil Collins song ("I can't stop loving you") around the same time that evoked the same kind of feelings in me. Thinking back, it's a wonder that I never destroyed that radio alarm back then.
  14. So 21.5 WMs, each let's say on average 3.25 h long, that makes in total 14.3 miles/h / 23 km/h.
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