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  1. That chess position looks to be barely legal. Either they were just randomly moving the pieces on the board, or those guys are playing their first chess game of their lives.
  2. I hope GCW star The Invisible Man gets royalties for his appearence in WWE 2k20.
  3. To me a big problem with the match was that the early spots were using real stuff while the supposed big spots at the ending (minus exposed ring) were very obviously gimmicked, i.e. you somehow had an inversion of escalation of violence. Of course, it did not help either, that Cody suffered a nasty hardway cut plus the beltshots, that made him look worse-off than the two guys in the ultraviolence hardcore match. And please get rid of Earl Hebner. The only thing, he should still do for AEW is teaching Aubrey Edwards how to get the maximum out of the "ref throwing out heel manager" spot. Or was that Tim White, who was the king of that spot?
  4. Ermey is a tricky one. He was basically playing himself, doing in front of the camera what he was doing in his day job. Sure, he was perfect in this role, but if you are being yourself (or an extended version of yourself), is it still acting?
  5. You are all forgetting about the youngest WWE Superstar (tm): former WWE tag team champion Nicholas. That is, until Matt Hardy gets the 24/7 belt on King Maxel.
  6. I suppose divide and conquer is the only way for WWE management to come ahead in this one.
  7. How would the guys that had to stay know the real story? If it was not a mechanical issue, I am sure that they were fed bullshit for 24+ hours from both WWE and the Saudi officials.
  8. If they were not able to fix the engine enough to get it halfway into a releasable state, what where the chances that they did fix it within 10 days after release?
  9. Hmm... okay, this was only the case over here (Austria) for satellites channels (i.e. the satellite receiver box had to be set to the correct channel), but not for terrestrial or cable television. I.e. you could watch one channel on terrestrial or cable television while taping any other channel (of course, you only had cable or satellite TV, but not both).
  10. If you DVR it, you just FF through the commercial, so they are irrelevant for the TV channels. To the other point: I would assume most people had a VHS in the late 90ies so you could just tape the show you did not watch like with DVR.
  11. Considering that the whole series is 20 years old and from my understanding only had small-ish changes in each iteration, the code basis is probably quite complicated and hard to maintain or even to extend. I would not be surprised, if there are core parts of the code that only a very small number of Yuke's-developer had any understanding of. Other parts probably no one even dared to touch for years. Now after the split from Yuke's, new developers had to take over and they literally did not know what they were doing. I would not be surprised, if the source code itself has reached that part in its life-cycle, where technical debt (that came in to the regular release cycle without doing any proper refactoring of older code) is too big, to make any sensible releases anymore, i.e. the software is dead (unless they want to spend one or two years just cleaning up the mess that accumulated over the years, without doing anything else).
  12. Prince Nana managed more than one Weapon of Mass Destruction, and they definitely blew.
  13. That was such a strange choice for a gimmick, a Swiss Rugby player? There are about 50 more popular sports in Switzerland. After a quick look on Wikipedia, the couple of Rugby teams that exist in Switzerland, are mostly located in the French speaking part (which makes sense considering the popularity of Rugby in France). I suppose Cesaro can be lucky that Vince does not know about Schwingen (look it up on Wikipedia, no, it's not the German word for swinging (at least not for the kind Eric Bischoff is into)).
  14. Watching a couple of hours after the fact was no problem, it's just the live stream, where either the servers are not able to deal with the traffic (which would surprise me for an NXT UK show as 2 PM EST) or some other backend stuff is broken.
  15. I am 6 episodes in season 3 now and wow, as good as the first two seasons were, this season is way beyond that. My favorite episodes so far are the last two I watched Johnny is right, there are several scenes, especially in "Outward Bound", that really bring tears to your eyes. I was not completely sold on Awesome Kong's performance in the first two seasons, but here she at least fully hangs with the other actors, if she is not surpassing them.
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