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  1. Will this be followed by docs on Frank the Clown and Ellsworth guy?
  2. Sure, but can't they produce two feeds, one with and one without cutting off the sound?
  3. Am I the only one who noticed a 3.5 count early on in the main event? Shirai forgot to kick out (I rewound three times to make sure that the first count was not just the ref hitting the mat) and the ref reacted quickly by just continuing counting. Also the landing of that dive from the top of the skull must have hurt. The production of this for the Network (and I suppose Peacock) really pissed me off. Turning off the sound (for a couple of seconds) every time the USA Network goes to and comes back from commercials is amateur hour. Twice they even faded to black.
  4. What's your personal over/under how long you can watch the show before you wish that here was no crowd in the arena instead of having to deal with "this is awesome", "one, two, ... two, sweet", "let's go x, let's go y" etc. chants, with the same stupid faces as always in the front row etc. (besides all Covid stuff)?
  5. "Hey Bruce, do you know some black guys who wrestled in the past?" - but yeah, even if the whole process was just Vince asking Bruce or Hayes to give him some names, it's weird that those are the names they came up with.
  6. Luna Vachon (active until 2007) got in a couple of years ago and, well, Brickhouse has wrestled as late as 2016.
  7. How is Dr. Death, a guy who was wrestling during the Attitude era, a "legacy wing" candidate? And Buzz Sawyer and Brickhouse Brown were about the same age as he was (all were born in 59 or 60). Hall, Nash and Hogan all were older then they were, Davey Boy was barely younger.
  8. I just watched this yesterday. I am a bit torn regarding Langella, I have to admit I have never heard about the Chicago 7 before this movie, so I don't know how accurate this stuff is, but the judge is almost comical in his villainousness, like how could any juror take this trial serious. But again, maybe this was exactly how this played out. I guess I will put the rest of my thoughts in spoilers tags.
  9. I guess some things never change. From what I have seen, he was the only reason to watch Power Pro more than 20 years ago.
  10. I just recently discovered this series and so far have only seen the first season. I am liking the show quite a lot, though I must admit that space exploration or whatever you want to call it is a topic I am really interested in in general. The show definitely is not without flaws: sometimes it feels directionless (or jumping back and forth between completely different directions way too fast), one of the plot lines (at least in season 1) feels completely tacked on and society is portrayed as much more open and politically correct than I expect the late 60ies and early 70ies were in the U
  11. Wikipedia says that is really was Owen (I am too lazy to confirm this on the Network, though The History of WWE says the same) who eliminated Valentine.
  12. I don't know, no one shit on early-50ies Tenryu holding the triple crown and beating guys in their late 20ies (Kea) or early 30ies (Kojima) to defend it. The problem is that Edge was not even a believable threat to anyone when he was 35, so why should he suddenly be one 12 years later?
  13. Plus those no-compete clauses probably would not hold up in court anyway. I mean it's the opposite of being an independent contractor. (For example when Lesnar tried to challenge his no-compete (which obviously had a much longer duration, but I doubt the duration of the clause really mattered), WWE quickly caved, probably knowing that they would have no prayer in court and a ruling would have set a bad precedent for them.) It's just that no one usually tries to challenge that clause as if you are let go, you are still getting paid for those three months which for most people is preferable to a
  14. Disorderly Conduct also used that Hollywood Blondes theme. I would guess that theme was used by WCW at least as much as the Orient Express theme was used by WWF.
  15. Titanic had two actor-nominations, Return of the King won 11 awards with zero nominated actors.
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