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  1. Watching a couple of hours after the fact was no problem, it's just the live stream, where either the servers are not able to deal with the traffic (which would surprise me for an NXT UK show as 2 PM EST) or some other backend stuff is broken.
  2. I am 6 episodes in season 3 now and wow, as good as the first two seasons were, this season is way beyond that. My favorite episodes so far are the last two I watched Johnny is right, there are several scenes, especially in "Outward Bound", that really bring tears to your eyes. I was not completely sold on Awesome Kong's performance in the first two seasons, but here she at least fully hangs with the other actors, if she is not surpassing them.
  3. I tried to watch the NXT UK show live (being in European primetime and all), but the buffering was again just so bad, that I had to stop 5 minutes in (the preshow was okay, with 1 buffering every couple of minutes).
  4. As there were some discussions about the earlier Veronica Mars seasons a couple pages ago and the quality of S1 vs. S2: I have been rewatching both seasons over the last 1.5 months or so (not having them watched since the initial airing) so here my two cents: the general quality of the writing etc. is about on par, but what hurts season 2 in my eyes, is the scope: season 1 was about one murder and one rape, which should be enough for a teen-drama. Season 2 has something like 20 people murdered (depending on how many people were on the plane), in multiple instances (plus additional major crimes like embezzlement, multiple cases of child abuse, kidnapping etc.). The final episode of that season almost takes it to comical levels in having multiple murders that are completely forgotten two scenes later. Some stuff is really funny watching almost 15 years later, e.g. Veronica telling Gia Goodman (played by Krysten "Jessica Jones" Ritter) that she might have a future in the PI business.
  5. Lance Storm indicated on a podcast with Bryan Alvarez that one main reason for him closing his school is that as a trainer he likes to be very "hands-on" (i.e. spending time in the ring, bumping etc. with his students) and he is feeling that his body cannot really handle it anymore in the long run. I am sure he could get a gig in Florida in the PC, though I am not really sure if that is what he wants. Considering the time he spent at home since the retired as a fulltime wrestler, I doubt he wants to go back on the road as an agent. What other wrestling-related options are there for him?
  6. Okay, that is a coincidence. I just finished watching the 60ies episode of The Movies and the very last movie talked about there is Easy Rider, for which Fonda got a nomination for an Oscar for best original screenplay (as well as starring in it).
  7. My "favorite" bug on PS4 so far: I was starting to watch the show this afternoon; when I was FF through a segment (as good as possible with the shitty FF function of the new network), it suddendly jumped to the very end of the show, showing Rollins celebrating. So not only did I lose the position of the video I was at, I got the main event spoilered.
  8. I have not yet used the network heavily since the change to the new system, but so far the cons highly outweigh the pros (I am using PS4): - stability seems to be worse, I get buffering all the time (maybe they have no servers overseas and/or worse uplink speed in Europe or something like that?) - my "continue watching" list is full of stuff I have completed viewing a long time ago, I assume in the new system shows don't disappear once you have finished them - rewinding or fast-forwarding is a mess; I don't want to jump in 10 s steps; that worked way better in the old app - on the website, the "continue watching" stuff is even worse, at least on the app I can get my full list, somewhere in the account setting, on the website I only get 6 shows (and therefore no way to clean up the list for PS4; cleaning up via mouse is way more convenient than via gamepad)
  9. "Common knowledge" is that the popularity of the second UWF lead to people expecting clean finishes.
  10. Hey, leave Dirty White Boy out of this.
  11. So I assume that means that Kingston will definitely do a worked-shoot promo.
  12. Did he ever properly hit that floatover DDT he tried to do in his first two WWF years? It's a wonder that he never killed anyone with that move.
  13. The first two seasons of DS9 had awesome stuff as well, it was just a bit more hit-and-miss as were seasons 3-5 (which were the peak of the series, later on there were much more misses again). Seasons 1+2 had some pretty great (and un-Trek) Bajor stuff like the three parter at the beginning of season 2 or the Maquis two-parter. Other great episodes include: Duet (a Cardassian war criminal is caught on DS9; the Cardassian occupation of Bajor always was a Holocaust allegory, but I don't think it got ever as close as this Nuremberg trials inspired (though subverted) episode), Cardassians (the first time Garak fully shines in his tailor/spy role), Necessary Evil (flashback episode about Odo and Kira during the occupation), Armageddon Game (O'Brien and Bashir getting stuck on a planet with everybody assuming them to be dead) or Whispers (there seems to be a conspiracy going on on DS9 which only O'Brien - who is the narator here - is not involved in).
  14. Did he have his hands in his pockets?
  15. If he calls Vince "Junior", Vince might not even wait for Heyman to return backstage to fire him, he might walk out and fire him on live television.
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