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  1. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    Because he looks like HBK. Problem is that he did the Van Terminator. Did anyone see the table where Wolfe was lying on for while? Wolfe bled at least a pint of blood on that thing.
  2. NOV 2017 TV THREAD

    I have watched the first two episodes yesterday and today and so far I would describe the show as "Galaxy Quest that does not go for the TV show angle". It's a clear parody of Star Trek so far and I am loving it, though it's nothing I can see working in the long run, so I am not surprised they have changed the direction in the following episodes.
  3. NOV 2017 TV THREAD

    Designated Survivor really took a huge step back regarding the magnitude of the main storyline. The first season was about the murder of the whole US government (including senate and the house of representatives) and a plan to take over the country while the second season deals with the murder of a journalist and some corruption thingy the mother of the first lady did while the first lady was still a child. The show basically has become a third rate West Wing (or a second rate Madam Secretary).

    (since you brought scp into play here)
  5. NOV 2017 TV THREAD

    At least it got renewed for a second season.

    I watched the fourth episode of Star Trek: Discovery today. That show gets worse and worse, I am now almost in the hate-watching phase. There are no likeable and barely any interesting characters on the show, the long boring Klingon scenes are killing me and acting/directing so far has been very underwhelming. The only good thing about the show so far is that the special effects look awesome.
  7. Your Wrestlers RIP Thread

    This got into the news headlines over here in Austria (at least for a couple of hours). Funny thing is the obituaries I have seen until now all have treated his wrestling success as being fully legit sports achievements.

    I think I have to quit one match in. The commentary is that bad. I won't say that JR is definitely inebriated here, though if he is not that would be even worse.
  9. The Netflix Thread

    It's not as if this were the first movie that has both Ben Stiller and Dustin Hoffman in it.
  10. What are you reading?

    I tried to read the first of the Wild Cards books. I liked both the concept of the mosaic novel and the premise but I stopped reading after a couple of chapters as the thing was just too pulpy (is that a word?) for me. I suppose that is on purpose but that's just not really my cup of tea.
  11. E3 2017

    That Yoshi game did not rock my world, the gameplay looks somewhat slow and sluggish.
  12. E3 2017

    Super Mario Odyssey looks spectacular

    Do you mean now or ever? Ever: no, there was Dutch born German actor Johannes Heesters who did his last acting job at the age of 107.
  14. E3 2017

    I did not play game number three in that trilogy, but while games 1 and 2 did not reach the level of earlier FF games I liked them much better than FF XII. (and would also take them above FF VIII, for example, though I did not play FF VIII since 2001 or so, so that game might be better than my memory tells me; I just remember being pissed off about the leveling and the magic system - you are punished for early level gaining and for using magic) I would assume that Square-Enix will concentrate on the FF VII remake and on Kingdom Hearts III (I think that game was supposed to come on the market late this year / early next year?) at E3.

    Somehow the whole Raspberry Pi debate here inspired me to do exactly that. After I setup the Retro Pi (the UI takes some time to get used to) I "organized" a bunch of games. The first game I played was Donkey Kong Country. I had a pretty hard time with the game, I ran out of lives a couple of stages in. Somehow I had a lot of problems with the running jumps. As I was never really good at that game and am 20+ years older then I was when I originally played it (reaction IS getting worse as you are getting older) and I am not as used to play platformers as I was back then (hand-eye coordination is also a thing of training) I did not think much of it. The next thing I tried (after a bit of Link to the Past) was Super Mario Land. Somehow I had similar problems there (I got a Game Over in 2-2) which worried me much more as (a) the game is pretty easy and (b) I could beat it almost blindfolded (25 years or so ago, okay). My first theory was that somehow emulation has a problem if you press three buttons at the same time, which you do during a running jump. As Google did not produce anything on this I realized that this might be an input delay issue of my TV (as I assume running jumps are where you would notice such a problem). Googling for this showed that the TV I use is known for having a huge input delay. Funny thing is that I use this TV for gaming (PS3 and PS4) since I bought it in late 2008 and I never experienced any problems in that direction whatsoever. Even considering that I play lots of RPGs I still play the odd action or action adventure game. This shows you how easy games are nowadays compared to 20-30 years ago.