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  1. The statute of limitations for rape, in the state that the rape allegedly happened, in the early 90ies was less than 5 years? That's wild.
  2. I recently watched SuperBrawl V. One of the undercard matches was Duggan vs. Bunkhouse Buck and I thought, "well, this could be a lot of fun". Actually Duggan just ate up poor Jimmy Golden for 10 minutes.
  3. I wonder who thought that having "prospects" called "NIL"s was a good idea. Or is "nil" a British English thing?
  4. And I guess for the typical single-screen multiplayer games (e.g. Switch Sports, Mario Kart, Mario Party) are playable with the joycons halves as two controllers (i.e. don't need the full button set)?
  5. The Microsoft showcase was actually not that bad in this regard as the SGF or Sony's State of Play were which made me feel game-racist (you know, they all look the same to me). Microsoft only had like 5 zombie games in 90 minutes...
  6. I've got a question for the Switch owners here: my sister is planning to buy a Switch for my nephew's birthday and is not sure if she should buy a second Joy Con or not. As far as I understand it, for multiplayer games you can use the two Joy Con halves as two controllers, correct?
  7. That whole segment was a trainwreck, thankfully the 'shrooms of the transcriber kicked in to give me some enjoyment.
  8. He was plugging some non-video game stuff, Black Adam and I think an energy drink.
  9. This actually sounds like a good setup for a mockumentary on NFTs.
  10. Come on, Kendall made a lot of money in the early 90ies.
  11. Funny thing is, don't they (Khan and Vince) realize that as soon as Roman can make regular money in Hollywood, he is gone for good and the best they can hope for is a Mania guest appearance or two?
  12. When scrolling down and at first only seeing the head my thought was this:
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