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  1. Walter is Austrian, but that does not really contradict your point (maybe it even helps). Maybe they should have gone with Holy Roman Empire, because that is the most fitting historical construct where all would be on the same team. Though I must say that always when I see Barthel teaming with Aichner I have to think of the phrase "von der Etsch bis an den Belt" ("from the Etsch (river rising in Souther Tyrol, where Aichner is from) to the Belt (straight in southern Denmark; Aichner is from northern Germany)" from the first stanza (which is nowadays identified with Nazi Germany) of the "Deutschlandlied" (approx. "Song of Germany") describing the claimed northern and southern boundaries of German speaking people).
  2. Has anyone here seen the latest Orville episode? It will be interesting to see where they are going after the last scene. For those of have seen the episode:
  3. Renaming the battle royal did not cost the WWE a single dollar (okay, a couple of hundred bucks for rebranding maybe, but still), changing the independent conctractor situation would cost a lot and (I assume) at least in the short term effect the stock prize.
  4. I don't really care about this specific instance (mostly because the result seeming to be a forgone conclusion with Ricochet and Black not having any other program for TakeOver) but it's a matter of principle. This board used to have pretty clear rules (or at least practices) regarding spoilers, i.e. if it has not aired yet, use spoiler tags (unless it is a spoiler thread, of course). And if I have to expect spoilers in a thread about a 5-year-old-program I have to expect then on the whole board.
  5. The Dusty Cup final is airing next week, correct? Do I now have to avoid any thread that contains the letters "NXT" in the topic name (even if the topic is about 2014 NXT) to not get spoilered?
  6. Has he radically improved since the last time I have seen him or are they now just signing everyone under the sun?
  7. The (probably) longest streak in WON awards history is over: TNA did NOT win "worst promotion" (after they did so for 11 straight years).
  8. Turning your brain off and enjoying Spader's performance (okay, the writing of his monologues, assuming that they are not adlibbed, is also quite decent) is the way to watch that show.
  9. The latest The Orville episode might have been the best of this season yet. The story was as classic Star Trek as it gets: There was some earlier stuff of this season that was a bit hit and miss (too much Moclan stuff, using one race both for comic-relief/Klingon-rites-parody as well as investigating sociological issues, just does not work; the romance between the doctor and Isaac also did not really work for me, it went too far too fast, seemed to be a big stretch and was not necessary for the Kaylon two-parter), but they seem to be on a run with the last three episodes right now.
  10. I think the only Bandido match I have ever seen was a 4 tag team elimination match in Dragon Gate where he an Flamita stunk up the place. The only thing they did was throwing out big spots without any rhyme or reason to almost no reaction of the crowd.
  11. Thanks for posting that spoiler without using spoiler-tags (stating that there was a title change at the last taping already is a spoiler, considering that there was only one show left of that taping to air and that show only having one title match announced is just the icing on the cake).
  12. After some suggestions I got Dragon Quest XI and I love the heck out of this game. The game is as old-school as it gets. I have seen people calling it a SNES game for PS4. I would not go that far, more like a PSX game for PS4 (with PS3+ level graphics). From a gameplay point-of-view they streamlined a lot of mechanics that often lead to frustrations: you can within a second (plus a loading screen) revisit (almost) any place you have visited in the past, all party members get EXP, independent if they are in the active party and there (almost) no random encounters (except when travelling on sea). I am 80 hours or so in the game and am considering if I should go for the platinum. There seems to be only one trophy, that seems to be time consuming to get, the rest is quite fair.
  13. Robert s


    The last episode was really weird. I think that this season peaked somewhere in the middle and dragged on towards the end, as if they ran out of ideas halfway through. One thing: if the chumpstain challenge is not worked (and so far I never had the feeling that it was), then the Tommy Dreamer quiz had to be really frightening for Christian.
  14. Ganz was also considered one of the best German speaking stage actors of his generation. He was the holder of the so-called Iffland-ring that should signify the best German speaking stage actor and is passed on after the death of the holder to his chosen successor. He also had quite some notable movie roles before Downfall, for example in Werner Herzog's Nosferatu or in Wim Wenders Der Himmel ├╝ber Berlin (Wings of Desire). Looking at the list of director's that he worked with it's almost strange that he never placed in a Michael Haneke film.
  15. Why are they trying to sell a Best of TakeOver 2018 DVD / Blu-Ray set on a WWE Network show? That was a very weirdly placed commercial.
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