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  1. A couple of days ago, I used the page the very first time on my phone (Android) and had exactly this problem. I tried both Chrome and Firefox and the buttons did not work. I had to edit the address to navigate. The problem is that on Android, neither browser contains the developer tools page, which would help pinning down the problem here (broken script or whatever).
  2. They have no reason to participate, as they have already proven "brand superiority" last year, scoring more wins than Raw and Smackdown combined.
  3. On a quick check, the following MCU movies have not dropped (yet): Iron Man 2 Marvel's The Avengers Thor: The Dark World Avengers: Age of Ultron Ant-Man Doctor Strange Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Thor: Ragnarok Avengers: Infinity War Ant-Man and the Wasp Captain Marvel Spider-Man: Far From Home I guess the three Avengers movies and Ragnarok are yet to come, the rest did not make the list. Though there is a movie or two that I am surprised that it did not make the top 250, considering other MCU (or more generally comic book) movies that got in (most notably Gu
  4. Comparing Taue and Kobashi with Kawada at that point is not fair, Kawada started in 82 while Taue and Kobashi started in 88. 94 Taue / Kobashi vs. 88 Kawada would be a better comparison, though obviously also flawed (considering that Taue and Kobashi got spotlight (and even main event) ring time much earlier than Kawada did, so they were pushed to grow faster than Kawada did).
  5. I had exactly the same experience. In the end I was missing only one letter. I did piss-break and a fresh look at the word helped. Also I was puzzled which AEW wrestler was referred to as a shooter by Mox, whose name is full of vowels.
  6. Reflexes getting worse and lack of practice definitely plays a big effect, but depending on how your TV is set and how your physical setup is, there might also be some serious lag compared to analog TV 30 years ago.
  7. The original Day of the Tentacle had Maniac Mansion as a full game-within-the-game east egg. According to a quick Google search, this is true for the remastered version as well.
  8. Was he ever Japanese in gimmick? He was announced as being from "the Polynesian islands" (which includes Samoa). E.g.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ya1Pm23-XMI
  9. I also saw it in theatre and was not enamoured with it. I should mention that I have a degree in mathematics, have read scientific texts on general relativity and am pretty interested in astrophysics, so in theory this should have been my movie. But the story part was boring as fuck and not written very well (as mentioned above) and the science part was not much above Star Trek technobabble, much more fantasy than actual science.
  10. Over here, participation usually is a big part of the grade in many subjects (the non-main subjects one, i.e. everything besides maths and languages), or at least it was when I was in school 20-30 years ago. We still had tests in geography, history, chemistry etc., but in the end teachers still gave grades that they deemed to be the right one. Some teachers had an open system, where they basically announced at the end of each lesson they announced who got a positive mark in their book for that hour, others probably made private notices and the more lazy ones probably twice a year went through
  11. Bixenspan and Zellner talked about it a bit on an episode of Between the Sheets. Basically someone called the arena on the afternoon of a PPV or Nitro (looking at the date, it might have been Great American Bash 98), pretended to be a Hart and said that Stu died. Somehow this call was taken serious. I think they were already starting with rebooking the show when Bret (or whoever) reached someone at home to realize that this was a bad, bad prank call.
  12. A Grizzly Smith episode might make the Von Erich's episode look like a lighthearted comedy. And if the Korea episode does not have people talking about Sasaki and Hokuto, then they are not even trying.
  13. They could give him a DDP spoof gimmick and call him "Positively Lars". As a bonus, they can always change it into a COVID gimmick and change the name to "Lars Positive".
  14. Steve Carell was so awesome in The Big Short, him complete breaking when that CDO manager explained to him synthetic CDOs was one of the most unlikely great scenes I have seen. The film itself is also extremely creative ("we realize that financial talk is boring, so here you have Margot Robbie in a bubble bath doing so"). There were a lot of movies in the last ten years about current or semi-current big political, economical or social affairs or events, some Oscar-bait (e.g. The Post), some a bit more serious (e.g. Spotlight), but this one really stands out in that bunch.
  15. Garak would work perfectly, though is Andrew Robinson still an active actor? IMBD lists him as having done (basically) no acting work in the last 15 years.
  16. So UEFA decided it was a good idea to go ahead with the Champions League qualifier Maccabi Tel Aviv vs. Red Bull Salzburg even though, besides the general state of the pandemic in Israel, 7 players of Maccabi tested positive for COVID-19 a day or two before the match (more players tested positive in the days following the match). Nine days after the match, three players from Salzburg tested positive for COVID-19 as well. There are obviously chances that the players got infected in Austria, and if they got infected in Israel, much more likely it happened outside the stadium.
  17. Booger did commentary on a Raw a couple of weeks after this and did house show matches until early August (though not regularly after a European tour in March). Cagematch also lists him doing a couple of jobs on TV (twice to Earthquake and once to Koko).
  18. Everytime I see a list like that I am just puzzled why Roberts is the one left standing. I suppose you could use the cockroaches and Keith Richards line and replace Richards with Roberts.
  19. Jericho's tells a funny story about this: Apparently Rourke was not too happy with Jericho trying to build up a confrontation with Rourke in the media before Mania. Rourke brought a big entourage full of tough guys with him thinking we would need that. After they worked out the spot to do, Jericho told Vince "You know, Rourke hired those guys to kick my ass if I tried to double-cross him." and Vince's reaction was: "Are you kidding me? Those guys?!" He laughed. He motioned at Dean Malenko and Fit Finlay, who were talking at ringside. "You, me, Finlay, and Malenko would've beat the shit out of
  20. The only way to have third parties enter parliaments in somewhat significant numbers in those extreme winner-takes-it-all / first-past-the-post voting systems is if you have districts where national minorities build up the majority, like in the UK, where of the 83 non-Tory and non-Labour members (of 650 members in total), 48 are representing the Scottish National Party, 8 DUP (representing the Protestant part for Northern Ireland), 7 Sinn Féin (the political arm of the IRA, to make it simple), 3 Plaid Cymru (apparently a Welsh nationalist party) and 1 another Northern Ireland party.
  21. Fair enough, anything that happened this year might either be reality or a nightmare.
  22. Don't you read the reviews on Segunda Caida done by other people? Eric R reviewed a couple of AJPW Battle Royals this year.
  23. I had that same experience. I expected lots of squashes (as this is what I grew up on when I started watching WWF TV in 93) and PTW had almost none of those. What seems strange to 2020 eyes is that sometimes they put in 1-2 year old matches and pretend that they are new (I remember a Desiree Peterson vs. Judy Martin match from mid 1985 that they aired in 87, for example). One of the weirder shows had three straight matches with Sika, Sivi Afi and the Islanders.
  24. 12 was the first FF game I got that I did not finish. I tried to play it again a year ago and it did not get better in those 15 (or whatever) years. The gameplay (grinding) is very boring. You just run around with Gambit's active and do barely anything. It gets even worse when you try to chain enemy types to get better loot, as then you run in small circles. The story is all over the place. I could barely tell you what is going on and who of main party is there for what reasons. I am sure that the game tries to tell you, but I could not have been bothered to remember. On the positive side you
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