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  1. Vince would not take Peter Falk when he realizes that he already was "on national television" before (Peter Falk playing a wrestling manager in the 1981 movie "...All the Marbles").
  2. More likely, like all non-Americans, he will be called by his second name, i.e. Stark (unless they get sued by Disney).
  3. I would agree with this. The funny thing is, that the (eastern-)Austrian stereotype (in the German-speaking countries) is actually much different from that. The classical stereotype of Viennese people is unfriendly (to the point of actively rude), minimalistic in their work effort and through-and-through opportunistic.
  4. Okay, I wasn't completey sure that this was what you meant by "not throwing stones". My point being that someone wants to see Nazi or whatever symbolic, they will succeed in a lot of things. I guess you can read the Imperium entrance as having some Nazi-symbolism, at the same time, there is not more there than a couple of German-speakers doing a military gimmick. They avoided a lot of bad stuff they could have done (using Dvořák instead of e.g. Wagner, explicitly using the current flags on their attire, AFAIR no red (in addition to the black and white) on their gear; even the term Imperium is a term that I would more associate with pre-WW1 Europe (Sacrum Romanum Imperium - and yes, I realize that "Reich" is the German word for "Imperium")).
  5. Funny that this coming from someone with your user name. "Sturm" in German is related to "Stürmer" and I think "Der Stürmer" might also be well known among English-speakers with a faint knowledge of 1930ies and 40ies European history.
  6. Wasn't there a Gunther character on Friends as well? So Vince might be some years further. Also, one of the German TV announcers that worked for Vince (the German TV announcers were employed by WWF, I think, back to the mid 90ies) for 20 years, is called Günter (Zapf). BTW: I just read that this guy now is doing AEW commentary (alongside a former WCW announcer).
  7. With Octopath Traveler, I am now about 35h in, somewhere halfway through chapters 3. Now I am in the grinding phase (to get all characters up to level to be able to finish their chapters) and think I have seen what there is to see mechanic-wise. Sadly, at least half of the stories are not that interesting (the merchant-one is nothing, a couple of them like the knight and the priest are very lazy). My favorites so far are the dark ones (the dancer and the thief). The concept of having eight main characters is interesting, though I am not sure that I dig the realization that much. Don't get me wrong, it's a very good nostalgia-play (otherwise, I would not put all that hours into it), but it feels that this could have been more if they managed to come up with better (and interconnected) stories. I mean this being a JRPG, I am still expecting some twist that will bring the characters closes together, but it would have been nice, if they would have done this from the very beginning (like, well FF VI). I fetched Yakuza: Like a Dragon a week or two ago and so far only played maybe two hours. So far, I have mostly been watching cutscenes (which, as far as I have heard about the Yakuza series, I will have to get used to).
  8. It's fitting that Goran Ivanisevic is Djokovic's current coach. That Boris Becker (who might not have been a "heel" during his active time, but damn, he said did A LOT of stupid things after his retirement) is a former coach as well only helps matters.
  9. Djokovic's team basically confirmed that he went on that kid's awards show knowing that he had COVID:
  10. Djokovic allegedly was tested positive for Corona on December, 16th. On December, 17th, he went to a photo-op with lots of children(some kids award ceremony), posing with lots of children for photos.
  11. Couple of hundred of people taking it to the streets of Belgrade, Djokovic senior is comparing his son with Jesus and the Serbian government taking diplomatic steps against Australia, if this won't turn out to be one of the weirder stories of the year, we are in for a shit-show.
  12. Doing two Rumbles on the same show is just overkill. Considering how much they devalued the meaning of the men's Rumble (and of the women's Rumble as well), they could easily just do one of those (men or women) and the show would probably improve.
  13. Same question as for Albert: Will Sara Del Rey "survive" that cut?
  14. I am sure that he got some doctor's certificate that says that he cannot get the vaccine. Of course, if you are rich, if have more means to find a doctor who might be lenient in writing such a certificate. Even people that are not try to get around such stuff. For example here in Austria, since the government announced a vaccination mandate (to come effective in a month or two), there are reports of "cheating" at vaccinations and getting questionable medical exemptions on a daily basis.
  15. No, no one can deal with the supply chain issues for semi-conductors. Even big industries like car manufacturers had to reduce their production. In certain industries, you can try to "kill" the problem with money (e.g. pay something like $ 200 for a chip that used to cost a buck - this is no exaggeration, in our company we had cases like this), but this does not work for the mass market. Some companies (e.g. Apple) managed to buy a huge bulk of chips at the beginning of the crisis, thereby only increasing the issues for everybody else.
  16. Djokovic got a medical exemption where he can enter Australia and play without being vaccinated. Let's see if this will hold as I assume that this will lead to big political discussions in Australia.
  17. Paradox business model is so weird (weird as in "how can this work?"): I think if you want to buy EU IV with all gameplay-DLC, you have to pay something like € 300. If I see prizes like that, I am thinking that there is some scam going on (though probably a comparison with drug dealing is more fitting).
  18. I finally got GamePass (for PC) - there is currently a "1 € per months for the first three months" offer. What I played the first couple of days - Day of the Tentacle (remaster): a mix of nostalgia, to see how this game looks in the remastered version and if I still know what to do (I do, but some stuff took a bit going back and forth before I remembered a thing or two) - Ori and the Blind Forest: So far I played an hour or two. The game looks and sounds stunning, the gameplay itself, I am not yet 100% sold on. - FIFA 2021: Mostly to see how football games nowadays look and play as I don' think I have played one since the PS2 era (PES). The game mechanics seem mostly unchanged for the last 20 (or whatever) years. I mean there are some nice goal celebration animations and I suppose the analog stick response is a bit better then it was a couple of generations ago, but apart from that, not much has changed. - Yes, Your Grace: The game looked interesting, but sadly, it seems to have the depth of a C64 game. Three numbers to manage (gold, supplies and soldiers) and no storyline branching or random events at all. - Octopath Traveler: I forgot how much I used to love the 2D JRPGs. The design and the big cast of characters remind me of FF VI. I am only 2.5 hours in, so way too early to say more on this. - Crusader Kings III: So far, I could not get this game to start (and judging by Google results, I am by far not the only one with this problem). The suggestions by Paradox are almost comical (switch off your anti-virus software, manually add firewall exceptions, change the file permissions of the exe in some advanced file properties dialog) and don't help.
  19. Paul Roma was to blame here. He took 95% of the match and did a lot of flashy stuff (while leaving Wright nothing). Roma was fired for that (he worked there for another month but eventually, they let him go).
  20. The skateboarding thing is a bit specific because if you carry a skateboard to the ring and never ride it you put the focus on how fake your gimmick is, like the Dynamic Dudes over 30 years ago. Nobody knows that the Poker guy is not a real Poker pro just by watching the show.
  21. And the shaking, my god, the shaking. Watching this literally made by eyes hurt.
  22. And the one today was not much better. Formula 1 this year really had a problem with a lot of close calls (on all sides) and a race director, who at times felt "a bit" overwhelmed. No matter who won today, someone was destined to be pissed, which is always a sign that the "ref" sucks.
  23. Nepo completely imploded after losing that 130+ moves marathon. Some of the blunders he made later on are almost inconceivable on that level (21. ... b5 in the 8th game, 27. c5 in the 9th game and 23. g3 in the final game). Hell, even I would almost be ashamed if I had let my bishop get trapped with 27. c5?? c6 or would probably realize that after 23. g3 there is the intermezzo dxe3 even in a bullet game. It seems he went for the same strategy as Karjakin and Caruana did before him: just try to keep the match level and hope for Carlsen to lose patience (and he even got his chance in the time scramble in game 6, though he gambled a bit too much). Once he was one game down, the match was probably more or less over. If Carlsen does not want to lose, he gets his draws.
  24. Aichner had matching gear that had the Tricolore on it (with stylized blanks between the bars and on Barthel trunks) - in correct order (sort of, one order was correct, the other one was mirrored - I assume to have a symmetric pattern). If you look at the second picture I posted, you can see a black bar (below the waistband), some space, a yellow bar, some more space and then a red bar. Even if the design comes from Imperium themselves, I am sure that Barthel knows how the German flag is supposed to look like, so the tailor screwed up and no one cared (enough). To me this is on the same level as having graphics like "Stiener Brothers".
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