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  1. It references this great "I Think You Should Leave" sketch. I bet MJF LIVES for New Years.
  2. Great opener. It started with the most avant garde Jackass sketch ever and got much better. The ending wasn't my favorite due to Bryce taking forever to get rid of the skateboard but it leads to a rematch between these two so I'm happy. Tag title match was pretty good. I wish the belt shot spot was later in the match and I wasn't the biggest fan of the attempted Mask Confusion but again, I'm willing to forgive if it leads to a better rematch. Danielson-Miro was excellent and was the most "fight" like match I have seen in a long time although they didn't hold that title for long. Finish was a bit awkward but fit the stories of Miro's shitty neck and Dragon having a million ways to beat people. Did not care for either multi man street fight/garbage match. Both went too long and one definitely should have on Dynamite/Rampage. Ditto Cody/Pac vs Andrade/Black. I was very underwhelmed considering the talent in this match and I just want everyone else involved away from Cody. Britt-Tay was predictable but fine. A little sloppy and long but enjoyable. Tay is only going to get better and that will be fun to see. LOVED Punk vs Kingston. THAT was the most fight like match I've seen in a few hours and it delivered. The blood added so much and both guys selling was on point. Hoping this leads to more between those two. I don't mind Jay Lethal but he isn't close to being the first person from ROH I'd sign. I'm really excited to see the Blade who I've been watching all over Ontario for 15 years wrestle Tomohiro Fucking Ishii on worldwide television. So cool Hangman vs Omega was Pro Wrestling 101. Clear face vs clear heel, great false finishes, babyface overcomes adversity to win. Kudos to Matt Jackson for FINALLY showing a bit of acting skill with the nod at the end. I gotta say I'm a big fan of a PPV ending and feeling positive about the future of the company. "MJF Eats Sloppy Steaks" was the sign of the night. I knew he was a piece of shit.
  3. I know Darby is a star but tonight he looked like a STAR. That was so fucking cool.
  4. "BUT WAIT A SECOND! WHO IS THE STAY PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN?!" is my new favorite call ever.
  5. Cheech, Slim J and Jody Fleisch all work regularly. I think Cloudy still does shows around Buffalo. Mellow is Sal Rinauro who works for the NWA and I've seen Deranged and Azreial pop up in random results.
  6. I attended this show at the Amsterdam Brewery in Toronto - https://www.cagematch.net/?id=1&nr=25478 The ring was upstairs and the bar was downstairs and the upstairs wasn't licensed so you could only drink downstairs. I spent a lot of time downstairs but I do remember the hair vs hair match between a completely bald Bobby Clancy who I'm pretty sure didn't know he'd be working that day since he was in normal clothes vs a Hulk Hogan impersonator with barely more hair than Bobby. It went about 3 minutes thankfully. The cattle prod in the cattle prod match didn't work so they had to fake being shocked. The dog collar match and the Murder Junkies vs Flatliners were far and away the best matches on the show with the tag match ending with Bill Skullion wrapping a t-shirt around his hand, lighting it on fire and punching Matt Burns (which made sense considering his name) and the cage taking about 30-40 minutes to set up for a 10 minute match with no blood. Indy wrestling!
  7. Same reason the Dynamic Dudes didn't skateboard I reckon.
  8. Based off of one game, I'm declaring the Brady Tkachuk contact a complete success.
  9. C̶a̶t̶e̶r̶i̶n̶g̶. Raw.
  10. Liked the opener but these Elite multi-man matches feel like the same match. It's a good formula and the live crowd loves them but there's nothing really memorable about them. At least Christian didn't come back out. Not gonna lie, if I was there and Punk teased cheesesteaks, I'd be pissed. The fact Arn was easily able to sneak on to Cody's property and start a barrel fire leads me to believe that's not the first time he's done that. Sammy vs Fish was decent, wouldn't mind Fish joining up once he finishes in MLW. The aftermath and Lambert promo got me excited for the first Jericho match since Blood and Guts so I'm excited for that. (Annnnnnd they signed Fish) Darby vs Comorato was decent. Liked the backstage beatdown and the Pinnacle wearing masks for plausible deniability. Really liked Shida vs Deeb because everything they did looked like it hurt. Can see there being a losing streak angle for Shida, just keeping that 50th win out of reach until she cheats or gets revenge on Deeb. The Casino ladder match had some sick bumps and spots but was also a bit sloppy and rushed. Nothing mattered until Hangman showed up and blew the roof off the place which was weird because some people on the internet told me he'd be cooled off by not being on TV. The finishing sequence with Hangman and Mox looked awkward since it looked like Mox got a Charley horse suddenly and just kinda fell off. Loved Hangman winning and I'm looking forward to the addition of him into the Danielson-Omega story.
  11. That sounds more like the weekly supply shipments he gets from Quebec. Although that makes it a Hull of Pane.
  12. Wrestling dad joke off, eh? What did Mark Henry call his window repair business?
  13. I believe he said he took it down to prepare mentally for the Arthur Ashe show but he did it soon after daring to say Mike Quackenbush always paid him when people were shitting on Quack in a Twitter thread so he probably got a bunch of harassment from idiots.
  14. Hearing 20,000 people chant for Homicide made me so happy. Yes, I realize that sentence looks horrible out of context but he deserved every bit of that adulation.
  15. I'd say Michelle is more Bruce Pritchard and Ross & Carson are Brisco and Patterson. Courtney Act is CM Punk seeing how Ru wants nothing to do with her
  16. I like Cynthia but her Sofia Vergara was the Cody's neck tattoo of Snatch Game impressions
  17. Drag (specifically Drag Race) is how I explained the Malakai Black vs Cody match to my fiancee. Malakai was Peppermint. Cody was Cynthia Lee Fontaine.
  18. They had to hit a home run tonight and they did. And the best part of that was I KNEW they would. "I love pro wrestling." Is my new favorite call and it came from Tony Schiavone. This is so much fun you guys.
  19. I LOVE pro wrestling you guys. I forget that sometimes. On the same night CM Punk returns, a guy who I saw wrestle in front of 200 people in Greektown was just in the main event in the United Center vs Jon Moxley. I LOVE pro wrestling
  20. According to his son's Facebook page, The Assassin Jody Hamilton has passed away.
  21. Liked everything but the main but even that led to the announcement of a televised Juventud Guerrera match in 2021. AEW has a lot of irons in the fire right now and I'm very excited about the next few months. Hope Cash Wheeler is ok. And does Stu Grayson owe everyone money? No one wanted to protect him tonight.
  22. Before the Eddie match, Chavo was supposed to wrestle Stevie Ray. Eddie was all cocky that Chavo would be beaten down before their match so Chavo submitted to Stevie during a handshake after the opening bell rung so he'd be fresh for Eddie
  23. I don't know but his make up looked like he had the same type of stroke as Mother Superior did in "Silent Night Deadly Night 2"
  24. I remember Chris Masters crazy flat back bump from the apron to the floor during his great 2010-2011 Superstars run. I don't know whats crazier to me: the fact that he took that bump regularly or the fact he was doing it on Superstars that no one but 10 people from the board were watching at the time
  25. "Wind up merchant" apparently and no, I'm too lazy to post that much. I'm excited for Christian vs Angelico. I'd love for that to lead to Christian vs Jack Evans.
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