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  1. Not even Kevin Dunn's editing can make this spot look like it was successful.
  2. Anybody with dreams of being a kicker in the NFL might want to send their resume to Nashville.
  3. Still way too early in the season for the Mafia to break out the quality table spots.
  4. DouglasC

    2019 CFL Thread

    To quote the great philosopher, Tyrelll Sutton, "Oskee Wee Wee motherfucker!"
  5. I hate when the Bills have a good record the week before a game against the Patriots, as I just know that harsh reality brought on by over confidence awaits.
  6. I swear, it is just some dust in my eye.
  7. The Bills fans being polite guests for the Jets, providing pre-game entertainment.
  8. Charlie tore a ligament in his leg. At the same time, we learned he had a slight heart murmur, meaning surgery was out of the question. So, it has been a couple months of laser and hydrotherapy so far, with it probably continuing through October. At least his lower half is clean.
  9. DouglasC

    2019 CFL Thread

    Fuck. https://ticats.ca/article/masoli-injury-update
  10. If you want to see Arte in a very different performance entirely, check out his one-man show from a Night Gallery episode. (Starts about the 38:30 mark)
  11. Meanwhile, things are perfectly normal in Mets-land.
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