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  1. Going way, way beyond "You're Acting Like a Hoser" or "Stupid Crap".
  2. More Robbie Alomar scumbaggery. Note that this is not related to the earlier allegations that got him booted from MLB.
  3. I remember getting that news about Charlie, being given 6 months, and then learning/seeing how aggressive his tumour was and it becoming 3 weeks. Savour every second with your dear friend.
  4. Mischief wants to let you know she absolutely did not sniff wet paint during her walkie.
  5. I was marking out like a Hulkamaniac circa 1986 there.
  6. Here is a great article about one of my favourite features from an arena, and some fun photos too!
  7. Buffalo seems determined to let the Chargers back into the game.
  8. Somewhere in America, Nathan Peterman waits by his phone.
  9. Will there finally be a Bills game this year where I'm not insanely nervous going into the final minutes? Edit: Of fucking course not.
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