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  1. Toss-up as to my favourite here between the Shockmaster and KeMonito.
  2. My heart liked it better when the Bills were ghastly.
  3. I'd hate to be a folding table in Houston today.
  4. Josh Allen's pre-game look today > Anybody else's
  5. I admire the level of commitment to one's gimmick that the back of your trading cards are bugfuck insane.
  6. When everybody was stranded overseas and Smackdown was in Buffalo, the WWE should have saved the money on flights from Florida and just sent out a call for local talent.
  7. I'm surprised it took this long. Given how redneck my section was at the Grey Cup, I'm assuming I would have overheard some charming words about Aliu at the game had it been this weekend.
  8. DouglasC

    2019 CFL Thread

    If you're going to lose, lose spectacularly. I'd rather have the gradual reality set in than have my heart suddenly torn out in the 59th minute.
  9. Doesn't look like there's a Bills bar in Calgary, so I guess this is my pre-game entertainment:
  10. DouglasC

    2019 CFL Thread

    Of course! https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/tuffy-the-horse-trots-into-calgary-hotel-keeping-annual-tradition-alive
  11. As a Sens fan, I'm enjoying the shitshow in Toronto distracting from the shitshow in Ottawa.
  12. DouglasC

    2019 CFL Thread

    I'm just happy the odds of getting murdered while cheering for the Ticats in Calgary has gone down greatly without the Riders or Stamps in the game. Although without them there, I can see the atmosphere being a little less crazy than the last time I was in town.
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