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  1. DouglasC


    Will Bills fans be unable to wait until the regular season to start doing stupid crap in the parking lot? Does a snake have an ass? https://twitter.com/kylehammy616/status/1027652815722872832
  2. DouglasC

    2018 CFL THREAD

    People who have caught passes from Manziel in the first 12:00 of the game. Larry Dean, Jumal Rolle Neither one plays for the Alouettes.
  3. DouglasC

    Your Wrestlers RIP Thread

    My first ever live match had Brickhouse Brown in it. It was a WWF B/C show and he went over Terry Gibbs.
  4. DouglasC


  5. DouglasC

    Stupid Crap Baseball Players Say or Do

    More former Blue Jays acting like idiots around women again. Bonus hilarity for the photo they used. Edit: Deleted, but not fast enough:
  6. DouglasC

    NHL OFFSEASON (New Season Stars 10/08/18)

    The only reason this isn't in the "You're Acting Like a Hoser" thread is because it involves a player's wife.
  7. DouglasC

    That Pet Photos thread

    Charlie managed to shame the family yet again today. He went to the puppy park today, and stopped to do his business. At the same time the small white dog stopped for a sniff. You can still see the spot on his head where it landed. After a quick clean-up they resumed play. As usual, we were more embarrassed than the other dog's owner.
  8. DouglasC

    2018 CFL THREAD

    At least Manziel seemed to be the most aware that you're supposed to throw it towards the guys in the black jerseys.
  9. DouglasC

    IN MEMORIUM 2018

    Off of Bill Corbett's twitter, Bruce J. Mitchell passed away last month. He's better known to MST3K fans as Zap Rowsdower.
  10. DouglasC

    2018 CFL THREAD