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  1. My only beef is that he didn't pronounce it KWEE-BECK.
  2. At least the puppet looks good for Thankskilling 5.
  3. My first thought was that he'd aged remarkably well.
  4. He's gonna love Josh Allen. Next season's passing playbook will have two pages. Page 1: The Bomb Page 2: The Hail Mary
  5. When the team qualifies for a twitter moments thread as misery-filled as this one, it has been a ghastly year.
  6. Guy Boucher has been fired by Ottawa. Because the team isn't enough of a depressing mess.
  7. Degrassi themed uniforms for the Raptors 905. And the intro for today's game:
  8. DouglasC

    2019 CFL Thread

    Start making travel plans!
  9. DouglasC

    2019 CFL Thread

    Perfect teammate for Bear Woods.
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