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  1. DouglasC

    2018 NFL - WEEK TEN

    So, halftime in the CFL game, might as well check in to the Bills game...WTF? Hamilton up 28-0 and that's still fewer points than the Bills have?
  2. DouglasC

    2018 CFL THREAD

    With Flair in the house, this is how to celebrate a TD.
  3. DouglasC

    2018 CFL THREAD

  4. DouglasC

    2018 NFL - WEEK NINE

    Peterman really doesn't need any help with the turnovers, but good for Buffalo on sharing the glory.
  5. DouglasC

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from null, null

  6. DouglasC

    2018 NFL - WEEK EIGHT

    After the #BillsMafia hashtag disappointed (but didn't surprise me) with lots of BRADY IS GHEY crap, finally somebody goes through a table.
  7. DouglasC

    SMACKDOWN 1000 - 10/16/2018

    Imagine the auto-refresh rate on that.
  8. DouglasC

    2018 NFL - WEEK SIX

    Peterman can find his own way home from Houston.
  9. DouglasC

    2018 NFL - WEEK SIX

    You can only hope to delay the inevitable Peterman-ness. You can't stop it.
  10. DouglasC

    2018 NFL - WEEK SIX

    For those fantasy types that are, for some reason, still wondering if they should dress Kelvin Benjamin.
  11. DouglasC

    2018 NFL - WEEK FIVE

  12. DouglasC

    2018 NFL - WEEK FIVE

  13. DouglasC

    2018 NFL - WEEK FIVE

    Your pre-game entertainment from the Bills Mafia
  14. DouglasC


    #BillsMafia! It ain't just for players. Or fans.