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  1. The best thing about the photos was that we'd print them out, write a little note on it, and give it as a Christmas card to his various doggie friends in the neightbourhood. One family put it up next to their dog's food dishes, and when company would visit, would ask them "Where's your Christmas card?", and they'd walk off and insist that the guests saw THEIR card.
  2. His tumor had doubled in size over the past three weeks, and it just started pouring blood over the past 24 hours. It was time. Goodbye, my dear friend.
  3. Charlie has cancer. Because of his heart murmur, he is not a candidate for surgery. 6 months left at most. I'm gutted.
  4. There is no way in hell that Paul Fisher had even a minute's worth of training before this match. He can't even lock up or run the ropes correctly. His knee almost ends up in the second row off a clothesline. Yegads.
  5. The Toronto Sun might be a reactionary rag, but they do still mine gold.
  6. For those wanting some garden-variety stupidity as a break from Astros stuff, here's Reese McGuire showing off more of Reese McGuire than you want.
  7. Toss-up as to my favourite here between the Shockmaster and KeMonito.
  8. My heart liked it better when the Bills were ghastly.
  9. I'd hate to be a folding table in Houston today.
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