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  1. It was as if the hedge tried to swallow Keith and the black shirt, but Keith was too big so he got spit out.
  2. An absolutely fantastic show, like amongst the best NXT has had; every match was different and so damn entertaining. Oh, so that's what Kushida has been missing! I really really hope they bring back TimeSplitter.
  3. This Takeover was fantastic all around. It would have won the special of the year if it was held last year. Bate /Devlin was ridiculously good. It's gonna be one of those matches that everyone remembers back fondly on. Piper/Toni/KLR, the storytelling and in ring was aces. They had some wonderful timing spots. I can't believe they actually brought some new stuff to the old ladder match. Crazy that they pulled off that impromptu double swanton (thnx big boy Mark Coffey). Yeah, it's hard to argue with Walter being the best wrestler right now. His in ring presence is hard to match... the last guy who had similar presence was probably Arn. He sells the character so damn well and with minimum amount of mic work too. In ring, his timing is impeccable and he's a fantastic ring general... damnit, I seriously just realized the reason for his nickname.
  4. It's too easy to forget that Blake is a legit good wrestler The Fatal 4-Way was so freakin fun to watch. I absolutely love Grimes, he held his own in a ring full of giants and at the same time made them look like aces. EDIT: maybe this maybe like an on-screen tryout for Shelley? Kushida really has no anchor right now, a proven tag team maybe the way for him.
  5. Strong getting brought back to NXT to join UE was probably the best move in his career.
  6. Yes, I had to look up who the lucky fucker was.
  7. Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Never saw the original anime, gotta track down the manga, hearing it's excellent.
  8. They could sneak him in the background of some interviews mugging for the camera. (I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be the first time they did something like this.)
  9. Cole/Balor was easily Takeover quality. Balor's best in so long. I really feel for Priest/Dain, like who the hell do you root for? The crowd finally decided to get behind Priest, that in itself was a mircale. Who in the crowd pissed Shirai off for her to call him bitch? And Is it me or is Garret a lil off? Like I totally remember her being a bit more snappy before she got signed, now she's doing a lot of anticipation (did she get injured recently?). Grimes... wtf is that german called? That was freakin nasty, should be a finisher. Ripley just going into convulsions was a different way to react to the win
  10. Anyone here seen the Sharpe British TV series? It worth checking out?
  11. turk128

    Random music thoughts

    So I discovered Floor Jansen via Beste Zangers and from there, Nightwish. I've gone down a really really deep youtube pit. Seriously, Youtube recommendations could be so freakin random sometimes but this time I'm so glad I checked out Floor Jansen & Henk Poort - Phantom Of The Opera. She idolizes him and he's Andrew Lloyd Webber's fav Phantom. Now I got 7 years worth of live recordings to go through.
  12. The Torchlight MMO ain't coming out any time soon, so might as well...
  13. The Xbox Series X design might be really good with cooling/temperature control. EDIT: I'm so glad Xbox is seemingly going hard into multi-platforming. It just makes so much more sense in the long run, especially if you're not Nintendo.
  14. Rush/Garza was another Takeover quality match. KC/Bianca was a surprising solid match. I really didn't have high expectations but they worked well together. Would like for the Singh Brothers to stay around in NXT. The triple threat had awesome timing, the camera work keeping up with it really helped.
  15. The last show I went there was just before a Takeover and we basically saw a dress rehearsal of what was to come. For some reason, lots of peeps leave their souvenirs behind when they left so I saw people picking them up for free.
  16. I nominate Team Cherry (Hollow Knight). Just imagining a metroidvania Zelda gives me the tingles. I dug Zelda II when I played it but it had a very steep learning curve and did not hold you hands at all, making it hard to make much progress when you were just borrowing/renting it.
  17. I'm glad I stopped watching the main shows around the time Graves moved up :\
  18. The best commentary NXT ever had was when Young Boy Phillips and Graves were the mains with occasional uncle Regal, with his tall tales and misanthropic past. Phillips was the main play by play (solid job too) with Graves occasionally throwing in when Phillips paused. I've rarely experienced a commentary team that would add to the product that well, let alone seemingly improv stories to get the audience so much more interested. They really kept my attention during some rough matches and stories with obviously very green talent.
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